There's more wrong with Dolls Kill...

Publicado el 15 ene 2021
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  • From now on every time dollskill steals art from others im gonna go to the original artists buy the design dollskill stole and walk around dollskill not buying anything wearing that design.

  • The BBB is a legit scam btw, they go to businesses and ask them to become members to help their business because if they pay then the BBB lets them remove any and all negative reviews. The BBB also has absolutely no power and isn't a government related watchdog like many people think. Don't waste your time with them it won't help you at all.

  • Yeah the one and only time I ever ordered something from them, I washed the shorts I got and the elastic band separated from the shorts and there was a massive hole in them. 😅 wore them once and threw them away. Terrible company.

  • Dollskill could definitely change their packaging for shipments; I had a package by them that had gotten stolen and I think I would’ve had a slimmer chance getting stolen if “DOLLSKILL” wasn’t on the packaging 🥴

  • "alleged as usual" would make for some sick merch

  • It looks like a straight grab from the old blade runner music credits, Julia so kind & patient.

  • You didn't create your biology, fool. It's not a design.

  • It looks like alottt of people lool

  • ok however where is that wig from

  • Lol it does look like you but I don’t think it was intentional

  • I bought slippers there. Slippers!! I could’ve gotten better ones in China town. I don’t think I would order ever again from them Smh that does look like u.

  • Yay, you aknowleged ableism. Love you for that x

  • Ya this is kinda evil


  • I remember getting a tube top on sale from Dolls Kill that had the hem backwards and wonky on the outside. But I just kinda dismissed it? They would promote plus size dresses that wouldn't even fit me and heck I'm an XL 1X at MOST XD. The sewing job on their stuff is very... poor? And Ive had skirts and mesh dresses rip from being worn lol.

  • change ur intro, its way too much and doesnt suit the videos

  • GIRL I LOVE THE BROKEN PROMISES TEE 🥰 i have the Lust car decal ♡

  • They need to just go bankrupt and shut down. They're horrible. Support your small businesses, there are alternatives to DollsKill bringing you that same style of fashion. I recommend Emily Boo's videos on alternatives to DollsKill.

  • I never got wearing clothes that look like what a five year old is known as fashion. No it is fucking weird. Soft girl looks needs to be banned tbh

  • I bet you anything they just googled "alt girl", found you, and used photoshop to base the design around your photo 💀

  • a bunch of third rate graphic artists on dolls kill rip off manga and anime characters, just straight up plagiarism.

  • A year ago isn’t Jan 2019, I do the same thing covid messed up my sense of time so badly but it’s just so disorienting

  • My favorite retailer Noctex (yay Canadian companies! Getting into bigger bignesses they were sold there not if are but were at mine point. I’ve never shopppoed at dolls kill &they have a million thing I’d love to buy but will buy ANYWHERE ELSE EVEN ASOS, for fucks sakes they are thieving losers I will never give them a cent of my money EVERY design is ripped off

  • I hate how they always call everyone "Babe" or "doll" when complaints come in. So unprofessional

  • The way they get away with it is changing the original image or design by a small amount

  • I have mild face blindness and even I can tell this is you.

  • The title gave me simplykenna vibes

  • Holy crap I almost bought the mesh top and skirt that had the image of the influencer on it, I’m so glad I didn’t

  • Don’t be shy queen drop the shirt brand 😌💅✨

  • dollskill is shit even without the plagiarism, they make cheaply made clothes that rip easily then charge a bunch, why?? i dont know. most of their clothes you could diy anyways, i dont get why anyone would buy an already made patched up jacket with bootleg metal patches in the first place...🤣

  • Reminds me of Elaine Benes in Seinfeld and the mannequin that was her!

  • Her husband is a lucky dude 😉

  • Dopplegangers be everywhere!

  • I have not bought anything, but at one point I was browsing their jewelry and noticed a flower necklace that was like between 10-15 (I can’t remember exactly) and the flower which was the only charm on the necklace had been a charm that an artist I buy from had used as like an extra attachment on one of their keychains they designed, essentially meaning that a flower that someone used as an EXTRA attachment on a keychain is being sold on dollskill for $10-$15

  • They are also racist and make rape jokes.

  • Thank you so much for this video.

  • 11:55 This is why I use Paypal for just about everything online, especially for subscriptions. I've always been refunded by Paypal, yeah, it can take awhile, but at least the disingenuous company doesn't get away with scummy shit.

  • 3:40i don't think that's a copy because there's more that's different, the straps the frills, the bows, the line of pearls i honestly thought of another lingerie creator before i saw the "og"

  • Aren't they the one's who stole from the Cameron Boyce brand?

  • Dolls Kill: “Hey can I copy your homework?” Literally everyone: “Dude wtf no!” Dolls Kill:

  • Looks like you - also in a quick glance, it reminded me of one of the females from the manson family murders.

  • Can we talk about big instagram influencers who said they wouldnt support dollskill after the BLM scandal but are now accepting PR and advertising for dollskill again. Iheartraves steals ideas from small businesses also

  • Artist get ripped of all the time sadly.. rockstar games released new artwork possibly hinting at a new game but the artwork is literally an exact copy of another artists work named Hajime Sorayama and on Instagram he goes by @hajimesorayamaofficial

  • For the record, it's not Dolls Kill ripping off designers. It's designers at the companies from which they buy. I've worked in fashion design for over 23 years in Los Angeles. You should've consulted with me before you made this video! I'd love to explain how this world works, both the good and the bad.

  • Dolls kill uses Afterpay but I have never had an issue with getting refunds from them.

  • Modcloth has been caught stealing too, tbh. They deadass took a ESmainr's logo (based on her own cat) and channel name, and put it on a shirt and sold it for $30. No credit, no mention of the ESmainr at all. They listed it as "dinosaur inspired". When people posted reviews calling them out, they just deleted the reviews and continued selling the shirt. While I haven't seen it myself, I have heard of other designs they sell having the same issue. They just delete all reviews and sweep the plagiarism under the rug.

  • At this rate they'll get a class action lawsuit from ALL of these artists they stole from, together.

  • I am proudly blocked by dollskill from defending a company they stole designs from a few years ago.

  • This happened with Sandy Taboo’s earrings. Dolls kill stole the design

  • I would really stay away from Killstar as well, I know the CEO from a friend of a friend and while they’re a nice person, their stuff is just stolen really.

  • I bought a “test “ purchase from them and yikes! They made a label for it but it never got into the FedEx system! I live one state away from their LA warehouse. I waited a month before calling FedEx and they said the item never was shipped. Probably never left LA. So they just took my money I guess?

  • No doubt; companies & people for sure take ideas from other people & brands. But it's such a difficult thing to figure out & navigate. People definitely create very, very similar & sometimes nearly identical things without being connected to each other at all. Sometimes things just happen, like maybe a graphic designer that works for a big brand puts an idea out w/out realizing in the moment, that their idea was really a memory. But sometimes a design concept or literal design is obviously straight up stolen. IP laws are pretty complicated- the process to legally protect your IP is fine consuming, lengthy & expensive--theres also tons of stipulations on what you can legally protect.

  • it doo looks like u but only vaguely fans r just stinky

  • I’m glad I’ve never bought anything from them and now I never will!! 👏🏻✨

  • the tshirt with her face @1:06

  • All these smaller designers should join forces and hire a lawyer to represent all of them, maybe then then can stop dolls kill's shit

  • Julia u betta WERK with that purple shadow! 🥵 😈🖤😈🖤😈💜🖤💜🖤💜

  • Dolls Kill is the "I'm not like other girls" of popular clothing brands

  • I like your earrings.

  • I'm low key addicted to Dolls Kill and I hate myself for it. Need to stop giving them money. Also on instagram they made a post of that woman that photoshops her face to look like a child. And when I commented about how they should not promote this person, they deleted my comment.

  • I like to use dolls kill as a place to discover other brands mostly, I have a hard time finding decent alt clothes for plus sized bodies so I've discovered a few favorite shops through them, but I do not buy from them for all of those reasons

  • Girlll your look today thoughhh. Absolutely snatched.

  • Lmfao you wish it was you 🤣😂😂😂

  • We have the same lust shirt 😳

  • Dollsteal back at it again

  • 🤔 From a biz perspective, DollzKill can't really send an apology because that'd be admitting fault and they'd open themselves up for a possible lawsuit that the original creator could very possibly win with their apology in hand. It is a very shitty thing of them to ignore it though. (I will personally never spend another dollar with them now.) You'd also think that a company _that_ big would have the means and available resources to do an internet search for any new designs they're thinking of making. If they outsource to other designers and it's those designers that are responsible for ripping off these smaller creators, DollzKill needs to draft a form for any designer they work with to sign saying they haven't stolen the artwork and it is their's to freely use.

  • They even bought Delia’s which was great affordable clothing and now it’s expensive af😭😭😭 you’re better off buying from wish lol

  • I've only ever got a pair of shoes buy dolls kill my friend bought them and they were too small so I bought them off of her. I like them I think they comfortable.

  • Well, I had never heard of dolls kill, that i know of, so there's that. Are they shipping from China?

  • We all know that dolls kill is "brassy sassy stick it up your assy" 🙃

  • Am I the only one that thinks the person on the shirt could literally be anyone

  • Illuminaughti did a video on Dolls Kill and while I've never bought their stuff before ( too expensive) I certainly wouldn't now. The theft doesn't surprise me considering one of the people at the helm is the former ceo of HotTopic. Remember the art theft scandals in the late 00's? Yeah Screw these guys, I hope they go out of business.

  • It's a fact that you shouldn't steal peoples art/design no matter how big or small the creator of the original product is. Peoples faces shouldn't be used as a sell able product without their permission.

  • im sorry you have a very basic white girl face... it could be ANYONE lol

  • Bruh, "it's black friday" is just another person that embodies an aesthetic that already existed, you know that romantic gothic (the cure, souxie and the banshees vibe) that has been done millions of times. I don't think that companies that appeal to the overall gothic aesthetic audience should be penalized for that, also there are only so many cute poses that can be done in that certain scene. But that's just my opinion on this particular case. I still hate when bigger companies blatantly rip off small creators.

  • They also have either no real customer service/they’re rude and don’t help at all. They lie to upset customers to get them to “go away” I never got my products and they only offered me a coupon for another purchase, offering no help to fix an issue that they acknowledged that they were aware of (lots of back and forth emailing happened) long story short they suck

  • I feel awful that I bought clothes from them, and even made a video trying them on. If anyone has any suggestions on websites that have alternative clothing for plus size girls at a reasonable price, please let me know.

  • Dolls kill small businesses...

  • Even if it was a random design on the internet, a company shouldn’t be farming other peoples content for inspiration. They have plenty of money to have creative directors create their own shit. Super frustrating

  • Even AliExpress sellers are more customer friendly than Dolls Kill yikes

  • I decided to boycott them when they made, and I shit you not, a TONYA HARDING COSTUME. The caption was something like “smash your heart out” and the girls as wearing a shitty version of tonya’s handmade skating outfit while screaming maniacally and holding a hammer.

  • Forever 21 did the same thing 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • WOW.... it does look so much like you! 😲😜💙💙😝

  • I ordered a couple pairs of jeans from them years ago but they showed up without fly buttons..

  • Bro I feel so bad because I just ordered something from there snd I I had not clue

  • Online business r so... just like this, majority can lie like hell.

  • Idk about the first one. That's just a common bra design that I've seen many times before. If anything when it comes to the category of bras this is in I'd say dolls kills doesn't look the other one at all. I don't know this company but I think there are many things you can criticize them for, but this?...

  • Rant about Fashion Nova.

  • Honey don't flatter yourself. You don't look like that shirt. It's very generic.


  • I don't think the shirt looks like you ha just me...

    • She needs reassurance lmao she fucking wished

  • lookin very vampiric

  • The only time I have ever bought something from Dolls Kill is when I found their checkered coat second hand on eBay for half the original price lmao. I love that coat, but it is NOT worth the original £90/$100+

  • That ASMR of her nail sliding down her wig hairs 😍 haha

  • is that a ginger ale

  • Get all the people together with the legit complaints and file a lawsuit ! Not fair to the artist !

  • I think that the pink underwear is within fair use. The artist doesn’t own that design, I’ve seen 100 slightly different versions of that exact same underwear. I actually own a very similar one in black with a slight strap difference. I feel like it’s not a unique enough idea for her to own it and dollskill changed it up in their design. The yellow shirt is different however because that font can’t be found online she hand made it. They can’t just go somewhere and download that so it had to be intentional. If they’d have used their own font they can do that, the artist can’t own a phrase but that’s where the line is imo The likeness one I am on the fence about because that does look like Black Friday but Black Friday in that picture just looks like a typical 80’s goth in that picture it’s a very common image. I think alone they are all (apart from the shirt) forgivable but seeing as it’s a pattern at this point it’s gross 🙄 you can only give so much benefit of the doubt

  • Their products cost as much as ASOS products and are vastly inferior in quality. The only order I ever did one of the dresses ripped in a random spot from me just zipping the dress up like panty hose do and the skirt I got was sized too small and despite returning it nearly a year ago I still haven't gotten any refund. Not like I'd want any of their low quality junk. You can get the same crap for like a fourth the price on shein. Such a scam.

  • I bought these boots from them with rhinestones basically and only wore them three times and the rhinestones already started falling out

  • Loved the video as always. Have you heard of Army/armi hammer??? Not entirely sure as the situation isn’t all to clear to me yet but from what I gather he’s either a cannibal or an aspiring cannibal? Would love to see you bring this more attention, it’s sick he’s free if what’s being alleged is true

  • Hey ESmain, I sure would appreciate to receive a notification from one of my favorite creators, fix it plz, ✨thank you✨