The gradual fall of Kristen Leanne

Publicado el 1 ene 2021
Kat Tenbarge article:
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  • Oh crap I’m never buying Arctic Fox again... I had no idea

  • Does the tattoo actually say the slur or is it only saying baked beans ? It's racist regardless in her situation just cause of the story behind it. but seriously I'm so confused cause the middle chunk is missing and I can't read the whole thing

  • I think she’s awesome still. We forgave joe Biden’s racism.. we can forgive her jokes

  • This woman's just problematic top to bottom, and her hair dye sucks anyway! Edit to add: I'm not mentioning this to distract from the bean tattoo, since that is offensive of course, but I also find it troubling that she has a stereotypical Native man tattooed on her other leg...

  • The part of her wanting the ex-employees not to share certain things gave me a laugh. Like, piss off!

  • If someone raised concerns that I was abusing animals, I'd be upset that anything ever looked that way but damn, I would be glad that people are willing to point of situations that don't look good because sometimes they might be right. So, yeah I'd be glad and I'd explain myself and maybe even ask if anyone has better suggestions (though my background is in biology so I typically already know a lot of animal care).

  • *I don’t believe FOR A MINUTE that she abuses or neglects her animals. People on the internet are LIARS, gossips and will say or do anything to get their names or images out there. Kristen hired a woman, with veterinary credentials, to take care of her animals FULL TIME because she travels a lot for work. She has taken in NUMEROUS abused, neglected and abandoned animals and nursed them back to health. She finds loving homes for them and she gives them a chance at a happy, healthy life. If there’s ANYTHING she deserves credit for, it’s her complete dedication to the wellbeing of the animals in her care.*

  • The owner of Arctic fox is a bigot!? NOO. I love that stuff. 😥

  • Its okay readytoglare I give you the b word pass

  • why did I feel like I was the only person who disliked her?? like, when I look at comments on her videos, EVERYONE is kissing her ass.

  • I recently discovered your channel and I am absolutely loving the quality of the content. You cover many topics that are tough to talk about, but you do so in a way that I can tell it comes from the heart. I also appreciate the intelligence behind your commentary. I struggle to find things to watch in these days of COVID restrictions and being home so much. I also don’t own a TV so I stream everything. I have my favorites and this channel is now one of them.

  • Chicks like this and Taylor Dean give exotic animal owners a bad name. I’m sorry but if you have pets in the double digits there is no way you can give them adequate care in your private home. At that point you need a staff to give them anywhere near the quality of life they deserve.

  • After seeing someone reach so far to try and cancel someone successful who funds her own animal rescue with a zoologist on staff, I think I’m going to go play Kristen Leanne videos on repeat all week long. Cancel culture is disgusting, you should do something healthy with your platform.

  • I've been thinking about buying their hair dye, but maybe I'll pass...

  • oh wow... I follwed Kristen years back for a short time , stopped following her but I always liked Artic Fox. I have been dying my hair with AF since almost 2 years now (didnt do anything with my hair for a few years because it was so damaged). I actually quiet like AF (its not THE best hair colour but I am happy with it).... also what I really like about this hair colour is that it doesnt damage my hair & i dont need to bleach my hair & the shipping fees & all costs are not that bad (I live in Austria so thats quiet far from the USA) & shipping doesnt take more than at least 3 days... Well know I think I wont be dying my hair with this brand ever again... sad but I dont wanna support a person like her

  • Daamn... I remember when Arctic Fox was new and I loved watching her videos....

  • SHE OWNS ARCTIC FOX?! NO COMPANY IS SAFE ANYMORE 🤢 i really need to do more research before spending money to these dumbasses ..*deficiente

  • I use to follow her because I like her style, I was wondering why I wasn't hearing from her work so much anymore. I'm not really following scandals like that because I mean, I don't care so much. But knowing now that about doesn't makes me want to support ArcticFox anymore, I thought like, the products are great, the quality is alright washing up kinda fast with high prices but it's alright because it's going to charity ! ... Well, this is not enough anymore.

  • Can someone explain what her tattoo means, how is baked beans a slur?

  • Oh this is the arctic fox girl. Are used to follow her and her partner but I guess they split up

  • People just seem to be picking her apart for nothing. Copying and pasting song lyrics is far from racist. Lol

  • I guess I'll have to start using manic panic again...

  • I had a feeling that at some point she was going to end up in the spotlight.

  • Two weeks pay to sign an nda? Lol that's such a joke.

  • Hair goals wtf

  • ew not her having a native american lady tattood on her leg aswell🤢😐 my culture is not her aesthetic

  • She loves animals and has saved many lives. Have you seen the enclosures her animals live in! 5 star!

  • I love your hair like his!!

  • Loving animals with all your heart and donating tons of money to animal programs doesn't automatically make you good at caring for animals. Instead of getting defensive maybe just step back and look at how you care for animals, WHY people are upset and what of it may be true, and then try to be a better animal parent in the future. Sure it sucks to take criticism and admit you may have been doing something wrong but it can be for the better sometimes.

  • This really saddens me because I've been using Arctic Fox dye for the past 9 years. And up until really really recently actually, I started using pravana. Luckily I fell in love with the color in my profile picture. So looks like I'm sticking with pravana for better or for worse lol. Fuck her and fuck her stupid company. I am so sad that people have had to suffer on many occasion's and in many ways because of her selfishness and racist and/or prejudice ways. May she get what's coming!

  • When I was a kid, I had a friend who was Mexican. She always worr this green hoodie and she was short and stout, so I called her "Frog" in Spanish. That led to calling her "the mexican jumping bean" because frogs jump and alot of 70s-90s kids were enamoired by those "magic" beans. It wasn't until 3 years later I learned the slur "beaner" amd thought, I hope my friend didn't know that skur and that she didn't think I knew it at the time. I called her and asked and she laughed her ass off at me and we still bring it up to other friends and at parties to this day. I don't really have an opinion on this woman's lame tattoo or her intentions but I just wanted to share my relevant anecdote

  • Didn't even know that calling someone a bean is racist. Americans will turn anything into a slur...

  • i don’t think she abused her animals but pretty much everything else just shows how bad of a person she is

  • anyways stan splat

  • Almost 2 million combined followers...and I have never heard of her until this video.

  • Not sure why but I kinda think this chick has an ulterior motive...

  • anyone who says they treat their employees "like family" should not be trusted tbh.

  • I love that you can’t have an inside joke with your friends because people might call you racist over it. I’d like to note this is just the tattoo subject. She sounds like a toxic person. Don’t get me wrong

  • ....tfw I bought Artic Fox a few days ago and just saw this video today. Pays to look into brands and who you're buying from


  • English is my second language and I'm not from the US, could someone explain to me why the beans tattoo is derogatory/ offensive im kind of confused?

  • So...I have no idea who this chick is, nor do I care or defend her. However, I think that a lot of this sounds like a bit much. Why is it OK for a songwriter/performer to make money off of promoting the use of the N word, and then not OK for a listener to sing along? Because it's an offensive racial slur and said listener isn't a member of the race that the slur offends? That word should never be used by anyone, especially to put money in someone's pocket. Don't sing it if you don't want your fans to sing along, no matter what race you belong to. I don't believe I've ever heard a white artist sing about crackers, and I could go on but I won't. I also don't think that anyone should be guilted into supporting any other organization. Some people just don't want to be involved. If she didn't feel compelled to do something in support of BLM, that's her prerogative. That doesn't mean she's a racist or indifferent to the plights of black people. Again, I don't know her. She could be a Nazi behind closed doors, for all I know. So I'm not defending her personally. I'm defending freedom of choice and speech, both of which seem to be dwindling greatly recently. I feel like it seems to be very easy to get sucked into scandal after scandal once a public figure goes against the masses. Much like people say that once you're in the legal system it's easier to acquire more charges and more and more difficult to get out.

  • Had NO idea who this girl was or that she owned Arctic Fox! Disappointing. I really wanted to try some of their dyes...

  • Was this lady on Catfish??? Or was it another lady that just looked very similar? Lol.

  • That "happy new year" greeting is my type of energy.

  • wowwwww i really like that hair dye fuck me

  • Ehh. I’m not a supporter of Kristen Leanne, I’m out of the loop on drama and scandals in the beauty community but sadly, she’ll do fine, because as we see there’s a whole lot of people who are just fine if not encouraging of being racist, I need not give examples as we are surrounded by them in the media. It’s shocking.....if anyone has any doubts about her the best thing we can do is not give her ANY views or $$$. As usual you look amazing!

  • blm is a marxist domestic terrorist group

    • @DoveLady "you cant be marxist and financially support the democratic party, so no." Yes you can.🙄

    • you cant be marxist and financially support the democratic party, so no. dont round up marxists in their BS just because they want to put lipstick on a pig and insist its a lady lol

  • Kristen Leanne is also friends with Amanda Ensing. I was following them both, and when Amanda posted her first gross Trump pic on ig, Kristen had liked it. Unfollowed both SO quick

  • its easier to judge others then judge yourself.... think about it.

  • I have a Mexican friend so none of its racist 😂

  • She uses racist & homophobic slurs, then defends her behavior instead of apologizing? That’s all I need to hear. Not nice, Leanne.

  • Woah, how have I not heard of any of this! I used to watch her channel a lot and it seems I've been living under a rock, bloody hell, what a mess.

  • No clue who she is, but she sounds like she acts just as awful and horrible as her neck tat looks.

  • I could never get down with her. A few years back when she collabed with Urban Decay I checked her out n I just didn’t vibe with her personality. She seemed very self-righteous.

  • She admitted to bathing her hamsters with Dawn dish soap and water, the hamster looked dry AF and itchy because you’re not supposed to put a desert animal in water they’re supposed to bathe in sand or dirt, Like a chinchilla. She also had a fake plants in their enclosures they will end up eating that and get impacted with the plastic.

    • I remember the exact video it was her feeding her animals where she showed the hamster and admitted to bathing it in water!

  • My friend Eliza is a playboy playmate and we were discussing our favorite MUAs and she brought up Kristen and said she’s such a mean, vile person to everyone. People like that are so unhappy for a multitude of reasons and I honestly pity her, and anybody who act like that towards others. I haven’t seen her the same ever since.

  • I was subscribed to her for a while, but back near the beginning of the pandemic, I remember her posting videos about her and her boyfriend traveling back and forth from CA to TN and it seemed irresponsible to me (he was a first responder of some kind in CA, if I remember correctly) and then everything she did started rubbing me the wrong way, so now I’m not surprised at any of this.

  • did not know this was the crapbag that owned arctic fox and now i regret buying it once 5 years ago

  • Lame person, what a waste of space

  • What the fuck lmao Im a mexican first gen and none of my friends call me that. I don’t call my Asian friend ch- why wtf lmao. Me and my other Mexican friend who is also first gen don’t call us that. Now I have been called this in an insulting slur way by a dude who wasn’t Mexican slapped him and my badass teacher was like yea you deserved it. ITs not a fuckin compliment like what. I think it’s even worse because she is a white woman telling this to a friend and it just makes the root of the word beaner being used as a slur to put the person called that below you. Does her friend have a tattoo of oatmeal mayo on their leg? I can guess not

  • Just, because you donate to charities doesn’t mean you don’t abuse your animals- (not saying she does) but how does donating say anything about your personal animal care? That’s like saying you watch what someone’s diet is, so you’re on that diet

  • Pissed me off she got her collab with urban decay AFTER her stupid bean can tattoo explanation. I thought she was cancelled a long time ago 🙄🙄🙄

  • She looks like an anime character 😊

  • Forgot to mention that she waited to make a video about that Reddit post for months until after it was taken down and decided to make a video focused on her animal cruelty during the same week where the BLM protests were happening and failed to mention the protests and unrest in the video or give any credit to the people who were hurting from it.

  • It is NOT ok to call people derogatory names. Who does she think she is?

  • the deadpan 'Happy new Year' at the beginning of the vid... 😂🖤

  • honestly....arctic fox aint that great every time i've used it it's washed out super fast

  • Damn why she gotta ruin arctic fox like that

  • Layoffs don't even work like that, that's how you KNOW she's lying.

  • Remember that time Kristen Leanne got shit for getting mad about a highlighter palette for women of color being too dark for her?

  • Been using joico for over 10 years. Very happy with them

  • oh gosh, I thought I was delusional. I'd unfollowed her since I saw something that turned me off. You are queen for speaking up!

  • yet, you have put videos out criticising BLM.

  • I should've seen this video before I bought the arctic fox products

  • How can someone be homophobic when most of their sales are from lgbtq+ people??? Like- 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • Most of these scandals i honestly dont think are exactly bad. I personally think that stereotypes are so stupid and ridiculous that jokes about them are hilarious. So depending on intent and context i dont blame her for what seemed like stereotype/race jokes to me.

  • I don't think there's enough evidence to cancel her. I like her videos and while she does have that no fucks vibe, I still don't see her as racist or homophobic. The n-word was in a song and it's just a tattoo. Also, companies shouldn't be forced to make statements. I mean, half the time they are 'canceled' for trying, so I really don't blame her for deciding that her hair dye company doesn't need to touch on the BLM movement. The employee situation does seem odd, which I think is the main issues here, but do we really know what's going on based on hearsay?

  • Could you ever do a video about Halsey? I never see anyone talk about it, but she kissed a LOT of minors as an adult and never apologized, used a transphobic slur, pretended to be poor when her family was rich, etc. Her stans always treat her like a goddess and defend her problematic actions tooth and nail so I haven't seen a lot of videos about them. Thanks

  • This lady is 🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️🥷 Glate to ready 👀

  • Personally, I don’t think any business should have to publish their employee demographics. I think the work that those employees do and their abilities to do that work should be more important than ticking off the right demographic boxes.

  • What exactly is wrong with the Heinz tattoo? What is the context?

  • Damn. I used to like Artic Fox... oh well. Anyone have a hair dye brand they like? Need to find a new one lmao

  • I am glad to see someone with a larger platform discussing her. Funny enough she also has an indigenous person tattooed on her other leg even though as far as I know she is just a white girl? I wish people really deep dived her animal abuse/neglect. She has built her brand around being cruelty free and that her hair dye purchases go towards animal charity which brings in a lot of people, but on her youtube channel and her social media the overwhelming amount of concerning things happening is just disturbing. One example is she bathed her hamster in listerine. She never takes accountability for anything she has ever done and I am sick of it being a hushed thing. Most people don't know she is bad until they mention using Arctic Fox and someone says to be careful of supporting that brand.


  • Ah fuck gotta go back to using manic panic now damn

  • Off topic but where is this wig from, it is soooo gorgeous 😍😍

  • I'm just gonna say.... The glasses looks good on you

  • First, there's no way Arctic Fox isn't doing well rn. Every time I've gone to the beauty store to buy hair dye they're one of the only ones sold out. Second, sooo anyone got some good hair dye recs that aren't super expensive bc I'm a broke college student.

  • I love you so much Giulia:)

  • Wait a tattoo of a can of beans is racist????

  • I love how Glare goes back and forth laughing at and with the glare jokes. Also, that lady's neck tattoo is easily the ugliest tattoo I've ever seen. She look like a strangling victim.

  • yeah sorry but I think i've got to unsubscribe after this video, this is truly cancel culture going too far

  • as far as the allegations against how she runs arctic fox as a business some of these are rather ridiculous....why tf should a hair dye brand be expected to make a statement about blm and the employees had an issue with being expected to come into the office umm yeah i'm sure thousands of frontline workers also had the same issue. tbh a lot of this stuff sounds like it comes from some petty ex-employees.

  • Here after 3 days.

    • Here after 5 second. Here after 5 seconds. Here after 1/a second. Here after 1/a second.

  • i don't understand, what's the derogatory term in her tattoo?? ets: ya, i don't see the word "beaner" in that tattoo lol? sooooo...can someone explain it to me?

  • Don’t make videos when you feel sick. Take care of yourself I would rather you feel good than have a video.

  • I’m sorry but a lot of this “problem” about the work place is really not a scandal, people get fired a lot here recently and it’s up the the owners or managers who get fired. We don’t know if what they are saying is true, you get upset when you get canned... unless I saw proof that there was negligence or crude behavior in the work place I don’t think this is a scandal.

  • Oh, Leanne... I never really followed any of her social media, I just remember watching some bullshit video she made years ago talking about “cruelty free makeup” and just straight up push L’Oréal products! Even when many people corrected her and tried to make her understand that L’Oréal is one of the biggest companies that use animal testing she just said nope and continued to push their products. She came across as rude tbh, with her response back then... Tbh I’m not even one bit surprised that she’s been in scandals, and judging by the kind of “apologies” she makes or whatever those could be called she’s still as passive aggressive as I remember. Glad I never supported her sorry ass

  • as someone who constantly dyes their hair, this is good to know. Glad I've never used that brand; I've used manic panic almost exclusively for years (cuz its vegan).