Romeo Lacoste is back...& doing "music"

Publicado el 5 abr 2021



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  • The fact that Rodeo Lacrosse still has a career after all the shit he pulled and people like Stephen Dorff consistently almost has a career says alot about our society.

  • And then there are those, who don't think he did anything wrong.

  • Wait... so his name ISN'T Romeo Lactose???

  • So romeo lacoste is the new R Kelly

  • I’m sorry but I can’t stop reading his name as lactose no matter how many times I see it I’m like oh 🍼

  • Before I watch this video, I want to say _EVERYBODY’S GOT A FREAKY SIDE_

  • I honestly thought he went to prison

  • I was curious about the song. Straight up garbage. Can’t carry a tune in a bag, lyrics are shit and that beat is sooo generic.

  • He blacklisted the link to j Aubreys video on him I’ve tried 7 times including posting just the link

  • Trust me I haven’t forgot.

  • great job on this topics ❤

  • Romeo is on Toc tok

  • As someone who came out about someone with a large Twitter account, I’m not surprised. He even admitted to stalking and making multiple fake accounts (including pretending to be a woman) to manipulate me and yet his account keeps growing. I went through so much coming forward including deleting my own fairly large Twitter account, it wasn’t worth it. This isn’t to discourage victims to come forward tho, just my experience. I’m happy seeing people with large platforms are seeing some consequences like David Dobrik losing sponsors. I came out a couple years ago so maybe it’s getting better

  • I used to be Romeo’s biggest fan.. traveled to LA and met him.. I literally Idolized him and felt honored to meet him. When all that sh1t came out about him I was DEVASTATED. And let me tell u seeing his name in your video title... I’ve never clicked so fast. I look up to you how I used to look up to him.

  • 5 minutes into the video I realise that it's lacoste and not lactose 😭

  • Dude this guy is a complete tool for 1, more importantly though he totally looks like a girl trying to look like a guy. His facial hair looks all weird and like sparse like it isn’t real. He reminds me of that show Chad that has a very beautiful actress playing a 16 year old boy

  • Can you please talk about Bassnectar?

  • I'm so late but this is literally the dude from tcap who tried to give the decoy his mixtape as a gift and then wrote a song called thought crime about his appearance on the show lmao

  • It's pretty damn disturbing that there's positive comments at all on this shit he's put out. I get that they're most likely heavily moderated, but the fact that there's actually a good bit of support mixed in with the negative, makes my skin crawl 🤢😩

  • He's just yet another entitled manbaby, isn't he? Little Life Tip - IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE.

  • I thought the title said romeo lactose ._.

  • one comment he liked was: "damn your last video was a year ago tbh I forgot about you welcome back" He liked it! Like.... he knew that he won, with this person! They forgot about him, meaning they forgot about his scandal, MEANING they're more open to support him with a blank slate like that, and that's exactly what he wanted.

  • Hi Giulia, this is unrelated to this video: I'm a new subscriber, and been bing-watching your work. I think, if you are not already aware of him, you would love Sheriff Grady Judd's press conferences. He is from Folrida, I just recently discovered him, since I'm not American. He is amazing, and represents how any police officers should conduct their buisness. Maybe he could reinstall a little bit of hope for humanity in you too. 😉😊 Also, I love what you do and how you do it. 😁


  • Next thing you know, Romeos gonna do a collaboration with Dahvie Vanity....maybe even Onion boy.

  • When someone asks you a yes or no question (“are you guilty?”) and you start to come up with some sort of shitty explanation you should’ve just said yes. If you can’t answer no straight away and feel the need to defend yourself you’re only making your guilt obvious.

  • 'some of it was true''NONE of it should be!!!

  • Never heard of him until i watched this video.

  • You describe Shane as creeping back in: what's your opinion of him? I'm sorry to ask if there's vid on it and I'll have a look. However, describing him as "creeping back in" is odd to someone who believes we shouldn't slap Shane in the face with today's standards, for things he did years ago. I'd like to have a conversation with the opposing side though.

  • I swear your hair be killing it

  • What’s the irony of a predator coming out with a song called white lies are children called white or lies

  • Crazy this sounds like james Charles

  • Keem looking so annoyed lmaoooo

  • Shane will come back now that James Charles was proven an actual nymph.

  • Where is our video today???????!! 😞

  • Can you please talk about Rhye/Milosh grooming alexa nickolas at 16? There is not enoigh out there about it.

  • Guys face at 3:40 😂😂😂

  • Why is there always someone with a fnaf profile picture????

  • Can you do a video on the white three year old girl beat to death by blm supporting/racist black foster mother Ariel Robinson

  • „so you are saying that it is all correct, just out of order” “You know, everyone has a sexual side, I’m a human being” Thank you for your amazing and saying answer

  • When you look worse than Keem on the platform he gives you something is wrong

  • I’ve been thinking about him every few months since this happened! Didn’t forget it’s been sticking w me

  • The drama alert interview should’ve gotten him arrested. He admitted to it. There’s so Much proof. The only good thing keem ever did w his channel

  • i actually knew of romeo way before any of this, he tattooed some of the faze guys and was in some vlogs, it was very weird when I saw the allegations and i was like wait... I know that name, and made the connection of the tattoos

  • I had to tell this app for tattoo artists that he was a predator and they legit didn’t bother even googling him before giving him a platform on their podcast/event, wasn’t until I and a few others brought it up. They took him off the panel. I don’t understand how this happens, maybe just out of sheer laziness but that’s how he keeps getting platforms to talk on. They don’t even bother doing a simple google search though.

  • Going to be completely honest here, I read this man’s last name as “Lactose”

  • he needs to be “doing time” instead

  • Yeah I left a comment and it's not there. When it was first posted, the comments were all like mine; Blatant, straight forward we haven't forgotten, we don't want this, we aren't giving you another chance type.

  • My dream best friend is you

  • hey bahurverse still grooming kids online though videogames getting them to join his group and discord.

  • if the heat gets to great come out as homosexual, if they isn't enough just say you're a woman.

  • I've gotten 3 febreze commercials. The internet is trying to cleanse my phone of RL 🤢 Fck that guy.

  • GIULIA Heyhey🌸 I really hope you notice my comment!! So I love how you use your channel to look at things and criticize them but in a respectful way and there's 2 topics I thaught you'd be able to cover perfectly 1. The movie 'christiane f' It's been around for a long while and although the actors, actual CHILDREN, are filmed naked in SEXUAL situations, no one has really talked about it... The whole movie is pretty controversial too, it would be super nice to hear your opinions on it!! 2. Shifting I've been seeing more and more posts on social media on this, most of them made by young teens. The way I understood it, they believe, they can 'shift' into fantasy worlds or parallel universes where their lives are better? I'm guessing it's like a coping skill to them, but it seems kinda unhealthy and almost culty? That's all☺️ In case you read this thank you so much!!

  • Does anyone else get more suspicious of Jeffree everytime hes caught being around predators? Dahvi, Shane, James Charles, etc.

    • Not to mention the shit that he has (allegedly 🙄) done himself. Throw them all in the trash. And then add the paul brothers, tana and dobrick(?)&Cronies in there too...


  • for some reason youtube unsubbed me?? i’ve been subbing you for a long time and then stopped seeing u

  • Hi Julia!!! Big fan

  • The man is garbage and so are his tattoos. I'm just going to assume his music is too.

  • If you go into the comments on his latest song you can just tell its all children

  • you know, this kinda reminds me of something else that's going on right now.... hmm m......

  • ESmain needs to STOP giving predators a platform!!

  • Ewwww hearing him defend himself what a douche

  • "Are you guilty?" "Uhhhh...." Always a good sign.

  • i actually have a question if anyone can answer i'll try and check my notifs (i usually dont lmao) but like forgive me bc i dont know how to word it for google so like im just wondering if conversations alone are illegal or does it have to have images that qualify as either cp or exposing to a minor? im just curious bc sometimes im wondering if law enforcement even Can get involved i think if not its a shame bc i hate how these people constantly get away with it but at the same time if law enforcement gets involved and it was only words and no images and no one met up irl then idk if that has consequences for free speech or what not? im NOT saying they should be allowed i just know its a bit of a thin veil and idk i just dont know how the law works i guess and i know it can change depending on location djfjdj idk now i think this doesnt even make sense here u see why i cant google bc idek what im trying to say ahfhsh

  • He really took us for dementia ridden goldfish

  • cringing at the lyrics in of itself. even if he was never grooming minors. Its just...yucky

  • How is he not in jail?

  • I totally forgot this guy existed

  • Ugh listening to that dude try to form a coherent thought is killing my last brain cell.

  • why aren’t these groomers in jail if there’s evidence of them doing it I don’t get it. it’s very disappointing and scary to live in a world like this.

  • I would’ve thought that I’d die before liking keemstar for ANYTHING... and yet here I am being thankful for his interview and showing how stupid Romeo looks

  • How are these people not on charges? I know the answer but we just can't say because they are white cis males, can we?

  • Hey Dahvie vanity is still out and walking so I don’t think things will ever change because people stop talking about him real quick

  • Get him!

  • the fact that they dont serve jailtime and be branded as a sex offender still baffles me , when all the proofs needed are totally outside for everyone to see

  • can someone tell me why they can’t stand keemstar real quick lol

  • Unrelated but I hear a lot of people saying 'eggspecially' instead of especially these days. BUT IT'S WRONG!

  • Like being preselected for a credit card 😂😂😂 dying

  • James and Shane should collaborate on a song fr. David For the memes

  • Why isn't he in court?😕

  • in my head i was thinking it sounded like he took responsibility and then he victim blamed... i hate it here

  • Every time he comes up I remember when i was like 16-17 and asked him to be my valentine cuz we had the same last name and he said yes.

  • I’m so sick of hearing about male ESmainrs who are taking advantage of minors. The worst part is, they openly admit to these crimes, and YT doesn’t do anything until it’s unavoidable. Like the whole Onision situation . It took Years of victims coming forward, numerous scandals, news coverage, and finally a TV documentary before they finally demonetized him. Do better YT.

  • Wow I was just thinking about this what a coincidence! How tf is he still not in prison...fucking creep🤢

  • The song lyrics aren't bad but the timing is poor. If it's written with minors in mind... disgusting but if it's written with adults in mind that's better but I kinda wish someone else who wasn't a creep wrote the song instead.

  • Romeo Lacoste or the James Charles of tattooing

  • I just check Romeo Lacrosse’s video and all the comments are positive... I’m suspecting that he’s deleting lot of the comments. Especially cuz he his likes to dislikes ratio off.

  • They all rely on the internet having the memory of a gold fish. They just wait out the controversy and then come back.

  • I'm living for Glares thumb down vote on Cellmate Sister video 😂😂😂😂

  • fun fact sad fact the majority of comments on his channel "music" are MINORS

  • Dang that Drama Alert interview is hella embarrassing 😂

  • um he also was drinking and driving with another youtuber on said youtubers birthday which resulted in his death

    • why does this not even surprise me? when keemstar looks like a legit interviewer who doesn't even believe the bullshit he's spewing that pretty much means everything's on the table.

  • You are ✨GLOWING✨ in this video GC I'm living for this look 😍

  • its always “the underage person came on to me, therefore i proceeded to pursue them” never “i didnt talk or respond to them because i have no idea how old or even who they are”

  • He and James Charles can start a band in jail

  • Best things we should with these people reporting them yess report them and there videos if we all do it trust it will work

  • He definitely is trying to "rebrand". Disgusting.

  • I think I got recommended one of his songs but thankfully I said I wasn't interested.

  • I called him a kiddy fiddler in the comment section of his new songs video and it got deleted so quick

  • KEEMSTAR: there are accusations against you, are you guilty of these things? ROMEO: *gives a long vague response* ME: dude, keemstar gave you a yes or no question, pick one.