The "Cuties" movie on Netflix...yikes

Publicado el 21 ago 2020
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  • Please watch the whole thing before assuming my standpoint, my dudes! The whole reason I am covering this is because I think a significant part of the actual situation isn't being taken into account.

    • Tee Noir also had an interesting take on this movie that I think is important to recognize if anyone's interested

    • Did you watch the movie? I watched it, and it isn't twerking centric. People have claimed to watch it and ignored the story and only focused on the dancing, and not the context around it.

    • hey so now that the movie has come out i take what i said back. jesus this is awful.

    • The film is actually good...slightly uncomfortable in places but it’s actually a alright movie...

    • I just watched the whole thing and I'm far more disgusted with the American reaction than I am with the movie. Y'all are seeing what you want to see and most of you commenters are why the rest of the world thinks the US is full of morons.

  • Netflix subscriptions 'plummet by 800%' after controversial film Cuties released -

  • So femininity is defined by dancing like a hooker having a seizure? I’m a woman. I just would like to know. Hollywood is ruining our kids. Glad I didn’t have any.

  • Release date September 9, and then next line, Amy 11.... its there... 9/11 movie against Muslims sentiment..

  • Sexualizing children to condemn sexualizing children is like killing a puppy to condemn animal cruelty

  • "Why am I here, to suffer?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • No Problems!! I canceled my Netflix account. Cheers-Rudy Di Maggio

  • I like watching kids dance just because its cool that they know how to do it, but this is different. This is disgusting.

  • No adult wants to watch a child coming of age movie. We have already been through it. If kids can’t watch it since it’s rated 17+, then what’s the purpose? To cater to pedos who can’t get the content they want.

  • This Movie presents the idea that the West is corrupt while Muslim countries are much more ethical and that is not the truth at all. In many Muslim countries child marriage is a common thing and legal. In Yemen 25 % of all females that are married are under the age of 15. In Saudi Arabia some girls under the age of 15 are married to men over the age of 70. I'm against this kind of movie because it not only sexually objectifies underage girls but it does it while promoting the idea that in Muslims countries this does not occur.

  • Yo this is pretty bad but have you seen PEN15 on Hulu???? Bordering on the same shit just way less extreme. The main actresses are literally in their 30s pretending to be middle schoolers..and ALL the other actors??? Are ACTUALLY middle school aged! And these GROWN ASS WOMEN talk about their LOVE INTERESTS BEING THESE KIDS. Deeply disturbing.

  • I just watched cuties and honestly the child sexualizing really hits home for me personally. Like when I was a kid all the girls in my grade acted just like the girls in here. And the want to grow up and not seen as a kid when you are in fact a kid. I dont know. It just brought back a lot of memories from my youth. Like I understood the protagonists point of view. I was there as an 11 year old. And it was a great deal of confusion for me. I developed early and people noticed. I felt lost in my body for a long time.

  • Why are we suppose to glorify the sexualization of young girls ..anyone who said this movie was tasteful is tacky and are probably pervs ..u can shed light on the sutuation not using chiñdren they couldve casted young looking adults smh

  • i think it can be like a better dance moms. like interviewing the parents and the children asking all these questions about the reasons why they do it or want to do it. but i also dont want to watch the movie cause i'm afraid they may crossed that very thin line. UPDATE: it crossed the line. i watched a review of it. and so much of it was blurred that i had to just listen to the audio. ocassionally the movie said s*xualizing children is bad, while s*xualizing children. they didnt make any commentary on parents should be protecting their children. they didnt make any commentary on how society thinks women can't be p*dos. they didnt do anything except their grossness.

  • I watched it and I recognized that it wasnt something we werent supposed to enjoy. Its just telling a very confusing story that is sadly realistic. As a young girl who liked to dance this way but didnt know any other girls who did at the time and lucky enough to take dance classes that gave me less sexualized choreography that i'd perform on a stage, I probably would have joined a crew like this if it was available to me as well, but having other options available to me I probably wouldnt have felt the need to dance publicly as sexually as the girls are possessed to do in the movie but I know I'm not every girl and someone else might want to do it and having other girls around doing it could definitely make someone feel less inhibited and willfully seek this out. Like its possible I would have just owned it and not known i was doing anything to be ashamed of unless I was being slut shamed so it tells the story of how this sort of scenario could go down. The girls in the movie are being slut shamed, even when its not their decision to have pictures of them posted in their undies. The main character is being rebellious because shes overwhelmed and the photo of her vag that she posts online never is shown but early in the film it does show a video of girls dancing and one of them flashes her tit. That was pornographic and unnecessary. The way the girls we're sexualized while dancing was depicting something realistic thats happening in the world and showing the appeal from their perspective of feeling sexually liberated in a coming of age way (which is relatable but cringey to watch as outside viewer). This story serves as a cautionary tale but unfortunately doesnt offer any education around the topic, just chaotic reactions and emotions and kids arent even supposed to be watching it so it really makes no sense to me why adults would feel the need to watch this if only to discuss whether its wrong or right because its really not enjoyable, just a bit educational about the culture of things from multiple perspectives. I think the majority of the shame she feels is just because others are making her feel bad about herself but maybe she still would have felt ashamed after if she sat on it a bit. If there wasnt that external shame, there wouldnt be so much pain and confusion. Then the movie would just be a movie showing girls having fun dancing sexually and rising to power and its empowering to do it if youre managing yourself and dont have someone else profiting off you (but in reality people are profiting off them because theyre actors). So what are we trying to say, that its ok when its irl or tiktok or independent dance competitions and girls are doing it for themselves but its not if someone is profiting off them? If anything they should let children watch it so they can make the decision for themselves what they want to do and be more informed about what could happen to them if they make these decisions. A child can still choose to do it on their own terms and as long as theres no nudity on an internet platform. Its definitely not ok if theyre doing it to survive and make money because they need to (and the same goes for adults doing sex work that don't want to but have to and this line becomes so blurred with capitalism.) My opinion is that we should be teaching our children that if they are having these desires and acting out in these ways they should be keeping their public dancing less sexual (obviously some dance moves that kids do have some suggesting nature to them but its what they need to do to be free and express themselves in their respective cultures but things like fingers in the mouth and humping the floor while banging the floor this should be warned against because 'only adults can do that in public') and their private dancing in their rooms could be as sexual as they want because when theyre older they can decide what they want to do with more understanding of themselves and they dont need to prove themselves at all sexually to win anything. I'm not sure if im ready to cancel the whole movie. Maybe it should be taken down and redone a bit to be more educational offering some intervention work that is more understanding of what theyre going through. I definitely think they should omit the scene with the underage (?) girl flashing her tit or at least explicitly say whether that girl is of age because its not allowed on social media or in any context on the internet so it shouldnt be allowed in a film. What happens IRL is girls who do this kind of dancing arent taking it this far (not sure about those transparent outfits the director said she saw girls wearing) and then they still are kids playing skip rope so the director is capitalizing on a story of what would happen if kids were driven to take it farther. How much of it is realistic I dont know, i think if it could be acted it could happen IRL so its a cautionary tale without telling kids what they should or shouldnt do and why. Their why is mostly because certain adults dont have self control and thats not right either obv but its also if they want to win competitions or have friends they dont need to do crimes or act sexual for an audience and doing crimes leads to more crimes like the part about how she almost killed a girl by pushing her in the water and that girl was already at risk because she was bulimic. Our why as adults is I dont think we should be sexualizing kids this way in our art. The ethics of it is off. Not very educational any way you cut it unless there was adult figures in the movie intervening with solutions in every potentially problematic situation but who knows if that is the realistic story the director wanted to portray. Do we really as a society need to keep relying on these trial and error situations to express ourselves and learn/ make progress? I really don't know but the whole thing feels hypocritical and the marketing was definitely bait.

  • A coming of age film usually is targeting the main characters’ age group as the demographic. Why would they rate this exclusively for adults when it’s 11 year olds? Even if someone did have a similar experience at that age I don’t think they’d really find it as relatable 7+ years later. And, if they wanted a message about conservative family and branching out or breaking away from that and expressing your freedom, they could have just as easily done so with 18+ ladies. If the family is that traditional and conservative, a girl is going to face that same struggle with her family even as she graduates and starts college. Don’t see why we couldn’t have a young adult do this. College is where people find themselves and try out new things, get exposed to new ideas and people etc anyway

  • The best explanation about the polemic of the moovie

  • As a Danish person, this makes me disappointed in Denmark's DR Ultra. I mean, it's terrible as it is, but then again, it's not aimed at an older audience. 😬😬

  • The key point I think is this: The film is possibly sexually exploitative of the child actors regardless of the stated intentions for creating it, such as social commentary. If the film is taken to depict minors performing actual or suggested sexualised acts and other prohibited activity (for publicity and profit) the film might breach specific laws in one or more of the jurisdictions in which the film has been or will be distributed. If that’s true, then the people procuring the actors, the director, producers, distributors as well as the recipients could face possible criminal liability. It’s NOT about who is or isn’t offended or subjective assessments of art or notions of public discourse or religion or political persuasion. It IS about asking whether the film - in and of itself - potentially constitutes child exploitation material and, if so, holding those who produce, traffic in and consume it accountable under the laws of each jurisdiction and international law enforcement arrangements.

  • The thing that made me uncomfortable when watching it was, so this is a film highlighting the sexualisation of young girls in the industry, when actually this film ends up sexualising the young actors in it and putting them at risk. I just feel like it went too far, and there were so many good points on good sex education for children that weren't followed up. Idk, that's just my opinion

  • People are giving her too much leeway because they don’t understand the severity of the consequences those young girls will experience. Sexual abuse/ exploitation isn’t taken seriously but these things destroy lives and you have to claw your way back up to survive


  • I lost this channel for a while. Glad to gind it again. Youtubz be hidin

  • Someone who speaks right... you don’t exploit children to try to make a point. In certain touchy subjects you have to be careful... there is a very fine line ... I don’t blame anyone angry and sickened by this. You have half-naked 11 year old girls and the cinematography of this film is angled on their body parts. This is unacceptable.

  • Toddlers and Tiaras, the trouble with being born and A Serbian film are worst than cuties

  • TW: 11 YEAR OLDS IN THE SEXUAL SPOT LIGHT Cuties is gut wrenching. This 11 year old girl terrified with life. It's falling apart Nd she watches her mother fall apart at the hands of her father in a strict religion. Her mental state u watch slowly deteriorate. She's trying so hard to make an image of herself so much that when her child undies are exposed and she's made fun of for her kitty cats she goes as far as to post a photo of her vv on social media. And to get out of getting arrested she inappropriately dances. To try and keep a phone she tried to get it back by exposing herself to her fathers cousin and thankfully he pushed her away amd called her crazy. This will never be normalized.

  • This film is 18+, because it features sexually suggestive content. The content that was produced by 11 year olds. 11 year olds producing content that can't be viewed by under 18's. How did no one see a problem with this? How was this allowed?!?

  • I understand the intent of the director in making "cuties" but, none the less, children were exploited to make this. Many half naked girls auditioned in front of men. Grown men had to pick through little girls on how well they could perform said acts. We cannot control who sees this content, and I'm sure a few predators have indulged themselves, so children are being victimized in this way. Though her intent was to "shock" people into action to save our children, it is null and void because this only spread more sexual child content.

  • I guess we didn't watch the same trailer 😐😑.

  • When i was 11 i was playing with Playmobil and... ..........myself and danced sensually in my mum heels......its normal

  • Disgusting

  • Netflix has an agenda to change human basic nature with the brainwashing shit they put on air

  • Director: So the movie is about children, but it's not appropriate for children to watch Producers: So.. If its not for kids, who is the target audience? Director: *Sweats in pedophile*

  • A MOVIE STARRING LITERAL KINDS WITH AN ADULT RATING???? wtf it is enough that we have this shit all over the internet and now netflix for real????

  • What's scary are the 471 dislikes...who are these people?

  • I will not watch this movie. Seeing little girls sexualized is disgusting and should be illegal no matter the reason. I feel bad for the kids who were used in this movie and am appalled that any adult would have taken part in its production.

  • Makes me not want to have children. Makes me ashamed to call myself human. Can't believe this is our society.

  • Its for people who need to either pay attention to their kids, reevaluate their religious standards, or simply not have kids to begin with. Also creeps. Annnnd dancers. Btw if you have a problem with cuties go check out toddlers and tiaras or even any dance studie that teaches anyone under the age of 18, especially their exhibitions. Shit is cringe, but it serves a purpose that people need to start actually sticking to their oats and pay attention as well

  • My opinion has completely changed. There is a person on the internet, who does current events coverage, that I don't like. I accidentally found their coverage on Cuties and watched it for perspective. Although I still do not like that person, I appreciated their coverage about Cuties. The movie writer has done what she wanted to do. Sex is all around us, finding used condoms in a park or on television for examples. Children imitate what they see and people watch from a distance without saying anything. And often parents don't talk about the subject at all, leaving children to figure it out for themselves. The movie is disturbing because the writer had good intention with pointing out this is usually the reality when children discover sex on their own. Those girls were doing what they see as normal. There are blurry lines everywhere: what is shame and what is good advice.

  • My friend stupidly trying to compare this movie to 13 Reasons Why...while 13 Reasons Why consists of aged actors.

  • Loved your analagy and agree not appropriate at all any where

  • John Wayne Gacy approves this movie

  • I was sexually abused at the age of 11, the same age as the girls in the film. I can stand by a film that is trying to bring attention to sexualizing children BUT COME ON... sexualizing children to prove a point is not ok. This film will only pander to the adults that are into this completely illegal and unacceptable ideal.

  • Feminism has nothing to do with young girls being exploited and sexualized. I hope they take it off Netflix

  • How can the director say she based this on a group of young girls who were dressed in in appropriate clothes and dancing provocatively and watching in shock and "admiration"? How do you admire young girls being sexualized with dance moves?? She could've made a movie about this very issue without actually sexualizing the girls!! I don't know if she's lying about her motives or she's really that stupid

  • Unfortunately, when you look at the American poster, if you have had American girls participate in dance or gymnastics through Age 10 all the way to 18, the outfits look exactly what they have on the poster so I’m sure people thought it was appropriate. I coached and also try to get the most non-revealing clothes for my girls because I never liked how they were dressed for the industry and why no one ever challenge is it walking to a gymnastics gym and you will see exactly what I’m talking about

  • this movie is for the enjoyment of pedophiles

  • The Netflix poster actually reflects the movie more I think ....which means the movie is fucking worse

  • Incels are being triggered by a beautiful film directed by a strong woman of color who is progressive enough to realize that pedophilia is just another sexuality.

  • The movie is literally just soft core child porn Because story wise everything is paced horribly it feels like some scenes were left out there were plot holes and nothing got resolved, she’s still friendless mom still sad dad is a plot point and we Never see him which btw where are all the other girls parents??? The aunt just gets the middle finger throughout the whole movie she tried to kill a yasmine stabbed a boy in the hand (a little justifiably though) like the only purpose of this film was to legally record underage girls dancing HIGHLY inappropriately.

  • I may be wrong, but I think mignonnes meaning is more close to petit, o little and skinny than 'cuties'. It's a term used to compliment, with implicit sexual meaning, women.

  • Cancel nexflex for this movie, discussing pedophile movie. Go to hell Netflix. If you donot cancel Netflix you are apart of the problem.

  • I would consider watching it to see if it's as bad as most people think it is or if it's more informative. I would think because it won an award at the film festival it would be more informative than scandalous.

  • The “American poster” is scene in the actual film so stop it .

  • And this is why aliens dont want to visit us humans.

  • If only this was shot in a more wholesome way, it would have been a good movie.

  • I just watched it. So many people have their heads in the sand. This is going on with girls who have phones. They are merely following what they see is "cool." I remember when my daughters were young in KCMO. I had signed them up for dance classes. I began to watch what they were teaching them to do in the name of dance and realized that they were being groomed for beauty contests. It turned me off and I took them out of dance. It's been around for a long time. There are parents who encourage this mentality. And now with Instagram, the girls are taking it on themselves. The movie is just exposing this influence and should make us all think about social media for kids.

  • Imagine 11 yo little boys wearing provocative clothing and dancing like this, oh wait, isnt there a kid that does drag shows for dollah dollah billz yall? Here comes the pedo parade. 🤢🤮🤮🤮😭 I hope the FBI is building a profile of all the user replays of this movie. You would think a documentary would be a novel way to discuss this topic perhaps?

  • They could’ve literally made a normal dance group with like the worm dance or sum but obviously not ('〜' )

  • Lol how did you make a whole ass video about the movie without even watching it?? Did yall make this much of a fuss when the movie "Thirteen" came out? The story portrayed in Cuties is literally the reality for many young girls today, especially those who have access to social media. It's the sad truth..but everyone is upset that there's a movie showing it. Also it's not even a kid's movie. "Look at these half naked 11 yo"???? Why are we acting like that's not how this generation of 11 yo dress???? If you didn't watch the movie, please shut up. It's actually a good movie and you see the story of a girl who gets in with the wrong crowd and succumbs to peer pressure and wanting an escape from her family problems. Pretty normal and relatable storyline. Watch it.

  • Just watched ‘Why I made Cuties?’ on Netflix Film Club and any min you can see the 11 year old girl saying no to the Director, and the Director while shooting the scenes the Director like she cried wiping her eyes...

  • So inappropriate and sad to see such a scandal happening.

  • So, I watched this the other night [half way mark] before I shut it off, felt disgusted and then I tried to ask others about what they thought and or how they felt on the movie.. BOY was that a SHIT show. I was sent death threats, called p*do supporter for even viewing the film and it was just UGLY. I had to remove my post, then comment that I did not support the film or any of its entirety. I was wondering what the views others had. I have learned my lesson. NEVER post about a commercially controversial film. I am still traumatized by what I seen in that movie.. Disgusting.

  • Why are the makers of this film not in prison? The defense is that it won a Sundance award.... So that is supposed to change my mind. Disgusting

  • It is not fair to stop at being dissapointed without acknowledging the tea around Black young girls being sexualised from a very young age. Or at the least acknowledging your privilege for not having a reality where you face child arranged marriage or being overly sexualised. Also, what do expect young teens to act with the state of media and socialised worth.

  • Tbh I was done at the American poster. It’s revolting.

  • This movie is for pedos

  • The 5 star reviews are incredibly disturbing. One review was detailing how the little girls moved when they danced, called it sexy, and said that [viewer] got “excited quite a few times” while watching the film. Another review was from a man who watched Cuties with his friend, and enjoyed it. He went on to show the film to his daughter, and encouraged her to do the same as the girls in the film. He said that his daughter is picking up the dance and teaching all of her friends to do it. They plan to do it for their school talent show?? I want to throw up. He goes on to say that he liked the movie enough to watch it again, but he’d never watch it while his wife was around. The third review, and by far the worst, comes from an alleged second grade teacher. They said that they set aside time in class for their students to watch Cuties, and then got their class to learn the dance moves. Luckily, at the end of the review, there’s an edit that says they got fired. They don’t seem remorseful, and claim that they’re happy that they showed their students the dance. This last review might be a troll, just because they had a Roblox oOf profile picture. I hope so, honestly, because yikes

  • What about Dance Moms

  • Jealous of young women. Hahaha Jelly

  • I haven't watched the movie but why does it need to be twerking or sexualized dancing specifically? I mean, change the twerking to youth Ballet competition and you can still get the same message, No? Without all the sexualization of girls thingy.

  • There’s apparently a bare child’s breast in the movie. Like this is using child exploitation to demonize it. It’s like stabbing someone and saying “see, look at how much pain that person is, we need to stop stabbing people, I’ll stab a few more and kill someone just to make sure the point gets home!”

  • Idk y ppl don't understand that u can comment on a negative cultural trope without actually recreating them, she didn't have to use very clearly actually underage actresses or so much lingering shots and Netflix didn't have to showcase the disturbing sexual themes with the American poster...

  • Oh just wait until you actually see the "movie". That shit is a pedophile's playground! I always think ppl should actually see an entire film before freaking out & criticizing it, but they were spot on with this 1. It's kinda laughable how the director says the movie is about how it's not ok to sexualize kids when that is Literally does just that times a million & gives the exact opposite impression. Like it's soooooo much worse than you would even think, shity's ctrazy

  • Answer: Pedophiles Groomers Hypersexualiazation Agenda Pushers

  • Do you know how many times I have to explain to people that are saying “tHeY cOuLdVe HiReD oLdEr aCtOrS aNd AcTrEcEsSeS” that it’s STILL WRONG BC THEYRE STILL EXPLOITING CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE CAN COME ACROSS AND SAY “Oh but they’re doing it so it’s okay”... LIKE NO. It’s still feeding predators fantasies either way. Even if it came to that, actors and actresses with common sense would refuse because it’s wrong and uncomfortable to play a MINOR dancing sexually.

  • It makes me angry to see a report in germany that this is just a misunderstanding and the movie isn't bad at all Like tf did they watched?

  • So the films rated MA..but the main characters are ....11.... 🤔

  • this movie is just disgusting

  • I would just like to ask what is the difference between this (even with the American Poster) and the "good old American tradition" of pageant contests, or whatever they are? I'm sorry, but a few months ago, shortly before the "magic virus event 2020," I had to stay at a hotel in Tampa. I was at the bar when I noticed "parents" parading girls, some much younger than 11, dresses up like cheap whores, while drooling old perverts watched... I asked the bartender WTF was this shit, some paedophile anonymous even? She jokingly, I think, told me it was the rehearsal for a yearly event where "parents" try to pimp their children to Disney (the biggest paedophile ring in the world) producers. So why all the hypocrisy when this shit "lives" around us every day? Sick, perverted beasts control entertainment and fashion (don't even get me started), we all know it, let's not pretend we don't, and everyone lets them get away with it. We have become a society of Castrated Tolerant people, this is the result. Welcome to the world we helped create. And the worst is yet to come, this is just the final stage of social conditioning after all "Love is Love and it knows no ages" (as a fashion designer once told me aboard my plane just before I broke his jaw). Next Agenda? "Paedophiles have rights too" (as the father of 3 girls and a boy, these people tend not to be too picky, I would personally transform all these parasites into eunuchs, a thing our society should have started doing a long time ago to these animals, but no, we have to be "Liberal," "Tolerant," and "Compassionate," after all, they are just very sick people), Cheers.

  • In what world would this movie be okay? I find this exploitation of young girls very disturbing. There are enough predators out their already seeking to objectify and use young girls. From what i have seen this stuff adds to the evilness of child pornography. Just stop this evil proliferation of sexual exploitation. I find it appaling.!! Let children be children.

  • MORE PROGRESSIVE GARBAGE FROM HOLLWOOD . Fund the police, DEFUND HOLLWOOD AND NETFLIX ..Nancy Pelosi approves this message 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Thank you! I appreciate that you completely look at the whole issue. Although I have seen parts of it and can't handle how awfully it portrayed children, I do see there is a bigger cultural issue about sexualizing children in Dance Moms and the kiddo pageant shows.

  • All I can say is: 𝙲𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚢 ಠ_ಠ

  • "Best movie of all time." -Jeffrey Epstein

  • The next thing they want to legalize is pedophilia. Smfh.

  • Beyond the fact that it sexualizes minor girls, which is disturbing enough in and of itself, I am appalled by the "rebelling against her families traditions" bit. I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination but I do admire certain aspects of cultural traditions. Muslims, as well as many other cultures, hold fast to instilling modesty in women. That modesty is taught from an early age and it is a fantastic trait to have. Unlike what is being exemplified by todays celebrity culture - which is female promiscuity. If you want a man to respect you, you must respect yourself (and vice versa). This film manages to devalue morals, ethics, and proper code of conduct. It is a complete disservice to society as a whole and imho should be banned and all involved investigated.

  • Why are ppl freaking out? What are the beauty pageants? little girls strutting and shaking butt, dressed up make up, sexy clothes, dancing. Bathing suit contest. So why are middle class white American mothers freaking out? Bc seeing it in this context makes you uncomfortable. She is rebelling from a life that is strangling her which most religions do for the females if the laws are followed according to men. No women ever created a religion. So some men want sex with kids usually bc they were molested or?? and men at old age marry granddaughter age girls and is accepted but this film bothers you?? Reality just more hard reality.

  • The poster is extremely mild compared to the actual film.

  • Im a great grandpa who watched the movie. There is no underage nudity or sex scenes. Its simply a movie about an 11 year old girl in an abusive family in a repressive culture that wants to try to be a normal teen. The only (brief) nudity is when the lead watches a hip hop video and one of the women briefly lifts her top to expose a breast. If anything this movie should and could be used to show the negative effect hip hop videos have on our children and culture.

  • I would have been okay with the movie and what it's trying to say if they wouldn't have cast actual little girls. What happened to the Golden times where you cast adults that look a bit younger. Then you go be a good director and use movie magic to make them appear even younger.

  • Would be amazing to do a video now you've probably watched the movie and know your POV.

    • @Bebe Lapeach oh okay haha, you're welcome then 😅

    • insidious _exe i’m the same person also haha just switched accounts. Just realised.

    • insidious _exe OH I did not see it in my recommendations so I totally assume she did not yet! Thank you for being my brain today haha

    • she did.

  • All the stuff on both posters is in the movie

  • Step by step is how this stuff sneaks in and eventually becomes the norm.

  • They dropped the ball with their intent through horrible execution.

  • I’ve never disagreed with you... but I mean.. if you watch it it’s not about that. Yeah, some idiot at Netflix allowed the poster to go out (watch dance moms or any ESmain dancing vids - you’ll see it too) but this movie is not like that at all I think you jumped the gun making this video

  • I've seen many videos about that atrocious movie that I lost count.

  • why did i get a netflix add in this video......

  • will you make a follow-up video, now that the movie is out?

  • So after seeing and reading so many cancel Netflix articles/videos I decided to actually watch the movie. I saw the trailer and was very alarmed. The trailer is terrible and the movie was not. I was ready to burn this movie to the ground. Every person judging this film needs to actually watch it first! This movie is not glamorizing the girls dancing it’s actually shows a little bit of dancing and how ridiculous it is. It makes u feel sad that the girls feel the need to display themselves in a asexual manner and not really understanding what their doing and how it comes off. This movie is not glorifying kids acting and dancing in a sexual manner. It shows how we as adults turn our cheeks and tell kids that for attention act in these hyper sexual manners. This is really about a lost little girl who feels neglected and just wants to fit in and doesn’t understand her actions. This movie doesn’t harp or show the dancing a lot and it’s not displayed in a manner that’s entertaining or cute. Is this movie for kids no it’s for all us adults - this to me shows the effects of TikTok and instagram that’s promoted to kids to girate and be half naked while trying to look cute and innocent. Ex Addison rea and Charlie d amelio. And I’m wondering if everyone wants to ban this movie how come those young ladies and others aren’t banned from social media who are clearly advertising toward children. Who ever did the American poster and trailer for this movie and whoever approved it needs to be fired and they are the sexual predator. Marketing is so important, global marketing is so important and why did the American poster and trailer have a oversexualized version than the French version- it’s not accidental. That poster showed a scene that it pivotal to the lead and lasted all of 15 sec and really showed how terrible/ ridiculous the young girls looked and how the audience was disturbed as well before she ran off the stage crying realizing how lost she felt. Netflix owes the director a major apology there’s a message in this film and it’s being totally missed until you actually watch the movie