NFTs: the new cash grabs?

Publicado el 31 mar 2021
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  • honestly surprised you didn't really mention how damaging this is to the enviroment. Artist, myself included, shouldn't be excused for this.

    • @Aish Paish agreed ! I am a small artist and a majority of my community wants nothing to do with NFTs . They only truly benefit the wealthiest artists out there, and are terrible for the environment too

    • @READY TO GLARE )))))

    • I was surprised too! I was so excited, but hopefully she does because it’s so damaging to the environment and I don’t want to speak for most artists, but a lot of them find that enough to not bother with NFT’s(once they find out). Still loved her video, but it would be great if she does a follow up for the environmental impact to spread awareness!

    • Exactly. I don't get it.

    • @READY TO GLARE thank you! Its good that you and others on a platform are talking about this and bringing attention to it!

  • I fucking love that grey eyeshadow look

  • cringe worthy

  • Bruh, you're using 20% of your video yourself for adds... 2 minutes of a 10 minute video... Plus addrolls.

  • 5 mill? meanwhile I’m over here keeping it real.

  • Recently, there was an occurrence where a beloved artist who passed away a year back got her art stolen and sold on blockchain sites. Her brother wrote about it on Twitter and said neither he or his sister ever got involved in NFTs and aimed to contact the blockchain websites to have her art pulled from there.

  • i actually dont understand at all. cant i just screenshot it and take it 👉👈

  • Late stage capitalism really is desperately on its way out

  • I love the way she says "Gucci"

  • NFTs aren't good for indipendent artists, just the fact that you need to pay hundreds of dollars to get a piece NFT certified should be a red flag. this is literally just a money machine but with images instead of bitcoins as tokens, this has nothing to do with art.

  • NFTs are AWFUL for the art community. It's just another more fancy way for art thiefs to steal our work, and also make quick and easy cash out of it. Art theft has already been a huge concern and issue in the art community for years, especially for digital artists like myself. People can just download or screenshot our work and reupload to their own accounts, and very rarely does the platforms do anything about it. And with the introduction of NFTs, it just throw a whole new wrench into the mix that we _really_ do not need right now.

  • It's not about art; it's about money. If you guys search on ESmain or Google, there will only be business people or articles talking about it.

  • You look amazing in this video! Did you do something different with your makeup?

  • I don't care about NFT s unless it's marketed deceptively or to children

  • I'm a digital artist// college educator and I think NFTS are trash.

  • I do not like scalpers like why do what you do.

  • This business is fucking weird. This shit is very harmful to the art community, also. There are actual artists working their asses off every day to earn the minimal amount of money with commissions while these people just steal their hard work to turn it into profit for themselves. This whole business is so shady, it relies on greed and manipulation, I don't agree with it at all. Thank you for bringing awareness to it.

  • Wonder if you could use photos for NFTS. Also great, gonna confuse that with NSFW by accident.

  • I appreciate you talking about the subject. I heard about it last week but was struggling to make sense of it before hearing you explain it.

  • I don't care how much sense it makes for an artist to sell their shit thru nft - definitely not worth the environmental impacts

  • I admittedly have a hard time conceptualizing cryptocurrency and certain technological advancements, but I don't understand what the point of an NFT is. Buying art online, sure, but do you receive it in real life, or is it simply a digital copy? What's the point of buying a file of a piece of art? What's the point in buying a file which allows you to put a filter of Gucci shoes on your feet? Somebody help me out, please! Am I missing something?

  • Im not an artist but some of my friends are and they complain a lot about NFTs because they can steal art from talented artist and sell them as their own, which it sucks. But in the technological aspect is also damaging. All the environmental footprint is really bad so I don't get why NFTs are supported, but to be honest, it is not a surprise. All the "crypto" things are in trend right now thanks to people like Elon Musk which keep misinforming about them, so it was not surprising that he also sold a piece of "art" through NFTs in millions of dollars. To me they are a bunch of technology enthusiasts and they are making reality the technocratic dream.

  • SNL explained it to 👌😃

  • It's like trading cards if the owner of the card sold it to someone but only gave the buyer a piece of paper saying they bought the card and also told them they could come over to the seller's house and look at the card whenever they want. And then did this 100 times more.

  • I will never understand this crap 🙄 NFTs just seem like those micro transactions in video games.

  • I feel like I have an unpopular opinion about NFTs, because I think they could be great if used in a similar way as art prints but for digital sculptures and animators because as a traditional or digital artist who makes drawings there are many different ways you can make money from it such as prints and drawings but digital sculptures who work in programs like blender can’t. I think many peoples problem comes from the ridiculous amount of money people spend on these and the way people are taking advantage of this which people will always do no matter what. If there was a website like INPRINT but for NFTs for smaller artists people would be more open to it.

  • youtubers that make NFT probably hire artist from either deviantart for exposure or from fiverr for rock bottom prices xD

  • GIULIAAAAAA now I can't un see that pic of Jstar 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • When the artist who drew the image or did the sculpt could never have brought home that money by selling an nft of a similar piece of artwork by themselves (or the art made and sold by celebrities could never have been sold that fast by an unknown artist in a level market), the unknown or hired artists and designers are still being the ones who are exploited. Period. Nft’s are not here for the artists, they are here for art investors.

  • Petition for Giulia to make NFTs of short stories (like a few pages?) or poems????????? Please and thank u

  • Omg I'm so glad someone finally covered these. My man is prob tired of me ranting about them, everytime another artists makes a collection 😅 Hearing about Grime's NFTs first (I like some of her music/ *furthest* thing from a stan) it seemed completely ludicrous. Mostly knowing that artists are using them to recoup funds lost from a lack of touring. I'm not saying Grimes didn't lose tour revenue, but sis, the other artists aren't living on Tesla money lol 😅 & her selling tons of copies of the same NFT rubbed me wrong. Isn't the point of splurging on art, that it's 'one of a kind'? 🤔 NFTs from Feed Me (who has long been a digital artist) and Zheani, a fave of mine who's constantly censored, kinda changed my mind. . . Until now 😂 I didn't even know non-artists were making atrocities like that J. Star nightmare fuel, omg 😅😅 I'm hoping to God once shows are happening again, cryptoart will be a dad. Until the next plague, at least 😬

  • this sounds so useless. no, artists don’t need this. fuck nfte’s and their damage on the environment

  • My husband has bought some of the sports NFTs.

  • them: NFTs = non fungible tokens me, a neuroscience student: NeuroFibrillary Tangles

  • Agreed. Great for digital artists!

  • You could sell an NFT that's an image of you doing the point at random things people point their camera at. ;)

  • As an artist, NFTs seem like a bad idea, especially in the art community, as people can just turn anything into tokens, even if the person is not the original creator. For example, someone can tokenize my art of guythewhite360, even if they are not the original artist. This can actually cause an increase in art theft since people can just turn art that isn't theirs into an NFT.

  • Girl I'm L👏I👏V👏I👏N👏G👏 for the hair

  • shes gonna have a field day with the james charles tea

  • Art being astronomically expensive especially painting of like a red square have long been used to launder money

  • Always giving me my daily dose of smarten the fuck up. I just got targeted by an NFT pusher and she came to the rescue tellin him to back the fuck up off me and stop trying to recruit me for this shady bizz

  • NFTs are shit. It’s new and people don’t know about it and there have been people tokenizing artists Twitter posts. Are they gonna gonna pay the artists? No it’s a really stupid concept

  • A lot of artists are against NFT's due to the environmental damage they cause If youwant 'original art' just commission someone is the sentiment been around the art community Plus there was an issue that crypto creeps were finding artists speaking out against nft's were having their art stolen and tokenized

  • Honestly I am still confused about the whole concept of this

  • Dude I love your shirt. 😂

  • 2:22 Eargasm

  • Bold of you to assume I have a Twitter

  • If people want to help create a world beyond capitalism I will be over in my corner creating it

  • I’m sorry but this is dumb as hell.... unpopular opinion but so is bit coin. You’re paying for something that isn’t even tangible. It’s like you’re paying for a concept or an idea. You’re paying to possess... air, almost.

  • Not to speak of the environmental impact nfts and other block-chain related activites have.

  • Your editing “Nordpass” in the promo is hilarious

  • I saw this topic in my natal lenguage, so probably is this why understend all lol. Eve if i didnt she explained well.

  • It's like a bitcoin you can look at. They gain and lose value

  • Make nfts w your fan art if u don’t do it someone else will and if u feel weird about it donate the money 🤷‍♀️

  • I really don't like the sudden rise of NFTs. I commented the other day on classicalfuck's ig asking him rhetorically if they were bad for the environment and he replied with a straight up no. People would do anything for a quick buck at the expense of the world. His art wasn't even original, he just took a piece of historical art and posted some shitty text over it.

  • Well you can see van Goghs paintings for free online or for a small fee in a museum, but they are still worth much money. I can understand when people sell their stuff for much money.

  • You should do a video on the twitch user Smashgodxxx and how he abused his girlfriend while live streaming and his sister helped.

  • I’m so confused. I actually don’t understand the concept. You like procreate a picture and sell it? But only 1? So it’s the original? But then you can post it and people can screenshot it for free so like what’s the deal with selling it? And how does the person buying it know that they’re the only one who got it? Like couldn’t Jeffree sell 5 and say it’s the “original” every time? Couldn’t I screenshot it and crop it from her video and be like “oh yeah I bought jeffrees NFT” if you buy it does the artist just send you the link. Like Gucci themselves emailing me a ghost picture? I could then keep the ghost picture and also sell it like 5 more times being like “yeah I bought the NFT I now have the original Gucci ghost who else wants it?” But why would they do that if they can google “Gucci ghost NFT” and find the same thing. I have so many thoughts and none of them make sense. If someone could attempt to explain this to me that would be amazing.

    • Then again I also don’t have the single slightest clue of how crypto currency works so that may explain it. Are they not paying with real money? And how is it bad for the environment if it’s not a physical thing they’re using?

  • I still really don't understand NFTs because like wouldn't other people still be able to use the data?

  • NFT all your wigs somehow.

  • actually want to know* dont scalpers kind of exist in the physical world of art trading too tho? ugh so much new stuff, requiring so much new thought, requiring so many big discussion, making head big heavy. we used to escape life in the internet. now we let the internet-wasteland pour out into real life. my. head. hurts.

  • this NFT stuff feels shrouded in Warhol vibery. but capitalism * womp womp * i think peepo gotta be carefo'

  • If the NFT gives you rights to what you bpught ok. But it doesnt, you can buy the album through NFT but it will be available to stream anyways and for "free"

  • wtf

  • NFTs are incredibly harmful to artists because anyone can put an NFT on something, it doesn't matter if they are actually the original artist. It makes the stealing of artwork online, which is already a massive issue, even easier to do

  • It just seems like an intense version of commissioning an artist

  • I learned what NFTs are a few days ago when a very famous Spanish youtuber (Willyrex) said he was selling some of these and it was a big topic. He is not an artist btw, he's a gaming youtuber.

  • I have no clue what NFT’s are

    • @Pastel Doll No problem

    • @VuIcannaAshFan thanks!

    • Just to summarize things, NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which are units of data on a blockchain. These NFTs can apply to digital things such as artwork, audio, etc.

  • ❤️

  • I want that shirt. Is it part of your merch?

  • Lmao next sleep paralysis demon 😄😅

  • So if I’m understanding this right you pay with bitcoin for a digital picture of some art that you could probably find on the Internet? And then what? Why would you do that? I’m really confused can someone explain it to me.

  • Did anyone else automatically think not for trade when you saw NFT?

  • I believe NFTs are so ahead of it’s time that people just don’t even know what the fuck to do with it so they are just making anything an NFT We the beeple lol I think that’s my new word for “people” *Beeple*

  • I didn't even know this was a thing, why are people so money hungry when they already have enough.... when you die you don't take shit with you 💀💀💀

  • nfts are literally an mlm type scam.

  • Whoever wrote that article is not a KOL fan and doesn't speak for everyone else. If they missed Come around Sundown, Mechanical bull and Walls, then it is their fault. I hate it when people say artists are irrelevant just because they are not mainstream or on the radio 24/7. They have a huge following and are still big in the music scene. Their tours always sell out!

  • my brain can't get over how these are practically free and so i'm still confused as hell after watching this and reading articles. So people are paying for photos that can be looked at and saved for free? Like paying for WinRAR? And somehow purchasing these photos give off environmental damaging emissions? All because of buying a photo that can be looked at for free? The world needs to slow down, my brain can't catch up.

  • As an illustrator this is super scary. When I first heard of it I knew it was going to be a bad idea

  • This feels like what they do with adoptables. If you know what they are, these buyable designs are on thier own a kind of nft. Only 1 of the design can be sold and only 1 will be the real one. Ive seen some adopts go for over 2000 dollars. There also are scalpers who but an adopt and sell it for way more.

  • anytime i hear about some new thing that costs an outrageous amount of money and doesn't make sense i can't help by think it's just a new way to launder money lol

  • I'm an artist and I bet I see bugger all coins for me.

  • 2 videos in on day?! Yes pleaaaase!

  • So basically they're just very pricey rare pepes?

  • omg your hair is amazing :D im so tempted to put colour in my fringe :p

  • Jeffrey stars one looks like a SOPHIE album cover..... My face is the real shop front 👌😂

  • two videos in one day!!😌

  • i’m a young digital artist and when i first heard of these, i was sooo excited. Then i learned how shitty they truly are. If there was a way to produce these that was better for the environment i honestly think wayyy more people would be willing to do it

  • 2 videos in one bay you are the best 😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Can’t stand kings of Leon lmfao

  • I like Radioactive by Kings of Leon better than the one you mentioned

  • With the scalpers, the nft will always give a 5% to 30% (set by artist) of the resale. - something artists have been fighting for, for years, and only artists with money and lawyers only have access to. So yeah I like that part about NFT’s.

  • Random side note but the Gucci ghost is actually pretty cute

  • I got into breeding Cryptokitties like 4 years ago way before NFT was even a term, lol. They are basically the original NFTs! I am stoked to see what they're worth once they move onto the new platform (it's complicated but the market is stalled right now because ethereum is no longer viable for it and the "gas fees" for every transaction is ridiculous- but soon it will be on a whole new system)

  • Me:*has two sleep paralysis demons* Jeffrey Starr's NFT's: I think you know where this about to go Me:*runs*

  • NFT's are terrifying

  • Today went from eh to Woohoo! Thank you for two videos today♡

  • Thank you for doing this video, your always Level headed with your opinions. I was going to try nfts out, but you're right the hype always happens about a New Fandango thing, just to REALISE in the long run it isn't sustainable, like Bitcoin dropped popularity.

  • i still don’t understand NFTs can someone dumb it down for me?

  • Ten Hundred made a really good video on how bad NFT's are for the environment.