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  • Hi, do you have botox? I am thinking about getting it and you look fantastic! ESmainrs are much more open than slebs about cosmetic procedures

  • I wrote to someone after finding them on that site, but only because I really enjoyed reading their info about the work they do with rehabilitating dog to then have them be adopted by veterans. Also the person was interested in scrapbooking, so I wanted to help fuel their creative side. I also looked into their crime to make sure it wasn’t anything particularly horrendous.

  • Man I get scared by like the smallest shit ever, imagine knowing a criminal has your address-

  • If people really want to simp for bad people, please do so on a FICTIONAL character. There are plenty of villainous characters out there, like Light Yagami from Death Note and Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary. That way you and people you know won't get hurt.

  • The person you found is from Winston-Salem & I live there. Wow

  • i think stuff like this site comes around as an attempt to combat the dehumanization prisoners are faced with. yes, there are people who have done terrible things, but just locking them up and ripping their identity away won't do much good. as a society, we tend to treat these people in ways that make them feel rejected, unfit etc based on their past, which in turn makes them stick to their antisocial tendencies. we'd all win if we found ways to help these people change and adapt, to reintegrate them into society. so i think that was rather the aim of a site like this, to allow these people to maintain some form of contact with the outer world, to give them a chance to form and/or maintain bonds and so on. but def worrisome where tik tok is taking it, being literally oblivious to the situation as a whole and the many dangers it might impose. people would always much rather believe their own fantasies/hopes/expectations than the reality standing right before their eyes. not to say there can't be good things, but we should be a lot more careful with our evaluation of that possibility.

  • Have y’all seen the one of the cop doing it? Lol

  • I read the title and first thought the website was about writing a character thats in prison

  • you actually can see their record and what they’re in for!!! it even tells you their hometown and full name so you can look up their case

  • I have a pen pal in prison and it was not like that process at all

  • IMO the only people that should be allowed to contact prisoners are their family and lawyers. I mean they are in prison not on vacation, why do they even have wifi?

  • I have written to 2 men in prison in USA years ago. I'm in Australia, so i felt safe knowing they wouldn't be allowed into my country when/if released. 1 of them was on death row, he was an ex cop who took matters into his own hands when he killed a violent serial child kidnapper & abuser. But looking back, those sites i found these 2 men on were available to anybody. They weren't age restricted & didn't show any warnings or potential risks of what could go wrong & the steps to take if things turned bad. I now find that disturbing & neglectful of the agencies running these websites. Now i am older & more mature i can see the potential dangers that could come from this. Those sites need to be age restricted & display warnings of what someone may be getting into if they choose to write to prisoners. They also need to display tips on how to keep yourself safe.

  • andddd these are the people that might be picked for jury duty... yes... i so do enjoy the bias of my peers that i would want them to be the judges of my enemy's crime... "oh no that murderer didnt kill your family, shes too pretty"

  • Sending your PHOTOS to a stranger???? OPEN THE SCHOOLS OMGG

  • TikTok's truly concerning. Not so long ago a 9yo child here in Italy died because they tried replicating some kind of "suffocation challenge" they'd seen on the platform.

  • there’s also a side of tiktok where literal prisoners post from prison - for legal reasons thats a joke

  • This just screams to me "I have massive self esteem issues". Also what's available on a children's platform (because let's be honest. It's not as cool as for 21yo+ community) is gross. Tiktok and these people need to make better choices.

  • I can tell you this from personal experience. People in prison are really good liars. I don’t agree with the justice system. It’s fucked up and wrong. But a lot of people in prison will take advantage of you. They have a lot of time to think about things. They WILL lie to you and use you.

    • Also I will put this out there, if you’re writing someone who’s GP and white.... they’re probably a white supremacist. That’s just the rules of prison.

  • i’ve seen so many tweets over the past few years of people romanticising the idea of falling in love with an inmate and it’s incredibly fucking disturbing. the constant strive to be edgy and thirst for attention is literally making people lose all sense of not only morality but also just common fucking SENSE. this is not funny or quirky in any way. these people need to get a goddamn grip before this shit bites them in the ass

  • Its natural selection at this point.

  • i found ONE picture where you smile hihi

  • Yep. My mom is a lawyer who’s working with the hillside strangler right now. Back in the 80’s, he got a penpal who was just interested in talking to him out of boredom. Then, she claimed to have fall in love with him and she offered to kill for him. At the time, he was claiming he wasn’t guilty and she was going to go kill where he killed in Washington to prove that the “real killer was still out there”. She was caught before she murdered anyone, thankfully. This is why it can be very dangerous to pen pal ESPECIALLY serial killers.

  • I am sure that was just as a joke Right? RIGHT???

  • I used to want to write to serial killers or like, killers in general, (morbid curiosity, not out of attraction) but never did because, well, common sense took over.

  • I highly recommend for women *NOT* to write to an incarcerated man, incarcerated women are okay Children should not write to any inmate

  • Bruh, as someone who has abandonment issues, I get having issues around not liking the person but liking the idea of them. But even I have never wanted to go THIS far. Dear god people, YOUR NOT GOING TO BE “the different one uwu” YOUR NOT GOING TO BE THE ONE THEH SPARE! STOP!!

  • I saw the title and didn’t understand what the problem was. I genuinely thought it was one of these „buddy programs“ where you basically have a pen pal in prison and you just talk about life and learn from each other. But when I saw it was a romantic/sexual thing I was immediately thrown off

  • As soon as you started describing the other side of jail tiktok I started singing Mama I'm in Love with a Criminal

  • It is against the TOS of the website for a minor to contact anyone using there website, if you are a parent of a child who has contacted an inmate through the website or want to report to the website and or authorities that a minor is contacting inmates there are several channels that you can take to make sure that it's reported. Please make use of the services properly. If you're over the age of 18 and want to use this service please make sure who you are talking to is safe. Do not share personal information, and if your address is required get a PO box in a different city and have it forwarded to your home. Be safe, dont use inmates as toys they are still humans.

  • Hi ! Very interesting vidéo. Where did you found the detailed information about the inmate though ? I saw on the website that you could only see the category of crime

  • Ya know, I wouldn't even feel safe using a PO box near me or in my area cause its so easy to get your name, the area of the post office with the PO box and potentially figure out where you live anyway! I'm 100% up for allowing penpals for inmates, but the letters really should be going through a system to get to the inmate, you send a company the letter, and they deliver it. That would be soooo much safer!

  • I first saw this go big when @macdaddygangsta on tiktok did videos about how she wrote to 2 guys in prison and caught feelings for one of them (though she is dating someone else now). She stated in the videos that one was incarcerated for burglary, and the other for drug charges. She also stated you need to be 18+. I think her way of handling it, though not something I myself can understand, is much better than the complete obliviousness and romanticisation of the tiktoks you're talking about in this video. (She did do the mugshot trend though so)

  • I think these kids are attracted to criminals because they look so confident. I don't know much about tiktok, but isn't that what the eboy trend is all about? Isn't that what they see in movies? Isn't that why Twilight was so popular? Is a handsome prisoner so different from a character in a movie for a young girl? A lot of teen girls have unrealistic ideas about relationships, love and men. I think a lot of young men also struggle with self esteem and confidence, and that is generally what creates attraction. Girls don't like bad boys because they're bad, they like someone who is confident, and unfortunately some very confident men are also manipulative and even dangerous.

  • This is nuts

  • I've been online since early dial up and every single new website or app has been a feeding frenzy for abusers looking for people to take advantage of. I think there has been an avoidance of this issue of large organizations being used as sexual abuse fronts. Look at how many people applied to sue the boy scouts, if every single one of those people were only abused once, how did that trauma ripple through their life and the lives of people around them? The fact that nearly every single femme presenting person I know has been assaulted at least once, in some way, shows we are ignoring a massive hidden epidemic.

  • My cousin who was an inmate got married and has two kids. He used to be apart of a gang but he's changed completely. I feel like writing to a prisoner would makes me feel worried. It honestly depends on their crime honestly. Even tho my cousins crime was major it just really depends case to case.

  • If they're smiling in their mugshot it won't be their first 😂 or last mugshot. Trust me I dated a felon I didn't write him but these people need to be careful. I get trying to be friends or find interesting people but don't try to find romance or a anything like that.

  • As someone that did this when I was 18-19... They often had the type of charge listed and violent criminals were not eligible to be listed on these websites.

    • Very strange to see something different happening now n

  • why does this concern you at all? prisoners are people too and deserve socialisation and friendship

  • Ahh the last chick is someone I used to talk to before she got locked up 😩

  • As someone who had my significant other locked up when I was still in high school, this is trivializing everything people go through when they are separated from loved ones. It rocked my whole world. Now people WANT this in their life? Feels like people are making it a game.

  • just... get a normal pen pal?

  • I work in corrections. And while I think it's great for them to have someone to write too and gain support from on the outside, people have to be sooooo cautious. Don't give them your address and don't offer to be a support when they get out immediately. I honestly would stay clear of this all together because people that are in prison generally have a list of mental health and trauma issues and aren't predictable.

  • Even if someone has a small charge, you can't be sure if that's their only crime. You don't know if they have done worse and weren't caught or if they might do something worse after being in jail.

  • It reminds me of those crazy blogs about Jeffrey Dahmer or Columbine's shooting. Those kids idolizing evil people is just wrong. I'm not saying that no prisoner should have a penpal, I believe that some people are in prison for pretty lame reasons, my actual bf went in prison for 4 years because he beat the creep who raped his little sister... Her pelvis was broken and she was 13... Poor thing stopped to talk after this... He found her on the floor... She managed to tell him who raped her. Later he went to this guy's home and beat him nearly to death. The raper fell in a coma and died at hospital few days later. Yes my bf is responsible of the death of a man. Still, he served his years in prison and he's not proud of it and he's kinda haunted by the whole story, even more since his little sister died in a car crash few years ago. Plus the fact that the raper had multiple accusations of sexual assault against minor girls and he was still free. Some prisoners are just unlucky and deserve to have a friend. But bonding with a raper or a child murderer or a serial killer is totally messed up

  • Is this another trend I'm too asexual to understand?

    • Even someone with a normal sexuality cannot really understand a paraphilia like hybristophilia.

  • ......what the actual hell... this is a terrible terrible idea.

  • people need to also consider that they may be writing to someone that commit a minor crime, but that doesnt mean another prisoner doesnt have access to your letters, your address, the pictures you send..

  • i write to two inmates and have become good friends with them, so if you are seriously looking to write to a prisoner, here are some of my tips to find genuine friendships and people who write you. 1.) Don`t go off of looks. Read their profile, if you feel like you could get along you may write to them but don`t do it just because they are good-looking. 2.) ALWAYS check their crime and decide for yourself if you can write to someone who committed said crime. ALWAYS look them up on the website of the department of the corrections they are in, there you will find all of their charges and see if someone is, for example, lying about their age. how you can do this is just google, for example, california inmate locator, all you need is their name or inmate number which you can find on their profile. ALWAYS google their name + state or inmate number to find articles about their crime. this gives you a more detailed look into what crime exactly they committed. 3.) Use a PO Box or Don`t give an inmate your real address or real name unless you`ve known them for long enough and you can trust them. 4.) However, speaking of trust, if they ask you for money or paying for their stamps to write you back, don`t do it. This is one of the red flags and most likely, the inmate is trying to get money out of you. 5.) If you feel that something is wrong, trust your gut. You are not obligated to keep in contact with this person if you don`t feel comfortable with it. 6.) Set clear boundaries in you introduction letter. If you are only looking for friendship, say it. If you are not willing to send them financial support, tell them. It`s all about honesty here. 7.) When looking for an inmate to write to, choose someone your age. I would be careful writing to white men in their forties or older (this is stereotyping, i know) because a LOT of them are in white supremacy groups in prison and I`ve heard a lot of horror stories regarding that. 8.) Lastly, don`t do this if you are not over 18. Just don`t. This is all I can think of for now!

  • I've used writeaprisoner a few times. Some inmates do have genuine interest in getting clean, stuff like that. It's frustrating when I click on a profile and the first sentence is something like "HEY LADIES" knowing that some of them are actually able to ring in an income off of people. I take for granted that people aren't dumb and will actually listen to the recommendations, like "Don't write unless you're 18+," "Please do extensive research about the person you're looking into," and, "If you don't feel comfortable, consider using a PO box." Straight up, I will not write a person unless I can find their criminal history, nor if they have been convicted for sexual crimes. I did not start writing until after graduating high school and moving into a secure college apartment, and I did not start writing to look for a romantic relationship (why the heck would you do that? be as shallow and vain and horny as you want on tinder or whatever dating app for all I care, just not on writeaprisoner, what the eff are you thinking?).

  • The website was made so that prisoners are less lonely, not for people attracted to them. Part of the guidance is to not get close to them - the website is a good thing, this trend -nah Also I think the website does a go between so there's no address unless they specifically write it - specifically for their safety

  • The fact that person said her mom did it through AA really bothered me. As someone in recovery for 12 years, I don’t know of any AA meeting that would do that. AA isn’t “organized “ nor does AA support any outside organizations. I just had to make that distinction. I am sorry that the young persons mom wrote a prisoner and he got out and tried to kill them. That is absolutely horrific. But AA had as a whole had nothing to do with the writing of the letters. Don’t come for me for saying this. We do take AA meetings into prisons, but men go into men’s prisons and women’s go work with women. That is such important work. So many crimes are related to addiction. End of rant.

  • I recently started watching a show thats literally all about this. It's called love after lockup if anyone is interested. Its reality trash but i'm addicted

  • Thank you for shinning light onto this matter. I was worried also about youngsters not fully being aware as to what they are getting themselves into. I really appreciate what you had to say.

  • I think it’s hilarious, like a lonely white girl writing to a prisoner xD lmfao A white girl with a career that’s like .. I honestly can’t meet anyone, so she sits down and finds a man in prison,

  • Imagine having proud and self-esteem SO LOW that you desperately scroll prisoners photos as if it's tinder

  • I searched the site and found that Paris Bennet has a profile. For those of you who don’t recognize the name, Paris killed his 4 year old sister when he was 13. He is a diagnosed psychopath who may get out of prison one day. His Mom and younger brother have been told they should go into hiding to protect themselves if he is ever released. I wonder how many pen pals he’s gotten. How many addresses he now knows.

  • This has a hybristophilia vibe for sure.

  • It’s rare for an inmate to take accountability for their crimes. If they had the capacity to take responsibility for their actions they would not be in prison in the first place. Prison is for people who have been given chance after chance and they just don’t get it and their crimes have escalated. I encourage people to write to them as encouragement for making positive changes but be careful and maybe someone could set up an address protection service for those who want to help but be safe at the same time.

    • That's kind of stereotyping a diverse group of people. Non-violent drug offenders are a huge percentage of the prison population and they're mostly people struggling with addiction themselves.

  • This reminds me of people on reddit who talked about writing to Richard Ramirez , the Nighstalker, when they were young and he responded to them.

  • Her: “I like bad boys!” Also her: “He’s abusing me!”

  • After listening to the podcast - Ear Hustle - I found a new compassion for people in prison. They talked about how much they enjoyed getting letters and I thought about writing to someone just to... I don't know, be a good person? But when I looked into it, I found that it is something you have to be careful about. Like getting a PO box/not using your real name because sometimes these people have contacts on the outside that may misuse this information if they are not good people. So, I never ended up writing just out of caution for my own safety. I think you bring up a really good point, this tik-tok trend worries me - especially with young people who may not fully understand the consequences and may be more prone to being manipulated by an adult in prison.

  • I also think this is dehumanizing to inmates themselves

  • I do write to prisoners, but Aboriginals imprisoned in the Northern Territory, Australia, for charges anyone else in poverty would likely escape (if they're white).

  • this look is everythinggggggg

  • There’s a girl on Tik Tok (@hazelmarie1430) who sells stickers and decals or whatever else for this inmate in Oregon named Kobe Cordray. He’s convicted of 4 counts Robber and 1 count Attempted Murder and if ANYONE comments about it or asks what he did she deletes the comments and blocks people. She’s mentioned in a tik tok before that he was a “nonviolent offender” but public records don’t lie lol. I don’t understand why she isn’t being more transparent, I think it’s fair for the buyers to know before they support someone who is incarcerated. Idk it just rubs me wrong. But now these 14 year olds in her comments want to find a “Kobe” to write to and support which is so sketchy. I wouldn’t be comfortable with it at all. ETA: I’ll comment under this his to back up my info. His earliest release date is in 2032 and he’s been in since 2018.

  • My mind immediately jumped to "ma'am/sir/_ this is not a dating site" because I'm scared of people just scrolling through that shit like it's Tinder and not a list of criminal...

  • On the other end, imagine being a prisoner living a pretty lonely life, and finally someone decides to be your pen pal. Awesome right? Well it is until you learn your pen pal has stopped messaging you bc they only wanted to use you for a trend on an app heavily criticized for being spyware... Absolutely fucked up.

  • I loved the video...ALSO where'd you get your shirt?? 🥺

  • there’s also prisontok, tiktoks that ppl are making from inside actual prisons 😳😳

  • I would absolutely LOVE to know where Guilia gets her wigs. She always look fabulous.

  • My first thought is that its seemed predatory or just wrong to look around a catalog for someone attractive

  • I can KINDA see if they genuinely wanted to be the inmates penpal but doing vids with the intention of being romantic with them is kinda odd, there’s so many way it can back fire. What if your letter gets passed around? There goes ur address and those pics you sent 😭

  • It's a no for me. Do these people even realize that inmates at some point become "outmates"? They will literally show up at your house and it may not be the romantic meeting you hoped for. Just saying.

    • They are ALL rapist murders. All of them. According to you

  • This whole trend is frustrating for many reasons, but especially because it overshadows a genuinely important aspect of the situation. Writing to incarcerated people is an incredibly kind thing to do, and can mean everything for someone suffering at the hands of the American prison system, yet this aspect is being overlooked entirely so people can thirst after strangers. Such a waste.

  • TikTok never fails to leave me jaw dropped and dumbfounded

  • It’s stupid and crazy. and yes I have been incarcerated. If you wrote me randomly in prison, as some of the MALE PRISONERS did, I threw your letter out cause 8 don’t know you. Oh and I didn’t need money on my books, BUT a lot of people on those web sites ( like j babes) are just looking for money on there books. you can easily look up what they did. I WOULD NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HOME ADDRESS THOUGH, maybe Maybe a P.o. Box. maybe if you MUST DO IT.

  • Yeah problem is, when suddenly the sexy guy/girl u been chatting with Shows up at YOUR HOUSE......... NOT A GOOD IDEA, PERIOD...... Keep safe and TAKE PRECAUTIONS JESUS

  • My mom would kick my ass because she works in a prison. You know what? Now that I'm thinking about it I'm pretty sure the reason she doesn't want me to write to an inmate is because we share the same address and the same last name and it would be a dead giveaway to almost any inmate in the Wisconsin prison system who I'm related to.

  • I used to write to inmates and used this website. In the terms of use (or whatever it’s called), it states that write a prisoner is NOT a dating website. I’m afraid these people will write to them just to date them.

  • People are not trends... This shit is like buying a duckling on Easter. People are not trends.

  • Woah....nb isnt real.....period

  • I thought the same thing !!!! I saw people putting photos in there and I was like "ok they're gonna reverse Google search and find out everything about you, and send a friend who ISNT in prison, to do some crimes to you" because im literally /that paranoid/ I seriously hope anyone doing this takes the necessary precautions cause there's so much people will do, and no lengths too far for them sometimes. Definitely a valid point to make and I hope anyone thinking about doing this sees your video!!

  • What if there writing to a murderer or rapist or pedo I’m sorry it’s just not safe?!?! What if the person there writing to has bad intentions. I be so scared to write to anyone in prison. In reality there in prison for a reason.

  • Love your videos! AND your wigs!! I assume their wigs bc your hair is different every vid lol need me a video on all your wigs please😍

  • lol i use to write prisoners when i was younger 💀 i don’t do it now bc i know it’s dangerous but i cannot believe that it’s a trend 😭😂

  • I know I’m 3 days late, but hopefully someone that might need to be _”black pilled”_ will see this... Many of these tiktok videos were/are being strategically planned by/with the convicts and their friends/family/lovers/etc. as financial scams- and here’s a very oversimplified example of how this scam works: A decent looking inmate will ask their gf (or whomever) (already has a bit of a social following) to make one of these videos showcasing “them” as the “hot perp”. A few of the gf’s followers think _”he’s soooo dreamy”_ and decide to write to him as well. He’s very charming/witty/etc. and they’re lulled into a false sense of security after a few basic exchanges about _”what did you do? Are you innocent? Do you like puppies or kitties more? Blah blah blah”_ Once the target feels emotionally attached to the inmate, the game begins. Something fake will “happen” to the inmate, (unprovoked- of course!) their celly/a guard/“bad guy” is extorting them, or beat them, or robbed him (etc)... and this “oh so tragic event” is making their difficult time there, even WORSE! Because now they have no canteen credits, or not enough to replace their stolen items that they NEED to have, or they don’t have enough to cover the blackmail/protection payment they have to pay someone- and they usually only have a few DAYS/WEEKS to find this amount, or they’re SO SCREWED!! It will never be a large amount in the beginning, usually like $2-$5 bucks is all ... the target will think _”psssh that’s basically NOTHING!”_ and if they say something like that, the inmate will “uncomfortably” ask if they would help them out (and they will TOTALLY pay the target “their friend” back, once everything is sorted!!). They will assure their “new friend” that it’s “totally safe” to put money into their canteen account by phone (which it typically IS, because the system was made to provide a safe/easy way for loved ones to support the person in jail financially- so they can buy treats and/or luxuries from the prison) - it’s a digital account that’s assigned to the inmate’s number and basically operates like a bank account for them. Money can easily be sent to the accounts, much like you can Venmo someone money from your phone - the difference being, you can’t text send money, you usually need to call a hotline and follow the prompts to make a donor account to send the money to him. The donor has the option to remain totally anonymous to the inmate if they wish (or there are typically a few levels of identification you can allow them to tell the inmate about you)... That usually makes the target feel “safe” enough to help their new “friend” out and they will almost always donate the small “one time” amount to him. Naturally, this *isn’t* a “one time thing” and the inmate will inevitably need help again and again and again (and will typically get bolder with the frequency and/or the amount of $ they ask for) - until the victim has become a full-blown _”sugar mama/daddy/etc”_ or until they finally wake up to what’s happening and cease donating/communications with the inmate. Now imagine how many people likely “message” these “hot inmates” from the viral tiktoks - and let your mind take in what the “perfectly legal scam’s” (I know, oxymoron...) earning potential could be by an inmate, if they get dozens/hundreds of “pen pals” each sending them $2-$5 dollars (or more) to their canteen account.... (Side note:) the canteen accounts can go both directions, meaning the inmate can send money to “approved people” on the outside. So a “commission” is usually what the initial friend/family/partner of the inmate gets “in return” for making a video that sends potential targets to the inmate... ---------------------- It’s definitely not a “new scam,” because it’s been around as long as theres been “money accounts/canteens” available to prisoners. This is just the newest version, that is (sadly) the MOST effective method in history, due to the large audience and potential of possible targets. It’s an extremely insidious scam evolution that is potentially *very dangerous* (especially for naive young folks) to play around with! I really hope this “trend” ends quickly - before TOO MANY innocent young people get financially boned because of it... So if you insist on joining in to this prison-pal crap too- please just be safe and be on alert about any “favors” the inmate might ask of you. 🤷‍♀️

  • Why are they treating this website like a pretty people shopping list? Go to tinder or smth tf

  • Let's be real tick tocker's are not very bright individuals, most of them are straight up ( *Clout* *chasers* )

  • Thirsting over a literal murderer is so fucking stupid. This is horrible. These kids need to stop.

  • Everyone doing this is setting themselves up for being beaten or harmed phsycologically. Probably alot of minors doing this too. (Some of those dudes look straight up like domestic abusers)

  • Still waiting on "let's drink bleach", "traffic jumping" and "holiday to north Korea" to become trends...

  • I know this is serious and it’s important we take it seriously but this video made me laugh so much 😅

  • So I actually wanted to do this, because I think that it would be pretty lonely in you know prison. Of course taking into consideration the crime done

  • I feel like there is a way to do this safely that can be beneficial for both parties (using precautions like using a PO Box, thoroughly vetting the pen pal to see what their offenses are, not being too personal in the letters, possibly even using a pseudonym) but those things can’t be communicated well in 60 seconds. Also looking through them and writing to someone because they’re hot and in prison feels icky and dehumanizing to me.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking to a prisoner or another person your age; you’re online, and people lie for personal gain, be it physical or other... Be aware that regardless of the situation, anyone can misrepresent themselves fairly easily online.

  • Makes me kinda happy that I somehow ended up on amishtok and nuntok. Idk how it happened but here we are. 😂

  • My opinion: I don’t think it’s that bad CONSIDERING most of these websites require you to be above 18. If people want to date prisoners, that’s their choice. Personally I wouldn’t as I just don’t want to expose myself to someone with possible bad intentions but that’s just be. If you want live on a risker side of life, it’s up to you.

  • I write to prisoners, it's a great thing to do - if you are doing it for the right reasons. The inmate you get as a pen-pal might be amazing. But other inmates can also get a hold of your address, or they can pass it on. Also, let's not further dehumanise the incarcerated populations for a trend. They aren't your entertainment.

  • So I live in a very small town in Eastern Kentucky. A girl started writing to an inmate, a dude I went to school with, Austin. He ended up getting released a lot earlier than they thought and he came looking for her. She was separated from her husband when she started writing him but she got back together with him. So Austin found her and tried to make her leave her husband and of course, she told him no. She worked night shift at a gas station that was on a two lane road completely isolated from everything. Austin came to the gas station, forced her into the back room, raped and killed her. Her body wasn’t found til the following morning because of mostly working men on their way to morning shifts at work tried to get gas and breakfast but couldn’t find an employee. The gas station is abandoned now but the building still sits there and it’s just a sad and creepy reminder of how evil some people in this world can be.