The influencer who made her instagram her life

Publicado el 17 abr 2019
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  • i came back here after her "clapback" video and omfg it is good to hear some intelligence again

  • Did she really think saying don't report me bc its ruining my life like its effects them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 go get an education and stop making excuses wow this world makes me so sad umm she isnt bipolar she would of said the name of the medication and say what she takes it for not my bipolar medicine lol

  • The girl is so ugly I don't get it

  • 3:24 so pediatric shes so full of herself and I can see why her family abandoned her😞 5:21 SHES IN DET TOO?!?! Its kinda sad tho....😦

  • she was on anthony padilla :/

  • She is a racist.

  • You are something without instagram.... called a human and having a safety net aka backup plan

  • "I bring nothing to the table"... At least she's self aware??? Lmfao I'm sorry not tryna be a douche but fr fr

    • There's no reason to be proud of that lol

  • So you've decided to join the cancel culture? Troll for something in someone's past you find offensive then publicly drag them on your own social media. It wasn't enough that this person already lost their livelihood, you've taken it upon yourself to punish them even more now. You really want to be the one who profits off of other people's misery?

  • I can’t find this funny or amusing. She was a SW and got out. That’s hard. She got out and was safe. Yes she is pretty narcissistic and cocky, but I find no joy in this.

  • Whatever will she do if the internet itself ever went down, not just her account? Welcome to life, sweetie.

  • Honey McDonald's is still hiring there's no shame get your lazy ass up hun you'll be fine babes

  • I’m sorry but I hold no sympathy for her. You want to cry about something, work at Walmart during a pandemic. I want to make my living in media too, but I will not sink as low as this insufferable bitch by dissing the white and blue collar workers who make the backbone of this country. Fuck. Her.

  • Her wig is the worst. She got her account back 7 days after it was "deleted". It was an error on Instagram's part and she did all that crying and accusing people and it wasn't even them. She literally called the cops on them and said what they did was equivalent to murder! They were like "Ummm.... NO!" lmao

  • i had to remind myself i’m gay edit:wtf how did i get here- i was on my boyfriends post where he posted anime characters i-

  • if she wasnt racist i mightve felt bad

  • Am I fucked up for feeling bad for her...? Idk, somehow I just feel sorry.

  • blip

  • spent the first 30 seconds of the video trying to figure out if her shirt says SLUG or PLUG

  • "im not work material i bring nothing to the table" exactly..... so why tf are you well off if you have nothing to offer.... your shitty character is no bodys reasonability.

  • This is a year late, but how she sounds reminds me of tana mongeau😳

  • Her breakdown is me talking to my therapist in rehab before I got clean 😭

  • “When I’m not on my like...🤔🤔🤔,,,, my BIPOLAR PILLS.” Ya you lying!

  • Yet another reason not to go to collage for me.

  • 4:32 “I’ve been backstabbed by everyone I know. Except for maybe 2 people, 3 people in my life. 3 fucking people in my life that hasn’t stabbed me in the back yet” Me- YET??? Maybe you need better friends. And maybe your friends need better friends that are not you. Considering she thinks they would and could possibly stab her in the back in the future. Geez🤔

  • i had to skip through the crying video 😭 it was too much of nothing

  • "I'vE wOrKeD SoOo HarD"........🤔 Translation: I've worked so hard taking the same pics of myself over and over again, calling restaurants and clothing stores asking for free merchandise in exchange for "exposure".

  • It's funny how all you people say we who work do contribute something, pay attention young idiots we contribute everything where do you bubble heads think you get your money, are you people building something, making something,repairing something? People need to get a grip

  • Okay, absolutely fucking not, as someone who has been in care it is not a fucking sympathy card, some of us are out here working god damn hard when the odds were stacked against us, you do not get to come in here with the "poor me, my life is shit, pay me"

  • i was just going to watch but then i heard about bipolar...oh man nope, is there anyone gonna tell her what she has is not bipolar at all? it's called racist period

  • Did you see her reaction to you video? LOL SO BAD

  • Wow...what a pretentious bitch....”I’m not like the rest of you” the nine to fivers....fuck you...

  • Is she Mexican or white?

  • You don’t speak nothing but facts 💯🔥

  • Jessie: I don't want to work at McDonalds. Me: Can't even get an interview at a McDonalds.

  • Her: I tried killing myself because me instagram got deleted because I'm a racist POS. Me and everyone who ACTUALLY struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts: Bruh..

  • she looks like bootleg kim karadashion

  • My mom has the worst kind of bipolar and when she gets into her most manic state, she will still NEVER say anything racist, as far as I know, you might slip up and accidentally say something that you believe, you don’t just “turn racist” That’s not how it works

  • I'm sorry but.. stfu bitch.

  • Probably late to the party, but this "influencer" needs to grow up! Honestly, I'd rather have my Instagram (which I rarely use, btw) deleted than watch my dad suffer through depression at the hands of toxic and abusive family members. To the "influencer": Grow the f up! Working a job is a privilege and you can if you put in the time! Geez, you need to get out of your entitlement and suck it up and join society as a normal person!

  • Is it bad that I laughed at her?

  • *Bipolar disorder does not make you racist.* Source: Someone who has bipolar disorder and actually knows about it. God that pisses me off. People already have misconceptions and ignorant views about bipolar. We don’t need this shit because of this girl. Ugh. 😒

  • Hello. Former homeless crystal meth addict here. Lost everything in my life; my kids, family, physical and mental health. That lasted for a decade. Now I've been clean and sober for two years, I'm an addiction worker, I've gained 50 lbs of healthy weight, and I have got my kids and my family back. Dude, you lost your IG account. Everyday, there's people that literally lose everything they have. I worked my ass off and become successful with 0 training and recover from a meth sympathy for people like this.

  • mY JAW FULLY DROPPED WHEN U PLAYED THAT CLIP all my initial empathy went OUT the motherfucking windowww byebyeeee

  • The “none of you would last in my shoes” is what made me mad. Jesus, this girl has no idea how privileged she is (and no, it’s not because she’s white). And oh my god, how she talks about the “99%” of people who actually work for a living, what a effing idiot. This girl needs to be knocked on her ass and given a reality check, her ignorance level is through the roof 🙄

  • I am going to hell for this but she is honestly not that attractive. I’m surprised she had a (large )following to begin with.

  • me after my animal jam account got hacked and they sold my super cool spike necklace even tho I only had a 3 month membership because my friend got it for me for my birthday so it’s not like I could’ve used it anymore anyways but like the bragging rights bruh:

  • She could literally be a social media specialist for a company.... her skills as an influencer would be highly valued

  • I personally am not bipolar but I’ve done a bit of research about it but I don’t think that not taking your bipolar medications means you make racist comments or anything like that but correct me if I’m wrong

  • Always have a plan b and c!!

  • Life’s a bitch sometimes and shit happens find another way to get back on

  • All I hear is 'fucking' 😂

  • Dr phil made a video on her...

  • You are crying for that? You just made me deaf!

  • ''I was a loser''. She is something else now?

  • yup i saw this video before and it is weird

  • I based my entire identity on being married and being a wife when that ended I learned major life lessons

  • I think alot of the distress comes from being privileged initially and having that taken so quickly, I've felt that when I worked online and earned alot, my earnings went down I got pretty upset.

  • Imagine she has 4 friends and all of them thinking they are the three friends... lol

  • I used to work on my feet then I got in an accident and my leg was messed up. I can no longer go back to my “career”. Now I’m getting “famous” on Tik Tok. 😆

  • I kind of feel for her reaction video. I’m trying to think of how I would feel if I got fired from my job, and this would probably be somewhat similar to my initial reaction. I mean, obviously she’s sharing some pretty serious cognitive distortions when she says “I’m nothing without my followers” but that aside, she’s understandably upset. To circle back to my comparison, I would probably be a crying blubbering mess for days before realizing that something I did resulted in me getting terminated, and that it’s a learning moment. I hope she gets help because it seems to me that she has dangerously (yes, dangerously) low self esteem and places her self worth in internet validation. I think this incident is a symptom of a much much bigger issue, both in her life and on the internet as a whole.

  • her voice is obnoxious

  • You said you always get in fights & people don’t like you at work. You have to learn to get along with people and realize you are just 1 person in a group, you are not the Queen of the world. So, at work you have to be kind & not snarky or rude to your co-workers. What did you go to college for; what did you study? Why do you think you aren’t “work material”?

  • Bitch: Everyone who works a nine-to-five is worthless and stupid and trash and I'm so much better then those filthy, poor, commoners because I'm too good for a job. Also Bitch: FeeL sOrRy For ME!!!!

  • She's not even that pretty. Deadass she reminds me of Meg. Fat cheeks, spider lashes, fake hair, tattooed eyebrows... Yeesh. No amount of makeup can hide her hideous personality. It's seeping through her pores.

  • Looks for me like she is a narcissist. In my opinion she should be happy that she even had a job to make money. Even if she only worked at McDonald's. And if she couldn't bring anything to the table she should have searched for a job with her qualifications where she's good in.

  • oh my god even after the stupid shit she said in the meltdown vid i felt a little bad but as soon as you pull up the video of her running her mouth being a racist she deserves everything she got and more

  • All hail racist pineapple.

  • By the way, I love your use of green and purple on your nails. Green and purple are the best colour polarity.

  • Sorry, but you're not "nothing" without social media. You are so much more than that. I would never laugh at a video like that, it's so sad. She honestly doesn't see any value in herself unless she has approval from strangers online. She's not "perfectly happy" where she's at. She needs to step back from the illusion she's created in her mind. She needs to sort out the conflicts within herself, otherwise not even having a billion followers will give her true happiness.

  • Me, a black girl: Aight, here we go again

  • I'll have the number 4 with a coke. And don't cry on my fries, I don't want 'em soggy.

  • “I’m not work material” 🙄

  • Bloody hell ... that video is so damaging to her .. why would she release that?? .. and also ... why does she have to b a “ homeless prostitute on the street , doing meth” ?? Why couldn’t she b a homeless prostitute on the street , NOT doing meth??

  • she is getting attention.........

  • That pineapple is fantastic.💚👍

  • Sounds like the downsized people in the 80s. Or me when my workplace, then doctors told me I couldn't work anymore. It's amazing she had courage to actually post this. When life pulls the rug it does suck!

    • @Ellen Threadingham I'm an old lady, Ellen, and post CVA. I'm just getting back to trying to communicate. The gaffes don't bother me, I'm glad I have language skills at all. Just practicing and I don't mind being corrected! Made sense to me at the time. Take good care, be well!

    • Debra Morrison backhanded mean indirectly. So this still makes no sense. And if you meant sarcastic, that’s not how you do sarcasm

    • @Ellen Threadingham please read again! It was stated in a back-handed manner!

    • Debra Morrison are you serious? There’s no courage here she wanted sympathy, her account got taken down for nudity and racist remarks. She brought this on herself by having inexcusably disgusting behaviour. I’m just disgusted you think she’s courageous, she literally blamed a mental health disorder that causes mood changes and instability on racist behaviour

  • Symptoms of am allergic reaction include: upset stomach, headache, dizziness, racism, basic bitchness, victim blaming, virtue signaling, pandering, and diarrhea

  • People working in construction are laughing. "I WORKED SOOO HARD".

  • Am I retarded for having a tiny bit of sympathy? Yea she nuts... but like she said, she makes all her money online

    • Jennifer Malone she shouldn’t have constantly violated the terms of service then should she. Instagram only take down an account if it violates the terms of service, which stops people getting their account removed from hate reporting

  • I cannot with this girl...I absolutely cannot.

  • Her manipulative behavior is absolutely astounding.

  • She's a covert narcissist with childhood trauma. This is why she convinces herself that she can't work a real job/that she is worthless. This is also why she feels she NEEDS Instagram followers to feel like she matters. It's a game to her, with bad results on her side of the fence.

  • Is it wrong that all I want to do is go report all of her acc lol but I wont.

  • Her apology is shameful. She should go back to her family and apologize for what she done. Only good thing of that apology is how she knows how shit she is.

  • I felt as tho she had no self awareness And forgot people have it worst and shes sobbing online about what it aas she was crying about. Also she showed alot of her insecurities. I havent finished watching ur vid but i had to say this lol

  • “I was a prostitute before everything” “Before everything I worked at McDonald’s” ;-;

  • Rope is not very expensive.

  • That was a very strange plea. I'm very empathic and I was more annoyed by her than anything.

  • This is what social media does to you, kids. Don’t be like this please

  • Dude she is friggin rude(not in her crisis video)(well a little), and she has the tools. If she doesnt wanna loose her lifestyle by loosing her job and money, and her account is falling appart, she still has the money and time to work on other stuff. Take a course. Do things. U cant get success without effort.

  • Now i need me a racist pineapple

  • So she complains about working 9-5 and uses stripping as an example girl im sorry but no one asked you to do that they got convince store jobs youre not better than any of us were all human im sorry but my family growing up even now had and has it WAY worse (atleast from what i heard her say) and you dont see me on the internet complaining to everyone we do our best and dont turn around and complain if something goes wrong we stick together and we hold on to what we can. And im sorry but girl your not gonna have a future in instagram god now im just annoyed lol about the only thing i feel sympathy for is that shes blatantly not even wanting to try anymore if she doesnt get to be on say it with me now everyone PROBLEMATIC!!!

  • She looks like she could be Jimmy Durantes daughter.

  • 544 people have no self.

  • She was in Anthony Padilla’s video ex fats food workers and she is something else yall should watch it because she’s terrible. like terrible.

  • list of black women that look way better than her Asia Eros Saweetie Beyonce Knowles Me ✨

  • I actually felt bad for her. But as a beautiful black woman : whats her new @ so I can report

  • i feel bad for making fun of appearances but she has the face shape of a butternut squash 😂

  • Have some fucking self discipline and actually work and be good at it, just a thought. She’s a pathetic snow flake that doesn’t deserve any sympathy. 🙄😤