Nikita Dragun & her brand of "misjudgement"

Publicado el 3 feb 2021
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  • Are you going to talk about James Charles's predatory behavior? Watching and waiting, sometimes not waiting for the age clock to turn 18...? Gross.

  • Correction: not a pandemic, but actually a scamdemic, as we have been, and continue to be, scammed by the leftist liberal democrat dirtbags in gov't and the media....

  • oh my god so i knew about nikita but I didn't know WHO she was so I did a quick google search on her name and one of the frequently asked questions was "what will nikita draguns race be today?" stay FAR away from this girl

  • I thought she was black until now. Wot?

  • that isnt biphobia, thats on being trans luv xx

  • I absolutely love your perspective. and your intro.

  • Covid tested? BS!

  • I feel like the bi comments she mad could’ve been more about the fact that she is transgender and used to be a male so maybe it triggers her in some sort of way, I don’t think it was being biphobic more just an insecurity idk if I’m explaining it properly but you know

  • It’s a he

  • That’s the set of nails I bought ❤️

  • Even though its legal I personally think ppl that go after "barely legal" type porn are questionable

  • Girl please, I love me some Nikita Dragon.

  • I’m not friends with this girl anymore for obvious reasons. Let’s call the girl Jess. Jess is turning 18 this year. She’s dating this child. Let’s call her Gill. Gill is 13. Nothing has been done. I can’t even do anything until Jess is actually 18. This law or whatever is blocking me from doing something is stupid. Jess is old enough to know better.

  • The influencers are LAME. Anyone who follows other people so hard, will always be disappointed.

  • Yeah Nikita’s little stunt with the Blessed Mary pissed me off. The universe handles girls like her 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • As a trans woman, I’m speaking from experience. I definitely think she worded her feelings towards dating a bi-sexual man in an irresponsible way. I can attest to the feeling of insecurity when dating men who previously dated a man before you, because it’s something a lot of trans women I personally known have also gone through. Dating as a trans woman is extremely meticulous and we don’t get cut any slack from the public in regards to our gender and sexuality. So I’m knowing that people would assume Oscar was dating her because people see trans women as, “men.” Which we’re not. Which I’m sure caused her a lot of anxiety, and caused her to feel insecure in regards to peoples opinions of their relationship. So, I genuinely don’t think that she is bi-phobic, I just don’t think she was able to articulate what she was trying to say correctly. However, I definitely think with her platform, and everything she has access to, she has a responsibility to do better.

  • If i had a partner who’s only dated women before (but is interested in men) i might get dysphoric about it, but like- redirecting it onto their sexuality just. Isn’t it?? (I’m bi, for the record)

  • Yeah, the whole biphobic situation blew my mind! How are you gonna say you are all about equal rights for everyone yet spew biphobic BS to the masses!??! I wish Nikita would just GO AWAY! FR~FR! 🙄🤐

  • This is too funny - the height of hipocrisy is judging someone else on their appearance and how they feel like they want to portray themselves as that day - by someone who calls other people 'phobic" for not liking THEIR lifestyle. If YOU don't think someone has the right to tell YOU that your behavior is inappropriate, YOU do not have the right to tell other people that.

  • All of these "content creators" and "influencers" make me want to ask - who the hell are you that I CARE what any of you think about ANYthing?

  • Geeezus can’t homeboy jus be Pansexual?? for real!! I thought I was bi but then slowly realized that it’s not the gender that matters to me it’s the person, soul, vibe, connection. NOT what they have between their legs! Nd her, out of all people should respect that unless she wants people to cut her down for being born a male. It’s a 2 way street baby you don’t like it, stay the fuck home and stop making videos for young people to see and repeat your ignorant banter. Smh what a shame.

  • If we’re gonna talk about her black-fishing we need to talk about Ariana grande lol

  • You didn't prove that she saying she is a different race so it just a skin color. In my opinion everyone should look like what they want

  • FYI..there is no proof that getting vaccinated for Covid, that it keeps you from getting Covid and from not spreading it...

  • A mockery and a caricature of a woman, and a terrible one at that

  • I thought Nikita was black 🤯

  • She's not a great person, but as far as the skin tone thing goes, she's biracial. I am too and my skin tone naturally changes DRASTICALLY between the seasons. In the winter I look white. In the summer, no one would ever mistake me for white.

  • I ordered your nail collar and it shipped today. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  • isnt that grooming lmao.... i remember everyone was doing that to billie eillish

  • So.... Nikita is offended by a bisexual man being attracted to her because that means he still sees her as masculine?? Because bisexual men are *obviously* only attracted to masculine people??? I can't fault someone for having insecurities, but to be openly and proudly biphobic because of them??? That ain't it, sis.

  • Nikita is 100% black fishing. As a south East Asian the level of “tan” especially on her legs is not normal. I’ve seen some dark Asians but you would never assume they’re black

  • Nikita isn't even talented or entertaining, not even in like an 'omg shes a train wreck I can't look away' kinda way, she just seems like selfish bad person.

  • Ok but imagine a 25 year old man commenting that about charlie damelio they would have been cancelled so fast and dragged across the internet that’s the pedo shit magazine would do about the Olsen twins and Natalie Portman when they were turning 18 magazines would count down the days

  • there's lots of things to dislike her for but i think the blackfishing point is something to consider stepping back from. different ethnicities tan in different ways than others, she very well could just tan very dark. My grandfather is native american and looks very "white" in winter but gets exceptionally dark in the summer, I'd never accuse him of blackfishing. ultimately there's no real way we can 'prove' whether or not she naturally tans that way

  • I don’t think it’s fair for you to criticize her experience with a Bisexual man specifically because she is a trans woman and you will never be able to live her experience. I think the girl is allowed to have her preferences and entitled to her feelings about being compared to a man by her partner.

    • Like Ofcourse you wouldn’t understand. Also the bisexual dynamic it’s the same for women and men. You have not right to judge her emotions. She didn’t say she hates him

  • Imagine if a cis/straight person saying the same thing Nikita says about bi people......

  • Aside from basic, I have zero respect for her. I'm just tired of it. I'm also tired of her throwing how hard it is being trans or a woman in our faces when she gets criticized. Like honey dont pretend you actually know what it's like to grow up your whole life as a woman in society. And dont pretend like if you weren't trans you probably wouldn't be famous at all. Its gross but tell me it's not the truth. That damn 'universal' chalk face palette? Blackfishing skin tone Nikita cant even use that palette LIKE HELLO?!?! This is really the legacy some ppl want to leave behind I guess. She will be remembered for the worst parts of her.

  • where do these people find the energy to be so scummy. i can barely muster up the energy to get out of bed.

  • Thanks for mentioning the 1 year age gap. There were teens who went to my school who got into legal trouble because of the 1 year age gap (17&18) even though they were both in the same school grade ect.

  • You and Shannon friends? 💜🧡💜🧡💜

  • Lmao, I’m down to listen to you talk to a brick wall. It would be more interesting than a lot of other creators imo 🤣

  • I've been teaching high school since I was 21. I am 26 now and anytime I see those age gaps I get so uncomfortable. Like those are students.

  • I shamefully bought one of her makeup palette not long ago. If she was just a makeup artist and not so bad I would really love her, her makeup 10/10, her personality and the way she mocks so many people 0/10. edit: grammar mistake

  • My husband of eleven years and two kids has slept with men before me. I had a hard time at first with it, BUT it was not something I vocally expressed or even allowed myself an opinion of other than IF I WANTED TO CONTINUE THE RELATIONSHIP. Obviously I chose to, and I also chose to drop my opinion of it from that point, as it was now a moot topic. People need to grow up. Sex is sex sometimes and someone else’s personal sexual decisions does not allow you an outspoken opinion of it.

  • If I had it my way, anyone who abused their influence, should lose their influence. Period.

  • It's the waiting part that's creepy af.... Age gap is something that should always be weighed up on a person to person basis .... But that waiting for someone to be "legal" is so creepy. What you're really saying is you wanna smash a teenager but you don't want to go to jail.... Like damn. Gross and really transparent.

  • "I have everything...I have followers, I have likes." It's so sad to me that there are so many people, not just Nikita, who honestly believe that followers and likes are everything, are all that matters. 🥺

  • Unfortunately, imho.... more & more will do whatever they want.... because they CAN. Because they continue to be allowed to. Think about it. The examples set, are #hit.... back-a$$wards, at best. Bad behavior, gets rewarded time & time again. THAT is success?? Not very often anymore, are there tangible consequences to fear; nothing causing anyone to hesitate... to pause & consider the risks of whatever they are thinking of doing. There's not much actual follow through...... accountability..... or tangible consequences issued, for anything. Quickly & generically apologized for (or ignored completely) pre-scripted & cold.... forgotten about.... back to business & absolute fkery. People doing what they please, when they please, however they please & in any given moment, impulsively just saying or doing whatever they think will best benefit THEMSELVES. More & more, traits of self-serving, attention seeking narcissism are poking through.... quickly replacing any sense of a moral compass or values. Traits like integrity, compassion/empathy, insight, having a conscience & doing what's right merely because it's right... have become more like rare gems rather than the norm!!!! A fight, a big car accident... a crime.... teacher getting yelled at, let alone assaulted?! You can count on 9.9999999, prob 10 in most cases.. out of 10, being sure to whip out their cameras in order to film it to post, for views, attention & $$$...... rather than even trying to stop it or help. Furthermore, the person causing.... will lie, shift blame, make excuses for, intimidate/threaten legal action (or worse, have a parent show that example TO/in front of their child) or the job of someone at the school, etc.... to escape accountability or consequences they, themselves... earned by their unacceptable behavior. To get out of charges or fines, in court. Truth, honesty, self-respect mean litle these days it seems. Someone's word.... worthless. Self reflecting & taking accountability for one's choices & actions, feeling remorse, making changes to do better, be better? ... pffft... Difficult to sit & wonder much anymore, "omg... why would they?? How could they? But... what IF THEY?? Jeez, who DOES that???" Esp when they prob just look around at the examples being set everywhere of what's apparently ok, acceptable, enabled, even rewarded?! .... thinking.... "Pfffft... well why wouldn't I too, then??" instead. ~Stay safe & be well.

  • I wanted to support her, but I will not support a bad person. She has a 💩 personality

  • Tana still being relevant kinda makes more sense to me, because I have to admit, shes kinda funny. I just like to watch a burning car. Nikita is just vile. I dont understand why she always gets a free pass for her bullshit.

  • All I know is someone needs to get her a cute little brick wall toy (like racist pineapple)

  • As a bi person I hate the awful stereotypes (also the same goes for any sexuality). It’s just not right

  • I never really understood the big deal about her to be honest. Maybe I'm just not in the age range. She always seemed stuck up and 'holier-than-thou' which i don't like. As a bi woman, that part pissed me off. Imagine someone she found attractive telling her "oh, you're a trans woman? Mtf? I don't like that" IMAGINE the rage. BTW @readytoglare I was pleasantly surprised by how quick the nails were shipped out. I got the ones you're wearing but the short version. 🖤


  • I've said before that some ppl throw the homophobia card on the table a little too easily. It's so convenient to accuse others of that, when the reality of the situation plays out differently. Their community doesn't like us or want to extend inclusivity to us and yet we're supposed to like or worship them? I won't be a party to that, I opt out of that arrangement completely.

  • You should do a but regardless t-shirt

  • Where can I get that hoodie??

  • * I crazy or wasn't "Nikita" born a MALE..?!!*

  • The only kind of point I partly understand is her being a trans woman and being uncomfortable with a guy who’s also attracted to men, it’s about that making you feel insecure in your identity and dyshoria. I’ve been with my bf for 3 years (1 year before I can out and then 2 years after) and anytime I see him watch porn that has a woman in it it makes me feel uncomfortable and the thought of “he sees me as a woman, he’s just attracted to me because I’m biologically female,I’m never gonna be a real man” etc etc come to mind. ALTHOUGH it’s inapropriate to bring that up to more than your partner, and if it’s really that much of an issue that you can’t talk through it with your partner then you should just not date bisexual men and keep quiet about it. Apart from that everything else is COMPLETELY bullshit lmao (Nikita’s behaviour I mean not what you’re saying about her)

  • nikita is not a woman. she is a trans woman. not the same.

  • greaaat lol

  • Sometimes people are just shitty. She is selfish self serving spoiled narcissistic and immature.She doesn’t care about telling the truth just says whatever suits her current narrative

  • We really arent ever gettibg out of this pandemic, at this point i wish everyone who doesnt take it seriously would just die and leave the rest of us to get over this the best we can.

  • I feel sorry for Nikita. She's a very sad, lonely person with insecurities: she's insecure about being a trans woman, that's why she can't stand the thought of a man who has been with other men being attracted to her - she feels like it makes her manly. She's insecure that she's Asian, so she cosplays as other races. She's insecure that she has no true friends who really know her so she throws parties in the pandemic to prove how popular she is. And she's insecure that she has no talent or worth which is why she's always getting into controversy - she wants to be relevant, even if requires notoriety. What a sad life.

  • The Dragoons are surely coming for you

  • I don't condone or agree with it, but I do understand Nikita's upset over a man into manly men. There's a secondhand dysphoria that one would feel to compare themself to someone's past partners. So in Nikita's case, when she says "he likes big manly men, and that's not me, I'm a woman," it makes sense to someone with no self esteem and who cannot grasp the concept of bisexuality meaning a love of feminine, masculine, etc traits for what they are. Again, don't condone it, but I could see why someone with a shaky sense of self and awareness around others would think that way.

  • I’m trans myself and I think for most of us we do not claim “Nikita” she done goofed 😒 She’s fake now

  • I’m not judging anyone’s sexuality. Nor am I saying anything negative about it. But Nikita says she wants a man’s man, but the only guys that are attracted to her and I see her with are bisexual men. The only straight man she’s ever been with was because she paid him to be her boyfriend online. That came out and we all seen that she tried to flip it and make it seem that he led her on then denied her because she tried to say he was transphobic. But to say something like that about the guy she was going to get with being with a man before her was definitely biphobic !!!

  • Relying on rapid Covid tests to decide if you should party is about as effective as using pregnancy tests to decide if you should have unprotected sex. It’s straight up not good enough.

  • I love your videos so much, I make sure to watch thru each && every ad so you get the most. 🖤


  • _lmao the 'women can do no wrong' mantra is so true. Double standards exist unfortunately_

  • So she’s now saying she’s 21, when she’s 25 because she’s dating a boy who just turned 18 problematic, and a rapid test can say you’re negative(while you are positive). This is so messy.😒😒😒😒

  • The way she described her attitude towards bisexual men makes it seem like she views dating them as some sort of threat to her womanhood.

  • And it is not creepy to be determining legality as concerns sexual consent by a year's worth of physiological development? I work with a nineteen year old girl who has the interests, tendencies, and general presentation of a young child. Meanwhile, I have a seventeen year old girl basically running an entire faction of our network with a sense of purpose and responsibility what has likely touched your life in ways you may never know. I am thinking we need to properly identify maturity before we go about issuing measurements and penalties addressing our misinformed concept of it. Honestly, I have encountered very few genuinely mature persons, and they have a certain something in common. They all see our concept of what constitutes "adult" as being intensely juvenile. Just sane. Best wishes with your special nails Madam!

  • even bretman rock who was her best friend seems to be distancing himself and minding his business in hawaii with his new streamer/gamer friends. he barely even asks james to join them anymore too & he threw sm shade at his "friends" in LA. its gotten to a point where shes literally losing the ppl closest to her and she still doesnt see wtf shes doing? bretman is now becoming a very successful streamer, u dont HAVE to meet up with ppl to make content. he hasnt met any of his new friends yet but still makes content with them, it isnt hard. and they all made plans AFTER covid, i dont understand how they dont realize the most popular creators rn are ONES WHO FOLLOW STAY AT HOME ORDERS. the ones who are making content by themselves or through the internet

  • Nikita is just irelevent so she decides to be a horrible person

  • I saw a comment on another video about Nikita that said: She doesn't have the personality to BE a 'Personality' and that's why she has to create scandals and drama....

  • The amount of wasted Covid tests for parties is astounding- yet I have stuff struggle to get them for WORK

  • I cant stand that a non-black person thinks it's okay to pick and choose what color they want to be. Kim does it, Bad baby does it, black people go through a lot in this country and people like this take it as a joke👿

  • I think it's hard for trans people yo except bi people because they thing that bisexuals are fetishizing them like "here's the best of both worlds in one body!" But it's like I thought that it was transphobic to not date trans people so make up our minds for us!

  • Love your videos, don’t care for Nikita and her appropriating-blackfishing-Corona-spreading-clout-chaser-a$$,, I’m just here to stare* at your various colours of hair and lovely tattoos/nails 🥰 Plz tell me that hoodie was part of your merch / & if so, will be promptly restocked...???! ❤️

  • The media has been doing a count down to 18 with DannyLynn. ( AnnaNicoles daughter ) EVERY year they exploit her new age showing side by side's of her and a sexy pic of her mom. Like, just wait and see when she grows up men... It's gross! And I can't believe her Dad takes part in it

  • found your videos last night and ive been binging ever since thanks for the great content!

  • nikita is biphobic ... imagine when she founds out what pan is 😐

  • I’m sad I missed commenting for 666k subs, Gulia 🥲 congrats on 668k 🎉

  • Could her biphobia be related to some internalised transphobia? Maybe?

  • I've lost my taste, a lot of hair and people in my family to covid19, because of people like Nikita.

  • You can add blackfishing to the list of horrible shit she did

  • ReadyToGlare do a video on Hopeless Peaches and That Spoiled Brat that made fun of someone that has cancer. That was not cool *smh*

  • How low do the numbers have to be in order for things to go back to "normal"? Viruses never go away once they surge. They trickle off naturally over time infecting less and less. Do we wait until then to act "reckless" in public? When will that be? What's the stopping point? I feel there never will be a stopping point. We just live like this now.

  • when are you gonna cover Marilyn Manson tho........................

  • wait, she's white???

    • Nope she is a Mexican Vietnamese woman. But with a fairly light complexion.

  • am I just now finding out that Giulia is bisexual?! It's an honor to have you in the community!

  • Do you think Nikita’s biphobia was her internalised transphobia? It’s not about his sexuality it’s about how she feels about how he looks at her. She can’t get over it, he’s fine with it.

  • Bro what is wrong with all of her 😶

  • That things she said about the bi man made me fume. I'm bi and I hate that there are still people who believe that bi people are really just gay or that it's degrading to be with one. Also, I've noticed there's more of a stigma towards bi men than there is towards bi women. Bi women get fetishized like hell, but from what I've seen bi men get invalidated more.

  • If he pretends to be a woman why wouldn't he try to be a different race too. I dont understand how blackfishing is problematic but pretending you're a woman and harassing bi men for not validating your identity is more socially acceptable. Sex is immutable as well as race. Its weird the mental gymnastics we make because a man self identifies as a woman despite the glaringly obvious male patterns of behaviour.

  • Transwomen still display male patterns behaviour. Not surprising Nikita is acting like this.

  • I just can't understand why Nikita, a _transwoman,_ would be uninterested in dating a bi guy.