These fashion trends...yikes dude

Publicado el 15 jul 2020
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  • I firmly believe that designers are just trolling half the time. Like they're sitting in their design rooms coming up with the ugliest shit imaginable, thinking "Lol someone will actually wear this monstrosity if we put a designer logo on it" Nothing will ever top that poo shoe though. That is truly unholy.

  • I think the socks with heels look can work if the heels in question are like a bootie or a Mary Jane style. The socks would also have to be the right amount of thick and thin, like don’t wear your gym socks with your red bottoms or something like that. This one is extra tragic because it’s not just socks and heels. It’s socks and heel sandals. The only time anyone would wear socks with sandals is if you have to run the trash can to the curb and the sandals were the closest pair of shoes you could find

  • Unless it's lolita or mori fashion socks and heels are banned

  • i'm not trying to be offensive but in the thumbnail i really thought that shoes was a shoe that people who bind their feet wear idk why it just looked like that to me?

  • i thought it was chocolate..

  • Haven’t even watched the video yet but I love the hair color it reminds me of cotton candy

  • The shit shoe at 3:11 evokes rage in me. I just canNOT.

  • i have to think that socks and heels can look good bc of Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz

  • That shoe looks like someone wrapped their foot in a shower cap and then filled it with diarrhea and cinched up the band.

  • The only person that could probably pull off heels with socks is Minnie Mouse

  • Socks with heels look good if u pair them properly. They can look really feminine and cute and youthful and I really like it lol

  • Omg Berlin shoes 😍

  • Back in the 80's, when we were all super cool, socks with heels, and socks with flat gladiator sandals were popular. There are probably a few photos still floating around where I sport both looks. 😂😂

  • Looks like something The Keebler elf would wear if he was in the hood.

  • Judy Garland as Dorothy rocked socks and heels 👠 there’s no place like home! I’m such a queen 😆

  • “A laminated stretched out peice of shit” SSJYSJOAMXU

  • But her wig tho🙌

  • I wear socks and slides all the damn time and even my boyfriend hates them but I ain't stopping anytime soon!! it's comfy af

  • I kinda want her to do more light hearted content so she could feel better cause, she deserves better Ngl. DON'T call me a simp

  • There cant possibly be a human alive that likes that shoe

  • I am HYSTERICAL!!! The shoe specifically sent me 😂😂😂

    • The brown shiny ones specifically haha

  • I just love to dress in items made out of materials which also can be used for trash bags 😌

  • in general open toe shoes suck

  • thought the thumb nail was a sock attached to a bag of chocolate pudding

  • Shit shoe 👞

  • That shoe looks like what id call a poop shoe...

  • Socks with sandals OR heels can work, IF, and only if, you have nicely patterned socks.

  • I hate that I would actually wear the shoe at 6:50

  • "I understand why everything of bad in the world has happened and its because of this shoe" I died lmao

  • I agree with everything except socks with heels. I’m THAT asshole 🤣

  • Lolita shoes with socks look *chef's kiss* like Mary Jane's Velociraptor heels take the cake because I can already imagine the blood after walking all day

  • "Double denim is already hard to pull off" Hello, I have been told by multiple people that I can look good in double denim, and other wierd shit like it.

  • in art and fashion we call it kitsch, or camp in this case

  • That last one would look good on you in pastel pink with a pair of pink cat eye sunglasses.

  • Ugliest was definitely the poop shoe, but I’m quite a fan of high heels and socks.

  • that poop shoe is even worse than the weird super expensive shoes

  • The Shit Shoe is the winner for me. Followed closely by The Toe. Gross AF.

  • Damn, you know how to make merch that someone would actually buy. 80% of all youtuber merch looks absolutely not something you'd wear

  • At this point, high-end brand designers are just trolling every doofus that actually buys that junk. They be laughing at their bank account. Still, they do have legit quality and pretty stuff, and then there's this abomination. Either way, not worth the grand

  • But thigh highs will Mary Janes are really cute I think.

  • The haters can pull my denim jumpsuits (all FOUR of them) out of my cold, dead hands.

  • Oooooo I would love to design something for you some day

  • omg those ugly open big toe shoes remind me of when I tripped in our yard as a kid and completely tore the skin off my big toe on cobblestone. I was going to a classmate's birthday party at the zoo the next day and was crushed because my toe hurt too bad to wear shoes but I wasn't allowed to wear sandals to the zoo for some reason. So my mom cut out a hole in my sock and in the top of my canvas tennis shoes so my bandaged-up toe could stick out. It looked ridiculous. I still have the wax lion I bought at the zoo that day.

  • 8:11 i've never heard this feeling put into words, thank you

  • That shoe around 3:10 reminds me of Chinese foot binding. The ultimate in suffering for fashion.

  • I have to wear socks with sandals on occasion and hears why, I have fucked up feet like I can go on and on about my foot pain and the many things that cause it but one of the things is I have flat feet. If I ever go on a day trip to a lake of overnight with a friend and we go to a pool I have to wear some special sandals that have crazy arch support because I’m not risking getting my tennis shoes wet and can’t pack multiple shoes. The problem is I can’t walk very far in them without getting huge painful blisters, and my friends all love to go on walks. The only way I can avoid blisters (and it still only for like 1.5 mile walks) is if I wear socks. So basically this is my formal apology to everyone I hate the look too.

  • omg before you said it was your merch, I was about to comment asking where you got that shirt!! I love it

  • I honestly think that shoe was a dare amongst the employees of that company to see if someone would buy it! I bet they made one prototype and made to order anyone ordering it I bet as a joke for someone!

  • You had me dead when you started talking about the shoe 😂😂

  • I gotta say, I love lace socks with frills and heels, but I do admit that im dumb as hell so ˁ˙˟˙ˀ

  • worst is poop bag shoes

  • I feel like the obvious answer is the shoe, so I'm gonna go with the camel toe one just cause I can feel the wedgie just looking at it

  • i actually like the dress, hat and gloves in, 4:14, the wedge sandal in 6:35 and i think platform sandal-shape heels would look good with crew socks or over-the-knee socks C:

  • You should create a fashion channel

  • Socks with sandals is only acceptable if you have socks with a print.

  • The only time I’ve liked socks w heels is when Christina Alguilera did it for her video “hold us down” lol

  • socks with heels in lolita fashion is kinda cute

  • the shoe at 7:13 looks like something caligula would wear ngl-

  • 4:30 i think its supposed to match the sky the mountains and the land,,, but still the boots don't go well

  • Shitshoes!

  • I've already watched it, but I would just like to point out that she put 2 videos out after this, and I just TODAY got the notification... Wtf youtube?


  • The only person that can pull off socks with heels is Katy Perry

  • my gf and I are debating which one of these pieces are the worst, and damn is it a hard choice

  • I honestly thought Kanye designed those nasty turd shoes 💩

  • i want her to be my fren

  • Your hair looks fantastic! 😋

  • I think the after outfit in the movie She's Out of Control was adorable & that outfit had lacy anklets with high heels. I can't say I like the idea in a more general sense though.

  • Fun story involving the poop shoe, my parents work or have worked in the hospital. Older people sometimes get this bad diarrhea that make them shit every where. One time my dad took care of one of people, he was taking the person to the toilet and once the person laid back down shit literally hit everything. My dad came home that took off anything that might of been touched by poop including his work shoes and dump it in the trash. My neighbor saw this and was like shitty day at work? That’s what that shoe made me think of.

  • God some of these are awful 😂 Tbf back when I could wear heels I’d sometimes wear with socks, but they would be like fishnet socks or mesh socks. Rather than proper socks. 🙂

  • I wish you'd do more of these lighter videos, I love your sarcastic and caustic vibe

  • RTG: ‘Who are we catering?’ Me: I guess people with a foot fetish. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I feel like thigh highs (and some knee high) socks could be pulled off with high heels.

  • you’re so funny, but the socks and sandals thing is especially HILARIOUS coming from where I live in Oregon, where everyone and their mom wears socks and sandals. and you’re right, it doesn’t make sense. do I still do it? absolutely. the comfort is impeccable.

  • I think the only place it's semi "acceptable" to wear socks and heels after 1988 is porn. Just sayin..

  • I never got the whole animosity towards socks and sandals thing, although I get when it's like a beach dad - you know exactly what I mean.

  • I think a lot of these clothes are clubwear. I could totally imagine a girl wear a lot of these things to a rave, particularly the first two outfits.

  • I think that those socks that you're supposed to fold down once to show the frilly lace at the end (they're below the ankle and almost always just white or black) look really, really cute with certain CLOSED TOE heels. The heels themselves also need to not have straps or the type that show the entire top of the foot, like pumps. I think it also looks better when the heel is chunky and not a stiletto. I wish we could post picture comments so I could show what I'm referring too. Also; my least favorite is the plastic outfit. As someone who sweats a lot that's my worst fashion nightmare 😂

  • Please tell me where you got your wig omg

  • How do they use the bathroom in the 2nd one? That's worse than a romper

  • I totally agree with your POV's, but this also makes me chuckle because every time I see your profile pic, I think, "how does she wear that dress without mishapps or entanglements etc". I like the dress but the thought of wearing it reminds me of this video. Haaa. You and your brain are amazing. Have a great day!

  • Most people definitely can't pull off the socks and high heels thing, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think Android 18 totally did in DBZ (Cell saga).

  • 6:30 this shoe really looks like someone turned sam from danny phantom's boots into sandals umm

  • I like patterns, but not a fan of animal. I find them overdone to the point of being chachi. To any other Dad Chellenge Podcast viewers in this comment section, in this context I mean by chachi. To any other R2G regulars, chachi is a term the host of DCP coined for being a(behaving) douche(ily).

  • ............doodoo shoe

  • Socks and heels can work, but the lace bobby socks and red peeptoes clash like hell. You can do fuzzies and pumps over hose with the right dress, you can do trouser socks and and t straps, but you can't throw shit together Willy nilly

  • Maybe like heels that cover the toe and frilly socks but that’s it

  • "I feel like a billboard, but not in a good way." Could I get an example of feeling like a billboard in a good way? 🤣

  • Do a video trying all these just for funsies

  • I've been watching you for a while and the thing I really love about you is your moral compass, for a young person you are honest, you have decency and common sense. After this video I will add funny to the list. That was a good laugh,I really enjoyed it and hope to see some more.

  • The only time I saw six with heels was the '80's

  • The shitshoe is really the worst shoe I’ve ever seen like what the fuck Who came up with this? Who approved this?? So many questions

  • 50s chunky toe heel with like cute soft socks is what I think of, noshoe toes tho nahnah LOL

  • The laces on the chunky sandals remind me of bungee cords 😂

  • I thought the brown shoes were foot binding shoes at first.

  • Going to the bathroom in the camel-toe outfit would prove interesting as well. Lol

  • i think frilly socks w black or red heels look good, but the picture in the article is not cute lmao. im also the kind of person that would wear the chunky shoe (minus the weird laces)

    • oh, but it needs to be closed-toed heels. open toe 🤢

  • Really need content like this right now.thank you.

  • That shoe looks like a shit is eating the foot

  • Socks and heels are kinda cute tho-