The influencer who keeps plagiarizing allegedly

Publicado el 31 mar 2021
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    • You should stop promoting function of beauty. It’s made so many people’s hair fall out and tbh I’ve lost some respect for you because you keep promoting them despite all of the terrible reviews that just keep being hidden.

    • The link keeps freezing on me? I'll try on my laptop.

    • @READY TO GLARE here's a video you might want to watch if you want to fall into depression a little bit more, and get sick and disappointed. no gore or anything like that, just the content is scary. an entirely new level of p*do...

    • Man I got FoB with their customizable ones they sell at Target, and its FABULOUS. Will 100000% be getting the legit customized formula when its in the budget

    • @Shelley Smith Not that I know of. My entire family (mother’s side as my father is German) is from the north. My grandfather did have far darker features though - hair and eyes and was super tan in the sun.

  • So lesson to be learned is do not ever give her your samples.

  • Maybe the chick should learn how to be creative instead of steal from everyone. Anybody can copy designs but the real creative design something new and innovative even if they take inspiration from other garments or companies.

  • The Italian in you can’t not say those designers properly and I am living for it 😍😍😍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍🖤

  • There's a blurred line between plagiarism and inspiration. So many future problems would be solved by just giving someone a lil credit or even a little pay. It makes you look so much better and works for good publicity it's a win win

  • the alleged influencer who allegedly keeps allegedly plagiarising allegedly

  • These are the girls who call themselves "boss babes" yet they sell cheap $1 dollar fake lashes from China & knock off small business' designs

  • Ew, the fake accents aren't necessary.

  • I love you but im not going to buy function of beauty anymore. Im not losing clumps of hair like other people have reported but i am dealing with some other reported problems like frizz and dryness.

  • Hahahaha 😭, WeWoreWhat Insta followed me just today 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😭.. I’m obviously a catch 😉🤦🏻‍♀️

  • We wore what seems like a copy of who what wear 🤣

  • its cool how you take your time to reply to us you clearly care and it shows in the quality of your content :) also crazy cool hair

  • The way she pronounces Gucci and Fendi 🤭🥵

  • The thing is, if it weren’t being used in the exact same fashion (packets for lingerie) then I might buy that she found the Matisse sketches suggestive and used them (if only because one of the sketches in her wrap is an almost line for line dupe), but it beggars belief a bit that both came to the same idea about the same style of drawing on the same material used to the same purpose-and came to all three revelations separately with no influence or crossover. That’s ridiculous.

  • Hey, not sure if you are going to see this. But please could you do a deep dive into Function of Beauty as it seems their products are actually making people’s hair fall out. Just wanted to let you know as you promote them xx

  • Yeah this girl has seriously pissed me off, she continues to do this and someone really needs to take her to court!

  • Love your hair this way. It really highlights your pretty features.

  • function of beauty makes people’s hair fall out

  • I can think of a quick way to differentiate the two tissue papers Bernstein just needs to say "mine's the one with nipples"

  • Please stop sponsoring Function of Beauty, their products are bad for your hair and I’ve seen so many people on tiktok complain of thinning hair that literally falls in their hands because of FoB

  • the hair. *my god, its beautiful*

  • Big brands routinely and habitually steal from indie brands! They are the main culprits indies wanna do their own thing. That's why they're created. Sadly this has been going in since time began. It Shouldn't ! But unless you got deep pockets and the copy infringement is super unambiguous then you are ' safe ' to steal from...... thiefs have no integrity....

  • why do I always get PETA ,,advertisement" on your videos? o.O

  • Not even a minute in but when I heard “small business” and “plagiarism” I knew exactly who you were talking about... yikes!

  • Hey bestie. I encourage you to look into what function of beauty is doing to some peoples hair. No hate just want you to know what you’re promoting. Much love ❤️

  • the fact that she looks like lea michele set off so many red flags before i even heard what she'd done

  • I sell very unique hand crafted pillar candles.. if another maker asked me for multiples styles I would be very suspicious. I actually often worry about it and this is why I work entirely alone.. I don't trust anyone with my process. I never see candles like mine and I am not willing to allow something like this to happen to me. It makes me sick that someone would do this to small business owners. It's pathetic.. you clearly have no creativity or artistic ability if you're stealing from someone.

  • Ooooooo the way this woman pronounces her brands, tho!!! So beautiful. So accurate. So amazing.

  • The chain face mask thing...I feel like I’ve seen a lot of articles and photo spreads of those type of masks, or more “fashion” type of masks in general so I think designers are just trying to capitalize on that. But the thing that irks me most is that she posted a picture of herself that is literally a copy imitating the other designer, by wearing the similar mask design, with the same sort of hat/angle/makeup/aesthetic vibe.

  • I love your natural hair!

  • I’ve never heard of this “Influencer” when I saw the title I thought it might be about Rachel Hollis lol

  • Does that function of beauty stuff work good for men? Anyone know?

  • She’s like the human version of dolls kill

  • I want her tshirt

  • When I was in fashion school, I believe I remember that they taught us that the way “generic” brands get away with copying garments by higher end designers is by changing 20%-30% of the original product to legally be able to produce it as their own. This can be buttons, thread colors, zipper types, etc.

  • the way i ha ave only know realised she is italian after years of seeing her on youtube

  • Influencers can be SO fake! That “Follow Me, I’m Crazy” book does a good job of making fun of them. Hilarious 😂!

  • honestly i’ll never understand how fashion/make up house go after each other for plagiarism like they invited this super basic design that been around for 50 million years

  • I thought for sure you were going to mention her most recent scandal, a dress design she seems to have stolen from an indie artist, who if I'm not mistaken sent her the dress, at Bernstein's own request, for FREE, thinking she'd just get a nice shout out.

  • Her stance would be believable if she didn't ask for samples and THEN release something that is eerily close to her product. As you said, everything has been done before, so overlap is inevitable but when you ask for samples and then send out stuff that looks like the sample, it's suspicious AF

  • After the mask thing she supposedly got removed from the AIC (American Influencer Council). Clearly, it isn't just the public that was fed up with her, and she's continuing to exhibit this behavior even afterwards.

  • i actually expected this to be about that girl "simply kenna" who got caught plagiarizing a couple years ago and apparently has been a repeat offender of plagiarizing 😅

  • My best friend has been a clothing designer for multiple companies for about 10 years, and they ALL copy designs. They send their designers out on shopping trips in major cities to buy items from competitors and steal ideas from those “samples.” It’s kind of shady, but it’s so ubiquitous I don’t see it changing anytime soon. It’s just accepted as the norm. That said, companies will generally steal design elements of the “samples” purchased, rather than ripping off the entire design idea, so maybe this person just doesn’t quite understand how the whole thing works yet. ETA: the companies my friend has worked for never sample indie designers, but rather large companies/competitors, so there’s that.

  • **allegedly**

  • You look so good in this video 😍

  • Ugh I recently found out that she’s a fraud. So sad to see people take advantage of smaller businesses and influencers 😩

  • I don’t feel like the cellulite things is any different than making a video about hiding acne with concealer. Seems nit picky to me.

  • In the late 2000s i worked as a graphic designer for 2 fashion companies. Monthly we were sent out to clothing stores and pic outa few garments that were trending, purchase them with the company card and then whatever the designer liked most we were told to emulate it as much as possible without it looking like a exact copy. Both those separate companies did that so I'm sure they all do.

  • I stopped following her after years at the start of the pandemic, the stuff she was posting was sooo tone deaf.. I used to enjoy her style but the more glimpses she gave of her personality / business mindset ( not that a business mindset is bad, HER business mindset was def questionable ) the more it left a bad taste in my mouth and i stopped enjoying her content..

  • Okay but your hair looks amazing 😍

  • Theres nothing wrong with people making simmilar products, i mean theres only so many ways to make something - but if you have an idea for a garment or soemthing it doesnt take too long to just do a quick google search. Its like if i asked 100 people to design a tshirt with skulls and flowers on it - they would all look very simmilar but at the same time there would be noticeable differences. Same goes for if i asked 100 people to desgin a body harness - there will be a LOT that are very very simmilar but again, there will be differences that make it unique to each person. Problem is, if youre going to copy someones idea or even be inspired by that idea, add your own twist at least. Changing colour isnt enough, but yaknow do SOMETHING to it. else why are you making it.

  • sadly it's not uncommon in the fashion industry. my old fashion history teacher's job literally used to be going to fashion shows and secretly sketching designs to copy...

  • first of all, A lot of people have said and I have noticed too that she puts filters in her ig videos and pics because if you youtube interviews she has a chubbier face. I mean , she still looks cute so Idk why she hides her real face. and her clothing line, is expensive and is not true to size, that's why a lot of people are selling it on poshmark. and she's not that original

  • Oh, to be able to turn back the clock ten years, to the days when influencers weren't a thing. 😕

  • i gotta tell u , im not really into these gossip channels, but i like how you keep it real and you research your stuff, and give your own input

  • i work in the fashion industry and unfortunately it’s very common for competitors to buy our products. although they typically don’t say outright “yeah i’m going to make this too!” they usually buy and copy the pattern of the garment.

  • I wish businesses wouldn’t copy each other so we’d have more unique options

  • In art I feel like it's pretty common for artists to make their own version of something they saw online, but when you're reselling those products, that's where the line is drawn.

  • Where did you get that phone case??😳😍🙏🏻

  • The way you say these designer products or saying these Italian-descent names brings me back to life

  • I think you said it all when you mentioned this has been a pattern for her, and she keeps doing it because she hopes people wont notice, but bitch all we have is time these days. XD

  • I always forget you’re Italian and get excited to hear the words pronounced correctly!

  • I like how you say Dolce and Gabbana

  • but why do i want to listen to her say luxury brand names in that accent all day

  • Please do a story on Addison Rae str8 ROBBING Indy Blue’s clothing line for her makeup line from a promo package she sent to her. Soo sad because Indy blue (ig: @indyblue_)is a micro influencer and felt that she couldn’t fight back against Addison’s super savage team.

  • Why are wealthy “celebrities” asking for free stuff, in the first place?? It’s really despicable that they’re holding their sizable platform over these small businesses just to get gifts.

  • I never wanna accuse any artist or creator of Plagrism because as a creative myself, I understand that originally is hard to come by and you may end up having heavy influences of people in your work, however if you get called out for it 11 different times, then you're guilty.

  • So she’s one of those non creative types who steals from other artists because she doesn’t have any good ideas of her own 🙄

  • I really love you.😍😍😍

  • Grace has been doing this for so long she’s an amazing person and I adore her. She deserves credit and I hope this video gives her the traction and customers she deserves

  • Plagiarism in creative fields can be difficult to define but you know it when you see it.

  • I’m a seamstress and have had my own Etsy shop in the past. The reason I no longer have one is because it was a constant struggle between the smaller or newer shops (with maybe one or two people running them) and the more established, bigger shops that were able to mass produce their products. It seemed like a daily occurrence where a bigger shop would copy a smaller shop and there would hardly ever be any consequences. There are unethical people everywhere. I honestly don’t think it’ll stop anytime soon. For some people, anytime they can go the “easy way out” -as in not do the work and just nick it off someone else-they will do it.

  • As an artist, your point about inspiration is so true. I am a painter and I’m SO inspired by many artists but the thing that you’ll find is often true in art circles is that artists who draw inspiration from other artists are very outspoken about it. We will often even name drop in our artist statements or during talks. It’s totally ok to borrow things and draw inspiration - it’s just so important to give credit where credit is due.

  • I just live for the way Giulia smiles at the end when she says "right to the fanart", so wholesome

  • just here to say your natural hair is gorg.

  • Your wigs are iconic but your natural hair is so pretty!

  • Does she do any of her own work or does she just make money from the sweat off someone elses back

  • god I remember her, she hasn’t changed I see

  • I always asked myself what was your real hair 👀

  • The drive shirt is fucking sick

  • I knew it was WeWoreWhat once you mentioned influencer and copying.

  • I've seen the chain ones in Japan a lot before either of the influencers started selling them. So with this one either both are guilty or the second one is a strong ''nothing wrong with this''. Cuz it's really just a chain on a mask at the end of the day.

  • I feel like I'm missing something here...that long-sleeved crop top and the face mask chains, I've seen those in Target, they seem commonplace now, why is anybody raising a fuss about it? Sry if that sounds callous but yeah

  • She has a pattern: -she asks for free clothes, designers expect publicity and being exposed to a big audience. Sends the items -no photos of Danielle Months go by... -Danielle comes out with a new clothing line including the design she stole just with a different fabric -gets exposed and attacked on line -Danielle plays victim, denies everything and talks about bullies. - "her lawyers already on the work on the case" -Danielle comes out with one of the next options: a BLM movement post, Kids charity work or giving to the less fortunate. we forget about her again. And she repeats everything from the top.

  • I knew who it was without you writing her name on the tittle. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. There are way too many artists complaining about her and her brand for her to say it's all a mistake 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • The way you said function of beauty always delivers had me rolling cause they literally deliver. 💀

  • Giulia i love when your accent comes out when saying gucci and dolce

  • The main art I make is music. Yeah sometimes I hear someone else's song and wish it was mine, doesn't mean I totally rip it off. I might work on something that is a rip-off at the start but I gotta keep changing it and changing it until it's different enough to be something new and original. A good way to avoid ripping a thing off when you want to is to try rip off 2 different things in 1 thing so that the 1 thing turns out like neither of them.

  • paris hilton was first influencer

  • Seeing this makes me think of how Jeffrey Starr‘s new mascara ripped off Heaux Cosmetics! And I think it’s funny because all of the other commentary channels went out and didn’t even ask Lydia (from Heaux Cosmetics) her input of anything when she has proof of all of the weirdness starting from a few years ago. It’s so sad to see small brands get ripped off because it’s not fair when these huge companies already have enough clout to drive sales for almost anything. You do such an awesome job at putting out all the information and I really appreciate your videos

  • Why does this remind me of when someone took my name and tried to say that I was copying them...?

  • Oh I thought this was gonna be about James Charles lol

  • New to who that Fashion Girl is, but it sounds like her Muse is named “Sample” ✨🌸🍀🌼🌺💫

  • I don’t care if bigger brands rip each other off. Just don’t hurt the small artists

  • Can i just say, youre a truly beautiful person. Not only do you have the nicest fashion sense, but your mind, and opinions and thoughts truly are just so interesting and enjoyable to hear. Keep being amazing

  • The way u say gucci makes my brain go brrrrr

  • i love her hairrr

  • You look beautiful!

  • OK, is it just the editor in me coming out or does "...swim and overalls." sounds like the swimwear is ALSO somehow...overalls? Why not say "...with her own line of swimwear and overalls"?

  • I’m sorry but this reminds me of the guy on dr Phil who is a funeral escort but posted every line to be perceived as a cop 😂😂😂