Stories about weirdos

Publicado el 11 sep 2020
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  • Wait that's not the plot of the room I remember

  • Recommended reading :The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

  • The second story makes me really upset, the dude literally asked her to call ambulance if he did something like that again, why the fuck didn't she call an ambulance???

  • Also I'm glad to be a man this video definitely made me realize how scary the world can be if you cant defend yourself and being over all smaller

  • Sometimes I think about going out and you know.....socializing. But Giulia always rescues me from making that terrible choice. Just being there to remind me of the plethora of creeps creepin' around out there as I quickly reverse my decision to NOPE!!!!!

  • I definitely want more of this!

  • In the "Kyle"s tale, why in the heck she didn't call the cops?

  • Idk who needs to hear this but get a gun and learn how to use it, no one will save you but yourself in this sick world

  • I used to barricade my doors every night. Now I just do it on the weekends. Whoever said, "Sometimes the paranoids have real enemies" caused me a lot of anxiety.

  • My friend who's bigger than I am(~250lbs, ~6ft2) got jumped in a full, fairly active parking lot by a handful of guys while bystanders passed. Luckily the beating wasn't too severe, but yeah. Not to mention an empty one for a girl like you. I don't blame you. It's why I carry easily accessible weapons in my car and usually something on me, be it a blade, knuckles, etc.

  • Did the Shudder trial awhile back, think it might have been yours. Need to reup that sub...

  • One of my biggest fears is underground parking lots. No matter how well lit they seem, they're present so many opportunities for ppl to fuck you up I just cannot feel comfortable being alone in them 😖

  • These are lifetime/ Netflix stalker movies waiting to be made

  • So freaky, part 2 please 😆😆

  • Once I was followed by a guy when i just leave the bus because that night I suddenly decided to drop by my grandmothers house. Two blocks away from her house I noticed that guy was following me. I rushed my steps a bit and look behind me he was rushing too. I didn't run because I he would maybe try to run too and he had long legs he was gonna catch up to me for sure. When he was really dangerously closer I reached my grandmothers house and for a miracle she had forgotten to lock up the gates that night, that's how I entered THANK GOD. He passed by the house, glaring at me with the scariest look in someone's eyes I've ever seen. Hey stranger, let's not meet again.

  • Being a 5 foot one woman I have had my times of walking the streets at night. It is scary at times but nothing has ever happened to me. Which is odd because I used to walk the streets most people wouldn’t dare travel alone at night to say the least being fearless is 🤷‍♀️ eh I would probably just get super angry if something like that happened to me.

  • When NM is your initials

  • The second story girl is such an idiot, if he mentions that he thinks he’s having seizures in his sleep and to call an ambulance next time it happens yOU CALL AN AMBULANCE NEXT TIME IT HAPPENS seriously wtf that’s serious and she should’ve taken it seriously

  • I looove these vids

  • The last one hit home, I got robbed by 3 teenagers right infront of my home at night... I almost managed to get home without incident... almost. Needless to say that this did not help my distrust in humans, specially males, or my paranoia at night.

  • A few months ago I went to visit a friend. There's this Park near her house that we like to go to. We went there one night and it was creepy af random noises and such. I panicked and pretty much bolted. when we got back I realised she never locks her doors ever! her reasoning was "This area is pretty safe we don't need to." ...Big brain time!

  • I don't think you're that paranoid. My mom lived in the only place the Boston Strangler hit more than once. He killed the women in the apartments directly above and below her. She was visible pregnant with me at the time. My dad was at Sea in the Navy. She HAD to be places the nights he struck that month: Parent Teacher Night-she was a teacher, Officer's Wife's Club, Welcome to the Base, kind of things she couldn't miss, without negative consequences. She always thought she was his target, for reasons which would take forever to write out, but I believe she was correct. Shortly afterwards we moved to Southern California. Where during my childhood we were terrorized by no less than 6 different serial killers. My mom's paranoia for safety when out of the home and for when you are home, has definitely saved me from more than horrible experience. I think we only get great fears from (or almost from) a great trauma either to us or someone close to us.

  • For the first story, if it were Canada they could have gotten a restraining order in the first week

  • I don't understand why the girl in the second story didn't call the cops... ?

  • The first one makes me so so so angry.

  • You dont need your fuckin shoes dude, in that situation shoes should be the last thing on your mind. Adrenaline would keep your mind off of any pain in your feet as you bolt the fuck out of there

  • That first dude would have ate a damn punch wtf.

  • Let's be honest that stalker neighbor definitely had a piss jug who's gonna hold that in for 10 hours?

  • I'm not a woman, but I had an experience in the late 1970s that still lingers in my memory. One night, I had to pick up my sister at a train station near us, in a large city with a "dangerous after dark" reputation and a high murder rate. It was around midnight and I went up to the train platform to wait for my sister's train. An announcement came on stating the train would be 20 minutes late. The entire area was devoid of other people and it was very late and very dark. I was quite alone on that platform. Train stations today have much more lighting, but this was practically dark. I was just an average, seventeen year old kid from the suburbs and felt prone standing there completely alone. Suddenly; the door to the raised platform burst open and a black dude a little older than me walked out, stopped and turned and saw me about 100 feet down the platform. "Oh, shit" I thought to myself as he began walking toward me, but remained cool and said "what's up?" to him when he got to me. He just stood right next to me and said nothing, but a few seconds later, he reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a bag of weed and rolled a blunt as we stood there in silence. He sparked it up, took a deep toke and passed it to me. "Thanks" I said to him and we passed the blunt back and forth until it was gone. He then said "take it easy, man" and walked off and disappeared into the night. It was strong weed and I was obliterated. My sister's train arrived shortly after that and I said we should move along. I tried to hide the fact I was stoned, but my sister immediately chastised me for getting stoned when I was picking her up. I told her what happened, but she didn't believe me. This sounds minor, but it all could have gone another way. Being isolated like that in an area where it is dark, late at night and feeling vulnerable to whatever could happen can make anyone anxious.

  • I love these videos because they give me a healthy reminder to practice my self-defense skills and always ALWAYS be very aware of my surroundings. I'm also grateful to be able to shoot a gun relatively well and keep them in my home. I heard once that if you own a large breed dog you can put up a "Beware of Dog" sign and that alone often deters would-be criminals. Needless to say, I have one on my front door even though my three big dogs are completely harmless.

  • I worked two different night jobs when I was younger when terrible things happened. One at a pizza place where a guy stabbed someone outside and then came in to use the phone, and another when a young girl tried walking to her car after her shift and got robbed and almost kidnapped. These things happen. I thought I was paranoid after but it's more about being aware. Hyper aware when you have to be. Stay safe everyone 💙

  • I had to bunk with 3 other people in college because I couldnt afford my own space and a girl went into my diaries and read them a few feet away from me as I was SLEEPING..... she got me kicked out after outing me as trans

  • Hell is other people.

  • Everyone needs big dogs

  • First story she has to be lying about the guy playing music all night long. Noise bylaws are a thing lol.

  • Kyle was 100% having a mental break or something, I hope he’s got help and he’s doing well.

  • The third story makes me so upset (I mean they all do), but hearing “wait that’s a girl” was so disheartening. It disgusts me to know people legitimately want to prey on others like this. It’s so beyond fucked up; I can’t even wrap my head around that sick frame of mind.

  • I learnt the hard way not to just let anyone crash on your couch.

  • The last one is one of my fears actually. Currently I'm studying at university and before we moved to online classes, I had to walk quite a distance (through 2 parking lots and a mall) to get to my university and vice versa from the bus stop. I don't drive, unlike my peers so I'm usually left to walk alone since the only friend I have that makes use of the bus has a different schedule and we often can't meet up. While doing this routine, I'd get stopped almost daily by random men who try to flirt with me. I usually just keep walking but there's always that lingering fear that one of these men are going to take their chances and do something to me. I also usually have my live location on and tell my parents when I'm stopping somewhere in the mall before going home at least, but that doesn't help my anxiety much.

  • This was fun

  • She's cute. She looks like a grown up version of Wednesday from the Adams Family.

  • I never saw parking lots the same after I heard of a local case. A couple years ago a lady went to the mall and after parking her car was snatched by some guy in a van. He proceeded to rape her for hours in his van still in the parking lot. I can't remember how but she managed to get away and I'm pretty sure the guy was arrested. Can't help but think about her when I go or pass by the mall.

  • Parking garages scare me the most

  • You’re absolutely right....creepy stuff is the only thing to look forward to anymore

  • The bad area in my city the main places are parks and basketball courts. I forgot about alleys behind convenient stores

  • Sponsored AND monetized? Geez...

  • Joe Bob Briggs with The Last Drive-In Movie Theater is my favorite on Shudder. I've missed Joe Bob for near 2 decades.

  • I always log into your videos just to see what color your hair is this time, but I really enjoyed the story time. You should really check out this story about California legalizing pedophilia :

  • I love stories like this... Pls do make more :)

  • Love your creepy stories. Would love to see more if these. Side note: I look forward to your videos, esp now during the pandemic. edit: was a misspelled word.

  • Those were more creepy than most horror movies. Thanks for reading this!

  • LOVE these videos. Please keep making them 🌻

  • “Kyle” sounds a lot like my brothers old roommate...

  • i love these! totally would want more!

  • Very interesting stories chosen. Love that we are all looking forward to the spooky times. Don't torture yourself reading spooky stories tho! 🖤🖤🖤

  • My husband went to a college a few hours away from his house where he didn't know anyone. When given the option to choose someone he knew as his roommate or being paired at random, he obviously chose to be paired. He ended up with a roommate that, although relatively friendly, was mentally unstable but hadn't be diagnosed with anything. He talked like a robot and would only respond to my husband if his back was to him. A few months into co-living, he began speaking like a demon in his sleep and would sometimes sit in their closet in the dark. I really hope he ended up getting some help.

  • they were scared for their life but risked death to get their shoes? hmm, o k a y.

  • I get triggered with stories involving psychosis. My little brother is schizophrenic, and I love him so much. When they have these hallucinations, it's so scary. They don't know where they are. The Kyle story is really sad :'(

  • this is why i keep a knife on me !... AT ALL TIMES

  • All I have to say is that anxiety is in so many people for a reason. There are bad people and we are wired to be aware of that even if other people think it’s not normal, it’s normal.

  • 98% of people aren't really that way though. So being terrified to have a room mate is a bit excessive

  • literally all of my fears jesus christ idk how anyone leaves their house even without Miss Rona

  • I know the feeling about the scare of a Home invasion. because I and my bf live kinda isolated and we live in a house with 6 Apartments but all others are empty at the time. we are the only people living in the house. and if this isn't bad enough we live at the Ground floor more like .. half stock you can easily hop on to out Balcony without anyone noticing because at the bac of our House is a Garden without a gate so its easy to just walk in front of our window and peek in. I sometimes see random strangers pass our House looking kinda intense at the house.. but I always shake it off as they may be wanna rent an apartment or something. but since the last neighbor had left (it was a sweet old lady) I'm afraid to even open my Window and walk out of the room because someone could easily hop in here and I wouldn't even notice.

  • When I was 19 I was driving home on a country road. I ended up behind a guy going slowly so I decided to pass him. But then he sped up, I decided to get back behind him and he slowed down. We stayed like this for a while, him not letting me into my lane when eventually another car started coming towards me going the opposite direction. It was close but I eventually was able to get back behind this nutcase before being in a head-on collision. I wish I had taken down his license plate and called the police. But when you're shaken up from almost being murdered you're just thankful to be alive. I will never forget what this man did, and to a total stranger.

  • You should still report something like that even if you don’t have a good description of the men! (Assuming the story is real) those men may have just stayed out around the same area waiting for another victim to walk by, so calling the police to have a look around would’ve been the best thing to do...

  • "I still chose to be in a single room" some of us don't have that luxury... I *had* to pick a dorm with two people if for nothing else, the fact that single room dorms are not only very exclusive (you have to go through several loops to even get there) but are then also way too expensive cause fuck students i guess though at least my roommate hasn't done anything demonic, yet

    • it's still hard to trust him with any of my belongings regardless

  • i love these videos

  • I love these kids of videos, its like the ones you used to do before.

  • A complaint of sort but don't take it badly, the transition from Shudder to the bright white screen was terrifically blinding. Met you channel today and honestly, you are a definitively amazing creator, keep it up!

  • Disappointed, no story about me.

  • Okay, are these real? Like this Kyle dude needed some serious help. That girl was probably freaking out but she should have called an ambulance like he said. Even if she had to get out first she should have called someone. Like maybe he couldn't help what was happening.

  • Yes love it!

  • "Existential dread aside," fucking my life in a nutshell.

  • Yes, YES, YEESSSS!!! Please do more videos like this, I absolutely enjoy watching them!

  • I have been cautious and paranoid since I was a child. My mom would always say I was scared of the world, but I just liked being careful. I'm not scared, but I don't want to suddenly have a reason to be. Stories like these make me glad I'm cautious and paranoid.

  • Hell yeah I was waiting for one of these videos!! I love these please do more!!

  • My mom and I had a stalker for the longest time. He was our landlord’s son so he stole the extra set of keys to our house and would come into our house when we weren’t there. He’d look through our stuff and leave something behind every time to let us know that he was there and that he will be there again. My boyfriend changed the locks, but our stalker still finds out information that we never posted online nor told anyone. I really relate to that first story.

  • I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo

  • When it comes to roomates honestly its not just bad that they could be murderers, they can also just be assholes so no thanks from me. I had a roommate who would passive-aggressively leave notes the chalk board about various things and then when we would respond she decided to steal the chalk board, she would have sex multiple times a week with the doors open so that we would see if we walked by to go to the bathroom... she was awful and the other one let my cat out in the middle of the city and he got stuck in a tree so I never talked to him after that

  • the story about the roommate just reassured me that it was a good idea to live alone during my university time

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  • so glad I grew up in a neighborhood with a vigilante mentality and the CB Radio club would notify others in code if something needed to be done.

  • 3 uploads since i last visited yaaaaaaarssssssss

  • Oh, that second one was so scary. Gave me a serious case of the creeps.

  • I don’t know you or what’s good for you, but if you’re having a lot of anxiety about home invasion, being stalked, being killed, etc. I don’t think reading these extreme, rare and likely dramatized or fictitious stories is good for your mental health. I’m not a professional, this is just my opinion as someone who has a lot of anxiety and you don’t have to take it.

  • All of them gave me chills

  • 7:17 and too videos later we learned

  • Pleeas make more of these I love listening to you reading them

  • That last story is exactly why my dad tells me to keep my music low or keep one ear bud out when i walk around so I can hear if something is about to happen.

  • Julia I don't know if it's a good idea for you to read things like this that intensify fears and paranoia you already know that you have

  • Tbh, I hate roommates too but I'd rather be paranoid with a roommate in a house and not paranoid on the streets alone. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • It’s sad how many of these “Let’s Not Meet” stories are of men harassing women.

  • These are the videos I love from you. Especially how you put the story up on the screen too so it's not just you reading from your phone.

  • I had roommates when I was in college but that was a girl's hostel and I didn't get to pick, the tenant did. Had some really interesting personalities to see but nothing dangerous.

  • I'm usually told I am paranoid but I always say "better safe than sorry"

  • Has Shutter gotten better? When it first came out, its content got stale very quickly.

  • My favorite segment! More creepy stories!!

  • That last story..." I hope no one has to go through what I did"...then she should have gone to the police and reported the incident yad think; to have it on file? I know the trust in police is lacking but I find this similar to the cases on Law and Order where a person doesn't want to testify against an attacker because they know the chances of winning a case are low but it still alerts the system of potential risks sorta deal

  • Lived in a house with my cousin.... She tried to stab me in the neck before threatening to cut her own throat, and then fleeing the house. That's just the tip of the iceberg too. Her mother [the landlord] said I could move back in if I ever needed to--knowing what her daughter had done. Yeah, hard no.

  • Shudder subscription is worth it. Source: Trust me