OG YouTuber exposed for suspicious behavior

Publicado el 12 feb 2021
Here we go again.

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  • Wait, is that the same Destry that used to appear on Sh@ne D@wson's channel? Birds of a feather I guess 😬

  • youtube still advertising " The Desire System " firstly who is gonna sit through 50 min ad. Second even in the add " The Desire System " fully admits it self to be a flawless 100% effective to manipulate any woman into having sex figure I spend the next hour commenting this on every vid post I come across

  • According to his roommate from his personal Twitch stream(aftrshauk.ttv)he confirmed that a video addressing the situation has already been filmed. I guess we’re just waiting now.

  • snapchat still lets you know if anyone screenshots anything in the dms and the text messages itself along with any sort of images will be gone after 24 hours, unless you save the stuff inside the chats, which stays there forever

  • interesting how onision, destery, and shane are all linked in more ways than one

  • Damn this sucks. When he first came out back in the day, he was so hilarious. I’m the same age as him and I followed him because he was my age. This sucks. He was one of my favs. Now it’s tainted.

  • I ❤️ that hoodie

  • just another person i looked up to in my younger years exposed for being a shitty person. my judgement is horrible

  • ah so its fine if its a female in their 20s with sc.. SquadW

  • Not surprising. Dang I watched him as a kid wtf was I doing

  • Wow I remember watching des and nate when I was 12..


  • Oh shit he lives 20 minutes away from me-

  • If anyone remembers Chase Gallarza (on YT) also known as Aftershauk, he was in videos with destery and actually still talks to him now. he messaged me in 2012 when i was SIXTEEN and tried meeting up with me when i was visiting florida at the time. He lived in florida at that time WITH destery, and had even told me he was on the couch with him at one point when we were talking. There was no s3xual stuff going on, but if i had met up with him like i had wanted to as a 16 year old fan... yikes. Luckily my parents would never have let me do something like that. So it's definitely real, and its definitely not just destery. Chase is his buddy and he's a part of this too. (i dont have screenshots because of how long ago this was, unfortunately.)

  • Why is everyone trash???

  • I didn’t think he was creepy back then but now that I think about it, I realize he was awfully weird and gave me a strange feeling.

  • goddamnit not destery

  • So that’s why he and Shane are friends. Seems fitting.

  • Literally never heard of this guy 💀💀💀 but it's good we have social media so victims can freely speak up and shine light on these things

  • When I think back to when I was 13-15, the amount of grown ass men who would message me on Facebook & hit on me is ALARMING. You never realize at the time but looking back, wtf???

  • Hey girl, Samantha actually made a video recently addressing the allegations and thanked/gave major credit to you for giving her a platform to her story and inform others!

  • When I was 15 he was in orlando for playlist live and I live in florida. I tweeted him about how cool it would be to see him, he replied! I was like oh wow no way I love him and he replied to me! Then the replies went to my dms and the flirting started. By the end of the night he was asking me to take a friends car and go two hours away to orlando to see him and stay at his hotel. He said such graphic things to me. He had braces still at the time and I remember getting a dm and looking at my friend and going "how is he going to to this to me if he has braces?? Wont that... hurt?" I was so naive. When he figured out I wasnt going to risk getting caught sneaking out and driving two hours to his hotel he ghosted me. Either he was over the chase realizing I couldn't get to Orlando or he unfortunately found another fan closer to Orlando. I'm 25 now and I would give anything to go back and just tell my parents about the messages. He was 20 years old and he knew I was 15 because I reminded him multiple times I dont have my license or a car I'm not old enough. It took a really long time to actually realize how fucked up that event made me. I didn't notice the trauma and how I pulled back and became a hurt person who wanted to hurt people and had to fix myself and get help and all I did was have a conversation with him. I'm sorry to all the other women and girls who were also preyed upon and hurt. I hope you all get peace some how and I hope that you know he is to blame. Hes a predator and he was the adult in the situation who knew what he was doing. Dont ever blame yourself for his disgusting fucking actions.

  • kinda seems like dahvie vanity

  • I just saw a comment under Callum Markie’s latest video about this ESmainr. I’m shocked but also not. Thank you for bringing awareness!!!! 🖤✨

  • I'm happy so much as changed since the early 2000s. I remember being part of the emo scene as a young teen and being disgusted when guys in their 20s were dating younger girls, but I was one of the few who said anything. So many horrible things used to happen to women and girls that we just accepted. I remember being in college and them having to give a lecture that sleeping with an unconscious woman is not consent and people were surprised. Heck, I blamed myself for drinking. Social media is helping the culture change as more people come forward and talk about their experiences and it makes me so happy. I see the new generation of ESmain men like Kurtis Connor and D'Angelo and I have hope.

  • omg i used to love him so much when i was like 9-11 :(

    • ^also, of course shane dawson worked with him🥲😤

  • i used to watch him religiously when i was like 13 oh my god 😬

  • If your target demographic is younger girls that is automatic suspicious.

  • i had friends who fawned over this guy way back when, makes me sick to my stomach and i hope none of them had any personal contact with this guy

  • The tik toks are totally about him. I follow here and I have watched all of these videos. Omg its awful

  • A lot of these comments are women who have been fans as young girls... am I the only creeped out by that?

  • God why does this keep happening 😩😩😩😩 I really liked him.

  • Emos were popular in the 2000s Me: cries in fringe

  • i thought this was abt onion boi for a quick minute

  • he's clearly reading his apologies off of a screen/paper wtf

  • I love your sweater 💜


  • Did that gentleman dip the tip of his nose in .... white eyeshadow? Too much, bud. Looks like coke.

  • Omg I had no idea Destery had so many allegations. I’m so angry I wasted so much time watching his content when I was younger

  • Guys don't be sad, I suppose it's his Destery

  • Jesus Christ. Thank you for making this video. Fuck this, fuck him. I always got a real bad vibe from him.

  • I'm crying.

  • "the only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing" this dude playing modern warfare

  • Always called out those Emo Creeps during the start of YT. Tried warning everyone about Jeffree Star on MySpace Era too. Easy to tell who the fake creeps are when you've grown up with the internet before social media got big. Internet was small and the community that was in 1999-2004 are still talking. Its exciting to see, I'm still surprised people actually enjoyed videos from any of these predators. They were never good. Could never be friends with anyone from 2006-present if they legit watched these popular cringe ESmainrs.

  • he was on shane dawson's channel for a minute right?

  • I watched TehMimi's video on this and I immediately unsubscribed from him. I cannot in good conscience continue to watch or support him because of this.

  • You know ... I'm not surprised.

  • he looks weird af how y'all are surprised


  • The only youtubers from my early teens that I still have left are Dan and Phil 😭😭😭

  • This has been incredibly hard to hear 😔 I waited 2 weeks because my mental health couldn't handle it. As both an enthusiastic fan of his for years and also a parent, this broke my heart. I don't even know how to process any of this.

  • Omg noooo I used to watch him. This is just sad to see (; m;)

  • 10:00 - But yet you sent to him under false pretenses. Is everyone in this video just another narcissist among narcissists?

  • There’s no evidence of any of this being real though? The first girl never directly says his name and there’s no proof they did anything. Nates videos show no evidence either. These are all unproved accusations with no evidence. There is also no proof of cheating. We can’t call him a predator yet when there is literally no proof. It’s innocent until proven guilty. Don’t call him a predator until he can speak his side and defend himself.

    • Nobody speaking had any form of proof, it’s all stories without screenshots, photos, or evidence of any kind.

  • Goddammit we cant have anybody. Please lord just keep Gerard Way safe.

  • He had a show on Shane Dawson’s channel years ago. Bobby kinda replaced him and he just went away (from Shane’s platform) with no explanation. Kinda interesting that another person connected to Shane turns out to be this kinda creeper.

  • god i saw the thumbnail and vaguely could make him out but i'd hoped so goddamn hard i was mistaken. why is it so hard for our ex-role models to be decent people?

    • oh my god adrie was involved in this ??? jesus christ the poor lass,, i've been following her n her content for a while now and god it sucks to not only put a face to the people he's been shitty to, but to know it's a current role model. what the fuck

  • Damn really can't trust these yt 2010 creators huh

  • Ewwww huh I watched him and Shane Dawson when I was 9 up until I was 11

  • It really sucks when a youtuber you really like turns out to be a bad person. But I feel like we kinda ignored a lot of red flags.

  • I love the music you use in your videos, where can I find the song? Or music like this?

  • It’s honestly breaking my heart and making me disappointed that all these OGs were actually this horrible, I loved watching his videos in the 2015 but now it’s just painful to see his channel and to think I enjoyed watching his videos

  • i really was raised by predators at this point :(

  • My childhood came crumbling down just now. I hope everyone that’s effected by this shit is doing okay now ❤️

  • I stopped watching destery at 17. Im glad I did.

  • NO NOT DESTRY!!! Dude I grew up on Destry wtf.

  • Nate seems so genuine and so soft spoken.

  • Ok note to anyone affected by ESmainrs. You reach out to them and they reach back, don't be surprised when they have zero accountability. Everyone will do anything, no matter who they are or who you perceive them to be. Power corrupts; absolute power Corrupts Absolutely. People should be held accountable at the time. No free passes given because of this or that. The longer things go on, the harder the case is to build and it becomes difficult to sort out the accusations. All the sides to the stories and alibis. Basically, keep those receipts. Hindsight is 20/20.

  • Isn't this the guy who stole i hate everything's vine jokes?

  • Can I just say how much he looks like that creepy singer that is in jail now, what's his name again *Ian Watkins

    • @Harleen Gill Yes, the same thing he does in the video 'so and so's dad is a pervert' He's deflecting blame by accusing other people of the things he's doing, it's a cover

    • @Harleen Gill Yes he does look a bit like Austin Jones and shane Dawson and Gregory Jackson and .. I suppose they all take after each other by what I call the Law of Mathilda, A book by Roald Dahl where we learn that the mind of a person starts to form their appearance. But I really meant Ian Watkins* former lead singer of the Lost Prophets (which I find ironical, to cast himself as a lost prophet when in fact he was and is very lost) Destery looks like Ian, Same hair, same vibe, same proclivity for metal music, same casual dressing style, same HAIR same snout, same over sexualization, same obsession with little children and minors

    • Austin Jones?, something like that. It’s crazy that he made a video calling him a p3do when he’s one too..

  • I thought the name sounded so familiar...until I saw the pic of him. He use to upload videos on Shane Dawson's account. I'm glad these girls are coming forward. this guy needs to be exposed. that's disgusting.

  • HOLY SHIT. THIS GUY TOO????? He was popular cuz of Shane so i guess i cant be surprised

  • It always weirded me out that his only sponsor was a sex toy store.

  • have totally missed this one bc I was so busy just found this video now and now I'm really sad..I continued to watch destery up until like what feels like three weeks ago :( man.. another ESmainr I got really invested in.. you really cannot trust anybody huh? might as well leave the American ESmain side altogether :/

  • I don't know why people are trying to throw Nathan in the mix with destrey just cause he dated Leda when she was 15 and he was 18/19. That isn't a major age gap and I very much doubt he dated her with malicious intent. They were a serious relationship for 2/3 years I believe. Destrey is over 21 years old talking and getting nudes from 13/14 year olds NOW that's an actual problem!

  • Woah!! My mind is blown! I've been a consumer of destery since his first IDEK videos. Jesus christ!

  • been here since 30k odd and i dont get how you dont have 1m yet

  • I remember him making an odd comment in one of his videos about how it was weird for him to be hanging out around high schools now that he is now twenty something.... after that I kind of dropped off. I think it was around the time he moved to Washington.... Does anyone remember this statement or know which video it was from?

  • I've been a fan of his for years and I am disgusted to learn this about him. I'm glad hes getting exposed.

  • Everybody tf nasty, we can't have shit in this house, and I hate it here. I'm packin' my bags and heading upstairs, because I'm done here, and me and the lord finna have a LONG ass talk about what tf the plan was supposed to be when he made Earth. (Also, that redhead girl towards the end telling her story lowkey hit home a little tooooo hard lmao. I feel like any of us that were younger talking to someone much older whether we were of age or not with still that, dare I say, "innocence" or optimism towards life went through something exactly, or at least very similar, to this. Truly is a shame honestly, and shouldn't have to happen to anybody really :/ But at least and upside to being young and experience this side of life's bs is when you get knocked down, there's plenty of time to get back up and take your power back, however long it takes. 'Cause the next time you meet a creepy ass douche, whether they be male or female, it'll be a lot easier to peep and shut that shit down REAL quick 😌 Idk if any of that made any fucking sense, but yee lmao)

  • I just unsubscribed, tbh I new something was off

  • I'm watching this a week later and I went to unfollow him on Instagram and he's gone private on there too...hmmmm...coincidence? I think not!!!

  • had to look the guy up and can't say I understand how he got popular? Must be a kid thing I'm too old (50s) to understand....Prayers for the victims, stay strong and believe in yourself

  • I think we should wait until Destery gives his statement if he didn't already. I'm not saying he did or didn't do any of the allegations said in this video, but it's better to try and give the benefit of the doubt.

    • No. Because I’ve actually been a victim of his abuse, and I know someone PERSONALLY who lived with him, someone who dated him for years, other girls who he exploited. He isn’t going to make this statement because he’s not a good enough liar to look into a camera and say he didn’t do these things. And he did So he’s not going to admit it and lose whats left of his career

  • This is why my hero’s/mentors are people I know in my local community. The persona most of us portray online isn’t who we really are.

  • He got famous from the channel he had with his friend called idek

  • I would just like to share some positivity, that sweatshirt is amazing and I think I'm gonna have to get it for my mom...

  • Oh god not him, goddammit It. I really liked his content 😭😭

  • Sometimes I truly wonder why I give 2 cents on random ass people but here I am

  • thats why they say never meet ur heros....you will only be disappointed....

  • He used to have a Sunday thing on Shane Dawson's channel.

  • Me:sees the thumbnail Also me: which one?

  • Badass wine aunt giving us tea

  • He SHANE, Onision, and destrey same group 3 different types of predators

  • He used to do videos on Shane's channel


  • what is "og"?

  • thankyou for bringing awarness to this

  • Why am I not surprised?

  • Is there any proof somewhere? All I see is ppl making allegations but without anything to prove their words. Definitely not defending him I just don't feel comfortable calling someone a paedo without any form of proof.