Really cool AF bestie comments LOL

Publicado el 15 feb 2021
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  • I like to look up shitty pick up lines to send to my best friend when they post, I started it a long time ago and now when either of us post we send a dumb pick up line😂

  • It was made for aliens with human friends

  • This video is amazing! xoxo can't wait for the next one [insert string of random emojis]

  • My Psychiatrist always reminds me that vitamin D is important for mental health. So vitamins can make a difference, guys.

  • Does anyone remember writing 'own' under your friends' myspace pictures? Maybe it was a local thing? Anyway, that's what these comments feel like


  • Dude you look amazing with that hair

  • Seeing you smile makes me so happy and also YOUR CHEEKBONES ARE SO HIGH WTF

  • so if I comment these on someone's instagram they're legally obligated to be my bestie... right?

  • I saw this video title in my notifications and almost cried

  • bestie vibes only bestie vibes only

  • It’s how beautiful you look for me

  • Best hair color for you so far imo

  • That was really funny

  • I love the pink wig on you

  • No surprise that “young people” need lessons in socialization. It’s actually the antithesis of ironic.

  • Giulia, I truly give 0 fucks about how you look-although I find your mind incredibly beautiful. HOWEVER, I have to say, short hair is IT on you...and the pink is super flattering. Just, WOW. 🔥🔥🔥

  • I swear to God there's a ringing in the background am I the only one hearing it?

  • Lmao

  • you’re genuinely so gorgeous holy

  • i need more laid back and casual videos like this from you!! please consider doing occaisionally, its so great to see you smile unironically hahaha

  • The one that you said sounded like someone who was ghosted actually sounds to me like something that would com from a spambot. Like those scam posters who try to pretend to be your friend .

  • Have you heard about the man who molested kids (his school students) and got out of jail because he was too “fat”

  • Over a third of all comments online are generated by AI.

  • Frick I should have watched the Trisha video when I had the chance....

  • I love this wig and wish I had it! I would also love one just like this that is half lilac (depending on how light or dark it is in real life)

  • The pronunciation of NASA

  • Hey I would like to see a video/update on Austin Jones. I want to know if he’s rotting in prison as well as Romeo Lacoste!!!

  • You look like a real life anime character! So pretty :)

  • i watched this video the day it dropped and died laughing then went on facebook today to see that THERE ARE LITERAL CURATED COMMENTS FOR POSTS! THIS IS ALREADY A THING! i wish i could share a screenshot (don’t have any social media besides trying) because it had emojis in it and everything i am amazed

    • it was a post about a girl winning 1st place at a dance competitions and my options were “Congratulations 💕” “❤️❤️❤️❤️” or my personal favorite “Absolutely amazing”

  • i literally gasped when i saw ur wig it looks so good!!!!!! not that it really matters but this is def my fav on u the cut & color are *chefs kiss*

  • OMG love the wiiiggg

  • Why did u take down the new video? Were you attacked by stans?

  • Idk if you will see this but I found this article about a guy that has a my little pony fetish can you touch up on this, he was charged with child p#rn. I'm glad he was (I don't have Twitter or Instagram) have a nice day:)

  • Does anyone know where the music for the intro comes from??

  • Hey, why did you delete your video from today?

  • all my comments on my best friend's pics are marriage proposals or extremely specific threats so-

  • Why did your last video get deleted?

  • Just start posting these to random people who you don't know and soon we can have r/LetsNeverMeet

  • Oh god. I hate making a top eight on MySpace. And I used to feel like crap if I was placed lower than two or something stupid.

  • the only thing i’d change about your channel is to actually put what you’re taking about in the title of the more serious ones

  • Does anyone know what her (ready to glare’s) latest video was? The Jeffree and Trisha one? I was going to watch it but it got removed,

    • @namnetupptaget oh okay thanks for clearing this up!

    • The video wasn't well researched and she got a lot of things wrong, she probably took it down because people corrected her in the comment section. She'll probably post a new video about the issue.

    • @Salvatore it was just about trisha ranting, "outing people", and stuff. I probably didn't explain that good 😅

    • yooo was legit just wondering this, i saw the post but hadn't watched it yet. damn now im curious

    • it got deleted as soon as i finished watching it

  • Imagine being so uncreative that you need advice on how to praise your best friend. Also i lurve your Wig!🔥

  • My Mom Said She Doesn't Like Your Hair Look. I'm Sorry. But I Think It Looks Okay. Just Okay.

  • Dude! the wig, the hairlength and the bangs. So pretty!!

  • Ugh the comments I hate the most are ones with “girlie pop” in it

  • Stephanie from lazy town????

  • What's the beeping in the background?

  • Lmfaooo I’m laughing so hard at them being ghosted

  • the beeping/rattling in the background tho

  • Candy Hearts; internet BFF version

  • Scrolling through ESmain at 5am and have to rub my eyes multiple times because of how much I didn’t believe this was one of Giulias titles 😂😂😂

  • If you use any of these lines, then you had better hope that your best friend doesn't know about this list. Nothing says I don't really care more than using a cookie cutter comment to reply to someone. It's insulting.

  • _"Hey girl, slay queen, hundo p, wig poppin, living for this, lets hang bestie xoxo !"_ *[ this comment has been automaticaly generated ]*

    • Oh my god, i had forgotten about hundo p. 😂😂😂😂 what s classic

  • Please make a video on the Tessi chick.

  • ....anyone else here that DOESN'T have a best friend either?

  • Super cute cut and makeup this video dude.

  • First, I just want to say how much I really enjoy your channel! You very eloquently and methodically deconstruct a plethora of problematic people on the Internet that while I wish they weren’t doing what they are doing, I’m glad you’re here to call them out. I can see why you’d think this would be odd for the average person who doesn’t need tools for mental or neurological health. I agree that people should put thought and consideration into their responses. It does feel like an increasing amount of disconnect, and that’s disconcerting. The only thing I’d say about these responses is that lists like these (when done well,) can be super helpful for Autistic folks like myself. Social “scripting” (prepared responses,) is a thing we have to do on a regular basis in order to “mask” well, aka, seem more neurotypical so that we aren’t off-putting to others. I’m a part of a handful of Autism support groups on Facebook, and topics of what to say in certain situations comes up a lot. We share lists with each other or strategies. It’s not that we are emotionless robots, but because our brains are on different frequencies, Autistic individuals and allistic individuals (non-Autistic) don’t communicate well. We’re the ones who have to do the heavy lifting because if we don’t, we are shunned from society. I can see even for people with social anxiety without Autism why lists like this would be helpful. You could know someone for your whole life, but differences in communication can make or break a relationship.

  • Giulia looking like an anime wifu 🥺

  • Im sending this vid to NASA, cause you're lookin like a star [insert star emoji]

  • is this sweater you’re wearing your merch? because it’s AMAZINGGGG😍

  • Bestie vibes only bestie vibes only

  • Bio tin is also really good to take for your hair and nails💇🏼‍♀️💅🏼

  • The wig looks really good on you!

  • wait hol up that nasa one is like almost 10 years old now omgg

  • Best wig so far.

  • The pink short hair👌❤️

  • Love the pink wig, and green nails. This look is gorgeous :)

  • Cute wig 😊

  • tbh i feel like these might help neurodivergent people? i literally can't ever think of sweet comments lmao

  • I miss your Veil Lifted and Concealed Case videos.

  • what really made me laugh here is that, as an autistic person, i probably sound like that to other people sometimes! lol

  • I like your wig but what happened to your hair through? :O 🙃

  • Same energy as “where’s my hug?”

  • Is that a wizard of barge sweater

  • this wig is lit. love love love

  • “OMG your wig is EVERYTHING, can we PLEEEEEASE have brunch & you teach me your wig game!?!?!” - how’s that one? 🤣🤣🤣 These are for your grandma who just got social media or ur 11 year old kid who’s just figuring out socials (ie. how to sound nice online)! 😂

  • I would comment all of these ironically under my best friend's posts...

  • If I wanted to hangout with my BFF why would I comment on a pic when I could just text them and ask? Many of these comments are more about trying to impress others with your fake wit vs. expressing an authentic feeling or thought.

    • Sounds like what middle schoolers do, to show that they are close

  • I love the wig 💜

  • My text message app is close to generating responses based on verbage. Whenever someone sends a text three "quick replys" pop up that I send the most to a message like that such as if someone sends a hey three replys I use the most in response to a hey pop up. It doesn't work for more complicated text messages sent to me yet but I feel like it's getting there what really weirds me out is when someone text me like bad news or they say they're not feeling great or something like that and three responses to that pop up. It just would feel so inauthentic and not genuine if I were to click on one of the quick responses for bad news even if I was going to type out one of those responses to begin with.

  • Hey I dont know if this is old news but I've been binging your vids on onision and I just got an ad for the streaming service called discovery plus and I guess they are making a documentary about him, idk just thought that was a bit weird.

  • It's rare to see julia have this slight level of enthusiasm ❤️

  • My friends may hype my picks, but my best friend dms me after she comments and goes absolutely apeshit with the compliments. I love her and I’m glad she keeps it personal most of the time, it just feels performative to have every interaction be public.

  • I know this is a light one, but did you hear about the girl who had a stalker break into her apartment while she was filming a tiktok? Insanity

  • I thought you forgot to put the name of the wig store...

  • Honestly...I love this kind of video. We need a palate cleanser every once in a while.

  • also those comments are cringe hahaha


  • What national geographic documentary is this? Because she was savage. 👏👏

  • How short is your hair?

  • Yeah my Twitter is a mess too it keeps giving me stuff about Ariana grande which I know nothing about so I have to ask my 13 year old friend everything don’t worry I’m a minor too it’s not creepy lmao

  • The scary thing is the ai generating words for you is already a thing, I signed up for it because I was curious but it's kinda creepy, it's called Replika and the whole idea is you feed it prior conversations and chat with it and it will build an ai for how you reply and can reply to messages for you if you want it to


  • gonna start saying these to my sister but purposely using ones that shoudln't be on the post like the food one on a drawing

  • interesting how twitter is always full of bad news and insta is 90% bullshit

  • As a British person, I could not get away with any of these comments without sounding sarcastic. Especially “What magazine cover are you posing for today?” I feel like that would earn me at least a snarky comment if not a punch in the jaw.

  • lets look at something silly, then turn it in to black mirror episode

  • best thing i've done in a while is to turn my insta into a spam basically. deleted everyone off there who i wasn't comfortable with, including family. so i can be myself with no judgement. and if people get sick of my weird ramblings they can just unfollow lmao

  • 8:52 sounds like something that CARYKH would do