The tide against Trisha

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  • I think one thing that made me realize that the tides definitely are turning is that at one point while watching the hairbyjay stuff unfold with trisha, as well as her pulling back from shane, I found myself agreeing with her a lot more than I think I ever had. It felt so odd being able to see her points and empathize with her.

  • I don't think she should be "redeemed" I think she should be held accountable for the things she's done, and by no means does anyone need to just flip and be a Trisha fan now. I just think she is starting to make a positive change and I hope she does better. I'm pretty neutral on her tbh, but I personally like to belive in the best in ppl. But it remains to be seen if she changes for the better

  • I agree I think ppl are seeing Trisha in a more positive light. Not so much like, forgiving her for the bad things she has done or said but hoping that she gets better and makes positive changes. She is a brutally honest person and I can respect that, she owns the fact that she has done bad things and been problematic etc. And I don't like that, or what she has done and the harm she has caused, but I can respect the fact that she doesn't pretend to be a perfect good person. I personally hope she changes for the better, I of course don't expect her to be perfect and wouldn't defend her on everything (or h3) but I know she has been through some bad shit and I hope she makes positive changes!

  • Trisha’s character arc is due for some kind of redemption idk

  • i dont think shes actually changing shes done this back and forth thing for years also as a person who was part of the communities shes made jokes of- in my eyes shes not redeemable.

  • 🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT PLS READ READYTOGLARE 🚨🚨🚨 Hey Glare, I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and recently I discovered something that’s been happening for a long time it has to do with the government and celebrities I’m sure we’ve all heard about this type of thing before but the majority roll their eyes at it because the people behind it are brainwashing us to think it’s all fake. Anyway what’s been happening and has been since the 1980s is that there are underground satanic rituals going on where they are ritualistically ab*s!ng people and especially children all for power. We’ve been conditioned since the beginning to not believe these things and think it’s just absolutely crazy but since giving my life to Christ and praying for discernment He has truly opened my eyes and I came across channels that talk about this and can explain way better than I am currently. One of the main channels I watch who talks about this is A Call For An Uprising. What I’m asking is if you can please please do research on this and spread knowledge of it on your channel because the only way we can stop what’s happening to these Poor children being ritualistically ab*sed is to contribute to a mass awakening. We need people with a platform, to tell people about this and WAKE THEM UP BC IT IS PEOPLE IN POWER (GOVCELEBSPOLITICIANS) THAT ARE WORSHIPPING THE DEVL AND SACRFISING/ABUS*NG CHILDREN TO GAIN AND SUSTAIN THEIR FAME/POWER. IN THE SATNIC BIBLE IT IS KNOWN THAT BLOOD OF CHILD IS MORE VALUABLE IN RITUALS IT IS DISGUSTIMG AND THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE CALLED OUT AND STOPPED. PLEADE HELP SPREAD THE WORD OF WHATS GOIMG ON IN SECRET MAKE IT KNOWN SO WE CAN HELP THESE CHILDREN

  • The vlog squad was 1 year of a 30 yr old women's life. How are they getting the blame for all of Trisha's horrible problematic behavior? She is a bully, present tense. She has good people around her, period. She is a good entertainer and hopefully she will learn from the great people in her life. It will take time to change.

  • I hope views on the vlog squad issues have changed since we've heard from the victims themselves, as well as heard the situation straight from David and Jason on his podcast...

  • Nothing could ever get me to like Trasha unless she really starts changing and making up for all the shit she’s done

  • I think deep down she’s always been a kind person, I’ve seen it in little ways through the years and I was reminded of that when she recently talked about not wanting to report her car stolen because she understands people steal when they’re desperate and she didn’t want to ruin his life, even talked about having empathy for people who rob her on the street and wanting to give a lot of her money away because she’s got more than enough. We just rarely see that side of her because she shields herself with this mask of indifference and this mentality that if people already think the worst of her she might as well prove them right.

  • They deserve all the repercussions of this horrendous narrative they’ve created

  • The thing about Trisha is, she is super naive and absolutely not the lightest candle on the cake. That makes her so easy to manipulate and I am very sure that many people did take advantage of her, which misled her to some bad things she did, were as she isn’t really capable to reality and fact check what’s going on and what consequences may occur. It’s a lil sad, I somehow wanna like her and kinda do but I don’t if u feel me. The water is still too shallow, but I’m glad she’s better now!

  • The thing about Trisha is, she is super naive and absolutely not the lightest candle on the cake. That makes her so easy to manipulate and I am very sure that many people did take advantage of her, which misled her to some bad things she did, were as she isn’t really capable to reality and fact check what’s going on and what consequences may occur. It’s a lil sad, I somehow wanna like her and kinda do but I don’t if u feel me. The water is still too shallow, but I’m glad she’s better now!

  • Love ur hair here

  • RTG you should do a video about the whole david, jasion and seth (SA) situation


  • Trisha did some really harmful and horrible things and we can't forget that. But she doesn't deserve a lot of what has happened to her. She's often seen as a troll and things like that (I see her that way too) but she's a human being and we can't forget that.

  • Someone please tell me what song she used for her intro and what song she used to show her fan art!? 😭😭 I love that kind of music but don’t know what to search

  • creepshowart called david "diet jake paul"

  • Even though Trisha is not that good of a person, NO ONE deserves fat-shaming. I'm disgusted that people still think this is okay. WE DON'T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT SOMEONE'S WEIGHT.

  • First off well done for wanting to make an authentic factually correct vid remaking this is very respectability , also I massively agree with ur balanced realistic perspective on Trish that she did mess up and take accountability but how we see her through the H3 platform really opens people’s eyes

  • I certainly like her a bit more.

  • 6:59 My last name?

  • I come from the future during the James Charles situation where once again Trisha is right and I-

  • People did not act like this before the internet. For everyone's sanity we need to turn the internet off until a use can be found for it.* *Thanks to The Onion for the joke.

  • Love your insightful and intelligent videos, I was wondering if you were thinking of making a video on everyone’s living nightmare Marilyn Manson?

  • I guess I'm glad she's attempting now. But I just don't see any moving forward until things she's done, like sincere bullying, are actually apologized for. There's so much for her to apologize for, regardless of some of these situations happening during a vulnerable state of mind. I just don't think she should have a platform until then, but equally bad people still do anyway, so whatever.

  • YES! Trish is the mf'n truth! i love that you are covering this. Shes speaks her truth! im so glad she finally ditched shane. and she's dope on frenemies. she and ean make a rly good team.

  • That’s all you want to say about David Dobrik? You don’t want to talk about his SA towards a black man? Ok, sis. Cool. Quality reporting over here.

  • I love Trisha. It's weird that most people can't see that there's a character she plays as part of her personality.

  • Since Jeffery Star and Trisha Payatas is how influencers socialize and it doesn't interest me, what does is Ethan dressing like Uncle Fester

  • Adam and Eve has the worst customer service

  • The way I see Trisha will never change. She admitted on video to making Jason Nash have sex with her multiple times a day when he didn't want to. She wrote a book called Tease about a woman who gets into an abusive relationship and then violated by that man, then that victim goes on to violate another woman with kitchen utensils, effectively re-inforcing extremely harmful stereotypes about victims and promoting a harmful culture, and she promoted that book with a video that's still up on her channel called "Is r*pe a turn on?". As I have a form of DID as well, and we know what she did there, I don't really care what Trisha goes through at this point. She's literally a horrible person and has been since day 1. Someone like her can't be redeemed.

  • I remember when super flamboyant gay/metro guys were so fun to be friends with. The ones who get popular on youtube tend to have disgusting personalities these days.. They act like psychotic meangirls, how did this behavior become cool? Being an A Hole drama starter is not a cute trait to have. And why people reward them by participating and following their every move makes 0 sense.

  • You could do a great film on Vlog Squad if you would. Like who shoots darts in friends back ???? David loves hurting his friends .

  • You need to drop a video of David Dorbick hurting his friends to film . I couldn’t watch it . He’s crazy and loves to inflict pain on his friends. Who’s the crazy one ?

  • I watched a few videos, he seems to enjoy hurting his friends and filming it. Throwing darts in there back ect ??? That’s not normal....

  • Trisha is still the same bad person she's always been; she's just getting better at PR. If you actually pay attention to Frenemies when you watch it, the snide remarks and looks are almost too much to bear. Her dream has always been superstardom. Not a man, not peace, not happiness. Her 30+ year dream is and always has been superstardom. We are all getting played.

  • She's still manipulating us all I believe


  • There was another Instagram story showing Hair by Jay doing Jeffrees hair with some red in it, then jeffree posted a picture of it that was current so he definitly didn't fire him.

  • honestly I feel like everyone here is in the wrong. I feel awful for trisha even tho she isn’t the best person bc being fat-shamed really isn’t okay. I feel like anyone associated with Jeffree Starr is disgusting, and needs to be called out, including Shane Dawson, that gross hairdresser, and sorry to say Trisha Paytas. I’m glad she’s getting herself in a better place and moving up in the world now, but I think it’s fair for me to say that everyone in this situation was in the wrong.

  • Ok but like why is everyone bashing Dobrick and praise Trisha. She’s growing yes but she’s done some really like really shitty things that just get ignored and called trolling. Like I don’t know Trisha mentalhealth situation but I sure do know that she called dissociatdid crazy and well was a driving force as for their declining mental state, and that’s like really shitty. And the whole thing she pretty much made fun of a sever mental illness and as said in the video she sexuallized minors on video. I don’t understand why that’s all ok she really isn’t some innocent lamb.

  • Trisha is now THRIVING with Ethan, Hila, & MOSES!!! I’m so happy for her honestly I use to not like her but then she and Ethan got into business together. From that she opened up and became confident in her new circle.

  • I think we just don’t realize that who we are, our personalities, is not set in stone. We can be heavily influenced by the type of people we choose to surround ourselves with. I act like a different person at my best friend’s house vs at my grandparents house for instance lol I’m loud and I swear a lot and dance and sing like an idiot when I’m with my best friend but I’m more cordial around dear old Nana lmao so I’d imagine that the types of friends you have can change that to a degree as well

  • I'm still waiting for an apology to the DID community. I think that 'drama' ended with no conclusion and she never actually had any punishment for it. Just more views.

  • Trisha actually deserves better because she was such a loyal friend but these people keep doing her wrong

  • My relationship with Trisha: 📈📉📈📉📉📈📈📉📉📉📈📉📈📈📉📈📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📈📈

  • Hair by Jay is so mean. Just nasty.

  • Hair by Jay is so mean. Just nasty.

  • i hope she recovers. she is not exactly redeemable in my mind, but nobody deserves what she gets from people :(

  • I agree. I think with age comes with respect, too. 🙂✌👍

  • I genuinely cried when she cried I know how it feels to be body shamed.

  • She's the best

  • She’s not my favorite person but I have to give credit where it’s due; since she has been with Moses she has been working on her mental health and being proactive with a pro. And everything. Maybe cutting toxic people out of her life was one of the things she needed to do to move forward?? Kinda happy for her.

  • Essentially

  • Imagineeeee being so shitty of a person to attack peoples appearance and think it's not gonna backfire on them.. she even tried to laugh it off while telling the story, that really was heartbreaking and shows how toxic Jeffrey and everyone is. Smh. Poor Trisha. Attack her actions if you're gonna make a genuine judgement of her, don't go for physical attributes like a literal high school mean girl. Smh.

  • "you know what pisses me off?" Me: Bro, your loud ass yapping shitty dog! Like... All the shade you're trying to throw is just completely negated by the unforgivably unpleasant dog yapping. Smh.

  • I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Seth and what he went through when your were talking about David🤔. You usually are so quick to speak up about these things but like so many other commentary channels, you avoid the subject. Strange and disappointing

  • apparently shes been doing a bit better recently, but i still dont like her and i dont think ill ever forgive her past transgressions, although i hope she is capable of genuine improvement.

  • Can you make a polyglot video

  • holy shit!!! ethan is the BEST uncle fester EVER

  • Like, I agree, Trisha is getting into a better headspace and environment. But she has done a lot of wrong things and continues to say some things that are pretty ignorant. We can look at both good and bad

  • I think the Frenemies podcast humanizes her, like you said, and has led me to feel more compassion for her, but that compassion is still mixed with not liking her. She’s done a lot of terrible things that I don’t really think I can forgive her for. But I do feel like I understand her a bit more.

  • She's a train wreck who has a platform. What's new? Nearly all 'influencers' are pretty much the same but to varying levels of bad. But we're all just human trying our best. If only we could do it off camera so we wouldn't drag other people into our shit

  • I dont care who she's not friends with, I think shes caused a lot of harm by creating harmful content. And I think this "change" in her public presence is just another thing shes doing as part of the stories she makes up for content. I think if people stop talking about her she will do something else toxic.

  • I’ve never disliked Trisha and always found her quite entertaining, but stopped watching her content when she started behaving ehhhh let’s just say, problematically; however, see her on Frienemies, I feel like I am understanding her better. It’s refreshing.

  • trisha DESTROYED the plural community, especially the did one, and we are far from the first she targeted she hurt us and we can NEVER forgive her for that, nor should we be expected to that being said, we do hope she gets better and that she earns some form of redemption

  • My issue is that Seth said he has no ill will against David and Jason, so why do people feel the need to fight his battle when he (the alleged victim) isn’t pursuing it? He is an intelligent adult who can decide. If he doesn’t want to press criminal charges, If I were him, I would at least press charges for the promised income.

  • Ethan is so good for her he seems like he actually cares and respects her unlike Shane

  • Maybe it’s just me but I’ll never “forgive/forget” creepy behaviour towards minors. You’re a grown adult, you shouldn’t just get to sexualize minors and get away with it. Ya some bad/sad stuff happened to her but idk don’t be creepy towards children.

  • I’m sorry I’m late to this but if you eat on camera for a LIVING .... People can talk about it. Public is public.

  • Trisha couldn't pay @HairByJay?! She definitely makes more money than him. Fuck this guy... Also he calls her a liar, while doing the things Trisha said he did.

  • It was her own fault people treated her like a crazy person, honestly.

  • Narcissa who..?

  • I'm glad Trisha is starting to change, I never hated her I always saw videos of people talking about her and just thinking and praying that she owns up to her shit and gets the mental help she needs, hopefully now she will, also a lot of what she does is trolling the only thing I had a problem with about her was her whole DID thing other than that I don't know to much about like other non normal trolling things she's done but i do honestly hope she's getting help and taking care of herself

  • Trisha is no saint, but she literally didnt manipulated millions neither she tried to distroy everybodies career who got in the way. She did awful things in the past, she obviously has mental issues which are never an excuse, neither is what she has done. But she got her way to redemption with this, she was the only one who was actually straight forward with showing how awful they were and that Jay didnt helped himself. This was literally the minimal that they are able to do.

  • I think she’s kind of starting to change, however she’s still done some extremely hurtful things, and to a certain degree, it’s very hypocritical of her to be calling people out for certain things. And I still can’t get over everything she did involving Anthony Padilla and DissociaDID. EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL, and she clearly shows she isn’t sorry by what she was saying on the podcast she did with Gabbie Hanna

  • Hey, I was wondering if you could discuss Battington? They’re a FNaF vhs ESmainr, who recently was called out for saying the r-slur and using a few triggering videos within one of their uploads. In their apology, they tried to defend the use of the r-slur by saying “it’s not a slur”, and straight up (in my personal opinion) gaslit the fans who were upset about the triggering clips (his apology was literally just “I’m sorry I the clips I used hurt you, I thought you guys would have handled them better”) And the worst thing is, no one seems to care. Yeah, other popular FNaF vhs creators seem to have cut ties with them, but the people in the “fandom” don’t makes me sad (as an autistic) and I just wish there were people that would hold Battington accountable...

  • I think seeing trisha in a new way is the same thing happening with how people are viewing britney spears through new eyes.

    • I wouldn't say they're the same because Britney never did anything "problematic."

  • Could you do a video on Sia's Music movie?

  • I know people don't like trisha. But i love her. I respect her hustle. She has done some wild stuff but at the end of the day she learns and grows from her mistakes.

  • She's doing better, and I think is genuinely trying to be a good person. Like on tiktok, she posts vids of herself eating to help people with eds. But I really wish she would just make a well thought out genuine apology and explanation to the groups she hurt

  • While I’m a fan of you and your content, I had a hard time watching this video. Trisha has done and said so many racist, ableist, transphobic things. They weren’t just alarming. They were clear evidence of her poor character. She’s backtracking now because she doesn’t want to go down with people who are being justifiably canceled. Maybe I’m misreading the tone, but while I think we should address the actions of other problematic people against anyone, I don’t think Trisha is showing any signs of change. She’s a manipulator. She doesn’t deserve abuse or harassment, but I think if there is a video about Trisha, it’s about how she’s given attention for being a terrible person. White victimhood is her brand. She cries in front of the camera to make people feel bad for her in attempt to absolve herself of the responsibility of her actions. Whenever she says something bigoted, it’s “oh I didn’t know,” but she’s an affluent adult with plenty of access and the mental ability to read, write, comprehend societal norms of various cultures, understand emotional tone, et cetera. As an Autistic individual, people like her, who use their mental illness/neurological conditions as an excuse to be a jerk, deeply disappoint me. They are the reason why we are so highly stigmatised. I can’t find anything redeemable about her, most of the high profile people she surrounds herself with, et cetera. It seems like she has no desire to change because her toxicity is what makes her money.

  • No way anyone actually likes her? Trisha is just awful.. So awful..

  • Ive been watching daily for a while and finally I have to say it. I LOVE YOUR BLADE RUNNER TEARS IN RAIN INTRO. I say it everytime it plays 🤣

  • Real brave of hairbyjay to speak about Trisha in that way when he himself looks worse... does he even own a Mirror?

  • I don't support Trisha's past actions and comments, but come on... When Trisha is watching Jay's livestream CRYING, I just can't... My heart hurts for her.. I know what it's like to be bullied as many people do. But to have it blasted around the internet?! That's fucked up! Then the shit with Shane?! WOW... I mean she is one loyal ass friend! I feel for her.. I think she really has changed since she met her now fiancé.

  • Plz do a video on Peter Nygård

  • The thing is when it comes to Trisha everyone is like oh mental illnesses aren't excuses for someone's behaviour etc etc but when it's others we make prayer circles and forgive them on behalf of others.

  • She got a man and multi million dollar ring.. she’s good..

  • I love my queen and savior trisha

  • Don’t come for our queen 👑

  • Honestly, she's just becoming a better person. I think Ethan, Hila, and Moses are super good for her and her road to better mental health. I'm actually really rooting for her. Edit: I never watched the vlog squad. I really never liked any of them. They were all kind of not great people, from what we saw. I don't think it was a good environment.

  • I don’t know it’s hard for me to feel like she’s actually changed she’s ALWAYS been known to do things to get attention and some of me feels like she knows that being against star and Shane is “trendy” now and being a “good” person is cool now compared to back then when it was cool to be edgy or a troll so it’s hard knowing she likes attention (cause she’s shown it)for me to believe she’s changed

    • Let's be honest for a moment here though, even if you're apprehensive to immediately jump to supporting the claim that she's changing, you'd have to be an A class actor to be able to fake cry and fear like that.

  • I have personally started enjoying Trisha's vibe more lately. She seems happier. She got her new house and just seems to have an overall better outlook lately. I hope she runs with it and just lives her life with her man in a healthy way.

  • How are you going to talk about Trisha without talking about her antisemitism and racism? She has done so much damage to the Jewish community.

    • Not every time that you talk about someone do you have to bring up every one of probably 1000 different things they did wrong in the past, you know? I mean picture this, you mess up in a time where your judgement is not that great, later on you realise just how bad that was. Would you want everything you've ever done wrong to be permanently stapled to your name and used to label you? I'm sure you did wrong at some point in your life also, maybe not to the same extent or maybe to a worse extent, I don't know, maybe at some point your actions that weren't intended to hurt someone did to a point where you permanently damaged them? The most important point here is holding people accountable but not cancelling them when they're clearly at a low anyway. If someone's at a low point, they're plagued with mental disorder, their mindset's out of whack from what others find acceptable and reasonable, it's really no surprise they'd stop thinking reasonably along with that, but then if you continuously target someone even at that kind of low point, the only end game in that scenario is in many cases you causing or enabling their suicide. If you hit someone at a low point, all they learn is that regardless of what they do, you will always hit them anyway, so what's the point? In their eyes there's no method of redemption to you, you're not being clear with what you expect from the other person, you're just asking people to continuously keep going after them for the same thing. There's a stark difference between holding someone accountable and bullying them over past mistakes. In this situation, she is 100% the victim, and if you refuse to or cannot see that, then you shouldn't involve yourself with such drama and cancel culture because you're taking it way too personally and way too far. Calling her the victim in this one instance does not make past instances where she might have been an instigator magically disappear. It does not offer her a win, it does not offer her redemption. There is nothing wrong with what RTG was doing or saying here, and just because she didn't talk specifically about the negative sides of someone does not automatically mean she 100% supports them and they've never done anything wrong or are absolved of any wrongdoing because they're the victim in one scenario.

  • We’re grown, I’m unsure of the veracity of anything any of them say because it’s like the popular girls. It’s all bull and none of it matters.

  • Thank you for watching out for kids’ and vulnerable/easy manipulated people’s safety because goddamn you already know most of their audiences are literal children being exposed to ped* jokes and worse 🤮

  • Ethan is legit the best thing that ever happened to her. He disagrees with her without being disrespectful and dropping her. I feel like he's the first person who hasn't dumped her with every argument or drama. And it's probably been really good for to understand she's not garbage. She's simply hanging out with garbage people. I may have missed it, but I think a genuine apology to DissociaDID and the mental health community is sorely overdue, and would go a long way in further redemption.

  • trisha talks so fast its funny lol, also i feel like im the only one who has sorta felt like she was always a troll so i never understood why she was hated on so much? idk i mean shes done problematic shit but who hasnt so i just never cared to like, so much ab her trolling idk how to explain it lol

    • It's kind of like that one female streamer on ESmain/Twitch that made fun of and humiliated a girl with cancer, how she was wearing a wig due to hair loss, etc. Some people do care about this kind of stuff because for some people these kind of topics, trolling or not, hits very close to home. Imagine you had to struggle through the same situation then you come across someone trolling someone else in the same circumstance you were in and envision you in the same situation, make sense? Trollers do so because they have nothing else to do with their lives and they don't care about the ways their words can genuinely cause harm to people. It's not often the fact that they're unaware, they're just blatantly ignorant, it takes literally 5 minutes for people to educate themselves on how words can harm people and they never bother because they don't see it as their problem. Furthermore, for people that do get attached to such stories because they hit close to home or what not, when they find out that the thing was faked for clout they feel cheated because they were used. Oh yea and the same streamer? Called it trolling. It's what a lot of people do in order to get away with things without receiving hate or having to take accountability and realise that they're in the wrong.