Nikki & Dan Phillippi and their dog

Publicado el 7 may 2021

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  • These people didn't deserve this pup.

  • I can't even finish watching this video. What these people did was horrible. As everyone else is saying, they should have taught their kid not to take the dog's food and not be so heavy handed with him, instead of putting the dog down. I feel sick just hearing this.

  • Sounds like they should train their child!!!!!!!!!

  • When I was little my granny had a Pomeranian, Lacey, who would bite my feet when I would sleep in my granny’s bed when I spent the night. We took Lacey in after my granny passed away and her until she passed away in 09, I have a scar on my thumb from Lacey. My family has only ever put two animals down. One was a cat that got attacked by dogs and would have been in pain the rest of his life and could never be held. The other was my mom’s dog recently when her health rapidly declined, wouldn’t have made it through the night and was starting to suffer and be in pain.

  • I had my dog put down for old age and seizures and I regret it

  • I’m sure they regret it…

  • ‘We have to split them up?’ You have to parent your child sir

  • People who still defend them need to understand that they canceled themselves. They could've easily lied and said they rehomed Bowser and didn't want to disclose the new owner's location for privacy reasons. They could've also said Bower had a long history of aggression, training didn't work, leave out the part where their son harassed him, and that the biting was the last straw. Thus framing him being put down as more reasonable. But no. They point-blank admitted that they didn't even try to rehabilitate Bowser and that their son getting bit was his fault. They didn't see any problem with publically admitting that they killed their healthy 9-year-old dog, and even had fantasies about doing it themselves. I'm not shaming them for putting their son's needs over Bower's. However, the fact that they've had Bower since he was a puppy and still didn't feel any remorse putting down or place any effort in rehabilitating him just proves that they no empathy for animals. They don't deserve any defense. They deserve to have their platform stripped away.

  • She’s evil and he has no spine. They’re a great couple. Not the best parents though.

  • my dog bit my face and made it bleed bc i was trying to get food away from her (she wasnt supposed to have it but still) and that was a one time instance so my family agreed not to put her down. im a minor btw so yeah. she hasnt done anything similar since and is a very good dog tbh, she was just a puppy. its kinda gross how they were playing with their dog, getting them aggressive, and letting their kid harass and bother the dog constantly, then when the dog bit the kid once they put their dog down. this makes me so sick

  • my sweet little dachshund who we actually HAD to put down last year (16 years old, in kidney failure) bit me several times when i was little. i was always in her face, not taunting her, just wanting to love on her and she was territorial and i couldn't take her growling cues responsibly. my mom told me to respect her boundaries, and i listened. we lived with her happily, NO biting, for the rest of her life. she never so much as growled at me after that. the last few years of her life she loved for me to carry her around. she would sleep in my arms for HOURS in the last few months. this is fucking bullshit and heartbreaking and horrific. murdering a dog because your child got mildly hurt for literally trying to take food from the dog...... is just ridiculous. teach your children to respect your pets' boundaries or do not have both simultaneously!

  • Nikki Phildippi turned of comments on her page. You can still go through and DISLIKE HER VIDEOS. Those people are absolutely DISGUSTING AND NEEDS TO BE CANCELLED. THERE IS SUCH A THING AS GIVING YOUR DOG UP FOR ADOPTION INSTEAD OF OPETING FOR MURSER. Go through and dislike all of Nikki Phillip's videos! Make a stand!

  • This makes me so mad, the dog gave all the warnings, he even tried to avoid the child when he got annoyed. I can't imagine killing an innocent dog because he reacted like a dog. They even said it wasn't bad, if the dog wanted to hurt the child he would.

    • then they take photos of the dog and child before they kill the dog wtf

  • I have an 11 year old dog, super sweet and smart, but she is a breed which is known to be a bit anxious, so from the moment we got her we would train her, with food for example, a dog showing any kind of aggression or resource guarding is bad and as an owner you have a responsibility to train your dog to not act aggressively. My dog LOVES food but she will always let us pet her while she is eating, pick her bowl back up etc because we trained her to trust us and that we will give her the bowl back. We have also told/showed children who come up to us and wanna pet her to pet her body and not her head because a lot of dogs generally do not always enjoy having their faces touched. So we show kids how to approach and pet her. This dog did as you said in the video, not seem to really be that aggressive to the point were nothing else could have been done. But one thing that i've experienced with my dog is situations with other dogs that turn out to be aggressive and it makes me angry at dog owners who do not train dogs because if a dog is genuinely aggressive and you don't avoid other people and dogs it can become extremely dangerous. My dog was attacked by a pitbull once, unprovoked, they were far away from each other and the dog just bolted up to her and attacked her, and of course my dog is not aggressive herself but she will defend herself so my mother literally screamed at the owner to get the dog off her and he had to physically lay on top of his dog and hold it down. Luckily my dog was not hurt, she bit him in the ear but other than that it was fine. But we could literally see the dog going for her throat and if she hadn't been as fast as she was she could have been killed. Stuff like that scare me as a dog owner, because i trust my dog, but how can i trust other people to make sure they have trained their dog to not be aggressive. I would think to either always have your dog on a leash or actively avoid other dogs on walks would be common sense if you know your dog to be potentially aggressive.

  • So their kid is not behaving and they are saying the dog step over a boundary??? What is this world

  • did she ever mention what made their dog "special needs" ?

  • I'm so glad our dog is very very mellow when it comes to his food. He loves food, but he will let you take things from him. My Stepdad doesn't understand why he can't give the dog cooked bones and onion and grapes so I've been so so thankful I've never been bit while taking the food from him. BUT, if I were ever bit for taking his dangerous snacks that my Stepdad loves giving, nobody would ever blame him. It would be 100% my fault.

  • There are so many thoughts of putting these 'people' down like their dog for putting him in that situation in the first place. Absolute scum on this planet and they don't deserve the air they breathe at this point.

  • Not only were they using zoey to get him excited, he had a toy in his mouth. Basically in that moment he was using zoey as a chew toy. I hate these people. Oh and I also hate her laugh... so annoying

  • At this point it is not dog abuse It is dog homicide

  • These people are disgusting and should never own an animal let alone be parents... their bad karma is coming

  • Thank you for putting in the footage of your dog because at that moment I was extremely upset and it made all my anger just melt away if only for a few seconds

  • i don't believe they ever tried to rehome the dog. her speech about how the humane society said they couldn't rehome him because they've had him since he was a baby, and that they would still be liable if he bit someone...?? i work at a humane society and this is all new to me... it sounds like a made up excuse to not try and just take the easy route of putting down a healthy dog for no reason. i grew up with animals and my parents taught me straight away not to harass the animals the way their kid apparently did to the poor dog. this is their fault 100%

  • The problem was not the dog!! HOW DARE YOU PUT DOWN THAT DOG!!! SHAME ON YOU! You do not deserve to have another pet. EVER. You disgust me!!!

  • if a dog doesn’t work in your home, find another one.

    • also being with someone for birth will take getting used to for a dog. but it can be done healthily. also, i’ve been bit by my dog purely on accident and he even broke skin. but he never did it on purpose or with malice. NEVER.

  • These people shouldn’t be parents or pet owners I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the severe stupidity

  • The way this lady is just casually drinking her coffee during is odd

  • They should’ve taught the kid not to take food from a dog. That’s the last thing a kid or anyone should do.

  • I would like to say that these two should be put down... By their own logic and admission... They showed a tendency towards aggression by putting their own dog down... According to their logic they canNOT be retrained or rehomed... As I am not willing to take responsibility that they will not reoffend they canNOT be rehomed... So by their own logic we need to set up a goodbye photoshoot and arrange to have them all put down.... These people are stupid and should NOT have any type of platform...

  • why was the kid unsupervised????

  • You have to teach kids how to treat animals, not expect for a toddler to know how to do it if you aren't being careful...

  • I hope karma hits these POSs in a big way

  • this sounds like a fucked up joke wtf is this

  • Basically, they didn’t want to parent their kid and the dog paid the price. The kid needed to be taught respect of animals. My partner has a four year old toddler, he was chasing our cats around. Any time we saw that happening, we immediately put a stop to it and explained that is NOT how to treat animals and if you keep it up, they will scratch you. Our four year old stopped after a few corrections. PARENT YOUR CHILD, DON’T KILL A PERFECTLY HEALTHY ANIMAL BECAUSE YOUR KID DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE AROUND IT. I was shaking when I learned this. Poor fucking dog.

  • I really like how Niki and Dan continuously referred to Logan's injury as a "little mark". They knew that it wasn't that serious, yet they went to the extreme for what? Internet pity? A mark could be anything from red scratch to the top most layer of skin being torn, but those can heal and be forgotten about within the week. As much as I'd love to also bring in the fact that they knew Bowers's teeth were small and dull, I'm not ready to commit to a longer comment than this.

  • They sound like they are making up excuse after excuse after excuse.. Bowser should have had his own space or den where logan was educated to always leave that spsce alone in that space.. and watched to make sure logan was stopped going into that space at all and distracted to do something else. Both my boys from baby's were taught age appropriately to treat the dogs with care, respect and affection... they are not toys.. Logan is so young he needs constantly watching and in all things not just dogs.. There is so much wrong with their e behaviour in this video...who riles one pet up against another... no one should.. 😤 Ohhh I'm so hurt for the dog and angry with these people. 🤬 I moved with a very anxious dog and with care it went fine.. you are not leaving the dog you are relocating with the dog. Dogs generally are happy if they are still with their beloved owners.

  • Bull Terriers are my fav breed but will always be too expensive for my poor ass, it's fucking criminal that rich assholes can dispose of their 'loved' pets like it's a sweater they don't use anymore.

  • Narcissistic nightmares! My son was gifted a puppy at 3 from his grandparents, my youngest was 18 months at the time we never had a problem because I trained the kids along with the dog. I fear for their kids the way these 2 talk emotionless cold as ice.

  • These people are terrible as hell. Obviously a child, especially such a young baby, is going to be rough when grabbing at things and animals. They are babies, they don’t know any better. They are learning WHICH IS WHY YOU AS A PARENT NEED TO MONITOR THEM. But the same goes for the dog. The dog is going to protect its food and its own health. You as the animals owner should be monitoring your pet and your child when they are in the same room. Especially a child so young. They are so stupid.

  • The video clip at the end with Bowser and the Yorkie is freaking painful to watch. Why on earth would you do that to your pets.....

  • They’re ducking weird

  • @5:20 you killed your "spirit" animal?

  • She's telling a story. Not recounting genuine experiences in the way they actually happened.

  • I work in childcare and bring my dog in often to teach the children how to respect the dogs space and pat him gentle

  • Seems like they put him down so they could find a better place to live. She mentioned they had a hard time finding a place because of him. So it seems that made the decision to put him down, even easier 👀

  • As someone that recently had to put down there dog, (old age and and cancer had returned) these people are the worse type of people you could possibly meet. Neither should ever have animals, neither should have kids quite frankly. Complete disregard for life. Just disgusting.

  • I can’t even watch their video. (Any of them) it breaks my heart so much. They are sick narcissist people who use social media to feed their sick desire for attention. Thank you for this well thought out video! Great job. 🙏🏼

  • They said something about an Australian guy that came to their house to help put Bowser down. I thought that was sketchy and they only talked about him for 5 seconds so I believe they murdered their poor pup

  • This is bullshit and I hate people like this. They should never be able to have animals again!!

  • I'm Japanese and not good at English, so I paid attention to their actions. Why is she drinking coffee so often? Why is she giving him an intimidating look? Why does she sometimes make comical movements? Why does she seem to be enjoying herself sometimes? Why does he look at her as if he's afraid of her? They're talking about the dog they euthanized, right? It looks like she's angry at him for causing the accident and complaining about the cost of fixing the car. Could it be that's what they are talking about? I'm not good at English, so I'm not sure if they're talking about the euthanized dog, just by their facial expressions and movements.

  • I work at a vet clinic and you’d be amazed how many people jump to euthanasia before adopting them out

  • I had a Rottweiler like this who was always guarding a bone. Didn't attack anyone but if you took her still fresh bone if you needed to mow the lawn etc it was hell. Blaming the dog instead of parenting is stupid

  • These people are unnerving as hell. I don’t trust them at all.

  • Although I don't agree with the route they took, I think it's a little ridiculous to expect a toddler especially one as young as their kid, to be able to distinguish wrong from right, especially at his age. And when you have little ones, it's not always so easy to keep an eye on them. You can turn your back on them for one second, and before you know it there's something happening! Not saying that they couldn't have done more to help prevent a situation like this, but ultimately they chose their child over their dog, sad but true...

  • Human life ALWAYS comes first, I don’t care how long you’ve owned an animal, at the end of the day it’s just that, an animal, their only mistake was posting it online for crazy animal lovers to see, I’ve seen people say they’re not having kids until their dog is no longer with them, the thought of letting an animal dictate your family is crazy to me.

  • One thing, food aggression is not a thing you should just let happen, this idea of you dont take food from an animal is super not right, but if you don't let a child around a dog's food and if you find they're gaurding, you work with them to train it.

  • thats bullshit. As a trainer, these people are horrible owners. Its normal for dogs to bump heads or fight. there like little kids, they fight for food, steal food, steal toys, etc. there should have trained him and disciplined him. its not the dog fault, its the owner. he was probably didn't get enough exercise or attention. that makes a dog lash out too but also because he wasn't property trained. if they trained him and exercise. he wouldn't be lashing out. yes, he bites for food but it can be easily fix. it was stupid that they put down that poor dog. there no such thing as bad dogs, its the owners


  • ASPCA is a better option for advice than the Humane Society. Their story is SUS AF. The husband's statement is so out of line with their supposed grieving video. I don't believe for a moment they're being truthful. Body language is way off, too.

  • And the fact that they don't show a single real emotion in the whole video is just upsetting, imagine putting down your "beloved" dog that you had with you for 9 years and not looking the tiniest little bit sat or regretful? boy only the thought of my dog being put down because he's sick or dying makes me bawl my eyes out, if I had to put him down while he's in good health because of behavior problems it would totally break my heart and I would blame myself for not being able to raise him well, I would never think it was his fault, nor I would never blame him or his breed for acting aggressively.Y'all forget sometimes that you're all your pets have, and that they're counting on you to live a happy fulfilled life. It's your responsibility, never act like it was youre pet's fault when something went wrong. I'm disgusted at this couple, truly. And the fact that they made a whole video about it showing they were absolutely shit owners and expected people to feel sorry for them? lmao they're literally jokes, they don't deserve to have any pets at all.

  • I will never get tired of saying this but animals should never be held accountable for their behaviour or reactions, if a pet has behavioral problems or aggresive reactions then it's all the owner's fault for letting it escalate to that point. All animals have basic needs and boundaries that should be respected. If your pet behaves "badly" then it's because you're not taking good care of it, it's as simply as that. No matter what breed they are, no animal is born bad behaved or aggressive, that's a myth, it derives from their needs being neglected. Also I'm fed up of people saying "kids are just playing they don't understand", kids understand more than you think they do. Thye might not be full aware but they're not stupid either and they learn how to differentiate good from bad from their parents so it's really important you teach your kids at a young age that animals are not any toy they can play with and that they have to be gentle with them. Anyways, the thought of putting a healthy dog to sleep just because of behavioral issues is dumb, it wasn't even a bad bloody bite, if the dog really wanted to he could've disfigured the kid's face badly but he didn't, he understood he was family and only did that cause he was fed up of the kid molesting him. They should've gotten professional help for the dog or at least giving him up for adoption to a family who could take care of him, putting him down should've never been an option.

  • It’s interesting how you mentioned how you thought their video was meant to be “emotional” but you didn’t feel as though it was really all that emotional. The channel Observe actually breaks down the reason why that is in this particular situation. Observe is a body language analysis channel, and he goes down bit by bit in breaking down their body language. If anyone is interested in checking him out, I really would recommend it.

  • So they killed their dog because they didn't teach their kid to behave and didn't feel like re-homing them. People like this are the absolute worse and have no business having having animals. And to turn off the comments is the most pus$y move.

  • I was thinking the same thing about the vet and method they used to put the dog down when they said they did it at home. I don't think any vet clinic would have agreed to put a dog down after one minor incident of self defense, especially after years of neglectful training and lack of socialization and ongoing abuse from the child. I'd definitely have recommended separating them, getting professional help, then re-homing the dog if that isn't effective enough. How they just ave up on him is disgusting behavior.

  • wow, if she had of spent the time and effort she put into her BS video on her dog and child... we would not be here and Bowser would still be here.

  • I hope they lose everything i hope when their child grows up i hope that he/she hates them

  • I can not understand why there was never any mention of training if Bowser was “special needs” (aka reactive) as they mentioned. Aside from the fact that the child should have been taught not to bother the dog eating, if they were so “scared” of him why not invest in training. as a reactive dog owner my GOD this is killing me

  • Sorry about the rambling in this. Aspgers/Adhd and not the best at formatting. "I grew up with old yeller ... " If he did, then he learned 0 about that book/movie. Maybe he was just fascinated by the end scene or something.. The book (I didn't watch the movie) was heartbreaking. They only shot the dog because it had rabies and they didn't know how to cure it... Not because it scratched them because it took their food... I'm so angry over all of this- but to say that about that poor bull terrier and to act like Bowser was a lost cause; even to say it was like Old Yeller where it was traumatizing to Have to put the dog down or else it would hurt the rest of the family... No. I think they put Bowser down themselves in the back yard because their little moving trip would be too difficult for a special needs dog. That little biting thing with the kid must've been heaven for them, realizing they could call him aggressive so they didn't have to deal with him while moving. Of course, that's just my speculation. I didn't even realize the part of the millions of subs- I'm glad you brought that up. Even if they didn't, Bowser sounds like such a sweet dog, I know so many dogs who'd snap at that kid beforehand, when it was messing with the dog's ears. Even the most well-trained dogs could snap at the kid, and for Bowser to be a victim of a biting accident causing him to be anxiety-ridden ? Such a good boy, I feel so bad for him..

  • Dan gives me if he can't have him no one can vibes...... And she just gives off a vibe where this is what she's always wanted and she finally got what she wanted. Did anyone else want to punch their screen every time she sipped her fucking latte?

  • I feel like that their dog didn’t attack the baby, but rather they just got tired of their dog. This “incident” happened right before they moved?? Isn’t that suspicious? And how they said how difficult it is to have him be moved into a new house and to have him feel comfortable in. All they had to do was make up excuses of why they couldn’t take care of the dog.

  • I have a dog who don’t care about food 😂 I mean- she (Alice) loves food, but you can always take it from her. But I would never ever leave a child with a dog alone!!! Everything can happen!!! Dog can think that the kid is playing with it, how many times Alice bite me during playing because she missed the toy and her teeth stopes at my hand! She never meant to bit me but it happened. Stupid lunatics! I hate people like this! Have excuses for everything

  • has anyone else noticed similarities between this instance and David Eason and Nugget? also it sickens me how they were causing tension between their dogs and Nikki just has this like evil giggle. they are sick. idk. I don't think they should own dogs (or adopt kids for that matter)

  • God, that would be like me touching the still hot stove as a child and in response, my mother taking a sledgehammer to the stove.

  • "little mark" and still put down a perfectly good dog. it matters. they're clearly not right in the head and doing everything for clout.

  • they killed an innocent animal. they're ignorant af.

  • A sinister example. Sorry to say but the dog deserves a happy healthy life, while those humans are a fuckin waste of air. There is so much wrong with this that i won t even bother listing it. Especially given the adoption controversy too... they have serious issues. But the fact that they killed a poor animal cause they are irresponsable and ill prepared... sorry, i find that unforgivable.

  • Soo moral of the story is Logan sucks

  • Wtf why couldn’t they just watch the child. I have three dogs and I don’t think they’d ever bite my son but I still keep my son in a play area in the living room so he can’t get into stuff and also so he doesn’t bother the animals. Cause he will try to climb on them and pet too hard and that’s not fair to the dogs. They were here first and it’s our job to teach our children how to treat pets. You don’t do that by killing your dog.

  • looks to me they had him put down to make a you tube video about it

  • I am questioning on why didn't the dogs have a safe place to go to get away from each other or others like Logan. Besides them not correcting Logan about leaving the dogs alone(which I can't say they havent 100%) and their thought process makes you wonder when they were looking into adoption and fostering before having Logan. What the adoption/fostering places found out.

  • So they killed a dog because they were too lazy to be parents...? Wow. That is incredibly sick.

  • In Portugal if a dog attacks a human, specially a child, the authorities put him to sleep. Owners have no say in it. If he attacks other dogs he is put on a municipal kennel for 15 days to a month to evaluation and decision. That couple is horrible but it's not weird they put him to sleep. A one year old child has no notion of limits. Parents should always be around a dog and a child even if it's a small sweet dog

  • They murdered the dog and are trying to justify it. They both need to be in therapy for years. What is going on with this kind of sickness. Having the dog killed then talking about it while saying they loved him is beyond sick.

  • That’s what animals do ffs, they’re protective of their food, what did you expect, when you’re dogs eating, go near their bowl and you’ll probably see the dog growl......they wanted this dog gone because they were moving, end of,.

  • A. A kiddie gate. A KIDDIE GATE. How the fuck did they miss that???

  • You forgot to mention all their weird adoption videos! Basically they choose not to adopt because they wouldn’t be able to put their child on social media. I believe that we should be conditioning dogs to have their food taken away/ played with however under no circumstance should a child be left alone with any animal. None of this should have ever happened.

  • Isn’t it their fault their parents dog attacked Bowser? Do they not watch their dog? Like, honestly, they are disgusting, horrid people.

  • The video of them continuously shoving the small dog towards Bowser was disturbing. That definitely was causing stress on BOTH dogs like wtf. I hope they get the small dog taken away from them too. They should be nowhere near another dog again. RIP Bowser..

  • It sounds to me like they've been waiting for an excuse to do this and it was obviously very convenient timing for them. I can't believe she basically says it was a convenient time for them with the move coming up like?!?!!!???!?

  • Nikki: "AHS says we can't rehome him cause we had him since he was a puppy and we formed a bond with him." Me: I wonder if that lady who had 60 cats removed from her one bedroom home knows this.

  • Im not even 2 n half min into this and im overly pissed!! I have a Chihuahua and a 6month old. The pup is so sweet but she gets these favorite treats and of the baby tried to yank them away she nips but doesnt puncture the skin. (I hope this makes sense) these people would already have her put down im assuming!!! These people are lazy and cant train their own dog. Re homing is a thing?! Nasty horrible people

  • I don't understand why they wouldn't just remove the dog

  • My old dog Jasper bit my little brother super hard in the face. DID WE PUT HIM DOWN? NO. he was a rescue that was abused, he needed a calm home which we couldnt provide. so we sent him back to the shelter and got a new dog, Fizzy ( who is still with us today. ) either get a older dog thats good with kids or get a puppy you can teach to be good with kids.

  • Your intro is cute. Your style is cute. YOU’RE CUTE!

  • So basically.....they murdered their dog 🙃 wasn't terminally ill, no pain the dog was experiencing, just two stupid people who should of taught their child how to behave around bowser.

  • Also to add I remember growing up one of my grandmas dogs was food aggressive. It will drilled into us as kids not to disturb the dog when she was eating. Well, one day I did and she growled and snarled at me and I burst out crying (I was like 5) and my grandma gave me a big lecture and I never ever did it again. The dog just wasn’t great around small kids and especially around food but we co-existed in the same space for YEARS until she eventually died of old age. There is no excuse for these heartless twats!

  • Omfg. I’m so angry and upset I could cry. Get these heartless morons cancelled ASAP. RIP sweet baby Bowser, you deserved better ❤️

  • As an owner of two dogs i dont understand this. I just don’t. It hurts my heart knowing a healthy dog was put down because his owners didnt think about him, only about what was convenient for themselves. “It was hard moving or doing anything with bowser...” they shouldn’t be allowed pets literally. These are horrible people.

  • This is disgusting. The way they speak about Bowser's life being cut short (murdered) is horrifying.

  • ngl i kind of subscribe to the theory that they didn't take bowser to the vet to have him put down... no vet I've ever been to would put down a dog that's relatively healthy and showing little to no signs of aggression. literally all they had to do was teach their child how to act around their dogs... and they still have the yorkie! yorkies are also known for being aggressive, i fear for that poor yorkie...