The most vile streamer

Publicado el 1 mar 2021
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  • Plays the entire call on stream. Calls 911 lying about the call. Honey. You filmed yourself doing a crime. No brain. Just a single atrophied bean pinging around the inside of her empty skull.

  • Shes so disgusting I'm about to vent

  • Her voice makes me want to shower in lava

  • Her voice makes me want to shower in lava

  • If she really thought her dad was going to “kill her” she would of hit the ground running it doesn’t matter I’ve been in situations like that and I ran with nothing the clothes on my back and she didn’t seem shaken up at all it was bs. She would of grabbed whatever a got out she was just doing it for clout and to f with her dad.

  • I noticed she was on Dr. Phil recently. I recognized her from YOUR video.

  • "autism doesn't exist" mr. stark, i dont feel so good

  • Wow, that was just so wrong. No one should have to go through that.

  • Everybody gangsta until she starts reading her full name and address

  • “People with autistic” LMAOOO shes so bad at trolling (I’m autistic btw). What an attention seeking weirdo.

  • Her weave 🤮 litteraly plastic imagine being so insensitive 😑 I have never heard her ever in my life

  • I was under the impression that one had to play videogames on Twitch...? Am I just old as balls?


  • Oh I thought it was gonna be that mukbang girl who tortures live sea creatures while she struggles to eat them all. This girl gets #2 in my book.

  • She's that one popular girl in school that was so loud all the time, always bullied the teacher and treated quiet people like pets.

    • This is so accurate lmao I was one of the quiet kids who was treated like a pet

  • 10:54 honestly at this point in the video I could not keep a straight face lol, this chick is a crackhead 😂 she's nuts

  • What's all fake? Is it possible the cancer patient was an actor and her dad was an actor and the police were actors? Just wondering.

  • Who is this broad again??? *cups hands* we don’t know them!!!

  • She could disappear and I don't think many would care😒

  • Funny how she is talking down o the cancer patient when she sounds like if Kim Kardashian were a man, lookin like if Kylie Jenner had bone marrow baby.

  • Unrelated but I love your shirt

  • How the fuck do people this awful exist. This isnt human.

  • Why is she laughing at herself like what she says is funny...I feel so bad for her dad and she deserves to get kicked out she'll pay for her shitty attitude and personality one day lmao

  • thanks for the trigger warning

  • "people with au-...umm, uhh... autistiiiiic" this girl is speaking about the neuro-divergent with the overall intelligence of a baked f*cking bean and she really thinks she's doing something. lmao if you can even consider the drawn out mouth sounds she's making human speech, I mean.

  • “People with autistic” my guy at least insult people correctly fuck

  • This is the worst most disgusting and vile chick I think I have ever seen. I am dumbfounded that there are actual people like this.

  • She sounds like English is her second language, but she only speaks English.

  • when she said "it's one AM in the morning"

  • Well that was just... disgusting

  • why is her head so fucking big

  • Damn the girl this nasty person was talking to got her good a few times. You could see in nasty persons face how good the girl got her!! She didnt have a come back bc she was just being nasty for no reason. The young lady handled herself so well. The fact she was able to clap back w/o being rude was great!!

  • "People with autism are useless" Spoken by a person who makes money by being an asshole online

  • When she was bullying the person with leukemia all I could think of was how annoying she sounds

  • shes 18, right? she should know that doing this, even as a ruse, is really not a smart move in any kind of way. if youre 18 you should probably be smart enough to know that doing this kind of stuff online, in front of a HQ camera as well, is not gonna fly, and your future is probably going to be affected. any job you will apply to will run a background check, a future partner might find out about the things you say online, unless you wanna hide your online presence which tbh would be rlly weird, especially if you wanna get closer with them. connecting your name and face to such heinous actions and words is gonna screw you over sooner or later, no matter what you do. you cant take back what you said, and whatever you want to blame your behaviour on, it wont help you with the repercussions. you'd think at age 18 she'd understand even a fraction of that. i have no sympathy for her being kicked out, nor her crying or whatever over it. shes old enough to know that acting this way is messed up.

  • it’s funny bc she’s so irrelevant that i haven’t even heard of this scandal until rn...weeks later

  • Another proof that cancel culture works on wrong ppl

  • "I'm never gonna get caught." Hmmm, methinks this woman doens't understand how technology works.

  • I love your Vladislav tshirt

  • I feel it is ableistic to make fun of this girl. Something is seriously wrong here

  • I do the internet is her job lol.

  • honestly she looks like she’s trying so hard to be insulting and mean but also “cool” but it just comes off as absolutely pitiful.

  • she’s playing a character, not saying she’s not like this irl but the voice, the wording, it’s a character

  • Trash, lmso her I have no internet comment to police. Girl you're so disconnected.

  • imagine trying to get famous by being the best at being the worst.

  • It's the end of the video and I have already forgotten her name...

  • Wow this chick's voice is perfect for being condescending to people

  • Her numbers are going up! So sad.

  • by her logic she is worthless herself

  • She tried to swat her own daddy? 😂😂😂

  • Wow, there's trolling and then there's this. I love to troll idiots, but this is simply heinous. Just horrible.

  • 😳😳😳😳

  • It’s always best to have people like this... Someone we all agree is a piece of trash uniting the nation!

  • Cancer is actually a lot more common than you think, and so is karma

  • By covering this story, you are giving that POS what she wants. Attention.

  • "I do the internet"

  • shes either a good troll and the cancer patient was in onit or wasnt. idk yet haha! either way fake or not dumb idea.

  • She doesnt understand that some of the smartest people in history have or are thought to of had autism.

  • karma will find her

  • My mom died of cancer and this is fucking disgusting. My mom dying affected me so much, she was in so much pain. Cancer fucking sucks and this girl is so repulsive.

  • Girl her acting is so bad that's 15 year old trying to be cool, the laugh especially or the long ass pause she needed to think of something 🙄 sis is disgusting fake or not sis needs to be off the internet and in therapy, a lot of therapy and work on her issues. She's awful. Edit: pathetic.

  • It's weird she felt the need to tell the operator that's she's a streamer

  • “let’s not pretend we can understand an organism that has no brain cells” 😂😂😂😭

  • Idk what I was expecting but wtf like who actually says this shit it’s not even funny just gross

  • It doesn't matter if even a word of what she said was genuine. It doesn't MATTER if those are her actual feelings. Just saying such things for notoriety makes a morally void person, end of discussion. Like, we need to ask ourselves what kind of a person you have to be to even say such things (and in my opinion, waste 911's time...) without gagging. She should be put somewhere she doesn't have internet access.

  • She wants drama. I hate every aspect of her and agree she needed to be addressed, but we gotta let her rot.

  • "people with autism aren't real. They're all pretending to have autism." Makes sense

  • she reminds me of heather chandler, you already know where shes most likely gonna end up because of this.

  • The dad's stream:

  • Let’s not pretend that we understand an organism that has no brain cells!!!!!! 😂Omg that was fu*king iconic 💯

  • I have never heard of her. If she died today, I doubt anyone would care.

  • So she did this for clout or ...? She’s gross

  • I dislike her voice so much i ALWAYS skip the clips whenever commentary channels play clips of her. Please can they stop. Seriously her voice physically hurts

  • shoutout to DeadwingDork for covering her first!

  • that girl is the embodiment of a birth control ad

  • When she’s “crying” 911 operator you can tell it’s fake. She’s not actually crying. It’s fake. And she’s lying to the cops, on video.... which is illegal....

  • imagine trying to get fame through being purposefully offensive and stripping yourself of all dignity and humanity for it to result in only 10k subs. lmfao. the time for content like onisions has long passed

  • you should do a follow up on her apology - it was literally the worst thing in the world, she was calling people ugly, using air quotes when she pretended to apologize, said straight up that she was too pretty to get cancer, and was super fucking sarcastic in her response

  • She had to be on drugs ?? Because there is no way she is stupid enough to say this on the internet

  • literally never heard of this dingbat until this video. it's hilarious that she films everything that incriminates her. also "I do the internet" made me cackle

  • No one knows who she is.

  • I remember seeing the original vid when she was caught. I had no idea her life went to shit like that. I’m quite happy 😊

  • The autism comments almost made me throw my phone across the room 😭

  • She gives me pathological liar vibes. She will realize one day when she's alone in the world what damage she has done.

  • She doesn’t seem very bright. Her voice is weird Af too.

  • Wow what a dummy.

  • I wanna go back to the 90s please when life was normal and better. Thank you.

  • Maybe she's a bully cuz her dad is. Just a huge speculation from me but she's disgusting no doubt

  • What a disgusting woman. She was kicked out by her dad.

  • This is what we get for holding up people like the Kardashians. There is an obsession with rewarding women who present as though they have no value other than their appearance and go out of their way to act dumb. This woman was speaking like she had a developmental delay (like the Kardashians) but then when she was calling the police she was suddenly able to speak like an adult? I don't believe the Kardashians are stupid, I think they continue on and exaggerate that persona because that is what has gotten them all this attention. Beautiful, dumb, cosmetically enhanced = fame/money. This woman is just going with the trend, I think she said those disgusting things to show everyone how "beautiful and dumb" she is. This shit won't stop until people stop supporting it.

  • why does she talk like that

  • what really scare´s me about that girl is that people like her are doing very well in today´s society.

  • She literally tried to get her dad killed.

  • Definitely sounds like Luka Magnota. Even behaves like him before he killed. This woman is a danger to herself and others. If she's not held accountable for her behavior, she's going to hurt someone. She tried to get her dad killed.

  • She can barely speak when talking about developmentally disabled people. She sounded really high. I wouldn’t wish a drug habit on anyone but I wouldn’t care if she caught one. That she tried to get her own father arrested and steamed the call is sick.

  • ..I too will not incriminate myself but I wish she was in my presence for some of the comments.

  • Damn i didnt know people could be this blatantly awful

  • I hate that woman she is so gross

  • Fantastic exple of a member of human species.

  • If you are gonna talk about terrible streams talk about Maxmillionmus he’s terrifying