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  • She seems to think she’s so smart. Like with her long ass explanations even though she’s saying a bunch of crap.

  • Why didn’t she just put some of her MLM essential oils on her husband …should’ve fixed him all up, right ? 🤦🏻‍♀️ If you choose not to vaccinate, I won’t debate it, just please give all workers in the medical field credit that we have to be vaccinated for everything’s, (many annually), in order to be/stay employed.

  • I now like them even less. I didn’t know that was a possibility. My cousin gave up her daughter in the US for adoption and they totally have a very similar rule... The biological partner can change their mind for up to 365 days after they give them up.

  • Maybe quit giving these people attention and IGNORE them… you’re part of the problem.

  • Why just why

  • I LOVE your hair

  • What even is her thought process in... anything? The conclusions she gets to are just baffling to me, like how even...? What?

  • Pretty surreal to hear her admit that family vlogging is a privacy violation: “We wouldn’t want to violate someone’s privacy that isn’t our kid. That sounds a bit weird, but you get what I’m saying.”

  • She’s citing Del Bigtree? Jeff Holiday tore down his arguments numerous times!

  • There have been family vlog channels that seem to adopt just for clout. The Stauffer (not sure if I’m spelling that right) family for instance.

  • She talks a lot but makes very little sense 😂

  • Not speaking to your partner for 2 weeks is abusive. I said what I said.

  • I’m just gonna say it: This woman is an idiot incapable of critical thought. All her arguments, about vaccination, about the pandemic, are based on logical fallacies. She’s come to illogical conclusions based on conspiracy theories and misinformation by saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Nonsense. You have in fact come to conclusions. You’ve made the decision to take someone’s word on vaccinations and the pandemic, but you’re taking the word of conspiracy theorists and fringe doctors instead of the mountains and mountains of good and established science. Because “funding” and “money”. Ridiculous.

  • anytime she opens her mouth all i hear is "i'm a selfish twat" over and over. she says nothing else.

  • She talks too much. Who listens to her say so much but say so little?

  • so... not being able to make money off of your kid is a dealbreaker for...... adopting a human child ? i'm so glad they weren't able to get a kid. who knows what they would have done to them once they became inconvenient like their poor dog. also, the more unmasked, unvaccinated, poorly educated children running around, the better. this poor kid wasn't taught how to treat a dog, probably doesn't know how to respect any boundaries, and is going to be fed bullshit regarding science and health. glad that will be kept to a minimum! these people don't deserve to be in custody of a dust mite, much less children.

  • I'm very tired of this. Wear. A. God. Dayum. Mask. Stop finding reasons to not wear one. Like jeez, it's killing people.

  • She is painful to listen to

  • Is she talking about the Apparently Kid when she says “the supposedly little boy”..? If so, she’s so far off target, she must’ve been wearing a blindfold. 😂 I’m dying.

  • saying Nikki's burning my braincells is one hell of an understatement

  • “I’m gonna make this quick...” proceeds to blab on for forever....

  • Epitome of white privilege.

  • Of course they prayed about it... These people are awful worthless sacks.

  • ngl, knowing how egotistical , I feel like they chose asian countries to adopt children from so they could use the child's race for clout

  • I don’t get why anyone would want their child on ESmain or to share such serious marital stuff. Sounds like they need to be in the moment and take a break from social media. Not all couples who work together, work well together. I don’t dislike her positions, as they should be her own in a free country, but the over sharing can’t be good in the end.

  • I'm pretty sure adoptions aren't usually finalized right away.. I'm adopted and it look a little over a year for mine to be. They're making it sound like that was a weird thing for them

  • I feel like they are really just adopting for social media and clout. The way they are trying to stay relevant in a group of people that have adopted already, is a big red flag. They want a fast adoption to post about what good people they are. I don't think they should adopt, being adopted myself. This isn't out of love and compassion, it's out of vanity and greed, that's not a good enough reason to get a child. Adoption is a legal process as well, here in the states it takes about a year and sometimes longer depending on the type of adoption. They can go a lot faster if someone signs over custody, but generally it does take the better part of a year.

  • she really just speaks, no thoughts, just vibes

  • counselor: "stop talking and try listening for once" Nikki: "emotional manipulation by silent treayment? brilliant!!" counselor: "no, I meant-" Nikki: "I can't hear you, I'm not talking to you"

  • "If you get an opinion, you can go get a second opinion" Sounds like that might be her life motto ngl

  • Oh my GOD, this woman never SHUTS UP.

  • These fucking ppl chose not to adopt bc it inconvenienced them lol like how how is it that respecting your kids privacy b4 they consent is not important. And they murdered their dog wtf

  • I hardly post my children on social media because of creepy people on the internet. I don’t see the problem. Also it’s amazing how much she said without saying anything that made sense at all.

  • For someone who is so adamant that she's not an anti-vaxxer Nikki definitely sounds like one. She literally hit every f****** Bingo space for anti vaxxer talking points including bring up Bigtree

  • I feel like the therapist maybe meant it was time to stop talking, and to LISTEN instead...😂 I hope that’s what they meant anyway 😂 I also think it’s very responsible for the adoption not to be completely finalised for a year, it discourages what the Stauffers done, and kind of ensures that the adoptive parents are serious about adopting!

  • Nikki is so abrasive lol

  • That woman is extremely disturbing. How racist and disconnected does she get? To want an Asian child just to fullfill her savior complex and then admit to scratching the idea because they can't make money off the child for a year. Oh and then to be allowed to remain on ESmain, making money. Interesting world we live in. - people adopt for different reasons in their hearts. These people don't have hearts. Checked their page and of course they don't allow comments......

  • Her husband is very cautious when he talks in front of her. And why are they treating adoption as if it's some kind of social experiment??? You're literally raising a child, why is youtube a factor in the child's adoption?

  • Sounds like social media is more important than a kid to them? Are they familiar with adoption in the US?

  • OMG first they put down there healthy dog and now there tring to adopt kids from abroad??? Not going to go well there, hope they dont give the kid back after a few months and 1,000,000 views.

  • These two are animal killers. They are also anti vax and anti mask.

  • wow Toxic WASP-y American vloggers strike again.

  • As a child who was an orphan in Russia, if I found out that the reason a couple didn’t adopt me because of “not being allowed to post on social media for a year,” I would’ve been fucking pissed. You’re denying an orphan a family due to your selfishness and your inability to stay offline/edit “me” out of their videos. Hell no. Shut the hell about masks. I’m also immunocompromised and your refusal to wear masks could kill people like me. The fact is, you never know who is immunocompromised, who has underlying conditions that could cause their death. This level of selfishness is actually disgusting.

  • I wanted to say, I once had a therapist say something similar about not talking to my fiance. I thought it was odd advice.

  • Ok at face value this video came off As nitpicking. I don’t get what’s so alarming about what she says

  • As much as Nikki interrupts her husband, her therapist probably meant that Nikki needs to stop talking and listen. But of course she didn’t hear that

  • They just used the "it'll take a year" to try and cover that they wouldn't be able to use their brown baby to play white saviors on social media.

  • @12:55 This is ignorance being portrayed as skepticism

  • The glimmer of self awareness when she said it’s violating someone’s privacy to share a child online

  • Who in the hell is her therapist?! I shamefully admit that i revert to something like the silent treatment not to punish someone but it of habit because when I do try to talk about it the issue is flipped and I'm made to feel bad for feeling that way. Not the case but an example "why did you give my number to that guy I told you I was uncomfortable with?!" "Oh well sooorry for trying to help you out when you said you were single and looking to start dating. I thought he'd be a good start. I guess I can't do anything right for you." The thing is I'm fully aware that it doesn't settle anything, the person doesn't know why I'm upset and even if they're just going to throw it back at me they can't reflect on what they don't know is wrong. I don't even see a therapist and I know this.

  • I’m so thankful I didn’t know how any of these people were before your videos. They are just too cringe for me. These family vlogs need to be stopped

  • This woman is exhausting to listen to.. my god

  • maybe if she stopped talking over him constantly she might get to know him ??? lmao

  • A former friend of mine used to gaslight constantly. Listening to Nikki is just like that friend. You know that you're being spun a narrative that they have chosen to spin. You know that you're being manipulated into their reality. You know that the actual facts and feelings of this person differ from what she's telling you. It's like she over-compensates on everything she says, every facial expression. She honestly seems like one of the least genuine people I've ever seen.

  • I think her therapist knows things that we don’t know.. 😏

  • For me it's just sad to hear what they're saying. All I hear is them worrying about social media and their online career, not really thinking about this actual child and her/his life. And this mask situation, honestly I can't stand it anymore. All those speculations and theories. I wish people would just wake up and be more responsible

  • It seems to me like their main hesitation was that the child couldn’t be on their social media for a year. Their focus should be on parenting. If I’m honest, I’ve always thought it weird that people share pictures and videos of small kids and babies, I get that they want to show them off and that they’re proud parents but it’s a massive infringement on personal privacy for a human not old enough to understand or give consent. I’m glad I grew up before my parents had the ability to share photos of me in nappies etc online, it’s just unnecessary. I’m adopted, I’m a human being same as other people, not a product to show off or an accessory to gain social media likes.

  • Is she Caucasian ? She looks so white washed it not

  • Yes you can adopt, but you cant exploit your new chid on social media for a year Her: “thats not very cash money of you..”

  • I don’t believe her that she COULD be quiet for 2 weeks.

  • Seems like someone who doesn’t have any friends to talk to so she uses her camera instead.

  • “We can read the same thing and come to different conclusions” Ok, that doesn’t meant they’re both correct. I’ve only taken Intro Ochem and I read what anti vaxxers say completely differently. That’s not to say you need a degree to come to the same conclusions, but if you don’t how scientific papers are written or how certain things work, you’re more susceptible to being misled

  • Dear God, hearing Nikki ramble on with aimless Anti-Vax rhetoric has melted my brain into soup.

  • It makes me so sad that they clearly only wanted to adopt in order to get clout or flex. Adopting a baby to exploit them for views.... big freaking yikes.

  • Wow she talks some shit

  • I really enjoy listening to people discuss things or events they're interested in or a part of, but this Nikki chick straight up sucked the life out of me from just the partial clips you shared - WOW! 💤⚰️💀 I can't imagine having to live with her or even just be a friend. She is SO DRAINING and the way she talks and her voice and tone are so taxing!!!

  • How does this woman (won’t say what I actually want to call her) have over a million subscribers

  • Speaking of Del Bigtree: That guy is not a doctor, so why anyone would consider him to be an authority on vaccines is beyond me.

  • 14:57 hmmmm so she knows you can go get second opinions? Well her and her husband seemingly didn't second guess themselves when they killed their dog........................................................... They just care about who's more convenient for them to make money

  • It just rubs me the wrong way that people can get attention and profit off of the trauma of their adopted children without the young child’s consent. I know that if I was an adoptee I would feel very uncomfortable with the whole world knowing my traumatic adoption story. Of course if the child gets older and besides that it’s OK to talk about that’s different, at the end of the day in adopt a child story is theirs and not for anyone else to use.

  • the only way I can watch Nikki's video is by speeding it up to 1.5💀

  • So when you found out the baby couldn't appear on your social media outlets you stop the adoption? Omg how sad are you two feeling right now, shows you never cared about the child just your own selfish clout chasing dreams..I hope you learn from this....but fear you won't. Babies are for life not just for you tube

  • I didn't know they let brother-sister "couples" adopt children. Especially in Asian countries. Whoda thunk it?

  • There is a reason adoptions take a long time. Tf?!

  • There's a petition to de-monetize their channel:

  • Here's another video that tells even more of the story.

  • '#babyblurface'??? Cringy. Maybe that director who turned them down saw what they were really all about. That "therapy" thing was like a narcissistic controlling behavior that I doubt a reputable licensed therapist would ever recommend. IMO, with their level of self-centeredness, it might be better if they didn't have either children or pets.

  • "Korea was being too... What's the word- picky?" "Cautious" That's extremely telling in itself, that she saw caution as pickiness

  • she has really annoying mannerisms and loads of contempt on her face. and her body is rarely in-sync

  • I would literally be traumatized if my husband ever came home one day and stopped talking to me without explanation. Wild.

  • Prayed on it and God told me what's the point of adopting a kid if you can't tell everyone about it. Half the point of adopting a kid is to take selfies and put them on the Internet so everyone could see that you're doing better than them. WTF?

  • An opinion that is a tad bit controversial which I understand but hear me out. Adoption in general is great no matter where it's from. However these channels are so insistent on adopting from another country while also pushing social media and it almost seems like they are pushing a savior complex like "look at me I saved a kid from another country!" However as someone who has seen the inside of the foster care system here, what about kids in your area who need adoptions, who where taken from awful homes and just desperately want a loving family? I don't want it to sound like oh forcus on us first and ignore other countries. But these social media channels seem to have no interest in the desperate struggling kids down the road from them and just want a child from somewhere else to feed their savior complex.

  • The fact that a therapist told her to participate in protest behavior (a form of toxic, narcissistic manipulation) to get what she wants is so disturbing

  • so i used to follow another lady on ig who used holt international and nikki would regularly comment on her content which now makes sense to me the lady i followed @/elsielarson used to post a lot ab her childrens’ adoptions but now rarely posts about them pretty sure used her kids and their adoptions to gain a following for her diy/interior design business

  • oh no, you cant adopt a child and use it for views. hell I wouldnt let you adopt a child full stop... no child deserves to be put through a life of hell with these idiots. let me guess, when they cant be bothered putting the time into raising a child, you would be handing them back because you cant just get a child put down (like your dog Bowser) when you have failed them?

  • PS my mom is a licensed therapist. No, absolutely not a therapist would not recommend that behavior. I’m sorry I am laughing out loud at how much of a ditz this couple is 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I feel like the part with her talking about her conversation with her therapist could be a fantastic comedy skit. She is so oblivious omg...

  • “I don’t wear a mask because like pandemics are a huge downer” that’s essentially what she said. I’m screaming.

  • Why do I feel like these people woke up one day and decided to adopt from a foreign country and then learned in the process international laws exist

  • Aww shes sad about masks? I'm sad she's still talking....

  • “Oh no! We have to wait a whole year before we can make money off of and exploit a child? How unfair. A year of videos and views.” Wtf is wrong with these people?! I think they need to add some more laws and conditions. No putting the kids on you tube for a start!

  • Man she is a terrible human being. Also her therapist told her to shut the eff up 😂

  • The,,, absolutely toxicity and manipulation she does is absolutely alarming.

  • Christ she takes a while to get to a point

  • The only good thing is that they didn't adopt the child. They're simply shallow people.

  • Definitely, social media centric, money centric, using christianity for her purposes, therefore not really following Christ. It’s about me, me, me, and what I want. Fame, money and luxury centric lifestyle. Adopting process, the kid is not « mine », too much work to, too much risk. My feelings. Darn, they’re protecting the kids, obviously. South Korea is so strict now because of the kids who came back, abused, not allowed to be USA citizens, because of the neglect of their adoptive parents. And as adults send back. Or came back to Korea, rejecting their abusive upbringing, and for not keeping them in their home country. USA: Oh, now they’re your problem. Korea: WTF. New rules. To weed out the parents wannabe that are not in it for the kid.

  • I’ve heard of the silent treatment been used, without therapist’s recommendation. As well. Some people just believe it’s totally okay. Therapists don’t all agree, so not surprised. Personally, I don’t work with therapists who think in that way. They trigger me. Met one. Tried for 8 sessions. No thanks. NEVER AGAIN.

  • Yes, we're faking the pandemic in India. Why wear masks? I'd rather continue watching my relatives die. It's definitely not 'sad' then.

  • If they really wanted a child and overseas adoption was too hard why not just adopt from their own country? Oh wait, they wouldn’t get as much attention would they?

  • like girllllllll i am a biomedical engineering student so like... don't tell me to do more research on vaccines ?