Shallon Lester is back at it

Publicado el 5 mar 2021
[Re-upload to fix glitches/editing errors]
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  • This is a re-upload so I could fix editing errors/glitches, none of the content is different from the OG video, if you caught it! If you do see this person's identity anywhere online, do not engage. Same goes for Shallon. Harassment doesn't help anyone, just causes distress!

    • @Eddie Fierro The person is *NOT* a stalker. Everything Shallon said was a lie. There was *NO* harassment (not on this person's end anyway). There was *NO* death threat.

    • @Aïda H Everything Shallon said was a lie. There was no death threat and that person did not harass her. That person never even talked to her, but she did talk to Shallon's minion, and that minion was harassing her. This person didn't do a goddamn thing besides being on a subreddit that Shallon hates with a passion.

    • Even if it was a stalker in irl.. still very ugly and not professional in the least, not to say that the stalker deserves any less or harasser whichever it was, but I’m a firm believer that I dont need to retaliate personally because that only gives people the satisfaction of seeing you upset. Yes that person deserves consequences if it was more than harmless shit talking but not for their personal information to be released. Like imagine how much worse it would’ve been if shallow decided to release more or create information because it isn’t above her to do that previously.

    • Unrelated question.... anyone know where she gets her wigs from? 🤔

    • Hey do you have a honey link? (the app for saving money)

  • Shallon reminds me of the mom from Buffy who possesses her daughter to live the daughter's life.

  • A thought: does she secretly enjoy the attention, whether positive or negative? With chronic attention seekers, they lend to not care if the attention is positive or negative.

  • For me, the test would be, would they say this to my face? If the answer is no, then you know it's because the have the relative anonymity of a computer giving them bravado.

  • How DARE Shallow compare herself to Cher!!!!!!

  • If someone dox me i would've hunted them down and they would've regret it

  • I do not respect people who make fun of others or harrass them online. No creator deserves to be harrassed. But Shallon going back 10 times harder and shaming this Redditor right back...that takes away the sympathy I have for Shallon. Shallon, you responded in the worst sought revenge. You fought fire with fire and got burned.

  • "Fuck the haters" is the lamest, most cop out excuse ever uttered

  • Love your style

  • Honestly if someone gonna bash every aspect of me publicly, they better hope I don’t find them, because I’m gonna do the same. I’m all for influencers being above it, but this person went above and beyond. Shallot is garbage but this has to be one of the least bad things she’s done.

  • That story had such hag energy.

  • Her behaviour is 10x worse than that of a “troll”

  • Narcissists always have to feel like their better than someone even if they have to push someone down to do it. It is quite simple what’s going on here. She is highly narcissistic. And she experienced what you call a narcissistic injury. And is going into the narcissistic rage.... allegedly.

  • the name sounded so familiar, then 10 seconds in i remember - the chick who made out with harry styles

  • I want your wig so bad!

  • She basically used "You're poor and I'm rich therefore I'm better than you" as a line of attack. That Shallon is one classy lady.

  • Shallan being a shitty person, what?!?!?!? Say it ain’t sooooooooo

  • You told us not to go on Reddit so I had to go on Reddit and I saw the Shallogaters talking shit🤣🤣they call us(your viewers(us)) stupid and one said they commented on this vid “but everyone jumped on me, and couldn’t stand anybody else with a different opinion” lmaoo

  • Yes. Look how “confident” she is 🙄😳 That is uncomfortable. There is something to be said about people that have to insist they are this, or that instead of just letting their actions speak for them.

  • Not a fleck of emotionally maturity to be found. No wonder she is so attracted to minors.

  • Im not diagnosing anyone. That said...that's some first class narcissistic behaviour from Shallon.

  • if she is mad, let her be mad. Its wierd to you because it never happened to you. People say tonnes of shit, in the end we are all human. We get angry, we get back at people. Just saying

    • Nah, mature PUBLIC figures shouldn't be acting like this. It's childish. By your same logic: if RTG is annoyed at this, let her be annoyed at this. 🙄

  • If anyone needs “self help” and needs to become a better person, it’s Shallon

  • Found channels like 'The Chapter'. Actual investigative, unbiased channels. Learn a thing or two

  • *Just call yourself a drama channel NOW n get it over with already!* What exactly is the point of this video??? Someone bullied her, stalker her, harrassed her-THIS WOMAN MADE A WHOLE ACCOUNT TO JUST TROLL shallon-and shallon fough back! As she should. Some jealous troll. Wow you content has deteriorated so much, can't believe i was ever subscribed.

  • I believe Shallon what’s her face lives for a pissing contest. Most of us know that when someone is bashing anyone it’s because they’re sad about their own life (ie- all conflict is internal) so for her to do this is excessive and lame

  • She's the older cool sister I never had... We love shallon ❤️❤️

  • isn't this the same woman who (falsely) accused D'angelo Wallace of doxxing her? and now she's.... doxxing... i'm tired

  • 😍😍 loving this wig on you. Looks great with your complexion

  • This is a classic example of someone punching /down/.

  • I watch her cause she’s entertaining but her comments about Selena Gomez are horrible

  • I feel we all have had our share of trolls... seems odd to be so worked up to seek out personal information and then outing them. Edit: Wait so she sought out to find people that hate her and then singled out one person? Shallon gets a lot of hate. Why this person?

  • Good for her. About time someone called these creeps out.

  • Mo’ Lester, mo’ problems...

  • You should be kind to everyone.

  • For a living, Shallon answers 13 year old girls love questions for money, makes cameos for 13 year old girls and makes ESmain videos for audience aged 12-14. She’s an absolute CLOWNNNNNNNNNN

  • Everytime she put “my hole” I got increasingly more uncomfortable

  • Thank you. Quickly removing my comment from her latest post. I do not need to be the target of a narcissistic woman with no self-esteem

  • Influencer is such a word that's infuriatingly misused nowadays.

  • She is doing entirely too much with that story. She was WAY too emotionally invested in that. She is that insecure that she had to actually stalk this person and get their CREDIT SCORE of all things? And brought up the persons family. Disgusting, childish behaviour. Does she respond like this to everyone who says something she doesn’t like? Does she not know what it means to be an influencer? If your skin is really actually that thin then you shouldn’t have a platform. Careful, shallon. Your insecurities are showing.

  • She seems bitter and selfish.

  • Are you sure that her harasser isn't an actor? Wouldn't be the first person to arrange to be the victim for clout. If it's not, then no matter how bad she is, or how much she's disliked, the stalking and harassing is not acceptable. Neither is the way she responded to it, with that kind of doxing.

  • She is so insecure trying to convince us she’s this perfect person while her hater isn’t 💀 girl get help

  • Shallon’s whole brand is about going to war when needed.. people were vicious & she fought back. Honestly good, maybe people will be less awful if they’re afraid of being exposed!

  • Things on youtube are REALLY starting to piss me the eff off (Playmate Tessi), your word suggested to me not to get so ticked off about sh*t poppers talking out of the side of their necks.

  • Wise words.

  • I think we need an official term for people who are the epitome of negativity and yet claim they’re the positive ones. Because “fake nice” means they were being nice to you and then talking about you. So maybe “fake positive” “fake energy” etc. I see it a lot on social media is all. People think positivity is like some shield you can use for your actions, or when confronted with negativity they again put out positive quotes or words but are releasing their own pent up energy in a negative way towards others

  • the clown music in the background ksejbgksejb

  • In the future everyone will be canceled for 15 minutes

  • Am I the only one who hears child molester when her name is said? ... just an observation

  • I love her :)

  • What the heck, I was randomly unsubscribed from you. I thought you just haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t seen videos from you and I only saw this re-upload because I was just watching D’Angelo Wallace’s video on Shallon Lester and this video popped up under it. Anyways, good to be back!

  • I had to unfollow after her pure negative response to Megan markles interview with Oprah. Nothing worse than a woman being brave and honest and then called attention seeking by shallon. It’s so hard to talk about being suicidal, especially when someone feels like they have to be perfect.

  • Just wanted to thank you for getting me through my night shifts \m/ xxx

  • Putting out a full name & images not otherwise known to all, made public willingly by the person themselves.... absolutely is doxing & a total violation of privacy. Shame on that Shallon person, OBVIOUSLY bothered... OBVIOUSLY worse than; negating ANY of the things that person said now, because of her fkery. Why that was allowed, not taken down & her not banned... again, the real question. Platforms need to STOP allowing these things... it only enables, encourages & rewards their bad (many times, ILLEGAL) behaviors. Enforce their own TOS, rules, guidelines, laws... Stay safe & be well.

  • "She's harassing me! So let me harass her!" Her logic 100% How stupid is she? Two wrongs don't make a right, at all. So her harassing this other person because she, allegedly, harassed her is unjustified.

  • How do get someone credit score unless you have their Social Security Number? I work for a major bank and who ever this person is can face jail time for those type of actions.

  • She has a necklace that she wears on every video that says “Revenge”... how shocking

  • Remember when Shallon made a video about that girl named yungsweetro and said awful things about her? This is no surprise. Here she goes again putting other women down

  • I love how Shallon says: “you choose hate”.... like she’s choosing that... and she weeeent hard... that’s so psychotic, just ignore her. And listen to Julia, DO NOT LOOK!!!

  • I could have sworn you said "Lets talk about child molesters" and not "ShALLOn Lester"

  • "My hole" being repeated so many times in her snaps is really cracking me up

  • 1. Those bangs are super cute on you!!! 2. Why won't Lester just go away already 🙄

  • Imagine calling your child SHALLON.....Why

  • This girl threatend shallons family and friends so I understand that she is pissed

    • @Dawn K My friend did NOT do what Shallow is saying. Those are lies she is pulling out of her ass.

    • Exactly. Shallon deals with haters on the daily the thing that made this one stand out to her was how she was coming her family. Anyone would snap.

    • Uh no she didn't. If she really did, then where are the receipts? Why didn't Shallow out this person, huh? Where is the, so called, "death threat" message? Where is the, so called, "harassment against her family" message? Oh, that's right. *THEY DON'T FUCKING EXIST!* Shallow just pulled all of those lies out of her ass. She's trying to make everyone against this person, which is in vain.

    • like I hate to defend her but she did not look for Posts about her this girl dedicated hours of her day commenting about everything shallon did and not just her but her friends underaged daughter

  • Shallon Lester needs help. Seriously.

  • she is so obsessed with anyone who criticizes her

  • Oh my gosh girl I love the wig, but also you pull off the bangs WAY better than her.

  • Shallon literally here fighting fire with fire

  • Giving accounts like this so much attention only encourages more trolls to seek that attention by harassing her further

  • Ugh my god the power trip she much have been having is actually sad

  • Anyone else not know who this ShallonXo character was before this video and every time you said ‘Sharon Lester’ I thought you said “Child Molester”... and then scarily I subsequently heard about her, at least, interest and sheer fascination with sexual attraction of underage guys and at most, seemingly predatory behavior targeting/grooming of barely legal BOYS. BTW as far as DoXing no matter how you twist it ,whether or not their addy & phone number are posted is irrelevant - maybe they just posted as much info that was available to them ATM (still doxxing). And I also wanted to points out that if somebody is an influencer, of even a modest amount of subscribers, and they are willing to do your dirty work/carry out your surreptitious bids, spamming alone can cause adequate harm. On a side note - how does one even go about obtaining somebody else’s credit score?! In any event, I came across your channel accidentally/inadvertently and I just got wanted to say you got yourself a new subscriber.

  • Gotta love basic rich bitches who think that emphasizing how rich and basic they are is some how a winning argument against any criticism. Why is this such an aesthetic? Why are people like this? Why do people want to be this?

  • Harry Styles looked at me and said “you’re gorgeous luv xx” then pushed me up against the wall and passionately made out with me too! So weird.

  • Nice to see this again

  • Off topic. You look so good with bangs.

  • Shallon makes me want to vomit.

  • Don't forget shallon is that cringey woman from the HowTo kissing videos 😂

  • That is disgusting. Stating your frustration or opinion on someone on a different website is completely different than harrassing someone. She deliberately searched for someonr to hate on....which made her the bigger hater 🙄

  • I’m so confused, like, maybe I’m dumb af, but did I not see Cher? What did she have to do with all of this? I’m so lost

  • The circus music.... Best ever!😂

  • No one harasses Shallon. She’s mad because there’s a subreddit of ex-fans who stopped watching her channel because she’s a manipulative liar. There are legitimate concerns there, and she’s a “public figure”. She just can’t take criticism, and that’s very sad for a 40 year old woman.

  • You should watch her video „THE TRUTH ABOUT HILARIA BALDWIN: How To Win Any Argument & Call Out Liars!“ and how she projects everything she does onto this woman. Not to mention that Shallon uses the same tactics that she accuses Hilaria Baldwin of, like lying about almost everything (e.g. accusing Dangelowallace of doxing her), inventing a „sex and the city“ persona (e.g. claiming she made out with Harry Styles) and then gaslighting everyone when she´s being called out on it. But at least her video demonstrates fantastically, how the minds of pathological liars work!

  • As someone who has been bullied all my life and was suicidal as a teenager and whos still fixing the damage at age 24 I have not much sympathy for trolls or bullies . They destroy lives and people die every year because of them . Do I think her doxxing attack was over the top ? Yes ! Do I think such people shouldnt be called out ? No ! Seriously bullying will never stop if people feel anonymous. Maybe its just my trauma talking . Nevertheless this was a bit too much especially because the person posting the stories had a big audience which is dangerous especially with so much personal info.

  • So much drama can be summed up with the phrase “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

  • Like I said in the last video about her, I can't believe people actually follow Shallon Lester. She's an idiot, for real.

  • Please cover her disgusting and racist coverage over Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah!

  • I may not like how you pronounce some words but damn, you seem really grounded. Love that you don't approve of petty retaliation.

  • I don’t think the point is that she wasn’t bothered. She WAS very bothered and rightly so. She exposed the person by using the irony of the troll’s comments back to her. Don’t mess with Shallon.

  • She said terrible things about Selena talking about she isn’t gonna be alive past 27 years old

    • Demi is more likely than Selena

  • Edit: she clearly is obsessive, not only with famous people, but people who ‘harass’ her I’m not saying, she wasn’t harassed but- really, showing your privilege life like we really care?

  • It would be one thing to clap back once, but spending HOURS berating this person is psychotic.

  • woooow she out here doing _the most_

  • Your video intro sounds like music that came straighr outta labrinth

  • I actually don’t blame her for doing this at all. Sometimes when you are harassed for so long, you want them to be harassed too.

  • When she captioned "My hole" and showed a picture of fire ...the internet agreed.

  • shallon is so disgusting

  • She bragged about liking younger guys the other day in one of her videos again and she talks about liking 22 year old guys

  • Much like Shallow Lester

  • Can you please talk about Lillee Jean and her false copyright striking her critics?