The TikTok "commune"

Publicado el 8 mar 2021
What do you guys think?
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  • Additional note: Perhaps I wasn’t clear so I want to be here- not all communes are bad/malevolent/ etc. What I meant was that I raise an eyebrow when I see them online (much like this tiktok one) because they seem very eager (overly) to recruit new people. I don’t see many of the healthy communes doing that. Additionally, I think various cults have used communal living as a way to pull in new members as genuine communal living is wholesome. Because of that excuse being used often + being online, I raised an eyebrow. It’s not centered on communes. It’s the info around it that is what makes me skeptical.

    • @Rosetta Drone I agree, just young people having harmless fun, although their dentist may not approve. All organizations with more than a few members have leaders. "Cults" may or may not require members to hand over all their worldly possessions. Every "cult" has its own rules, and some are totalistic and some are not. The word is so misused it has become worthless. There are multiple definitions floating around, and even when people agree on a common definition, they still don't always agree on who does and does not fit the definition. Originally, a cult was just a set or system of rites used in worship, then in the last two centuries roughly it began to be used in an expanding variety of ways. I frankly think it should be retired except perhaps for its original usage. It is similar to "racist/racism." Just stick with the older word, racialism, and retire the newer word which is just a politicized slur that gets used in a bewildering variety of ways that rarely seem to make sense when you think about the meaning rather than the feeling. Cult is the same way. I once heard one of these professional cult watchers, trying to be as consistent as possible, define it broadly as "any badly run organization." It's so hard to define consistently, that is what it has come down to. There are a LOT of badly run organizations in this world.

    • Generally, cults have leaders. A “guru” they follow to lead them “spiritually”. Cults will force members to give all their money and possessions to the group (actually, to the leader). This doesn’t seem like a cult, I think it’s just a young member of the commune being very open on social media and that seems weird to most of us.

    • Even In the video posted of drinking the cool aid others were making comments drink it quick before we all pass out

    • I really think the commune lady in the video clip was right. There were SO many of these hippie communes in the late 60s and 1970s, and this new one seems fairly typical of that type of commune. Comparing them to a suicide cult is ridiculous. And the "drink the kool aid" joke? Well, it's been over 40 years, I think we should be able to make an occasional joke about it by now. Nor am I surprised that many young people do not understand where the expression came from either, although it now refers to imbibing an ideology, not a beverage.

    • @Leo Heartstrings Aye there is always so much hatred thrown at people that are just genuinely happy. It is so incredibly sad.

  • And the whole thing with the cat eating like fourty chickens. It’s a lie. I’ve grown up with farm animals we’ve always had chickens. Even a full grown FOX will just grab a chicken and run off with it there’s no way in hell even a feral cat could of massacred like fourty chickens

  • There’s women’s communes all around the country actually, but the big difference is that this place was saying anyone could just come and live there. Almost all other communes have an application process not just anyone can come.

  • The biggest red flag, personally, is that it’s in the middle of nowhere. You know? Like, if something were to happen to you... It’s going to be a no from me

  • The dude even said "Quick before we all pass out"...We all know where the joke stems from. Sad. I would love to see that humans can branch out from traditional society but people like this make it so much harder to take it seriously. Love u and ur vids!

  • 14:01 Jesus she is the most unlikeable person ever

  • 14:01 Jesus she is the most unlikeable person ever

  • They’re 100% a cult. Especially that rell woman.

  • more like a "CONmune"

  • I love how that one lady told Gen-Z to "get out of your mama's basement" like we are either in college, or children lmaooooo

  • Not gonna lie, I'd live off grid. A little commune with the homies. Also, I don't think it's fair to conflate a commune with a cult. Cause there's MANY communes around the world throughout history, and only a few have been attached to cults. This video comes off as paranoid, inflammatory and ignorant

  • As someone who believes they grew up in a cult (not one that actively encouraged suicide but one that isolated u and was fucked up and led to the death of someone I knew), people always imagine there's a leader, especially some dude with a mustache. But in reality, there wasn't any leaders there. There was probably around 10 people who were more "leaderish", but they were just taking charge. The group itself felt like it was in on it. Like you felt like it was a democratic way of life, but it was parasitic af.

  • the place looks like a junk yard

  • That koolaid joke was such in bad taste what the fuck

  • Never trust someone who says documentary’s the way she said it. “Doc-u-ment-tar-eees”

  • If they say they aren’t a cult...they’re probably a cult.

  • I really hope they are actually just hippies with no fucked up intentions behind it. But even then they're still not taking proper care of the animals and the killing of cats and dogs is really fucked up. I could imagine them being hippies who grew up in the 60ies and therefor having this clueless happy go lucky mindset because my parents are also like that. They were also children of the hippie culture and this woman from the commune reminded me of how blind to all the fucked up and dangerous shit that exists, my parents are as well. Honestly its so dense. "Why are the younger generations so afraid of everything?" ...because fucked up things happen in reality? I mean its also not like serial killers, pedophiles, r*pists, cult leaders and violence against minorities didn't exist in the 60ies (far from it.) which is why I don't even get why they have this mindset that there is nothing to be afraid of. Srsly people like that always come across like just an extremely ignorant, privileged person who was lucky enough to never had any bad shit happening to them but therefor thinks these are not problems because they're not affecting them personally. I can also easily imagine them being a cult like we all probably can. 1. They have a thing which the ginger guy referred to as a "Church". 2. The Kool Aid thing rubbed me the wrong way. They encouraged everyone in a peer pressure like fashion to drink it, while playing it off as funny. Could be that they're starting of this habit with a harmless substance to make their members used to it and then later doing that same shit with whole other substances.

  • Seems off... Generally... you wouldn’t be inviting the world. Broadcasting not only YOURS but Everyone AND the Communes location (with not a care in the world for there protection & safety of everyone it seems ) What else feels off is being so passive aggressive or down right hostile against those that oppose & are vocal about expressing there concerns. Kinda paints the “all or nothing” mentality before you even get there.. I also agree w/what you said about if kids are watching this. I mean; imagine being naive or a kid, someone young in a vulnerable situation just desperate for a chance/a way out. Suddenly, boom. I looks to be deliberate that they don’t clarify about age /runaways what not. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t heard of them doing so) Could very well be who they’re trying to appeal to. If you have /come from nothing.. you’ll be beyond grateful for ppl that care, are seemingly nice to you. Give u a warm place to sleep AND FOOD!!!... you may even let a few weird things slide..Back in the day I would.. And I’m sorry.... But the whole animal situation is highly disturbing... For me right there that just paintsa picture of no empathy whatsoever & a complete lack of compassion. You don’t just end an animals life because suddenly you have to take care of it! And this is coming from someone who is into wilderness survival; living off the land AND has been involved in animal rescue & foster my whole life. Despite what ppl may think, you CAN be both.. & I personally think it says ALOT about someone not only how they treat they’re pets & other animals. But just as important & if NOT more telling, HOW you/they treat what they catch/hunt/ or consume. They wanted absolutely NONE of the responsibility of caring for those animals!! And I’m not here to judge pplz cultural traditions/ways.. that’s not what this is about .... But I BELIEVE I saw something about a DOG & a CAT?!?) .... No.... Just... NO. Specially because I’m more than certain those animals were there as companions.... They don’t seem to treat any of there animals w/the slightest bit of respect or basic care, let alone dignity. I don’t feel it’s natural to be that callous ... let alone make it so normalized in this group you seemingly are trying to grow/multiple as quickly as possible ... That & just a ... vibe... Somethings Off... Somethings up.. My opinion.

  • If that wasn’t what their kool laid reference was to, then WHY did the one guy say “IM NOT controlling my hands!! What’s happening!” They were all parodying it. And I’m 30 yrs old... & looking at it; I see a cult.

  • Their all just a bunch of Morons that want to live for free and recruit people to help them live for free. Eventually the police will shut this crap hole down.

  • They give me farcry 5 vibes but without jesus

  • How does this doofus know about Ken Kesey and not Jonestown these people always think youre as dumb as they are

  • “stranger danger times 20 plus chickens “ hahahahq

  • Remove doctor Seuss lady from this plane of existence

  • Lol drinking the kool aid comes from the Jonestown massacre, what an idiot 🤣

  • It’s literally just a commune.. no reason why it should be hated on. The actions you criticized were very typical of the average farmer, and at no point were you giving actual reasons why the commune was dangerous or bad. Maybe it is a cult, but you certainly had no evidence at all.

  • The risk of the CCP virus is the risk of having over 90% chance of survival, so not much risk at all. You have a much better risk of dying in a car accident. Gonna stop driving or riding in motor vehicles? Didn't think so... That out the way, cult or not - their commune looks like shit and if they couldn't keep a single cat away from their chickens, I doubt they'll be around long. Dumpster diving for food is a clear sign of lacking sustainable farming and raising livestock to me. Most of all, the fact their using Tik Tok to advertise it makes all of it seem like just another run of the mill "look at me, I'm so quirky and weird yet smart" type of hipster thing. Either that or their hoping to attract someone who actually knows how to build a not shoddy looking living quarters, LOL.

  • That place looks skeevy and those people look like hobos. I have NO desire to go near that place !!!!

  • I had a friend that joined a commune and said that while most communes are innocent they can be very toxic and drama filled. There are always a handful of people that have lived there a while and have the power. When you live without distractions like tv and hobbies sometimes people can become very focused drama in the social life. There is always a cool crowd and an out crowd. Social hiararcy is ingrained in us. If someone does something against the group they can be shunned by the members and people feel obligated to go along with what the group thinks.

  • I’d love to go in there undercover, then reveal that I’m disabled, and see if they want to murder and eat me.

  • the tiktok ‘commune’ is a toxic cess pool much like ESmain and I think that's why it's nothing but kiddie fiddler's now more than anything. All medias have become havens now for the vileness.

  • ecofasc

  • "Are y'all with the cult?" "It's not a cult. It's an organization that promotes love and-" "This is it"

  • Imagine thinking society shunning, haul-your-water, boonies-dwelling hippies don't have tons of guns. "No violence" doesn't mean "I won't defend my home".

  • No but why does the place look like a scene from chainsaw massacre

  • How is the kool aid joke funny to them?! That's in such poor taste. And she's absolutely lying about not knowing what Jonestown is.

  • 13:09 mmm backwash yumm!

  • I see "the only thing to fear is fear itself" as... a red flag. These people don't have any protections in place for the people there, even if it isn't a cult I wouldn't feel safe going there because there seems to be no safeguarding or vetting of anyone that stays there at all. None of them seem to have an ounce of fear about anything bad happening when they're giving their address out to anyone which is, scary in and of itself.

  • A bunch of hippies wth no power This is like New Age travellers , that are not very mobile It’s never been a fuken cult , honestly they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery I travelled for 6 yrs , nothing culty , a load of different people , this is bollox , honestly

    • Just cause one or two have TikTok accounts , Jesus , if we’d had mobiles , god knows wat ud have thought , People always assume there’s a leader , and I think you are giving this woman far more attention than she deserves . There’s squats all over the place , do u think they’re all cults ? Bonkers

  • A guy who used to live there posted a few videos about what that place is. The people who run it use the free labour to grow weed that they sell. It's not as creepy as a jonestown thing but it is still creepy that they lure people in with the whole commune thing so they can get some farmers they don't pay. There was also a registered sex offender on the property with content containing minors in his possession while children were living there.

  • Lafayette... of all places... these people are either dangerous or stupid... or both.

  • I really think people under the age of 30 need to put the smartphone turn off the internet and the TV and start thinking for yourself...

  • Yeahhh, this is how the Manson Family formed...we all know how that ended up. Also, the word "commune" is too close to "communism" for my liking. These situations too frequently end up being sketchy at best and end in mass suicide or murder at worst. Just saying.

  • Me, reading that one woman's facebook page: oh. so it *is* a cult!

  • These people are exactly like a cult I was indoctrinated by and almost joined. Luckily my therapist got me out of this situation

  • Are you joking about those chickens? I just can’t agree with you at all about the chickens

  • He chose the ugliest days of the year to film

  • This is really creepy. I know it's not but it almost feels like an ARG

  • I would LOVE if you started a podcast, your content and discussions would be perfect for that format and you could have different guests to discuss these topics with. If you ever see your content moving in that direction i think a lot of people would be on board ☺️

  • Affairs.... if not now, there will be.

  • cult-like behavior aside, that is such an ugly area lmao

  • I bet these guys do so much Acid.

  • Nope I also heard this is near a sundown town. So not all are welcome.

  • i love how she acts like she has no clue about the jim jones drink the koolaid and in the next tiktok she mentions jim jones💀

  • They killed a cat and made a hat so I mean, they have atleast.... one knife lol

  • I am concerned about the (presenting) male-female ratio...

  • plus chickens

  • TW animal abuse

  • I saw a playground in the background and I thought I heard him say families are welcome.... are there children living there?!😢😩

  • Ya, no this "commune" is sketchy. I personally had an internship at a commune for a week and generally visit them from time too time in a span of 3 years and I have mutuals / family there, and things worked differently there. The one thing that concerns me is the lack of nice living (idk how to word it different),the commune I was had very nice houses (even if old and still geting renovated), they had everything they needed in their (1-3 bathrooms and showers, their own room, extra rooms for gatherings ect) and everyone had their own stuff they owned. They are also very involved with the outside ( Planing small events helping/ planing for protests, having small shops with stuff they sell ect)

  • "sundown towns?" There are plenty of black communities, although typically urban rather than small towns, that could equally well if not more so be called "sundown towns."

  • Warning people about "cults" while wearing a black tee shirt that reads "I Put a Spell on You?" Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

  • unrelated but damn girl you look especially GOOD in this video! Maybe I'm just a sucker for the 2000's Gerard Way look 😅

  • Um.......... The watch tower gave them away.

  • Definitely, a cult is forming, and quickly

  • How do these people shower? I can just smell the dirty ASS and VAG through my phone screen as he pans the video showing each hut during the virtual tour....

  • I'm not defending these guys but how the f can you be selfsufficient comunity if you don't consume eggs and chicken that you rease just for that, have anyone watch survivor? They have to eat and they are chosen not to be vegetarian. They don't contribute to consumerism, they are not polutte by driving to work every day... I don't know... Maybe cuz I'm leaving in Europe, different culture. It's odd to blow a horn to a mating , I don't know what really happens there, they have children there? Do they go to school? Do they go to hospitals? Sick chickens that are not reased not one on top of the other like industry doses is not my concern and I hope I'm not offending anyone.

  • And....I'm UK and even I get the Koolade joke.

  • That red headed dude needs an eye keeping on him.

  • OK I ve only seen this video and im not going to watch more..... it does seem really really naive to put their address out. But that's the only red flag I've seen in this video.... They seem to just be bunch of neo hippies. That's all. My spidey senses have not been tripped. WHAT " dangerous behaviour " r u referring to? Communities like this can often do attract a wide range of people and let's just say some won't be the best adjusted. Some of them will have deeper problems than just idealism....some wont. Oh and yes the cat hat girls idea about the concept of race being racist is correct. Do your research. Any A level sociology student knows... Erm ... I guess they are not vegan..... but neither is 99% of the world so I really don't think we can single them out for animal oppression. A lot of environmentalist are still oppressors of animals... don't make the link when it doesn't suit them.

  • hahah literally when drinking frrom that jug of kool aid, one guy was like ''before we all drop to the ground'' - yeah yeah rell, it's not at all a reference to that time when over 900 people dropped dead to the ground after drinking ''kool aid''

  • How does anyone not know about what drinking the kool aid represents from Jonestown? Where have they been their whole life.

  • Soon to be sauna is extra sus.

  • Kid nation but grown up n fucked up

  • I bet they'd neglect the disabled and/or sick if they were in the commune. The fact that they're COVID deniers only supports this further. They'd 100% vote on whether or not to leave them for dead.

    • I've always been interested in outside society communities. But, the general attitude towards minorities is concerning and potentially dangerous.

  • Someone can’t say no to school buses

  • Does that tiktok girl not eat Chicken, is she a vegan? Just because they are doing some farming doesn't make it pseudo environmentalism. They aren't doing it on an industrial scale, its for their commune, so its perfectly sustainable. Holding them up to an extreme standard just to demonize them when they fail, is ridiculous. Harsh reality of farm life is that sometimes injuries happen, animals have life spans just like humans, they can get sick and die. A chicken being sick does not = abuse/mal treatment. The cat hat girl seems pretty 'out there' with her beliefs, but its not that extreme, not cult like anyways. 'Hippie dippy' types almost always have have anti-civilization, live of the fat of the land (don't waste fur etc), anti modernity (tech/science) views. That doesn't justify them, but its certainly not unique to this individual. Electric koolaid being associated with LSD is real, I can share links. I don't have a reason to not believe her just because she also knew of Jim Crow. Also about the 'sun down towns'. Its simply a fact that land is cheaper in more rural low populated areas. And rural low populated areas tend to have more folks who are ignorant/closed minded/conservative. People who 'didn't fit in' moved away to bigger cites. These kids seem like drifters/outcasts/hippies who clearly are not rich, so where else are they going to move. Somewhere where they can afford land. And by the looks of it they have a big lot, so odds are, the land in that area is very very cheap. Giving out their address is pretty naive/dumb, but other than that, it seems pretty harmless. This isn't a unique thing. Them being active on tiktok is anomalous but that's about it.

  • Can we send Lularoe huns to try set up shop here?

  • These people are dumb, and that makes them dangerous to an extent. But mainly, just dumb... and annoying. I know people like this :(

  • I just wish that with a badass name like Ready to Glare you wouldn't think you'd be playing the "I'm just asking questions..." game With the gravity of the claims you make half the time... sis speak with your whole chest!!! If it's a cult say it's a cult show the parallel of cults by doing some mild research because damn I feel blue-balled asf at the end of these uhhhmm "concerns"

  • they are actively trying to recruit young ppl & using tiktok to do it, shady ppl in my opinion!!!

  • It's the willful ignorance and gaslighting that is disturbing to me.

  • Don't all cults seem harmless at first?

  • honestly, in terms of fear I'm most afraid of the female cat murderer's hair style... no hate, but it's a 1960's beehive with dreads on the bottom 🙄 I have a lot of questions

  • I thought this was about the cul- I mean commun- no no no the Cowmune

  • i'm copying and pasting my comment from swell entertainment's video on this topic because i am exceedingly concerned about the possibility of a loved one being roped into this. i am not a copypasta, just desperate for some other perspectives, advice, guidance, opinions. whatever i can get. my gut just dropped. hit the ground. my younger sibling is a senior in high school. i've had a few conversatioins with him about his plans for the next academic year, and every time he has mentioned to me that he really just wants to live on a commune. each time i've laughed, and shrugged it off. i think to myself "there's no way this kid's going to survive on a commune, he doesn't have the interpersonal skillset to live communally, he has no work experience, and certainly no will to do any laborous work. he'd hate living on a commune and i'm sure once he realizes what that would actually entail he'll forget it altogether". but he hasn't, and his persistence has grown as he continues to approach his graduation. if it isn't the garden i'm sure he'll look for something else like it. i know he hasn't been looking for communal spaces to apply to live in. i know he has no idea what he would be getting himself into. and now, knowing he probably found out about communal living through tiktok, through media like this, i am terrified. i don't know what to do. if i raise my concerns to him, it'll only encourage him more, as he is so rebellious. i want to tell our parents but i'm worried that'll have the same effect, if not worse. if anyone has any advice, please, please reply or message me. i am so scared he will get roped into something like this and get himself into serious trouble. the thing in particular that concerns me is that i know he is particularly prone to being roped into this because of his views on sustainability and his passion for art, he is a hippy-adjacent, lefty kind of guy. i can see how all of this would look like heaven on earth to him. especially because he has been struggling with applying to colleges, and the pressure on us gen z kids is unreal when it comes to planning for college or post-grad living. i am just so so so so worried.

  • I don't think it's a cult but I do think it seems like a dangerous commune. It doesn't have to be a cult to be dangerous, no one should go there.

  • Most communes have a website with their address and can even be found on Google maps...

  • Stranger danger plus chickens 🐓 😆

  • I bet everyone in this commune has great teeth.

  • if a white person has dreads, its a cult 100%

  • This just looks like some hippie/country people shit that happens outside places like Austin, TX. Now I'm not saying I would straight up trust them, I'm just saying there is very little evidence here that would tell me it's a cult.

  • ah yes...' lets ask if the people in our cult, are part of a cult' very smart- and VERY unbiased 😒

  • *The Doomsday Cult Blues plays in the background*

  • I could see both scenarios playing out, them going full on Cult and drawing everybody in it, into a deadly abyss or them letting someone stay with them who will massacre them or this is a publicity stunt for a Blair Witch revival. Also I do find it noteworthy, that the older Generation is all ,oh, it‘s a commune, it‘s fun ‚ and the younger Generation is more ‚🚨It’s a trap‼️‘ - they have been watching their true crime.

  • I owned chickens for about 10 years. Granted, I was a child but I was also the primary care taker of them. If a Chicken gets sick, it can make the other chickens sick so instead of one or two sick chickens you have a whole flock of sick chickens. If a chicken gets injured, other chickens can attack, kill and eat it. I've seen it before. While they could have separated the sick ones from the healthy ones they look like they let free roam so they probably don't have a a closed off gate. It would have to be high up and some sections covered to keep them out of the rain/weather. Chicken are flightless but can jump really high surprisingly. We didn't own chickens to sell or eat. We had them for eggs and I freaking love chickens. They were my pets. They had to think about this way. Lose all of their chickens or just some. And if the injured ones would survive with the uninjured ones. Personal, I would rather be killed quickly then by pecked to death. The cat thing is messed up. I wished they had just caught the cat and handed it over to a shelter, but let's be real it would have been put down anyway unless they could find a kill free shelter. Wearing it is also messed up. But, if they normally kill and animal and use is fur for clothes/blankets whatever I guess for them it wouldn't be that weird. Still messed up though. I couldn't imagine wearing my cat as a freaking hat. Living off the land isn't 100% flower crowns and knitting cute cloths. It get brutal sometimes. There are rough decisions. Most vet places aren't equipped to help chickens. If they do, they are expensive.

  • TikTok sounds like Buzzfeed x'd with Vine.

  • 0.0

  • tbh i feel like we as humans are too scared of naming terrible things. this is a cult. it has so many of the characteristics. we fail to detect things like this on time because "it's a big word" and "we don't want to accuse", and only recognize them after they've had their terrible ending. similar thing happens with fascism

  • 2:30 no matter your argument this is a cult those are not chickens those are geese