Patrick Starrr & influencer parties: a theory

Publicado el 5 feb 2021
WELL. I hope I'm wrong.
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  • 🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT PLS READ READYTOGLARE 🚨🚨🚨 Hey Glare, I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and recently I discovered something that’s been happening for a long time it has to do with the government and celebrities I’m sure we’ve all heard about this type of thing before but the majority roll their eyes at it because the people behind it are brainwashing us to think it’s all fake. Anyway what’s been happening and has been since the 1980s is that there are underground satanic rituals going on where they are ritualistically ab*s!ng people and especially children all for power. We’ve been conditioned since the beginning to not believe these things and think it’s just absolutely crazy but since giving my life to Christ and praying for discernment He has truly opened my eyes and I came across channels that talk about this and can explain way better than I am currently. One of the main channels I watch who talks about this is A Call For An Uprising. What I’m asking is if you can please please do research on this and spread knowledge of it on your channel because the only way we can stop what’s happening to these Poor children being ritualistically ab*sed is to contribute to a mass awakening. We need people with a platform, to tell people about this and WAKE THEM UP BC IT IS PEOPLE IN POWER (GOVCELEBSPOLITICIANS) THAT ARE WORSHIPPING THE DEVL AND SACRFISING/ABUS*NG CHILDREN TO GAIN AND SUSTAIN THEIR FAME/POWER. IN THE SATNIC BIBLE IT IS KNOWN THAT BLOOD OF CHILD IS MORE VALUABLE IN RITUALS IT IS DISGUSTIMG AND THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE CALLED OUT AND STOPPED. PLEADE HELP SPREAD THE WORD OF WHATS GOIMG ON IN SECRET MAKE IT KNOWN SO WE CAN HELP THESE CHILDREN

  • Thank you so much for this. As a grocery store worker, people are still disgusting during this pandemic with no care to others. I'm thankful I work at a community market where I live, and even the privileged old people here hate adhering to guidelines bc "I can't breathe." Yeah we have to wear masks for our 8 hour shifts and interact with 100s of people and you have to wear it for 5-30 minutes because YOU want to go shopping....I have to work here and deal with nasty people to thank you Julia for this video. I really do feel seen for the work we do. 💙💖

  • Perhaps the elites know something that we don't.

  • i really liked Patrick Starr and i really looked up to him and this just makes me so sad

  • Influencer.. many with all the shade in the world. 😂

  • Thank you for sticking up for us essential workers. So many people treat us like garbage and don’t realize that we’re the ones keeping things running.

  • They're all disgusting and should be held accountable.

  • i legit cannot take this dude seriously when hiz name iz legit the name of the starfish on spongebob

  • I used to follow Patrick and I unfollowed because I noticed his content changing and pushing product and having a attitude

  • Unfortunately, I feel like even if someone close to these influences does get severely sick or dies they still won’t care.

  • When she said Patrick star I thought she actually meant Patrick star from spongebob

  • I dead ass thought this was a beware on a spongebob character lmao

  • I'm glad you call out this behavior. I work in fast food so I have to go to my job everyday in this pandemic and risk my health. I've already had covid once and got through it. It makes me kinda mad that these influencers have the money to stay home but are doing this dumb shit while I have to risk my health everyday. Kinda annoying.

  • Better start throwing them in quarantine camps!! Load them up on trains!

  • Is it horrible of me to wonder what would happen if tana got Covid? I mean, we've seen the level of care she has for her lung health.

  • The whole birthday thing is hilarious to me. "I wanna throw a party during this really dangerous time because I need to just live my life and not live in fear, ya know?" No, sorry, I don't know. For my birthday, I got coughed on at work while doing a double shift. Can't relate to your selfish ass needs.

  • My apologies if this has been suggested already... How about, "Accountability Channel" for the genre type? 🤗

  • This behavior is so disheartening to me because I’m a brand new doctor. I’ve only been out of med school for a year and we’ve been fighting this pandemic so hard. So many long shifts and sleepless nights. It feels like every video or headline I see of “influencers” attending parties for attention is just one more example of them undoing the medical community’s and society’s work night after night.

  • I remember seeing an article about Tana apologizing and some dumbass commented saying that she "doesn't need to apologize" What makes it worse was the fact that it wasn't a kid or a teenager. It was a full ass, grown ass adult woman. Someone older than me, too. And I'm 28. I honestly wanted to rip my hair out

  • I'm surprised none of them have gotten covid.

  • As an essential worker this makes me so upset. I got covid from work and IV been out for a month now because covid made me really sick and I’m still suffering from the effects of what it did to my body.

  • "I haven't watched any of Patrick Starrr's videos." I have. And lemmie just tell you, that Squidward is a whole fucking mood.

  • Its pretty easy for you to tell everyone to just stay inside while you're making more than most of us from your bedroom. I know you're not grifting and actually believe this stuff and it makes me a little sad for you. Please live and enjoy your life dont keep yourself isolated and depressed over this fake BS. Go see your mom!!! Yes covid is real but the governments response is 100% political and designed to keep us subservient and poor. The goal posts keep moving back, I'm hearing now we wont return to normal til 2022. The same people in power who condemn parties praised the people rioting last year. We will never return to normalcy. We must learn to live with viruses that are deadly to .3% of the population without sacrificing the 99%. Wishing you well. Obviously im not gonna be even checking the replies.

  • They want to have fun. That’s all they care about. They’re creating a new disease.

  • I missed my 21st because of covid. Just me and my mom wearing masks 6 feet apart not even a bottle of wine because we didnt want to go out to get some. They can miss a birthday. It really isnt a big deal.

  • I watch these videos on "influencers" and my first instinct is to look into their socials but that's exactly what they want so as much curiosity as we have we should do our best to steer clear of giving them that attention they want-.-

  • Wanna be a SLAVE with MASK - BE! Let people live!

  • The fact i had to stop watching Dr. Mike just shows these people are just hypocritical and really don't take anything seriously.

  • It’s really funny when influencers are suprised actual celebs who act and sing don’t like them like can u blame them lmfao and Im literally so suprised Nikita and tana and James Charles and Jake Paul haven’t got Covid

  • Which one is Patrick? I just see 2 birds?? Or is there some foul play involved?

  • The only beauty influencer I would atleast consider decent is nikkie tutorials. She's wholesome and actually follows covid guidelines. Good on her. Also are you playing pigstep in the background???

  • You served us a fire look and a fire video 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Maam i really miss your old content especially true crime 😭 tik tok and influencer videos feel like low hanging fruit and you're so far beyond this type of stuff. I say this with love and care

  • These people think they’re too important to get covid

  • Attempted manslaughter??.... The kind of people that would fall of a cliff taking a selfie hint hint😂.

  • Patrick wasn’t the only person Tonnuh Mongo was tonguing at that party. 🤢🤮

  • People are 100% capitalizing off of the panoramic in any way they possibly can. The fact that so many people are still doing in person collabs because they want views is just disgusting and really shows how little they have to offer as content creators.

  • She really said influencer (derogatory) 😎

  • This people yeah. Guess what Bill Gates is doing. Hope that upsets you enough as well.

  • My grandma is still recovering from covid ..... I was never more scared for her then in the heat of it. She asked "am I ever gonna feel better"?

  • I was so confused about her eyeshadow in the thumbnail. Ended up being the glare of her glasses. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • 5:22 isn’t Patrick Starr gay??

  • I've left the house a handful of times since this all started (once to go to the doctor's office, a few times to go to the store). I wore a mask every time, and was still freaked out about it. I couldn't imagine going anywhere without a mask, let alone a party. I am absolutely disgusted by their behavior. Side note, the people who can't work from home during this should be paid way more that what they are.

  • Thank you for what you said about minimum wage employees don’t deserve being exposed to people who don’t wear masks. This is something we’re struggling with at my job and some people have already got covid because of this.

  • I am OBSESSED with this wig 😍😍😍


  • Eh, calling it a career move seems like a reach

  • 3/4 years ago you couldn’t catch patrick in a scandal to save ur life. this is disgusting

  • If im not paying attention, the reflection from your glasses look like sparkly neon eyeshadow. Its a Löök

  • I'd rater have a dog's tongue in my mouth lmao

  • The truth is that if these influencers even so slightly thought that posting about partying was going to financially harm them in any way, they would simply not post it. They don't care about their reputations (or the lives of others, for the matter) more than they care about money.

  • Thank for the shout out to healthcare workers. I worry everyday I go to work if I will get sick. Or even a coworker will get sick. I am a phlebotomist on the frontline. We haven't stopped aince the beginning of COVID. I am so sick how some people think it is not real or don't take caution. I can say it is real and have hears of many people getting sick and even dying. Maybe it ia a good thing they are doing by partying because eventually the consequences will get to them. They will see. Stay safe and healthy everyone. This is real. Please get vaccinated if you can. Peace.

  • This is definitely gross but doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the regular schmegular people having big birthday parties. You really couldn’t go one year without a big blow out Tracy?? You work in Human Resources what lifestyle are you trying to keep up with ??

  • I’d be interested to see what people think when it comes to partying/leaving your home post-vaccination. Do you guys think it changes things, and that maybe it would start become more reasonable to start socialising more post-vaccine? Or do you think we still have a duty to iscolate if we can?

  • Don't buy the Chinese corporate bull shit of Covid 19. It has worked out great for corporate America as small businesses are crushed by the selective shutdowns. Why was Walmart allowed to be open but my local small town restaurant was put out of business for good. No limits on WalMart but our local stores are gone because of the restrictions. Good job lefties.

  • 1:41 yeah, about those rapid tests... Apparently the new UK variant isn’t picked up on the rapid tests, and it’s so much more virulent that the CDC is recommending wearing multiple masks, and prepping ppl that just a plain cloth mask won’t keep you safe from it. So even if Nikita had some or all of them tested, the chances are they weren’t accurate representation of who is sick with COVID19.

  • Those influencer are not human, they r lower than human being.... -_-

  • i just realized the opening sequence in your videos are from blade runner holy shit

  • I got covid working at a grocery store and I was out of work for a month. And in that month the bills didn’t stop and my parked car was hit by a drunk driver who left the scene. So I’m out an additional $1,000... 🙃 so yeah this pisses me off. I can’t stand these people

  • You should do a video on the rax club. Theyre a group of tik tok teen boys who are barely legal promoting pornography to their underage fans. Plus numerous scandals and drug problems...they're scam artists.

  • I think he meant “I wish I could have been there” like he was so fucked up he doesn’t remember it.....that’s what I took it to mean anyway

  • I feel like you would be considered a commentary channel

  • i thought tana got married

  • Sorry but why did I start laughing so much at 1:52 ? I swear he looks demonic in that photo??? Like whaaa

  • Patrick Starr yeah right I thought he was a character from Spongebob Squarepants.

  • diesel patches

  • Call me a hater, but the death rate is still overall 99.9% survivable. It’s an insanely high survival rate. I believe at the federal level this was harnessed politically. I live on the south side of Chicago in a neighborhood called Archer Heights which is 80% plus Hispanic. I had Covid. My partner had it. Most of our friends had it. I don’t know anyone who died from it personally in a 3 million person city. It still seems overblown to me. Just my opinion. It’s ultimately much ado about nothing. Now, I realize a lot of people died from it, but I still haven’t met anyone in the nation’s 3rd biggest city who had died. My partner knows of co-workers at his school who have relatives who died. I still don’t know anyone who died. I had it. I haven’t been allowed to stay home at all in the midst of this and maybe that’s why I’m so non-chalant bout it all. I made an insane amount of OT because in Chicago we don’t get to have the option of taking off when our city reaches -20 degrees as a standard every winter. Our buildings need protection and thus need workers here. It seems like it’s a bigger deal in Cali to people.

  • If these people wont get it until someone close to them dies I hope that happens ASAP. Im so tired of rules for thee but not for me with these rich useless dumbasses.

  • You’re actually the smartest person I’ve ever watched on ESmain. Thanks for keeping it real!! X

  • I hate the word “essential worker.” I work at a golf course in Florida, nothing “essential” about golf, it’s entertainment, yet here we are. Yay Florida!

  • Just fire them all into the sun. Please Elon.

  • jelly of those glasses they're so cute yet subtle

  • I met a girl yesterday at work and her 54 yr old mom died of covid in June and an acquaintances 15 year old, healthy daughter died of covid in August,,it's real and kills randomly

  • Dude people still can't get serious about this pandemic and are ignorant flesh blobs.

  • My brain went stupid and I thought this was about Patrick Stump

  • I knew him before he blew up and he was *so* mean; I can’t imagine he got kinder with his “fame”

  • Patrick star probably I wish I was there because he probably blacked out and doesn’t even remember most of it...

  • They’re like addicts, they’re not going to fully understand until it affects them or kills their family. That’s the only way they’re going to stop.

  • “An apology without change is manipulation.”

  • The name of this video is kinda ironic considering what you do for a living right? Lmao

  • Those frameless glasses tho.... Now I kinda wish I'd gotten my new lenses done up like that!!

  • These glasses look cute on you

  • It still baffles me that these "influencers" arent slapped with a huge fine. Most of the fines they are given are for $2,000. Thats NOTHING to them. Why cant they be hit with a $50,000 fine? Or a Million dollar fine? De platform these people. They live in this pandemic with absolutely no consequences, so of course they will continue to have huge parties and give their followers a completely unapologetic apology.

  • who else remembers when tana posted a picture with her tongue sticking out and it had thick, white coating on it??? 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 and patrick is licking herrrrr????? 🤮

  • They want the attention.. because I don’t believe they’re stupid enough to post on the internet.

  • The spongebob jokes in the comments are making my day a lot better

    • also people emailing you to make videos on them????? what in the wooooorld their head is so far up their ass

  • well if Patrick didn't get covid he definitely got something

  • Ain’t that Covid spreading or no.... like they’re tongues it can’t be ewwwww🤮🤮🤮

  • At first I thought Patrick starr was J.

  • I heard that a bunch of US influencers threw a party and I was like, huuuuh... Listen, I totally understand that people are craving for parties, fun, and friends. What bothers me is that myself, as a poor broke ass, I'm obliged to stay in my tiny 2 rooms home in a council block, I had no fun for a year, I just go to work and back to my prison. Those people are rich, they don't care, they probably have mansions with huge yards, the quarantine don't impact them at all like us. I understand that they need to have fun, I need it too. But can't they be a little more respectful of poorer people who have no way to escape the lockdown ? Idk the conditions of this party but what bothers me is the injustice, because being wealthy obviously helps to go through this shit, while being poor, you are even more punished. Where I live there are families of 5 or 7 in tiny apartments, how can you ask to those kids to stay at home all day? It's not sustainable

  • 🤮🤮🤮

  • You're an opinion/ commentary/true crime content creator if I had to guess.

  • I ate 2 plates of spaghetti and seeing that vid of Tana and Patrick made me ill.

  • Thank you for using your platform to talk about how fxcked up it is that essential workers making minimum wage are literally putting their lives at risk every time they go in and nobody seems to care about it. I really appreciate that someone with a big platform is using it to put perspective where it is needed

  • My mind confused Patrick Starr and Patrick Stump and It took me until you showed his face for me to realize I misread the title.

  • I'm getting more uncomfortable with working as a server and having to deal with people who don't practice social hygiene.

  • I know this off topic, but I'm curious when she'll discuss Marilyn Manson.

  • Patrick star is always drunk when he does these things

  • I 100% agree with you and it's so disgusting!! I'm never going to be able to unsee Patrick and Tana 😢

  • Facts