The Truth about Doc Antle

Publicado el 1 abr 2020
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  • 1:42 his name is an important part. He calls himself "Bha gavan" but #1) he's mispronouncing it! (its more like "Buhgvahn" 2 syllables) AND #2) .....that name means "God".....he's calling himself and telling others to call him "God". Thats kind of big red flag when I meet people lol

  • Everyone related to the series is such a shit show. I wish just 1 person in the tiger community actually cared about the tigers and not just their monetary potential.

  • No, hybridizing tigers with lions only happens in captivity (usually due to close quarters and putting species with other species that shouldn’t share a pen), and it’s not good for them. Think of humans with gigantism. It’s the same for an animal, along with a plethora of health issues. I think they’re also sterile, meaning ligers and tigons cannot reproduce themselves.

  • i do appreciate an intelligent woman and u my dear are an intelligent woman. nothing shady here . im a gramma

  • Bhagavan literally means God in Sanskrit

  • I am fighting againt doc angle for a.while now. I am a specialist in primates and of course i think this Man should loose His permit. We tought that hé would have miss is permit but dam!! Je managed to.renew IT. Every fucking time... He breed babies and Buy baby chimps.that he can use for a 500$ cuddle. The problem is what he does.with Them after they get to old... To powerfull... I just want to see this Guy in prison or Working in a.mcdonal where he wont hurt anything or anyone...

  • I just watched an interview with him and there were SO MANY people in the comments praising him and very few were against him. It was a really sad commentary.

  • I doubt you’ll see this bc this video was posted 5 months ago and this topic isn’t really “big” anymore, but I went to his Myrtle Beach Safari in 2018...

  • Please watch the interview with Doc Antle and Andrew Schulz alot of these things are cleared up

  • I'm from India and after reading Antle's full name "Mahamayavi Bhagavan" Kevin Antle at 1:48 it means the Biggest Powerful God in my language and I just cringed so hard at it....😩 Why, just WHY?

  • "If Logan Paul is in it, you know it's going to be bad" oh, BURN!!! I felt it all the way to Sweden :P

  • Tell me why I thought the guy in that first picture from his insta was The Undertaker 😂😂

  • I watched a few more videos about this guy, starting to think that it's very obvious that this guy has some kind of God complex. The first red flag to me was the name 'Mahamayavi Bhagavan'. 'Maha' meaning super or great, 'Mayavi' meaning elusive and 'Bhagavan" also 'Bhagwan' meaning lord. He's literally calling himself 'The Great Elusive Lord Kevin Antle'.

  • Well, of course "Ligers are grrrrreat." They're bred for their skills in magic and pretty much my favorite animal.

    • YES I think this every time I hear about the Ligers lol. Then I get sad because they shouldn’t exist.

  • I was very upset when I realized I followed his son Kody on TikTok because I was like cool this kid is cool. Then I realized after Tiger King who he was and what they do

  • Creepy. Its so creepy and perverted. And no ones pregnant? Or kids living at the Zoo. Yep sex sells. Even at his little magical zoo / foundation/ park. Like hes a magician in los Vegas that has these apprenticeships. Some shit there thats not coming from a bull. Seems like all of them involved in murders, sexual perversion s, inhumane, animal abuse , animal breeding, illegal selling and many other things. And im guessing many lawsuits for people being hurt.

  • I used to think this broad was attractive....but the more her paste get embraced and she shows just how plain her face it, its really off-putting

  • When someone takes away your name and your clothes, it feels like your identity is gone completely. I went through that for 4 years of my life and finding myself after that has been a battle. I hope these women can find peace. 🥺

  • Doc antle is a different kind of animal person

  • You know, the documentary's all about Joe Exotic's insanity, but it seems like to me everyone around him is just as psychotic and insane.

  • Everyone in this docuseries except one or two people are awful

  • euthanizing baby white tigers, lions and ligers is sadly very very common. a lot of them suffer from health problems and once they've served their purpose of being "cute" tourist attractions, they serve no use for these people anymore. it's awful.

  • What a load of rubbish

  • I hate that I even watched the TigerKing crap. But what really makes me mad is that every single true crime podcast I listen to had to do a episode on it. Not your fault just felt like sharing. Anyways binging ready to glare.

  • Jeff Lowe & Carol are far worse than Doc esp their facilities! Disgusting facilities

  • Out of every Big Cat facilities I've been too, Myrtle Beach Safari is the Cleanest, nicest and has the best interest for these cats. Idk about his personal life or his girlfriend lives. All I know is what I experienced there and it was very nice compared to Carol's disgusting cat farm. Her place was so nasty, no space and literally nobody would interact w the big cats because they was too afraid therefore they lock them up til they die. MBS employees actually get in with big and giant cats and every other animal there. They spend 24)7 with their animals on site. Carol's place didn't even have proper clean water for kitties, cats was so skinny sickly looking. MBS doesn't have any skinny or sick cats/animals

  • He creeps me out too! Just think all those cats could be out in the wild

  • OH EM GEE, I saw this segment with Doc Antle when my in-laws were watching this and I said “Okay wow, he’s creepy” and my mother in law was like “Haha no he’s awesome!” And when I further protested I got shushed. Even if we pretend that he’s hamming up a character for ‘reality tv’, it’s still a really shitty character and I don’t actually believe it’s all an act.

  • I think everyone there is almost equally fucked up

  • I love that they all are so pissed about the truth though

  • Jesus christ his Palace must be MASSIVE. Better go and steal his heart.

  • When I watched the documentary on Netflix there was a particular scene that caught my attention. It revealed that some of the young girls hired were actually hired as minors and when they reached 18 Antle would sleep with them, etc.

  • This guy is disgusting. I'm shocked that he is not in jail.

  • I myself am Indian and a Hindu, and it is really evident that he is using religion as a way to lure people in and manipulate them. It honestly grosses me out that you would have to use a religion as bait to get human connections. It’s wrong that he thinks of people as play things.

  • There's a louis theroux doco about this if you don't want to watch tiger king

  • Lol why you hating. He loves women he has 7 or 8 women and has sex with them. Sounds like a normal man to me. Also have you seen the houses in his zoo where the workers live look like mansions better than where I live. But people make it look he makes them live in wooden shackles in the back garden which is not the case. Lol he's just a player with multiple girlfriends. I dont see a problem. Also no proof of the statements that he is munliplative or toxic. You sound like a feminist. Girls ain't fucking stupid if those girls did not wnat to be with him or work with him they should have left but they did not. That's there fault not his. I think all his past girlfriends want clout like all girls in the world they are soo nasty they do anything for clout lying about someone "doc". I've seen many mainstream bosses and mangers have relationships with their employees even having sex in the back room all of this is normal. also doc sells animals and if someone else abuses the animals its not his fault when someone buys a gun from someone legally but end up killing someone does the seller get jail time as well NOOOO that's why it ain't doc fault the animals are being abused. Lol millions of people in yemen are going to die and millions of people in China are being put in concentration camps but you rather worry about someone's "doc" weird sex and work life which is completely fine and he is doi g nothing wrong. He is not raping them they clearly give him consent knowing they also work with him. I think you should be talking about the girls instead of doc I think they are more bad than doc. Lol also no proof of all your accusations no proof of him abusing animals no proof of him abusing his employees its all just talk. So stfu.

  • Off topic but I love your tattoos 🥺

  • Love your back drop by the way

  • That whole documentary sounds like a huge 💩 show..

  • The question "Creepiest out of them all" In my opinion the creepiest one would be Carole Baskin, and Jeff Lowe. Those two make me extremely uncomfortable, and imo are the biggest ass holes in the series.

  • As soon as I saw Doc it was creepsville vibes. He barely blinked, his eyes just looked so offputting. I was so pissed because the only real difference between him and Joe is that Doc is MUCH better at the business aspect and looking professional.

  • I just found one viral tiktok video of his son Kody Antle playing with big cats, at first I follow their instagram & watch their YT channel religously because I love animals, but as I watch it I find something off, his white Lions, white tigers, Ligers, where he got them? Did he breed them? They put tigers, leopard, lions cubs with similar age in one place. Where are the cub patents? And then chimpanze, Sugriva, Vali, and now the tiny Angada, they took care of them since babies, where is their Mom? Ain't it suspicious? Moreover the way they present these majestic animals to the visitors where they can touch the animals as long as they pay. No hyginene mask, no gloves. It more like visiting cats cafe than Zoo/sanctuary.

  • I dont trust a single person from Tiger King. They ALL to some extent knew about & or were involved with the cruelty& exploitation of Animals & did nothing to help the Animals. No Animal should be in cages

  • I like your voice are you from Canada?

  • can you talk about how netflix misgendered the person who lost their arm.

  • I think he was the creepiest and it pissed me off to hear these douchebag guys on ESmain talk about him like he's not only the most normal one but they almost idolized him and think he's cool and living the dream. Fuck Doc Antel I wonder if those women are ever allowed to speak to their blood relatives like parents and siblings

  • This asshole only gets women because he is rich.

  • Doc Antle creeped me out the most.

  • Saw a video of Doc Antle and Joe Exotics newest bit on the back of an elephant, Doc on the back of the elephant kicking the fuck out of the poor thing trying to PAIN it into walking into a lake type thing. Apparently this is just like whipping a horse, so it is ok. NOT. IF you have to harm and physically hurt an animal to make it do something that YOU like.. that is ABUSE. IDC.

  • I’m sorry I just can’t get through the video. What does this have to do with animal abuse?

  • Why exactly do you dislike Logan Paul ? Your not one of those haters who are still sore about the suicide forest shit are you? That makes you non-essential on this topic already. Get off ESmain bitch

  • Lol this is so funny Michel Jackson is going to tell us all about how scary and bad doc is LMFAO get a life.

    • @Mystique Darkholme I know right it's not debatable. Lmfao

    • Christopher Cridlebaugh Antle is bad? He is a piece of shit? How is that even debatable?

  • So this emo bitch knows the real truth about doc antle??? Lolz

    • Videos Chistosos I mean..... anybody can look into him and see what a scumbag liar he is. He kills and sells cubs.

  • Sweetie, it's perfectly ok to put your jiggly arms down and rest them as you speak. It doesn't make you a poor host.

  • A toxic leader will try to control you and take away your identity. So changing your name, controlling your actions, your clothes.

  • I think everyone in there is the worst. The only animals that were not (currently being) abused were Carole's animals, which she does actually seem to rescue. I'm not saying she's at all a great person, but I think her animals are treated the best, and seem to live the happiest lives (they also aren't breeding their animals, a very important note). All of the other people in the "documentary" were abusing, using, and irresponsibly breeding the animals they cared for. I kind of agree with the statement, only the in the fact that I do not think 'Tiger King' was a very well put together show, as it left out so many important details, that could've better informed the people watching. Like the actual cage sizes of animals kept by Carole and Joe, Joe being racist, and all of the numerous other animal abuse allegations against these people. If the documentary's point was to show how bad the abuse was, why not ask all of them about it more? Why not specifically call that out? Why not look at cage sizes, why certain animals couldn't be released into the wild, etc? If the documentary's point was to show how terrible and weird these people were, why not actually get all the facts for Carole's husband's disappearance (if a plane of his was gone, etc)? Why not actually show Joe's racism? And again, why not talk about the animal abuse more? I do not believe 'Tiger King' was good to show to the public, as from what I've seen, it's just lead to the idolization of the characters in it, and has lead to little outrage about the animals' welfare, which is more important to me than anything else (besides actually finding out what happened to Carole's husband, that is almost equally important to me, however, it should not outshine the animals' suffering, as many of them are alive, and could still be saved and helped).

  • You suck as a ESmainr Logan Paul is way better

  • That video lowered my intelligence but kept me entertained through my milk and cookies.

  • TLDR; yes he is running a cult.

  • you need to be added to his harem so you calm down.

  • Antle is a villain everyone forgets. He’s sitting here with a cult. Treating women like they are garbage. No one even thought about maybe there should be an investigation on him for that. He’s abusing his workers. No better than Joe or Carole.

    • @Nostalgic Waves Like I said, with most cults, the only people complaining are the ones on the outside. Just because one girl didn't like life there we can't assume everyone is like that, nor can we just believe every single word she spoke. If you ask me to describe the last job I quit, it would sound like hell. I think in its many decades of being open, only having one person leave and talk bad about you is pretty good. The people inside these so-called cults can leave whenever they want. We just assume they're brainwashed, rather than just believing they're comfortable living a life we find wrong. We can't call our country the land of the free if we just start investigating people on the sole bases of them being different. Until there's factual evidence of him doing these things that you claim. All your doing is judging someone solely the words of one person. I'm sure there's at least one person in the world that would describe you negatively too.

    • MegaJf16 did you not watch the documentary? Barbara says that the employees would live in dump till they would follow his rules. All because they loved these animals they would do anything even sleep with him. He was using animals so women would fuck him. Same with Lowe. Also, Waco incident ended poorly because it was the police who wouldn’t listen. They weren’t supposed to raid like they did. We also learned from that situation. Won’t ever happen again. But what you are saying is like we shouldn’t stop sex cults within Hollywood because it can end badly. Cults that women can’t get movie roles or whatever without being forced to having sex with the boss to get where they want to get. Like Harvey Weinstein or Allison Mack. Fuck that, people like that should be punished

    • Well, since none of them are saying anything what reason is there to investigate. Only people who seem to have an issue are people on the outside. We can't assume that these people who have stayed there for years are unhappy. America has already seen what happens when you try to forcibly destroy these cults. You'll just get another Waco incident.

  • Doc was my favorite personality lol

  • Ooh I definitely think he's the worst.. like most of them are terrible people but he's so fucking smug about it and thinks he's so great and charismatic that people won't see through is bullshit Ew

  • Great job!! Brava Ragazza!!

  • OHMYGOSH WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU??? Evil is not aging you well

    • @Mystique Darkholme Why is everybody a cunt in my life Why is everybody a cunt in my life Why is everybody a cunt in my life Why is everybody a cunt in my life

    • Gary Edwards Master of the dark arts. Yeah okay. 🙄🙄 Antle kills and sells cubs. He's vile.

    • @Mystique Darkholme Hes a master of the Dark Arts... You should know that Mystique Darkhole

    • Gary Edwards Stupid 🙄 "Doc" not a doctor Antle is that you???

  • who knew joe exotic before the documentary? 🤚🏽

  • you are completely wrong! I can only say this bcoz people who've been to india from west became wonderful and even now are. they can do no wrong. So many examples of those

  • Fun fact: Bhagavan means God in Sanskrit... yikes

  • Tha only thingy good 'bout him & or tiger king is: that I found UR CHANNEL!!! Luva ur straight up way of sayin' ur mind!!! Plus ur easy on tha eye^balls!!! ♡

  • If you are an adult and willingly go along with this it is 100% on you. Stop making excuses for you being an idiot

  • Doc Antle was my favorite person on the show lol

    • Mike351025 Then you obviously haven't done your reading. Dude's fcking evil

  • Hmm. I'm not sure why I clicked this and thought I'd get some kind of new information on this topic that I'm highly familiar with from this vampire lady. Frankly just because you have subscribers and run your mouth doesn't mean you know what you're talking about. Doc Antle is a psychopath but still.

    • @Mystique Darkholme Yeah he is but still.

    • Melissa Smith But still what? He's a liar that sells and kills cubs

  • There’s another show I recently watched on Netflix called the Staircase and it’s very interesting. I’d love to hear your opinion on the series and the case itself

  • I actually met Doc back in 2012. Him and the one called China had a small tiger exhibit set up at a place called Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach. They were actually pretty decent and cool people to talk to. You can imagine my surprise when the TK series came out and I found out how they really were.

    • @Mysikrysa I wouldn't call him a straight up psychopath, but he doesn't seem to be playing with a full deck.

    • That´s what intelligent psychopaths can do the best.

  • Also, if I'm not mistaken. Wasn't Asshole ( Antle) there when Joe, no leg guy were trying to kill all Tigers/ animals so that Lewis wouldn't get them? This guy was there helping killing & had huge grave dug. They were expecting Lewis & his girl to be gone for hours. But, they changed their minds an came back unexpectedly. Only 3 tigers were killed, Lewis said or they'd had killed them all.

  • Ok orochimaru

  • I mainly watched the documentary because I live close to where Joe exotic lives and was curious about what perspective they would spin, but doc was the person who truly disturbed me.

    • Joe lives in prison now, doesn´t he? If you live near his "ZOO" (formerly his), do you have some updates on how it looks now? Is it better, or still the same mess?

  • "The Tiger Realm" gives me heavy Flithy Frank-like parody vibes.

  • Agree with every single point. They need to dig way deeper into this guy's behaviors with these rare, innocent, completely vulnerable animals. They are not props or belongings to do with as he pleases. Every time he gets off scot-free he becomes more arrogant and brazen. I believe his ego needs a lot of inflating from his young "assistants" and from the attention he gets from doing his sick petting parties. Basically, he has nothing to offer the world so he uses anything and anyone he can to make him appear desirable. Social proof. Just my opinion. May all of these breeders and "sanctuary owners" be exposed for their wrongdoings. And when they claim they are doing it to keep the species from extinction... no. Nice try, though. Carrie Oh, and yep. Definitely a cult-type thing going on there. To each their own, but the whole virginal thing is another sign of his (possible) personality disorder. His ego likes them young, with no experience in the relationship arena. All the better for him in so many ways. Ugh

  • love your nails!

  • Makes me furious people who make hybrid animals. It's all about money! I feel so sorry for the mother Tiger who has to give birth. I've seen video's of his years ago and that Liger is just enormous, I wouldn't be surprised if he had tons of medical problems.

  • The thing about bhagavan antle, though, is that's his real name.... if anything, it's his parents who went to India and came back with new names before he was born

  • Not being able to choose what you wear at work isn't all that uncommon. Some places have uniforms. ie McD's. And some places just have a dress code ie most offices.

  • Do us a favor and cover up those pointy warlocks

  • Most people in this documentary were extremely problematic, especially doc and joe, this is one of the reasons why I didn’t really like the documentary, they didn’t seem to acknowledge how truly problematic these people were and used it for shock factor rather than spreading awareness about unhealthy relationships :/

  • The name changing reminded me a lot of Flavor of Love. He gave every girl a "nickname" and they all felt so proud to be demeaned and degraded cause this ugly dude was noticing them for like five minutes. It was really off putting to see a similar situation in real life.

  • I hate this guy. It’s one thing to k*ll someone like Carole Baskin but it’s even more evil imo to steal that person away from their friends and family, knowing that their loved one is alive but being horribly abused, manipulated, and a shadow of their former self

  • I think Carol definitely did something to her husband. 🤔

  • You should check out his daughters you tube channel she uses a bunch of animals as props not just big cats

  • Jeff Lowe is definitely the biggest asshole on that show like straight up creepy and gross but Doc Antle is just right below him for me

  • This is my favorite hair I've ever seen on you!!! The others are great too though!

  • I had kind of hoped for more information from this video rather than just your opinion and reading through an article that was also an opinion piece from the sounds of things. Surely someone else would be willing to back up the other girls claims or know more about the running of the place?

  • Majority of the cast ain’t shit... they’re all sneaky, creepy, lying, animal abusing assholes who point fingers to cover their own shit. Pisses me off they should have all those animals taken away and put into an actual proper animal sanctuary smfh

  • Anyone would have to suffer from stockholmes to ever want to willingly have sex with a fat, bald man who refers to himself as a “doc” that’s not a doc, definitely the kind of doc that would f u up before healing u.....

  • Carole Basssskin

  • I agree...hes a creep

  • can you honestly talk about joe exotics predatory relations with the boys

    • I would like to see to see that as well when she's not going off on her feminist rage against Male predators with exclusively female servants at his disposal.

  • It appears that your *Hating*

  • It pissed me off soooo much that this guy literally can do what he wants and the documentary also not focusing on him at all anymore. Telling us he has a cult and is also killing tigers but then they are like "but who cares guys, right?"

  • you should do a vid on amberlynn reid 😳, she a whole mess