The Sun & a hot take à la cosmo

Publicado el 17 may 2021
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  • Shitty human being! If you're not happy LEAVE!

  • the argument about adrenaline rush could be as well said to promote murder and i dont see a lot of people doing that

  • I started the video thinking it couldn't be that bad. Then you read the title and I just...

  • This writer just sounds spiteful

  • This would be the same woman to scream in anger if someone wrote an article like this to men. Plus, adrenaline rush? Lmao imagine something like: "everyone should stab a person at least once! The adrenaline rush is immense!!" Like...what??

  • I want your Joker t-shirt

  • The Quartering did an episode on this ridiculous article also. You bring out great points too. The whole premise of cheating "empowering" you is disgusting. Like you said, there are so many other options. And this woman is no happier in the end.... She is selfish and seems to bring nothing to the relationship because all she talks about is being treated like a queen with expensive dinners, and other froo-froo crap. What did she do to make her boyfriend feel like a king? Feel wanted? Feel special? Maybe that is why he quit putting her on a pedestal and opted for quiet dinners at home. Why would he want to be with someone who is that self centered? She tells the reader everything we need to know about who she is. And THAT is why she has not met "the one".

  • I love your earnest reaction to this and I agree with everything you said, but I'm fairly sure that article was written by a man to stir up controversy and misogyny (the woman expects expensive gifts and fancy meals etc)

  • If you can't communicate or establish boundaries in your life, you need therapy. Not an affair, which will leave everyone involved with more makes me sad there are grown ppl who think like this


  • It's fun to lie and sneak around and be dishonest and hurt others/rip families apart??? This was written by a fricken psychopath

  • People who cheat are low. There is always a huge amount of manipulation, lying, and toxic psychology when cheating. It usually is used on both the person being cheated on and the person being cheated with. The article says it all, just how low you stoop when it comes to others feelings. And I completely agree there is some type of sad psychology happening with the author. I hate to be the bearer of bad news for this author. But there is no mythical magical perfect one, relationships take work, maintenance, and communication. No man is going to worship the ground you walk on if you don’t do the same. Why there are woman out there that still think that men should act a certain way without women reciprocating is beyond me? It is hilarious to note that the women giving advice to others about cheating always seem to be alone and still looking for that perfect man though. Never a thought as to why they themselves are single. It’s like that one person who thinks something is wrong with everyone else, never thinking the actual problem might be themselves.

  • You know what’s funny Shallon Lester, who is a known problematic life and relationship coach on ESmain. Actually has the same take about cheating or being anti monogamous. She just put a video out not two weeks ago about cheating being a good thing. She coincidentally used to be an editor for the Sun which she continuously reminds her audience of. I do wonder if she read the same article and decided to use the idea for her video? It’s funny in her real life though she did not put up with a cheating partner. But is telling thousands of women online that it’s a good thing. She even went so far as trying to sell it biologically! By saying the male penis’ tip is shaped the way it is to pull other men’s sperm out of a female’s vagina. This I guess was to state that women should have as many partners as possible? She did not note her source for this, but did in fact state it as if it was actual biological fact. Funny how I have never been taught or heard about that in human biology but I digress. I just find it ironic that here we have two people from basically the same cloth, encouraging others what they themselves would never put up with in their actual lives. I wonder if the author of this article also goes after men who are at least half their age? Scary to think these are the people who other’s are getting their life and relationship guidance from.

  • I think people also don’t consider the health effects of cheating. Like, if you believe your partner is exclusive you may feel safer engaging in unprotected sex with them. A friend of mine found out her husband was cheating when a doctor informed her she had An STI that would cause more complications in her pregnancy. It was such a scary time for her and she did not agree to that. Like, I’m all for ethical non-monogamy but if one person in the relationship is in the dark about the risks someone is taking sexually then that is abusive. Consent has to be informed and asked from all parties so they can judge what risks they are willing to take. My friend would not have had unprotected sex with her husband if she knew he was having sex with other people at the same time.

  • I will never understand why people are more than happy to stay in bad relationships. If there is a lack of communication or you're not happy or the 'magic has gone', just end it. END IT. Talk it out, be honest with each other and if you're not happy with the relationship just end it. Relationships work both ways, so if one of you isn't happy or the feelings aren't mutual, then the relationship hasn't worked out. You tried but you're just not a right fit for each other and that's OK. Move on. Instead of wasting your time and your partner's time, go your separate ways and do something else with your life. Life is WAAAAY too short to play stupid games with people or end up stuck in a toxic relationship because it's 'convenient'. END IT.

  • I feel like so many of these pro-cheating articles are Cosmo trying to cash in on shock value tbh. Pretty shady.

  • I’ve never been in a situation where my relationship seemed off or my partner seemed less affectionate and my brain said “You know what’ll make me feel better? Cheating.” Like.... my most recent partner deals with some severe mental health issues so when he became distance it made me try harder in the relationship and made me worry about him. My partner is less affectionate because he’s depressed, why tf would I do something to make that worse?

  • ...if a guy cheated with a woman 10 years younger to ‘feel younger’ she’d feel differently

  • That's totally besides the point but I'am wondering , are you a French speaker or learner ? The way you pronounced "rendezvous" and " lengerie" was ... Perfect lmao, that's a perfect French accent you got honestly, if you're a french learner I applause you for your efforts.

  • chEATing mAde MY SKIIIINNN GewwwDDDD

  • She wants someone who worships the ground she walks on while being a super shitty person. It's not gonna happen for you sis.

  • cheating puts your partners at a risk of STIs and thus violates bodily autonomy! the willful withholding of that information makes cheating a matter of rape!

  • If you wouldn't want to be cheated on then don't do it to anyone else. Actually don't start a relationship to being with. This is no better than those men who think men can't help but cheat because of their dumb caveman brain. We are humans who are capable of higher thought. Don't do anything to others you wouldn't want done to you.

  • I met a person to whom this disgusting thing (cheating) happened. A (person I know, mother of 2) B (Man w6043) C (W6043) D (W6043's unfortunate husband) She was married and has 2 kids with B. Her ex good friend, C, started hitting on B and they decided to have an affair behind D and A's backs. A, however, is very clever, and she found out really fast. B fessed up and exposed C, who exploded and told D (poor man..) that she wasn't satisfied with him because he wasn't rich enough for her and she wanted someone better (with a bigger bank account). All of them divorced their previous SOs (thank goodness). B and C got married and then C cheated on B with another man (she is going after that wallet bois) and they divorced because "you ain't rich enough for me1!1!" B tried to go back to A, but she met another man, whom loves her, and they are planning to get married. B is now all alone. And after going for that wallet, C tried going back to D, who rejected her and is happy with another woman. A & D have new partners and B & C are sad, regretful and alone :)

  • What did you do to your fingers?

  • If you are in an agreed monogamous relationship, STAY IN THE MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP FAITHFULLY!

  • I have never felt so sick as I did when I got cheated on.. still makes my stomach turn.. Cosmo should be cancelled.. ☹️

  • Prop yourself on the pain of others cause like why not. 😓

  • Umhmhm on another note, where can I find that joker tee??? 💚💥🤡

  • Haha I just had a moment where I asked is Shannon nearby because you said "In the year of our Lord, 2021".

  • Love the fact that you have a joker shirt on and that your hair is green although I'm surprised you didn't do purple eyeshadow instead of red.

  • 16:40 me 😂

  • Wait, she’s 46! WTF!

  • Exactly! My wife and I have been married for 6 years, and till this very day, we still flirt with each other, we still flood each other with compliments. And she’s poly . She’s had plenty of gfs. And I’ve never felt unloved by her. Cheating is not the way. Just find what fits you. ridiculous when I hear 30 year olds still can’t be faithful. Pretty sad.

  • Gulia (sorry if I spelled it wrong) can you please make a video about how you put your wings on and what types? ♥️♥️♥️

  • 14:01 LMAOOO I get you girl 😂😂😂

  • They say that psychopaths and sociopaths make up about 1% of the population of earth and narcissists make up about another 1%. The only conclusion that I can come to is that as media markets become more and fractured, publishers keep trying to capitalize on smaller slices of the population. Someone at a women's mag must have seen that people with antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder are an underserved market. This is the only plausible explanation I can think of as to why "cheating is good" has become a popular article topic.

  • Causing someone to have trust issues and paranoia is not something to take pride in

  • Funny how there was an ad where a guy said : I am sick of arguing with my partner.

  • Nice airplane reference ya got there

  • Not defending cheating, but you literally said that cheating is a psychopathic trait. It's not. Plenty of people are messy in relationships without being psychopaths, or bad people. The new puritans are effing scary

  • I still get anxious and stuff when I get off work before my husband and then I hear him come in the front door. We've been together 10 years

  • Female empowerment used to be about women taking control of their own lives and showing the world that they are human beings and should be treated as such. Now it just encourages women to be terrible people.

  • This makes me really angry... Cheating is not okay. It hurts people. Why do people try to justify cheating?

  • This is honestly harmful to women. Men are going to flip their shit at this article and it will boost misogynistic and antagonistic views of women. This article wants to appear scandalous and spark controversies for views at the expense of modern women's reputation

  • When you've watched like 50 Ready to Glare videos without actually knowing her name, lol.

  • For some reasons I feel like she's just really into it but felt guilty and then just wrote the article to justify her actions. And quite honestly even if I don't condone the act, I would not judge her. But trying to promote it is another level of WTF...

  • I use Billie and I really liked their razors, they’re pretty inexpensive for what you get, plus the magnetic wall holder is neat

  • 1. The author is ignoring the fact that she may have changed during that first year as well. She may have become less attentive towards "James", but she will never admit this because she had to justify her cheating. 2. "Andrew" was estranged from his wife? Then he should have been working on that situation, figuring out if they wanted to save their marriage or not. 3. No mention is made of how "James" or "Andrew's" wife felt. "James" probably had no idea that the author was feeling ignored. Did "Andrew's" wife know that they were estranged, or was that just a lie he told the author. 4. The author and "Andrew" are both POS, and had no qualms about hurting their partners in exchange for a few thrills. 5. Her marriage was sexless and dead. Yes, it was...because she had been cheating on her husband and ignoring him!!!

  • Wow! That's horrible advice

  • This is absolutely a defunct personality type. If you’re unhappy, address or leave. Stepping out on an SO is not ok. It’s gross, it’s wildly inconsiderate, and let’s not even talk about the diseases involved. Yikes

  • Julia should be writing articles for Cosmo instead. Women might actually get some good advice.

  • Im willing to bet this story The author, / alleged " journalist" made up over a boozy lunch. Maybe her editor told her to do it who knows either way she should be held accountable for producing this piece of trash What HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY fOR YOURSELF RACHEL???? HA? ...

  • James reading this like 👁👄👁

  • Why cant they just look into having an open or polyamory relationship instead of purposefully hurting their partner 😟

  • Her affair has absolutely nothing to do with her husband. She was bound to cheat because her idea of what a marriage entails is based on feeling good as opposed to sharing a life with someone. She needs therapy, aside from that she clearly lacks empathy so I doubt she'd get help. She is incapable of feeling remorse because she feels no emotional attachment to him so she doesn't see herself as having done something wrong. She lacks self awareness because she doesn't factor how she treats other people and how they feel as something that reflects her.

  • 2 thoughts- 1. Companies sometimes “sponsor” articles, what do you suppose the odds are of that website paying a little $$ for this article? 2. A 38 year old woman who is still dating trying to ruin intentionally ruin younger women’s lives with bad advice is a bad look! Feeds into negative stereotypes

  • I feel like she may have poorly communicated intentionally just to fulfill the quasi requirement of having attempted communication and have a reason to do what she did and will do again, like how badly did she want what she wanted out of the situation because its a very specific addiction and one that hurts people, not just partners but kids, the acknowledgement of the adrenaline rush is evidence of this. I haven't been with many partners because we were together for so long but they always ended up asking to be polyamorous after "tasting the forbidden fruit". like they didn't suffer any consequences, so it must be okay, and it must be manageable that they asked for polyamory which I declined. I'm not rich so I can't afford that lifestyle and even if I did I would have bought something other than what we had because that is what polyamory is, just satisfying various sexual desires, like you would never see people playing house in a sex club. I'm not obsessed with it, I usually like it because of the foreplay with a specific person with the context of an agreed goal that is to build a life, maybe family if that were even possible these days. but yeah, its good to see this take, seeing the comments makes me less anxious about the real world. our traumas may make it hard but maybe RNG will be kind and allow the health of the nature that is our species to blossom from this problem. How badly would you want that fix? How many fools in the wake of this? She'd be so good at tricking a fool that it'd be second nature. And this kind of abuse has been carried with humans for a long time only now its at an apex. How could this kind of thing survive? It's not healthy, it's definitely something afforded to a privileged few

  • Idea, buy him/her a gift and try to hide it in plain view or something kind of scary but exciting. That or if you want to sneak around, both of you go to a restaurant in disguise at lunch time and try to figure out if you can find each other.

  • Bro she said she needed some sort of excitement in the bedroom so why not just.... try something new?? Like there are so many things you can try that don’t involve cheating on your partner. Like if you want the thrill of getting caught, there’s exhibitionism, if you want a different partner for a bit theres threesomes or swinging, there are so so so many things other than cheating

  • The sun is made to trigger ‘snowflakes’. Made by men who voted for Brexit and then will complain about Brexit if it all goes wrong. If it isn't still a thing, they till very recently had page 3 girls, topless women, that when as a kid I just opened a newspaper I screamed and felt guilty so started crying, my mum had to hug me while laughing as she knew that you NEVER read the sun 😂 But literally, they have a daily comic that is always about cheating, everything practically about cheating and it makes sense as the people who write it all cheats so I feel they write it for people who want to justify cheating. oh, it's my partner's fault I cheated because the worst newspaper said so. I tell you if someone I like ever is in the same room as the sun I'm over them.

  • Didn’t you make this video already?

  • These types of articles sound like they're written by what Reddit calls "r/nicegirls".

  • Also, besides this reading big American Psycho energy, I really get bitty babymomma vibes™️ from this one. Minus the babymomma. Bitter.. girl you just sound sadistic and bitter.

  • “To me it sounds like you’re not doing well” I literally laughed out loud. 💀

  • James sounds super lame. Why didn’t she just leave him?

  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • I honestly can’t with humanity anymore. Seriously, wtf did I just watch??? The Sun is a complete waste of a fucking tabloid. Speaking as someone who’s still trying to heal from being cheated on for three months two years ago, cheating is never the answer. And I totally agree, the whole thing sounds psychotic.

  • 17:20 Yeah there’s apps for one night stands. You don’t have to cheat.

  • I only "cheated" on my abusive ex, I say "cheated" cuz I never had sex with the guy that helped me get out, but we had a connection and I call that emotional cheating... Turns out my ex was cheating on me for the 7 years we were together, not trying to excuse my actions, the other guy just gave me an out and I took it!!

    • I dont believe you can cheat on an abuser. Because they have already broken the covenant of love / trust. - its not cheating its legit escaping . Loyalty is something that only makes sense being given to a worthy deserving reciprocating partner . Not abusers who worm their way into our lives disguised as partners.

  • MSM trying to slowly destroy the family

  • She sounds like a narcissist

  • Wtf! I got cheated on and recently discovered it and I can’t even begin to describe how painful it is to know that your partner lied to you, it’s been a month since I know and I still feel hurt AF

  • Cheating aka how to get divorced or shot.💩🔫🎅

  • I'm waiting for articles on shoplifting and stealing being empowerment and an adrenaline rush.

  • Why would cheating make someone look sexier? It used to be getting a makeover or changing style.

  • Well, I was cheated on in my first real relationship many years ago, during a young and already vulnerable, inexperienced state, and the amount of shame and humiliation I suffered after that...why on earth would I want to make anyone else feel like that? I felt like worthless dog shit. Do people really lack empathy? It's not empowering. You want what you want, then verbalize it. THAT'S empowering. There's nothing wrong with wanting multiple partners or not seeking commitment. If that's your thing, then that needs to be addressed, you don't drag a person along and betray their trust just because it gives you a sick thrill.

  • I don't understand how cheating can make you feel like a glowing goddess and not like a piece of trash. Seriously, why there's no guilt? She knows she's doing something wrong, that's why she's hiding it.

  • Look at kanika I think her name is and she is a sociopath/narcissist snd its interesting how she speaks about cheating because she doesnt feel remorse but it's more she chooses not to cheat because she loves her fiance and him leaving would hurt her ego. It's so interesting

  • If it takes a year for your relationship's spark to fizzle out, then you're not in the right relationship.

  • I feel like cheating works for people who have a awful poor communication with their partners. So after cheating they get more attention from them or for the first time in a while they are ready to communicate their feelings. with each wanna be with someone you can trust so why....argh....sigh...

  • Cheating doesn't just hurt the person being cheated on. The one doing the cheating loses a lot, whether or not they realize it at the time. It causes you to lose the ability to respect yourself. If you know that you can't be counted on, if you know that you can't be trusted, that has a way of working itself into your self image and personality in some pretty insidious ways. You lose your self respect and begin to settle for far less than you should, because, deep down, you know that you're not worth it. You know that you're an untrustworthy person, and you know how dishonest you are. That can come at a pretty high price to your own life. Yes, cheating can destroy someone else, but without realizing it, cheating can cause you to destroy yourself.

  • Cosmo is Narccisit fuel. It is all suggestions for people who don't mind doing such things to other people to fulfill their egos needs. This is the perfect example of that. I've thought it was akin to a trash mag since the 90's.

  • If you want to have an open relationship then do that but why do you have to hurt someone else and screw them over? It’s not some kind of “self care” to hurt people you’re supposed to love.

  • So, society, I just want to get this straight. When it is a female cheating, it is all rainbows, unicorns, and “adrenaline”, and perfectly fine. But when a man cheats, it is all Before He Cheats and Two Cadillacs vandalism and violence? 🤔🤔😳😳

  • It wouldn't surprise me if these so-called articles were made up by some writer-want-to-be on staff at the magazine. What a waste of words.

  • To be fair I use the Sun as lining for my pet’s litter trays.

  • I wish billie was available in Australia ☹️ looks like such a good brand

  • Omg I noticed that ever since I moved in with my husband I haven't watched a single video of you. Idk why. I like listening to fucked up shit but he conforms to the "you become whatever you feed your mind" mindset. I guess I didn't wanna freak him out by listening to talk of cheating, murder,MAPs etc.

    • Well that's quite the black and white mindset. You do you girl, if he doesn't like it and it's not hurting him or anyone else in any way, it's his problem.

  • omg i just realized i never knew your name until this video..... been subbed for a year now :O

  • doesn't the thought of hurting your partner hurt you? Like wtf??? So fucking sick

  • More than 1/4 feel good about it? She just admitted that most people don't feel good about it

  • Also, why are there so many woman that scream ''EQUALITY'' but get mad when their male partner doesn't give them expensive flowers and doesn't plan surprise dates?

  • There's been a trend of normalizing infidelity in recent years and it makes me sick. I've been cheated on numerous times and the fact that my partner slept with someone else wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was the months and sometimes YEARS of lying, gaslighting, manipulating, putting my health at risk, and tricking me into a covert poly relationship that I'd never have consented to had I known the real terms and conditions. That's what destroyed my mental health and removed my ability to trust anyone ever again. I could forgive a single drunken one night stand, but actively deceiving me and making me feel crazy to cover up your lies is ABUSE, pure and simple. Some people never recover from the one person they trusted the most betraying them in the worst way, some even kill themselves. Intentional cheating is unforgivable.

  • I knew what you was gunna say girl 😂😂😂 omg that was too funny

  • Also yeah have the uncomfortable conversation but ??? She also cheated on him because the honeymoon period ended and he doesn't wait on her hand and foot? I hate this bitch

  • Definitely trash 🗑

  • off topic: I love when you pronounce foreign words. accent on point 💯

  • Normal people get adrenaline rushes by like, skateboarding or base jumping

  • previous partners of mine cheating resulted in me constantly taking it out on my next partner. I was always living in fear/anxiety and was never able to trust again. how can anyone promote this?! total and utter 🗑️