The Claudia Conway situation gets worse

Publicado el 27 ene 2021
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  • The only good thing about all of this is the fact that the truth is coming to light. Our children are our future, if you teach them to do, what you do, then it will never end. Just watch Claudias Children in 20 years it will all be so familiar unless the outing of this truth actually changes the way they both live their lives. Unfortunately, this is nothing new...she also sounds brainwashed by both of her parents and, everyone sounds scared...this is the first sign that there is something seriously wrong behind closed doors...Claudia, my advice; get out while you can. Everyone I know was on their own at 15 years old, and we are all thriving. Welcome to Canadian Aboriginal Catholic School abuse. Started with my Great Grand Parents and Carried through to My Grand Nieces and Nephews.

  • 7:31 Abuse at times isn’t always all bad or all good. Just because there may be times they “love like mothers and daughters” and have good times DOES NOT excuse or invalidate the abuse that has happened or is happening. Even though there may be good times, does not change the fact of abuse.

  • im turkish, and sadly i see women all the time posting on social media if they stop posting about whats happening to them or they aren't heard from anymore, it means that something really bad happened to them. a lot of these women stop posting, and then are generally declared dead or missing or in captivity a short while later. this has to be taken extremely seriously and not disregarded as "drama".

    • Does that only happen to women in your country?

  • sure it wasn't forced, it was coached! i've had that in my life, and helped others in therapy. yo, i can FEEL her hit the bullet points her mom wanted

  • I think it is very easy (with that little information that we have) to read too much into this story. We simply do not know what actually has happened. Is it possible that the Claudia was very mad at one point with her mother and took the picture in question herself and posted it from her moms phone (not actually understanding/caring for the consequences)? We do not know how mentally mature Claudia is for her age. And yes, her mother is a horrible person, I would be mad at her around the clock, but that is not the point here. Also: I understood that the "I will never go offline on my own accord" was made before all this happened (I could be wrong of course). We have to consider that Claudia is only 16 years old and does not have the life experience yet or could not imagine (going offline to clarify things with her family) that she will at one point in the future actually want to go offline.

  • Rain

  • As a mother, the ONLY scenario I could see this happening in is if somehow they were not at home or Claudia wasn’t present and Kellyann saw the pic. If I’d come across this in my daughters phone at 15 I’d FLIP MY SHIT and if I couldn’t get my hands on her in that moment (figure of speech) I’d take “photo evidence” and then delete it from HER phone; of course to show her father what our precious lil baby is up to. We don’t know the dynamics of what goes on behind closed doors. Just that mom & dad had a very public breakup. And then makeup? Or who knows. CLAUDIA could be arrested and her life ruined just for taking a pic of herself. Doesn’t matter if she didn’t send it. Which why would she take the pic in first place, if not to send?! This would allow the hacking story to make a lil more sense but only a little. We know there are geniuses who can get into anyone’s anything. Simone could have been watching and waiting for anything of interest to be found...and they hit the pay dirt when that pic showed up in the cloud. Believe me when I say my feelings towards the mother are not warm on any normal occasion She needs a mental/character check for backing who she did - but then so do $74million others Just hope this gets straightened out because I do not believe she would be so idiotic as to post this of her child in the same way a mom posts a prom picture But some moms have done much worse

  • That video looks like a hostage video. This poor child needs rescue. KC needs to be arrested for distribution of Child P, OF HER OWN DAUGHTER. As a retired health care worker who worked in maximum security forensic psychiatric facilities, this triggers my Duty to Inform. I am calling the FBI. I am going to use my 30 + years of working and my licensure specifically geared towards working with Sexually Violent Predators (by diagnosis ) and child victims of abuse and violence to ask why this crime has NOT been dealt with.

  • Concerning does not seem a strong enough word. To me, it looks/sounds like she's on the verge of years several times throughout the tiktoks. She also seems (understandable so) afraid.

  • She says so many times calling the authorities puts her in danger. She clarifies, it puts her family in danger, and so that puts her in danger. She's in danger.

  • Her dad has been teaching her, special things since she was 12.

  • in most states if nudes are leaked it is not only cp in this case but also revenge porn which is illegal in most of not all states

  • Don't know how it works over in America, however in the UK that would be classed as revenge porn.

  • I dont know much about the Rosemary Kennedy situation, but historically, politicians framing their daughters as mentally ill to protect their political standing doesn't end well...

  • “fight like mothers and daughters” mom NEVER spoke to me that way but okay

  • My mom had an app thing that could transfer anything on my phone onto my moms phone so I feel as if she had the same thing but idk for sure (also no I’m not saying my mom is abusive, she’s not I really love my mom, she just did that after an abusive relationship of mine out of fear)

  • For the sake of full disclosure, I am very much a “right winger”, I also follow politics sickeningly closely as a political and news nerd, and I’m pretty distressed that I haven’t heard much about this at all. Like, at all. Politics aside, I’m still surprised that as somebody whose politics align fairly closely with the party Conway represents - why isn’t this being talked about? I’m a parent; I have a little girl who is an absolute dream as well as a hot headed jerk - but I can’t ever imagine talking to my daughter as if she was some sort of worthless piece of trash, and I would absolutely never ever invade her privacy or betray her love and trust in such horrifically grotesque ways. KA reminds me a lot of my own mom in the way she spoke to me and the way she treated me. Thank God she was just a regular old person and not some big name, big title, famous person.

  • Is Kelly Anne eating babies too?

  • " fight like mother's and daughter's" um ..This is nothing like a mother and daughter fight and it's sad that she thinks this is normal !

  • Claudia literally said in previous videos "i would never leave social media on my own" but now shes saying "im not being forced".. is she actually being forced??

  • You can see the "apology" is fake bc she says ,,ummm" and looks to the left just like she forgot what to say Its so disgusting i feel so sorry for her shes a poor cutie no one deserves this

  • When you’re having beef with your own child you know something is wrong with you

  • Just imagine if you weren’t the daughter/son of parents like this, and knew how bad of a person they were. I’d never in my life let people like this in my life, and they don’t deserve to have children either

  • Since the family member who lies on TV regularly ain’t Claudia, who u gonna believe. The relationship she has with her mother doesn’t appear healthy at all. Claudia should gtf out of there.

  • She's 15 and famous?? Why

  • No one talking about how disgusting it is for a 16 year old to be taking naked pictures of herself. and the other thing is you are really easy to manipulate. it's called "rope a dope" and people do it a lot these days by turning non-events into earth shattering events when they're not. If she's old enough to engage in porn, she can simply walk out of the house and go start an only fans if you approve of her having naked photos of herself. Unless it's dawning on everyone that you're trying to support a 16 year old that is having an extended temper tantrum for clicks, and look, I'm helping you by my comment too.

  • The way she was talking in her "farewell" video was different, too 🤔

  • Shes just a spoiled brat

  • I don't know who she is or what she does... but she needs help, or she's gonna end up like britney, locked up cause "she is not well", from what's I've read here in the comments she's only 15 and she's under all of this stress

  • All these people are attention junkies. Snakes eating their own tails.

  • I can't help but wonder if we all got played for american idol ratings

  • I'm a little late to this....but I'm in the UK, and you cant even Google Claudia....nothing really comes up. No socials, a couple things about her mother but that's it....weird.

  • Now the circus has moved to American Idol! Caching $$$$$$

  • I have no doubt that lunatic of a “mother” followed up on her threat to ruin her daughter. That’s what it was. Period. She is beyond...revolting, but frankly, absolutely on point for that disgusting piece of total crap. Her father is almost worse. Frankly, I’m beyond scared for this child. SHE IS NOT SAFE!! THAT is EXACTLY what she was warning everyone about in her previous video.

  • Lmao you can tell you grew up in a good home, by the way this all shocks you and the way you keep expecting consequences.

  • Poor thing :/ Thanks for making videos about this. I hate that Twitter removed them. They should stay up for abuse awareness!

  • That's a bad situation!!!!

  • Love your hair!!

  • Claudia posted the picture herself to make her mom look worse!! Listen to that apology she’s backtracking because she didn’t realize how intense the reaction would be from the public. Kelly Ann is 100% a narcissist, emotionally stunted, traumatized person but I could tell something didn’t add up with this story.

  • "Before you say this is forced, it's not forced." That's a very strange denial to emphasize...

  • What’s your opinion of the fact that it’s now revealed she’s in American Idol this year?

  • Those videos she posted about being sorry she made it all public seems like the most genuine to me. I think she was mad she was being a brat her mom is verbally abusive and screams at her she probably feels unheard as most teens do and she was making the videos out of spite. When she said her mom posted those nudes and realized her mom can go to jail and her family was being threatened with death not to mention cps coming in and taking her to foster home she probably realized she over reacted and isnt prepared to deal with the consequences of all the drama they spilled on social media. Shes spoiled in my opinion and shes probably ran that household forever with her parents working tons of hours and away from home im guessing and doesnt like the control they tried to assert and she hated the choice her mom made to work for trump so she was trying to mess with her moms job. Cant form a true conclusion without all the facts like the unedited videos where I'm sure shes instigating fights with her mom. Has to be the case in the one video cuz the mom says feel lucky I am pro life meaning the daughter feels abortions are ok and doesn't like that her mom worked for trump who supports the pro life side. She doesn't show but a few seconds of her mom freaking out. Who knows what lead up to that and how she acts when she's not recording and can say and do what she wants

  • Hackers hack famous peoples phones all the time and share the pics they in their phones. I just dont see a mom doing that. A hacker yes a mom no matter how mad I cant see it

  • Just looking at things from a different view as I did on the other video u did about this I'd like to say first of all she took nude pics and usually they are taken for a reason, right? Like to send to ur man. But she said no one had those pics. Why just snap nudes of yourself and have them stored in ur phone for your mom to see which she claims in the video her mom takes her phone all the time so she would have to know that it was a possibility her mom could see those. 2nd I dont know 1 person that doesnt have a lock on their phone and im gonna say it's a safe bet she had her phone locked so her mom cant get in if she tried to. As a mother regardless of how mad I am at my kid never ever ever in any world would I post my teens nudes o line for everyone to see I know it's possible but I just dont see this women being that dumb considering all that is going on in that home in the public eye. I would however think that it's possible the daughter did it to set her mom up possibly because she feels unheard and abused and shes trying to call attention to this all. I just dont see having nudes for no reason, not having your phone locked,a mom doing that,and again if this is so scary and traumatic shes literally laughing and so is whoever else is in the room when the video plays and the message she was sent said THEY put ur nudes on twitter. Not ur mom did it said they did something. Oh yeah and usually kids have apps to hide those kind of things in just incase their parents do get into the phone they will never find them in the regular photo gallery. Idk this seems like something other than the mom doing this that's just my opinion and if she feels scared or thinks her mom really did she should be calling police not tik tok friends and more videos to bring rate attention to the nude pics she doesnt want anyone to see ya know

  • No one is going to question the fact that the daughter had a naked photo taken of her? I think this is the daughter posting it and blaming her mother. Daughter is a clout chaser.

  • Has anything happened yet? Has the law stepped in yet?

  • Is she a biological child?

  • No loving mother would do that to her daughter. Full stop.

  • So she's Kelly Ann Kardashian now right?

  • Is it weird I don’t believe this girl and why does she look toothless

  • Claudia did this all for Publicity. She's going to be on American Idol. What a Coincidence. Her parents will be on the show, too. WTF???

  • Please get a mic. You’ll have even more subs if you fix your audio.

  • I survived an abusive mother and step mother .. DONT GIVE UP BABY GIRL YOUR ALMOST 18

  • I saw all of the tiktoks before they were deleted

  • Kelly-Ann is a professional liar and manipulator.

  • why would she post cp? i never knew about her before claudia, same with half of gen z, so the hacking would make sense, especially since it's directed towards that situation. she worked with donald trump, she's not that dumb to post that on her own account, in my personal opinion. she would've leaked it through other sources not attached to her name at all if it was revenge on her part. i think someone wanted to stir the pot and make her relationship more toxic. this is the only case that i dont think the mother is to blame

  • She keeps looking right in the taking a break a sign of deceit

  • If it wasn’t posted now Claudia just would’ve been blackmailed with it later

  • Girl You’re looking so pretty

  • This is heartbreaking to watch. I had a similar childhood; I feel for her so much. From the previous video you posted when people were saying she "just wanted attention", any kid crying out for attention is in need just as much any other kid. If not more. I hope she is able to get emancipated. She deserves a better home life.

  • i can't find them . . . . .

  • Her mom would most definitely put her in those schools for rich kids that they abuse like Paris Hilton was

  • RTG we can see your lace real bad above your right ear. looks messy asf

  • Kellyanne reminds me so much of the Narcissist's Prayer: That didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And it was, that's not a big deal. And if it is, it's not my fault. And if it was, I didn't mean it. And if I did. You deserved it I feel so bad for Claudia, her mom is taking away her only lifeline, her only means of mental escape.

  • I love ❤️ your beautiful hair!! I am obsessed

  • There was no reason for Kellyanne to have taken a picture of Claudia's nude in the first place. Like who the hell does that? That's f***ing weird. Sorry, I don't think that's just a little coincidence.

  • It's weird her mom had the picture, but I don't think she posted it. For all we know Claudia could have posted it. She's always looking for attention and trying to get her mom in trouble.

  • She acted very maturely, considering her safety in the future, the press, autorities being involved, even taking the footage and putting it on the internet was already a serious and well thought through decision. It was a process of editing so it wasn't an impulsive choice. She planned the whole thing very thoroughly so there's no way she would come online a few days later and say that it was immature and it's a normal relationship. She has already said that she knows it isn't normal. That's what I meant by her having thought this through. She's talked about the possible consequences and adressed everything that is happening now: If she goes mia then it's forced. She wants her mother to go to jail. She knows her rights and she knows it's abuse. I don't believe this apology video for a second. She cried for help and awareness and we're failing her if she gets hurt after she's already given us all this evidence. What I don't get is why she can't like, idk leave? Does she have friends who would help her? I'm not suggesting that she runs away from home... but if it's necessary...

  • could you do an update on this?? i've been hearing stuff abt her posting morse code??

  • literally unrelated but you SNAPPEDDDDD with your makeup and hair this video like we love a cotton candy color palette

  • I hope they all the get help they need and can heal as a family. I just find it strange this is all getting blown up and she is going to be on American Idol. Maybe that is why she was going dark too. What if Claudia put the picture out there and her mom not knowing how it happened believes it was hacked? Just a question guys. It seems like she wanted to be heard and it got out of hand. None of us know what really was/is going on. We are only getting one side if it. In saying that. A mom should never talk to their child the way she did. We all get mad but you never make rude childish comments. YOU'RE THE PARENT/ADULT ACT LIKE IT SMH.

  • Kellyanne Conway is a perfect example of not everyone should have kids

  • She literally told us if she leaves social media then something is seriously wrong. We have to believe her, bc clearly no one else has.

  • Didn't mom and dad promise they'd get out of politics to stay home and help her. How long did that last?

  • Just look at her body language. In the other videos, her eyes aren't darting all over the room. Her mother is standing to her right coaching her on what to say, she keeps looking over and acknowledging her.

    • I said this literally a few seconds before you did lol

  • So you mean to tell me that a hacker hacked a high ranked individuals personal cell phone, and out of EVERYTHING they could've released, they chose to release her daughters nude ? 🤔🤔🤔 sure jan, totally believable.........

  • The tone of her voice in the post does not sound like her usual self, or what she sounds like in other posts..So with a very serious situation such as C.P. there are ways they can track down where the picture came from, where it was posted is that not a thing all of a sudden?

  • I can't believe the mom would do this. She has been trying to keep all the drama hush hush. She wouldn't ruin her own reputation. Maybe I'm the minority who believes the daughter did this. She has been trying to ruin her moms rep for a while.

  • another person benefitting from her moms position to get an audience!

  • Not having any other context to her behavior I could honestly believe the second video is how she felt, but only because her family gaslit her to absolve themselves. Like someone sat her down and told her your mom would probably have to go to federal prison if you don't fix this. She's a kid, in an abusive environment, I'm sure they are trying to manipulate her in anyway they can so she shuts up.

  • Kelly Anne is a vile narcissistic mother!

  • This is totally unrelated but I just want to say your hair is amazing here

  • That's off topic but what's the track in your intros? 👁️👄👁️

  • Kellyanne will be sending the darling daughter to a Christian boot camp, where Bible readings, and a good ass - whuppin', will teach the lying troublemaker some respect.

    • @ConsultingTrickster Didn't know anyone still used that ridiculous phrase...thought its well - deserved demise was around end of ' 19.

    • @Johnny Zeee okay boomer

    • @ConsultingTrickster Not any part of that. The young girl must be in such a place, where they don't tolerate mouthing off or bad behavior from teens, and if they do, corrective action occurs. The problem here is an out of control daughter, whose parents have paid for everything for her, from make up and spray tans, to phones and unlimited social media. That must all end, with a return to solid traditional values, and an atmosphere conducive to respect and learning. Is it a mere coincidence, we hear nothing about school, and how the daughter performs there, ever mentioned ? But of course, that would interfere with nonsense about how she will appear on " American Idol "... Well, maybe they told her she can't perform any ' political ' songs. All she has is " I hate Trump, and my mom....", and that's already gone out of style.

    • fantasying about a teenage girl being beaten...yeah that’s not insanely creepy at all. only persons around here who deserve a “whupping” are you and her disgusting vile excuse of an egg donor.

  • Im worried for her...

  • Suggestion: “survivor” instead of “victim” and also maybe stop saying allegedly on everything because that’s another way people belittle abuse, they call it alleged even when there’s proof.

  • Her videos definitely seemed to be forced on her. Claudia is trying way too hard to convince everyone that you know her leaving social medias for the best and that they’re going to try to keep this private now. I believe this young lady needs help and I wish there was a way that I could help her. Her mother definitely has some serious issues and she needs to get some mental health help. I feel for this poor girl and I hope that her situation gets better. Thank you for posting this video and letting us know what is going on with this young lady. Everyone take care, take it easy and be safe

  • The fact that her dad posted this is the first red flag. If everything is so good and fine why can’t she post on her own social media? Second she take complete responsibility for everything herself her mom didn’t say anything or even try to be in the video. Her body language and lack of eye contacts is sus. What does she keep looking at? It seems staged. It’s very easy to fake someone’s voice and face using aps now a days. I’m not convinced this girl is okay 🥺

  • "dead pebble of a heart" 🤔 I think I have that too.

  • this sounds a lot like what happened to me, i could share tings then they would tell me it was normal so i would take it back

  • If millions of people supposedly saw this 'CP', did anybody call CPS or the cops? Did Ready to Glare call the authorities? If not, why not? Repzilla did a similar video. In his video, he says "Somebody needs to call CPS immediately!" Did HE call CPS or the cops? Vaush covered it too. Did HE call CPS or the cops? The only things missing in this story are: 1) Evidence of a crime. 2) Evidence that anybody reported a crime.

  • She tried to ruin her daughter's future.. before she even really started life...

  • I feel like if it was a hacker they wouldn't post that picture they would try to get emails or something because of how closely she worked with Donald Trump

  • Social media is mentally devastating to so many teenagers and its imploding families, its disgusting.

  • Precisely where is the saveourchildren crowd with this?

  • If her phone was hacked, that's a massive issue in it self. National security 🤷‍♂️. She did work with the president for years

  • This will get lost, but look at Claudia’s body language and look at her eyes. This is bull, you can hear it in her voice, she chokes up a little bit as well. Her mother would intentionally do that, if she’s willing enough to actually yell and hit her daughter, then she would have no problem doing that to her. I hate speculation, but all the exposing Claudia was doing to her mom and then her mom posting that image, seems like a revenge scheme. That last bit I’m iffy about, but I still stand by by first couple sentences.

  • No matter how angry, her mother should have never posted a naked photo of her daughter. BUT,... Claudia has been a major traitor to her mom. She disgusts me. Doesn’t matter the political party, anyone who betrays a family member, unless a major crime was committed, is the ultimate low life! She was trying to destroy her mom’s job. This entitled girl has no idea what it is like to go without.

  • If you’ve ever been 16 which I think most people have, you have had fights with your mom, at the end of the day that’s you’re mother that brought you into this world; cared for you, changed you diapers, loved you. When you get older you realize this more. You grow and learn each other. Unless you’re a mother yourself I would be weary of what you say about her.

  • Hey saying this is not forced doesn’t sit right with me it’s just doesn’t feel right