The man who faked a reality tv show

Publicado el 18 mar 2020
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  • Idk what big brother is

  • This is a real-life sing

  • Just because he didn't do anything criminal, doesn't mean those people couldn't possibly sue him in civil court for lost wages and damages. I think he is still liable and able to be sued in these cases. I don't know if they'd win, but they could try.

  • This reminds me of "Joe Millionaire". Anyone remember that?? The premise was an uneducated construction worker who posed as a wealthy bachelor and women competed to marry him. Then at the very end.... They told the winning woman he actually had no money. Omg it was so. Painful.

  • Fake tv. Fake shocked!

  • I remember once a told teacher told us that the effort some students go through to get out of homework, tends to be more work than the assignment. That feels relevant here.

  • Ok so not about the video but about the sponsor... That has to be one of the coolest things ever! Not only does it seem like a lot of fun but the proceeds going to cold case.... Seriously awesome!

  • Yes please- hunt a killer- getting it and for my friend bc of u and Bailey Sarian

  • what a frank reynolds thing to do

  • Kinda reminds me of Total Drama Island

  • 0:31 just go commit a murder,duh

  • Hey I'm binge watching your videos! Fairly new fan here lol but I thought I ask if you could cover the story based on the movie 'Perfect Sisters' starring Abigail Breslin . I watched the movie so many times and loved it! So I thought I'd ask if you would look into the actual real story. Love you! ❤

  • This man really named himself Russian

  • Hello, does anyone know the name and artist of the out-tro music? I love it and want to find the full song to listen to. :-)

  • Love you with blonde hair!

  • so like are we not gonna talk about how it said betray instead of portray at 10:27 •


  • I don't remember 2002. I was 3.

  • I collect troll dolls too!!!

  • Hunter Killer is actually just an amazing concept 👍

  • You know that movie that Disney made called sing?

  • LONDON - The contestants of a British reality show that marooned them in the wilderness for a year as a social experiment have returned to civilization - only to discover the series was taken off air several months ago and no one bothered to tell them.Mar 27, 2017

  • Would love you to cover the British tv show that was canceled but they didn't tell the contestants that were in the wilderness.

  • It's still false advertising y was he not prosicuted

  • Oh god big brother participants dont know about any of whats going on rn ejfjdjdjdjd just imagine coming out to a global pandemic, nationwide riots, anonymous having come back, and the president of the united states being exposed for raping multiple minors with epstein.

    • Madison 😳. I’d die!

  • I remember on playroom streams a dude was pretending to be a real life famous soccer player then I exposed his lie and he try to pretend he was the real soccer manager till a news team interviewed him confronting him why he does that he yelled saying to the news lady stfu lady its my stream I do what I want.the lady said ok whatever nutcase😄

  • OMG! How dumb would feel feel when you found out? ROFL

  • This is basically the plot of Sing xD

  • pleaseee do a video on james saroka 🥺 hes abusing his girlfriend on camera

  • This reminds me of watching those weird "public access" channel shows. Especially late at night. I glimpsed some strange things. Had a good time, laughed a little, cried a little, hoped I wouldn't see them on the news the next evening after committing a crime. I occasionally browse the ESmain for them if I want a good reminder of the past. How odd the world can be when cousin Matt says he got a new tv gig. Lol

    • Norah Baskin-Robbins You mean like Wayne’s World? 😂😂😂

  • Lol, if only we were entitled to people getting in trouble for cons like that, but we don't live in some sterilized idiot-proof world, and I'm kind of glad that gullible adults (the ones who're that desperate for the bullshit he was offering) get taken advantage of.

  • This reminds me of the guy who faked his way into Fashion Week then faked a high end restaurant in his back yard

  • Shut up your cute

  • Those alleged contestents did not have to quit their jobs or give up their homes so no there should be no charges. This is simply a case of ppl not bothering to research things before getting into them.....

  • ok but I'm so glad hunt a killer sponsored you bc I love them sm like it's so fun

  • If mlmers made a reality game show

  • Got hunt a killer, very irritating but fun. I’ve had to decode so many letters in my last box and I know I will need to decode several more

  • I'm not going to agree with anything he did. I'd only argue that they also knew whatever they gave up might be for nothing. A possible prize to the winner? Obviously only the Guarenteed winner gets the prize. Possible Reality fame? Just based on how well you're received. I know you can be loved for being the worst, as well as the best. Rarely the in between!

  • Being in quarantine has me REALLY missing friends and watching your videos makes it feel like I have a friend here with me telling me really compelling stories and facts and events, so thank you and you're awesome!!!

  • What are some A1 horror movies you’ve seen?! I need ideas

  • I wanna see the footage 😂😂 I bet it’s television gold ironically

  • Very interesting story, thanks for talking about it. Also, I adore your wig!

  • This hair is STUNNING!!

  • this is the most interesting sponsor i've ever seen lol i don't think i ever considered buying something cause of a sponsored video before but i'm really tempted by this

  • The “reality show” that they filmed is actually on ESmain in documentary form with interviews with the contestants. Search the great reality tv swindle I think

  • this is way off topic (and i think you always look great) but i really love this whole look of yours in particular. the hair, the eye shadow, the nails, you look amazing!! 😍

  • Just goes to show how people will literally do anything with the promise of fame and fortune.

  • Ooouuuuuu bih i wana solve a murder 🤤🕵🏾‍♂️🔪

  • I live alone and go days without speaking to a person. Some days I want to see people and I leave but most days I have so many things I want to do I don’t have time nor need to speak to people. I listen to podcasts tho and I feel like that fools me into social interactions

  • I love the idea of Hunt a Killer, however for 25$ per EACH box, I better be solving a real crime!

  • They should do "hunt a killer" but instead use real life unsolved cold cases. Probably a ton of red tape and social implications I'm ignorantly disregarding but hey, it could work in some limited capacity. Even a simple thing like changing names to keep privacy intact maybe? The box as it stands is a cool idea anyways, and really cool they donate to solve real cold cases.

  • A contestant from RuPaul's DragRace named Sherry Pie was accused of posing as a casting director and asking men to masturbate in fake audition tapes. There's all kinds of sickos out there.

  • Your wigs are literally better then my burnt mop lol ❤️

  • I get feeling bad for these people, but ultimately, most of them would have been in the same situation had it been a real reality TV show, unless there was the offer of a consolation prize to everyone who didn’t win. I feel bad for them all, but... they were all kind of stupid.

    • Goth AI yeah, there was no reason for them to throw there lives away to maybe get money

  • My family and I are on the same case with huntakiller and it's fantastic.

  • Hope you're all staying safe and sane during all this craziness ❤

  • I would love to see this story made into a movie, its so bazaar and interesting.

  • This sounds like the plot of sing the movie but they're trying to revive a theater

  • I remember Brian Dowling, he's Irish, this is mad!

  • I got the feeling that this guy Wanted it to work. Like act as if my reality show is legit, have all the pieces in place and maybe it’ll get picked up by a real TV studio.

  • Yay another ready to glare video!!!

    • I just realized this was uploaded days ago😅

  • I just got an ad for pure flix 😂😂 it’s basically a Christian Netflix that is sooo bad.. I’m pretty sure one guy makes all the movies and acts in them too 😂 plz review it😂😂

  • omg i remember brian dowling & craig from big brother

  • My thought is that all these people are mad because they lost jobs and their homes but wouldn't they have lost those things anyways if the show was real? Like they weren't all going to win the prize money. Like I feel like I'm saying something wrong but at the same time these people kinda threw their lives away to "MAYBE" win some prize money or get famous which fame doesn't always lead to fortune. Btw yes what he did was wrong but I'm just saying most of those people would have likely lost everything even if the show was real.

  • Sad part is, there is nothing that could be prosecuted since no money exchanged hands.

  • I'm loving the new wig. Wish I could suit so many different looks the way u do 😩❤️

  • While not exactly the same, watch the movie 'Sing'.

  • That was a shit box you got! 😂😂😂

  • you should do the cult of thierry tilly bc good lordy that's a handful

  • That’s the best wig you ever slapped on that head

  • As a teenager doing theatre I got targeted by a lot of MLMs parading as modeling agencies (~1998-2004-ish). I never fell for it because they were pretty obvious to me (I don’t pay you for classes and then give you a cut of work I had find while also head hunting new potential “students”). And I was always of the mind that if you want me to model, you pay me. If you want to be my agent, you find me work, or negotiate a better contract for me = you get a cut of my paycheck. Period. Having since worked at a real talent agency I know 💯 the MLM scams were definitely not actual agencies, or “schools for modeling”

  • This is better than the MAP video. I need something that's not gonna make me pissed.

  • If they were contestants wouldnt only 1 make $? So in my opinion, it's also a them problem for losing their homes 😬 Sounds like they weren't financially okay to go on a reality show for a few weeks.. I could have heard wrong though lol

  • why does her voice remind me so much about Iluminaughti

  • you look so nice in that wig/makeup combo

  • Oh my god where is this wig from I need it

  • Disappointment is disappointed...

  • This wig though 😍😍 is this the one you were thinking of split dyeing? Bc I think you should keep it this way tbh

  • Did you write the articles you read from?

  • I did like three things of HaK. I got a hidden knife pen, but lost it... I really liked it too!!

  • Your wig is fire! Where you get it 😭 Also what a dbag 😑😒 smh

  • What a legend

  • I need the link for that wig tho!!!

  • I don’t see it your way, if at all, those ppl are the one to blame for losing whatever it is they’ve lost, for some fame and easy cash!

  • This case is awesome, I haven't been so entertained in ages! I'm fascinated by frauds and con artists so this was right up my alley. I hope this guy gets a ton of documentaries made about him!

  • I’m no sure if you’re up to date on drag race but what’s your take on the sherry pie/Allison mosey situation? (The queen who catfished and sexualized men and was disqualified)

  • Lawl I’m super antisocial so this social distancing health provision isn’t that hard for me, social butterflies I empathize with you though ! You’re doing the right thing for senior citizens and people with compromising immune systems! Take advantage of FaceTime or any other face to face video chats :)

  • this is actually really sad to me, Russian’s story sounds so dismal. i hope he recognized his mistakes and got help.


  • Pls do a video on Trisha insulting the DID community for only her benefits... pls

  • I thought that was Luke Hemmings on the thumbnail 😭😭😭😭

  • Can you imagined if he applied that creativity, charisma, and dedication to something useful?

  • Lovely hair colour and style. Suits you 🙌

  • You hair looks so gorgeous


  • Even Pennywise can’t get toilet paper

  • the reality show idea u were talking about around 10:00 did happen (it was fake ofc but it was the premise) in an Even Stevens movie

  • Does Ready to Glare have a video about her tattoos? I'm new to the channel

  • Just found you and started binge watching your videos, you're absolutely gorgeous. Much love from england.

  • Can we see you rip that wig off in the end of one of your videos and say some sassy quote