There's a weird 'group' on Instagram

Publicado el 1 jul 2020
What do you guys think?
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  • I like this wig on her so much

  • I hope you like the furor art I made you

  • I can't even think about animal abuse it's too much.

  • Glare the 11 year old and the 16 year old are doing a troll campaign on you for this video. Finding their channels any comments about the cult, this video is mentioned and linked for "new follows" to debunk themselves. Its getting weird dude The 11 year old is making lowkey sexual videos on his main channel. A child. And it's still on youtube... I'm not sharing the page or a video link here because this is still a child and no one show dog pile this kid who is being manipulated.

  • me seeing the red arm band 👁👄👁

  • It’s furor as in hitler btw their logo is a play on the axe and bundle of sticks cept that made it neon and modern

  • shady

  • i know about necrofilic hez jamez aka 70bullets. he and his cult rlly hatez dogz :(

  • Sounds like a troll

  • They have a new cult thingy. @diceorg their motto is ”we will truly be everywhere” leader is @necroflic

    • @necrofilic has drawn multiple pictures/written stories of him killing and raping some girl and posted them on his ig story. Really fucking disturbing

  • I know these accounts. They are scary

  • This girl came out of nowhere IMO but she is 😍

  • 2:05 yes but also kpop stans with usernames like @/namjoonsforeskinflakes make things harder.

  • there's another one linked from necrofilic's page

  • juzo

  • ugh this one made me feel sick i had to hold my dog lol

  • i have a strong stomach when it comes to HUMAN gore (broken bones, etc.) but i full out cry while throwing up if i see or hear anything about a cat or dog being abused.

  • That's really horrible..but life is horrible too so I guess it's fn

  • okay but jus cuz, a couple years ago i started an ig cult and there were 2 other people on top with me (it was fuckin stupid just like this no meaning or nothing) and i later found out the 3rd chairman was a nazi and he started tryna take over the cult, me and the 2nd up just left cuz it was stupid but this could be the kid who was with us cuz alot of it fits his personality

  • I’m barely into the video but dogs being hurt for damn reason makes me so pissed that idk what to do with myself

  • Please do a video on UNICULT and Unicole Unicron

  • These guys are legit kids the age ranges from 11-24 juzo is 15. And supposedly someone is “forcing him “ to post those animal abuse videos

  • Don't know if someone already said this but 'Furor' is a german word and means rage/anger

  • Doesn't not having beliefs mean being an atheist

  • fuhrer reminds me of bradley- 😳

  • vaatividya

  • i really like that wig!!

  • yeah.... no cult calls itself a cult - they're just full of shit and seeking attention

  • This kinda reminds me of a supposed cult on ESmain that revolves itself around drawing your own blood and taping it as to, you send the vid to the leaders I guess. They have connected thousands of vids that are related to one another in some way

  • There are still MANY accounts affiliated with this bullshit. Juzoisservant still exists. Many other variations, too. The person states in their bio that they have urges to hurt people and animals.

  • Lmao these leaders just be kids who play Roblox and dress "aesthetically" lmaooo

  • Ok I'll pass on this one. I can't handle animal abuse, and if it's dogs I will cry. I love doggos. Fuck that

  • Your nails are cute

  • You are very exotic looking, very attractive.

  • Ok but this reminds me of stuff that happens in like kpop like nobody probably cares but there’s like a “cult” that poses as normal kpop accounts but they post edits or fan cams that have gore at the end and even photos of there own self harm and they all have a symbol in there bio and they r said to like dox ppl too. I was friends with some of them before they joined the “cult”

    • Most of them are just like edgy teens probably same as these ppl but idk the stuff was very triggering to me who had to see it cuz my “friends” started to post it. They’d also talk about like r*pe and often times would roleplay as kpop stars eith these messed up shit.

  • Juzo is my best friend ❤️

  • I love you so much hun. You are amazing ❤❤❤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • uh i havent watched the entire video yet but I was on necrofilics discord server and many of the members talked about them having urges of wanting to abuse dogs and some that did went into um. graphic details. necrofilic supported them and i remember him responding to a qooh saying he has murdered a dog before. I was also in a gc with juzo and he said he wanted to skin a baby alive and then uh. do disgusting things with it. necrofilic and the other leaders supported minors cutting and theres even a 9 year old in the cult?? i joined with a friend and in the cult server there was a place where members could send in their c*ts and gore they found on the internet. from what i;ve seen he's no longer in the cult anymore as he and one of the other leaders had an argument lmao. he has his own "organisation" called DICE i think?? One of the other leaders, geolurge was also suspected to have murdered a girl,,, there was leaked screenshots of the convos he had although i doubt they are true, he also admitted to doing gross things with ROADKILL. Geolurge also claims to be 11 but one of my friends dmed his mutual and they claimed hes actually like 14 and faking his age for the "shock factor" or whatever. they also have a history of doxxing and released a minors address and family members all over the internet. my comment is all over the place but uh i just wanted to say what i know about this lmao

    • @Necrofilic well I mean, I'm not surprised.

    • The roadkill thing was also fake.

    • emmy The murder thing was fake, he staged that entire conversation.

  • Oh this is 100% just some edgy teenagers trying to get Instagram clout. Necrofilic has that typical 12-15 year old deviantart/tumblr user art style. THAT BEING SAID there's no excuse for promoting the torture of small animals. That is a huge red flag for serial killer behavior. Children or not they need to be taken down and the owners need serious help.

  • How could anyone disrespect Tokyo Ghoul in this way.

  • Aw man that’s frigin horrible! How the hell could anyone hurt an animal ☹️

  • You look extra gorgeous in this video 💕

  • It’s a great place. Reopening soon. You all should join.

  • 8:26 im fucking scared. Cults have been a problem for about forever , and we consistently find bad ones. Trigger warning Do y'all remember Johnstown? Yeah , the African town that killed over 300 people? That's the reason cults are being looked at *HORRIBLY* . They're twisting your mind , messing with it... I would fucking tag the FBI if the account was still alive

  • I don't care if they're minors...if they are abusing animals they should be stopped and there should be some kind of punishment.

  • Off topic but you be looking like A MERMAID QUEEN in that wig 🧜‍♀️

  • I got the feeling that it may be an attempt to get user information for things like hacking and selling information.

  • Flex Like David Icke

  • 🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍

  • It’s a group of 11-14 year olds playing characters in a cult dynamic? The fact the people in it are a bunch of clip animation and oc art accounts gives me the interpretation that these kids are like the ones that host those danganronpa game accounts. But like they think they’re cool or dank by posting abuse and shit? I dunno

  • Cults are defined by replacing the member's identity with the cult identity. This is accomplished through the BITE model: behavior control, information control, thought control, and emotion control. So this doesn't sound like a cult.

  • IMPORTANT : JUZO IS GETTING INVOLVED WITH THE POLICE. ON HIS NEW ACCOUNT @juzoisservant (who is now deleted / disabled HE HAS POSTED A STORY CAPTIONED "Why is the police at my fucking house?" AND THIS HAS ACTUALLY BEEN CONFIRMED ACCURATE. ask Geolurge @_furor_ , Mortis @necrofilic or anyone else associated with them. They will tell you the same thing. he then posted stories of him hiding under the covers, I believe? and heavy breathing in fear while his parents were having a fight. he then claimed someone rang his doorbell at 1 AM, and he did in fact post a short clip of it. unfortunately its no longer available. this kid is now getting stalked in real life and getting involved with the police. ALSO MANY PEOPLE CLAIM JUZO IS BEING ABUSED AND MANIPULATED BY THE OTHER LEADER YOU DIDN'T MENTION (account geolurgee deleted, he now operates under @_furor_). JUZO DID MENTION IN FEW OF HIS REDDIT POST (u/juzoisgod) THAT HE HAS BEEN FORCED TO DO ALL OF THIS BUT WE'RE NOT SURE. THIS SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH AND LOOKED DEEPER INTO.

  • Very important!!! They have an account called @/odinsreflection on Instagram and they post videos of animal abuse, we are all currently trying to get them deleted off Instagram, please help out guys!! They start creating new accounts over and over again but it needs to stop its beyond cruel and disgusting!!!

  • There are many many animal abusers on Instagram. IG refuses to do anything about it. I've tried reporting but IG said it doesn't violate their guidelines, which is a lie. There's whole accounts posting videos of kittens and dogs being killed, and it has thousands of followers. I don't get it.

  • I thought this was gonna be about the people with realistic Goofy and Mickey profile pics and their "game", but oh I was wrong yikes

  • We fucking did it, we called the police on them and now juzo, is getting therapy

  • "You dont sign up for a religion if you dont know what the religion entails" Me knowing that im forced to be muslim since birth and cant get out of it because i will get killed because of the laws of our country : 👁👄👁

    • red death yikes parents are gross sometimes

    • Me not having a law but still having controlling parents saying if I was a different religion I would go to hell 😞

  • There is a thing called "furor" which is what these accounts are doing 😳 their is another account @thefallenangel and we have tried to report them but instagram keeps saying there is nothing wrong with their content.... how can they not investigate these accounts??? The one clearly shows the lady who is doing it. It is absolutely sick... love that u are bringing awareness to this, i cant believe people are able to get away with disgusting things like this.

  • I saw the cult leader on

  • Where are they based ?

  • Anonymous is dealing with Juzo now.

  • VERY IMPORTANT. This Juzo has a new account on ig. My son and I both reported it and they said it doesn't go against guidelines. I bet they'll take it down if they get enough reports. It's @juzoisphenomenal. REPORT REPORT REPORT

  • But what can you do when 99% of the population supporting animal abuse?

  • Is this Bjork's daughter?

  • I don't think an actual cult would just straight up tell you its a cult, its a process. This is just Edgy™

  • for the red arm band, in japan (i get that this isn’t in japan obviously i just wanted to explain what i know about it) in japan people in certain clubs/ the leaders of the clubs wear the armbands, so the leaders of the cult could’ve taken the idea of the armband from that

  • I hear "dogs being heavily abused" as I am cuddling with my dog and almost cried

  • Now that I'm thinking about it I think juzoisgod or a similar account followed me before it was removed. freaky I'm glad I didn't check the account

  • I love your videos, yours is the only ESmain channel I keep up with

  • so um.... necrofilic liked sm drawings of mine and im lowkey scared

    • He isnt involved with the cult anymore he's actually really nice :)

  • Could be an "Order of 9 Angels" type thing

  • When you mentioned them abusing dogs, I immediately just hugged my little dog. 🥺🥺

  • I’m tryna be your friend fr you cool af

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but maybe by “Mortis” they mean “Death?” Mortis means Death in Latin, like “Rigor Mortis,” which in English means “Stiffness of Death.” I’m using Google Translate so my translations may be a bit wonky but it’s probably close enough. 6:52

  • You are young and intelligent and question everything good for you don’t take anything on face value.

  • I don't think they are Nazi's, since Animal Rights were heavily supported in Nazi Germany

  • how DARE they use juuzou's name

  • there are like 5 other cults going around rn too there jonathan galindo, 6inners, slitz, apparently momo is back, and another one i dont remember the name of

  • This is like "Church of the SubGenius" Praise Bob Dobbs!! LOL

  • Animal abuse has always made me so angry and disturbed and disgusted but now that I have a dog, it hits me a lot more differently.

  • Animal abusers light a strong and unique fire in me especially dog abusers because a dogs life is quite literally dedicated to you honestly if life was an anime my eyes would light on fire if I saw an animal abuser

  • More than the cult, the animal abuse part got me... what the heck??? Those are actual dogs heavily abused...!!

  • ayo i found this callout doc that has a bunch of info if anyones still looking? warning: it has some graphic pics of self harm and even the author of the doc seems to be using slurs liberally so like docs[.]google[.]com/document/d/1-OFKhWrsw4tIJx5_mMAPam4wVOK5s310m9MfVKOLGLs/edit

    • @ya like jazz its still showing up for me, did you delete the brackets from the link?

    • i copied and pasted, and nothing showed up, it might have gotten deleted.

  • i saw someone make a doc abt this all credit to them

  • I got to talk to necrofilic and a few other of the members and one of their members was 9 years old. There was also a 12 year old in the 'cult'.

    • Also they say that the animal abuse videos were videos found online. But in my opinion that doesn't make it any less disturbing

  • It really bothers me how the little illustrated you in the intro doesn't have any of your tattoos.

  • there was a lot of misinformation lol

  • Ok I dont judge the whole cult thing if that what they want to do then they can but hurting animals is not ok and will never be ok wtf is wrong with people they deserve death

  • Can you talk about the christian group of youtubers spreading rumors and manipulating kpop fans into believing theyre satanic? Its illegal to infringe on someones religious beliefs, which they tell anyone whos not christian that theyre going to hell. And its also illegal because of defamation, encouraging people to "unstan" a group because of speculated satanism is wrong. They usually come up with random shit to accuse them of, like Hwasa's MV of Maria with the pencils is apparently making fun of Jesus. One popular one is the channel "J D". I know Kpop is a controversial topic but its sick what theyre doing and I think its an important subject. Thank you, I'm big fan.

  • Googled this: Part of a cult called Cult of Furor run by 11 and 12 year old kids that think they are edgy. 11 year old cult member @geolurgeis (instagram) dating a 16 year old @mmanipulation.

    • Judo apparently a kid fantasizing about it but who knows where this will lead him. Doxed here

  • They will make another account and continue the abuse. I hope someone finds out who these scum bags are

  • I looked into it, apparently the ""leader"" committed s*icide like over a month ago, they "had" DID and was 16 dating an 11 year old, and 99% of the "keyholders"/"leaders" are like under 13

    • You're right about all of it, except the leader is still active just with a new Instagram account, @Geolurgee

  • It’s like a 15 year old boy who runs the shit and he’s all mad because his girlfriend who he never met had to go take care of her dog who was having puppies so he’s all butt hurt. Or so I read lmao

  • y'all be tagging the fbi, aspca and insta but also peta. like what's peta gonna do. spam the cult with emails?


  • The Cult treats people horribly. Ex-members have spoken out.

  • People tagging PETA as if PETA actually cares about animals.. PETA themselves have abused and killed animals just because, and the CEO is even for BSL. Wish more people knew about that.

  • "cult with no beliefs" sounds like atheism with more steps

  • You're hair!!!!! 🙌😘😍😍 gorgeous babe. This "cult" is disgusting!!! I'm an animal lover too so this pisses me off. I can't even watch shit like that anymore.

  • Religions after 1950s are cults