Roman Atwood Vlogs went MIA & the reason is scary

Publicado el 1 feb 2021
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  • I think now's a great time to reiterate: You are never completely anonymous online. 98% of people can be found with little to no effort needed. Online safety tips (avoid being doxed etc): - Do not click any links, sometimes even links that appear safe and like they're the right links can be tampered with. - Don't download anything that isn't widely trusted; if you play games, do not download any hacks/exploits/cheat softwares even if they do work. - Do not connect to wifi networks that you or someone you know and trust does not own. Especially don't connect to public wifi networks. - Learn to limit your social media and how much you share, or don't have social media at all. People can find where you live and other things about you from your name and a general location alone (such as a state), sometimes even just with a photo of you. - If someone is instructing you to search for a very specific phrase using a search engine like Google, never do it. How to handle being doxed/threatened using your own information: - It's important to note that if you're doxed alone, most times authority figures don't really care unless there are threats made (such as swatting threats, bomb threats, death threats etc). - If someone is asking you if your name is X, or if your address is X, or if [insert photo] is a photo of you, always say no in a way that doesn't make it look suspect. Depending on what information they have about you, if they have little information on you like just a name, you might manage to throw them off. - If you are being threatened in any way and you genuinely believe that you are in any type of immediate danger, contact your local police department. Especially if someone threatens to swat you, etc. - Don't egg on or insult someone that's actively threatening or blackmailing you, or someone that has your dox, doing this might make the situation ten times worse. Tips for safer communication and use of internet: - Always use a fake name and do not give out any your location. As long as you provide no other details, age is okay, but if you're ever unsure, you can use phrases "kid", "teen", "young adult", "older adult" or age range. If you don't want to give your age out, that's also fine, but it's always best to never fake your age as this is common practice done by people with malicious intent such as pedophiles. - Never use your real name in any public nicknames/screen names/usernames. - Do not fill out online surveys for money using your real information; these companies take and re-sell your information. - Only send photos of yourself to people that you know personally and can 100% trust, people that you know in the real world and not someone you only know through the internet. - Do not send photos of yourself or any identifying photos (photos of your house) through applications like Discord that save all images that are seen. If you are conscious about not wanting photos of yourself saved by someone else, use something such as Snapchat that deletes the photo(s) after viewing and tells you if someone takes a screenshot, or don't send them your photo(s). - Don't save or send nudes. These are commonly used to blackmail you. - If you go to a sketchy site, are unsure about how secure and trusted the site is etc, use a VPN. The best VPNs are the paid-for ones as these provide higher security; free VPNs are hit and miss.. Even though it means paying for a subscription fee to a VPN service, your personal information is worth it. - Never save any credentials to your computer/browser, this goes triple fold for your banking information/Paypal/etc. - Before downloading anything, use a site like VirusTotal to scan the file for malware, if someone tells you "it's a false positive", understand that most of the times this is not the case and it's best to avoid any type of software or developer that claims that. For people that are more tech-oriented, you might find it ideal to look into using virtual machines or alternatively a software such as sandboxie. It's worth spending an extra few minutes each day ensuring that you're maintaining your privacy and safety online over suffering through the days of never ending stress that something like this will cause. Willing to answer any further questions people have about safety online. I have a fair amount of experience with this. Hope this helps someone, stay safe.

    • I wish I saw this a year ago when my ex blackmailed me and shish

    • also something i just learned: you can request to have your address removed from public record! if you google yourself and see your name listed on random websites: google the website name with "request to remove" and you'll find the process. i just did it after being horrified to find how easy it was to track me down lol

    • @Amanda GreenHair No! That's how they find you!

    • @Avakin Trash thanks for the advice

    • @cat I know you aren't addressing me, but I'lll share anyway. No, it giving out personal information isn't the only factor, but it still isn't a good idea. Whether there's a person who wants to dox you or not, it's best to keep your personal info personal. People don't need good motives to dox you, either. People over the internet could dox you for fun or even over something small (I've seen it happen before on Twitter multiple times).

  • This is so scary. They seem like good people, but when you have kids, I'm not sure how wise it is to document your life on-line. You're putting your kids in danger.

  • they stupid if they think the person attacking them cares that they have a kid ¬_¬

  • It’s beyond time to update our understanding of stalking. If it has never happened to you, you won’t understand how hunted you feel. Anyone interested in a telling of real stalking cases, check out the podcast Simply Stalking (not an ad! Just a podcast junkie!)

  • I dont understand the point of stalkers. What is their goal???

  • Where on earth is that wig from queen

  • dont take this the wrong way but you are exactly who i wanted to be in the eighth grade ily

  • i used to watch roman atwood when i was younger. his videos were always really positive and i could tell roman rly cares about his kids. it’s sad that him and his family had to go through this :(

  • Hate to say it but if you don't put yourself up for it it won't happen and I have kids so I know I wouldn't share their life with strangers because where does it end? And your children will not thank you for it you can't always trust people you know so .......

  • Do you not know that Roman Atwood was at one point problematic. He did pranks along jaystation level once

  • I just realized you are my comfort ESmainr

  • Noone owes any an explenation if they want to go off line. It's a curtsey not a obligation. Did you ever think that they wanted it this way and you in all your wisdom have screwed them over ? Shame on you.

  • 2:57 "if you sign up for-" *TINDER ADD*

  • You should do a video on sweet Anita she has a really scary stalker currently one time she was changed into a store by her stalker?

  • Giulia, I was reading about the ESmainr who's apartment was broken into. Someone said that they installed a piece of wood to prevent break-ins. Please know that a piece of wood in the track of your door WILL NOT prevent someone from getting into your apartment or home!!!!! In college I lived on the SIXTH FLOOR and a neighbor was stalking me. He actually crawled around the outside balcony onto mine! He lifted my sliding glass door OFF THE HINGES and came into my apartment! Which BTW, lifting the sliding glass door off it's hinges is VERY easy to do! My dad worked very closely with the police in our city and he was very good friends with several detectives. They came out and put the fear of God into the stalker. Then one of the detectives put a toe lock in my sliding glass door! You ABSOLUTELY must use a toe lock or a nail drilled through the frame of the door to prevent the door from being lifted off its frame! A piece of wood gives a false sense of security because it won't prevent someone from getting in! A toe lock for sliding glass doors is best installed at the top of the door but they can be installed at toe level too. If you don't want to install a toe lock, sometimes the police will come out and drill a hole in your door for you so that you can put a nail through the frame to prevent it from being lifted off the frame. Either way works fine. But if you drill a hole on your own, make sure not to break the vapor lock on your door, or you could ruin the glass or even break the glass! STAY SAFE PLEASE! Also, if you're moving into a new apartment or building a new home, ALWAYS make installation of a toe lock one of your conditions. Builders and building maintenance can very easily do this for you! Here's Information on toe locks:

  • I'm so sorry for their family! That's horrifying! What's wrong with people?! And I'm so sorry to you, if you're also dealing with this type of thing! I can't imagine the level of anxiety that would cause!

  • My worst fear is seeing them on the news or an article...either one of them is hurt or’s absolutely disgusting human behavior. It’s beyond malicious. Their lives is literally a real life horror movie.

  • This thing has happened to me over the last 2 years. I've had death threats. I had an ex-marine / current Proud Boy sent to my home on three occasions to harm me. The police sent to my house three times for fake welfare checks. On the last welfare check, the Proud Boy was out in the parking lot of my condominiums filming as this group of idiots sent the police on the welfare check to my neighbors door while they were at work hoping that the police would kick down my neighbor's door and this proud boy could film it. They called my mother who is 76 years old and scared her to to the point where she fell and hurt her back and now has to walk with a cane. They called my sister and threatened her 9-year-old severely disabled son and 13-year-old daughter. They doxed my mother, my sister, my niece and nephew, me along with lots of death threats that continue to this day. The police in my town won't do anything. They stopped my mail claiming that I was deceased. I get threatening calls with people saying they're going to rape me all day long. I contacted the FBI after the proud boy showed up at my house for the third time and flatten two of my tires and basically nothing was done. They even got into my pharmacy records and put them online. I have literally hundreds of hours of live streams of these maniacs screaming and yelling craziness about me and no one did anything. ESmain actually suspended my account because they claimed that I was an imposter and ESmain made me send them a copy of my driver's license. This harassment has continued and I have gotten to the point where I have even considered suicide. I do not have a gun but I keep a bat, a knife, bear spray and pepper spray gel within reach at all times for 2 years now. If anyone knows anyway to stop this or help, I would really appreciate any advice. The police had to stay at my house for 4 days while the FBI looked for the primary stalker who had a flight to come to the city where I live and to threatened to murder me. The police and FBI basically told me that this group has to actually hurt me in order for them to do anything. I have considered getting a lawyer, a private investigator or some sort of Internet investigator to help me but I don't even know where to begin to look. This has been so awful I cannot even express how terrible it's been and the toll that it is taking on my health and my family. Any advice would be welcome.

  • Could it be possible to get their phones put under an alias?

  • My uncle threatened to poison our dogs, chop up my mom with a machete and drive by with guns and we couldn’t even get a restraining order. Even with the texts printed out. He abused my grandma and probably killed her, he donated her body to science so no one would know and he’s off scot free.

  • Who has time to stalk anyone? Jesus. Poor family.

  • I've been stalked by an ex and I can tell you right now that the feeling of safety will never fully return

  • I've never been a fan of roman atwood; the only thing I've ever heard about him was he did toxic fake pranks and pretended to blow up his kid as a prank on his wife. But this is vile. No one deserves this and I can't even believe what he must be feeling or going through. Poor man, I hope he and his family are safe and well now

  • I’ve been stalked before and it ruins your ability to feel safe in your own home. This is absolutely terrible. I hope all is as well as it can be in the family. They do not deserve this.

  • "I'm about to sound like a boomer" Really? Because this boomer has never been hacked. I know how to set my stuff up and stay safe online.

  • Someone needs to change the password on their modem.

  • I love the way your hair is colored. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • Hang his family up on crosses??? That is one of the sickest things I have ever heard, and I’m a true crime fan.

  • Stalking is terrorism...

  • Honestly I would’ve sh*t and hurt those stalkers, this isn’t okay, once you mess with family, it’s over. And you’re on my property so you’re definitely getting hurt.

  • Damn scary 😟 they don’t deserve that

  • i love this hair Julia! Where did you get it from please?Xx

  • That is beyond disturbing

  • Blah 1,000😈

  • 80's eyeshadow today ~

  • That's so horrifying... I wouldn't wish that on anyone

  • Like can you believe the ACE family they think everything is a joke they wrote ‘stalk us’ in there video discription, discusting!

  • I've recieved a unsolicited package from someone on fb. I didn't give them my address. I've since blocked them and I'm still getting e mail. Yes I'm freaking out this person confided something in me that made me scared of them. Fortunately there's not been a threat made but I feel threatened. This man doesn't really know me and he's got my address and is e mailing me sweet things like were in a relationship were not I'm married for close to 30yrs. Be super careful what information you put out there. I wished I had used a false name

  • Law enforcement won't do shit in these situations. I almost kind of wonder if he could put a call out on reddit or something for help? There's a lot of smart people in this world, I wonder if one could track down the stalker and make his life hell.

  • No one ever mentions the fan arts, they're all so beautiful. 🥰

  • Side note... this hair 😍😍😍😍

  • where is this wig from! its stunning

  • As someone who had a stalker years ago, I can understand the fear that this family is feeling. My stalker was a neighbour, and, luckily, the police took me seriously. They built a strong case against him, which resulted in him being charged, convicted, and sent to prison. He did mention that the FBI were at a funeral due to bomb threats. Hopefully law enforcement are actively working on tracking down and identifying the stalkers. The family are in such a dangerous situation...I pray that the stalkers are caught before any actual physical harm comes to the family.

  • This is literally irrelevant to the video, but where do you get your wigs from??

  • This is honestly one of the scariest things that could happen to someone. They have children, and someone is evil enough to do that to their family.

  • Oh my god

  • Glad to know they're okay but it definitely is scary and they seem like a genuinely good family.

  • Everyone putting themselves out there is so brave. There are so many scary people out there. Take care of yourself.

  • The stalkers, especially considering who they're targeting, just sound like extreme anti-natalists

  • Roman Atwood became a family channel? That’s news to me 😅

  • I wondered what happened! We loved watching him.

  • I don't feel that sorry for him. His old "pranking" videos were disgusting to me.

    • They were, but his wife and kids didn’t do anything.

  • thanks to the parasocial dynamic created by social media, you can't even be semi-famous online without having to fear for your life. we've got to figure out a way to do this differently, because it's not even a question of "if" but "when" someone will try to make you feel unsafe (whether it's a stalker or just a troll) when we're talking about a fanbase any bigger than 1000 people. who wants to be famous when daily threats and stalking are just a part of the deal now? really grateful I was an anime voice actress right before Facebook blew up. kind of glad I'm obscure now!

  • I made the documentary Overpriced, people have sabotaged so much in my life I'm 34 still single can't find a gf everything seems rigged, it's like YOU WONDER WHY SOMEONE WHO MADE THE DOCUMENTARY OVERPRICED BARELY HAS ANY SUPPORT? I even called the police on my landlord for his harassment and attempt at a wrongful eviction, im still fighting it still in the same apt new eviction n12. None of the media talk about my music because a crooked agenda don't want anything I create to get recognition, documentaries, music, Ceawe could compete with Google like WTF Criminals are trying to suppress our democracy, Communist China is involved in a lot of criminal activity and many ESmainrs spread Chinas propaganda it's truly sickening how people didn't mind violent ANTIFA RIOTS IN 2020 BUT BLAME TRUMP for a Capitol Riot that was pre-planned (which proves Trump did not incite the Riot at the rally on that day exercising his freedom of speech) Its a fact over 10m ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS LIVE IN THE USA AND MANY OF THEM VOTED IN THE 2020 ELECTIONS but this isnt discussed, in the way Roman was threatened our ENTIRE DEMOCRACY AND POINT OF HAVING EVERY LEGAL (NOT ILLEGAL) VOTE COUNT I've had death threats online for decades followed by several attempts in 2015-2017 to run me over, someone stabbed a buddy on my pool team the other year and same day someone tried to fight me threatened me I called cops and walked away as he threatened me. never called the police for most my incidents because cannabis was illegal and I was making a documentary before 2016 so it could be completely legal I exposed the agenda Trudeau had to legalize limited business which benefits criminals. I've been on ESmain since 2007.

  • It’s one of them. It’s him or his wife

    • what?

  • It's someone they know🤷🏾

  • This dude was one of the kings of ESmain back in 2013-2015

  • These stalkers need to be arrested jesus christ A restraining order wont do shit, so there needs to be an extra step, they need to be arrested-- This poor family--

  • That is absolutely terrifying for the family. I can't even begin to imagine. No one deserves that. I hope they are able to free safe again some day soon 💓

  • Why would anyone be this vile towards a normal family? How could these people feel any justification in terrifying a family with multiple children, including a new baby? This makes me feel extremely worried for them and other truly wholesome ESmainrs

  • I think people who engage in this kind of behaviour just start to feel important. Like if you look up to a creator and you think or them as this kind of mortal god that shows you what life should be like and you find a way to have the power to change that and cause visible cracks in that perfect facade then it becomes this addictive sense of importance. Which is fucked up and for suuuuuuure self esteem mixed with severe mental illness.

  • Those people are actual low lifes ,like you don't have anything in your life?

  • omg i can kind of relate my ex is an internet stalker and he is creepy as hell!! he also has severe mental problems. some people should be barred from using the internet!!!

  • i like your hair

  • Sounds like someone you said no to lending money to, got really. really mad.

  • I LOVE this wig! Any possibility of posting where to buy? It's beautiful on you!

  • My dad was stalked in the early 90's by an ex-girlfriend. Somehow she found him and would follow him and leave notes on his windshield threatening him to leave his wife because "they belonged together." I grew up hearing that story so I've always been hyper vigilant, and I absolutely hate the internet for this reason. It makes tormenting people SO easy.

  • this is honestly the only channel that i watch that i "like" the video before i even start it because a bitch knows this is going to be _quality_ every single time.

  • Wow, I loathe these stalkers, thank you for the great video.

  • I don’t like family channels, I feel like it’s using the people close to you to gain popularity and money, like how most family channels do. But this is ridiculous. Putting someone’s family and their children you KNOW they have, is straight up evil.

  • Sounds like sophisticated higher ups from some organized control and power source.

  • Do you have asthma?

  • I’m LIVING for that wig.

  • okay, wow. some background: as someone who works as an insurance underwriter at a brokerage, we are LEGALLY not allowed to give information out to someone who is NOT AUTHORIZED. to be Authorized on someone's insurance, you need to be added by the policy holder. even if husband or wife sets up the policy and adds wife or husband or children as another driver, they still need to get consent from the policy holder to discuss the details of the policy, and make any changes (unless they are included on the policy as a co-policy holder). They need to call in and give a VERBAL confirmation, and give personal details (Full name as found on policy, date of birth, address, type of vehicle driven, and phone number). even if they did have all of that information, the broker should have just said "okay! cool! now... when can i speak to the policy holder?" so either they called in and pretended to be this family, giving the normal consents to confirm identity, or whatever insurance company they are with, dropped the ball BIG TIME.

  • I can’t be the only person who thought you were talking about Rowan Atkinson at first lol I was like yeah Mr Bean? Lol

  • Yeah this is sad, but I don’t like that on Logan pauls podcast Logan said it should happen to ‘scum of the earth’ you tubers like keemstar or H3 WHO BOTH HAVE KIDS so gross

  • Oop- I used to watch this guy when I was like 11 and he was a prank channel

  • What are these cute skeleton tees and jumpers you are wearing?

  • what exactly is swatting?

  • he exploits his child’s life’s for money, he deserves it if you ask me

  • I got goosebumps with Roman's video, cannot imagine going through something like that. I suffer from different anxiety disorders and this would have fucked me up entirely. BTW off topic, what eyeshadow are you wearing? It's gorgeus

  • Truly so terrifying and disturbing that someone did that, makes it worse that they have children too must have been so scary for them.

  • She looks sooo pretty here

  • I want to go back to the times when gang stalking was a symptom of Paranoia, not some sickheats messing with your entire existence just for fun

  • the threats made me sick.. these are _children_ and their parents we're talking about...

  • This is so scary I'm almost in tears so horrible to do this to anyone especially someone with young children or babies

  • Those people are sick in the head and should seek psychiatric help. How do you find the time and energy to even go through all of that????? And even if it’s “easy” for these ppl to do that - WHY? I just don’t get how their psychotic mind works. It’s truly hard to understand

  • Makes you question why anyone puts their kids on the internet

  • Not to sound unsympathetic, this is what it's like to be indigenous in the US. Imagine your whole comunity going through this and when you fight back, people go missing. This is our lives.

  • So many cuts.

  • This wig is THE BEST

  • I've been a community organizer for 30 years, and harrassment is just part of the business. I've had my utilities turned off, my social media hijacked, threatening phone calls, anonymous tips to police about me being a drug dealer or a paedophile, and once even threatening posters with my photo on them put up all over the city. The difference is that in my case, the people doing the harrassing were mostly police themselves, so complaining does nothing. The whole reason they're going after you is to cause you annoyance and dread, so the only way to deal with it is just to shrug and accept it as part of the cost of doing what you do.

  • I hate how people treat celebrities, internet or otherwise, like they aren't human.

  • I love this wig. It's amazing!

  • ❤️love you

  • Can someone please possibly fill a middle-ager in on the story? I'm a ESmain addict, but not quite sure ext who Mr Atwood is. He seems like a decent enough man with a lovely young family; what do his vlogs involve that have enraged so many people to act like this?? How terrifying!

  • *I lived in the tiny microscopic town he’s from (Millersport, Ohio) for a few years and the energy around him was always hyped up, but at the same time, unspoken. There were Smile More stickers all over the local Pizza Cottage, people would take pictures of his yellow car when it drove through town, or take pictures with him at the local gas station, but other than that NOT ONE WORD was said about him otherwise. Very seemingly polite guy tho lol*

  • They needed a quick way to get relevant again.

    • @Ditzy Flower ???

    • @Jack I like your squiggles

    • ???

  • Why is she smiling while he’s talking about this? I’m not them and I’m like 🙀

  • This is why I try my hardest not to argue with trumpies. Not saying Roman’s stalker is, but they’re unhinged.