"Tattooed women shouldn't be dated"

Publicado el 28 sep 2020
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  • just got my first tattoo yesterday so it's the perfect time to finally watch this

  • "Women with tattoos" is also a pretty broad category. There are women with tattoos who might just have a little flower on their wrist or something. I knew a nun that taught at a school I attended as a kid who had a tattoo. Then there are women with full body and face tattoos. These are pretty different categories of people.

  • They should be wedded, like Glare!

  • My mom says that me (& my siblings) are not allowed to get tattoos because they ‘ruin the beautiful body god created’. I’m personally not super religious, and I believe it’s my body, so I don’t agree with her. However I don’t plan on getting a tattoo anytime soon because she’s talked poorly about people who have them. (She just repeats the ‘druggy emo’ stereotype, instead of saying anything more thoughtful).

  • Heavily tattooed lady here. I also used to work for a high end personal dating/matchmaking service and this lady needs re-education. This woman sounds incredibly biased. Why not say, don’t date women with dyed hair, don’t date women over 5’6”... whatever bias she has is being put onto the men she’s coaching. How about listen to what your clients find attractive and work with them to find that. Men can have preference for or against tattoos and that’s okay, telling men what their preference should be is not. And for the final question I’ve definitely dealt with bias and fetishization because of my tattoos and appearance. I’m 29, married, graduated from uni... but seems like all people see is appearance at timrs

  • As a woman with tattoos, why the fuck would I pay money for something if it didn’t somehow make me feel a little more confident. I also don’t understand the whole assuming people with tattoos don’t make good money, especially when it comes to people who are heavily tattooed, because in case anyone forgot, tattoos cost money, and most good tattoos aren’t cheap. I have around $600 on me right now and I only have two tattoos, now imagine how much people pay to have full sleeves or full back or neck tattoos. Personally, I have never been impulsive with my tattoos because of the price, however I’ve definitely been impulsive with other body modifications, like piercings and dyeing my hair. So in my opinion I could see where finding dyed hair or piercings could be viewed as impulsive, but not tattoos.

  • Ok, that my crazy theory: this girl who a male coach probably wants to encourage men to look for good girl aka girls like her! Because it's so much easier to look interesting when you get rid of the competition. Also, maybe a girl in high school who had a tattoo laughed at her once. Do I have proof? Only my life experience. Is this more credible than all her studies on girls with tattoos? Yes!

  • My sister has a ton of tattoos and went to college. Got a degree in the field she wanted, is not a smoker, and has always been a person who is confident but not cocky. I'm tattooed and am currently going to college to be a chef and taking business so I can eventually open my own restaurant. I had confidence issues when I was in jr. High, but as soon as I hit high school gained more and more confidence in me and knew what I wanted in life. I have 3 tattoos and plan on getting more to represent my son, friends and family who have passed away, and my favorite parts from my favorite song. Such a dumb assumption.

  • tinyurl.com/quickallsex66 📞 😁love u I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

  • Tattooing - spatially selective staining of skin - in other words selective contamination of the human skin with pigments that are potentially toxic and carcinogenic. Illogical to stain the skin - it has no health benefit or logical purpose. A woman who gets tattoos is illogical, impulsive and exhibit disregard of their health. Advisable to steer well clear of women with tattoos because they are potentially unpredictable and impulsive. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is a proper analysis. Same considerations pertain mutatis mutandis to men with tattoos.

  • Wait for the day she discovers that in many ethnies all over the world, women have traditional tattoos and that it’s perceived as the utmost refinement 🤯🤯🤯

  • why does she have a cat pillow on her bed? love you, by the way.

  • I love women with tattoes . I love the art that can be drawn on the skin.

  • I have tattoos everywhere the comment I get the most is "oh your so beautiful but you ruined your body with all those tattoos." 🙄

  • she looks sad and hurt, lemme assume (like she did) she either wants a tattoo and doesnt "have the balls" or has been dumped for a woman with tatts :)

  • I was a virgin when I got my first tattoo so....

  • The lady is actually bang-on. Most men see tattooed women as broken. Facts💥💯

  • Red pilled channels got it right, tattooed women are crazy, bi-polar or have a borderline personality, or are emulating men, which is happening everywhere. Bottom line is look out for these red flags gentlemen!

  • Sterotypes are dumb as hell. I'm transmasc. I got my first tattoo a few months ago, its a small frog on my wrist. I'm not insecure at all. I dont smoke or do drugs or have sex. Im not impulsive or anything and have thought about it for a long time. I don't regret it. This woman is ridiculous.

  • I live in the Midwest and it’s a trend for women age 50 + to get tattoos! Not hidden but on their forearm! Many of them are Christian references. I don’t wear clothing that shows off my tats at work (it’s freezing at work!) so they are always surprised I have them.

  • Why do women get tattoos? Because i look cool as fuck okay thank you bye

  • When a woman has visible tattoos she just limited her financial situation ... Most the time successful men will avoid them.

    • True...and usually the ones that have them are too limited to gain a top-caliber man anyhow. I look at them as late-night entertainment only

  • I agree not with the idea women with tattoos are not wel.educated!

  • She sounds more self conscious than any woman I know with tattoos

  • Her man got stolen by a hot bitch with tattoos lol. Oh no hunty 😂

  • I just did a small study, and have decided that all humans hate tomatoes. (Small disclaimer) I was the only one interviewed but I feel the need to project this onto every other human

  • Me looking for the peer-reviewed cited sources: 🧐🤔

  • You can't make these generalizations like that from one small study, lady 🤦‍♀️-me, someone who has a psychology degree and is also studying statistics

  • "No understandment of tattoos" OH FFS!

  • Omg she's read five articles, she's so educated on the subject

  • Tats dont change anything, my siblings have tats, and they never changed a bit. I didn't even know my sister had a tat before we went swimming at the beach

  • I'm tattooed, married, and employed. Also about to graduate from college with a BS in Physics. My problem with this woman is that she makes no comment about men with tattoos and their psychology, nor does she make mention of another form of body modification that I consider to be more extreme than tattooing or piercing, is tied very closely with body image, and that REALLY alters your appearance permanently: cosmetic surgery. What about those women? She just seems like an unqualified keyboard psychologist 🙄

  • As a psychology student, I have never - not even once - heard of "tattoo psychology." Why? Because [most] psychologists don't give tattoos that much importance. Psychologists tend to focus on actual issues or more important behavioral trends. I just don't know who's wasting time researching a topic where all of the data is self-report and will not reveal any real correlations or causations. There are too many factors and variables to draw any conclusions on how people with tattoos are different from people without tattoos. Also, as someone who wants a bunch of tattoos someday, I honestly don't think it's always that deep... I just like the tattoos cause they're cool and I think it's kind of like a permanent accessory or a display of my favorite designs. It may be a super deep thing for some people but for me and all of the friends I know who have gotten tattoos, it's just been an "I like the design and I want it on me" sort of thing...

  • Is she serious...?

  • Just sent my friend your casetify link!!!!!! Ty boo xoxo

  • Sadly, the whole anti-tattoo thing is nothing new at all: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/sJ6TZ56oZdZqiJY esmain.info/goal/v-deo/pG2FgdiagpKEbtU

  • Here I am a non smoking, non drug using catholic wife of 14 years and mom of 5 kids, with a big fricken tattoo on my arm that could be a partial sleeve. I guess I missed the stereotype clause when I went and got mine done.

  • love that wig on you. its definitely your color(s)

  • “Why do women get tattoos...”? Can be asked about men as well and the reasons are the same... They fookin chose to. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

  • As a tattooed man... I find this painful. Sorry to all my tattooed sisters. Y’all are absolutely beautiful, and We appreciate you.

  • Flawed research, huge reaches and pidgeonholing people based on superficial appraisals. Sounds like a typical "dating coach".

  • Insecurities: a dating risk. smh. As if most men don't have a single insecurity. If you want to date someone with no insecurities, might as well buy a doll or robot!

  • I like how she conveniently ignores men with tattoos? Like theres plenty of them out there, it's not like theres something special about women that makes their skin hold ink when men's doesn't. Are tattooed men also permiscuous and insecure? I guess we'll never know.

  • Vancouver does not claim her 😩

  • Getting tattooed to be part of a community is very common in prison. I haven't really heard of it happening outside of gang culture, tho

  • is that cat on her bed alive

  • people with homemade tattoos shouldn't be dated

  • I remember being annoyed by a dating site I signed up for having "tattooed " as a personality type box to tick. It's not a personality, this lady alsl5talks like it's a personality trait

  • I wonder how she feels about the psychology of people who need dating coaches. I have a few, well researched papers on that particular subject and in my opinion, the tattooed people are the least of your worries. My body, my canvas, my story.

  • I just love how she was like so yeah "I read 5 studies" and thinks that makes her an expert

  • She's right tho. And it offend you

  • Oh God. Poor Canada. I don't know why, but it seems like I hear this particular flavor of stupid, it's not disproportionately from Canada (U.S. #1, baby!), But our Northern friends are disturbingly well represented. Why, God? Why must so many who are so stupid live?

  • Tattoos=impulsive=sleeps around=STDs Feels like she’s really jumping to conclusions here, when she admits herself that she didn’t research that

  • Even her cat is standing there pribably thinking WTF 😂 Another great video thank you 🤗

  • I was stereotyped having tattoos as "he's just trying to be cool" which is stupid cause I'm the biggest nerd out of anyone I know

  • Tattooed women shouldn't be dated. They should be courted. Tattooed women don't exist. There are only queens and goddesses.

  • Boi I don’t think I got a tattoo on the back of my neck because I’m not confident with the back of my neck.

  • My mom recently got a bird tattoo behind her right ear. sO rEbElLiOuS!

  • READY TO GLARE(tattooed lady)Sees the Title: “HEY!”

  • You sound really different and monotone, I hope you’re really ok. If anything’s going on we’d all like to know because we love and support you and wanna understand you.. 💘

  • As a guy who enjoys watching "Ready to Glare's" videos and often agrees with her, but has decided to rarely comment, I have a few thoughts. 1) I used to subscribe to "Wing Ma'am," and found a a lot of what she says interesting, but I agree here that "Wing Ma'am,'s" comments about this subject probably aren't fair. I also quit listening to "Wing Ma'am" because I am so shy that a dating coach isn't really helpful for me. 2) I don't have a problem in principle with ladies having tattoos or with dating a lady who has tattoos, so long as those tattoos have artistic beauty. I even admire the artistry of most tattoos I see. I do think that there can be "too much of a good thing" with tattoos, but I realize that is just a matter of personal preference. 3) As I have gotten older, I have become so stunningly shy around ladies that I generally don't ask any of them out, and I am even more shy around ladies with tattoos. 4) I say all of this just to point out that for some reason I get an even stronger "I'm not interested" vibe from ladies with tattoos than I do from ladies without tattoos. 5) Please don't think I am creepy - I'm actually so worried about giving that impression that I generally don't approach or talk to ladies at all any more. So a lady with a tatoo shouldn't feel judged by me (I suspect they don't notice or care anyway) if I don't talk to them much or ask them out. I'm really just that shy. 6) Thanks for the opportunity to vent about my shyness - it's my fault, not anyone else's.

  • Why is a woman who claims to be a dating coach spewing out so much garbage? She isn't doing her clients or the potential dating partners of those any service... Also f*ck stereotypes.

  • “I don’t know much about tattoo psychology.” Great! Roll credits.

  • When I see people with lots of tattoos my first reactions are they’re cool and they have a stable job, because tattoos are so expensive and you have to be able to take care of them while they heal but that’s just me

  • As a person who lives in Vancouver, I am going to unclaim her as one of us

  • Face palm, I apologize for my country. - a Canadian. She looks like a bitter miserable middle-aged cow (from a middle-aged, heavily tattooed non-bitter cow).

  • When did having tattoos suddenly bear on who you are as a person???

  • Love you and your tattoos!

  • People get tattoos because they want to. They express themselves with their body art. Nothing to do with gender men can get tattoos for rebellious reasons also but getting a tattoo for rebellious reasons isnt common. All of my tats are significant to me but some people just like different tattoists work and will get something that looks nice but doesnt necessarily mean something to them. In any case it doesnt make a difference to date a woman with or without tattoos so this whole video is unneeded.

    • Lightbringer how? Please explain your incredibly stupid logic

  • “Women with tattoos are more insecure” more insecure than who?? More insecure in society?? Yeah it’s statistically proven that women in general are more insecure, some just happen to have tattoos. In fact tattoos usually make people feel even more confident, but a lot of people in society look down on women with tattoos which diminishes that self confidence

  • Depressing comment! Unrelated to the topic! Dont read unless you think you should. "I FUCKING HATE ME!!!". I've said these words aloud and people laugh as if they think I'm joking. I feel like a circus animal in a cage. Nobody takes the elephant seriously until the elephant gets upset. I just need some reassurance here. I know my choices/mistakes are the reason for my loneliness. I just figured that having 1 legitimate friend would be within the realm of reality. I've always said "there's either something wrong with everybody else or there's something wrong with you". I dont think everyone else is wrong, but what exactly is wrong with me that causes me to not be taken seriously by anybody? I hate it. I've been legitimately out of my mind for months now and have nobody to confide in. Not even my own mother thinks I have anything to be stressed about. She's the one who fucked up my childhood and caused the trust issues I have in the first place. One of her acquaintances tried to kill me when I was 23-24 years old and she was in the same room, yet I still have had nothing that bad happen to me in her eyes. I guess having a lethal amount of hard drugs mixed into a shot of whiskey without my knowledge isn't anything to worry about. I guess living with her as she dated dope cook after dope cook from the time I was 2 to the time I was 20 had no negative effect on me. I guess I don't have any reason for trust issues. I guess since she spent 90 days in jail, I'm just supposed to be okay with her making sure my whole life was a literal living hell. I'm so fucking sick of me. I dont know if I should be proud of her for being the world's worst minister, or mad at her for making me look like an asshole because I dont like that I'm just supposed to be okay with everything because she "turned over a new leaf". Shes still the same old person, same amount of religious echochamber. Just no meth. And dont get me started on my dad. He started talking to my girlfriend (he introduced me to) at the time, then dissapeared with her for a few weeks and came back dating eachother. A few years later, he kills himself then leaves several texts on his phone to his friends saying he did it because I didn't love him. I guess I'm just a monster that not even my own parent could take seriously. Now I'm 30 and still can't stop stressing on my past and I'm not even bringing up the worst moments like when I was 4 and step uncle Jesse tried to kill us all. I'm so fucking done with me. These people fucked me up so badly that I can't even develop an attraction toward others. Every time I start to care about someone, I always feel like I'm not good enough and will fuck up their life, or how people I've cared about have betrayed me before. I just need a friend I guess. Even if only for a day. If there's a God, I just hope it helps me find peace in life after handing me the fucked up family that I've mentioned. I'm sure nobody will read this, let alone have a answer for me. However, anybody that does read this makes it to the end, just say "word" so I know you made it this far. Thank you to anyone who decided to give this creep the time of day. I wish you all the best.

  • Not dating a female because she has tattoos is one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever. I 100% agree with you.

  • CRINGE. She's disgusting, and the ignorance is just... wow. She's the Karen of tattoos. I have been stereotyped so many times bc of my tattoos. Exactly as you said. And my friend who doesn't have tattoos said "they're in fashion" I was just 🙄 My mom shamed me, though is opening up to it since my cousins are also tattooed but non of her sisters (except one) are tattooed. I have to remind myself that she grew up in a different era than i did.

  • What is with that cat in the backround man? 👁️👄👁️

  • She seems like she read those articles very passively and didn’t actually use her brain to think. It sounds like a very biased article to begin with and her blanket statements ignore the possibility that perhaps tattooed women who report lower body image are more honest about their self esteem versus non tattooed women? I just thought that was a good counter issue to bring up. This chick clearly was never educated on how to read a damn article and think analytically. She’s allowing misogynistic beliefs to cloud her judgement. Definitely one of those “pick me” bitches. Plus... what about tattooed men? Anyways, rant over lol.

  • Stereotyping people and trusting weak studies when you're already struggling to find someone (since you're watching a dating coach) is not going to be beneficial, due to these studies being the cause of uou slimming down your opportunities for potential love. People are gonna do what they will do, I suppose I'm a tad annoyed since I'm tattooed. Im educated, I love myself and I'm happy to say I do not fit into her stereotype. I suppose her video helped me avoid easily brainwashed men 🖤

  • I mean.... i joined the navy on impulse.... and got tattoos after years of consideration.....

  • “I’m not an expert and I don’t have any tattoos”. After that, she should have turned the camera off

  • Is anyone else distracted by the apparently fake cat in the background of the ladies video? I'm concerned its either paralyzed or she has the most uninteresting backdrop

  • Theres also such a forgotten history about tattoos. Marking our skin has always been a thing. In ancient polynesian tribes tattos where achievements, signs you unlocked and completed phases of your life, they had different patterns for the different achievements and ranks. So the men and women wore them proudly. They went all over the face and body sometimes) Many had to do with spirituality also,with protection for the afterlife. In china they had tattoos that related to medicine, they would ink a small circles to mark key pressure points or joint points in your body ( kinda to make an outer roadmap of your inner ailments).

  • I just love how dead inside you look at 00:23 when saying "bless you to my dog" XD. I went back and watched that 17 times before I decided to continue on with the vid and even after the vid ended I went back and watched that another 6 times.

  • Notice how all these people only talk about women. They are fine with men with tattoos but when women make *ANY* decision regarding their bodies, it's a whole fucking issue with essay length arguments. None of which have actually legitimate reasons. Just the same bullshit like slut shaming, low self esteem, STDs, somehow lower intellectual compacity, etc. It's exhausting like find something new. If you want us to demonize a whole group of people then give me some new reasons. Something fresh, unlike your crusty middle age logic you refuse to let die. Obviously don't listen to anything they are saying. Hating groups of people for making decisions for themselves is dumb. But I just wanted to point out the rehashed arguments that these types of people use for nearly every argument against a woman making a decision for herself in anyway.

  • If you can't understand why someone would date a tattooed woman, kindly stay in your own lane. 🤔

    • @Lightbringer I'm a woman with tattoos and I've dated women with tattoos and I've had the same boyfriend for nearly 3 years. So I'd say you're the idiot if you truly believe that.

  • I don't get why a low self-esteem automatically makes someone less attractive. Anecdotally, I'm certain I know as many clingy self-assured people as insecure but I haven't read any studies. (Example: my ex who was a self-absorbed, Über-confident narcissist and wouldn't let me out of his sight?? I guess thats definitely an extreme though) I also don't think being "less educated" makes someone less attractive. My current partner and I have a fair gap in institutional education and I find him as smart and attractive as anyone I dated from university. My partner is also very creative. Should I be worried about him getting bored of me? :o

  • Why does this woman sound like a dating coach AU of The Transformed Wife....

  • plot twist- women get tattoos so that people who think less of women with tattoos won't talk to them.

  • Sorta like asking “would u date a woman who wore heavy makeup?” And its like. Uh. Well if I liked a woman who happened to wear heavy makeup then yes lol. How is having a tattoo/many tattoos even a factor to consider someone’s eligibility as a partner

  • I was thinking of community as culture wise but that’s me making an assumption of what she meant. I’m just laughing cuz I just got my shoulder tattoo done this week I guess I’m insecure, dumb and at risk for criminal activities 😭😭😭

  • My late husband would not date a woman with any sort of tattoo because in his culture tattoos are associated with Russian gangs, and because of the higher chance of contracting HIV and hepatitis due to these tattoos being done in unsafe conditions. He also considered the female human body to be one of the most beautiful things in all Creation, but only in its pure and natural form.

  • She did not state STUDIES, she stated Societal STEREOTYPES

  • Makes me laugh. I'm probably the most heavily tattooed woman out of my group of friends, I have piercings all over my face and a mohawk, I'm also bisexual and I "look gay". Its amazing the assumptions people make about me but guess what, I'm polite, I'm professional, I married a man with no tattoos or peircings (we've been together 8 years), I'm very careful with my finances, I don't do drugs, I rarely drink, I am monogamous and not overtly sexual or promiscuous, my self worth comes from my belief in myself as a person not how I look but I model my aesthetic on what I find attractive and don't expect everyone to feel the same. So, the complete opposite of what people normally assume. PS. Everyones parents love me, it's really confusing for them because they don't really like my look but they love me as a person.

  • its 2020 and people still have these dumb stigmas about tattoos??

  • You took the bait.

  • Wooow, just got what kind of channel my 85y’o granny might have stumbled on 😂

  • I’m a 21 college student and as a waitress old men always have to comment on my tattoos and think Im uneducated and a skank smh 🤦 also women in their Middle Ages

    • Lightbringer bro you’re a troll😂

  • I'd have to say the most common stereotype I get for havin tattoos is that I'm a bad parent 😂 it's annoyin and makes findin mom friends hard, but at least they show me their true colors before makin a friendship 😂

  • I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo next year for my 18th birthday, but I think now I’ll get one just to spite this woman😌

  • Rebellion...Not exactly rebellious nowadays, is it? Is it?

  • I just feel like she’s petty because one of her partners cheated on her with a tattood woman

  • My grandma’s lame ass boyfriend hated the tiny tat I have on my wrist, used it to disparage my character. Pretty lame. This lady is whack! Makes no sense to me to judge others for what they choose to do with their own bodies.