These entitled influencers continue to mooch

Publicado el 31 may 2020
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  • Links related to George Floyd: Good starting points (include more links within/phone numbers/etc): Petitions: Donations:

    • I actually have a few friends that do similar things and 1 in particular that has just saved up a little bit of money to buy a ticket then flys to a country she's never been to all alone and she'll stay for weeks just traveling and working little odd job, staying with random families, while barely knowing the language. It always amazes, and frustrates me as I don't understand how shes done this but also how doesn't she freak out like I would while being a complete stranger to said land with no idea of where you'll go, sleep, and make money . Its absolutely ridiculous for me.....uuugh lol

    • Can dance Owens made the best video on Floyd. Refreshing to see someone speaking the truth, and not just pandering.

    • @Circuit the fur my daughter is freaked out about it also. Hopefully it's all hype.

    • May I ask what happened to your hand? Thank you

    • Alexia G the video was private then she added a comment and made it un-private hours later because she has a schedule.

  • Let me know if they land in Southern Andalusia, so that I give a shout out about the Leech Duo. Also, we'll see them soon bringing us mental health awareness sponsored by Ansar Dine, Macina Liberation Front or any other Al-Qaeda-linked outfit because they are heading to the zone where the Paris-Dakar passeD (not anymore, that zone is extremely dangerous) Also, they would have ahead Northern Nigeria (Boko Haram and IS-West Africa), Central African Republic (with their helluva lot of militias), DR Congo (they'd have a chance if they go along the center but best stick to Kinshasa, where you gonna get robbed because of stupidity) and passed that they would end the trip with few serious problems, but I see them capable to go to Egypt which is a no-no (War in Libya, bandits in Chad and Janjaweed on the prowl in Western Sudan). Tanzania to see ujamaa and shit? They'll welcome you with open arms in North-East DRC (jk. Warlords, the Interahamwe/ALiR/FDLR-FOCA, IS-WAP, KONY 2012...) Mozambique? Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) is ok, the North is not, unless they wanna be known as the Headless Leech Duo. If they two survive, they would be in South Africa where the lady is gonna end up gang rVped by youngsters and maybe murdered late. tldr: Two airheads Also, thank you RTG for mentioning the slavery thing and the force-feeding (leblouh in Hassaniya, the Arabic of Mauritania, and gavage in French)

  • Its like 9 year olds asking for V-Bucks or Robux and saying PLS PLS PLS BOBUX PLS ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND MY DOG DIED.

  • Thanx for this! Reminds me of hubby and my honeymoon tours (NOT go fund me!). Those days were like every Laurel and Hardy episode run together. And we were deliriously happy! Or delusionally lost! We lived to laugh about it and I hope they do to. And, hey, I'm not depressed right now!

  • Good grief I can't even explain how disappointed I would be with my son looked like that "influencer"

  • this is why we need to create an underwater city

  • They literally lived under a rock

  • How apt that they literally lived under a rock 😕

  • omg you are fucking hilarious i can’t stop binging ur vids. wish i had a friend like you 😭

  • Oh be well soon.🌸

  • I also have a feeling about these people................. It’s not good. They need to stay the fuck away from mental health. Anyone with mental illness must reject these types of humans. They are taking advantage! Last. They need to have a good feel for their souls cause I think they be missing.

  • Tattoo model is an excellent “Job” why he cannot just put on someone’s clothes and take some pics IDK but maybe he’s just allergic to any kind of “Work”. Yup these people are the maggots of society. I’ve seen enough.

  • When you do a vow of silence you aren’t supposed to communicate at all. No body language, no talking, no writing nothing. It’s a cultural thing in some places, so he’s kinda offending people. 😬

  • I really enjoy how you rock an oversized t-shirt. Makes me feel like one of my friends is chilling with me. Lol

  • I went to their Instagram. They follow no one! Also most of the pictures focus on the dude.

  • Come for the sarcasm stay for the pronunciation of Mallorca 🤩

  • The kid screaming in the background just ties this video together 💀

  • 🌈Hippies .....Jesus.....🤦🏻‍♀️

  • The monk in The Hangover 2 was not, aloud to break his vow of silence by writing. Just another shallow person, trying to come off as virtuous. this is typical of new age people and there plastic religion. A hollow vow for a hollow person

  • I don’t like this vid

  • My gf likes your shirt

  • my dad has raycon

  • I had severe depression but now since these two decided to ride a bike to Africa, I am cured!!!

  • wow, they really are living under a rock...

  • Mado, sento la mia ansia e il mio orrore esistenziale svanire di fronte a cotanta genialità! Mado! Grazie, ora anche la mia depressione è scemata! Daje forte!

  • Honestly, I dislike these people but also the mom enables her son, because she’s working and giving him her money

  • What really frustrates me is that my high school basically promoted this type of thing for our senior capstone type experience. I went to an alternative school (there's a TED Talk about us) and it was absolutely incredible for my mental health and learning. My only issue is that when it came to the project, the school HEAVILY pushed kids (most not 18) to travel out of state and students who had experiences like "I just showed up in a city with no exact plan and hitchhiked and begged my way around" were celebrated as "unique" and "finding independence" or "learning through experiences". I know people who backpacked across Europe alone, hitchhiked to Hawaii and mooched housing off of people they worked with, showed up in New York City alone with no job or housing (just money from wealthy parents), went rock climbing alone and broke their neck (fortunately non-paralyzing) and had to come home early, had only planned to live out of their car until they were stopped by police in an area that was illegal and the list goes on. Students who stayed local or even just did safer things were criticized for "not going out of their comfort zone". I was criticized by many people for not driving to the museum and park I worked at. Why would I when my dad could drop me off on his way to work? The thing is, for a lot of people, the locations they went were based on money. I went to a district where most of the people are pretty wealthy (or they're all about conspicuous consumption). Those who could afford to support their child recklessly gallivanting around the world did and those who couldn't didn't. In short, it's a training program to create people like these two influencers.

  • did i understand correctly that they made a fire in a cave with paintings?

  • Mental health bike ride 🤣😂

  • So I really need a Louis Vuitton handbag and some Gucci shoes... for mental health...

  • There seems to be a very fine line between being a hippie/ rainbow kid "traveler" and an influencer.

  • Do people in Aus have really good unemployment or a lot of paid time off? I swear they are always on vacation. I have been to some obscure places in the world and I ALWAYS run into an Australian.

  • Surely the poor mugs that donated to the gofundme page are being defrauded? Isn't that a crime? That money should be seen to be raising mental awareness, not funding a fuckin freebe holiday!!

  • These are not the best people. But damn do I envy their ability to be spontaneous and the way they always seem positive in situations that would stress me the hell out

  • A year of silence? How the heck did he pass immigration in different countries. And isn't it also pretty rude if people try to talk to you and you just reply in gestures?

  • The comments are hilarious though, especially the one about the figs🤣

  • These people infuriate me so far beyond my verbal ability to express how much, I just...I....I can' me.....I have mental health issues and medication and a wonderful mental health team has helped me to change my life so much for the better. These people, however, have not. The absolute laziness and entitlement is horrendous and I urge anyone who ends up with them on their doorstep to have them immediately removed from said doorstep. They said they have too much of an impact on the lives of others to get a job! Who?! Whose lives are they having an impact on?! I don't understand!! I've never once checked in with my psychiatrist and have him say "stop taking your medication immediately! Go and read these people's blog instead, you'll never need to take tablets again!" Good grief.

  • do they mean they went to Algeria from Morocco? there is only two contras boarding Morocco and the other one (western Sahara) borders the ocean. Algeria is not some unknown country LMAO

  • Where they are traveling, many people are very very hospitable to guests, especially clearly foreign guests. It's not too too hard to imagine people are willing to share home and food with them.

  • "Ok girl, go off" I DIEDDDE IERHIEHRIHRI

  • SO, LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT! You beg for money to "spread awareness about mental health" but you also take a year long vow of silence? How is that supposed to work?

  • “Climbed in the Himalayan’s alone when there was no path.” that’s astonishing by itself. Firstly, who is this Himalayan‘s,Secondly, if he means the Himalayas, there is frequently no path, and you can do it solo and everything. Astonishing.

  • Is ur hand ok girl?

  • You really make very good points. And it's clear you are right. I am with you. But 30% of me have to admit it sounds like jealousy. I am jealous cause sometimes I would like to have the guts to be as selfish and insensitive as this guy.

  • They do this allready for a long time....

  • Damn. My name's Elena.

  • My favorite part is when the kid is screaming and ur just casually talking thanks for not taking that out :)

  • When she said “you can raise awareness for mental health from the bathroom” I think she really spoke to all the nice drunk girls in the bar bathroom lol

  • Okay i have no respect for these people but the fact that people donated to their speechless

  • Kinda confused on the fact where he says talking to people on his trip got him a ride on a sailboat then not long after he says he’s on a vow of silence...

  • I take it your not a "spur of the moment" hiker lol.

  • My main question is how did they not die? Or get mugged? Especially when they went on that boat

  • Yea, keep bashing these beggars. They are young and should be working for God sacks. If i was their mother i wouldnt give them a penny. Let them live on the street. Yes, free vacation is all it was. If they were legit someboby would have paid for them to come and speak over there. Like anyone is going to listen to someone who has tattoos on their face!

  • I know people like this this. My brother in law and his wife have this extreme sense of entitlement. Where they get it from, I truly don’t understand but they’re in their 30’s and it has never wavered so no matter what anyone says to them. I do everything I can to stay away from them and can’t stand them and these people remind me of them so so so much

  • M͎o͎o͎c͎g͎

  • Did these two people die?

  • The mom is worse, imo. She created that monster and how the hell she’s working 2 jobs unnecessarily.

  • i thought you were wearing cat ears for the first half of this video

  • You are 💯 correct!!! They definitely have mental health problems like narsity etc.... Wow!!! Some people's kids!!❤️😁👍

  • Charlie Gold used suicide awareness to pay her bills.

  • Do they realize that not thinking other countries with predominantly people of color are dangerous isn’t amazing? Like do they want a cookie for not feeling in danger around regular people? Also laughing at his terrible attempt at being an anthropologist lmao

  • Bruh be slandering Senegal, honestly the stuff this woman is saying is so untruthful:(

  • Haha my moms from Mauritania sadly these guys went there aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Hahahah, they type “opportunity! Opportunity”. Who exactly is the opportunity for?

  • So... two white young people on bikes in Africa NEVER get arrested by anyone when regular tourists cannot go in the wild alone because of gangs etc ? They're lucky.

  • Okay that girl screaming made me laugh so hard I had to pause and hit my inhaler.

  • Just watched the original and so glad the follow up popped up right after. You're right though, all my depression and anxiety and minor OCD is all gone now. This quarantine would have been hellish with all that. So glad they cured us all

  • You're carrying me through quarantine!! T___T ♥

  • I just wish I was them lol

  • See, this is how people get kidnapped

  • I think people follow these influencer because of the adventure and exotic locales, not for the "mental health" aspects.

  • I learned a new word today - mooch

  • They’re raising awareness about mental health by highlightling how utterly insane anyone is that would give them a single dime!! What a Stirling job they’re doing, spreading asshole awareness!! lol 😝🌟🧡

  • I can never work it that all your hair in these videos? It’s so thick and healthy looking i cant work out if its natural or a wig? I mean is your hair, your natural hair in any of your videos? And if some/ all of them are wigs where did you get them please?? 🥰🌟🧡

  • Wait ... so they need someone to garden and cook? I’m so confused.

  • the way this gave me an ad for an app for finding jobs..

  • Hi, if you can, please let me know what you think. Here is my take on it, it is one thing to not have a job because you feel like you are not able to for the time being because of your mental health and are still living with your parents, and to me that is totally fine as long as you do not take advantage of anyone around you and are still being as productive as much as you can be in life. Those two people piss me off as they are taking advantage of the guy's mother as they don't care that the mother is working two jobs to support them because they are too spoiled and selfish to have any compassion. She should not have to do that. That is wrong and shameful. I feel sorry for the mom, I really do.

  • WOW, she NAILED it in a NUTSHELL! "Biking around & mooching off other people"...

  • A lot of mental health problems can be caused & helped by 2 things: NUTRIENT deficiencies & being around TOXIC individuals.. Unfortunately, a lot of times the medications EXACERBATE the TRUE problem & create MORE NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES & MORE PROBLEMS & ONLY MASK & BURY it FURTHER...

  • It’s funny but 9:04 it seem like they’re trying to look like they’re not lazy but both work hard, when actually you can see all is laziness because they didn’t prepare nothing

  • U give them too much credit for surviving this unplanned / “unprepared” trip. I could def go anywhere with money in my pocket. If you have enough money you can survive anywhere anytime. Whether you need food, clothes, shelter, transportation. Jus grab phone, wallet, extra underwear / socks, clothes don’t really matter. When there’s a will there’s a way. They might just have that travelers charm and people might enjoy their presence. Makes sense cause some people don’t mind sharing money if it means having some exciting surprising unexpected fun with a couple that seems inspiring and having the ambition of children which is an energy that can only come from the greatest, most inspired/woke of people. Not saying these people are that, but maybe they are... plus people are not threatened or intimidated by a couple. Because they don’t expect them to cause any drama by fucking their spouse or fighting or stealing

  • These are dumb narcissists, but at least they have courage to travel this way without making plans. Gotta give them credit for that.

  • Imagine going to Africa, a culture-rich country brimming with history, people and nature, and getting a chance to learn about the politics and culture of its people...And mooching off under the guise of biking for mental health.

  • Anybody know where that tshirt is from? 😍

  • bro wheres the shirt frommmm i love it so much

  • If he doesn't work wtf paid for all of that ink??

  • i love how their trip to "raise awareness abt mental health" just fuels more anxiety bc they planned absolutely nothing ✨💕

  • Is that guy a FTM female to male?

  • They literally lived under a rock and made friend with goats,... What goats? I saw one and he was walking away from you

  • Germany does not claim these people lmao

  • Minions, do you and your family and friends mind purchasing a house, furniture and appliances and a private jet and an unlimited gas card as well as a mini coop for us? Some cash would be great for us to go shopping at the local good will, we're not capitalist scum. OH YEAH, could you pay our phone bill? it's $200 and we want to sail around the world do you mind buying us a yacht and stocking it with vegan food and beverages and booze? You minions are the best minions in the world. How did he pay for his tattoos? Did he do a gofundme?

  • I would understand some sort of vow of silence if it it meant it was to listen and hear more from the people they meet during their travels..... but... seems like a “oh wow what a hero” ploy to me.

  • Ikyfl lmfao

  • You keep clowning on them for doing things cheap and getting things for free, and not knowing where they are headed day to day? How have you never heard about backpacking. This is literally the entire point of backpacking. You just sound bent. Also you called them out for..... Understanding local customs and talk to people rather than just googling it? That's some fucking first world white privilege there.

  • I Do Not understand Any of this. It has got to be the most ridiculous...insane...idioticand moronic thing I have never heard of. One of many of my hundreds of questions I have are how in the fuck is this kind of stupidity making awareness for mental health. I suffer from mental illness and even I know that this is ludicrous and the only thing they are accomplishing is to show the world they are a danger to themselves and others and need Serious mental health intervention!!!

  • I have a friend who was studying abroad and decided to travel and a week later he was stuck in Lithuania for months

  • I'm catching up on all your videos right now. I have mental health issues. I don't work, I'm on disability, my parents cover what disability doesn't. But. That's my mom, a lawyer, who isn't working two jobs to fill the gap. My job right now? My job is to attend therapy and take my meds and keep my place in order. I feel massive amounts of guilt for not being able to cover my basic needs and I keep a running tally of roughly how much I owe my mother so that once I'm better, I can pay her back, if she accepts my payments. I don't understand how they feel it's okay to do what they're doing. I don't work because I can't and I feel guilty about that. I just don't understand that level of entitlement.

  • Pretty sure on top of everything, most of their followers are fake. They get around 2,500 likes per post but have almost 50k followers. That seems off to me

  • i thought the kid screaming was my neighbor for a minute. loving life in the “loud screaming child neighbor club”

  • Those guys are lucky idiots. When I went to Morocco with my friend, we researched EVERYTHING, including what clothes to wear.