The YTer who clickbaited their SO's passing

Publicado el 14 oct 2020
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  • Hey pals, thank you for the concern. I’m doing fine (didn’t sleep much before this upload) but nothing serious is going on, so please don’t worry 💚 thank you for caring. 🖤

    • @Tiff Prendergast Not everyone wants or likes a tan . White skin is beautiful ❤️ and especially on her !👌🏼😘

    • @Saku Chan yeah u just need a tan

    • 7:10. It's called Exposure and getting used to it. It's like how at first. You do something like driving. At first, you're nervous since it's risky but afterwards you get used to it.

    • Glad you're okay, Queen 👑

    • We all have foggy days! Glad it’s nothing serious, we’re all about self care here❤️

  • Admittedly, I'm not sure how to process how the two interact with each other. Any male out there can vouch for me when I say that the way those two talk to each other is normal. Us guys say horrendous shit to each other and it's never meant to be taken seriously. When the two started basically fighting each other, that's where I draw the line. Even if guys did fight physically for shits and giggles, we don't fight like THAT.

  • I have to fast forward the parts of his video because I just find him so so exhausting to watch

  • nikocado is so grotesque, he makes trisha paytas almost look normal

  • just because you're doing something as a troll, doesn't mean you aren't still doing that very thing.

  • omg, your hair color... i need to make my hair look like this

  • Nice gg cup

  • If you mix the worst parts or Jaystation and Amberlynn Reid you get Nikocado

  • Yes hes a troll, but their behavior is just so fucking dumb. Like, who is even keeping these people relevant? Get some self respect.

  • The cringe watching that clip was insane

  • Part of me feels like he embraces the health issues because he views it as content

  • "YOU HAVE A LOOSE HOLE!!!" what did just click on?

  • So like. That first clip. I've never seen such a dumb fight what the fuck Looking at it. It was likely a troll thing but like. I'm so confusedddd

  • left the shat?

  • The men so wrong letting that video out.

  • their fights remind me of the three stooges. i feel bad for laughing but it is kind of comical.

  • I have to skip every section with clips of him.

  • I feel like this is going to end up in Nikocado no longer being with us. No shade, but at this rate.. His eating is self-destructive and he seems like he doesn’t even care. I don’t like him, but I do worry about his health from human to human.

  • I love you sm 💗

  • Wait so people messaged his husband saying "are you dead?" Like he's going to reply ye I am! Wtf! Who clickbaits someone being dead.

  • ‘In my head it’s still March... but it’s October’ Girl, a word!!! Time stands still! Thank you for making me laugh during those gloomy times.

  • Lowkey thought this was about Jaystation 😂

  • nikkocado actually is thin for how much he eats

  • I never understood how he even had a following anyways

  • Jay Station also clickbaited his GF's death. And continued to make videos about contacting her spirit. And yet she wasn't dead.

  • I couldnt even tell which youtuber you were talking about that's a problem

  • Also if you want more info on him check out TROs documentary.

  • Totally off topic but your nails are dope!

  • Never heard of this guy but I sure feel stupid watching whatever it is I just watched.

  • Watching this relationship makes me sad and antsy. I couldn't imagine my husband or I acting this way to each other.

  • What irks me are people who say Nikocado is a genius for what he’s doing. There is nothing “genius” about nik abusing himself and getting into these petty fights with his husband for views.

  • How the hell does he have that many subscribers? I haven’t searched him up until now and he has a lot of subscribers. Now it makes sense why he is being like that. People are watching his drama and it’s working for him

  • Just curious, which eyeliner do you use? It looks fucking sharp!

  • I can't believe I live in a world where people can make a living by being an obnoxious pig on the internet.

  • people still watch him? oof

  • “i have no grasp on time in my head it’s still march... but it’s october” SAME

  • Girl, I take a break from this drama for a couple months and they hitting and screaming at each other now? Jesus Christ

  • You literally hear them laughing and see them smiling while fighting. They’re fucked. It’s all for the views 🙄🙄🙄 I hate his channel(s) and his relationship is just fucked. Like I know it’s all a show but seriously, this is not healthy or functional, show or not.


  • Too bad he can't just make decent content and eats, shits himself, and abuses people as a "talent". He needs to lose his platform cuz he puts so much negativity and worse into the world

  • Can't believe Orlin is just gaslighting basically saying WOW u r such am idiottt if u mistook it as me being dead. Smh DISGUSTING when that was exactly what they meant to do.

  • Jaystation did this BS too and look where he ended up... hope if he can't stop being gross POS he loses this platform too

  • I wish people would stop supporting this disgusting behavior and constantly showing how he shit the bed n filmed it. He USE to be a troll but it has gone WAY too fair and nothing like he once did. And how awful he is and has been to OTHER ytubers OFF camera.

  • Remember when they were cute vegans?

  • Jaystation 2: electric boogaloo

  • I’ve fallen into a GLARE rabbit hole and I cant stop watching her videos 👁👄👁

  • Hey girl hope you get some rest and feel better soon❤️

  • I’ve never heard of this person until just now

  • This infuriated me. Domestic violence is not a fucking joke. My father bashed my moms head 22 times which caused lifelong epilepsy. And ptsd to me and my brother who witnessed it..

  • Yeah some of those slaps are clearly landing pretty hard...

  • I can't STAND HIM ANYMORE!!!!!!! Once they started screaming and acting a fool I'M DONE...... THE Hitting is WAY TOO EXTREME, Its normalizing physical ABUSE... DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! JESUS, JUST NOT RIGHT FFS OMMFG

  • But you look beautiful. Not that it matters to you when you’re feeling like crap, but I just wanted to let you know. I hope you feel better soon! 😘

  • If you need a content palate cleanser, check out Craig's News on Kyle Dunnigan... it's wholesome and hilarious and what we all need more of.

  • the way you describe your anxiety, death anxiety, home invasion anxiety, health anxiety and thinking you're dying or having a heart attack, etc, is literally me to a TEEEEEEEEE. I've struggled with irrational and morbid anxiety for about a year now, I get that "drop" feeling in my chest at least once a day, when my S/O doesn't text that he made it home, when his phone dies and his location won't update, when I feel a weird pain in my body, when I hear a noise downstairs, and the fact that you talk so openly about my EXACT feelings with it make me feel so much less lonely.. so just, thank you?

  • Soo really did a number on his ESmain career....👁👄👁

  • I was brought up understanding that “many a true word, spoken in jest...” my mum ALWAYS remember that if you put those words out there, the. The universe can serve you what you “asked for...” so if you say “my cousin’s monkeys uncle just died” you can bring that to life. She told off my school friend many years ago, because she claimed she’d been off school cos her nana passed away, she took in a fake letter and everything. Two weeks after this her nana passed away, very suddenly, she had been really healthy, really active and then with zero notice, she collapsed and was gone. Obviously my mum never said this to my friend, but she said to me “see, this is why you NEVER lie about death, he WILL hear your words!” So I’ve always been really superstitious about that.

  • The right Opinion made a 4h and a half video on him and boiiiii that was a trip

  • Few people can make me few the repulse I feel about nikocado

  • i have no problem with nick. his content is definitely not for kids (which it states all the time and why he moved a lot of his content to patreon) and its really annoying, but the guy is just a huge troll. All his videos are staged (like the "toxic" relationship with nick and orlin, all he fights and "violence") and filled with low level humor, but thats what makes him money. Also the fact that people will sit here and make videos about him talking about how he is problematic only gives him more money and views. He's getting the bag and I aint mad about it

  • I just wanna say I have mad respect for you!! Hope you know several do!

  • Why tho.

  • These two are very immature, and they think they are acting "cute" and funny. It's very sad.

  • "We need a charter probably" Girl ME 😂😂😂

  • They are sending a lot of negative energy out there.

  • "You have a loose hole. It's loose. You can fit a whole fist in there." TMI 😖

  • I thought it was about Jaystation, but then I realized that the video is new and the animated thumbnail shows Nikocado Avocado.

  • Sweetheart...theyre not real people. They're playing characters. Y'all can't be serious

  • I wasn’t paying attention and all of a sudden I hear “FETTUCCINE ALFREDO”

  • Their bad acting is so cringey

  • I saw his face in the thumbnail and I’m like here we go again with this dude😭 he’s so irritating. I used to feel for Orlin but it started to seem like he also wanted some attention and started acting like a fool with Nik

  • Knowing about these things before Guila talks about them makes you feel so smart.

  • A loose hole?! 🥴

  • Dudes imitating trisha paytas and some how seeming to make her seem intelligent/charismatic in comparison. He manipulated her into collabing after acting like a creepy superfan.

  • Please take a rest if you need one, also as someone with BPD, my biggest fear in life is my husband leaving me. I can’t imagine joking about that all, it actually pisses me off when people do. Please take care, doll.

  • Nico's 'career' is gonna cost him a lot. I already held the opinion that he's abusing Orlin and I didn't even know Orlin had an illness. I was certain Orlin wouldn't have gone this route if he hadn't been with Nico even separately from the illness. Now that I know he needs a specific diet I'd call it abuse even more. Poor Orlin is gonna suffer from this, even more so that Nico will and that he is now. And I honestly think this is worse than hitting someone because that at least would or could be easily recognizable as mistreatment or abuse, this is a more cloaked way of doing it. I've been worried for Orlin and felt for him for a while and this doesn't really help one bit.

  • I don't know why some of his videos are in my feed. But the very sight of him is unpleasant. (Thats not a comment on weight) I have no idea what kind of viewer his content would appeal to. Children's youtubers are always to most disgusting toxic viscerally unpleasant in every way you perceive them kind of people. I know I played the crap out of the wario games growing up and even to this day I'll watch south park its always sunny rick and Morty a lot of that would have relied on similar humor. maybe I'm an old fart now and those just got grandfathered in. except rick and Mortys not that old, maybe it's a forth wall issue, or maybe there's nothing I find likeable about an actual person dismantling everything about themselves that makes a person human to the point where the collective toxicity has so adversely affected their health that their face looks like an elderly man's innerthigh. And their expression is one of a rat looking for food.

  • Considering I just got outta a very abusive relationship I hope the abuse wasn't legit But that's not by far anything to joke about

  • nikocado is really .... -_-

  • Off topic, your hair looks amazing. But I digress.

  • Tbh those slaps and hits in the first vid looked legit like hard hits from nick.

  • i think Nik’s constant video titles like “Orlin is gone,” “Orlin is leaving,” etc etc are going to end up a self-fulfilling prophecy. what a train wreck that will be.

  • can we be honest, the way nick throws some of those hits looks pretty genuine to me..

  • I wish I could see you just lose your shit laughing at something... Do u ever do that? Laugh super hard? That would be amazing to see

  • Sorry but, they just look like 2 little kids fighting over a toy 1:25 😐 Anyone else think that?

  • “In my mind it’s still Match, but it’s October”, omg could I not agree more

  • First I thought it's somehow about Jaystation but my god, this is just... idk man...

  • He’s another case of (sort of) the phenomenon of post patreon cancellation onision

  • Hey Julia, please make sure to take time for yourself. We love you! 💝

  • When you publicly make fun of your SO, even if it isn't true, it shows disrespect for that person.

  • Have you tried a white noise machine to help you sleep?

  • Dude I loooovvee your wig where did u get it?❤️ I have short hair now after cutting it down and am looking for cute wigs lol

  • That last clip of nickacado will haunt my dreams 😬

  • I truly feel bad for Orlin. But who knows, hes probably playing along. Nobody knows the truth anymore

  • there’s a lot of little kids who are subbed to him and watch him and when they see that they think that behavior is normal and they might start acting like that because kids follow people they look up to

  • You look beautiful 😍 that top and wig WOW I want

  • i don't know how to go about processing even small snippets of his content... i can understand the whole he's a train wreck appeal of his content for his viewers but are his subscribers okay? consuming his content (if one could call it that at this point) seems like it holds the potential to be quite damaging... and orlin, in my mind is equally questionable for enabling/engaging in whatever this is. i can see why they don't make your train wreck priority list though. that's a train wreck i couldn't stomach for longer than a few seconds every few years.

  • Thankfully Ive never seen this person, so I probably won’t ever have to again, but all I saw was fake acting, and some seriously weak hits.

  • "My brain has not turned on... we need a charger probably" Biggest mood of 2020

  • I feel like he is in some kind of imaginary competition for one upping Trisha Paytas.

  • “Misinterpreted?” Negative