The Twitter policy that protects predators

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  • As of October 2020, Twitter thankfully updated its policies to prohibit promoting sexual attraction to children as an identity or sexual orientation, and now there is a massive ban-wave removing so-called MAPs off their platform. The policies were changed after massive outrage from users and news outlets around the world.

  • i was groomed by this guy and then i told him to kill him self or i will and i got banned

  • As someone whose entire internet presence is breadtube and pinterest, i was not aware open pedophilia is now a thing. Jfc

  • Thank you for bringing this serious issue to light! #savethechildren

  • Please check out what’s going on with 9 year old Sophie Long!!! It needs more coverage!!

  • I want to make a team of pedo hunters equivalent to Quentin Terrintino's Inglorious Basterds

  • on fb m*n are trash got me banned. The context being that I, a 19 year old at the time, was sick of being sexually harassed by older men on the subway.

  • Young Idols in Japan, 11 Year old girls singers that are sexualized and followed by middle aged men. You might want to watch and comment this movement.

  • the fact that some people truly think that this is something that should be normalized is fucking disgusting

  • Does anyone know what a anco map is ?

  • Leave the damb children alone

  • Can we be real about that for a second: of course the other topics are first priority as because of the people behind it being paid for to go against light things like humor or mildly critisism against people in the media. It is sad but how it is for the moment beibg...

  • There’s also literally porn on twitter but the age to be on twitter is 13. I will never understand this

  • Also I was banned because I cursed at my friend, he didnt even get to see the joke 🌚

  • THATS why the pedo pages just roam so freely. And in the reports for twitter it's actually hard to find the option to report for it. Also also that's a lie about not letting replications because in anime Twitter you get to anime porn Twitter and then randomly pedo stuff can pop up when you're going through pages. Ppl RT it like it's nothing cause it's a cartoon. Reporting those pages brings me joy but existential dread as I know there's more.

  • I hate everything about twitter. Everything is always a negative, rarely you see something positive anymore.

  • Twitter, facebook, instagram... complete cesspools

  • I refuse to have a Tik-Tok, Twitter or Instagram account for many reasons. Thanks for keeping them straight. My comment here goes broader than that. I stumbled on your page purely by accident when researching political topics a week or so ago. Being a conservative, straight-laced, frumpy older guy, I didn't expect to agree with you on much. BUT, I have been pleasantly surprised. I agree with a lot of what you say. Judging from the comments section, your page seems to be mostly for the ladies, so I probably won't comment much after I post this. HOWEVER, "before I go away," I wanted to tell you that I agree with you much of the time. I am also VERY IMPRESSED with your fight against the exploitation of minors. The super-creepy trend toward sexualizing minors is becoming a HUGE problem in our society, and all decent people need to fight it. It's good to know that young adults like you are so aware on such issues and so strongly opposed to such exploitation. Keep up the good work.

  • I got my twitter account (I only used a couple of times) Suspended because I dare used Science/Biology to refute a Politician in Scotland something about/towards Trans-people. I've email and asked twitter support why I was banned, and surprisingly I got a reply back from a non-robot, and told me; what i tweeted was Discriminatory to a Minority Group. In order to un-suspend my account I had to Delete My Tweet and make an Apology (tweet i guess). *Twitter was basically holding my twitter account for Ransom until I bend the Knee.* Joe Rogan interview with Twitter CEO and their head of Diversity, so highlighted this, that Trans people do get special treatment on the Twitter platform and are above their TOS. That's my twitter story.

  • I’m thinking the being allowed to discuss their attraction toward the minors but not actually expressing actual scenarios is probably aimed to allow content such as “yes I’m attracted to minors but don’t participate in activities involving minors” or “yes, I’m attracted to kids but I’m trying to not do anything with the feelings” or “yes, I’m attracted to kids but I’m getting help” and not allowing content actually discussing the acts one would do to the minors, where, how, when, etc. not that you can’t skirt around that one rule but like, I think there’s a difference between being able to discuss attraction and all of the other rules.

  • Pedos: Can I talk about liking kids? Twitter: Well, no, but actually yes.

  • Nah showing people who are attracted to kids is still glorifying it idc it's basically saying you are allowed to feel this, that's harmful. You can think about anything you want, but good lord keep it in your head.. Freaks

  • Twitter is messed up.

  • Twitter is giving me Pedophile vibes 🤮🤮🤮

  • On FB, i have a year long warning because i was on a thread bout JD and said that "Men can be abuse victims too" and some lady came out of nowhere and started telling me to off myself/etc for it cuz "men can never be victims". the one with the warning, not her. I facepalm.

  • I've reported a number of pedo accounts on Twitter (one actually had a video of a guy screwing a little girl - she couldn't have been older than 7 or 8 at most...) Problem is there is always another account to replace the deleted one.

  • I got suspended from insta for saying “I hate men” :/

  • TRIGGER WARNING I saw i horrible tweet of a teen fantasizing a man drugging her, and not even joking her words here “using her body for his personal pleasure” and the comments were absolutely horrible. I reported it immediately of course (she even had 17 in her bio) and twitter told me it didn’t go against the guidelines and they were not going to remove it

  • as awful as the topic is, this would've been a great video to put "littlekidlover" clip from the office in (specifically talking abt obvious usernames and bios)

  • as awful as the topic is, this would've been a great video to put "littlekidlover" clip from the office in (specifically talking abt obvious usernames and bios)

  • I always thought the Hollywood pedo thing was stupid but Jesus I’m still not convinced but this is sketchy af

  • Okay so defo won’t see this but commenting on a wim you’ll see it. So I go onto sex chat rooms quite abit and I’ve actually been banned or muted a few times now for calling out pedeopholes. 3 times to be exact first I was banned for few days, second time banned for 3 days I think and just now I was muted for a hour. All these times I’ve either 1 called them out or 2 called them what they are a pedo! They want to sensor this word and I’m sick of it cause that’s what they fucking are. I see it a lot too pedos being protected everywhere this is a very real thing. The last 4-8 months I’ve seen pedeophilia be more normalised than it ever has IMO.

  • I've been seeing this more and more now. And it's disgusting. They are trying to hard to normalize it. When I go to report this on Twitter or Facebook, there is no report for CP/Child Abuse SPECIFICALLY. It makes me sick. This is why #SaveTheChildren is trending now due to proof of an Elite Pedo ring amoungts the higher ups.

  • I personally don't believe in the conspiracy that everyone working at Twitter are pedophiles, but I do believe they are grossly neglectful of their site. I understand that they have millions of users and millions of tweets, but if that's the case...Hire more people? Hire trustworthy employees who won't abuse their power? Stop using stupid bots? That's the problem with Twitter and social media in general; they rely too heavily on bots and algorithms in order to save money. Look at Trump; it took them four fucking years to finally monitor his shitty tweets. (That's not good enough in my opinion, his entire account should be taken down.)

  • I got banned on Twitter the other day because some guy was complaining about WAP and being afraid of what girl rappers are rapping about and how the girls will look up to those type of rappers. I pointed out how stupid they were to be worried for little girls seeing that song but completely ignore that the boys are watching rappers who literally die from the rap game and how stupid it is to be scared that you’re daughter might like sex one day but not scared that your son might be murdered or OD cause of who they are watching. I got shadow banned for that. I got a warning from insta for reporting a map page. There was a little girl in a sexy pose with a balloon, when you looked at the balloon closely there was a nude man in the reflection. Both my husband and I reported and we both got a warning. I abandoned Facebook because I got banned 6 times in a row for calling out, racism, anti Semitism transphobia and homophobia. The last time I got a month ban for saying “Sexuality and Gender are two different things” they called it hate speech. I said this during the BLM protests and for those of you who don’t know there are a lot of n word posts by racists with the hard r who WERE NOT getting banned. I got banned for calling the man who broke my back and abused me for 7 years a dick in a post he didn’t even see for hate speech. That was my very first ban in fact. ESmain is one place that hasn’t banned me for bs.

  • Honestly, I wish the law enforcement would watch videos like this so that this problem can end already

  • We need another genocide...

  • Yeah so I put anti-pedo in my bio and i'm banned. I could of put anti-map but I think that is just a name to normalize themselves.

  • Why are they making exceptions for these people as if they are a discriminated group and deserve protection to share their views???? DISGUSTING #DEFUNDMAINSTREAMMEDIA

  • I really used to feel bad about not having a Twitter or an Instagram (or any social media outside an old popular Tumblr that I gave up on, my Facebook account and ESmain). I felt I was missing out, limiting myself etc. I was told and pressured for a long time that instagram was better and Twitter was a lot of fun and I was a drag for not getting with it. That I cant make my business successful unless I advertise on multiple platforms. And while I recognize social media as a useful tool, seeing all these comments reinforces to me that if theyre so shitty why should I feel so much pressure to center myself around the use of these sites? I think its morally reprehensible to use the sites knowing those who enforce these policies are making millions off of ads targeted to me. Screw that. I think more of us need to ask this question and start diversifying or outright limiting our social media use if these corporations won't enact better protections and policies. We used to live without social media. And we can (and should) do it again if these platforms are going to literally protect if not damn near encourage thriving spaces for pedophiles.

  • Can we delete Twitter now please..

  • I think at some point in the future, there’s going to be some sort of age restriction on the internet, sort of like how you can drive/drink/buy cigarettes at certain ages depending on where you live. Idk HOW they’d do it but It honestly seems like the only true solution to 100% protecting children/young teens. Would you let your 11 year old kid/sibling/cousin etc drive your car and go free on the road? No? Why tf would we let them loose on the internet?Cars were invented in 1885, and it was in 1913, 28 years later, when California made it mandatory to have a license to drive. the internet was created in the 1960s and popularized around 1991. 29 years since population, I’d honestly predict that that’s the most likely path we’re going to.

  • Twitter doesn’t seem to give a shit about protecting minors. My friend (13) got harassed off of twitter by some adult women after she said that fetishising traumatised people and abuse victims was gross. Yikes.

  • My friends insta boutique that she makes a living on got banned bc she gained too many followers in one day but pedophiles can actually run their own little child pornography catalogs online and its fine 🙃

  • Milo Yiannopoulous was banned for life from Twitter for calling someone ugly (real reason: he's right wing). I ask Twitter to remove an account and photos of a man from my country who was beheaded by isis supporters: they refuse. They refuse for years.

  • And people ask why my mom has control of my Twitter and why it’s private. I’m a MINOR AND A GIRL PEOPLE

  • Pedophilia is the new Cocaine. Technically illegal unless you're a celebrity, politician or sufficiently wealthy.

  • Cancel all social media.

    • I've literally never used the word cancel however the entire entertainment industry and every site snap, ig, Twitter, tiktok all this shit is made for children and adults ruin it for everyone. Literally grooming small children from their first online experience instead of having people who work at these companies truly doing something to protect them. Gross. Sad. I have been assaulted, harassed, molested, and raped before the internet was really even a thing before any of these sites even existed and I have children of my own and I supervise the fuck out of what they watch and who they are even around because society is so scary and normalizing sexual exploitation and promoting it like it's fine it's so sick so depraved so sad. Protect yourselves and your children people. Ugh.

  • I completely agree, but Giulia please fix the damn headroom of your camera placing.

  • Thank god I don’t have a twitter account 😓

  • Please tell me you believe 🍕gate is real dude

  • I feel like the "attraction to minors" thing is meant to be for 18/19 year olds dating within an appropriate age range/legal age range rather than the 40yr olds. It's poor wording though.

  • I think the “big thing you’re missing” is that as long as the minor is hypothetical rather than an actual minor that is specified, Twitter allows you to talk about your fantasies

    • Ah, I can see where that could be misinterpreted, let me change my wording on the original comment

    • Cringe Gal I never said it was alright but I think that’s what the guidelines mean. Maybe I’m misinterpreting tho

    • It’s still talking about a M I N O R. A C H I L D

  • We just need to throw the whole app away.

  • Twitter is absolutely disgusting but I just had to laugh when you said sure Jane love that 😭

  • this want on twitter it was on instagram but i just thought i’d share it. me and my friends (four people in total) have a shared lgbt meme page and we got randomly sent a pornographic video of people who appeared to be minors, i wasn’t very sure whether they were minors but because of the year they had in their username i assumes they were minors, aswell as the fact they looked very young (14-16 at the highest) we reported the account for inappropriate content several times and almost got banned for “inappropriate use of reporting” or something along the lines of that. the account didn’t get banned and i’m pretty sure they’re still sending inappropriate videos of minors to people. i can’t remember the username because we blocked them but this is as much as i can remember from the situation

  • She and someordinarygamers need to collaborate

  • This shit is why I don't have twitter, but like wtf I didn't know they were straight up posting shit🤮

  • As a person who grew grew up exclusively on the internet basically, I’m glad I got lucky and learned the dangers of shit like this from parents and others, I can only prey for ones who don’t.

  • At this point I’m convinced all celebs, politicians, basically anyone with high status are pedophiles. Lots of movies, music, other media are normalizing this behavior. I vote we bump the earth into the sun. Just a little boop.

  • Can we talk about the amount of minors on “nsfw twitter” who seem to get away with posting child porn and retweeting adult content. The whole site is a mass ball of toxic vile people and has so much stuff hidden behind it and the app needs to get taken down from the amount of shit that’s on there.

  • I would like her to cover her a topic. I saw someone on youtube talk about this some time ago but I don't know how to find it honestly. There were these videos on ESmain recorded by kids with very generic and kind of the same title (the date and I think the word "camera" maybe "camera log"). The comments were FILLED with pedophiles telling the VERY obviously minor girls how pretty they were, what nice legs/body they had, etc. This may get lost but if someone knows what I'm referring to, please let me know.

  • Apparently telling a pro-contact MAP to die is bad but the MAP itself isn’t

  • As someone who has been involved on this side of twitter for a long time, mostly with reporting a bunch of child porn distributors, twitter's complacent attitude towards this stuff really pisses me off.. ive seen so much porn of little children on god-forsaken twitter. :') Edit : wanted to add something. Just recently my account was suspended on twitter for saying something mean to a cp seller, and i was suspended a few hours after the statement.. THE ACCOUNT I REPORTED THAT I MADE THAT COMMENT TOWARDS WAS STILL UP LAST TIME I CHECKED. (Which would've been a bit over a day since i reported them)

  • I was suspended for a month on Twitter for "spam" after posting many support tweets for BLM and helping drown out "All Lives Matter," "Blue Lives Matter," and "White Lives Matter," hashtags ... Dunno if Twitter thought I was sketchy (after having that account for ≈ 7 years) or if someone reported me. But I was mad

  • Time to delete Twitter

  • You have to get a good quality mic

  • Yes! Thank you for bringing this up, it is just horrific that this is slowly being normalized. I deleted Twitter about a year ago, simply because I didn’t use it enough, I kept forgetting I had it. But know I’m just happy I don’t support them at all because unfortunately I was victimized at 7 and 14, and in no way am I okay with a platform that protects Phedo’s.

  • I got a couple posts blocked on facebook because I was spreading awareness of the MAP community and human trafficking. It's happening on all of the social media platforms.

  • I got put in FB jail because I support police.

  • Instagram has removed the option of reporting something under child abuse

    • I remember that they had the option to report a picture/video for that category but never for the insta account itself.

  • There could be a silver lining in all this: twitter's failure at censoring these people could be police's fortune, since they're not hiding in the deep web or something similar but they're out there in the open.

  • Dora‘s map hits now different

  • "Minor Attractive Person" is a Euphemism for Pedoohiles. Change my mind.

  • I wish i owned twitter just to ban these idiots

  • Does anyone know the hashtags or people who were sharing links to child porn? I want to report them

  • Twitter bans conservatives all the time like China bans people that speak out about the government... I thought there was free speech in America

  • I got my post flagged for false info on FB yesterday cuz I posted the video of the troll doll children's toy & it's inappropriate "giggle button", just saying I found it disturbing.

  • That part that says what doesn’t break the policy made me think of anime. Cause there is so much anime out there where young high school girls are flashing their panties and groping each other. (And younger, like the anime No Game No Life. I like this anime for what it is except the parts where it makes you look at an 11 year old characters panties obviously makes me uncomfortable even though it’s a drawing and not a real child)

  • Ok dude... this wig is everything

  • The only pedophile to pedophile discussion I will allow is nomap/pedophiles who have never offended giving advice to fellow nomap/non offending on how to find therapy and how to themselves get help and try to suppress urges.

  • Purple lib right is taking over Twitter :0

  • Johnny depp was innocent with the evidence presented to me!!!

  • No, banning them would be the wrong move. Reporting these accounts to authorities, is the best idea. They’re easier to catch when they are out in the open like this, so if the police are watching them, and they find that they are bragging online about having just commuted a wrongful act, they could come and arrest these creeps, search their stuff, and raid their contacts.

  • i was sniped off twt bc i told an artist that drew underage characters in a sexual way to stop lawl

  • This is absolutely unf**king believable!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COVERING THIS!!!! PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • I'm not surprised which is sad

  • My account was permanently suspended for telling a zoophile I would hurt anyone who touched my cat. Oh but of course someone who tweets about raping animals gets to keep their account though

  • I do not understand at all who would want to protect pedophiles who are clearly in favor of their disgusting behavior. These people are not trying to get help or stop being gross. Yet, they're being shielded. Even for money, I do not see how someone can look in the mirror and not want to throw up knowing the sort of scum they are.

  • As always, thank you for talking about this. I take it to a broader context and tend to speak out about bullying. Australian 60 minutes did a great well researched story. There is a community in a trailer park in Florida that contains only sex offenders. It did not give the ratio of offenders who assaulted adults and who assaulted children. It contains those who only looked at nude children and some with videos depicting sex acts adults with kids. Most owned up to their crimes while those who only looked at nude pictures served prison time felt they did nothing wrong. Now the definition of a pedo was explored in a looser definition, kids under ten not yet in puberty. It also had MAPs who had never touched a kid and made sure they never could be in that situation. What was fascinating was the psychiatrist treating MAPs. He claims pedos are born that way and had pictures of how the brain had connections one part of the brain to a different brain part that is different from hetero or homosexuals, both male and female. I find that information alarming, disturbing, and vile. IMHO and yours, THERE IS NEVER ANY JUSTIFICATION for adults to touch kids or look at kids in a sexual way. You really need help, and if they tell you it’s ok, you were born this way, don’t touch kids, please for the sake of children you need a different doctor. The reason for this trailer park was to house sex offenders in a central location so they could easily be found if a crime occurs. I get that some kids are so abused at home, they will accept any love they can. If you are a pedo, that love cannot come from you. Part of this information is based from the late 60s and early to mid 70s. I was horribly abused at home and ran away at 15 so I knew I would be alive long enough to graduate high school. I was a loner, but other abused kids were attracted to me and I heard stories that made me feel lucky. I look and think about the effect on kids. Sexually assaulted kids are more likely to commit suicide just like the kids who are horribly brutalized at school. If you are attracted to kids, stay away, don’t look at naked kids, and just as important, get serious help immediately.

  • I thought the FBI was cracking down on twitter?

  • Instagram is just as bad. Just gotten on of these fuckers taken down and it took multiple people multiple times multiple different types of reports. Ridiculous.All these sites completely avoid feedback on pedophiles on there.

  • in my short time on twitter i’ve stumbled upon cp multiple times already and bestiality fun! 🤮

  • There is a conspiracy there. There are reasons why pedophilia hasn't been eradicated for thousands of years. Actual scientific reasons. Not only do they get addicted, they actually gain some type of energy, if that makes sense. Maybe these people don't know what they're really doing, but they are addicted.

  • @dangelowallace

  • Censorship is weird. Once I wrote humanity, and it turned to h******y.

  • So people get banned for saying all lives matter but you cant post a sexual picture of a child and twitter goes "ok".

  • My brain just shut down after reading that twitter policy. 🤯 like NO...

  • It’s about time the CEO gives us answers to this

  • Patreon is a Dying Platform. Change my mind.