The dark side of Instagram

Publicado el 30 mar 2020
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  • I've seen and reported images/accounts that are clearly sexual, even violent and blood showing. But IG found nothing wrong with them

  • Why is there a grudge gurgle at 02:00-02:02

  • Get em girl

  • I’m 15 and i have a friend whos 13 and female. She posts really provocative pictures and I try to tell her that she really needs to stop because there’s a bunch of middle aged men in her comments praising her. It literally makes me sick

  • You can tell Instagram doesn't give a fuck anymore.

  • Sorry if this is old news, but I tried all the links in your description and every single page has been removed

  • Be aggressive. Be abrasive. They don't deserve life, let alone, respect. Thanks for the videos.

  • I’ve got Jesus on the line!


  • MAPs: **posts cp** Insta: kalm MAP police: **reports the cp** Insta: W O K E

  • Jesus dude

  • Insta doesn’t do anything. I came across an account of animal abuse and reported it and insta said it doesn’t go against their terms 🤬

    • There's much worse things on Instagram, murder, gore, etc., and it's aloud to be up if it has a warning, I believe. I may be wrong.

  • The problem with many of these maps are seemingly the same as with intelligent trolls. I myself troll on a daily basis. Maps know the rules and they kind of surf on the edge of the rules, so everybody can see what they are doing but technically it's not against the rules. So a online community has to eather change their guidelines or they can't justify to kick these maps out. For example a picture of a young boy spreding his legs. You may think it's inappropriate. But can you explain why exactly it is inappropriate? And is it inappropriate in general or only if a map is posting it on his profile? See, it's not that easy to catch them and to explain what they did wrong in particular, even if it feels wrong what they are doing. You have the burden of proof. They know this and therefore they know how to play hide and seek.

  • This look is so so lovely on you❤️❤️❤️

  • complaining about pedophilia is being called anti-Semitism now so be prepared for your channel to be banned for hate speech

  • I want your shirt. 😢

  • At this point I think we need to sick 4chan on any company that protects pedos. Just hack them back to the stone age.

  • Haha.

  • This will be weaponized. Law enforcement and anyone with enemies can send malware with pedo shit to someone they want to investigate. Stay safe out there, protect your data and remember that real normal healthy people are against sexualizing children. Don't let these people even put a crack in that notion. Social media companies seem to want us to think that this is a movement gaining strength. It's just their perverted little fantasy world. Yes we're looking at you too Google/ESmain. What you allow vs what you ban, it's creating a niche for perverts and pushing out the rational majority who are 1000% not for that

  • 5:16 I have several questions

  • I wish the FBI had an Internet field office.

  • this is the only witch hunting thats good

  • Clicked once I saw the Reptar shirt 😂 I want one!

  • kids feet and tempting teens???? just the account names are bad!

  • The most devastating thing about all those inappropriate pictures is that a lot of them are posted by PARENTS of the child. A couple of days ago i ran across a 4-5 y.o. "child model" account with couple thousands subs, dedicated to girl participating in many photosets and even fashion shows. The account was ran by parents or manager for sure. Being a person very against child exploitation ESPECIALLY by their parents ESPECIALLY with the social media involved (because hi disney kids effect), i was highly disturbed by the fact of these accounts existence itself. But when i scrolled through publications... Swimsuits, blowing kisses to the camera, makeup, adult-like costuming.. Chilling, but then i went to the comments: aside with similar "mom" and "child model" accounts there were A LOT of visibly adult men sending hearts and flirty compliments. To. The. Child. Shamelessly. I went to some of them just to make sure thy are adults, and i saw a man posting pictures OF THAT GIRL between his own photos. With citations of Koran, calling her goddess and his forever love, angel, complimenting her looks and all... Man was i fucking scared. I immediately went to the comments of that cursed "child model" account and ranted about parents not caring about the auditory they attract with that type of content, ignoring all that for exploitation income not even bothering to ban obvious creeps! You know, my comment wasn't answered or acknowledged at all, not deleted. But whoever runs this profile answered the next complimenting comment, they sent heart. And I can't even report that on Instagram because whoever runs the profile IS adult, apparently you can do whatever greedy disgusting shit with a child who doesn't understand the consequences and can't consent. Poor girl. Unbelievable.

  • Instagram removes my comments on all feminists or vegan pages regardless of what I say (good or bad) and they never remove my comment when it’s against the right wing (I’ve never done it but I’ve tested it

  • Instagram likes to pretend their rules don't exist until it benefits them more

  • I couldn't find any of these pages now so YAY THEY'RE DELETED WELL DONE EVERYONE WOOO!!!

  • Those people are now flooding twitter

  • I posted a picture of my adorable infant nephew in a diaper that got removed...but they allow this????

  • That's because silicone Valley is infested with left wing progressives trying to normalise sexualisation of children.....this won't go away.

    • @Pestilenssi A lot of them are left-wing. But you're right. They're not bad because they're left-wing, they're bad because they're pedophiles.

    • @Pestilenssi same thing

    • Dont blame leftists, dumbass, blame paedophiles

  • GUYS! If you see a pizza emoji (🍕) in someone’s bio, it does NOT mean they like pizza, they use the code word *cheese pizza* (cp) which means child pornography!! Please please report if you see it!

  • I saw a picture of a literal baby wearing FISHNETS, black fishnets.I felt gross.

  • Hey I just checked some of the sights on Instagram or pages and I think they caught on to you informing us and they have turned their accounts are private and or renamed accounts or made new accounts

  • There is another phenomenon which is disgusting as fuck, not sure if you pointed out already, but there are a lot of facebook accounts with very young boys on the pics, very often showing a lot of skin, and most of the people in their friends list are almost all guys in their forties, also often barechest in their profile pics. they're more than often in developping countries, but there is some obvious fuckery going on too.

    • @Daemon Blackfyre yes ! Everytime i tried to report the kids' profiles, the automatic message said there were no proof for any pedophilia claim. Such a mess.

    • Facebook has paedophile profiles, where predators have hundreds of child prostitutes in their friends. Facebook has not deleted any .

  • just found that one. Only been up for 16 hours

    • @Pestilenssi good. Reported it from every one of my accounts. Disgusting

    • It's gone!

  • I think we all know why these accounts aren’t taken down..

  • Thanks for bringing this to attention! #SAVEourCHILDREN

  • They take down what doesn’t make money and they keep up what looks like they are being morally correct. It’s all about money. They control with money. Children are abused everyday all day long. This evil sickness is rampant. How to change our sick society seems impossible. I believe almost every young girl has been molested. Statistics do not show all of the children who have never said a word. THEY WERE AFRAID.

  • The only Maps i support are Google Maps,real maps and minecraft maps.

  • They are trying to legalize pedophiles (maps) saying the is normal to be with a child and Instagram supports it.

  • Alt right fuck

  • Dude I found so many of those accounts I tried to report as many as I could but they themselves have 0 posts about over thousands of followers It's definitely a fucking illegal community 🤢

  • This shit makes me feel like not having kids bro

  • There's way too many pedophiles in high places. So scary 😨😢

  • here's another bunch

  • All those accounts are now gone!

  • Instagram made me remove all of my pics where scars due to old self*arm and injuries scars... in any of my photos i wanted to get attention from showing my scars, just i can't wear long sleeves or minding too much of how much of my arm and neck i show...specifically when the pictures were taken by friends and stuff,so i couldn't hide that well something that covers a lot of my body. And i had like 300 followers so not a big deal AT ALL. The problem is not removing a pic,fine with that, but when stuff like CP ,and very very young people posts pics in provocative positions and even underwear (not for artistic purposes), is still on the platform...this just gives me a weird and disgusting vibe. I ended by deleting the app and not logging on that hell hole since then. Very happy to have just youtube and whatsapp for now. Yup. Sorry if there are some grammar errors or if some sentences sounded weird but English is not my native language ╮(•─•)╭

  • Good to know that all of the instagram pages you linked to has been removed! \o/

  • If I had a child and they ended up on one of these, they best call up their lawyers because bitches ass boutta get sued

  • How tf do you mess up so bad by removing an anti MAP insta

  • wow i lived near you, did you go to marina?

  • Can we talk about her hair for this video? it looks FABULOUS

  • People, tell me some accounts so I can hunt them down and shun them until they quit their disgusting behavior

  • As someone who is underage, this shit scares me.

  • instagram is just facebook and they are evil!

  • I think the reason why Instagram isn’t taking down these posts is, because Instagram is probably run by pedophiles. Its the same reason why ESmain bans channels for no reason, and demonitizes youtubers for swearing, but not banning people like Onision, and Davhine Vanity.

  • Honestly didn’t even notice, I stopped using insta after seeing them be called out.

  • At this point I’m sure the entirety of the media is run by pedophiles.

  • Popular social media’s doesn’t ban pedophiles because they are part of the few that wants to legalise pedophilia it’s called the cabal you should research it

  • No ones gonna see this, but also report gayworldtwinks! It's another one of those accounts

    • @owen? the fact that people can stomach going on those accounts bleh I could never

    • Yeah, there's some pretty messed up stuff on Instagram. Stuff like that is why I had to quit

    • Jayce Allen There’s also one called I00o__o00I, it has literal cp... please report it but for the love of god stay away from the video if you can it’s disturbing

    • owen? I’m on it

    • Edit- I'm pretty sure that there all underage, but some might not be? IDK, I need a second pair of eyes...

  • Ur intro reminds me of that one ahs season

  • instagram also has a big tracklist of not taking done nazi stuff its fuckin wack

  • I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with Twitter and Instagram. These freaks are sneaking under the radar and they have to understand that and take action. I'm so sick of this bullshit. Does Instagram really want to be known as the Home for Pedos?

  • Yer so dope frfrrrrr your energy protecc itt

  • honestly I'm living for this wig

  • Who even dislikes videos like these? Oh right, pedos

  • I think Twitter supports maps

  • I reported account FULL of hentai uncensored and they didn’t remove them. So they don’t report hentai bc it’s...not...human? Idk but it just made me really angry that they didn’t take it down

  • Don’t be sorry if you are agressive and abrasive it is the right way to be.

  • Social media companies (Google & Facebook) aren’t just ignoring the problem they are actively covering it up to protect their image.

  • A call for an Uprising, these are the agenda

  • Stop using ig

  • I came across a Instagram page I saw posting photos of a underage user in a sexual manner (nudes). I only saw one post but many slides but that’s no excuse this user shouldn’t be posting a minor. I called them out in the comments and the user to that page automatically blocked me, deleted all there post, and unfollowed many people. I assume that we’re underage users he was following. The user made there account private! So before the guy (it was a guy I’m not assuming) could block me I reported him and the post that was posted. An hour later Instagram told me that he didn’t break any guidelines and that because of the COVID-19 academic they are low on staff so they couldn’t do anything... Ok I understand there is a virus but COME ON! R U SERIOUS RN!?!?!?! It was so clear this page was posting minors and Instagram blames low staff so they couldn’t get this creep off Instagram there was evidence it was a minor. I think that isn’t right. I don’t think it’s possible for a highly used platform to have low staff because Instagram is used everyday. I think Instagram should at least looked into the page I reported instead of brushing it off. I even reported the young user because she even let the creep tag her and her face was showing with her name. I felt bad for her! She was only 15 and I felt like she didn’t know the harm she was really doing to herself putting herself in danger and I’m not blaming her she is a minor, how would she really know plus creeps like that try to convince there victims. I only reported her becuz now I’m sure people know her name and face that’s dangerous!! I just wish Instagram was more careful!!! I know this is all over the place but I have two accounts On insta. I went on My second account and tried to follow the creep again so I can get evidence and keep reporting him but he deleted his post and when I saw that post I didn’t think about screenshooting all I kept thinking about was this girl isn’t safe now and I need to report it. (Sorry if my English is bad! Please stay safe everyone!!! Also I just wanted to express this becuz it shows insta really isn’t doing ANYTHING!!!!)

  • My friend was sent an unsolicited video of child exploitation and he told me about it and we both reported him but Instagram did nothing about it


  • Anyone else want to report the profiles, but don’t want that shit in your history? Instagram is pretty evil. Promoting the worst of society

  • Thank You! You are brave for reporting this.

  • Pretty sure the employees at Instagram are pedophiles

  • hey lady, regardless if your on the right side or not your still on some nasty shit that should be censored altogether. try to put yourself in my position when the fuckers censor me for being pro china, and saying no more than I cant wait to see china fuck up India that's real censorship, by the way since were here go after the root of the problem, and all the ''tech workers'' you know who they are, they are the ones who let this shit your talking about out there, support china, and they will handle this shit by process of elimination, and I mean elimination lady, when the ''tech workers'' who allow this shit are gone, and their home base of operations is gone so will the shit you were talking about, im not gonna say it I don't wanna get my mouth dirty. where can we go to see your nipple?

  • I think all those maps account in ur dead are deleted!!!!! :D

  • All I got say is eat dog shit to the 112 pedophiles that disliked this video. FUCK YOU

  • I wish it was the case that these pages were allowed to exist to track possible pedophiles, but that's far too optimistic for me in this cursed year of our lord 2020.

  • This shift is why I, as a parent, do not post or allow people to post pictures or videos of my children on social media. Where are these pictures being farmed from? Are random pedos just scouring the net for this shit? And NO ONE seems to care because I just get sideways looks and called paranoid when I talk about it. Parents please stop sharing your children's images. This is where they could end up.

    • @VThanks 😃 I know I'm gonna hear it from some of my fiance's family, but they won't push too hard (I hope). T

    • @Mystic Panckae so glad to hear it! So many people just do not understand why I am so adamant about this so be prepared for pushback. Stand your ground momma! And congrats on your first baby!

    • No, I understand you. I'm pregnant with my first, and I'm not going to let pictures of my kid be out on the internet. Family and close friends can get physical copies of my baby.

  • Like I found this instagram account that we’re searching for models its was called like: instagrammodels. Or something like that. And my friend got asked if she would model for them, and think about this, this was about 2 years ago and I turn 15 this year while my friend just turned 15 in april, okey back to the story. She said yes because why not, and then a few weeks later they reached out to me and asked if I would like to take pictures for their account since they saw that I knew one of the models (and because they liked the picture I took of one of my other friends). And I said yes. So I got the accounts password and I logged in on it, I then deleted all the pictures (if I remember correctly) and changed the profile picture to white, then I changed the password and noone has posted anything since then. Like it was a bullshit model account. Im pretty sure they even bought followers and likes ;P

  • Instagram is fucking annoying, Twitter is annoying all social media is annoying. I know I’m on ESmain but fuck even YT annoys me. Susan Jabbawockeez is a dumb bitch... anybody who owns these social media sites are stupid, toxic and idiotic...

  • there is no tone that is abrasive enough for such inhumane subject matter

  • I found a facebook group of people hornyposting pictures of mostly nude young boys. I reported the group and a lot of its members after reading some posts and comments, and just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach 🤮

  • this account is still live

  • I’ve seen many content that is not appropriate on Instagram. I try to press a button on the picture to show me less of the same kind of pics or vids bit that never seems to work. Also I have put my profile on private before and people searching for me have gained access to my pictures still somehow.

  • why do you hate maps so much, i use google maps

  • What if the pesos are watching videos like these just to peep at the accounts before they are taken down that's fucking disgusting

    • mikey michael i wouldn’t fucking doubt it :(

  • One time I was looking for drawing references, so I searched for "slender body" on google images. I was scrolling further down and suddenly saw a bunch of girls in gymnastic clothing doing poses. the pictures were all called something along the lines of "attractive young beautiful girl". these girls were like 12 years old. I didn't wanna click on the websites, because they had really obscure names, but I reported multiple images to google. if it's not some map bullshit, why label these CHILDREN as 'attractive'?? makes me sick

  • Instagram and Twitter have both become unsafe fucking shit storms lately lol, I avoid both like the plague because I just got so tired of the inconsistency with the guidelines. Instagram LET'S A LOT of accounts slip by that really shouldn't exist/spread a damaging message. I'm also tired of seeing people post a spicy reply that gets removed on Twitter, BUT THERE ARE ENTIRE ACCOUNTS that are openly run by MAPS/pedos and they get to just keep doing what they're doing?? Idk, idk how so many people have lost sight of the real issue. Just seems crazy to me. Everyone seemed to agree that PEDOS ARE BAD but all of a sudden, with a rising community on the internet, we're seeing a rising trend of MAP accounts and sympathizers. Just insane and scary to me.

  • So I somehow missed this one when it came out, but I went to a bunch of the links to try to report them and all the ones I tried have been taken down since this video came out, so good job on this one RTG. I think every one of these pages would still be up if you hadn't shined light on this.

  • When I was a child I thought the story of Pinocchio was overexadurated and it's not possible for The Coachman to have kidnapped children so blantently and resell them as donkeys. Nowadays with the internet anyone can be The Coachman.

  • Whoever disliked this deserves their throat slit. Idc how I sound. If you’re trying to get with really young kids then you deserve nothing but death 💀

  • I love so much that you are so kind about children. I absolutely love that the child playing outside makes you happy because you keep hearing positive reinforcement. And this is all the more refreshing since you have chosen to be child-free which busy perfectly fine choice children are not for everyone they're crazy Little demons sometimes!!! In fact, when you called descreaming children children demons You were making noise outside on another video I laughed out loud (mine might turn into one sometimes too).

  • I’m gonna try again (I will be adding as I find more; REPORT these accounts): kidsfeet_ kidsfeetlover1245 kidsfeet17 girls.teen_feet_remasterized Omg I’m feeling way too sick just from finding these to continue. You can find more horrible insta accounts from looking at their follower lists

  • Wtf I’m trying to post links to accounts that need to be REPORTED why isn’t ESmain letting me