The 'relatable' trend sucks

Publicado el 15 abr 2020
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  • People do this " dumb acting" type shit to get little kids interested because its most of their audience

  • Im gonna give my like and go away, there is a limit to what i can handle, sorry

  • It is worrying that they find matching tracksuits relatable. I did a whole report on that. I hope they don't like Nike's.

  • 9:13 - I never wished to be a plant more than at this moment.

  • “Esenshully” and “inanuvitself” are your fav words 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • the narrator sounds like a voice actress for one of the hunter x hunter dub examiners

  • Troom Troom: "OF COURSE EVERY GIRL WANTS TO BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!" Me: Okay, what is the biggest and baggiest My Chemical Romance shirt and Baggiest black pants I own that I can wear so that I do not attract attention to myself. Attention equals needing to converse with creatures thst aren't my cat. No thanks.

  • The one about the girl jamming to music is literally me listening to MCR. Except I don't put on my headphones in the middle of a group hangout and start screeching. No, I ask my friends permission to play music while we have nothing to talk about and then we start jamming and screeching TOGETHER.

  • watching the sponsor im just now realizing this channel is mostly women

  • Ive never understood why they have full ass adults acting like little children and call it relatable.

  • Content farms from Russia trying to pretend to be American. All they know about Americans is infomercials and crappy sitcoms, and poorly translated versions of those things too.

  • My kid sister relentlessly watches this channel and I can feel my brain cells dying watching it.

  • k low-key though, the plant one is relatable.

  • The narration sounds like the ones on kid videos, the videos look and sound like for preteens and under, which is fu because it's not teaching them anything good

  • The way they talk and estoy the videos reminds me of the shitty videos on ESmain kids

  • Why does the narrator sound like Dora the Explorer?

  • Anyone else getting "What up fellow kids" vibes from this?

  • Did anybody notice that most of their female workers are blonde? I'm not accusing them of discrimination or anything, but hmmmmm...

  • Omg I use function of beauty and I love it

  • 10:33 how is that guy in high school 🤣

  • If you have friends who only wear black/ dark clothes that hoodie will defenitly make you stand out😂

  • I totally related to the green thumb! Jk. I dont garden. Heck my mother tries and barely keeps her plants alive. But she keeps on trying. Poor plants. 😄

  • cool that's crazy

  • That voice is nails on a chalkboard. Do people actually subscribe to that and watch those videos willingly ? My god

    • SHSL Person Yeah you’re probably right but it’s good that u find it annoying too lol

    • I think they're trying to make it like eye catching for children... I'm a child and I don't understand the appeal

  • My niece watches that crap channel I told her to stop as it causes brain damage.

  • what even is this video???? like can i go back to the time before i knew about this XD

  • The funniest part about every troom troom video is how clueless and awkward the actors look It’s very clear they only give them the general idea of what to do and they just work off that

  • the chair gives her kitty ears

  • 1. Just drain the pimple with a toothpick/stick floss and bandage it. 2. There's cutesy blue ball watering devices for black thumbs.

  • #foodblogger.. #plagiarism lmao. also what the fuck are these facial expressions. I think this channel is for infants

  • I am not me. *I am you* but you have never noticed until now. Unless you still do not realize it. You deny that I am you because you think it's illogical. I know. I can see your thoughts in my own mind. I can relate to you because I know you. Likely better than you know yourself. Lol jk let's get a pumpkin spice latte. I hate conformists. Being like everyone else is pathetic.

  • Function isn't available in my country TT Also, i used to have an instagram acc that was specifically based on sharing home decor photos from magazines and site which issue the pics is from. So, stealers make it difficult for people like me who, just wants to share the picture and the magazine. But in a rage i deleted it. :):

  • 😂😂I feel good that I didn't even know TroomTroom the wackiest corporation channel & the 'relatable ' trend was even still a thing. This is atrocious,poor kids.

  • “If this is what people relate to, I don’t want to be a person” pretty accurate 😂

  • I feel like the universe of TroomTroom is just a pocket dimension of what humans could become

  • My mother has a black thumb. She somehow killed a cactus of all things

  • Is there actually a stereotype that women like gardening? I've never heard of that

  • Omfg I have a deadbeat cheating father named Robert who lives in Germany holy shit.... that’s insane...

  • Sorry I have to point this out and I cant unsee it. I couldn't help but notice in the thumbnail on the back of the chair it looks like the modern Templar symbol in assassin's creed.

  • Sorry I have to point this out and I cant unsee it. I couldn't help but notice in the thumbnail on the back of the chair it looks like the modern Templar symbol in assassin's creed.

  • This was even more disturbing than the murder content

  • I think the food pic one seemed like a kind criticizing people posting fake/plagiarized content. They even say you shouldn't trust everything online

  • Its hilarious how much your personality contrasts with Troom Troom

  • why do these people act like they came strait out from a Sims game?????

  • "why did this video need to be made" lmaoooooooo

  • God during the singing part it was so bad that I didn't skip the two ads I got

  • October 89

  • That channel is the problem with this era 😆

  • I've had migraines from watching troomtroom😣😣

  • Honestly I think they try to cater towards college aged people. Theyre just,,, doing a *very* bad job

  • So unbelievably cringey. And what are these scenarios?? Like these would never happen, I'm so confused lol

  • i don't understand why people wearing the same hoodie is a bad thing? if i didn't see anyone wearing or buying some of the clothes i buy, i'd assume i had poor taste in clothes. i'm not saying everyone has to dress a like, i'm just saying its not a big deal to me to wear the same thing as someone else.

  • yes yes I am human I understand how human work thank you troomtroom for helping I be humaner yes yes

  • Off topic but your chair makes you look like you’re wearing cat ears and it’s cute💕

  • cant relate what so ever

  • Holy shit, the epitome of cringe

  • Haven't luckily ever heard of TroomTroom.. So teaching a generation of airheads? I died a little inside.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Who even was hired to act for troomtroom lol I wonder what that would've been like on their end


  • “If this is what people relate to, I don’t want to be a person” This is the perfect sentiment

  • This is obviously made for aliens in order to learn about humans.

  • Lol that voice though and the channel, they are so annoying 🙄I’m out ;)

  • It's russian media

  • “If this is what people relate to I don’t want to be a person” IS THE MOST RELATABLE SENTENCE IN THIS VIDEO

  • Could this video be planting the ‘Karen’ programming in sheeples minds?

  • "If this is what people relate to I don't want to be a person" is probably the best line I've heard all year

  • the voiceover triggers my fight or flight response

  • I’m sorry, I love you, but I have to click off, because I can’t stand troom trooms voice for another second.

  • I think these are literally made for children

  • I can see this being relatable for a sim character community, Bravo sims2020

  • Is Troom troom European?

    • Googled it and allegedly it's Russian

  • it reminds me so much of that scene in the live action scooby doo movie where the gang is @ spooky island and they find the classroom and informational video the monsters are using to pose as humans with “relatable” reactions to scenarios lmao

  • ngl tho that houseplants one got to me

  • you're so pretty !! :)

  • I can’t imagine how serious these people take the filming. Like if I saw people “acting” like that I would piss myself laughing

  • “i just kind of wanted to NOT talk about murder for a day, so” fuck 😂

  • This sounds like satire--

  • its translated from German into to English and thats why its so bad at grammar

  • That voice-over makes me feel like I'm watching a show aimed at little kids, only I'm not so...yeah.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say...wat ?

  • The problem I have is that I realized they have 18.2 million subscribers, I swear they bought those subscribers. There is no way in any universe that many people like them🤣🤣

  • "Or else we're going to have to have a really hard conversation about the Beatles" 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 lololol

  • Even in a yellow neon hoodie no one saw me in class. This demographic of people (sheltered, discriminatory people) have never seen someone who dresses like an E-kid/skater I guess, as I've been called my style, cause me wearing exclusively black grabs their attention more than a neon hoodie. Just don't try, be around annoying normies and you're good XD.

  • The only thing I related was your reaction 🤣 why do their videos find me of that cringe shit from the early 2000s

  • can we talk about the age gaps in the last one she looked like 15 and the other guy looked 45 lmao

  • The commentary/voiceover in the video made me want to crawl into a hole and die

  • You know in Scooby Doo where they taught the monsters how to be teenagers with educational videos? Yeah.

  • My 7 yearold sister watches these videos and so do her little friends

  • Oh my God, I never thought you even could do a Troom Troom video with you're format. Lol!!! I love it! I know the commentary community does clown on Troom Troom and you fit into the commentary community, but your angle is so different than most. Love your creativity

  • Robert must honestly be the official dead beat dad name so that part would deff be relatable🤣😂🤣

  • Troom Troom's 'humor' fits the preteen bracket, yet its 'practical' life advice often covers dating fiasco avoidance and domestic-partner pranks. But I couldn't just take it as guilty-pleasure clickbait, thanks to that shrill narration and that hyperbolic poorly translated English.

  • the voice acting .. god no..........

  • 9:34 I relate to that because my in-laws gift me anything that has a cat on it because when I was first dating my husband, I was crazy about cats. Now I'm okay with it just not crazy about it.

  • boobies

  • I'm so sorry, I love you but I cant stand this video. I had to stop it lol Her voice is just too much for me.

  • The person who does voice-overs has got to be some kind of fucking psychopath cuz I'm pretty sure they're the same one who voiced over that reptile channel that was just a fetish Vore animal abuse channel disguised as a Children's Learning Channel that was made by some guy who started off his Online Career feeding dangerously oversized pets but he adopted to sick reptiles and now still does the same thing but not cats and dogs and he has this bitch voice over it like it's a fun learning experience as a sick snake or lizard eats a baby chicken or rat alive for his sick fetish. Fully monetized by the way.

  • 8:12 Where is my Chinese grandma and how did you take her entire house?

  • "I don't want to think about murder for a day." lmao

  • I always think of Knight Rider when I see your beginning, lol I've got a black thumb. Girl same! I look at a plant and it dies

  • I feel like Tommy Wiseau (an actual alien) created TroomTroom. Afterall he is known for his...questionable take on human behaviour.