Ofra Cosmetics...what is this?

Publicado el 30 may 2021
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  • I do not support donald trump, but I do not like the idea that someone or something is cancelled just because they support a certain politician.

  • Thank you, G.! Greetings from 🇳🇴❗️ peace.out

  • Ofra Just gained a bunch of new customers too. Me being one of them 🇺🇸🤙🏽

  • I wish people would grow up

  • I'm just saying that because I know it will piss them off: this sign in my house can mean two things. 1) I get it. Or 2) anal sex. I just like to imagine the reaction of those homophobic racists to that! XD

  • Prager U ad on the video😞 it’s like they know.

  • I'm shocked how this story didn't explode like other "tea" does. I already said beauty community is mud and I hate how much I was right.

  • ok but like it’s *not* the same as a brand being in favor of biden tho. like not even kind of. biden hasn’t called for violence or a fucking insurrection which cost multiple people their lives and it’s incredibly irresponsible and just plain wrong to act like a brand supporting biden is even kind of the same. i’m a pretty long time viewer and i’m sure the rest of what you have to say is super reasonable like usual this just really bothered me and you seemed to gloss over it so much too

  • OMG what a crime!!!!! He is holding the flag of his country!!!!! No fucking way!!¡! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • It's not that and you know it.

  • Idgaf about what products or CEO’s support politically. If you make a good product at a reasonable price I’ll buy it, if you don’t, I won’t. I don’t do the “vote with your wallet” type shit. I’m not that privileged. I have to buy what I can afford and what gives me value for my money.

  • i get companies being into politics being a thing now, but cant they stick to issues they actually have some degree of control over? that would be a lot more substantive and less divisive to a pool of potential customers

  • I don't think the beauty community just includes make-up. You're sponsored by a hair company and collabbed with a nail company. Even though you don't make beauty content, you are part of the beauty community in this small way.

    • I still love you and your videos though!

  • weird you talk about issues like this but still support a huge racist and transphobe like Repzion.

  • Ofra used Kim Thai to get to Nikkie. Treated her like garbage. They’re shitty.

  • i’ve seen some ppl in the comments say that who u vote for doesn’t matter and shouldn’t determine who u r, which is kinda not true. who u vote for is a representation of ur morals and beliefs, or at least party affiliation, which, again, is a representation of ur morals and beliefs. so, for example: trump and his administration are known to be homophobic, so if u openly support him especially, regardless of party affiliation... then u’re probably homophobic too. it’s just connecting the dots, rly.

  • Thank you for being unbiased as always! It really helps me determine who I am siding with here

  • But if its okay to support liberal and democratic stuff....i think politics should stay away but this is the trend i see personally

    • The picture was blatantly racist. In some countries he'd go to prison for it.

  • this is so stupiddd, who cares, political views have nothing to do with makeup. this is just petty. i understand about them lying but at the same time its understandable bc ofra prob knows how petty/sensitive and shallow people can be.i dont judge people on their political views. its who they are as a person is what matters. there actions are what matter.

    • Like paying money to Trump on the day of George Floyd's funeral.

  • I hate this entire ethos of phony outrage for personal gain. If an entire nuke dropped on the entirety of those responsible for perpetuating such a culture it would be super beneficial for humanity

  • People are addicted to outrage.

  • They never said that they don't discriminate against sexuality. Maybe I'm just looking into it too much 🤷‍♀️

  • 👌 means "F" in asl (sometimes it means fine) for people to take this, a letter in a language and turn it into something so vial, Is disgusting and ableist. ASL = American sign language

  • So just read that independent article, the origins and how the 👌🏻 signal turned into something to repress is bull and I suggest the libs and centrists take that meaning back. I don’t care what political party you’re part of but if you promote hate like that, who are you really helping?

  • whoah this video didn’t come up for me at all until now

  • Nahh I disagree. You should run your business neutral & support who you support in private. (Like they are attempting to do) You shouldn’t have people who like your products that don’t buy because of who you vote for. This sounds more like a call out that one person liked a T tweet then anything on ANY level of integrity. Smdh. Who CARES who they voted for? Did I hear that because they collaborated with LGBTQ community that they QUOTE ->>> MUST not have supported T?!?!?! Are you kidding me?? I though BETTER of you. If you don’t know there are tons of LGBTQ people on the right that support T. How ignorant fr. Its EXTREMELY diverse most LGBTQ and minorities feel like they can’t even openly discuss their views because of this “call out” culture as if they are some bad people for supporting DIFFERENT policies. Anyone who is truly for LGBTQ and minorities would be 100% against Biden instantly. Just shows you’ve NEVER done any research. I get it most of your fans are really young & haven’t actually done any research or been around long enough to know the REAL him. Extremely disappointing.

    • @cheese bandit - Welp. That makes a total of two sane people. 😅

    • facts

  • Tbh I don't think that Ofra lied at any point (apart from maybe those likes, as I think it was not a hacker but someone that forgot to log off their brand account). Brand owners are not the brand itself. If the owner donated their own money, that they earned by running a brand, to anyone, that does not mean that the brand donated any money. People can do whatever they want with their money, even if they earned it by running a large business. Also, owner's and company's views and values do not have to align, simply because some values might be welcome more than others, and therefore might help obtain higher profits. For example, J* is a proven racist (allegedly), and yet his brand promotes equality and inclusivity. That does not mean, he changed his views, only that he recognises what is and isn't profitable. And while he is very much a face of his brand, Ofra's owners are not, they're not public figures and they don't market their brand with their faces, which makes their values even more detached from the brand's.

  • Me & my sister used that symbol towards each other all the time & it means ok. When the f%ck did that change?

    • It still means ok lmao, the white supremacist thing was spread by 4chan trolls

  • It has the best highlighter

  • I can’t never watch ur vids I need this content THE WORLD NEEDS THIS CONTENT

  • Ordered Function of beauty in October and it made my hair shed like crazy and come out in large clumps. 😞

  • OH dear god they are more petty and toxic than dbd and R6's communities combined

  • I’m so upset, star island IS my highlighter

  • Right before your video I saw an advertisement for Crest toothpaste and it was an LGBTQ-positive ad; for some reason they decided to be inclusive with a toothpaste brand. It got me thinking they're just trying to look good, but also that's a bold move considering they could lose customers. Then I got thinking I wouldn't be surprised if the people behind big companies were funding anti-LGBTQ organizations with the money coming from LGBTQ customers. I know Hobby Lobby does discriminate for instance. Illuminaughtii did a video on them. Feigning political beliefs or avoiding politics is dangerous for brands to get into cause then nobody knows what their money is going towards. It's better to be open

  • Love the perspective in this video! The most informative & very little bias video on this subject I've seen! Very well put!👏

  • Well, I won't be buying from them. 🤷‍♀️

  • That hand symbol also means "F", as in the letter, in ASL.

  • Is it just me or does the "beauty community" seem like those popular girl clicks in school that all attack one another at least once a week?

  • Also, if you believe that every person has a right to vote for who they want, then why make a video? Why should they be chastised for expressing their political standing? I feel bad for Ofra..I really do. I hope Melania catches wind and starts using Ofra 😀

  • About to go and buy MORE OFRA if they support my main man, Pappy Trump!! A shame gas prices have never been higher in 7yrs here. #2024TrumpTrain

  • I think the BIG problem here is that people are crazy enough to hate a company or product because they have different views and beliefs. I don’t blame a company for wanting to keep it hush hush who they support politically, because society is nuts and thinks if you support trump or law enforcement you’re the devil.

    • @Nadia Villarreal so happy I’m not alone in this thought lol

    • Thank you! Amen

  • You are so stunning & have your own beautiful style!! The “Beauty Community” could learn a lot from you!!!

  • I think sabotaging companies for who they vote is dumb and searching about who her husband is giving money to is weird, like it's not that deep I don't know why is even a controversy.

  • Ah yes, the beauty community at it once again.

  • Ofra, trash, next.........too many great competitors to give them my money so they can give it to that nasty orange menace and his followers. Nope!

    • i love this comment sm 😭

  • I eat ice cream for taste not makers political preference 4 chan was fucking around with hand symbol

  • Irs kinda funny that under President Trump gay marriage became legal and not with President Obama

  • Hmmmm. If a person within a company has beliefs, that's on them. If they make actions on those beliefs, that is something else. If one dude enjoying his echo chamber political views doesn't make toxic action, than we really should respond to the company separately. However - action was taken. A hand sign was made, and public. Donations were made repeatedly. If I know that the money I spend on a product contributes to toxic action, then it IS a company problem. Now I don't want to give them my money, because of where it goes. Money talks. Clicks and shares can matter.

  • what a non issue

  • I don’t think ofra meant to like those tweets from the ofra beauty account. She probably thought she was on her personal account lol

  • All of this is stupid. They didn't need to lie and no one needed to even care. If they didn't lie I'd buy from them but they are probably scared with some of the crazy things going on. So i suppose i get it. Idt they are white supremacist... That's why they were scared. Everyone is so quick to judge. People who buy slave labor mica beauty products all day certainly don't understand ethical priorities. Just saying. Bigger issues.

  • Have you done a video about Coachella and the owner of Coachella and the super negative environmental impact that festival has on the area? It’s so corrupt and directly pays for anti lgbtia+ legislation and rhetoric among a thousand other things and I wish more people knew about it.

  • I got their stuff from ipsy. 😳

  • Ugh 😑 the beauty “community”... I saw this Nikki tutorials thing ab ofra but I couldn’t be bothered. So I’m glad you are talking about it bc I prefer your straight up this is how it is style of video. You rock Julia!

  • We can say they shouldn't have lied. But obviously they mistakenly posted the pic on their business account. And I think they have that right. Because you can say whatever you want about how "you can have your opinion and thats cool" but we all know any slightly positive mention of Donald Trump can get you canceled. That would be their livelihood in danger. And going to their personal accounts for their political view and then judging their business over that isn't fair, especially when you claim they can have their own view. Clearly they can't.

  • What I took from this is that they were only advertising as LGBTIQ+ friendly to get the gay dollar, not because they were actually allies. Real nice. -_-

    • Idgaf about what products or CEO’s support politically. If you make a good product at a reasonable price I’ll buy it, if you don’t, I won’t. I don’t do the “vote with your wallet” type shit. I’m not that privileged. I have to buy what I can afford and what gives me value for my money.

  • I don't understand how people are so critical when brands make jokes or try to be relatable but also want them to be activists and political. Also I disagree with this somehow falling onto the influencers.

  • Beautiful hair today

  • The problem is, businesses get attacked and ruined due to left wing politics n it goes to far. It goes into death threats, protesters go n surround homes. Alot of times it gets violent. So i bet this was done out of fear. I dont care about politics but if i question anything on a channel or whatever im hated on. People r going to far with things. It gets real scary. People wanna be proud of what they believe, but word gets out about a republican business owner they get scared of their safety n livelyhoods. Unless people know what thats like n they r on the blue side it would be very hard for them to be empathic. I love the fact this channel is non bias. Thats why i stay a sub

  • That hand symbol is a 4chan thing that caught on to crazy q anon people . So as much as I want to respect someone's political views, I cant when most who voted for Trump past 2016 are essentially supporting domestic terrorism. Maybe they could sell their cosmetics to all the ladies on parler.

  • People should not involve politics in a business. Just buy a product you like. A brand of make up have nothing to do with right or left. And voting for Trump doesn't make you an horrible person, that's a private matter. A vote should stay anonymous.

  • That’s always so silly just be you if you lose people over your veiws fuck em

  • I would love it if we could separate makeup from politics. I’m so over this hyper political crap.

  • The ok sign becoming a symbol for white supremacist is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. My deaf sister uses it all the time

    • @MellowJelly exactly! By labelling it as one its not helping and in fact giving them more “power” because that means they have enough say to change meanings of things into a dog whistle but in this context i think its being used in the 4chan pol context

    • It is stupid, it was intentionally started by 4chan as a hoax but it caught on and actual KKK and white power members use it deliberately now. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @Kaydi Glawson If there's nothing in the picture or caption that could also point to aligning with white supremacist ideology, it would be quite a leap. I don't think anyone is going around assuming that every single person who uses this hand gesture is using it with the intention to signal their white supremacist beliefs. Context matters. This hand gesture is appropriate in many contexts that have nothing to do with white supremacy. It starts looking sus when you're wearing a MAGA hat and posing with this hand gesture in front of an american flag. Honestly I think you should be more concerned about the people who think this hand gesture is a sign of devil worship. Those people don't really see context.

    • @JustAHorrorShow not in a picture. A random person would have no idea.

    • I don't think anyone will assume your sister is flashing a white supremacist symbol while she's signing. Context matters.

  • I really appreciate being informed about this situation. Thanks so much.

  • i really enjoy your energy and your informative way of making videos 🥰

  • In all honesty, screw those beauty gurus. Have any of those influencers put out a statement saying they'd break ties with Morphe when Morphe continued to support James Charles? The mere fact that James Charles and Jeffree Star are still out and about is very alarming, by the way. I don't know how come the beauty guru world is such a lightning rod for sociopaths and how can they thrive so well

  • I kinda feel like the hand symbol was probably a joke about the media spreading the 4 chan hoax as fact, and all the people who believed it. Tbh idgaf about anyone's politics. It doesn't define most people. There's the extremists on either far end of the spectrum I try to avoid at all costs, but that's just because they're crazy. And the people on Twitter harassing anyone whose views don't align with their own are doing the opposite of making the world a vetter place As far as big brands and corporations, I don't trust that any of them deserve my support, regardless of their politics. I'd much rather support small and local businesses as much as I am able to. I just don't trust any of them to put ethics before profit

  • Ah pre-2016 where who you voted for wasn't your entire god damn personality.

    • When candidate merch wasn't everywhere

    • @Mink SAME we had school assignments to write Obama letters 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have never had to do that for any other president lmaoo. Obama/Biden ran against John McCain (VP Sarah Palin) and Mitt Romney (VP Paul Ryan) in 2008 and 2012 respectively, but honestly I’ve never even met a Republican nor independent who likes either of them.

    • Even here in Canada in 2008 if you didn’t support Obama you were seen as crazy. Of course I was a child with no understanding of the political climate in the USA so I had no opinion but I do remember teachers nailing into my head the name “Obama”, even including him in our assignments. To this day I still have no idea who he was running against 😭 It’s been an issue for a long time, it’s just with social media becoming so mainstream that it’s part of our daily lives that it’s a lot more out in the open. I wish people would just vote and call it a day, not dedicate their entire personality and way of life to a politician that really doesn’t care about them 😭

    • I meannn idk I honestly remember it being a huge issue (in my state at least) starting in 2008

    • I MISS THAT SO MUCH 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • SCREAMING why did I get an ad for the onision documentary right before this video

  • Do a strand test with your function of beauty products... Or even consult with a stylist about what your hair may need before ordering. I think it's a decent brand, but my hair is still recovering from a bad formulation used once 6 mos ago. Heads up.

  • To me, getting behind what Trump stands for is a deal breaker. Yes, you can technically vote for who you want, but a vote for Trump goes beyond politics in my view.

  • It seems like everything in the USA revolves around politics... holy shit that's gotta suck

    • @Ra Pa I didn’t say anything about voting. I said holding an opinion.

    • @Meag If you vote for someone, you ARE supporting everything they support because you are giving them the power to make those changes. Your lack of awareness is absolutely disturbing.

    • What sucks more is if you don't pay attention and participate in politics and advocacy, you lose your human rights.

    • It didn’t used to be this way. Now every single opinion is connected to one political party or another, and people assume you support the whole package because you support one part of their platform.

  • "I'm absolutely mortified and disgusted" I mean, unless they were tweeting some racist or homophobic shit, it just kinda looks like you're calling a different opinion that isn't wildly out there mortifying and disgusting lmao

  • Another thing people need to remember if that you don’t have to agree with everything a particular party represents…not all democrats support every democratic agenda and same with republicans…most of us lean towards the candidate or party that represents the majority of what we believe….no one is going to be everything for everyone….so for these influencers to rule out a whole political party or those associated with it is just childish and naive in my opinion

    • @Ra Pa that is why you have to support what you feel is most important….but just because you don’t support 100% of one party…I mean honestly who does…you can still support that cause in your own way…you can’t pigeon hole people like that…no one is 2 dimensional

    • It doesn't matter what bits and pieces you support. If you help elect people who support something, you ARE indeed supporting it yourself.

  • sounds like i just found myself a new makeup brand

  • Also, Ofra & David Gaito met in the Israeli army in the 80s. People claim they are also anti-Palestine, which would of course be very much in line with their right-wing opinions.

  • I think people need to be more open with how business works so people can understand how these things will play out & not get offended when people don't immediately put themselves in serious financial jeopardy when they are under contract & a business owner does something incredibly moronic.

  • Does anyone remember what happened with Kim Thai? Ofra and David's daughter who is their social media manager or something accidentally sent Kim a really nasty rant/message, Kim said she felt like they just used her to get closer to Nikki. I think this was like 2017

  • What is the real story you ask? People are insane and will boycott and cancel ppl because of political opinions, ruining companies and their employees livelihood. Will not be the owners who will suffer, will be the employees. Is the product good? Buy it! Is it bad? Don't buy it! Is as simple as that!

    • Bullshit surface thinking.

  • to be fair we don't know who had access to the twitter account, it could've been one of them or someone on the social's media team but the "we got hacked" was definitely fake lol

  • everyone getting triggered over a company who liked a tweet. get over it, this isn't video worthy tbh

  • *posted a photo of them throwing signs, clearly intentional* "wE WeRe HaCkEd!;_!???!!!!!"

  • Political bigotry is getting old! Time to move on and find a new cause

  • I like brands showing their political views so ik which ones to avoid

    • True it's better to know who you're supporting so you can decide not to, rather than what everyone else in the comments is saying which is a brand should be apolitical. There's always going to be someone in the background of those brands that is putting money into their beliefs 👀 better to be open

  • Oh my. It looks like the people who supported cake discrimination now think it's important for us to support poor Ofra. Get lost, losers.

  • Omg who cares about company owners politics? Unless you’re looking into the owners of every single product you consume, which you’re not, then just buy what you like and don’t buy what you don’t like. I’m glad I’m from a generation that minded its own business so every single thing we ever paid for didn’t have to be a political statement.

  • crazy how far it goes to not be a bigoted capitalist

  • Folks keep brining up 4 chan even tho there is concrete evidence of this being used as a hate sign before 4 chan and their trolling. Although any and everything affiliated with 4 chan, imo, is problematic and racist. That place is a cess pool of gross basement dwelling racist.

    • Media Matters also covered this, before 4 chan's "OKKK" troll. Some even called it a "racist Pepe" symbol. Anyway, hopefully you get the point. The history before 4 chan is there and WELL DOCUMENTED.

    • @MellowJelly ^^ let me know if you still have trouble finding the information I'll do my best to help.

    • @Nikola Ková it won't let me post links here but if you'll Google OK sign + 2015 OR OK sign + 2016 election, you will see it used through white repub / Trump circles way before the 2017 4 chan "takeover /troll" This was actually the big deal people got so upset with Jen Luvs Review about because they kept posting and trying to tell her (while linking her about the viners + Milo (Y last name) guy using the sign pre 2017. Lots of great articles that break everything down and then have footnote links to the sources.

    • Yeah source on that? Cause it appears as though 4chan started it.

    • Concrete evidence??

  • I mean, some people might not want their brand associated with their personal political views. I dont think they should've lied, but I get not wanting politics and business to mix

  • Function of Beauty does black now!!! Oh my god!

  • ✨*angry twerking*✨

  • If Nikki tutorials only wants to work with companies that share her particular values and political leanings then why didn't she vet Ofra before taking their money? Maybe because she doesn't really care at all, she just wanted the money?

  • I KNOW I will not be the popular opinion here, but here goes. I do NOT understand the hand sign gestures. I get when it is posted like this picture show it is to look bad. Yet; I know it is a sign in American sign language. Who came up with the idea that it is supposed to be bad?

  • Dislikeing a company or person because of who they voted for is very Elitist and childish

    • @fondantfart 😒😒😒😒 missed my point

    • Put your money where your morals are

  • Your beautiful thou!! Bailey Sarian i guess might be considered beauty community content but also true crime!! Totally non toxic if you haven't heard of her check her out. She is almost as awesome as you!!

  • Why is the dumpster fire so correct for a description of the beauty community?

  • That hand gesture has changed meaning? WTF america

  • Jen loves reviews has are turned her back and I guess her stuff will be 50%

  • 7:34 says: "we do not discriminate against any race, nationality, gender or political affiliation" dude, wheres the sexual orientation??? that sounds suspicious.

    • Ethnic groups too 🤷‍♀️

  • Do you think you could look into the cash gernon case