Starseed people are a thing?

Publicado el 12 ago 2020
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  • Totally a word salad scenario

    • Totally. Imagine having this chick obsessed with you and not living too far apart.

    • Tanner Adams I’ve noticed that too

    • Rob Gavagan Hey Rob 😃

    • @Sarah G you’re scaring me! Are we the same person?

    • Love you, hoping you post something soon

  • They just reinvented indigo children

  • This chick really smashed Elon in her dream 🤮

  • You need to check Teal Swan and her Cult.

  • Like the hair

  • I'm kind of a spiritual person myself, and the weird thing is that I've actually started having more spiritual experiences since I started taking antidepressants- which I think makes far more sense than the other way around, especially with something like depression. After all, it's a lot easier to see something that is so incredibly beautiful and wonderous as this kind of spiritual experience when you're not constantly cut down by your own thoughts- but who knows?

  • Videos like this are so annoying. I feel the exact way when I see them, everyone is special and you are not the only person in the world born “different” or “special”

  • I love you’re ham shirt. One time my brother laughed at a picture of a honey ham on google and it reminds me of this lol

  • they just did witchcraft + buddhism + new age + edgy sci-fi shit = UNICULT

  • I actually just thought of a positive cult. One that does engage in love bombing, hits people at their lowest, but it generally gets peoples’ act together and helps them live more productive lives… Even if they have been indoctrinated. AA / NarcAnon

  • Starseeds are real look into Deloris cannon

  • this wasn't the topic for u lmao u sound rude and ignorant about it tbh im not in a cult either nor would I ever join one lmao

  • lmao she not saying ppl who aren't star seeds aren't special at all lmao have u ever heard of indigo, rainbow, or crystal children? cuz its kinda the same thing and nothing about it is harmful or patronizing unless the persons spiritual ego is huge so yk

  • Lol.... Star seeds are a concept from Sailor Moon.... all the sailor senshi (and villains) had one. And they're all aliens, living on earth. So she just.... Took an idea from a manga seriously....

  • I want to come out. Crazy here. I do not care if anybody knows it anymore. Dissociative. I am a loner a hermit. We are like the AntiCult. They be like.. Drink da kool aid Mark. And I be like... We don't like artificial flavors. Put my cyanide in some juice. After they bring it we be like, where's my ice. You are all useless. Slamming my juice to the floor and sidestepping our way out. How the Hell would I even find a cult? We are too lazy to care.

  • guys warning here u are all being deceive by the devil i have open my 3 eye And méditation stuff And i got attack by demon and devils im telling the Truth its totally demonic mos Okey t of the people that are doing méditation are being possed by demon and i got rape by invisible darkness since i began those stuff i thought i had spiritual awakening but the awakening is when u réalise its demonic and the présence of demon and devils thats the Truth awakening believe me or not the bible is all Truth pls save ur soul from hell i am not a lier the devil is it taste good the sins but its deadly if u dont believe me take some prayers and pray out loud in ur Room for 30 mins and u Will probably feel bad or get physical pain because the demon in ur body Will manifest by praying out loud And make sure u pray with ur hearth and mean what ur saying otherwise its hypocrite and it probably wont work the bible those that are friend of the world are ennemy of god because the world is under the influence of evil u dont have to believe me but im am telling u my story of méditation,energy,3 eye what i found behind all this i found darkness entity false Angel of light false vision and God exposed those false entity those false Angel of light even told me satan created me because they were so desesperate and didnt know how to Trick me anymore guys u are not going to paradise by listening sweet sound u are not going to heaven by relaxing ur mind, u are not going to heaven by closing ur eyes and empty ur mind ur are not going to heaven by lying to urself thinking u are pure light being none of that Will give u Eternal life if thats what ur searching the Truth is we all have sins and we are not perfect we need to repent and confess with the Mouth all the sins we have done and listen to the holy God and hes son Jésus Christ if u think im lying or crazy then go Read the Word of god and see what God and Jésus Christ Said not me Read the bible save ur soul

  • Everyone is special. Just in different ways. Some have spiritual abilities. Some can sing. Some are highly intelligent. I can't sing but I don't feel patronized by those who can. Basically, we all have a lane. Just stay in your lane and enjoy the ride.

  • Positive cult: Destiny’s Children

  • I do think she believes what she is saying I don’t think she has any ill intentions like most other “cult leaders”

  • My homies out here trying to achieve CHIM

  • But.. Elon barely sleeps

  • I’m a 33 year old woman and stumbled upon a starseed website and told my mom excitedly about it - cuz shes into astral projection and stuff. She stopped me dead as I was talking and goes “ ummm thats a cult” I immediately felt like an idiot.

  • I don't even dream at all and she has an entire dream relationship

  • Her voice bothers me so much for so many different reasons

  • "I found out about unic--" "Unicorns!" "Unicult." "Not as awesome but whatever."

  • I've always known that I am an alien/ human hybrid... and I can irrefutably tell you this woman is just an insane human being. Don't stop taking your meds if not directed. And Elon Musk should probably get a T.R.O. against this woman before she goes all Jody Foster, Thatcher in the Rye on him...

  • i really hate youtube's up next feature, once you start clicking videos or even watch a video related to star seed's then the algorithim just dumps it all on you, next it's new age sh*t that i really shouldn't mention and is really harmfull

  • when gabby hanna showed up, then i knew i hadn't seen everything yet

  • I'm bipolar and when she said she was happier without them my heart stopped. this is terrifying, I have alot of friends and family who are bipolar and schizophrenic and if my cousin had discovered them back when he was living in the streets who knows what would have happened. I'm happier without them too?! it's called MANIA BITCH! 😭😭

  • starseeds are real but this is a cult so its not healthy

  • Honestly, I think she's just delusional, if not psychotic. The Elon Musk dream relationship thing sounds to me like a mix of delusions of reference and erotomania, and she has overall religious delusions. I'm also not suprized about how she reacted when she went off her medication. Her delusions were probably under contro when she was on them, and when she went off of them they started again.

  • she's not like other girls, she isn't human shes an alien in a human body

  • This reminds me of the indigo children phenomenon

  • Rum haaaaaaaaammmm

  • Ik this is a crazy cult n shes dangerous or smth but ngl... her kind words abt being who u r r gettin to me.....

  • Are you an attorney? I’m in law school and so many of your videos are reminiscent of class.

  • I loved this. I went through this and have recently realised how toxic it truely is. Looking for more videos like this. Any help?

  • her hair looks like ibuki mioda i just want some positivity

  • So she was in medication for a mental health condition. She quit without seeing a doctor. Now she believes she is a starseed. Something is obvious here

  • Hi! first of all I wanted to say thank you for your perspective, I am a Starseed and actually help people with their awakening, before I watched the video I just hoped that you don't make fun of the starred community because it is real and many people resonate with that story, for me it literally changed my life and Ive never been happier. BUT there are unfortunately people like unicorn whatever who are toxic for our community. I call it a community because how you said we still need to operate in society and be human which we do, but the community is everything to us. She puts all of this in a false light also for example Aaron doughty or other youtubers which obviously only do it for the money. I would never say im superior to anyone or this is a religion or cult, I would say I have gifts and talents from other lifetimes, other star systems which can help the people on earth ascend. Starseeds are wise souls, we dont operate from our ego, on my channel I hope you can see that my only goal is to help people. So im positively surprised about your objectivity and I appreciate that you used someone like her to talk about these things. This information is toxic and people like that should be removed from the internet. But yeah starseeds are real, I am one and we are here to help people, we are not superior to anyone, we are different, because we resonate with it that doesn't make anyone better than the other. Everyone is playing their needed part in this dimension, humans, starseeds and so on, there needs to be polarity! : ) Have a great day!

  • Leave Elon alone

  • MKUltra

  • Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus ...

  • Well starseeds are not special vs other people. They are here to help the earth but don’t really remember what they are supposed to accomplish in this life. Sounds like she is confused.

  • Christ this reminds me of starchildren. Unfortunately as an autistic person I'm aware of this shit bc too many people (usually not autistic themselves) think autistics are these ~starchildren~ Which like fine yea I see how their description fits for plenty of us but at the same time like....... It's dehumanizing bc you're literally saying we're not fucking human, we're Aliens. It's the changeling bullshit just for the modern era. [It's believed by many that changeling myths came from parents noticing that their (actually autistic) children were different. So had to be the fae stealing their normal kid and replacing em with a fae baby amirite??]

  • Coming from another opinion, people who relate to this truly have felt “out of place” their whole life. I haven’t felt like anyone has ever connected to me on a deep level, or felt the same way about life. I have actually felt deeply alone for all my life. I don’t think the people who come to this conclusion *on their own* are ‘determining’ they are different. Starseeds are supposed to feel different, but only to conclude they are actually the same. The purpose of starseeds is to be a human, the same as everyone, just value love and spreading love. This is what any other human is capable of, so the same as a starseed. I don’t think that specific person portrays it well, or with full accuracy. Her medication video was not something I enjoyed (I’m in Pharmacy School), and I don’t appreciate using these beliefs to sell overpriced items . Overall that girl in the video was not a great source of information, or representation. I understand you though, young people are easily influenced by was probably best being left up to outside sources (not tiktok) that people come to these conclusions about themselves.

  • That girl is just pretending to be Luna lovegood

  • I just went to her tiktok.... bloody hell. What a clusterfuck. She really has a hold on people and brings them down with her. It pisses me off. She’s really manipulative, contradicting & condescending.

  • I've heard a lot of people say those with ADHD, BPD and autism are inherently "starseed people" and that's why I wanted to find out about it. I can see the appeal, I don't always understand social norms, I feel left out and alienated sometimes, I can pick up on people's emotions and tend to be affected by "energy", and I have had strange dreams about people that seemed real. However, I have learned that dreams are not reality and the people I see in my dreams, are usually idealized versions and my interpretation of who I want them to be. And I've also learned that there are ways I can function in society without needing to understand all the norms and conform to what society says. If I would have found this as a young teen, I could see the harm. While I do have ADHD, I've never found a medication without side effects, but I have relatives who have tried to get off of medication, and sometimes it's hallucinations, strange dreams, emotional instability... So I feel like in a way, she's trying to glorify un-medicated conditions, when a lot of things can be made easier with medication, or at least diet changes (I find being gluten free helps, but that runs in my family as well). With spirituality, I know un-medicated OCD, BPD and psychosis can cause a lot of really warped spiritual hallucinations and feelings, so I feel bad for her if she has undiagnosed or un-medicated issues like that. I'm not a psychologist, and I do have my own spiritual beliefs and connections, but what she's saying sets off some red flags as someone with ADHD.

  • Oh Lord. What have I done in coming to this place?

  • Unicron? The fact that she ripped off the Animated "Transformers" movie from 1986 isn't tipping people off that maybe, just maybe, hear me out, THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT!

    • was waiting to see someone else point that out

  • I think she actually might be schizophrenic and these are simply her delusions. I wonder what medication did she take.

  • I saw that TikTok earlier and didnt understand dick about what she was talking about

  • Well said. We needed an injection of sanity here. I have added a link to your video from my web page;

  • So if u know somthing that Angels tell you then how can u not believe. You just dont understand but some of us are conected especially now to different things then this normal world can not see and sometimes hear.

    • I see why u could be annoyed watching her

    • This chick in ur video has a lot of ego she needs to shed .

    • Not everyones like this this is just this chick

    • So this chick is just that is just flonting herself and trying to get attention

    • And the more u know the more kinda crazy to the world you and look and u tend to for get this reality becaue u are see thing that other people dont

  • ... still a human who has to function within a society unless you want to LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST (jonestown)

  • Someone: *uses the word excommunicated.* Me: Soon~ EXCOMMUNICATED! Everybody chill it's totes God's will

  • The contradiction I see in your advice about her experience on medication: - She never consulted her doctor - Some doctors you can't trust them medicating you These may not be worded exactly the way you said, but this is a message I got in your interpretation of this self-proclaimed starseed. I don't see anything wrong with her not consulting her doctor and weening herself the way she did, especially with your contradicting thought process of her actions. Even with the risk being dangerous. She lives in her body with the medication mixed with her system. She should know how it effects her, with or without a doctor's consultation. If she doesn't trust her doctor or find a doctor to medicate her correctly, then is the medication doing any good for her, thus others, or is the medication causing her damage, thus others? And just because you deal with mental illness and follow your doctor's medication advice, doesn't mean she has a good doctor like you. So I don't know if I should be listening to you on this part of the video. Maybe this could be a reason you struggle with other people's medication experience. Just because she taught the how to's in stop medicating without a doctor's consultation, doesn't mean she advises people to do what she did. She shared. So she didn't tell people what to do, even in showing how to do what she did and she felt made her life overall better. Some people may want to know and follow in her footsteps because of how prevalent the knowledge is that doctors can't always trust to medicate people properly.

  • I hope youre taking care of yourself ❤️

  • She needs to keep taking her meds.

  • It’s not healthy. I was under torment continuously, I would mix the ideas with magick and crystals. This is not a new idea by the way. This is not her beliefs. It is dangerous. You’re opening up to anything.

  • In the name, I think it was intended to associate with "the Occult", rather than "cult" on it's own. Based on the kind of magic-y spiritual stuff at least, "uni-occult" makes more sense as a source word.

  • Ha. Word salad. Yup thats what I was thinking.

  • This looks a little too much like it might be performance art.

  • Indigo children are messed adults. You either let it go or make it your whole identity.

  • You just described how his girl I know talks lol where she uses certain words to appear she knows what you're talking about or what she herself is talking about, until you actually think about what was said, then it literally means nothing or makes no sense.

  • These people are either narcissists, schizophrenic, sociopathic or all of the above. Personally I don’t know how hard your life actually is if you can afford being a lunatic.

  • Omg i love your shirt!!! I love frank lol

  • Kind of reminds me of the Final Fantasy House in a way.


  • wow remember when "not like other girls" just used to like eating nuggets? now they're aliens wtf

  • ... I swear I picked my nickname solely because of Sailor Moon.

  • Doesn't this mean that all religion itself is a cult, while spirituality is not as its an individuals personal relationship with what ever they choose as a belief?

  • I saw Stephen King and HP Lovecraft in a dream and t was just a dream 😂 I swear people are stupid

  • This whole thing sounds a lot like Scientology. Especially the way she talks about psychiatry.

  • Word salad, I was looking for a term to describe that. I hate wordy sh**t that says literally nothing.

  • Looked up starseed people ... why am I not surprised that they are young white girls 😂

  • I never heard of these people before.

  • Stumbled on xir video from my for you page and followed the link to the profile to see the other parts on the brainwashing thing? And at part 5 I saw some red flags and realised how messed up it all was that they xe weren't being ironic? So I talked to some friends who directed me to this video. And the more I think about it, the more xe strike me as possibly a… socio(?)/psychopath that knows full well what xe are doing (on account of the video where xe say "I've studied cults and the techniques they use to brainwash people and decided to start my own" plus the bonus of "watch out for brainwashing" while brainwashing you, the "they're all lying on all media" while living in fantasies but essentially hinting at the idea that the cult is the only truth and the whole cultish thing of "we're the path to unity they're the evil ones join us"). Anyways, xe definitely strike me as someone who KNOWS what they are doing and this (especially combined with the med video) makes me think xe may have some either sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies and xe would just be playing people.

  • Sorry what? Unicron? Childhood flashbacks from the Transformers animated movie...

  • I made a cult for my cat is a joke I disbanded it though and it was just to love my cat because he was so cute it was a positive cult no one but me wasn’t it I was joking though

  • I guess with a few google searches you can become a witch and a starseed huh

  • This girl really binged a bunch of Mars Argo and Poppy vids and said "Yup, that's me now" (but obviously 100x more culty

  • I grew up in a cult and honestly it's even worse when you're in it and once you leave you start to realize how messed up everything has been and for how long it's been that way..

  • I had recently been invited to a Reddit group. With a very similar "you're here cuz your special" blah blah. It's very upsetting how many people getting into sprituallity are ending up in groups like this. The posts on this subbredit are about how we as a collective have put us into a new timeline.. just very strange stuff. I'm a witch, I believe in magic, but this is just f*cked. Later on come to find out the "leader" of this organization is actively tricking people into joining this "religion" because he had a prophetic dream where he is to choose God's chosen people to build an arc under America. I wish I was joking. Just guys be careful. Don't end up apart of some lunatics fever dream.

  • Jeremy is also for "changing the meaning of the swastika back to the original meaning" which like you dont really get a say if youre not Jewish or Buddhist but ok buddy

  • Okay, so in 2008, I discovered the whole Starseed thing and I latched onto it. I believed that my ADHD and autism was making me more intune with the energy and universe around us. I felt special. It was a ridiculous time for me.

  • we don’t claim her

  • Religion is also a cult. What's your point? 😂😂

  • She just a Poppy copy . She even call herself a popstar cult leader ,what hint back than Poppy.

  • It takes just one impressionable, person who's mental health is questionable to drive an armored tank on the I 8 Freeway. The outcome is horrendous. Its just a matter of time before something heinous happens.

  • I feel bad for celebrities that have to deal with these sort of people, tbh. Crazy, and not in a good way.

  • Unicult I thought it was what happens when kids go to university normal and come back as full blown leftists🤣

  • This is one of the few videos of yours I have seen where I don't truly think anything nefarious is happening tbh, just a lot of delusional people, but not really harmful

  • She clowns the spiritual community so hard. She’s rude to most people in the comments and has a know it all attitude i just👁👄👁

  • Would Elon Musk be considered a starseed? lmao

    • damn it... 6 min in and this neurotic chick brings him up....

  • Quick edit since my original comment was early on in the video. Just picking up on what you said about core ideas of cults being positive - I watch alot of stuff about Scientology & have actually heard many ex-members say that the core self-help idea is really good & can be a positive thing but that all kinda gets bastardised later on. I guess these guys probably aren't taking money (?) & If it makes that girl happy, etc then great but she's really just pushing people away from what I can see. On a totally different note, I love your rum ham t-shirt! Gonna have to find me one of those

  • No.

  • As someone who’s in the Therianthropy community and practices Wicca, the whole “being another species” isn’t new to me because yes some people connect either mentally or spiritually with being another species, me personally I believe my true form will be revealed to me during reincarnation and that the form I wanted and was unable to have in this life will be in my next. Though I’ve seen stuff like this around (Othekin, Therianthropy, etc) which I all support and personally would be a part of, a cult is something definitely not to mess around with and I mean...I don’t know. Obviously I understand that I am human and need medications and have mental illness and that’s something that gets ya know jumbled a lot when people look at Wiccan and Therianthropy and say, “oh you act like an animal let’s treat you like one”. No it’s a spiritual thing. The whole star seed then is and is not entirely accurate but yet goes along with a lot of spiritual and Wiccan beliefs. Also I love your channel!

  • Um... shes a few bits short of a byte.