The weirdest apology online

Publicado el 18 sep 2020
Very weird...thoughts?
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  • he prob bought likes xx

  • IDGI. Why do so many people have “trouble “telling the difference” between a child and an adult. I personally have no problem making that distinction. Here’s a novel idea: if you think someone might possibly perhaps be a minor, don’t approach them. Assume they’re underage. How many times have I gotten myself into trouble for inappropriate behavior with kids? Zero. It isn’t that hard lol

  • His apology sounds more like he was just sorry for being caught instead of really sorry and remorseful for violating minors like he did and has.

  • Your intro trailer is a badass kind of 1980's cool vibe. Being from that Generation it is greatly accurate.

  • kinda late but, oh well... he really went with glossing over the fact that he did genuinely horrible stuff and said "I promise I changed", really????? and then going on about the way he supposedly was raised, sweetie??? and then never doing the follow up he said he'd do??? I'm.......

  • When he started talking I legit grabbed my phone to skip what I thought was a PragerU Ad

  • he lost me like, two sentences in to his apology..... like just say sorry and go dude

  • He sounds like he’s saying “ass me”. My ears are not receptive to the way he enunciates

  • i dont really think thats his 'reads' voice, as a longtime viewer of his it sounds like hes just speaking in a serious tone. ive seen his playthroughs and know his casual voice but he also isnt being serious in those moments. Not saying it was a good apology but i dont think it was his intention for it to come off as story time vibes it was too staccato, he is more melodic (flowy) when he reads stories. he probably just uses his serious tone during his readings as well because spooky horror ya know. and tbh anybody who finds themselves in this level of shit is probably gonna have a pretty grave demeanor in the situation, cause even IF it turns out wrong their career is damn near over, like with toby turner sure it was confirmed that he was a cheater with some substance abuse issues but one rape allegation ran him off youtube even though literally nothing came about from said accusation. But we have real corroboration and evidence on cry so im not surprised hes got the tone of a deadman in this video. I cant believe I supported him as a creator, maybe he knew maybe he didnt but glare said it best, assume minor until proven otherwise.

  • If I had zero context, I would not even know what the fuck he was apologizing for.

  • I'm just here for the guy's ASMR vibes

    • on second thought I now realize his voice reminds me of onision

  • He definitely has some MiniLadd vibes.

  • For some reason, his apology is giving me comfort audio vibes. Just, the only difference is, It is just really sh*tty.

  • Thank God someone's finally fucking talking about this

  • EvErYoNe ToLD mE I wAs So PeRfEcT HoW wAs I sUpPoSeD tO kNoW I WaSnT?

  • Holy shit.. I didn't realise I got a free audible subscription with the only book being Lolita 😂

  • I used to watch him a lot as a kid, cuz he was so much more calm compared to other gameplayers then. So I one day decided to go back and see if he was still alive since I hadn't watched him since I was 14. I just watched that vid and was like whaaaa

  • “I got all my confidence form people telling me I’m great” yeah yeah what does that have to do with what’s happening

  • I used to watch him all the time as a kid, I never knew what happened to him. It just hurts to go back and see that this is what’s happening.

  • ok but is this his apology or his therapy session??

  • I fully believe it was bots that liked the video

  • i literally thought this video was an apology from one of the reddit scary story narrators

  • Damn.. I love cry. Been a fan of him for years since him and pewds played gmod together :( sad to hear he went down the wrong path

  • who does this guy think he is with this voiceover? Dexter?

  • This is so fucken weird and gross. It feels like someone with dirty hands is trying to comfort you.

  • I really think that for a lot of the people who initially supported him it was a kind of grieving. A state of disbelief that the person you thought you knew doesn't exist. For me personally it took me an hour to wrap my head around the fact that someone who had meant so much to me at a point was actually predatory. It's very scary to know & accept that you were under their thumb & venerable to them. Especially when a lot of his audience are themselves young girls i can see why they'd be in denial & why it would take them longer to comprehend what's actually happened & what that means.

    • Also with the amount of manipulation packed into that video of course it's going to persuade his young audience. The whole problem is that young people are easily manipulated & he prays on that so of course he knows how to manipulate his fans into blind support.

  • “im not the same fucking person” pack it up shane dawson lmao

  • He sounds like he's doing a Night Mind bit

  • LOL what a creep!! 🤣 Wtf did I just hear? I’m waiting to hear a creepy pasta with that voice and tone.

  • no one: absolutely no one: video game protagonists

  • this honestly sounds like a "ex friend complains about life" asmr video lol

  • What😀the😀FAWK- Whenever he curses and uses that sErIoUs voice... it sounds so half-assed. A lack of genuine remorse if you will... it’s like he’s prettily brushing over the facts-

  • It high key disappointed me when I watched that video, finding out what he did/said to some girls along with his best friend. He used to be one of my favorites but I lost all my respect.

  • It is the inability to take accountability for me. It is the victim blaming for me. It is the audacity to play victim. It is the "woe is me" for me. It is the seduction type voice for me..

  • “I’m FUCKING sorry guys. Genuinely.” It sounds so passive aggressive wtf...

  • The whole “past me” thing reminds me of that episode of the office where Kevin confronts Ryan about breaking his sideview mirror on his car or some shit and Ryan is like “that was old Ryan” 🤣

  • Why can't people just not groom/exploit children? This shit is getting ridiculous. We don't want a backstory or some excuse. We want accountability and getting some help.

  • The whole "past me vs. new me" thing is absolutely stupid. In reality, it's just a way to avoid having to take full accountability. It's a non apology.

  • I don't really watch apology videos, but this dude... I can understand if he flirted with girls not knowing they're underage, but the snippets played in this video make me think that - not that I am against swearing, but - if your video uses "fuck" so often to perhaps make you sound cool and relatable, you may as well not apologise.

  • That apology sounded like one of Bojack Horseman's depressed monologues.

  • His apology sounded so fake, that when you began the clip, I thought it was an ad

  • Him talking about his "past me" reminds me of that scene in the office where Ryan is "apologizing" for his "old self" made and talking like he's a separate person.

  • I’m really glad that I never know who these people are before you talk about their downfall. I’m so out of touch and so happy for that.

  • Welp... i used to watch him all the time and loved his videos now i feel sick

  • he's apologizing to his fanbase, not victims, because he wants to keep his job. he's not actually sorry.

  • Hope the reason he's mia is that he got arrested.

  • Cry always sounds like that and he doesn't show his face because he's worried about people recognizing him in public. Other than that yeah his apology was terrible. I find it hard to completely detach because Cry's been in my life for so long but what he's done is disgusting. Even his friends are done with him. Also his ex-girlfriend is a piece of shit but she didn't deserve what he put her through

  • It sounds like he's reading a monologue for some character in a Noir mystery instead of an apology.

  • Y’all know it’s a bad apology when his voice makes u uncomfortable af

  • Why can’t he talk faster is this drama class? Why’s he talking like this is a monologue

  • The way he’s speaking is so manipulative , it’s literally making my skin crawl

  • Speaking of cringy apologies(?), I'd suggest investigating Shawn Attwood, Sonia Pulton and Ron Swanson.....nobody seems to want to go there.....Regards from Chicago.....Mack

  • Wait who is this guy?????

  • Ngl I had to tune out his apology. He was such a huge part of my childhood, it was really hard to get out of the urge to defend him, but I had to realize that, being a previous survivor of SA, it literally gutted me when people defended my abuser. I just didn't want to get sucked back into that pitying him and being empathetic with a child predator. I feel dirty that late teen me defended him in the first place...

  • His voice is so cringy!

  • This saddens me greatly. Cry and Pewdiepie were my staple youtubers as a child, they meant a lot to me. Then Pewds became something I no longer recognised, so I stopped watching. But I kept Cry, for years. Eventually Felix got better, and now he’s a person I greatly respect. He’s friends with my now staple youtubers, Mark, Jack, Ethan. I forgot about Cry. And now the first I’ve heard of him in four years is this. It breaks my heart to know someone I trusted and respected ended up doing something like this. When I was 11, I wanted to be like him. I’m 20 now, and I’m disappointed. Guys, take it from me, don’t put people on pedestals. Chances are, they’ll prove you wrong.

  • "everyone has always told me how perfect I am, so its been sooo difficult realizing that I'm just a flawed human like u peasants. but that ur normie brain can comprehend, but a spectacular and wise person such as myself is also capable of mistakes. crazy right? so yeah btw I groomed w bunch of minors...ANYWAYZZZ

  • He tried really hard to relate. It almost felt like he was trying to teaching a lesson/tell a story than instead of apologizing.

  • Creepy asf

  • There was nothing manic about that so-called apology, it sounded like a snippet of a story, read off a page!

  • i'm just gonna add, (this is kind of off topic, but i'm going to use it to get a point across.) I was in Rehab for 5 months for a benzo addiction, I got out in July. I am not the same person I was when I went into rehab, everyone grows and changes. However, I can ABSOULTELY tell you that the benzo addict IS ME. That's not a fucking different person, that IS ME. I hated myself for getting addicted to drugs and putting myself in that situation, hurting my loved ones. But, I did that. so why tf do these fucking youtubers say "i dont even know who that person is!!!" DUDE. Take responsibility. But at least with drug addictions, you can truly get better. Once a fucking pedo, always a fucking pedo. YOU ARE "THAT" person!

  • this sucks... i used to like his creepy pasta.... back to nexpo and reignbot...and Julia. :) WHY IS EVERYONE ONLINE SUCH A CREEP

  • OH YIKES When I was 12 I was like madly in love with him.. the irony.

  • Oh my god... I used to watch like... idk, Cry and Pewdiepie crossover youtube stuff when I was little. I had no idea this happened. Absolutely disgusting. (and also... oof. Right in the childhood...)

  • I'm sorry but I just couldn't listen to that, what happens to a person when they become an internet celebrity?? Why are they all unable to make a simple apology video?

  • this made my blood boil omfg. first off who does this knock off nexpo think he is? tarnishing the name of spooky commentary with his disgusting victim mindset. i sincerely think he needs to go to jail because 14 alleged harrassment victims????? christ almighty. also, his video is extremely harmful if this is what he truly thinks. it's so manipulative, i'm so tired of these groomers and predators almost normalizing this behavior. they are really harming this younger generation ):

  • Why is he narrating like it’s a creepypasta 😭

  • He sounds exactly like Joe from YOU! Very creepy!

  • Yooo I remember this guy. I used to look up to him back when all I wanted to be was a Let's Player. But something about him always felt off. And now I know it's that fucking voice. I'm sure he doesn't talk that way everywhere. WTF Like ewww. Just ewww

  • "And I'm f*cking sorry for that." 🙄 He doesn't sound apologetic, and his half assed apology is insincere as hell. He sounds more frustrated than anything that he has to talk about it at all.

  • dude makes it sound like he's doing a dramatic poetry reading

  • Is he auditioning for Live Action Bojack Horseman?!?!?!?

  • His creepy ass voice gives me chills

  • He sounds like he's doing an impersonation of Joe from You lol

  • "I was mentally a child" "I spent all my time in my room" "It was mental illness" Cry, honey, I'm an autistic 19 year old with depression and anxiety, and yet I've never been grooming children, and I especially wouldn't be cheating on my girlfriend for said children. "Everyone makes mistakes" mistakes are burning your poptarts, mistakes are turning in the wrong paper, mistakes are sending a meme to one chatroom when it was really for another chatroom, mistakes aren't grooming children or cheating on your partner, mistakes aren't making yourself a victim to 'society' or 'cancel culture'.

  • "I never wanted to be on a pedestal" - then don't have a ESmain channel? I don't understand when influencers are like "oh, I never wanted all this attention..." in the middle of an apology. A) It's irrelevant to the issue at hand - whether 100 people notice a problem or 1000, it's still a problem. B) If you didn't want the attention then why... are you clearly growing and maintaining a ESmain channel/social media presence? Just... don't do that. Easy. Now no one is paying attention. No one is forcing you to keep uploading. Honestly, at this point, we don't want it.

  • This sounds like one of those videos that another popular channel on ESmain that makeup and animate stores and try to pass them off as real!🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • He sounds like a creep. Why did he think talking like that was a brilliant idea =)))))

  • Why is he trying to make it sound like he's possessed?? A demon didn't control you He only got so many likes because his voice is nice like I legit thinks that's the reason why!

  • I'm listening this with headphones and is... Awful.

  • He sounds like an anti-hero giving his backstory before a movie. That's not an apology.

  • I feel like I’m listening to the audiobook of a cringey wattpad story where one of the kids he grooms actually “falls in love” with him and they run away together. Like this is supposed to be an “uwu sad bad boy” internal monologue while he’s looking out of a rainy cafe window

  • Ten years ago I used to be a massive X-Factor fan. I was on an X-Factor forum where we would discuss the show and a bunch of us ending up swapping messenger details. We would have a laugh watching the show etc. I thought nothing of it until I found out a couple of the people in the chat were only 13. Suddenly I felt like a paedo and wondered if I'd said anything inappropriate. I was 29 at the time and even though I knew I'd done nothing wrong, I still felt weird that I'd been talking to basically children without knowing. It definitely taught me a lesson in being careful about how you talk to people on the internet. This guy's "apology" was not a true apology. He makes excuse after excuse for his behaviour. He blames his upbringing, his fans etc. He blames society in general for people trying to hide their mistakes. He blames using the internet for keeping him immature and him not realising he's an adult. He glosses over the fact that he cheated on his girlfriend with minors and tries to justify it. There are at least 14 known cases! This was not an accident. The only good outcome of this story is that he never (hopefully this is true) met them in real life. If he hadn't been exposed though, this story could have had a very different outcome. At some point you realise you are talking to a child and you shut that down (if you are a decent person). For it to happen fourteen times (that we know of) shows that he knew what he was doing. He's acting like he was catfished by these minors. I would love to see transcripts of his conversations with these kids. I bet it would tell a very different story than the one he wants us to believe. His "apology" wasn't one of genuine remorse. It was someone trying to cover themselves. He received a backlash and tried to blame it on mental health. The only thing that surprises me is that he left it up. Because he hasn't been heard from in two months, I wonder did someone in real life pay him a visit.

  • Woooooeeeewwww did not see this one coming. Yet again, I do

  • All this stuff with Cry has really fucked with me deeply since I watched Cry to get me through the worst years of my life and he has such a big place in my heart. I know I wasn’t involved in the situation but I feel shaken to my core. From what I know of the situation (since I don’t really want to look at it since I’m partially shaking just watching Glare’s video) is that he was roleplaying with minors and I did that years ago too (not with minors, to clarify) and it just feels like everyone I watched to help me through a tough time all had some kind of scandal which is really fucking up my head. I keep having little breakdowns where I don’t believe in humanity anymore. This was kind of a rant but I wanted to put this here to see if there was anyone that understands what I mean..

  • WHYYYY DO ESmainRS MAKE THE LAMEST APOLOGIES. EVERY.SINGLE.ESmainR. Has made lame ass apologies, that are BEYOND cringy and they also use “the past me, how I used to be” all this past tense nonsense, like no YOU ARE YOU. JUST APOLOGIZE AND OWN UP TO YOUR ACTIONS!!! How hard is it for these narcissistic people to just own up their actions instead of giving excuses. Gosh I’m so tired of you tubers and their apologies, nothing but performative activism.

  • This literally sounds like a creepy pasta

  • I have a family member who spent 8 mo in jail for having Inappropriate contact with minors Only Online, so I definitely think he fall short of the mark in being responsible for what has happened,

    • Also, only online

  • I love your channel so much

  • I agree with everything, but I need to mention that hes never shown his face before. No one knows what he looks like so it isnt unusual for him to do a black screen in an apology

  • Oh my Gooooood. The whole style of this "apology" is so trite and cliche. WTF even was that? Cuz it sure as hell wasnt an apology. Maybe if he just apologized instead of trying to sound "so fucking awesome".........

  • Doesn't this guys sound like the one guy that tried to justify the Cuties movie who said it was "hot"? Is this the same guy? I wouldn't be surprised...

  • Social repose and onision come to mind 😵😵😵

  • he sounds like hes trying to impersonate heath ledgers joker

  • When I first found out I was completely in shock because I watched him a lot in my early teens and he was one of my favorite gamers. And the fact that so many supported him and thinks he needs help right now are more than likely kids. As much as I didn’t wanna believe it but, you reap what you sow.

  • It took me far longer than I’d like to admit to realise he wasn’t having inappropriate conversations with people digging for coal 😑

  • I watched Cry for damn near a decade however I dropped everything of his after this "apology". It's so manipulative and pitiful and gross. The more I sat and thought about it the grosser it got. Now I'm just pissed he covered this garbage up and wasn't man enough to apologize properly.

  • Oh. so this is what this video's about. Guess my instinct was just stalling me from clicking haha.. ha. *sigh* Still so so immensely, disgustingly, disappointed. Man. There really are no words. Edit: Damn. Scrolled down for a good minute and only found one other former viewer. Though, that's a good thing anyways huh

  • He’s talking like what he did was like, being mean to people. But he groomed minors???? Thats not something you can just “god i was such a gross different person ive changed so much” away. You can be all types of fucked up in the head but it doesnt make you groom minors. Grooming minors is its own thing and shouldn’t be explained away by your “bad childhood”

  • “I’m sorry I got caught” “Uhhhh it was society (ow the edge)” This isn’t an apology, this is a justification.