Purity Balls: unusual ceremonies

Publicado el 10 oct 2020
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  • Look I get that dads just want the best for their daughters. They don’t want their daughters to get played by these little boys out there, they don’t want pregnancy scares, and they want their daughters to be with someone they love(marriage.) honestly I get it, that’s how dads are BUT this just isn’t the way to do things. It all seems creepy and controlling. If y’all haven’t seen it, y’all should check out the episode about purity balls on American dad it’s funny but also shows how weird it is

  • I’m sorry, but I’m not buying the whole “the girls decided for themselves” things. On the photos there are children, there were a couple that were borderline toddlers. I doubt that any of them suddenly came up with the idea of a purity ball. It’s either from the influence of the family, school, church, or some combination of them all. As much as I’m pro respecting independent choices, I don’t believe that purity balls are a good, healthy choice that leads to positive outcomes. It’s much closer to religious fanaticism and is so sexist and damaging to young girls. That one kid from the video that refused to be in one room with a man who’s not her relative? This is in no way, shape or form an adequate reaction to other people. And those wedding themed photos of fathers and daughters are creepy as hell. I can’t fathom doing something like that with my own child. A dad should be a good parent, not a watchdog of his child’s hymen. This purity craze leads to every action and interaction being grossly hypersexualized.

  • It's very reminiscent of the underlying patriarchy in our culture that a girl should go her whole life with every man in her life reinforcing this idea that she should be "pure" and untouched for her husband and that it makes her more special than she would be otherwise or than other girls. It's definitely a form of cultural grooming and it reminds me of what I've seen of the trad wife community. You can tell it lies heavily on the men pulling the strings because it's the father, not the mother, who is allowed to go to the ball and the father, not the daughter, who hands the husband the key.

  • idk im just scouring the comments with the volume down and captions on, but is this a catholic thing cuz i go to an evangelical church and this has NEVER been mentioned at all.

  • 'Ready To Glare' but now it's real (Just to clarify this is a joke, not meant to offend anyone)

  • description: it's a ceremony of pedo-fathers :X shtttttttttttt

  • Why do you have so many damn adds on all your videos? Makes it super hard to binge your videos while doing makeup or literally anything

  • How much of this is shame based? All of it, I can tell you firsthand

  • Reminds me of the whole TI situation how he goes to the doctor with his daughter and has them check her hymen to make sure she’s still a virgin every year. Sooooo creepy

  • This is absolutely disgusting! 🤢 I'm SO glad that this kind of shit is illegal in my country! There is something very very creepy about these father's twisted fixation on their daughter's sexuality. And of course the boys are allowed to have sex whenever they wan't 🤦‍♀️😡 this is just a typical misogynist desire to control women's sexuality and their body. Can't believe this is allowed to happen in a western society....

  • what kinda accent is this? They pronounce ball almost like i pronounce bowl and it's great idk american accents

  • I grew up Methodist and I still am. A lot of my childhood was spent at church either participating in youth group or choir. Both of which were my choice. I was never forced into anything. I did however see some kids, mostly female, that were forced into it because the parents thought they were "pure" activities that would keep the kid out of trouble. The same was true for purity balls at the church. I was asked if I wanted to have one. I said no because it is my belief that I don't need a huge ceremony to keep a promise to God. Again some girls were basically forced into it by their parents. I am very pro choice about a lot of things because I believe that the more you try to force a teen/kid into something, the harder they will try to resist. The funny thing is a few of the girls that were forced into the purity balls actually ended up pregnant before they graduated high school. One of them was even pregnant by a boy that went to our church.

  • Your Catholic background is so familiar to me. Italian compliment: sei bellissima, bella come il cielo blu!

  • please do a video on YogiOabs and Elliott Hulse

  • This all relates to women being the property of men. It's disgusting

  • The people beside me in traffic probably thought I was about to puke by the look on my face when you mentioned the keys. Lol

  • What if the dad. loses the keys. Hahah because you know some of them probably did.

  • Gross. These little girls all jump at the opportunity to go to a "ball" and dress up like princesses, not knowing they're signing their lives away.

  • Ew ew ew ew- fucking hell. If my dad was ever that interested in my "purity" I would never contact him again

  • I watched the documentary a couple weeks ago and damn, it’s kinda disturbing, it’s just something about giving their virginity to their FATHER makes me uneasy and especially them not even being teens yet....and why only daughters, what about the sons

  • Honestly, when the girl in the documentary said she didn't want to be in a room with members of the opposite sex as it causes impure thought, I was wondering if she meant her thoughts or the boys thoughts. But maybe I've been watching to many of Jimmy Snows videos and am reading to much into it.

  • Yea, when I was a teenager and had been together with my then boyfriend like an year or something my father called my mom to ask her if im having sex with my bf kinda freaking out (I think it just hit him at some point since my sister was a lesbian that time so he didnt have To freak out with her and im the younger daughter) . My mom told him that "it is my personal life, and she Nor him shouldnt have anything to know or do with it if I am not willing to share, and should ask me if I want to share.". Some time passed, and one time he pulled me aside and started the conversation something like this "listen. I want you to be safe. I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable with this so I make it short. I know there is a time when you May want to engage to adult kind of things with :my then bfs name here: So I Will just say, If you dont have enought pocket money To buy protection, you only have To tell me and I Will take care of that" and he ended it up buy saying "I would rather buy you condoms that buy a baby crib" (I think that was funny 😂) So that ended up being kinda whole some. But yea. This topic kinda reminded me of that so I wanted to share the wholesomeness with you ❤️😊

  • Alone together in a room....the problem is just having the thought.

  • I have a question for you, you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but did *YOU* wait until marriage before having sex? Just curious as to your thoughts and personal feelings on this topic if you feel brave enough to talk about it because it is a delicate and personal subject and I respect you entirely for not wanting to talk about it if you choose not to. And a follow up to the first question would be, Did your Catholic childhood upbringing dictate your opinions or feelings towards having pre-marital sex? Did the religious upbringing make things more difficult for you to feel open towards having sex before marriage? (I was raised unity Christian and it may not be the same religion, but we were encouraged to partake in abstinence and to this day, I still struggle with feelings of shame for being LGBTQ+ and for not abstaining.) I personally feel like the things I have gone through make me who I am but I want to know how the things that you went through effected you and if it ever made you feel similar feelings or have similar questions? Thank you. @Readytoglare

  • I'm sorry but the whole "purity" thing and sexualizing women for being "pure" because they haven't had sex yet (while not holding men to the same standards whatsoever. A man or young boy can literally murder animals or admit he is a pedophile and he will be "forgiven" by God and the religion depending on the religion. If he is a rapist he is "forgiven" if he chooses to become religious suddenly.) I find the whole thing to be extremely hypocritical and disgusting. Do people not realize that girls/women/children in general when they lose their "virginity" are IN PAIN??!!! THEY literally are IN PAIN. Their is a layer of skin that protects the vagina (people call it cherry popping) when someone gets that skin broken, it can bleed and hurt extremely bad. The fact that men sexualise and act like women who are virgins are the best to have sex with, knowing it causes us pain and bleeding and suffering, means that they are sexualizing our pain, our bleeding, our suffering and our fucking innocence being taken away from us. In NO WAY WHATSOEVER is this fucking okay in my opinion. No women who sleeps with a Virgin man or boy brags about it but when it comes to men sleeping with Virgin girls it suddenly becomes their religious right that they are entitled to. It's absolutely disgusting how they sexualise women being harmed like that. If men felt the same pain we did when they lose their virginity, I do not think they would sexualize people's virginity being stolen as much as they currently do. The whole virginity/purity thing is absolutely disgusting in my mind and sets women up for being in abusive relationships in the future and even sets them up for not addressing if they are LGBTQ+ or not because they aren't given the opportunity to explore and learn by having sexual or romantic expereinces with other people. I personally believe that having experiences with other people is key into figuring out what you want and helps a person not end up in a relationship that could turn abusive. If you have been with other people you are more likely to recognize the red flags that come with abusive relationships. If you have never had sex, never had a romantic relationship until marriage, then you are more likely to not notice the red flags and could end up marrying a person who is abusive and not even know it until it is too late. And then the victim feels trapped like they can't leave because they are "married." I think people need to have more logical conversations about this topic instead of just let their religion control their lives. If they even look into the history of women being "pure" or "virgins" you will find that that was newly added when it comes to marriage and sex. There was a long period in human history where women being pure or abstaining from sex was not a thing associated with religion whatsoever. It's good to question these things.

  • I took a Gender Roles course and we sent over this topic. The fact that the boy's sexuaity isn't covered assumes that boys are animalistic and they're meant to be sexual and take control in sexual situations. This culture/religion (fundamental Christianity) only feeds the narrative that it's okay for boys to assault girls, and that it's okay to victim-blame girls!

  • I didn’t go to a purity ball, but when I was 13 we had a speaker who came in and did a voluntary “purity commitment service”. I asked my grandpa... weird I know... if I could get a purity ring. I signed a “contract” and put it on my ring finger proudly. I would get slightly made fun of for it, but I took this as a positive because you’re supposed to be “persecuted” as a Christian. Once I turned 19 I moved out of my parents, by 21 I no longer considered myself religious and also decided that I wanted to have sex. So the ring came off and I’ve never felt so free. Definitely indoctrination. I’m still working on sexual freedom from the church. Sidenote: luckily my dad was never too concerned about my sex life, he was quite a wild child growing up so I think he was more realistic. My mom is still quite obsessed with my sister and my sex life, she cried when my sister admitted that she had sex. 😅

  • As someone who grew up in a Christian household, around the teaching of purity and virginity needing to be maintained, the one thing that concerns me about this is that if you are taught that sex isn’t unclean that way of thinking doesn’t just go away when you’re married. That’s not how our brains work. Then you are left, an adult woman, trying to shake off the idea that sex, even with your husband is dirty. This way of teaching isn’t healthy and quite harmful. It perpetuates the belief that women are most valuable for our bodies and what we can offer sexually.

  • Please do a video on elliott hulse

  • i just realized giulia featured my art i-- nearly had a heart attack LOL

  • I had one of these at church but the thing was that men weren’t allowed in and we all got white bracelets and it was more like woohoo power virgins unite sort of thing.

  • I think overall we need to stop hesitating to criticize religion or placing all these qualifiers when we do (i.e "respecting" people's beliefs). There are serious issues with many religious beliefs. It was created in a time when children were not protected, women were not valued, and many other groups we have a different perspective on today were viewed very differently. Criticize the merits of the belief without being afraid to because that's "just what the believe".

  • So this is going to get dark... so what happens if the girl is assulted and is no longer "pure". Maybe I should watch the documentary also for some reason I turned because of the title it was related to men. Isolation sucks.

  • Never heard of these till now 😳 just wow...

  • Hearing things like this makes me so happy to live in my village. So many different types of people. Different religious groups with their own churches. We even had a Satanic church, but I think they bought a bigger plot of land farther out. The Christians here can be a little annoying with some things, but NONE of them would ever be okay with something like this. We have a universal belief here. 'My life, my choice'. If you can prove you understand enough to make a certain choice, you get to make that choice all by yourself. If you fall on your face, you have to dust yourself off. You basically become an adult when you prove you are one. Which is the reason I had my daughter and was married by 16 living in my own house. And why there are some 30 year olds who still live at home here. Everyone progresses differently and that's acknowledged fully. It's a strange little village. We have functional addicts who are better people than some of the sober straight laced people, children who can do more for themselves than some middle aged people, quite a few LGBTQ+ people including myself (Trans Man), and everything in between. Sometimes I forget just how great it is to live here because of how rural it is and the fact that there isn't much here, but hearing things like this makes me really think about just how safe and supported I am despite how different I ended up. I'm thankful that you shed light on this stuff and basically force me to keep in mind how good my situation really is underneath my struggles.

  • I'm late but.......... This is just SO BEYOND. The whole idea of the *sacredness* of a woman's virginity is just utter bs. It is so that men (in this case the fathers) are able to "take ownership/control" over these girls, or even as PROPERTY until they "pass" them off to the only man that can take it from them. These MEN are taking away this RIGHT for a woman to make decisions about her OWN BODY. THE GIRLS ARE SO YOUNG THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO THEM YET!! A penis could not have less of an impact On a woman's life and how they live their lives, with their OWN sexuality... when they feel it's right THAT'S WHEN. AND THE FACT that it needs an entire "prom-like ball" to dress them up like the WEDDING to GOD before your MARRIAGE to the man they're passed on to! just disgusts me. GIRLS, no one has this decision to "take" your virginity but YOU, and are giving it to you deem worthy. NOT the other way around. This also goes with the PRO-LIFE/ anti abortion debates when an entire staff of men can legally tell you whether you can or can not keep an unborn fetus because, it affects them HOW??!

  • Handing over the key is like giving the new husband a key to an invisible chasity belt. It just seems a little unnerving. Also, I wonder what the contract between father and daughter actually says. If there is this stigma against a young girl who chooses to not participate, what kind of reaction do people have about the fathers if the daughters dont abstain from sex until marriage or if they break the contract. Does he get banned from that church or whatever? I always thought of purity rings and balls as a bunch of immature or sheltered children and young adults pledging to abstain from sex due to a lack of education about what they are abstaining from.

  • If you grow up in that environment, there is no autonomy with regard to these things. Your church, your family, your understanding of god, all these things are telling these women that good girls will do this, and only bad girls do something else. I grew up in something like this. I was very into "True Love Waits" and all that crap. I had a purity ring. I believed this was all due to my own "free" choice. But it wasn't. I had no concept of free choice around such a thing, and these girls don't either. They might think they do, but they don't. They can't because of how they are being raised. They don't have enough scope of reality to be able to make an unconstrained choice.

  • This looks rough now that I see the pics, what's next chastity belts?

  • woah... the key tho. It's like they're handing over the key to their daughter's [metaphorical] chastity belt :/

  • i’m not sure how to feel about this. on one hand, focusing so much on “purity” is so bad for little girls’ self-value, especially if they’re csa victims. on the other hand, i’m like 90% sure these girls just go to get dressed up and have fun with their fathers and care little about the purity part. after all, it’s a dance and they get to wear fun clothes they don’t get to wear often.

  • This whole suppressive nature of women's bodies, and men policing them. Education is so important. Give women and men the proper knowledgeable. to be so blind to sex and ramifications physical and mental. if parents are so worried about purity. Let's talk about all of it. the physical and the psychological effects. I think adults are trying to teach with the best intentions. but to cut off room for knowledge, and less shame. We need that. Come to your own conclusions and what you want in your sex life, but don't deny knowledge, communication, and a time for growth and personal realization

  • honestly im not okay with this, consenting woman or not. it reinforces sexist bullshit

  • I literally thought she's was gonna talk about actual " BALLS " 😓😂

  • I would think that the mother would play a huuge roll in this, yes there's a certain influence that the father has in teaching their daughter how they should be treated, but it's inappropriate. Our mother's discuss sex with us, our mother's discuss growing into a woman to us, body changes, periods, urges. Why are we not talking about this??

  • i thought you meant like....physical balls. purity balls. like.. balls

  • I like the glasses! I always have to wear mine otherwise terrible accidents will befall humankind. I think the whole concept of “being pure” is an unhealthy way of thinking. That’s my brutal honesty. When you present the topic of sex in negative ways (it’s shameful, it’s whorish, you could get pregnant out of wedlock, etc) you set someone up to be afraid of sex, anything in reference to it, or ashamed to have sexual thoughts. I was brought up to have that kind of mindset and it messed me up for a long time.

  • I'd never heard of this "purity" bollocks, until I watched the episode of american dad - s15/e11 "my purity ball and chain" , where, rather than give steve "the talk" about the facts of life 'n' sex, etc, stan opts to join them in a purity group, and steve and stan "date" , obvs! so they're a real thing, sweet jesus, some of those fotos are creepy in the extreme. as the episode says "so it's like you're dating your own dads?!" "it's exactly like that!" *_nope!_* 11:21 aaand double-nope

  • They sound creepy af, frankly. These girls are basically giving ownership of their bodies to their dads. From what I understand, a lot of these girls are brought up this way. They're indoctrinated and thus I think they're not truly capable of making an informed choice.

  • People like them make me sound crazy for abstaining smh. My trip is I don't want to put myself or child through an 'oh no, I'm pregnant' situation. There's more than enough angry baby mamas 'round 'ere luv, and how the children go through things(9_9). Evidently controceptives are not *fool* proof smh. So as a fool myself I chose to abstain.... what is all this girl to man 'purity pledge' and 'virgin ball' mess? They out here painting targets, now the boys(and men, sadly) know that whatever they do the girls will get the blame for it, like wtf x'P

  • This topic...reminds me of T.I. and his daughter. The only female body a man (husband/father) should be worried about when it comes to sex is his WIFE’S. How invasive- I’m internally squirming.

  • The title really confused me. Then i remembered seeing one of those in a show

  • I'm a christian and For me it all falls flat when men aren't treated the same way

    • And the fact that you basically "dont own your own body"

  • Really sketch, essentially treating women like property.

  • "Purity Balls" My dumb ass brain: "Puberty Balls, wait....."

  • Lmao half way through I realized there would be no “ball”

  • i really dislike 'purity' culture, because it inherently makes sex a 'dirty' thing when it isn't. this is especially hurtful to people who experience sexual assault like myself, because now beyond being violated in a terrible way, people will look down on your body as dirty and shameful, when really, sex is quite beautiful. it doesnt have to be romantic, one night stands hold their own type of celebration. like.. it's amazing to enjoy sex (of course be safe) and its also okay to never have sex! or to wait until marriage! but the thing is when 'pureness' is shoved down young girls throats (mostly) it really messes with how you view yourself yknow? all your worth is placed into what a man can do to you. (this also hurts people who may not be attracted to men) like.. puritt culture is a big hot mess and i wish it didnt exist.

  • As a religious woman, who chooses to abstain, I just have to say: I don't need no other person to protect my virginity! Especially a man! (I love my dad but still.) I am my own person who can handle myself.

  • The glare doesn't bother me, I'm ready to glare :D It does look far-out, though :0 like you have little LED screens for eyes.

  • I mean you can lie to ur self all you want but most kids in middle school know what sex is an are experimenting. Not that it's wrong ur just acting like kids dont know when they do. I mean hell theres kids that quit highschool because they got pregnant lmao.

  • ew i hate this, I'm catholic and never experienced this, I'm glad that people around me have brains

  • Why don't they teach girls and guys about consent and actual sex education instead? That ish doesn't benefit anyone really. On the contrary, it's very toxic and judmental. Like wtf do fathers have to do with their daughter's virginity what is this weird obsession I smell pedophile vibes here. Also, why do they not apply thia to young men? They keep teaching yound women about modesty and virginity and shit like that but do not lecture men about respect and consent and all that good stuff. I don't see equality here smh.

  • Also why must the father be involved as if he has ownership over his daughters sexuality

  • If you don’t speak to children about safe consensual sex and rather say abstain it puts them in so much more sexual danger

  • I can see two sides of it. I would have loved to do something like this with my father. At the same time my virginity is no one's business but my own. My father had always been respectful of boundaries and has always let me do my own thing.

  • I hate purity culture. I think it’s all a bunch of bullshit. Just another way to shame women. Not saying men don’t get shamed too. I follow a male ex morman creator who talks about the male side of shamming. But I just think purity culture is mostly used against women

  • Great Video... good job 👍

  • This still happens.? 🤢

  • Lmfao this was the plot of an American Dad episode, so so sooooo creepy and gross!

  • I grew up in Utah & Mormons love this shit. Multiple girls in church had purity rings 🙄 My friend had TWO: one to not kiss any guys while she was in high school (her dad was going to pay her $100 if she graduated without kissing anyone. They were one of the poorest families I had ever seen, so $100 was like$1,000 to most other people) & the 2nd ring was to stay a virgin until marriage (no money was involved with this one, but if you know anything about the Mormon church it’s a HUGE no-no to have sex before marriage.)

  • I'm disappointed, I thought this was gonna be a new invention to protect ladies from rape xD

  • Thank you for apologizing for the glare in your glasses. I really appreciate it.

  • I wholeheartedly second that it is an unhealthy concept that a girl shouldn't be alone in a room with a man in order to protect herself from impure thoughts and actions. I grew up in this kind of rigid fundamental christian environment and was told this idea ALL THE TIME. Now, even at 26, I am very uncomfortable around men. At work I am always stressed during one on one conversations with men. I don't know a healthy way to date them let alone be friends with one. (Oh btw don't date, one should be ~courting~ with pastoral and parental permission as to avoid temptation and ensure both are Christians.) And its ridiculous because mentally I don't see an hold these beliefs myself anymore, but the separation of sexes was so engrained in me from a super young age that it is automatic. Purity culture was super damaging to me and has been to soooo many. I personally did not have a purity ball or purity ring, but many people I know did and the ideas were presented to me over and over again starting at age 10ish. My parents didn't push the ball or ring, the church did really, but the concepts behind it were majorly majorly pushed by everyone in my life. So when I "chose" to remain pure I didn't actually have a choice. Also 10000% is a wedding dress. It is SUPPOSED to be reminiscent of a wedding dress because she is vowing she won't have sex until the next time she wears a wedding dress. Also reflected in the father daughter dance, a major thing done at weddings. And yes, the father plays a central role as "the man in her life" until she marries BECAUSE he holds the key to her virginity when he GIVES her away in marriage, reflected by all of history. Adding, men are expected to remain pure but they don't make it public in any way. No visible representation in the purity ring or mock wedding to one's parent. Instead, they are told "Don't be in the business of antiquing furniture".

  • There’s some horror movie on Hulu that is about these ball, not exactly horror or a great movie but ick. They made the ball really weird. I didn’t believe they dressed like they did in the movie but then saw pics on google.....ugh....I didn’t want to know.

  • tell me why tf I read "Bisexual ceremonies" at first jesus fucking christ. edit: this also kind of makes me think of Black Butler. Like the angels calling ciel impure when the reason that he is "impure" is because he was sexually assaulted by members of the cult the angels were running...

  • cue Billy Crystal - "men and women can never be friends because the sex part always gets in the way"

  • This video makes wanna burn my bra, ngl.

  • I grew up Christian, we had a purity ceremony (nothing fancy) it was for boys and girls, we took a class leading up to it teaching us about guarding our hearts and waiting for our spouse to have sex. Also in Mormon community, I worked for a Mormon lawyer, he never closed his door to his office with just a women in the room with him. He was the one wife type of Mormon. My desk was outside of his office, very nice and respectful man. I believe there is a balance in these kinds of things. This seems extreme. I do believe still in guarding your heart with your relationship, as an adult and non Christian. I am married but I would not want to work long term one on one with someone in a lab or something. You spend a lot of time with people in a work environment and the type of work my husband and I have done, there can be a lot of that. I do it out of respect. I will be alone with a male but I do have to say for both of us, as non religious people, we do see the importance in holding certain spaces for our spouse only. I did have a male friend before my husband entered my life, I saw him as a brother but come to find out he did see me as more than that and actually confessed his feelings for me when my husband was still my boyfriend. It's a very interesting line to walk.

  • i’m literally catholic and this is SO DISGUSTING

  • @9:49: the fact that they are told that masturbation is a sin too (which to my knowledge is nowhere in the Bible) is also really disgusting because it really spells out to me that they don’t want their daughters to have knowledge of their bodies and sexual pleasure whatsoever

  • Am I only person, that before watching thought that "ball" referr to object, not event?

  • If these girls were 16 and older and understood what sex was and what they they were signing up for it would be better. Little girls just want approval and to wear a pretty dress. I grew up catholic and my parents never made me or asked me if I wanted to have a purity ring or anything. They knew if I wanted that I would that choice without needing to make the promise

  • Purity culture is a joke Virginity is a social construct designed to degrade and dehumanize women by reducing them to sex dolls and incubators for men to fulfill their sexual fantasies

  • I read the title a few times and could not figure out what "purity balls" were lol

  • Sounds like the Duggar’s.

  • I watched a great documentary called 'the purity myth' which looked into the social implications of Purity as a concept. a large segment of the doc discussed the different attitudes between men/masculine-identifying ppl, who were seen with a "boys will be boys" type of attitude, vs women/feminine folks who are expected not to act sexual at all. the doc even showed clips of grown men saying that if a woman is assaulted, she is no longer pure and it was an act of god, which is obviously gross on so many levels. these devout "christian" men even went so far as to say that r*** is only r*** if the survivor of the assault was a "virgin" before the assault occurred. if you ever get the chance to watch the doc i strongly recommend it!

  • Purity Balls aside, the fact that a young girl save herself for marriage is practical. It is the girl that could end up pregnant, not the boy. Therefore, the girl has a higher stake in premarital sex.

  • I just really don't like the photos of the fathers in suits holding their daughters in wedding dresses in weird embraces Like, I get that I'm definitely reading too much into it and it's probably very pure, but it just creeps me the hell out

  • Girl my whole purity ceremony was a whole mock WEDDING! I had a facial (not the sexy fun kind), hair care, and nail care before getting dressed in a WEDDING dress and doing a ceremony and signing a piece of paper promising to stay pure. And I have footage of the whooooole thing! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Thankfully, I’m out of that whole brainwashing mentality, have dumped my toxic ex, and enjoying life as it comes!

  • Pretty sure virginity pledges actually lead people to have more unsafe sex because the focus is on abstinence versus actually getting all the info.

  • A KEY?!? That’s so sick

  • I grew up in church, came from a very religious family, went to several church camps and attended loads of youth group activities and never once heard of a purity ball.

  • I absolutely am disgusted by virginity culture

  • I totally agree. I grew up Christian, and my mother gave my sister and I purity rings. She also had many conversations with us about STD’s, and took me to get on birth control at 17. She made sure to let me know that purity was my choice. Obviously at 12, purity sounds easier than it is.

  • Its sick. My dad treated me like i worthless garbage because I wasn't his innocent little girl. Its bullshit boys practically get pat on there backs for sexual conquests. Daughters get shamed and basically disowned. Double standard BS has got to be nuked.

    • @- Blackemperor- thank you ♥️

    • Double standards, the ones bad and good for women and men, should be eliminated.

    • I was told no man would marry me. And if I had sex I was cheating on my future husband. I was raised a jehovah's witness. I stopped attending church and it took me years to realize I'm more than a body for a man to own. I'm a person who knows her value now and more daughters should

  • A child (including a teen) who chooses to attend a Purity Ball *because she has been raised in a culture that has aggressively taught her that her virginity is her value and she has never known anything else* isn’t really making an autonomous choice imo.

  • The key part was the nail in the coffin for me.

  • Literally thought the title purity balls was going to be a video on removing a male's testicles for purity 😭

  • At my christian school in eighth grade, we had a purity ceremony where we got rings and had to recite our purity vows to Jesus in front of every kids parents and school staff. Creepy as hell.