Stephen Bear: Up for worst influencer awards

Publicado el 20 ene 2021
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  • You forgot to add that the video of him and Georgia wasn't just posted around WhatsApp he put onto onlyfans to try and profit from it. She had to contact them herself to get it removed as it was claimed he made £70,000 from it. So he's much more vile than we think.

    • She should absolutely sue him, and Only Fans for putting her on there without her consent

    • Hi, I’m currently doing a study on intimate image abuse. I want to analyse Georgia’s ongoing story and use it as the basis of an argument as to why the requirements for intent for this offence should be widened to include monetary exploitation. Would you please be able to direct me to the source where you got the £70,000? I knew about the OnlyFans thing but the amount of profit he made would have been extortionate. Thank you for your enlightening comment ❤️

    • To make $ 70,000

    • Wow that's so fing gross. What a scumbag!

    • I really hope she’s managing with this mentally. My abusive ex was very similar and also showed private explicit pictures to people even during the relationship. It’s nasty shit.

  • What a piece of sh*t. I haven't seen my family in a year because I can't go home then there's this idiot. 😤

  • Lay off the British have you seen the US

  • MFer is a total piece of sh*t that doesn't even deserve the "fame" he gets, as this is the first I've ever heard his name uttered.

  • Wow am in uk and didnt know this about him...I'm not shocked though always got weird vibes from him and that he just thinks he's amazing etc.. urgh. Thanks for spreading awareness

  • Glare to Ready for anything

  • this isn't very informative... I'm american and even I know it was on only fans, they met on the challenge and several other misinformed details.

  • I *LOVE* this makeup, hair, and outfit!

  • The guy is a sociopath, without question.I've seen him in so many shows and he's rotten to the core. Vile. He doesn't deserve any attention.

  • He was on: ex on the beach, celebrity big brother, celebs go dating and just tattoo of us among others

  • He’s such a narcissist. When he was interviewed by a uk news paper about him breaking covid rule he’s said I’m god. Rules don’t apply to me.

  • He’s been dragged in the uk national papers today because he recently uploaded an image to his Twitter of a pregnancy scan photo claiming he’s having twins with his 18 year old girlfriend. People did some digging and he’s actually used a scan photo that belongs to another woman. He’s obviously done this as a publicity stunt or to divert attention from him being in trouble with the police for sharing explicit photos of his ex. It’s also rumoured that his now girlfriend who is 18 has recently turned 18. Stephen has said he’s been dating her for just over a year. That means he was dating a 16 year old.... he’s 31! He’s utter trash!

  • Bear wasn’t on love island btw. Georgia was but he wasn’t. I think they met on ex in the beach?

  • I’m a Brit and had never heard of this imbecile. He doesn’t represent all of us 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Women keep enabling him top of that these are relatively "famous" women.... as long as he gets a chick that swoons over him he will get more and more disgusting.. ladies come to your senses! Who wants to stay with a disgusting piece of trash for 2 secs of maybe decent behavior or public exposure that will scar you for the rest of your life..

  • Model Demi Rose Mawby was like "Global Pandemic? That must just be for the poors" then jetted around to all kinds of exotic locations during the pandemic. Even got close to gorillas in Africa... which you should do even without Covid since they are susceptible to other human illnesses like Tuberculosis. I guess if you have a private jet it's not AS bad, but still...

  • some people deserve a high five in the face with a chair

  • I just realized you probably have thousands of dollars in wigs And I'm fuckin here for it sista

  • the girl from the pussy cat dolls ruined him on celebrity big brother

  • Ohhhh so glad you mentioned the Dubai thing, it's made me so angry!

  • This is the 667th comment and she has 666K subscribers. 🤬

  • 666th comment.. also u have 666k subs now

  • Have you reported on Andrew Tate and how fd up his content is?

  • He showed signs of predator right from the beginning. Big brother blew me away when he won. He was so creepy, rude and misogynistic. Well done doing this video.

  • Before I even watched this video I’m posting! Thankyou from the U.K. and I can’t believe this waste of space/skin/oxygen is even heard of in any way, shape or form in the U.S. (Don’t tell him for obvious reasons!) This complete cretin of a narcissist totally has everything coming to it.

  • I’ve had

  • My son

  • Yo

  • You are so cute!

  • all these influencers brought covid 20 into the middle east, honestly fuck them.

  • They actually met on the challenge. And this is what happens when when you ascend idiots from reality shows to celebrity/influencer status. Was always going to happen with the way society works now!

  • Stevie bear ..... he calls himself bear.

  • It's been quite publicly known what he's like for about 5 years why do women still date him?

  • I didnt realise he was known outside the UK

  • This is off topic but you must have a fuck ton of nice wigs

  • When someone has Bear in their name they're either the sweetest thing or the biggest assholes

  • My dad grhs he was twice my mum's age man he passed away when I was 2 God 26 yrs pass by fast

  • Sooo glad this guy can travel the world while I try to figure out how far out to push my wedding.

  • Less we forget that England is home to the new strain of Covid that spreads more rapidly...another thing you could potentially bring on your travels

  • I live in England and so I see a lot of shows with him in like 'celebs go dating' and watching him on there I'm really not that shocked that he acted like this.

  • Eww he’s the guy I used to see on “just tattoo of us,” right?!? He went off on what I’m sure was his last show where he and the co-host I think he was dating, tattooed each other. He thought his design for her was so funny. A “cheetah bear” cause he says she cheated on him. You’re not funny dude...yikes

  • Wow I didn’t know this. I remember him from The Challenge on MTV. It’s absolutely disgusting.

  • You’re giving off some Rachel from Life is Strange vibes rn and Iove it

  • this hair tho 🔥🔥

  • Never watched any of these shows nor do I care.

  • Georgia met him on the challenge not love island, but good that you’re talking about this!

  • He reminds me of Scott Disick

  • Yet another garbage human being who knows how to hide their stench so well that they can't even smell it themselves.

  • I have never been one night or short term anything. There was only one sad rat that came from settling...not having to give what is and has been truly desired since that flight off the staircase. Is a death for I not U. been your heart always and forever.

  • This was a brilliant video. My friend worked with his brother and Stephen used to come into their place of work a lot. My friend said he is SO quiet and timid and then the second cameras are around he just morphs into this obnoxious personal he carries on him. The worst part of all of this is, I believe he goes to these lengths and does these dreadful things just to try and stay relevant because one cares about him over here at all.

  • I'm from Britain and have known of this cretins existence for years. I've never heard of him referred to as Stevie bear though. Never

  • Sunshine is amazing

  • What makes it WORSE is that this guy is not only an influencer but a tv star. There’s a show called Just Tattoo Of Us where in the early seasons he agreed to get a tattoo with costar Charlotte Crosby in the season finale. Chickened out, had a fight with Charlotte and really upset her. Bear no longer presents the show and it’s now Charlotte and a rotation of other celebrities

  • Lol I swear the uk only has two types of non-musical celebrities. They're always either a prestigious actor's actor, who's first word was shakespeare OR they're trashy ex-reality stars, nothing in-between. Unfortunately for Bear, he's neither. He's just an inmate now. 😔

  • It isnt a excuse but I'm nearly certain hes on drugs

  • I was convinced that Bear is a absolute rat's nest of a human being, ever since he appeared on shipwrecked in 2011 at the tender age of 21. He was so horrible that I remember him, even from all those years ago. I don't generally hold with cancel culture, but in this instance I would make an exception. 🐍🤮

  • Did you see the attempted suicide video he uploaded in his Instagram in December when the “revenge porn” first was made public?

  • Thank you for bringing these things to our attention. Btw love the lipsticks you've been wearing

  • I liked this and it changed to 7k, aaaaaa this is cool

  • Influencers are going to be the reason the covid variant gets spread throughout the world

  • I’m sorry but any woman getting with this pos is asking for trouble ! He’s a nasty piece of work and he’ll never change ! I don’t understand why anyone would go anywhere near him ! He’s vile ! I really hope he gets prison ! He thinks he’s a tough guy with the tattoo’s... he’s nothing but a coward !

  • Unfollow the influencers in Dubai, they are making a mockery of everyone else who is here sticking to the rules.

  • what the heck, I keep seeing tons of german influencers going to Dubai because Germany is in lockdown. I didnt know this was a general trend amongst influencers. smh

  • Didn't Bear and Georgia meet on The Challenge?

  • I don’t understand how ANY woman would want to be with him after seeing his do this to his ex 😳😒😬

    • Which is why creeps like this go for very young impressionable women...

  • I think Bann All influencers!!

  • I forgot how did he become a influencer? Was he on love Iceland?

  • How is this person even successful. He gets his fame from being a disgusting person.

  • The Grizzly Bear! 🐻

  • What the actual fuck is a "beauty therapist"?

  • They were also on The Challenge. That's where I saw them first.

  • Gets me annoyed as we are in full lockdown only allowed out to doc appoint , essential shopping , exercise once a day and work if key worker ... I’m a key worker and following the rules I’ve not seen family for a year ... I work , sleep and keep to myself then bellends like this dude are the reason we are still in lockdown and he gives British men / people a bad name

  • Georgia and Bear met on MTVs the Challenge not Love Island

  • He is a bell end as we say in the Uk he is a z lister that no one will have anything to do with and he is a nasty angry drunk I’ve seen him on celebrity programmes he was on celebrity big brother and he smashed the house up he is vile

  • o shit bear is on mtvs the challenge and basically manipulated this girl into being with him

  • Big fall of that pedestal he put himself on

  • Never heard of any of these people but here I am watching this video for the tea 🫖

  • He’s not an influencer you div, he’s hilarious

  • He is also awful. I don't keep up with people like him and I don't watch love island. But I've heard how awful he is.

  • "British influencers" aka English. I have not seen one Scottish, Irish and Welsh influencers in dubai.

  • “How far is tattoo far... or some other trash TV show that I watch to make myself feel better” Honestly..... mood.

  • I watched him on the Challenge and I always fucking hated him. Classic narcissist

  • Hi, He’s not ours. Please don’t judge us. Thanks The U.K. x x x

  • I always say stop letting people record you having sexy time and nudes, but this is a hard one to say "you did it to yourself".

  • Off topic but I always love your hair and makeup

  • brih-in

  • I never understand how he gets so many women and is on so many shows. I can stand watching tv here. I just watch crime documentaries and ESmain. All these irresponsible and talentless people going to Dubai really pisses me off. Just because they're loaded, they think they're above everyone else!?!

  • Mocking people via Twitter for being locked down and not travel like wtf. How out of touch can you be?

  • Why do you support Kalvin Garrah then? Isn't he toxic?

  • Thank you for always posting really good content! You're so smart and talented 😍 I also always love your makeup! Your lips look amazing!!!

  • When I tested positive for COVID back in august and was home quarantined in isolation ALL I did was binge watch ready to glare’s videos and now I never miss an upload

  • The first time I saw him he gave off douche bag dickhead vibes!! Am I douche meter was not wrong!!!😑😖

  • They need to make Razzies for influencers

  • I’ve only seen him on The Challenge and I always hated him

  • Gammons like Bear are the reason the UK is in such a poor state... I wish they'd send them all to Mars where the only people they can hurt is themselves.

  • I love your wig!!!!!

  • There is a wholeee series you could do on him! Younger me found him funny, but then some of us grow up....

  • That wig has Harley Quinn vibes.

  • It's not just age difference and peer dynamics, she was a MINOR. let's not skirt around that.

  • I've never understood the appeal to him, He's absolutely bogging