The messiest case

Publicado el 30 dic 2020
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1. hankypank007
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  • on this episode of "protecting the criminal"

  • Very considerate of them to worry about the brothers being unable defend themselves in prison. If only they showed the same consideration to the little girl who couldn’t defend herself against her 4 brothers.

  • this proves u that money is the only thing they think about, no justice at all, im completelly sickened by her family like where were the parents-_-

  • Wait so now they did get prison. Fkn GOOOODDD

  • Makes me shudder to think how close I came to being her.

  • I'm also shocked the amish community didn't take it more seriously... They've disowned their own people for way less, but won't disown them for this horribly long list of sins, where some of them are hurting other people, let alone one of their own, a child, like... There's something shady on the community, too... Not necessarily all amish communities, but this particular one, yes.

  • I don't mean to make light of the situation but Sup with dudes hair

  • "they would've been eaten alive in the prison system" Yeah, good. Maybe don't let them get murdered, but you know, I don't have a huge amount of sympathy.

  • So I was listening to this in the background while getting ready for work, and then I heard the name Berkstresser was like "hey I recognize that name". Then I actually started paying attention and heard Missouri and KY3, and realized oh shit I know this case and it's fairly close to where I live. This case was horrible and everyone was mad about it. The girl didn't get a sliver of the justice she deserved, and I can't believe how easily these men got away with their actions. Everyone who heard the story was angry when it broke. I can't believe I didn't recognize this story right off the bat.

  • I was not prepared for the amount of rage

  • The worst thing is they can’t even be tried for this again to try and get a better outcome for the sister. Fucking stupid. The deserve 30 years each at LEAST and chemical castration, not 15 years 🙄

  • I haven't finished the video yet but I hope she's taken from the home and placed in a safer home. Not to mention the fact that her younger brothers need to see a psychologist asap.

  • What's with the hair? Are they taking style tips from Clockwork Orange? Are they legit Amish? wtf is going on here (besides the fact that they are deranged and deserve to be locked away from all females and children)???

  • Holly fuck they look so creepy.

  • As a 13 year old I fucking hate that they didnt have a real punishment. If you disliked this I hope you get beaten to death in prison.

  • I feel like there is so much missing from this story. Were the brothers mentally disabled? That's what it sounds like. Also WHERE were the parents? I get the impression they were mentally slow and had no sexual education and insufficient supervision. Living in the Amish community, they were most likely exposed to the breeding of livestock, and could have been imitating that with their sister as a "game", especially because it sounds like this all got started when ALL of them were under age. If they were all ignorant, as well as unsupervised and un educated, they could have not known they were hurting their sister and their sister may "love" them or not understand she was abused. They may have all been abused by a father/uncle and been acting out, they could have been forced to do this by an adult. Ultimately I believe this all falls on the parents. I feel sorry for all of them, of course most for the girl. There is just so much we don't know from this story : (

  • every day I gain more of an understanding of your hatred for humanity

  • and people think white privilege doesn't fucking exist. yet we have this bs.

  • Every day i wake up and realize there are even more reasons to be pissed off.

  • I literally said "okay and" right before you did

  • not so fun fact- this video is shadowbanned. (according to the YT glitch Derek Van Schaik posted about)

  • As someone who was taken advantage of by my older brothers friend, this makes me sick. How can you look at YOUR little sister and be like yep IMA hit that 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 this is sickening my own brother flipped a ridding lawn mower on a guy for messing with me. How can you look at your sister like that

  • People like them are why I support capital punishment

  • All pedophiles should be neutered. Permanently. End of conversation.

  • “We don’t have enough evidence” the unborn child inside the 13 year old: 👁👄👁 The brothers literally confessing: 👁👄👁

  • That poor child. I hope she is able to recover from this and that she’s receiving the maximum amount of support. It’s insane how she got no Justice.

  • How the judge could come to such a decision? ( perhaps he’s got a similar mindset to those bastards 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  • All pedophiles, rapists, and animal abusers deserve the death sentence. The system failed that little girl.

  • Sounds like something that would happen in my small town. This kind of thing happens all the time here. Part of the issue is how corrupt small town justice systems are. Everyone knows everyone and they all want it swept under the rug.

  • This one really sets me off. Is legit the same thing that happened to me. This happened to me from ages 11-18 and he only got 4 years. My brother tormented me for longer than the 4 years he got and before he even got the 4 years, It took three years to even put him in jail and question him. They kept questioning me like I was the one in the wrong for not saying anything sooner. After I got the abortion which also sucked because I have always been against it, the words to come out of his mouth were “You wanna try for another one hahahaha” and he just casually went on about his day while I wondered every single day if that was just going to be my life. I had my reasons for keeping quiet and I regret taking anyone in my family into consideration because Once everything came to light, they showed me, what I went through, didn’t matter. I’m so sorry to this girl for having gone through that. I wish I could hug her and take her in and let her know I’d actually protect her unlike the fucked up “justice system”

  • Wait there amish?? Cuz that's different unfortunately

  • I wanna scream, but i have no mouth

  • Its always the same, everywhere n this world. Pedophiles always get a ridiculous punishment. Always, The laws are so so ridiculous.

  • Been binging your videos and an now a proud supporter lol love you

  • This whole case enrages me, ever since I read about it. That it happened in my home state near where my younger sisters live is even more upsetting personally. Religion shouldn’t protect you from legal consequences for abuse!!! And yet it so often does.

  • Clearly judges that care more about the rapists well being than the victims can relate in some way shape or form to the rapist and can probably sympathize with them. That judge should be removed from their position and investigated. Ick

  • This type of thing happens in australia all the time. The man who r***ed me from 7-14 plead guilty and recieved * drum roll * 4 years suspended after 18 months. Not even 2 years. To really add in a kick to the guts, he fell and hurt himself in prison on freshly polished concrete and successfully received 300k in compensation. I spent my youth in a mental health facility but somewhat recovered. I moved away (another state away), married and had kids only to one day have him walk towards me in the small town we lived in. There isn't a public register in australia but the one law enforcement can access he was only added to for 5 years. I hate to think all the kids who were hurt after me.

    • I've since moved away again but it feels like I'm forever running from him. Like I'm being punished constantly. I live off a measly disability pension because of mental health while he apparently travels around like it's one big holiday.

  • This is why we still need feminism and other forms of activism. You cannot trust the system to use anything resembling common sense or basic human respect.

  • are they amish or whats good

  • Where are the parents during all of this? Obviously they either do not care or are a part of the abuse themselves!

  • When the System fails people

  • Lock those kids up and whatever happens, happens. Focus on the poor sister, the hell with the brothers.

  • What was that clip from, of the guy shouting at the beginning.. That looks a funny show?... This case is absolutely disgusting.

  • They'll die in their first week prison.

  • The lack of evidence? Da hell. Paternity tests are a thing. Admitted to doing it plus the other two minors. There are other kids who do the same shit and are trialed as an adult. So she still isnt fully safe! Also where are the parents!?!

  • Please never stop posting content. We need more people like you with a real conscience.

  • Hi. Just wanted to mention that if this happened in an Amish community, then there would be a whole bunch more we don’t know. The Amish live outside of the regular world, from what I know - and no matter how things work in the regular western world, the Amish have a whole different way of doing things. Is it right? No. But I think it means there’s a whole bunch more to this that we will never know.

  • Off topic, but this lip shade is definitely your color, it looks so good on you

  • I am genuinely upset not knowing if she (the sister) is safe from the younger minor brothers. I wish there was more I could do for her.

  • This is disgusting, where were her parents? and what about the two other brothers that raped her. This deeply hurt and saddened me this poor girl is a victim of multiple rapes by 4 different BROTHERS and they didn't throw them in jail until they violated the restraining order of coming near her. News flash their her brothers they live in the same fucking house, of course they were gunna come near her. why didn't they throw them in jail in the first place, afraid they were gunna get rapped like they rapped her. this is so upsetting a fail of the justice system.

  • They had to write apology letters to the community and also write, " I will not rape my little sister any more" 100 times on the blackboard.

  • no peace

  • The always sunny got me

  • Even if we went with the judges statement that they are immature for their age, you're basically expecting immature impulsive and dangerous young men to suddenly obey probation. The delusion

  • Fucking YIKES dude

  • Okay why is no one talking about the 2 little boys?? They were also raped. Those older brothers made them rape the sister, therefore they raped all three of them. Do they think that’s not gonna affect those boys?? It’s disgusting.

  • Can you do a video on this case?

  • Where the fuck were the parents????

  • Those haircuts alone are worthy of jail time.

  • So they are from Amish community?! This explains so much, I wanted to say they must be homeschooled and sounds like mights be in a "cult". I wanted to know more about their home environment, and why their home and parents where not investigated more, but it makes sense now. And IMO They definitley violated probation, they went back to their community, living in the same house as their sister.

  • Why/how the f is this considered "molestation"? This is far past the point of child molestation, this is rape or at least sexual abuse because it happened multiple times. Ridiculous.

  • Yeah! The system is bs. As a society of laws we need to do better in understanding the depravity of these crimes and how the lenient rulings just allow for.more people to be abused...

  • That poor girl. First she had to suffer constant rape. Then going through the pain and shame of pregnancy. Having to give birth. And now, having to take care of a child. I saw that what I suspect was one of her teachers posted about this on Quora, she said that the girl was getting a lack of sleep and when asked if she graduated she said "It didn't happen too long ago, she's 13".

  • The amish community is known to not care if a girl is violated,they will shun her fir being a temptress and will protect the men in her life even if they do something like rape,why do you think so many girls run from them? I knew straight away as soon as they said they weren't jailed that she'd be in danger again. This shit is exactly why religion and communes should be banned,because time and time again monsters emerge.

  • I hope the younger brothers don't do anything either. How did the parents not know about this?

  • when I first saw the mugshot I thought "that's the haircut of a cult member".. and when it was revealed they were amish, yup I was right... never trust people with bad bowl cuts, most of the time they are cult members. In america, cult members usually get away with their crimes due to being on an isolated compound, and a raid or action of any sort would seem like "religious discrimination", why do you think it took Warren Jeffs so long to be to arrested?

  • Please look into The Bestia Amore on Twitter and ESmain! They are a bestiality podcast!

  • They failed that little girl, absolutely heartbreaking. So fucking angry..

  • Don't worry, because their faces and names is online, their reputation and life is fucked forever Still pieces of shits

  • say it with me: *e l e c t r i c c h a i r*

  • Even if they eventually got locked up, I doubt the girl is in a safe environment. They mentioned that she was likely abused by her other two brothers as well, who she's probably still living with. Also, I am really curious about the parents. I find it hard to believe that all four of their sons were sexually abusing their sister and they had no idea about it.

  • they should be locked away forever ... that poor girl and her child ... to be born in this situation ... horrible.

  • This is fucking disgusting. They should be locked away for life and not a second less

  • this feels wrong watching on the toilet.

  • What an utter joke. This breaks my heart. That poor little girl. Her life is ruined

  • I know a lot of people would disagree but that 12 year old should not have had to go through the trauma of also giving birth. This is when abortion should be allowed, for shit like this.

  • america are yall ok?

  • They're not using sex and rape interchangeably. The brothers didn't admit to raping their sister. They admitted to having sex with her. Granted it IS rape they wrote the story properly.

  • Fyi we spend $30,000-$60,000 a year, per inmate to house them feed them and medicate them. It costs 33¢ for a leaded 5.56mm bullet, which is the answer to a convicted pedo, or rapist. It saves $29,998.66-$59,998.66 in tax payer money that can be better spent on our veterans, struggling families or any charity. Why should we keep pos rapists and pedos alive and in better health and feed better than well over half the country? I believe that the victims should be allowed to choose what happens to the people like do you want to torture them before they die and how would you like them to die Guillotine, hanging, electric chair, firing range?

  • You gotta put better titles than "the messiest case" like at least give context about the video. Like is this abuse, rape, murder like wtf?

  • “Punch walls”: insert a clip of Subaru Sakamaki punching a wall

  • Disgusting

  • Burn those f*clerks alive. Fatal Incineration is the only acceptable punishment here. Obviously. The very definition of "burn it with fire."

  • An apology to the community... Bitch this ain't the 5th grade!

  • Rape, murder/attempted murder and torture deserve life in prison.

  • Unless the “very severe Amish punishment” was castration for all four brothers AND the dad (because in my experience, the apple never fall far from the tree), then the 2 older brothers should have gone to prison and the younger to juvenile detention. Maybe they should have a scared straight for the Amish addition.

  • half the time I click on the video without even reading the title bc you look so pretty in the thumbnail 🥺


  • My thoughts on this? Electric chair.

  • sick. absolutely sick. i despise some people. seeing people like them makes me lose faith in humanity.

  • hey! since watching your channel i have wondered... about how many wigs do you have?

  • Judges and their verdicts should absolutely be monitored, this is disgusting and unacceptable. A judge should absolutely be able to be judged and tried by others and/or have their title stripped because they lack empathy/good judgment.. I see cases like this happen too often here in America..

  • This whole case is just a facepalm 🤦‍♀️

  • They deserve nothing less than life in prison.

  • Look I don’t advocate for vigilante justice but...this might be the exception

  • What gets me is that they are Amish.

  • Whatever happens to those boys in prison would be well deserved in my opinion.

  • I feel like I haven't seen a case similar to mine so I'm asking here if there are any. I was raped by my younger brother when I'm 15 and he was 13. He snucked into my room when I was asleep. He is younger than me but physically stronger.

  • I heard that the amish community will literally forgive anything if you repent.

  • that's good those creeps will spend 15 years in jail. I hope the victim can heal from this trauma she deserved so much better.