The dark side of Reddit

Publicado el 29 mar 2021
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  • I think Reddit got to this point because of wokeness (applied postmodernism):

  • Hollywood of full of p€d0s. The world is getting overrun by these monsters. It’s scary AF !!!

  • I was under the impression the entirety of Reddit is a “dark side.”

  • For the baffled Brits saying they had no idea, bear in mind she was "involved in politics" with the Greens and Lib Dems, both of which are minute political parties, so she was never a mainstream political figure we'd have heard of. As for the details of her father's crimes, the press do keep quiet on details like that as much as they can, if it involves children. It's (partly) why the full details of the grooming gangs are being kept fairly quiet, even now.

  • I'm in the UK and had no idea of the details of the case, I vaguely remembered it. Shit! That's horrifying.

  • her DAD and her husband linked to THAT in some ways ?!! Unfortunately it seems like she was exposed or even a victim of abuse herself.

  • Reddit was made for pedophiles and sadistic terrible peoples " safe space realm " literally whoever created Reddit obviously solely made it for this purpose to promote infuse embrace and enable , and justify each other's vile behaviour and intrusive thoughts instead of seeking help .... Goodness. .....

  • Amy Challenor's guide to being a transwoman. Break the law, cry transphobica, get away with it because now you are the victim.

  • As far as the vetting goes, the disgusting father/husband stuff might not have been the first thing to come up when you googled her at the time that she was hired. I imagine it gained traction after spreading around Reddit.

  • This is exactly why Redditors have become Dog shitters. If you hire who was criminally activate. THAT PERESON WILL RUIN THE PLATFORM WITH CORRUPTION. C OUGH COUGH SUSAN

  • This is so unfair. Why does the poor woman have to pay for her family members' actions?

  • The fact you’re defending her saying she “doesn’t deserve transphobic hate just critique her don’t give her hate!!” Is actually sickening. Unsubscribed.

    • Imagine their was a murderer who happened to be gay. Would it be ok to say "oh he/she is gay so it makes sense" or to be homophobic towards them. Just because they are a shitty individual doesn't mean discrimination is ok.

  • Got perma banned on reddit for talking about this. Kinda glad though honestly since it gives them more traffic. Wish we could get a non pedophilic admin community...

  • Thiss the problem with diversity hires. Reddit excs saw what she was but not who she was

  • Wait... So is she a confirmed predator? Bc blaire white is running with the story that she is a predator but it doesn't seem like that is the case, only that she is associated with them.

  • Reddit has got to be the most toxic platform

  • Say his name: Ashton (Aimee) Challenor

  • Reddit is very weird sometimes.

  • reject modern internet, return to 90s web and selfhosting

  • Isn’t this the mod that was also accused of giving out HRT to minors? Like, inviting minors over and giving it to them without parents knowing?

  • You need to look into "stwabwewwymiwk". It's absolutely revolting. And people are trying to defend it.

  • Love you voice! Wish you had a pod cast

  • How does she still support her father she’s as bad as him

  • I'm british and I've never heard of this. I am so disturbed and appalled.

  • Thanks for the info dump. Wanted to leave you some engagement

  • Ugh

  • All of Reddit is the dark side

  • We should be clear that it is *not* actually the association with peadophiles per se that we should judge it on - that is just guilt by association. The reason she should never be hired in these positions is because the Verita report done by the Green Party concluded that she lacked judgment entirely and was not able to make distinctions between appropriate and inappropriate as regards those close to her. Introducing and making all about the dad is a distraction - because she just says "well I did nothing wrong I am not guilty of fathers crimes" , No Aimee your "crime" was knowingly appointing him to help with your campaign - e.g. a lack of judgment. A belief that it was all ok because she mentioned it once in passing in the abstract to someone higher up in the party who "didnt stop her". No one should have needed to "stop her".

  • I'm so sick of this shit. You can't rent an apartment or get a job at a convenience store without a background check and she gets a high-level job with Reddit????

  • that shit is crazy 😟

  • Or option 3, since they had a previous relationship with her as a moderator and contractor for bug fixes (not sure it was exactly called a contractor position), they felt they knew her well enough to not google her name. Unfortunately that proved to be a poor decision.

  • When your father abuses a 10 year old you beat him you don't allow him in your life

  • Worse still the person is still a mod on several subreddits

  • he's not a part of the BDSM community, we don't want people like him in our community. He did illegal things and harmed minors. Kink never involves any of these things, no one in kink is attracted to minors or wants to hurt people. The media shouldn't report on what he did like it was BDSM or him playing out kink fantasies, he went against BDSM's fundamental rules

  • your makeup looks so cute

  • Thanks for explaining this situation. I've seen snippets of information on several platforms but didn't really now what's going on. Reddit fucked up big time ..

  • Could you talk about RXcorsit on TikTok? There’s a huge debate on wether or not she has been doxing people joking/questioning the covid vaccine - would love to hear your thoughts

  • Great channel. Meaningful thought-provoking content,appriecite your work. Regarding this subject. I feel it is such a complicated moral,and legal issue. With elements involving social arenas from child protctection, anti discrimination rights ,specifically guilt by association,even employment law.. .(Dismissal of employee because of a crime they themselves did not perpetrate but one of their family members did is very much a slippery slob for 99% of us.) ..A dialogue of finding a solution to this and other new problem we are facing as technology advances is more productive a approach than crowd bashing, in my opinion.

  • Why does she have to carry the sins of her father? I'm related to a cop killer and me and my children have had to carry that crime our whole lives. He's still her Dad, and he did his time. ffs. When will we let inmates do their sentence and stop punishing their families for their crimes? She's not 'tied to' anything. She's her own person.

    • As well as Aimees reluctance to distance them self from her father (giving him a false name while employing him in their election campaign) they are in a polyamorous marriage with individuals who have expressed unhealthy interest in children surely you can see how inappropriate it is for Aimee to be in a position of power over young potentially vulnerable people .

  • Reddit's standards are so low like why are people more comfortable employing pedo sympathizers instead of people with disorders like PTSD? I literally have been treated like a plague trying to interview for simple jobs like ice cream scooper. as if my PTSD is gonna be an issue there.

  • Thank you for making a video of this!

  • there’s no reason to be protecting this person so much

  • honestly, Reddit is FULL of closed pedos and racist so it's nothing new.

  • Oh god, just burn the world already.

  • Been saying for YEARS that Reddit needs to be looked at a little harder. Deep fakes, the r / jailbait thing, this situation etc. have all raised the same startling alarm: Reddit doesn't care about the sexual safety or autonomy of others. People should be way madder that they've gotten to enjoy success for this long without more scrutiny.

  • the way i just consider the entirety of reddit dark

  • Jkr is gonna love this.

  • “the potential risk of that decision” is so crass and shows how little she cares about victims/survivors n only cares about her career and reputation. gross

  • Horrendous. That family shouldn't be touched with a 100-foot pole.

  • Sorry, but why should she be punished and unemployment because of the actions of her family members? Even if she had been accused of inappropriate things, is she not innocent until proven guilty? How is she expected to survive if she can't get a job because her dad and hubby are absolute morons? I just think it's taking things a bit too far.

    • @Edward Corran If she isn't doing damage, how can she be blamed? If she is doing damage, different story.

    • There are other jobs besides forum admin , if you cant see nothing troublesome with a person with a seeming prediliction for the company of pedos having a position of influence over potentially vulnerable young people then perhaps you need to think a bit harder about the situation .

    • No❤️

  • Thank you for covering this. So many people don't know, and the fact she keeps bouncing back after these incidences is shocking. No ones sexual orientation/gender identity should be taken into consideration before their morals.

  • I got your nails, I got a lot of compliments they were beautiful.

  • I love the outfit!!!

  • wait, there's a dark side to reddit? isn't that just most of it?

  • I know this person wtf...she has pics with my friend...

  • Alternate title: Reddit in general

  • Reddit enabling pedophilia!?!!?? I’m shocked.

  • Thank you for covering this!! I saw that another creator who I do not like to watch anymore had made a video (but I didn’t want to support their channel) and was still really curious about what was going on

  • Honestly, this is kind of the same issue I have with Nicki Minaj. Her husband and her brother have been charged with underage sex crimes and she still chooses to defend them. Just really bad associations in general that ruin your reputation in the long run.

  • And I thought this was going to be the year we weren't going to allow pedophilia be normalized

    • It's been normalized for ages and it takes time to dismantle because there are many elites in power who put in systems to protect abusers and pedos because they themselves are.

    • Think again , an increasingly pornified society steadily erasing parental protection a pedo storm is brewing .

  • If her dad or herself were not politicians or powerful rich twats and this story broke out, there would be a huge investigation and be arrested but because they are politicians that are rich and powerful the punishment is little to non-existent

    • @fishyman 908 That’s what she accused the Greens of after they outed her over her dads atrocities .

    • @Edward Corran yeah, if she gets any criticism people scream transphobia but it still doesn't excuse the shitty things she and her dad did

    • @fishyman 908 She got 1.3% of the vote he ever participated in and they lived in a rather shabby looking terraced house in Coventry , that doesn’t scream powerful politicians to me , the primary protection was the trans identity thing if he was a cis male no one would have entertained him for a single moment .

    • @Edward Corran Aimee Challenor was in 2 political parties (Green Party and Liberal Democrats) and was a electoral candidate for the Green Party and In 2017, she stood for election in Coventry South. Her dad served as a electoral agent in 2018, if you ask me, that sounds like someone who is a politician

    • They were not rich nor were they elected to any political office , the main protection has been their gender identity no one seemingly wanted to question Aimee lest they be accused of transphobia .

  • Reddit is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull of pedophiles and they cover them up I know by experience... they truly do not care I can assure you there is a cp network run by reddits higher ups.

  • I'm at my fucking limit. I'm raising hell.

  • Omg that guy needs to be put UNDER the jail and if she supports him, throw her under as well!!

  • "The dark side of Reddit" There's a light side!?

    • Surprisingly, yes. There are precious subreddits like r/Eyebleach and r/Zoomies, for example. Highly recommend them.

  • just a reminder that pedophiles are not valid and NOT apart of the lgbtq+ community. Additionally, this does not mean all transgender people are like this, and it’s not a good source to defend transphobia. No one is perfect, it doesn’t matter what race, religion, sexuality, or gender identity you go by, anyone can be disgusting.

  • Oh my goodness, your look for this video is EVERYTHING! sooooo damn cute, and you're stunning and radiant as always. Thank you for being your amazing self and continuing to be a bastion of good content in the sea of ESmain bullshit. 💜

  • Reddit really let r/jailbait exists for years because “free speech” but suppressed people voicing concerns their employee was a pedophile sympathiser 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • The issue is worse than that, people were calling it out on reddit and according to their own statement it was only after March 9th that they put the content controls in place. So by their own admission they have at least know for that long. Reddit needs to be cleaned out. Like this is a tech company - there would be so many amazing transwomen who they could have hired if they were only doing this for diversity points. You know there were other more sinister reasons behind it - political and control of the platform.

  • Im British how on earth have I not hear of this 😮

  • Thanks for talking about this

  • Nambla and PIE never went away, they instead have re-branded themselves and are people pushing hormone blockers for children and also in communist style politics, they are people on twitter often furries or MAPs. In Portland a man arrested during riot yesterday was a known antifascist anarchist and he was a MAP and zoophile

  • I remember the community's going private, I was so confused and then all of the "every repost a pedo..." posts popped up

  • They could have protected their ass by a simple background search which every company supposed to do.

  • I have to wonder if Knight was abused sexually by her dad in her childhood, that's the only thing that makes sense for me considering she constantly surrounds herself with child predators. That obviously doesn't excuse her from her silence about them though

  • My girlfriend needs to stop showing me ESmainrs man, guess I just gotta keep on subscribing. Fr tho you a hella dope creator, love your angry rant vibes 🤌

  • Well alexis ohanian is trans so like protects like. Edit: the statement above is alleged. But based on my own research I can say that... You know what, let me just not say anymore. Truths are like fire. Peace

  • The utter rage I felt when reading the excerpts about what that guy did. I've cut ties with abusive family members before and what they did was peanuts compared to this. Id probably end up in court myself, family member or not. Only the lowest of the low go after children. Very sus that she decided to just roll with it.

  • Makes you wonder if some of the management team at Reddit are child molesters as well.

  • These people are sick, they are all included. It’s a group thing. I do not feel bad for her idc idcccccc

  • Can i just say i love the look Edit: of you, not the situation

  • Kind of surprised people don't have the TERF pitchforks out for you talking about this

  • I mean this IS the same platform that allowed r/jailbait to run rampant for years until the media "made them look bad"

  • And he isn't in prison forever, why??

  • Reddit is trash. Literal trash

  • Thank you for making this nonsense clearer :)

  • ​ @Aurora i didn't say it was everyone but certainly it's not just one person. your defensiveness proves my comment right. no one can criticize the community for being a safe haven for abusers without being "called out" in some ways for our criticisms. radfems have been trying to document this and are always deplatformed. the trans community is a safe haven for any man who wants to be an abuser using "gender identity" as a cover. MANY trans women are transitioning due to being addicted to SISSY PORN for fucks sake, and they're protected as they make MAP posts so NO it's not one person.

    • 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • @Edward Corran thank you for the info! it's gonna be a little bit before i have the mental space to look THAT up because holy fuck is that disturbing...but important to know about regardless.

    • @Alyssa Supermod u/Drewiepoodle has been called out for it .

    • ​@MellowJelly the issue of "transphobia" is like...90% of the time unfounded and only a claim thrown around because now it's "transphobic" to recognize that biological sex is immutable and that female born people deserve our own sex segregated spaces., and that feminism is for females only, as it's a movement for the liberation of female born people from the patriarchy. the radfem community, like all others, has problems..but we don't actually "protect predators and abusers" as much as the trans community does so it's truly a false equivalence.

    • The issue with radfems is they like to also attack trans women while they're simultaneously exposing abusers so their argument gets skewed by transphobia (sometimes, not always)

  • If they wanted to hire an inclusivity token, I doubt that she was the only available person. I swear to god, Blaire White would have been a better choice than this lady, Knight, that decided to surround herself with p3dos.

  • Omg I love this outfit 😍😍

  • You look like really bright and fresh rn

  • This is all really scary imo :(

    • Agreed. It makes me feel ill and powerless. I hate pfiles.

  • you look so good in this video i love you

  • My eyebrows have never been higher on my forehead than when you mentioned the fathers convictions. My whole face said "hold the f up?!"

  • Reddit : 5 Twitter : 0

  • I don’t know how she’s able to look her father in the eyes after what he’s done.

  • ok so i dont really proccess anything shes saying bc my brain is 99% adhd and 00.1% braincells so can someone explain to me in simpler words what happened

  • Seriously are we shocked? Reddit, I love Reddit for many reasons however... they have forums devoted to guys who legit ask for their crush or sisters face to be photoshopped onto porn stars bodies, they have ones that legit focus on stealing the content of sex workers and posting it about for free, and “non consensual porn” btw many of the same areas have had CP posted, requested etc. I mean obviously it’s fucking off. Like really off. but really is it shocking anymore? As a society we fucking fail.

  • Huhhhh... gosh I never see shit coming on this channel

  • no one is able to criticize the trans community lmaoo

    • @d i n g d a n g thank you

    • @Aurora that’s not what they said. i think they meant that when problems arise and people want to speak on it people excuse and defend people just because they’re trans. if ur doing questionable shit you should be called out. same with this situation people were concerned on the fact this woman has a horrid background and history and reddit banned people for speaking out and others defended her just because she’s trans even though this isn’t the issue.

    • yeah, one person is totally a legitimate excuse to call them all pedophiles right? lmfao get some logic

  • Your intro creeps me out though lol which idk why because I love Lulluby by The Cure