Remains were found on Chad Daybell's property

Publicado el 12 jun 2020
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  • The fact that these two worthless excuses for human beings got away with murdering two children for so long just infuriates me. I hope Tylee and JJ rest in peace knowing that justice will be served.

  • This is months later but where the hell are the murder/conspiracy to commit murder charges? The most they can get right now, with current charges, are something like 10yrs. Are these 2 physco's going to get away with all these deaths and only be charged with abandonment, concealing/destoying evidence, & some other minor charges. I know they are being careful but this is too much. There is no way, under any circumstances, they shouldn't be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. At the very least. They already have enough evidence to prove that. What are they waiting for? This case frustrates me so much.

  • I have just been watching these video's back to back, because for some reason I missed out on this story. I was so hoping that they were alive somewhere. I knew it didn't make sense, but you know. I'm so sad that these events ave happened and these horrible monsters still walk the planet.

  • This is so sad. We all knew it would come to this, but it hurts anyway.

  • I just watched the first video and just saw the title of this and nearly fucking choked. This is so fucking sad, children deserve nothing but a nurturing and welcoming home/environment. The ability to have children isn't something everyone has and this is how her beautiful childrens lives ended. They didn't even get to experience the wonders of life. Like actually, fuck these people.

  • It was obvious from the beginning they were murdered. One of my biggest questions in this whole case was, if they suspected them of killing the kids, why did they gave them an ultimatum? After several dead people linked to them and 2 missing kids.....why? That’s the first time I’ve heard of the law giving an ultimatum in a case like that.

  • the insult added to injury of the vacationing just makes me so mad, whatsthe point of covering tracks when that decision is so blatantly suspicious

  • How these people become parents, baffles me beyond comprehension... How can people kill their own children?? How?? More importantly, WHY??

  • Girl! Your look in this video! 🔥🔥🔥

  • *day four of asking Glare to make a petition to end 2020* pls?

  • I am from the future in July 2020, 133,000 people so far in the United States have passed away due to Covid-19. That was scary to be reminded of how terrible the US is doing at the moment during the pandemic 😨

  • That's so heartbreaking, especially for the other family members that actually loved those kids. I had really hoped they'd be found alive and safe, but I knew that was unlikely.

  • When they want missing it was cold and the ground was frozen.

  • What an absolute monster

  • You are always so beautiful and articulate.

  • I think Covid had a part in the slow action.

  • I was really holding out hope that at least one of the kids was alive, but I knew that they were dead when I first heard of the case. I hope they Rest In Peace and those two monsters need to suffer the same way they did to the kids.

  • I just found out yesterday that they were found I knew bodies have been found but I didn't know they confirmed it to be the children and it literally hurt my heart. I don't understand people who do this if you don't want your children give them up or don't ask them it's that simple.

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  • You might wanna look into how corrupt is.....

  • They deserved better. Hope they Rest In Peace 😞

  • Okay but the blonde ... I am gay

  • We need a full playlist for all the vallow vids :(

  • For fucks sake... I was really, genuinely hopeful that these kids would magically appear alive and well. This is SO sad and fucked up. Those poor children.

  • Glare. Plz listen I'll explain. Bodies are small and land is big. Imagine trying to find a body on an acre of woodlands underground. Plus if they've done it before they know how to do it. So yeah GG to the police. For doing their jobs I guess...

  • Please , you dont have to dress this way talking about subjects like this, you have great content , very smart young woman, it just does not fit you, with all respect, we love your channel, no need to show cleavage, am i prude ? I seriously love your channel but please , do not play the other utubers games, makeup and all that superficial crap, good job on your content

    • She can wear what she wants because it's HER body

  • Others thing that I found out watching crime watch daily is a podcast. about this is that her the doomsday mom husband also died under mysterious circumstances after he told the police that she was trying to kill him and they just released a video footage of that happening

  • The reason why they couldn’t find the bodies is when they They buried him in September didn’t report the missing into December and then December they were the cops were finally allowed to search the property but by that point there was snow and it was hard to dig in the ground they finally got another weren’t when the weather was warmer and it was easier to dig

  • They said it took so long because the ground was frozen😩

  • They couldn’t dig on the land bc the ground has been frozen.

  • Egregious condition!? What did Chad do to Tylee?

  • Love your videos! Just wanted to respond I think it took a long time for them to get the bodies out was because of a few reasons #1 the snow was thick #2 the ground was frozen #3 maybe someone told them where to look. The video clearly shows them in very specific spots in the yard. THEY KNEW WHERE TO DIG...😁

  • Sadly, child protection is not handled very well in Idaho. My family has known families where food was locked in cupboards. CPS/Cops were called, and there was no proof of "imminent danger". They ended up fine, but maybe JJ and Tylee could've been fine, too, if our systems worked better here. :(

  • So...they exhumed the previous wife and reopened her case before even searching for these kids bodies?!?

  • I hope they get life in jail. Those people don't deserve freedom.

  • I heard about this on the radio when I was driving with my grandma

  • I won't be surprised if Lori Vallow's lawyer has her plead insanity and they blame Chad for brainwashing Lori or being some kind of abusive man just to reduce Lori's sentence. But I think they are both guilty and although we all suspected where these children were it is still so sad for it to be the truth. I hope they rest in peace and I hope that those involved are served heavy justice. If they didn't want the responsibility of having their kids and wanted a new life of new romance they could have handed custody over to family members. Lori didn't even look to be in any kind of mourning when the media followed them around Hawaii or wherever their honeymoon was, but I guess on the other hand, I shouldn't judge someone's mourning when everyone mourns in different ways, but I still think they're both guilty and I bet there will be a book or docu-series made on this for coin.

  • I heard on the news a few days ago that by the time they got a warrant for the man's property that it was frozen. That may be why they didn't find the kids until now?

  • Hey girl, I'm somewhat new to your content and don't know if you take requests. I love your style. Could you look into Tamla Horsford? Seriously messed up.

    • That's definitely a good call and would be really interesting if she covered it

  • Pinecones

  • I think both Lori & Chad are going to kill themselves before they tell anyone what really happened!! And I cannot imagine how her other son feels, with his dad and two siblings so unfairly taken from this Earth

  • Always Ready to Glare.

  • I’d imagine her loudest defenders will slink off now.

  • Not only are they surrounded by death, but her other ex husband is dead too which .... she tried to haver her brother kill him, and her nephew was shot at as well (by her brother) in an attempt to kill him. I wonder who else is dead from this murder cult or if it’s just this family.

  • This has broken our whole community, I lived about 15 min away from Rexburg until this last week. The best way to get updates is on So many people are mourning the loss of these sweet children. 😢❤️

  • We all knew it, but we were all hoping for the best. :( Rest in Peace.

  • You should talk about pizzagate

  • Aaaaaand this is why I believe in the death penalty in cases like this.

  • Somewhere in my heart I was really hoping they might still be alive, but my brain was telling me they were clearly dead. My brain was unfortunately right, and I learned that this monster murdered her own children. She's disgusting, and so is everyone else who is defending her.

  • My dear God.... This is sickening...makes my heart hurt... I can't wrap my brain around anything happening to my children... I'd walk through hell barefoot for my children... I don't understand how any parent could do something to their children... Makes me want to vomit...this is so damn terrible

  • Why did the last video get removed?

    • probably because she was defending her and everyone knows how shady she is. i loved this channel but now... take things with a pinch of salt

  • I was randomly unsubbed? Don’t know if anyone else had this prob. Can’t wait to meet Lucifer when the rapture happens next month 😈

  • Hi! Did you delete your Madison Beer video or did it get taken down? I didn't finish watching. But can you cover how she called Lolita her favorite book? That deserves some discussion.

  • Got a migraine but still trying to watch this video LOL

  • wheres that madison beer vid??

    • she unlisted it

  • These are dark

  • You REALLY need to watch that interview if u haven’t. I’m SHOCKED that NO ONE AND I DO MEAN NO ONE has done a video on that interview. It’s truly disturbing.

  • Rewatching that interview w her buddy that Idaho news did made sooooo much sense knowing this. Everyone around them that died was thought to be a “zombie”. Those two had some serious deep seeded problems and her friend is COMPLICIT in it bc she chose to do NOTHING w that information until well after the fact. I keep the imagine in my mind that Tylee died being JJ’s protector 😔. Fly high sweet angels. We know you’re with God now.

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  • I've been researching this case and when this video came up, my heart sank.

  • God damn it this was not what i was hoping for in these kids’ case. Im shattered. How could anyone do this to children that they grew in their own womb and then BE OKAY after? How could you kill your own whole grown children and then take a trip to hawaii. I hate these people. I hate them.

  • I was really hoping that these kids were alive and just being held by some cult. I’ll never understand... and WHY haven’t they been charged with murder yet?!

  • I'm glad they finally can say they absolutely killed their children, but even when the first story came out about their missing children it was *obvious* what happened. The fact their family was defending them was the worst part.

  • July 2020 you saying? Well I guess we soon find out... Also I wonder what will Christ on his second coming think of all the "murders" ...

  • I first saw this on ABC but I was like Ready to Glare about to deliver soon with another update!!

  • You would be surprised how long it takes to look at a property for remains of a missing person. I know a case were a two-year-old boy went missing on Thanksgiving day. It took a whole year to find his remains in his father's back yard.

  • this one really gets to me. rip tylee and jj 🙏🏼

  • Me, an Idahoan, along with other people who live in Idaho, pointing towards a volcano: the door is that, never come back, let the door hit you on the way out

  • I believe she had a sister that died of mysterious death. That would make six deaths very close to her world. 🤔

    • That's actually a very interesting thought.....hope they open up any and all mysterious deaths surrounding them

  • Not an attempt to rationalize, but could we consider that she thought she may have been saving the children from the "apocalypse"?

  • Chad and Laurie didn't kill any of his children. The local police had to force his children to leave the house. His first wife was murdered in the master bedroom. Two bodies were buried in the backyard. Chad will save his hide and accuse his own children of all murders. Far fetched but so is the truth. They are both cowards.

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  • One reason they couldnt be found sooner id guess is it was winter when they first started being suspicious to the police, and the ground was covered with snow and frozen. Still seems a bit long to start searching in june, but i live in a place that it never snows so im unsure.

    • I don't think this winter was that bad. I could be wrong but I live in Wyoming and the ground froze maybe 3 times this year when it is typically frozen from the first snow till may

  • I couldn’t imagine killing someone just in my own self defense. Only way would be if someone else’s life was in danger, I’d defend. Let alone willingly killing family ):

  • Were did you geht that wig? 😍

  • RIP JJ AND Tylee

  • Really off topic. But your voice is so soothing. You make the most terrible things sound a little less appalling

  • This we all knew, even while holding to the slimmest of hope. Now what I want to know is how the fuckity fuck it all came to this, in details.

  • i always hoped that maybe tylee and jj ran away and managed to hide from these people... i dont condone the death penalty but crimes like this make me really reevaluate it

  • I am sad.

  • I knew it. I freaking knew it. I saw the thumbnail and title days ago, I couldn't watch it back then (cuz it was too grim and it was about children) but BAM! Oh well... Truth is unveiled.

  • Now a neighbour came forward and talked about bonfires on the property, in the fall, and more again in the spring.... Apparently this was "off" for Daybell. Now his daughter is seen moving into the house of her father, from her own house, right across the street? Very wierd.

  • Girllll I have a whole lot of thoughts about my assessment of them. Lol

  • Lol no they did not describe their beliefs as D&D 😂🤣🤣

  • Watching all the ads boo 😉🥰

  • Damn that’s so crazy how quick the ex wife was buried just wow

  • Also, I’m in Idaho and it trips me out we have all of this happening here. I’ve been following their story on different crime watch shows. I’m just so glad they found their bodies and so now we know they are going to jail

  • You’re eye makeup was so cute 🤩

  • damn i've been dreading this follow up.. poor babies. just heartbreaking!!

  • And the mother wasn't charged WHY?

  • Hey I just came from pastel belles page and there is a girl named kaleigh schmidt who is missing. Has been since Thursday and no one can get the police to do a welfare check on her. She has an abusive stepmother and dad. The grandpa apparently has some sort of ties to the police which makes this whole thing even sketchier. This is in Mississippi by the way. Please look into this. I'm even worried.

  • After reading about the case I highly suspected that the children had been murdered, especially the whole claim that they were "zombies" or whatever the hell they said, but this news is still so crushing. At least they're in a better place now, I hope justice is swiftly struck down on Lori and Chad. They're such disgusting and evil excuses for human beings, if there's a hell I hope they rot in it for eternity.

  • I’m sad and angry

  • Why the fuck do they have bail?

  • Yes exactly..i was thinking the same thing, how did it take so many months to check his property

  • For whatever it is worth, ive been around since you had like 5,000 subs probably less....

  • They said they were buried very deep which could be a reason they missed it the first time

  • If the parents were black then they would've actually gotten in trouble

  • I'm really bothered by the fact that it took this long to search his property...

  • Off topic but I LOVE your look today 💗