There's another MAP problem on twitter

Publicado el 19 jun 2020
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Justice for Breonna Taylor:
Justice for Joāo Pedro:
Police Accountability Act 2020:
Re-Open Sandra Bland's Case:
The Trayvon Martin Law:
Justice for Willie Simmons:
Justice for Amiya Braxton:
Justice for Tete/Otis Gulley:
Justice for Kendrick Johnson:
Justice for Belly Mujinga:
Justice for Tamla Horsford:
Re-Open LaVena Johnson's case:
Re-Open Kenneka Jenkin's case:
Buffalo PD, Fire officer Aaron Torgalski:
Cariol Horne:
Petitions for George Floyd:
Homeless Black Trans women fund:
Mental Health help:

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  • Dudes giving ancom bad rep

  • I think aam means adult attracted minor maybe?

  • 🚔🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🚔

  • Age is just a number And being burned at stake is being a human kabob

  • As a polysexual, we don’t claim Lord Abigor.

  • It is disgusting enough to look at random pictures from strange children in a sexualized way. Having pictures of children their parents don't know you are in posession of these pictures is as bad as assaulting a child physically. So no contact Maps are not better. Only self aware maps in therapy because of their deviation are good maps.

  • My dad is 2 years older then my mom is he a map?

    • That's now how it works, liking people under the age of consent while being above it then yes they are a map, if they're all above the age of consent then no.

  • I've got 99 problems but being an anti-MAP ain't one.

  • Have you seen the toxic part of the gacha community? If not, then oh ho ho some of them are really young and really into map. Not all though.

  • I hope that aliens come to earth and make maps extinct(i also would like them to kill evreyone)

  • When I meet a bigchungusphile online, I actually tell them that I am drinking the blood from my arm in hopes that I die because of them, then I leave. Dont worry, I dont actually drink my blood, I just tell them that and leave.

  • Actual ancom here. The anarchist community rejects all maps. They are just as bad as the fascists

    • @Gopherancoms are against a state. Goverment would be allowed, but only through direct democracy

    • >is a communist opinion ignored kill all pedos tho.

    • How can you support no government while at the same time supporting more government control?

  • map activist sounds like murderer activist, thief activist.

  • Age is just a number when everyone involved is of legal age and nothing is going on with them that impairs their ability to think straight/consent.

  • Minor MAP allies/child-teleiophiles are the best ppl on planet Earth.

  • There is no "pedophile community" Pedophilia is a mental illness There is no schizophrenia community or shit like that. Pedophiles disgust me and make me want to put on my pedophile and nazi stomping boots.

  • Maybe Google wants to claim maps!

  • MAPs aren't sexually attracted to children!! >:( They have a mental disorder not an attraction.

  • The 12 year old just wanted them to get help

  • AAM = Adult Attracted Minor

  • AAP= adult attracted person and the fact MAP was in my quick type makes me wanna go vomit, k bye

  • 🟥🟥🟥🟥⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️🟦🟦🟦🟦 Police! Open up!

  • One time I met someone on the internet that tried to justify the fact that he’s a pedo by using a religion it was disgusting I have never heard a religion saying this is ok anyways stay safe and if you are a minor like me pls protect yourself from tw*tter

  • no offense but you seem like you were NOT excited to make this lol

  • Yeah no... most if not all of these accounts are MAPs trying to validate themselves via an alternate account

  • Yeah no... most if not all of these accounts are MAPs trying to validate themselves via an alternate account

  • There is a site called secret hentai club.. Where drawing animation and videos can be downloaded.. The visuals are so raunchy and vivid. People comment on the pictures and talks about talking on chatting on proton and wickr idk what is that. Please have a look in that whether it's just art or something is going on. Please check

  • As someone who is underage this actually terrifies me.

  • I have reported it to the FBI awhile ago, have they not done anything? Perhaps we all need to put pressure on our feds to crackdown on child safety.

  • i'm thinking maybe you should stop going on social media because it's definitely a sewer and you seem to get really upset by all the turds you keep finding you could just turn it off and read a book you know that's what I do I'm not on social media at all it's a sewer.


  • "do i need help... for... not agreeing with pedophiles?" therapist: "wtf"

  • Wait how can someone be asexual/aromatic and also a 'map'? How does that make sense?

    • @Bebe Fett because animals have been proven to have asexual minorities lmao its normal in all species for asexuals to exist as they always have.

    • @Bebe Fett well yes technically an asexual human doesn't have an interest in having sexual relations.

    • Tiffany Renee How can a human be asexual is my question.

  • Map: Age is just a number! I don't fear the police! Me: lol 911 is also a number,you need to fear your roomates in the shower Map: *sweats nervously*

  • just thinking AAM maybe mean Adult attracted minor?

  • And exactly why is killing pedophiles frowned upon? This era just loves giving the worst of humanity an inch. They should be hanged on live TV for the world to see and make an example out of them.

  • You make it sound like being 9 and 16 is the same if the guy at 10.02 is about that age is very aware of what he is attracted to. he's not a manipulated victim of some sort he probably just talk for himself For exemple you would not let a 5 yo to this guy with the pretext "how he is minor so he can not hurt anyone" it woud just be realy dumb to do so I realy dont think he is in some kind of danger If anything is more dangerous than your average predator because of people like ready to glare who would not consider him a threat

  • Okay thank you for addressing the fact youtube is afraid of the term pedophile I was concerned with that, but I still wouldn't doubt youtube higher ups are pedophiles

  • The only maps i support are multi animator projects

  • A K9 Officer with a black lab is just a man or woman walking their Black Labrador.

  • Heck is just a fire pit.

  • ❤️💙💛Cartography Is Valid💚🧡💜

  • *And my glock is just a thing to murder people*

  • i have an 11 year old sister and this is truely terrifying

  • This is all getting out of hand and I’m shocked no law enforcement has done anything. It also makes me believe some of these can and is possibly using this for human sex trafficking.

    • Also! Can we talk about California’s new law ?! I’m like what the hell is going on!

  • What a nests of vipers. I guess that those minors who are MAP allies, but no MAPs themselves, are those kids that can't connect, don't fit in and feel lonley, like a lot of us did at that age, but unfortunately found this niche in the MAP, where that what they bring to the table (their age) is what garners them respect, interest, friendship and even romance, no matter how false and wreteched it might look from the outside.

  • Even if we give "Stephen" this "I identify as a 8yo" (we don't, I know I don't), 8yo kids don't do sexual things - they know nothing about it. You're just a waste of human material, "Stephen". I guess they use these abbreviations, because monitoring.

  • We need to destroy these topographers

  • This makes me fear for my young cousins even more

  • Your 0.2% - 99.8% is me every time I'm on the internet. Anywhere.

  • 5:42 You pretty much HAVE to be 8 to think communism is a good thing.

  • Ok, I just don’t get it. When I was 12 old men were not attractive. Like a 23 year old when I was 12 is like a 60 year old now, now that I am in my late 20’s. I don’t get these kids finding these pedos attractive. Like don’t they feel threatened and intimidated by them? I’m just dumbfounded.

  • Love the hair

  • Remember the movie hard candy? I really hope that's what these profiles are...

  • 🌸I made a cute acronym for Maps🌸 M- Morbid A- Asshats (who are) P- pedophiles

  • Judging anothers ethics is hilarious

  • Prison is just a room and a guillotine is just a big haircut

  • Anti-maps, religious, and I don't get why polyanorous and polysexual is a sexuality. Doesn't mean I hate people for it, jut don't get it.

  • Yeah I’m a map Minor Appalled by Pedos

  • Twitter is scary

  • My true, and sincere hope is that these accounts are like ICE trying to bust paedos...I pray.

  • At 5:40, I think that you may have been close, Adult Attracted Minor...? 😳🤢🤮

  • 1:51 as an enby we don't claim faer

  • Instead of normalizing pedophilia why don't they try to help pedophiles? I'm sure there are pedophiles who are ashamed of their thoughts and want to be normal.

  • It would be a bit fun if the under age map allies on Twitter were just bait accounts to have maps out themselves.

  • I feel like all these so call minor profiles are just fake accounts that these chesters made up.

  • AAM sounds like every child, since adults are mainly the ones romanticized

  • People who are young and pro map havent lived through the pain

  • 911 is just a number xD

  • Omg 😭 Please stay safe young ones !! If you sense that someone is a creeper , THEY PROBABLY ARE RUN!

  • “No Steven your 50” 😂

  • By the gods... I'm late to your vids/channel but it's a horrific series of awareness like a chomo rabbit hole. We need to summon Chris Hanson ASAP!!! Or tag in p.o.p squad, preying on predators. They do stings on folks using social media to target and lure children into accepting that this kind of repulsive behaviour is normal and should be embraced(groomers/pedophiles). Please keep updating people on how pedophiles are trying to permanently harm kids via social medias.

  • Their thought process is "if it's been done in history it should be ok today". It's disgusting, I know you say no death threats but at this point we need to make them know this is NOT ok. As a father I literally cant fathom how people are so open about this especially when there's people like me out there that will blow their brains out (too quick and painless, just the pg version. In reality Id go all out and torture them for weeks having them cling to an inch of life but making sure they stay conscious) just to get rid of this sickness plaguing the world.

  • I'm a senior (HS,17) and my minimum age for dating is 16 and even then its kinda weird. It gets kinda hard though because it sometimes is so hard to to know until you ask becausefor a lot of highschool everyone looks pretty muchthe same.

  • No hate to lgbtq+ (I literally have family in it) but I feel like soon it’s gonna be the whole alphabet

  • Jesus bless you

  • You hit the nail on the head - children and teens hearing this pseudo-progressive rhetoric and parroting it because the “cool” and respected twitter users say it. It’s so dangerous. Especially believing that they are MAPs even as their sexuality is just beginning to develop - I cannot see this going anywhere good.

  • I'm not at all shocked that open pedophiles would also lean towards awful, chaotic systems of government that would better allow them to pursue their evil interests - holy shit. Their bios are just strings of red flags.

  • I honestly never thought I'd live to see pedophiles openly confessing online and gaining any kind of support and acceptance - it's right up there with socio/psychopaths deciding to come out, en masse and say not only do they exist, but they are loud and proud about it... which is obviously insane. I personally think that humanity hasn't fundamentally changed, it's just that the human populations are increasing and connecting in ways that they never have, ever, in the past and that all we're seeing is that tiny, fraction of the percentage of the human race that ALWAYS EXISTED, only now they get to these critical mass scenarios where they actually spill out into the public eye because eventually, even .001% (or whatever the actual ratio is) is going to become "more than a few" when the total global population is pushing 7.5 billion people. I think that this is something people often forget - ever since the industrial revolution, human population has only ever been skyrocketing... unfortunately, even a relatively small number of people have the capacity to do great harm to a great many people : ( I'll never understand the cognitive dissonance - these people have to literally be retard in SOME way to think that children can consent to anything serious. I don't even trust legal adults (18 years old in the States) and while the idea of a young girlfriend can be nice, the reality and the actual experience is... well, it's cringeworthy. Sure, age really CAN be just a number past a certain point in your ADULTHOOD but the thing about age is that it implies a lot more than just time on the planet and legality of enterprises... it's also a great indicator at the potential for shared experiences and shared interests. Someone older is going to not just have MORE experiences overall, but they're going to have experiences - especially formative experiences - with things that people beyond a certain age didn't even have a chance to engage with personally or actually grow up with/through and this, of course, impacts all sorts of things in an individual's personal preferences, especially in entertainment. "Vintage" can be a trend among the younger, but among the older "vintage" can describe things "as old as they are", ahahahaha XD There are people out there whom are adults now that weren't even alive September 11, 2001 and they have no knowledge or only the vaguest knowledge about what it is and why it mattered. Age most definitely matters, a lot, right up into being a totally legal adult and beyond.

  • It’s like if firefighters were supporting arson

  • your outfitts always go with the video's subject, that's adorable

  • Did you know that California has legalized pedophilia? It was done supposedly to be fair to LGBT. Read

  • ancom? ah yes, Kropotkin's famous essay on "how being a map is valid uwu". Christ, the Spanish Republicans would've (rightly) strung these evil people up.

  • Just randomly came across your channel tonight. I actually thought you were Kat von D 😄

  • The 268 dislikes are all pedos ........all pedo should be thrown in the woodchipper

  • I'm going too be honest with you right now this may be the most sick thing I have ever heard I had to save 4 of my friends from 5 diff pedo's and I had too go the cop's . I don't play with this shit . To be this is honest something that I can't stand this. FBI GET ON THESE PEOPLE RN BEFORE SOMEONE GOES MISSING BECAUSE OF THESE SICK PEDO'S! I WILL NOT STAND FOR ALILTLE 12 YEAR OLD GIRL GETTING RAPED BY A 37 YEAR OLD MAN THIS IS MY WE CAN'T HAVE THESE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD IF YOU ARE A MAP FIND HELP PLS!

  • in my country you get caught for having sex with a kid you get killed.

  • All these young people were groomed and I’m so sorry to them


  • This reminds me of what Amos McCoy (played by Walter Brennan) said on an episode of “The Real McCoys, “That’s like telling a chicken she can trust a chicken-hawk.”

  • if you're 16 and attracted to a 14 year old you're not a map. It's a very hazy thing in puberty but generally a 2 year age gap when everyone is 12+ isn't a MAP behaviour at all.

  • I age regress because of shit in my past but seeing Pedos make me feel unsafe and scared and it gets to the point people say that they are a pedo in my school and I end up accidentally age regress and end up having a panic attack to the point I can’t breath and people just make fun of me because of it but I am a victim of abuse and assault so when people get to close to me of hug me from behind I get super scared and cry and sometimes I end up hurting the person that touches me but I end up feeling awful even if it was the person that r**ed me because I have a lot of empathy and I blame myself for what happened because that’s what I was told I was 7 then it happened again when I was 12 (I’m 16 now and FTM) but that shit broke me growing up I stopped wearing shorts and things like that and I changed from a happy kid to being scared to leave my house

  • people are just making up new things every time I go on Twitter

  • me, 13, just tryna dig in the sand "wtf? what are you saying? wait...people are trying to NORMALIZE the nasty man in the tree? wtf? why? when? who?"

  • Hopefully some of those minors are undercover cops trying to catch the pedos out there!

  • Funny thing most eight yr old are NOT into sexual relationships

  • seems they are just following the same game plan the left laid out for anything the religious/conservatives thought were wrong years and years ago. They are using all the same arguments and creating a narrative that over time will be solidified and eventually accepted. It's insane to watch this shit happen, and have people turn a blind eye because that's what they have been trained to do.

  • lol they remove comments? And with the quickness to.. losers.

  • The only good pedophile is either a dead pedo or one with sense enough to be castrated and actively monitored at all times.

  • I'm bi and an abuse survivor, I do not accept or claim these disgusting people. I'm also polyamorous and we dont claim these monsters either