The worst stans on Twitter

Publicado el 17 abr 2020
WELL, here we go again.

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  • why can't they simp for fictional killers like michael myers, jason voorhees, freddy krueger, etc???

  • You should do a video on james Sarako or whatever that idiot's name is.

  • What’s wrong with people. U killed kids

  • Mass killers? Seriously? Daring thieves I get. The idea of a Thomas Crown/Ocean family type master thief who can pull off multi-million dollar heists, outsmarting everyone while hurting no one? Idolizing that I get. Even something like D.B. Cooper, which wasn't a lot of money, but damn, points for sheer audacity. Or even something like the idea of a master forger, which can be appreciated as an exercise in artistry (see: "American Hustle."). Or, even something as ubiquitous as Pimp adoration, which is kinda vanilla thanks to commercial terrestrial radio rap and oversaturation of the market. But you know what these have in common? Little to no physical violence.

  • “Why would you put a serial killer on an phone case?!” Me: *spits out my drink and slowly looks at my Jason voorhees phone case* UH-

  • Dat beginning flash

  • Yo I gust want you to be aware of this but I got a trump 2020 ad on your video u might wanna see what’s up

  • OwO im scared, how do these people get BiRtHe d *colombiners*

  • The headcanons make me sick, the fuck is wrong with people

  • I’m a young stupid angsty teen... but the only dead person I fetishize is Vladimir Lenin

  • Pretty sure all the Stans are just trying to be edgy and quirky lol

  • Here after 4 months.

  • "Another community I'm enemies now I guess..." LMAO!!!!!!

  • ... You know? Suddenly, I don't feel irked about the people that simp after 'that one trash-tier guy from a really popular horror manwha with heavy themes of abuse'. The things perspective does to you, am I right?

  • “And i wouldnt be a cynical- no,.. id still be a cynical bitch”

  • *When you laugh at murder simps for being insane* "I thought I was insane but you..YOUR INSANE AND DELUSIONAL"


  • Omg what is this world com..- I can’t even.

  • There's a reason why people stan murderers/ school shooters. It's called mental illness, most people aren't apart of the tcc to be 'different and quirky uwu' it's because we can actually RELATE WITH THEM. You can't claim to be an advocate for mental health, and then go and tell us to kill ourselves, and that we're 'sick fucks, you guys are fucking psychopaths1!1!' that's hypocrisy. Get over yourselves

  • School shooter stans fighting over which one is better is the dumbest shit i have seen in my life

  • 00:01 "I watch Ready to Glare for the content" xD

  • I seriously dont understand people who dont care? like they have no regard for the life/lives thier taking or ruining. Its just fucked. I dont understand. If someone can explain this to me please do.

  • my favorite aesthetic: the kids screaming in the background of every READY TO GLARE video.

  • your positivity turning to unsurprised disappointment is relatable, i use mine to tell myself this is how they're coping surely and i am misunderstanding, but then they turn out to be just kids trying to be edgy or people who need to be informed theres no excuse good enough to treat reality like it were fiction, its v fuckin different

  • When she said :"Im going to release mine now" I expected a shriek

  • Love your videos so much! I was having a panic attack last night and I just put your videos on and focused on your voice and your wonderful content and I was able to go to sleep without medication. Thank you so much for your amazing content and analyzations!

  • ... it's fine to stan fictional characters. It's fine to stan characters like Toga and Dabi from my hero academia. Stanning real people who do horrible things is bad

  • Haha M Û Ř Đ Ē Ř Ş Ī M P Ş

  • To all the murderer stans who think they could love these people: What makes you think you be the exception? Hm? What makes you believe they’d spare you, love you or even feel the slightest bit of empathy towards you. Someone as mentally unwell as a rapist, murderer, arsonist or school shooter clearly see little to no value in a human life if they did they wouldn’t be the people they are. And you think they would treat you the way different from their victims. Seriously. It’s pathetic one more thing to those who romanticize murder and crime: Electric chair. That is all I have to say.

  • Oh my goodnness!! You always look incredible but, that outfit is so gorgeous!! Where did you get it!!?? Also, worst Stans on the planet tied only with predator pedos. DAAAHssSGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  • I used to like the name Dylan, but now it makes me want to punch things. I also used to like trenchcoats. I hate Tumblr.

  • Istg not all of us in the tcc are like this im kinda tired of people thinking we are all murder simps.,.., most of us don't condone and respect the victims and the families so yeah, not all of us want dylan to suck our feet!!

  • Also nobody talks about how Dylan was 17 so technically he is underaged. Correct me if Im wrong though, I don’t know the age of consent in Colorado.

  • I think the reason why these people are so "out and proud" about their disturbing obsessions is because they want attention and they want to shock people. They know it's offensive and they want to rile people up, because they're such degenerates that any kind of attention, even negative, is good for them.

  • These people don't even sound real when I read their posts. They sound like parodies. I'd laugh if that were true.

  • I am going to walk into the ocean I've lost all faith in others goodbye

    • Noooo Come back some people are nice, you just have to look for them

  • And I thought the kpop stans were crazy

  • There are also women who simp for Elliot Roger, the incel shooter. The irony is impeccable lol.

  • Murder simps is my favorite new phrase and I will find any and all reason to use it constantly

  • The fact there’s drama in the school shooter fandoms is both hilarious and terrifying.

  • My first thought upon seeing the word “Cruzer” was not that it was referring to a confirmed shitty person, but instead Ted Cruz who is Definitely The Zodiac Killer

  • Back in the day when i was part of murerder community, i don't really remember any beefs happening, strange how toxicity found it's way everywhere. Anyway the girls i talked to were friendly an nice actually, i honestly need to say that from all the fandoms and communities i have been in (and boi were there a lot) , these killer stans were the most chill, no drama, and no political shit. But who knows maybe i was just lucky. To the one's who just don't get why are some people like that. I belive you are born with this appreciation for morbid things, i was, and if at a right time you get to see and know certain things, you fall deep into that. You don't really think about the families because your brain is just drowning in feelings for the killer. And it can last years. Not everybody matures the same in their head, somenody takes longer, but eventually you realize that what you like is wrong. BUT no videos like this helped me to realize that and be a better person, and i think it didn't for any other stans. That's something you need to discover inside while meditating about your life, not on the internet. Because i was in their place i have an emapthy and understanding for them. They will grow out of it. For me, as a teenager, it was a safer route to take to deal with my feelings, than self harm or drugs.

  • It’s like the older women who get obsessed with cult leaders or killers- I think they feel like they can change them, or that they’d live

  • I live in Colorado and my school was closed for a while (last year I think?) because there was a woman who wanted to repeat Columbine. She wasn't even born when the shooting happened. Neither was I, but I can understand that fetishizing Columbine is just some fucked up shit

    • That's horrible. Stay safe, this goes for every student anywhere

  • istg it's only because the shooters were young boys, if they were to be 2 old men none of those people would "stan" them

  • Ugh, 5 minutes in and this makes me think of all the dumb fucks who are obsessed with Shelia Eddy and write to her, send her money, make stan accounts for her on Twitter. Jesus wept cream cheese in the summer!

  • This video made my panic attacks start up again.

  • I would love to see you collab with Stephanie Harlowe for a true crime story.

  • i truly hope they r young and grow out of it and see how wrong and disgusting it was

  • Sup Jolyne!

  • I cant help but to laugh at these people for they are extremely ignorant for thinking a murderer would have loved them if they were with them.

  • I was in 9th grade when this happened. And after this shooting occured kids in my school (a school in southern CA) dressed up in trench coats and were idolizing the shooters. It made me sick. I thought it was in such bad taste. Some people are just stupid.

  • “I hate it here”😂

  • 4:15 😭😭😭 I think I’d explode if someone pulled out their phone and they had Dylan Roof on their phone case (I pointed out Roof because I don’t know what the Columbine shooters look like). Also, why didn’t the tweeter point out that having Roof on it would be just as problematic

  • I find true crime interesting because I would like to know what went on in their heads but wtf why the hell would you woobify a literal mass murder someone who shot people with the express purpose of hurting them like it sucks about trauma people go through at school or at home but one of the things I've gone sick of is the whole "if someone's hurting you their hurting as well" that sucks but being hurt doesn't give you the right to hurt other people

  • I'm so glad I finally stopped using Tumblr...

  • Ya know what? I’m ready to fucking walk into the ocean

  • can we report these blogs?

  • it’s important to note that these people have the benefit of hindsight. they’ve been able to build their perspectives on the two based on what came to light following the event, what is now public knowledge was unknown at the time of the event, and even the majority of current perceptions are dramatised or inaccurate to some extent. hypothetically, if they were at the school that day, they wouldn’t have that knowledge and understanding of what the pair were thinking/going through at the time. they wouldn’t have that affinity with them, nor would they have that self-proclaimed deeper understanding because they wouldn’t know the pair’s motives. i feel like that sense of hindsight certainly makes a difference on how they view the pair, but it doesn’t change the fact that what they did was not something to be sympathised with, romanticised, or admired.

  • Murderer simps is perfect! 😄😄🤘🏻

  • Why it's a problem, though? The society is depraved and evil. It subjects selected individuals to psychological liquidation and fails to pay compensation for it and if individuals are disabled because of psychological liquidation, it kills them or tortures them with poverty. If good and evil exists, then where are compensations for victims of abuse at school? There must be justice for victims of psychological liquidation or all this talk about morality is just completely empty.

  • This is so disturbing 😣

  • Why can’t y’all just have crushes on *fictional* villains and bad guys like normal people

  • New favorite outfit. 😍

  • I just don’t get it how can these people overlook that these killers wouldn’t murder them?? “I’m not like other girls! I can change him and make him love me!” is just ugh. I love TC but i love the psychology of it and I feel empathy and sympathy for the victims and their loved ones. RIP the victims. Also this is why I’m not on that site because of this reason! I started cracking up on some of these posts like sometimes I can’t believe this is real.

  • Yeah you can definitely see the influence movies have on some people particularly ones that indirectly romanticize toxic relationships and killing. Just look at bonnie and Clyde or harlequin and the joker. Its sad that they take these movie tropes realistically and truly shows how they’re living in a different world

  • This is why I fucking hate people

  • since when do people call murderers baby, I- the only things I call baby is ketchup and merry from animal crossing I-

  • That's a dope outfit

  • These stans are hilarious. Do they honestly think that the Columbine shooters would want anything to do with them, let alone spare them from being killed?

  • What I’m afraid about these stans is that if they seem totally alright with killing people, they’re okay w killing people😬

  • Congrats on wearing pants 👍

  • I used to be part of tcc when i was 14 but i'm so glad i grew up. Now i just find it disgusting. I'm still interested in true crime but i don't wanna fuck murderers 😭 And i was a damn idiot. And those who sexualize these killers and condone their actions, they're also idiots.

  • This is literally kids who want to be edgy, this to me is the equivalent of horrorcore in the early 2000s. When I was a kid (like 13/14) it was myspace and the whole “scene” aesthetic with the gruesome lyrics and whatnot. Kids these days have to do things that are more shocking/morally repulsive to get as big as a shock as we did in the early 2000s. It’s fucked but like she said probably 99% of them are going to grow out of this.

  • Okay, set aside the horrible things that Dylan and Eric did, the way the "fans" described the relationship was repulsive. It sounded so toxic and not something I think would be very enjoyable just to daydream, let alone experience.

  • I honestly think its just 15 year olds going through their "emo" phase on Twitter instead of Myspace, trying to be edgy. I hope their parents find their accounts tbh

    • Yah, all these kids need to be grounded tbh🤦🏿‍♀️

  • WTF. I thought I’d seen it all.

  • i want to cry, die, and scream.

  • I thought “cruzers” were Ted Cruz stans for a hot second

  • I just watched this video back to back with one about the "Carpet Samples" furry and now I feel as though the sun cannot die and swallow our planet fast enough.

  • When she said ''columbiners'' I had to take a two minute break because of the cringe. PLEASE get better idols, people.

  • Natural selection

  • I dunno about the comment about it being weird to want to do things to the genitals of mass-shooters. I wanna do loads to them. Mostly involving a blowtorch...!

  • proud of you

  • I think this is relatively harmless. To put it in perspective a guy may fantasize to step sister porn but never realistically see it through. People get off on weird shit

  • 'I'm calling, but God's not answering' should be merch

  • So as serious of a video as this is, while full knowing your eyes are towards the top of the screen I for the life of me cant seem to focus for some reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. is anyone else having a hard time paying attention?? XD all jokes aside great video one of my favorite you tubers keep it up 👍👍👍

  • I appreciate the fact that your against idiots who are in love with these sickos and are fantasizing about screwing them, but do you have to curse God and say his name in vain ? God is heartbroken over the pain they caused to everyone. I hate hearing the GD word !! If anything people should be praying to him about these sick peeps on tumblr!! I watch alot of your vids and I agree with alot of your opinions, but any cuss word other than that one would suffice !! GOD DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE within this story but not in that way 😢

  • murder simps is hilarious

  • as being a family member of a family member that was in the parkland shooting its disappointing that my child could be a simp for such criminals. That is so disrespectful im so sorry._.

  • I'd say it would ruin any chance of a successful political career

  • There have been multiple times where I’ve exhaled in this video due to the delusion and idiocy that these columbiners or mass murderer stans have.

  • These are the type of people to Stan the death of a family members. 😑

  • I’ve lost all will to live

  • don't normally wear pants!?

  • As a person who lives in the state where this happened, and having a friend who's family member who was involved in the shooting, I find this repulsive. I hate those people with all my being, they're so... confusing and disappointing. All I have to say to them is, *GET BETTER IDOLS.*

  • can you favorite my comment please glare 🥰

  • boobies

  • I prefer the term "serial simp"

  • 🤗