The Khloe Kardashian picture circus

Publicado el 9 abr 2021
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  • It just didn't make sense how you work on a body,buy a body and use filters to change the body. Then make it the beauty standards and complain when people see your unfiltered (good) body. Make it make sense.

  • I only have sympathy for her kid(s). I can't imagine how their childhood will affect them when they get older.

  • "People have unrealistic expectations for me" ... Because you photoshop yourself into unrealistic images. How can I POSSIBLY have any sort of sympathy for a person who contributed to the modern day beauty standard, and at the same time cries that they're not living up to the beauty standard. I don't wish it on my worst enemy to hate their bodies, I think it is important to be comfortable in the skin that you're in. But the kardashians are NOT one to talk. Sorry, not sorry.

  • This is giving me Donna Pinciotti vibes 🔥🔥🔥

  • I'm SO pleased you addressed the K-J standards Honest question to those with BD/ED, why does posting photoshopped, filtered pics help, I mean why post any pics?

  • She didn’t create this standard. She’s allowed to hate the beauty standard that she had to live up to. She wouldn’t have gotten all of those fillers if ppl didn’t constantly compare her to her sisters or if she wasn’t born into that family in the first place. Like you kinda have to be pretty to make it in holly wood

  • It's crazy she always use the excuse of I was called the fat sister but didn't hesitate to call Jordyn Woods fat. I hope someone who truly care about her talk her into getting help (mentally).

  • The topic of the video was great, but can we talk about her shirt, I want it so badly lmao.

  • I think I might only be here for the unconventionally gorgeous host.

  • I literally saw her picture, and I thought nothing of it

  • i dont know how she doesnt realize that when shes reassuring everyone that "hey look im not fat guys" shes essentially shitting on fat people. who already get shit on and mistreated by society. being fat is fine. if she hates the standard her family created, she should stop reinforcing it

  • I saw the photo and it's literally a normal ass photo of a normal ass body. I hate how she perceived that image as if it showed a "bad shape". She literally looked fine. And that's on perpetuating an unattainable standard.

  • "You are feeding what's eating you up" PREACH

  • These ppl need some serious therapy damn imagine that level of self obsession..

  • She could've really owned that photo without needing to take it down and maybe set an example to her other family members and normal everyday people. Such a shame

  • love u

  • Are you going to make a video regarding the Jeff Wittek/David Dobrick accident?

  • The most infuriating part of all this is that live video of her showing off her 'natural body' HAD A FILTER ON IT. That you could SEE glitch. Ffs

  • Khloe was giving me Amanda Bynes vibes when Amanda was freaking out saying the paparazzi was editing her pictures to make her look ugly!

  • Are you really saying that is ok to judge someone for what the rest of the family has done? I mean she is the kardashians that has been bullied by everybody for no having the perfect body like her sisters... dude... i normally agree with you but this just seems like: "well, you are a kardashian you deserve it"...

  • I’ve seen the pic it didn’t even look like her soooooo was that the issue? 🤔 I do not subscribe to the KKK crazy 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • On pointe

  • Omg I’m loving your shirt

  • girl pluck your wig's hard part and hairline

  • Nah you can't have it both ways, she's either sick or she's not. If she has BDD then it doesn't matter what the standard is, she's going to be unhappy no matter what because she doesn't see what's really in the mirror. But if she's just a person who feels influenced by her family, then what she wants is totally attainable. She can get whatever Kim has by just going to her doctor, aside from becoming shorter. It's one or the other, not both.

  • It's not the Streisand Effect, it's the Kardashian Model. THIS IS A PR STUNT. They tried to get a fake engagement ring story going and it got no traction. So then they pulled this and people really believed it. The story is that the grandmother took it but an assistant "accidently" posted the photo. What Kardashian assistant worth their weight in weave doesn't know you can't post a photo of them without permission??? None of them. They did this to get in the news cycle and boost ratings on their final season. Period.

  • The number of women getting lip injections and BBLs because of them is appalling....

  • Ok, as the fat sister, get over it. You are not 14, you are an adult still holding on to "fat sister". My sister is tall and thin, I'm short and chubby. If you can't get over this and develop a healthy self image, get therapy. You have resources to get the help you need. She is in the position to improve her mental health and all she works on is her face and body. Not only that, but her issues have caused others to develop body image issues.

  • The saddest part of this is she looks perfectly fine in the picture...

  • Anyone with taste cannot like the Fake ians lol

  • “Me, me, me. Why isn’t anyone talking about ME” - the Kardashian’s

  • This whole thing seems like a cry for help from Khloe. I don't know how involved she is in peddling diet and weight-loss snake oil, compared to her sisters/family, but I get the sense she wants to escape from them but is too afraid or doesn't know how. Either way, it's pretty sad. The fact that she immediately posted pictures and videos to try to prove her body doesn't look like that photo says a lot about how insecure she is. She will never be happy with her body no matter what she does to it unless she gets therapy and gets away from her toxic family.

  • "05:43" 😂 Your choice but only *𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐩.𝐜𝐨𝐦'* 📌

  • "03:44"😂 Ok that is the best: *♥ 𝑰𝑵𝑱𝑨𝑷𝑷.𝑪𝑶𝑴* 📌 disregard others they're BS

  • "01:32" 😂 This is not 2017 man!! Now your best bet is *INJAPP.COM*

  • pictures of cp, animal abuse, gore: can takes years to remove from the internet some picture of a celebrity no one cares about: removed immediately

  • She actually looks great in the picture like a super flat stomach and you can see she works out with a little ab definition, so I don’t really understand all the hoopla on her part

  • I hope that everyone knows by now, that video can also be altered!!!

    • Her fans won't believe you😂😂😂

  • Kind of pathetic to be Khloe Kardashian and feel a need to post multiple videos """proving""" you're actually skinny. Girl, you're a bazillionaire. Relax. You're embarrassing yourself.

  • Hey random I know, but where do you get your wigs from? I’m losing a lot of hair and worried I will go completely bald and don’t even know where to start when it comes to wigs!

  • Holy shit I can’t believe she was literally showing off her body after that pic... CLEARLY trying to do damage control. It’s so damn obvious and sick. We ALLLL have unflattering pictures taken of ourselves. I personally can look like two different ppl when I flex or am sucking in versus relaxed

  • When will celebrities learn that make a fuss about deleting shit from the internet will only only make everyone turn their heads and blow it out of proportion.

  • I think embracing one’s body for how it is is powerful. This would be so much more impressive than hiding behind photo shop

  • Heyyy, i have body dysmorphia as well and just wanted to ask if your tattoos maybe helped? Ive been talking with my therapist is i put tattoos (aka pieces of art) an my skin especially part that i really dislike maybe it would make me like myself and my body more? Hope it makes sense.

  • Cannot say how relieved I am to actually hear someone not praise the shit out of them for doing nothing, they’re shitty people at their core lmao

  • I can sorta understand not liking a picture of yourself that someone else put up and have judging eyes looking at your every move. But I 100% fully agree with you on the fact they put this standard on themselves. She tries to say that its the public fault for this pressure, when they are the ones that created the standards. She keeps going on about how people question her authentically, but like no one would do that if they didn't pretend that at least some of there 'perfection' is down to surgeries, fillers and photo editing. Like fuck they even edit there children's photos. I also feel that her removing the unedited photo of her gives a really bad impression on her younger audience. What's worse is having to hire someone just so a picture she didn't like of herself didn't get posted anywhere else is insane/ and screams privilege without having to say you're privilege

  • This just proves that the models, influencers, celebrities etc are the actual beauty standard that they are hold against. Khloe doesn’t even live up to the own beauty standard her and her family created. It’s almost inhuman, it’s impossible. Everything is fake and we should just be happy in our own selves, not constantly comparing ourselves to this fake reality.

  • I love the Zero Two shirt tho😗

  • Hasn’t she just come out with a workout plan ? And was doing promo for it just before this happened ? And now she gets all this PR getting to show off her body? It’s pretty clear this was set up :/

  • so this is a very off topic question, but what color is your hair or wig?💕

  • That hair suits you so well

  • It was a good way to get attention. So there is that

  • So happy I watched this video because I have searched high and low for that picture after watching another video so see what the fuss was over and I could not find it. wow In the video I watched she said she still looked good. She could have left the picture up and used this as a moment to promote real or unfiltered bodies.

  • I honestly wish everybody would just post how they really look because I have never had more body dysmorphia in quarantine seeing everyone still "slim thick" like. I know it's all edits but I'm here feeling fat when I'm not even that big to begin with!

  • She literally looked so pretty in that photo. I don’t like the Kardashians but I really feel bad for Khloe right now...

  • Ty ty been saying this same thing since the beginning. They’ve made major contributions to this bbl/plastic surgery culture.

  • Imagine being referred to as the ugly sister your whole life

  • I usually love you but this has real big condescending conservative Republican vibes. Oof.

  • I can't feel sorry for her... "Oh guys society is so judgemental, poor me, I'm so criticised, this makes me so sad...look how sad I am in this edited pic of me in a bikini in my mansion so you too can feel like shit and buy this tea that gives you the shits and pays me money to exist!"

  • "You are feeding what's eating you up.." so true, but I wonder if any of them have the self-awareness to realize this.

  • We are ALL trapped in " not being good enough". Was it always like this?? Is this a modern thing??.... they are NOT exclusively responsible. What about porn? Streamed direct into minds of virtually ALL guys...whats that doing to their psyche and expectations of women? Only no fappers / alpha male trainers/ porn industry whistle blowers and SOme partners and spouse effected are saying hey its a massive issue. The rest of the male world is much so, that there's now never before seen ED in young guys when they get with real women....

  • The same Khloe calling Jordyn fat bc her man constantly cheats on her. I don’t feel sorry for her

  • So she has a happy photo taken while enjoying time with family, but because she doesn't feel like she looks perfect she's going to eliminate the photo off the face of the planet? All that's going to teach her own daughter is that happiness doesn't count unless you look perfect. It doesn't matter if you love yourself, if you feel happy with yourself, if you're taking a photo to commemorate a good time - if it doesn't look absolutely perfect, then all that happiness is worthless. Also, I saw the photo and she looks amazing. Such a warped view of herself and the world.

  • Victor Frankensteined herself

  • Best thing I have heard is when you say she and her family cash in on OUR insecurities. Now we should feel sorry for her? Can't feel sorry for someone who sells all that garbage instead of lifting women up. What did she expect?!?


  • Need to stop false idol worship

  • Some girls might think they don’t even look as good as this “BAD” photo that Khloe kardashian has gone to such great lengths to show that she thinks that body is disgusting... and these girls might think they’re just downright fucking gross

  • Just saw it.... it isn’t even that bad. She looks like a normal person.

  • '1:26' 🤐 I would stick to *ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ.ᴄᴏᴍ* . 📲 that's where we get ours

  • '2:37' 😘 Your choice but only *𝗜𝗡𝗝𝗔𝗣𝗣.𝒄𝒐m'* ^^ ⬅️

  • Can we just 'normalize' all bodies again? I wish there was some sort of counteraction for the Kardashians. Like a family with all sorts of body types and who teach us that every single one is okay. Just cancel toxic beauty culture already 😭

  • I stay far away from Instagram. It has become a toxic place where people try to get validation or bully those who don't fit into standards. I wish we could change it. Fuck the standards, the only standards we should have is those of basic human decency.

  • Omg the thumbnail is hilarious 😂 such an "I'm not having it" look

  • She cant even keep up with the unnatural beauty standards she helped create its a joke

  • Khloe has also had multiple plastic surgeries, it's not just her family. She is equally responsible for the perpetuation of the standards, and pressures that she feels. It's like farting in a room and then trying to insist for an hour that it was just your chair...your drawing so much more attention to yourself than necessary and people would've stopped caring an hour ago.

  • It sound like a publicity stunt to me. We all have seen her body, so what was the big deal??? She was also the one who was big, her mother was always shoving diet pills down her throat... Like, thier lives have been in our living rooms for what feels like an eternity.

  • They know they've basically created this unattainable image, they know how much they've damaged young people. They've heard it over and over again. Do they stop or do something to change it? No. They reinforce it more than ever before. They keep getting more and more surgery, injections & fillers all while telling everyone that they don't. Why? For money & ego, but mainly money. Again, they 110% know how much damage this has caused and they also know they could do something about it, but they don't. Knowing all of this it disgusts me that she actually considers herself bullied because we've mentioned privilege. They're all shoved too far up their own asses. They have enough money to stop damaging people and maybe try to turn the image around, but they just want more and more

  • The crazy thing about this is the unedited pics she looked *GOOD AF!* Like there was absolutely NOTHING wrong w/ the pic ..smh. the fact that most black women have their body shape *NATURALLY!* & Still don't receive the amount of love the kardashians bought bodies do is INSANITY.. I hate society

  • She doesnt even look bad! Ffs.

  • And didn't they pressure Kylie to admit she got Lip fillers BUT they never admitted to any surgery ever 🥴 that is laughable af

  • I thought she looked beautiful in the photo. Like I literally cannot see how it’s “unflattering” and I’m gonna be honest...kind of messes with my head a little bit because if that’s considered “unflattering” what do my photos look like? Sheesh it’s so dumb and toxic

  • Looks like someone got a taste of their own medicine so no, sorry, I don’t have empathy for her.

  • "The fat sister, the ugly sister." *Is literally a gorgeous human being* I don't understand our society...

  • Beauty fades but winkles in plastic last forever. I am the original woman and I am not worrying about aging like ice cream. They created this standard and are working night and day to stay cashing in on it. Soooo, if someone snaps a picture of one of them without the plastic touch up ha ha ha that's their problem.

  • "You are feeding, what is eating you up" *Whewwww* message !!


  • The videos she posted to prove her body had filters on them. There are split seconds where you see on her waist is adjusted. It's disgusting.

  • i'm sorry, but you cannot damage a whole generation's outlook on their appearance and then cry wolf. they made money on setting this unfair standard, and now that they can't control it, they're sad about it? smh.

  • I saw the picture, with all the fuss I thought she was looking like a troll or something but she just looked normal.

  • What about growing up with the world idolizing kylie jenners body and knowing i would never reach that standard but working out hours a day because thats what kylie said was the reason fir her body,,,..... its such a shame but no, it wasnt a problem because they weren’t the ones being affected just causing it.....

  • Love this hair colour on you!

  • She really hit it when she said “I wouldn’t wish this kind of insecurity on anyone” ... I do feel bad for Khloe’ - just in a really sad kind of way. I don’t feel bad the picture got out - I feel bad that she obviously is very insecure & it’s a mental health issue. It’s sad to watch her unravel like she did all over this picture.

  • 💯

  • I love it when you call out the Streisand Effect. That shit is legit and we need to understand social control and influence.

  • I really like this hair colour on you🥰

  • Late but I think they did it all on purpose. Why would they go through all this effort just to get one pic down when there are so many bad pics of her out there. We are paying her so much attention rn because of her trying to get rid of the picture so I think it's all on purpose.

  • I really don’t think they have had surgery. I think it’s all heavy makeup.

  • “I’m of course not asking for sympathy but I am asking to be acknowledged for being human” Also Khloe: *immediately gets rid of any evidence of her being human*

  • Yeah I'm tired of people praising her like she isnt pushing a brand o.O like dude??? You know shes a whole ass liar