Stephen Griffiths: an inspired anthropophagist

Publicado el 16 mar 2020
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  • Personality disorders are considered to be untreatable in psychology, but professionals work with these individuals on managing their symptoms. As far as his words “he has nothing against sex workers” (something like that) I think he means he is not a mission killer or that he hates women who do sex work. What I believe he is trying to say is that he killed these women because he was confident that he could get away with killing from this population.

  • Ok not related to the video topic but you slay that wig, girl. It's my fave of all your collection. Love ya 🖤

  • what's mgtow?

  • You’re like the female Atozy. As in the opposite but the same being.

  • I guess for most cannibals there isnt much rhyme or reason for the urge to eat people. Not all get sexual gratification from it either. Seems like most say they get sexual gratification from consuming humans, only to be taking more seriously it looks like.

  • Because cannibals scare me **Me, eating a piece of chicken skin**:Ohhhh, so I scare you? MuHahAhahA

  • I feel like articles written about misogynistic murderers always go out of their way to act like sexism couldn’t *possibly* have anything to do with the maniac’s motive. They always have to find a million other reasons why the creepy criminal only targeted women, when in reality they could just, ya know, hate women.

  • Imagine being that woman... The guilt she must put herself through I hope she was able to get therapy or some help so she knows that this was not her fault

  • The cannabalism honestly might have been due to the deep dive into hardcore pornography cause like,, the internet is a deep, dark hole of a place when it comes to that side of it

  • “....Walking your pet lizard IS a power move.”

  • "Cullen alleges it was when his girlfriend, who had been horrified upon discovering his flat was full of violent memorabilia and covered in sheets of plastic, that Griffiths turned his back on normal life." Um, sounds like he did that before, when he collected violent memorabilia and hung plastic from his walls, but okay, sure. (Just found your channel and so glad I did!)💙

  • Ok, but we can we talk about the weird doctor, like why is he so bad at using correct terms?

  • u dont talk that much about psychanalytic side because u r not EU anymore?

  • Fun fact he wasn't called crossbow cannibal by the media, he asked people to call him that when he was in court. He thought it sounded better 🙄🙄🙄

  • why is the article so victim blamey

  • you can't diagnose someone as a "psychopath"

  • AS A LESBIAN I SUPPORT THIS BI WOMAN and all bisexuals :)

  • "Sometimes you kill someone to kill yourself". This really stands out to me and I feel as if its a peek into the mind of some murderers. It makes me think of the fact that really, we are all mirrors of each other.......I wonder, where does all that hate stem from? It has to root from some where. Is it psychological or could it even be spiritual. I've just never read or seen a murderer say a sentence like that 🤔

  • he dates a woman for three weeks and everything is great. One day he's like "Sooooooo how many people have you killed ON THREE 1..2..3 GO!" excuses herself.

  • stemming from the loss of a relationship in 1998"....(boo hoo face and cry me a river jab)

  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but the psychologist (psychiatrist?) gives me strong Frederick Chilton vibes. Specifically the tv series version.

  • Considering how often sex workers who are addicts ARE targeted irl, it appears the horror movie trope that anyone who has sex or does drugs dies, is NOT a moralistic judgement but a fact

  • I'm gona go out on a limb here & say she wasn't pressed about the serial killer books & samurai swords. I think the plastic sheets on walls, etc (a'la American Psycho) did the job all on it's own 🙄

  • I have schizoid personality disorder and I don't have psychopathic tendencies. My guess is they're just mixing the two disorders because he shows symptoms of both.

  • "Walking your pet lizard 🦎 is a Power Move"

  • "Walking your pet lizard IS a power move." 🤣

  • Insanity is not knowing difference between Right and wrong.

  • Cannibals are basically really advanced chefs

  • The first thing I thought of when “long standing obsession with serial killers” was, sadly, also tumblr.

  • he said he wanted to be a famous serial killer so i guess he had to aim extra high to stand out and figured cannibalism was a safe bet to get that sweet spicy validation not an expert either but what i undertood from the psychology hobbie standpoint the diagnosis given is a bit messy indeed what they meant to say is that he wasn't psicotic, he was still in touch with reality so his killings didnt happen because of a lapse of judgement, also there are 2 types of psychopathy, one of which is more likely to go unnocticed in society, the more charismatic manipulative kind, so i think he wanted to be seen in that light but instead of narcissistic personality disorder which is highly comorbid with that one, he had a different one, i think schizoid maybe rather than schizotypal, because the very specific criteria of odd beliefs, which i think he def had, and rather than specific rejection from women his ego was fragile because he wasnt respected or feared. not untreatable but personality disorders are considered treatment resistant, since they're about changing core beliefs, so it can feel like an attack on a persons very sense of self.

  • A rejection is not an unusual trigger, it's not the sole reason they kill but it is what sets them off.

  • "Schizoid personality disorder" isn't really a mental illness, it's about some traits of character being so dominant, that they pretty much constitute the whole person's identity. And you can't cure it, as character never really changes, you can only attend therapy to learn how to manage that and how to live with that condition.

  • why did I get a " read the book of mormon " ad halfway through this lmao

  • “The Kansas City Butcher” was an incredibly depraved serial killer, unfortunately it is very hard to find information about him. I wish you could do a video on it.

  • I always feel awkward when you mention the tumblr facination with serial killers then remember that theres a difference between being interested in criminals because of psychology and just thinking that they're cute.

  • I'm pissed of that I just discovered you à few days ago. But I'm also happy cause I have a bunch of videos to binge. Thank you for being that bad cynical b*tch, it makes me feel less alone lol

  • "walking your lizard is a power move." 🤣

  • You may disagree, but we need to protect sex workers. We don't know why they are in that line of work so we shouldn't judge them for their occupation! They could be forced into it by gangs so I don't think we should hate and be violent against sexual workers because we never know the full story. Just my opinion.

  • Giulia: Trying not to throw up Also Giulia: Oh yea I looked up cannibals

  • Is that a Bukowski quote tatted on your arm? I KNEW I loved you for a reason.

  • calling people "schizoid psychopath" isn't even a valid term, schizoid personality disorder is cluster A and Anti-social personality disorder (psychopathy) is cluster B. It's just stimatizing buzzwords from the daily mail (what's news). Making people think people on the schizophrenia spectrum is related to psychopathy is just insulting. I fucking HATE the daily-fail.

  • Omg I know I’m two months late and this is totally unrelated to the topic of this video but her wig looks amazing

  • Me a criminologist student: we are here to STUDY criminals. NOT become one!

  • What if that is like our inner instinct to be a cannibal, but we banish that in earlier era of humanoid and started to eating animals instead :o and now we got vegans saying that we are beasts... Food for thoughts

  • Trying not to throw up>look up cannibals

  • Being someone with schizoid personality disorder, he's not invited to my tea party

  • I saw the thumbnail and thought it was this pick up artist.

  • I guess they said he wasn't ill because psychopathy is a personality disorder, so technically not an illness. I am not a professional but I've heard several professionals explaining this difference

  • So he's a mgtow

  • Your shirt is everything


  • For a second I was confused as to who this guy was, because I am also a criminal psychology student who has a keen interest in serial offenders in the UK and couldn't recall his case. And then when you mentioned the CCTV of him shooting his last victim it all made sense I've seen the footage it it is truly terrifying to think like something out of a thriller movie ugh

  • Nice last podcast on the left tee. Add it to the reasons I love you and your channel. 😊

  • Worst part is that this guy was filmed shooting one of his victims n the hallway of his flats by the CCTV and he purposely looked at the camera as he chased,shot and then dragged her back into his home!!! That was part of the evidence the police used to convict him and had he not done that,who knows how many people he would of killed?

  • Hey! Im months latter but, Psychologist here. I want to clarify that a mental disorder and a personality disorder are two diferent things. Having a personality disorder means that your identity, the way you comunicate and persieve thing are attached to something. You act a certain way because thats the way you are (but is a disorder bc you are can't adapt to your surroundings. With a mental illness a person can be out of reality and it is transient. Also English is not my first languaje Hope it helps

  • i love yr shirt and ur makeup omg !!! ur so pretty

  • Hail yourself

  • hail yourself!

  • “My twilight heart is living” 😭🖤🤍

  • Schizoid psychopath is not a real disorder, and Schizoid personality disorder is a separate disorder. The psychologist is probably just combing both schizoid and anit-social personality disorder together. Psych major

  • Dr. Eric Cullen is obviously the new persona of Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

  • some people can eventually be "cured" of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression (commonly by going on meds, using therapy, and changing your habits, before trying to go off meds.) However, personality disorders are typically never curable, you just learn to manage the symptoms.

  • I think the thing with him not having a mental issue is the plea of innocent by mental insanity... I don’t know a ton but it may be that the type of mental disorder he had did not impair his ability to know that what he was doing was wrong. Therefore he’s still guilty for what he’s done because he was aware of what it was. I’m not a professional, I just believe that’s what it was referring to.

  • My first boyfriend was bullied at childhood, had mommy and daddy issues, was upset with god and the whole world, had never had a girlfriend before me, had depression like phases, where he could stare at the wall for up to 5 hours, unable to respond. He owned a real samurai sword (which is fine in its own but not under these circumstances) and he had an eery obsession with famous serial killers. He wanted to marry me as fast as possible and I was like "whoa no way to rush this - first you we get to know each other better and I think you need professional help." I put the relationship to a pause. One night I got a panic attack. I saw myself chopped into little pieces packed in plastic backs digged up in a forest. I deceided to break up with him properly. Maybe I did him wrong, but I don't care. I don't wanted to wait till I find out if he would turn psycho or not.

  • sorry if this sounds creepy but i remember you saying you wear wigs in your videos often. if you are this time around, would you be willing to share the website? i want to get a wig for my friend and urs look great

  • Look into sra. When he said "it's part of the magic" he's being literal. Sra is real. Adrenochrome

  • tbh I'm 99.9999% sure that the reason that Daily Mail article had such bizarre wording when it came to this dude's mental illness was just straight up ableism like it hits every last trope of that "hollywood psycho" archetype. Honestly, the fact that some of those comments are coming from the quoted doctor and not the Mail itself makes me like, feel like this doc ain't the best doc. so yeah thats my take on it. fucked up dude, but lots of just mild wrongness in this article.


  • You rock! LMAO so love I found your fucking channel!

  • It makes me so happy that you mentioned twilight after reading Eric Cullen !

  • Not sure if you’ve done it yet but a video on Lillie Jean would be interesting from you!

  • "in the throes of talking to my mom on the phone and wanting to eat string cheese I decided to look up CANNIBALS" -- well, that escalated quickly

  • MGTOW is just as pathetic as feminists and social justice morons are. Nobody likes any of them. MGTOW losers will blame women for this guy's actions, feminists would blame men, and social justice morons would blame white people. They're all wrong, and they're all fucking stupid.

  • ... i want to do criminology and forensic science, i also write crime stories. this stuff scares me, i promise i am not a murderer

  • If you havent already I think you'd enjoy looking into the Scottish cannibal, Sawney Bean. He created a whole family of cannibals, very interesting story!

  • This guy sounds so much like a true crime fan gone wrong! Also, ew, the minute you said he ate his victims there was an ad for viniagrette dressing for grilled shrimp!

  • Please make a podcast! Your voice is so calming which goes good with these topics I’m into true crime and have been binging your videos during quarantine I love your style and views and would love if you made podcast. :)

  • I assume he picked prostitutes because they were the only women he had access to. He sounds like he came off as weird and creepy and would probably therefore have had a difficult time getting a girl through normal means. Plus with his very fragile ego and fear of further rejection,maybe prostitutes were the least likely to say ‘no’ to him and that’s why he chose them? As for the cannibalism, I think it was all a part of him trying to have power over his victim. Complete power even after death. Like ‘even your body is mine to consume’ sort of attitude perhaps? He seems like everything in his real life was not how he wished it to be and he couldn’t seem to change it so he took control where he could...over his victims. The obsession with murder and knives and serial killers etc may explain his interest in murder, but I believe the reason he went through with it (and in the manner he did) was all about his issues with lack of control and him desperately wanting to feel powerful for once Just my ideas

  • I think it's pretty disgusting that this doctor would blame it all on him getting rejected when he had a history of being violent toward animals as a teen and when he had a girlfriend he severely abused her physically and emotionally for the entire year of their relationship, even trying to kill her.

  • ready to glare: protecting children from pedophiles family member: ..... that's pretty weird. I would just let them get fucked.

  • That thumbnail looks like someone from one direction

  • then saying it is "One thing to terrorize and kill a victim" sounds more scary to me as they let him off multiple times.

    • I'd leave him too if I didn't know he'd murder people because of it.


    • Now, some satanists murder people for their religion because they believe they can get more power by killing for Satan and they do cannibalism and the may kill a baby and/or child for power.

  • Oh, now I get it. You see, when a man has a criminal history of stabbing, then he goes onto have books of killers and weapons like samurai sword and crossbows and do not say these aren't weapons because in the ancient past THESE THINGS WERE USED TO MURDER PEOPLE.

  • So, basically, he wasn't a killer, and either j\hid it as a child or was not evil as a child and this obsession started as a teen, I understand because most children hate to kill.

  • So, I'm guessing she knew his criminal record and when she saw the books, it scared her. When someone notices you have an issue they begin to get increasingly worried, most often they'd be worried regardless but still.

  • I'd say your family was more worried because they may think the pedos will come out and attack you for it.

  • I would be more concerned with being a woman and having men comment on my channel with my female face on the screen saying how women are whores and I'm a black woman over here like "Is this a jab?"

  • It's sad when the headline needs no fuel, it just has the fuel in the article.

  • It sounds like they were using schizoid and psychopath together as a collective term. Sometimes a person be both classifications. One can be schizoid and not be a psychopath. The classification can also be the opposite where a person is considered to be a psychopath and not be a schizoid. (I've been working in psyche for 5 years...)

  • knowing that you like twilight made my existence better

  • I remember this case breaking. He lived just down the road from me and went to the same uni as me, a couple years after. The day they caught him I was taking my cat to the vet near there and there were police cars, dog units, and underwater recovery team vans everywhere while I was waiting for a bus DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from his flat and I was like 'wtf is going on here? Weird.' Next day it was in the papers and OH SHIT.

  • "I'm a bisexual woman" Ah, that's why I've done nothing but binge watch you videos for the last two weeks.

  • Hello! Person with phobia to vomit here! Can anyone who finished watching this tell me if she does end up throwing up? Sorry to be a burden😂

  • schizoid psychopath, having bouth shizoid and dissocial personality disorders

  • This reminds me so much of incells 🤔

  • Even the grammar on Daily Mail sucks 2:04 switches tense (should be 'turn' - if they couldn't amend the quote they could have said "decided to 'turn his back'") edit: 5:03 nope, the guy even said TURNED his back. 2:37 no need for the comma on the second line 3:15 that first sentence makes no sense at all - "it was when his girlfriend... that Griffiths turned his back on normal life"? 5:26 "isolate himself FROM further"... from what? 5:33 "alter-who"??? 5:38 *killer's morbid obsession 5:51 "he told"??? Makes no sense without an object. Also incorrect comma after "period". There's also random double spaces all over this thing. Yes, petty, but honestly just shows how trash this tabloid is.

  • Why are there always serial killers in my city 😂😂

  • Ew I can already see a tumblr kid posting "You kill someone to kill yourself" under the #depression tag 😬

  • Thought you were sober, you don’t want your headlines to be bullshit