Sia & Maddie Ziegler's weird relationship

Publicado el 3 mar 2021
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  • It’s very weird that ppl have known Sia’s relationship with Maddie since the very beginning but until now, for some reason, it’s suspicious? Why is ppl trying so hard to create drama about this?

  • I just feel like Sia is just obsessed with living her life through Maddie. Sia has always been talented but was exposed to the toxic world of showbiz at a young age. Drugs, alcohol, manipulative people etc. She is incredibly protective of Maddie (borderline obsessive) because she sees herself in her. She wants a do-over of the life she wished she had through Maddie. Sia has crossed the line to what is appropriate but I don't think her intentions are sexual. She hides her face and wants Maddie to be her face instead.

  • I know this is serious and all, but who else is stan for this look right now?

  • As the internet likes to say, "FBI, open up!"

  • I am sure you delete comments too. Have YOUR RELATIONSHIPS EVER BEEN CALLED WEIRD? I've been called strange, myself. YOU DONT SEE ME DELETING COMMENTS

  • SIA is soooo creepy and obsessed , she literally grooming this young girl for years Yiks! 😑😑😑

  • ok, off topic but you are SO beautiful!

  • I would love to hear your opinion or have you do a follow up video on this given that Sia has now adopted several children, and Maddie has been doing additional projects on her own. Also I always thought it was strange and unnerving that one of their first collaborations was Maddie and Shia LaBeouf in an almost oddly sensual music video.

  • we let michael jackson get away with this. too many people wrote off what happened with michael jackson as it being platonic and innocent. too many people are doing it again. do not let what happened with michael jackson happen again. i’m not saying anything is going on here like what happened with michael jackson but the public needs to be far more vigilant this time around

  • Victims of this kind of abuse tend to love their abusers and glorify them until they grow up and realise what's happening:(

  • Y'all talk like you really don't know about 🍕in Hollywood :(

  • Full stop, it's wrong and something wrong most definitely happened. Think about Michael Jackson and how he had young kids sleep in his bed. I know a lot of people might fall into the subconscious way of thinking that "women = safe" for children, but I'm sure you know this is not true in every case. I have watched a lot of your videos and really love your commentary, but I feel like in this case we need to step back and swap the gender roles. I've seen you do it in other videos, like for James Charles. So if we swap gender, would anyone feel comfortable with a 12 year old girl sleeping in bed with a grown man who was not her father? That's a big fat yikes from me. Another example: have you ever slept in bed with your best friend's mom during sleepovers in childhood? Just putting it in different context, I think we can easily see it is 100% wrong and something weird is up.

  • It truly makes one hang from a chandelier!

  • I’m a mama of 2 girls they are 15 and 13 now but when they was little I was so protective of them. I really never liked anybody watching them unless they was my mom or dad. Honestly, if I was in Melissa shoes I would never let Abby treat maddy or Kenzie get treated like that and with sia if my daughter did not want to do a movie because the way she felt, I would have went to sia and tell her I’m still her mother and she does not feel comfortable doing this project, so she is not doing it find someone else to do it.

  • Michael Jackson was ruined for having these sleep-overs!

  • You wouldn't let your child sleep over at your mom's house? Is your mom a bad person?

  • Why do you have your hair styled like a child while talking about this subject? Why is everyone just ignoring this?

  • Love of a first born child the difference is that Maddie was like 11 a pre teen ! And most godmothers have time to build the relationship ! Like knowing them since their babies and seeing them grow ! It seems sia was obsessed with Maddie fast and quick ! How do you have someone as a godmother when your kid is almost a teen! I mean you usually feel this emotion and need to protect a baby or a toddler ! I find it very weird

  • Thank you for your report; I found it fair and even handed, and pointing out the central issue - it all hinges on unconfirmed doubt and biases. Is Sia a control freak? Or is Sia just trying to be helpful? Is this just their dynamic? We could easily interpret it one way or the other, without solid evidence.

  • Sleep over between friends is normal. sleep over between a minor and an adult who isn't family--is suspect. I try not to look at this through a nefarious lens, mostly because my British friend has a strong maternal instinct and will sleep in the same room when she babysits kids that she knows really well. I don't know if it is an American versus British Common Wealth thing? My biggest concern is the love bombing, which is a grooming tactic that is always a red flag to me.

  • This is kind of toxic for Maddie because Maddie can’t truly be able to grow as a dancer and as a performer. She’s stuck in Sia’s little world and without that exploration she’s not gonna get far with Sia

  • I have a brother with autism and this is weird....if someone was showing my brother that much and kind of attention I would be SUSPICIOUS AS EFF. Mentor aka groom

  • Wait, if she met her when she was 16, why did they do sleepovers when she was 12?

  • This only went on because Sia is a female. If it was a guy with a young boy would her mother have been so happy with it?

  • 🤔🤔🤔 I’ve grown up with my nanny, we used to sleep in the same bed because I used to be very scared of the dark etc... on one hand I can see how this would be possible and not creepy but then again... not all situations are the same

  • i love working with kids, it's my passion and it's why im studying elementary and special education rn. there are kids i've worked with that i knew came from bad homes and i would give them extra clothes and snacks and comfort and of course wished i could just fix everything. but i know my place and i know that there are boundaries you just dont cross, no matter how much you love and care for a child. a 12 year old sleeping in the same bed with an adult they just met 6 months ago is very, very inappropriate. maddie should have had an adult family member in new york with her for the entire filiming of music. the fact that her mom basically just left maddie with sia for so many long periods of times is very concerning. her primary caretaker should not also be her employer. bc then sia is holding a ridiculous amount of control and power over maddie. and maddie's silence about the film and about sia in general is very disturbing and makes me think she's being held under some contract. there's actually an episode of dance moms where abby yells at melissa (maddie's mom) bc she blindly signed a contract for her other daughter kenzie without reading any conditions. i hope maddie escapes whatever is happening and is able to just dance and do her own thing.

  • i wouldnt never let my child sleep in someone elses bed, i dont care who it is

  • I think it's premature to assume Ziegler can speak for herself now that she's 18 if she was conditioned/groomed to be passive in any way. The most effective forms of manipulation are those that the victim isn't aware of, and this may be such a norm to her that she doesn't recognize why it's so inappropriate and thus, doesn't see any reason to speak out. And it is inappropriate. All we need to know is that Sia is Ziegler's employer and automatically, the sleepovers and sabotaging her other potential projects has crossed a strong, well-defined line. That she was a CHILD while all this was going on (and arguably still is in terms of brain development) makes it much worse. It doesn't have to be a s*xually predatory situation to still be an exploitation of a power dynamic.

  • U look beautiful with that hair :)

  • Sleepovers.... Was it OK when Michael Jackson did it? 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • I also have a close relationship with a woman much older than me (our age gap is around Maddie - Sia age gap), but my god this is creepy. Me and my new mom met online, but she treats me and I treat her as independent individuals. She would never abandon her kid even if I have a panic attack, neither would I let her. I’m not saying our relationship is perfect, but at least better than THIS. It’s my intention to seek her advice and help with whatever I need, and it’s my suggestion that we work towards being recognized as a family. I’m already an adult when I met her btw

  • If sia was a guy nobody would be cool with their relationship

  • It was always the skin coloured outfit with the bleached wig that made me give sia the side eye 👀

  • If a 12 year old was sleeping AND SNUGGLING with an adult man, people would call the police (and they would be right, that shit is suspicious af). I'm not saying Sia is grooming Ziegler, that's a pretty serious accusation, but at the very least she's unprofessional and inappropriate.

  • She wouldn't let Maddie work on any side projects? Oh Jesus, that's such a red flag, that's creepy as f, not to mention all the other stuff.

  • Actually, it was "Titanium" that kicked her career off

  • Predatory Checklist Constant Beg for Validation from a child (✔) Grooming such as buying cars and spending time to get closer to such child (✔) Getting closer to child such as splitting time or even sleeping in same bad with the child (✔) Expecting child to be a therapist rather than consulting actual one to excuse one's self from predatory patterns (✔) Relying / manipulating on naive parent and / or audience to make it seem pure or friendly (N/A) Anyway she got 4 checkmarks I think it's safe say she's a predator thats my opinion but objectively speaking she's on thin fucking ice and it's only matter time she fuck up.

  • I remember Sia from the My Little Pony Movie and that's all I associate her with now.

  • Gross. Sounds like Sia is using MZ as some kind of security blanket to try to quell her (Sia's) own anxiety. Not healthy at all.

  • This is giving me Michael Jackson vibes in all the wrong ways. Having had artistic muses of sorts myself I can understand how it can become codependent and weird. You are so comfortable working with someone you know well that you feel you can’t create without them. I’ve also worked with underage models for different projects. They pour their heart out and trust you completely. They tell you about their abusive parents and the mean girls at school. They want so badly for you to be happy with the projects they are involved with. They would do anything. It can easily be taked advantage of both consciously and unconsciously if you’re not careful and know what is and isn’t appropriate.

  • This reminds me A LOT of the accounts of Michael Jackson's predatory behavior towards young boys. Working closely with dancers who are 7/8 years old, developing close "friendships" with them and their family, eventually having them sleep over at his house and even in the same bed, living with him for months on end. And we know how that turned out.

  • I think the most important thing here is to not try Sia&Maddie in the court of public opinion. Most of the time is not all of the time. Just because you or I may not approve of Mads mothers decision to trust Sia doesn't make it wrong. Before anyone tries the deliberate misinterpretation thing, no I am not nor would I ever believe such an argument could be used to validate disgusting acts like female circumcision or pedophilia. As a society we have become very intrusive and believe we have a right to know details in ppls lives that we simply don't.

  • She is not her mom and that girl won't ever have her own because she won't ever have a partner

  • Sia is in a odd treatment for PTSD. It promotes finding a secure attachment to a parent figure, as well as forming other secure attachments/ relationships. I think it is backfiring into a disturbing level of codependence. Also pairing a child with someone known to be mentally unstable ought to be reckless endangerment. I am on the autism spectrum myself. She also has a neurological pain syndrome.

  • Oh icky 😟 So much too "sHe AbUsEd mE tO do ThIs" ah yes-

  • Pushing a child into showbusiness never ends well. If I were a mother, I would look after daughter very carefully, because it can end the same as these cases with Michael Jackson or Woody Allen

  • I'm just gonna say it. If this was a man doing the same shit to a little boy, everyone would be calling him a pedo. She isn't any different just because shes a woman with a little girl. Its weird, creepy, and extremely inappropriate, even if it was innocent.

  • This gives me Michael Jackson flashbacks...

  • I just came for the pigtails🤷‍♂️

  • I thought their relationship was weird when Sia started using Maddie as her public "face". It seemed really inappropriate that Sia was keeping her face hidden in order to maintain some sort of anonymity and escape the pressures of celebrity, but she had no problem shoving an underage child into the spotlight to serve as representative. Sia continually puts Maddie into weird situations that probably require more maturity than the kid had at the time (the music video with shia la beouf, the asinine Music movie, etc.)

  • I am not going to lie: when i saw the captions on the thumbnail "pure or suspicious" (without reading the actual video title), i though it was referring to you xD

  • So basically Sia is a version of Michael Jackson and creepy child friends

  • total "Mother Gothel" vibes 😬

  • It’s always been really sus to me the way Sia treats Maddie Ziegler as a muse and sexualizes her by making her dance all weird in a nude bodysuit. It just gives me a weird, creeped out vibe. After this recent offensive film that Sia did I really hope her career is over. Hopefully Maddie can escape the clutches of Sia after years of grooming.

  • Sia seems almost like those spiders that eat their babies because she doesn’t want to let her go, but it’s not even her own child which makes it so much creepier

  • What about Millie Boddy Brown and Drake?

  • 🤦‍♀️ smh

  • I have 4 kids, I absolutely would not allow my children to sleepover with an adult aside from like... my mother. And she has a room for my kids to stay in when they are there. She does seem super obsessive and weird with that child. I think either she is trying to groom her or she wants to pretend like she is her mother.

  • This one made me question about should I hate Sia now or what should I do with my appreciation about Sia? I love her though, her songs always so encouraging😟

  • her behavior is sus... and for a mother to allow her child to just be whisked away by another adult woman like that is unnerving. how much is everyone getting paid for this??

  • Me the entire video: 😳😳😳😯😯😯😧😧😧😨😨😨😰😰😰😱😱😱🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • I also find it a little strange that the only person Sia follows is Maddie Zeigler but idk

  • I've slept next to my grandma before, I like 4 or 5 worst night off my night.. She didn't to anything wrong but she snores to damn loud i couldn't sleep. Also she took 99% of the bed and 1% for me lol i know i was young and small but i love space when i sleep.. But yeah I hate sleeping with adults even my own parents (love ya Mom and Dad tho❤)

  • So many excuses for this inappropriate relationship just call it pedophilia which it is.

  • If you want to get more into director / child actor relationships you could compare that to Drew Barrymore and Steven Spielberg

  • It feels less sexual predator and more of a helicopter parent? Like she bonded with her in that maternal way for some reason and now is helicoptering.

  • Nothing weird going on here. Friendships can be made whatever the age. She was not forced to do the new film. I've met the women back in 2004 and she's an incredible person. She's just a talented person who feels responsible for putting maddie in the limelight so she feels responsible. All my opinion obviously.

  • Michael Jackson did this same exact thing...and he was called a predator. Why is this any different...because it's an older WOMAN instead of a man? Grooming is grooming.

  • I'm glad someone said it. People have been freaking out about Music for weeks now*, and I've been wondering if anyone is checking on Maddie. The amount of criticism being levelled at her for something she was forced to do by her mother and her weird face hiding Svengali has to be overwhelming. Sia talks a lot about how she tried to cast autistic people and they all just found it too overwhelming, but then turns around and talks about what a mess Maddie was her first week of shooting. Sure, Sia. Sure. *I get why, everything I've seen has been awful.

  • Idk if it's coz I'm from a different cultural background, but I personally don't find the sleepover part as weird coz she's very clear about being a parental figure in Maddie's life. What I do find creepy is how controlling she is. Not only the fact that she pushes Maddie into any project she creates, including Music in which Maddie made it clear she was uncomfortable, she has also admitted to actively stopping Maddie from working in other projects? It's a weird power dynamic. She acts like she's doing it all for Maddie's benefit but in reality she's just making Maddie do what she wants Maddie to do, kind of acting like Maddie is her property or maybe an extension of herself. She acts very much like an obsessive, controlling parent and the way she talks about these things makes me think she gaslights Maddie into thinking that she's just being a good parent, and Maddie has been stuck in that relationship since she was very young, and if she's being gaslit she might not even realize that her relationship with Sia might be toxic. The worst part is that even her own parent is complicit in this and likely won't help her get out of it even of she tried.

  • Sia's lawyers should sue. Stop trying to portray the singer as a bad person like Jeffrey Epstein. She is nothing like him or his wife Ghislaine who actually hurt children. This is defamation of SIAs character.

  • yeah the adults are to blame but seriously Maddie is also at fault like why wont she just cut ties with Sia? Maddie obviously has no problem being groomed! Besides just saying no and walking away when sia told her to act in the movie is easy ,i mean Maddie's 18 she would have just refuse to act in the movie

  • Imagine the pressure Maddie has been under for all these years having to be the only reason Sia will do any art! That's a huge responsibility to put on anyone, let alone a minor! How hard would it be to tell someone like that you want to do something else without them? Especially when you feel you have no authority in the situation. I wish Maddie the best and the ability to be able to make her own decisions in life without having to feel guilt tripped to perform.

  • It’s, to quote Russell Howard, “terribly Michael Jackson”

  • To be entirely honest and however unpopular this opinion is, Id like to think Sia doesn’t have any bad intentions towards Maddie. Though it is very very weird and unnatural to have that relationship, I can personally see it happening. Sia should know somewhat a limit and restrain that in a mature fashion. BUT this TO ME doesn’t seem to be the bad case we may be worrying about. I do, however, believe Sia is way too protective of her. She needs to let Maddie be independent at some point and wether thats just security for her or both of them, i don’t know. Thats just my thoughts! Feel free to change my mind.

  • To be entirely honest and however unpopular this opinion is, Id like to think Sia doesn’t have any bad intentions towards Maddie. Though it is very very weird and unnatural to have that relationship, I can personally see it happening. Sia should know somewhat a limit and restrain that in a mature fashion. BUT this TO ME doesn’t seem to be the bad case we may be worrying about. I do, however, believe Sia is way too protective of her. She needs to let Maddie be independent at some point and wether thats just security for her or both of them, i don’t know. Thats just my thoughts! Feel free to change my mind.

  • Sia's combining mother-daughter, friend-friend and employee-employer dynamics together. And its really strange. Who tf snuggles with someone's else child?

  • Micheal with a kid: outrage Sia with a kid: crickets

  • I don’t even care to reach out to my moms girlfriends. They’re older ladies I can’t relate to and my mom and her friends are only like 20 something years older than me. I don’t understand how anyone including her mom cannot see how weird it is for an older woman to be so attached to a girl that isn’t her niece or daughter of her own. No little girl could ever be that relatively connected to some grown woman in any way, even if she seems mature in some ways for her age, she’s still developing mentally and physically. This is disgusting and Sia has always been weird af

  • I'm ok with the fact that i have no idea who either of these people are.

  • I used to think that maddie is her child lmao

  • That movie could be the perfect opportunity for Maddie Ziegler to leave Sia behind and for each of them to focus on themselves and their own business again.

  • Melissa Is the one to blame here. I mean, she Is the mother, she hasn't protected Maddie as she should. She would give ver daughters to Weinstein or Epstein/Maxwell for money and fame.

  • Ummm. Is this the female version of the michael Jackson fiasco

  • just ask Sia what she thinks about the michael jackson controversy and see where that leads cause ...seems a little familiar

  • Shades of Micheal Jackson.

  • As a parent my child has always been supervised by a direct family member. Not ok. Also this has crazy Michael Jackson vibes...

  • She herself has two kids but said Maddie is her favorite. I mean.... wth?

  • I think there's a boundaries issue. If Sia was Maddie's mentor and they text or whatever, then that's totally different than sleepovers.

  • Is it just me or is it creepy that Sia only follows Maddie on IG? So she'd only see Maddie's uploads? If Sia was a male this would be much bigger news but alot of ppl don't see that women can be just as dangerous or abusive and predatory as men.

  • I agree the sleepover is weird and suspect. But the answering for her... I always got the impression that Maddie doesn’t know how to really defend herself or say no. Just from watching Dance Moms, she was raised around extremely demanding, controlling people who didn’t seem to put her emotions first. I’m not sure if she has a voice the way others her age might. If she needs someone to bridge that gap in the meantime, to actually pay attention to her cues and support her by speaking for her, that might be good for her. She still needs to do it herself eventually, but until then she’d need support. Not defending Sia herself... Anyone could be that person for Maddie. Just giving a different perspective to that specific dynamic.

  • If Sia were a man this would be a totally different story, I cant help but get Michael Jackson vibes from this situation.

  • This is grooming. All the signs as such.

  • Her Chongos said 🥴

  • The whole sleepover thing reminds me so much of Michael Jackson......definitely seems super cringey

  • You shouldn't have to apologize for wearing your glasses, that's 🤬, I have a double astigmatism and I would be lost without my glasses, just trying to send some love and say that most anyone with common sense is gonna understand ♡

  • The sleepover thing made me think of Michael Jackson. That is fucking weird

  • 1- Dresses the girl up like her 2- Slept in bed with her when she was a child 3- Used her fame/power/influence to attract her 4- Separated her from her mother 5- Has given her career opportunities Reminds me of Michael Jackson to be honest.

  • Macaulay and Michael had the same exact relationship

  • Macaulay Culkin and Michael Jackson had the same relationship