New info on Chad Daybell - the unsealed affidavit

Publicado el 22 jun 2020
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  • They're guilty as sin but they're wealthy so like Jon Benet's parents, they will skate by.

  • So sad how can anyone hurt their children, I cant even spank mine, this is just insane

  • Gosh.. what religion drugs was this woman on? Zombies? 144000?🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • that lady who was told the mother thought her children were zombies shouldve gone to the police right after, it was clear they were in danger

  • Wow the 8th of September I got my first tattoo and my bday is the 9th and this is all sad and messed up too.

  • I was just having a nice evening, working on a project and listening to this video and, tbh, Vine has rewired my brain because right after you said "Del Taco" my brain launched into a completely different mindset and I couldn't figure out what happened. It's because when you said "Del Taco" my mind didn't even say "freesh avacadoo" but it fired the synapses that related to the name "Del Taco" and, by extension, the Vine.

  • So did Tammi die after the kids? I thought she died way before. Why did Chad Daybell text her phone the day after he buried the kids?

  • *children were considered as "zombies"* *Thinks of all the poltergeist and possession movies I've seen* Are you sure about that?

  • I hope one day Lori breaks out of this shitty trance she's in and realizes what she had and that she threw it away for a lie.

  • I just wanted to thank you for all the content you make. It’s always somewhere I can go when I’m having a rough time and need a distraction.

  • Been watching your videos for a while so glad I found an intellectual ESmainr I’m not a ‘fan’ to the extent of I gotta know your name asl etc loving your work pls keep it up 1❤️

  • As soon as it said jj was “asleep” in coxs arms, my first thought was he was already dead

  • Wow! You're reporting and understanding is way better than Court TV, excellent work.🤔 💯

  • "All these moments, will be time." " tears, in the rain. Goodnight." ;) Good taste in movies. I'm a fellow Blade Runner fan, as well. If you are also into sci fic books, I really recomment reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the book the movie is based on. :)

  • what the hell even is this case and are there any peititions and fundraisers that people know of that can help this?

  • I feel like their attorneys are gonna try and use the whole zombie shit as a reason to plead not guilty by reason of insanity , just guessing , but they are monsters that knew exactly what they were doing .

  • I know we all think it took investigators way too long to arrest them, but it seems like they were putting together a lot of information and wanted it to be in order before any arrests.

  • why would you shoot a raccoon?? like everyone goes around shooting raccoons and burying them in the backyard. oh you thought it was weird?! phhhrrrrt where the hell have you been? i just killed a raccoon last night. i helicopter kicked the daylights out of him. its what we do! shit

  • IMO. Iwuqj,a

  • I wonder if the bodies were moved to Chad’s property. It seems like his place should of been the first along with Lori’s to be searched when the kids went missing

  • Just imagine if some kid gets angsty and some karen says OmGzOmBiE!

  • WAIT until Chad AND Lori's phone pings and info gets revealed. Glad Chad felt killing an innocent animal, then burning limbs was, Had that been my husbands text, I would have driven home immediately and then beat his ass for killing an innocent animal...but we know exactly what he was referring to...sadly, was Tylee.

  • Can you please do the case on Timmothy Pitzen, I find the case quite intresting even though, it's very sad.


  • i'm sorry but the cops fucking failed these kids

  • This reminds me of Andrea Yates

  • This is a great summary

  • Did you just say "examinated"? Caught me off guard because you rarely stumble. =D

  • I appreciate this video gives more info on the recent events on these children. May they Rest In Peace. These children deserve better! I have a suggestion story to look up on the recent information about the disappearance on a soilder Vanessa Guillen. They suspected foul play (they also have more info that there are other soldiers that gone missing). I hope you check this out. I think it be important to check out and give her a voice to speak. Here is a article! Just one of many I found.

  • Nothing like getting a video notification 3 days after it's posted!

  • The use of words like, 'learned' and 'taught' around the zombie theory bugs the hell out of me. It's just bunkum.

  • Can someone tell me where she buys her wigs? I want them all 😂

  • Who buries a raccoon instead of throwing him in the fire pit? 😂

  • The only good thing about this is they found those children, and I hesitate to use the word 'good' in anything connected with this case. The technology for tracking cell phones is phenomenal. Leading me to a suggestion for another video. Where is the phone belonging to PFC Vanessa Guillen? Her ID, keys, wallet, and her car were all found. But not her phone. Find the phone and you will find whoever took her. I am an Army veteran and the way the military treats women who dare to speak up about sexual assault is horrible. Every day all branches of the military release into unknowing population men who have gotten away with years worth of sexual assault and harassment because it is easier to discharge the woman making the complaint than it is to do something about the perpetrator. On June 22 I posted my profile for the jerk responsible. It is as follows: He's going to be mid to late thirties, and E6 0r E7, although I really wouldn't rule out early forties and a very senior NCO. What you should be looking for is a lifer. One who talks a good game and doesn't do very much of anything. He will not be considered good looking, yet he will have a very high opinion of himself and his sexual prowess, which he will mention at any given time. He will stay just this side of misconduct towards female soldiers, and when they dare to complain, he will swear the women instigated it to make him look bad and sabotage his career. He will lie when the truth will save him. He will be the type who at Monday morning PT formation will instruct the women to PT extra hard to dislodge any unwanted fetus they may have picked up over the weekend. He will want to know the intimate details of every woman in the battalion's private life, including how to contact them at all times. When being deployed overseas he will say things like 'the only reason the Army sends chicks overseas is to keep our guys away from the locals'. He will be married, with kids, and most likely nearing retirement. His dependo will cover for him in everything he does, as the one thing a dependo fears above all else if having to get a job. If threatened, she may even resort to helping him conceal his crime, as all pensions disappear when that bad paper comes down. He is in her chain of command. He will be easy to find. He'll be the one about to shit his pants in fear he's going to get caught this time. (You can add the perpetrator, like most senior NCOs, probably has enough experience with signal equipment to know how a phone tracking works, making him al the more dangerous.) You need to do a video about this. The ones you have on the Vallow/Daybell case are excellent.

  • Wow, it's really hard keeping up with the speed of you talking. Are you in a rush? Shame, as this is a very complicated tragedy. ......

  • giulia i love watching your videos❤️

  • Honestly the whole raccoon thing-is super fishy cause if you consider that their animal lovers and have a pet cemetery for that reason why would he shoot a raccoon that was in a tree minding its own business ? not going through his trash or bothering him in anyway just in a tree, I would've found it suspicious right away.

  • September 19 is my birthday, :P

  • I wish you could line up to throat punch people as part of their sentencing because I would volunteer to punch Lori every day for the rest of her miserable life

  • Lori and Chad make me sick. She makes me sick because she killed her kids and let a man feed her this insane bullshit. I'm sure she was already crazy as hell and deep into the extreme religious shit but this whole zombie thing is truly nuts. I honestly question her sisters (and her husbands) sanity as well...shit throw the mom in too. And Chad. What a peice of work he is. I'm not for the death penalty but in their case I'll make an exception. What a manipulative, evil, vile man. I hope his poor wife is at peace and I pity his children. And that evil brother of hers...well he got what was coming to him. It's just too bad he didn't know they all got caught before dying. I hope he was in pain before he went. Put them both down like this sick animals they are. Calling them animals is too good. Animals don't act like this. There are no words to appropriately describe them.

  • The soil was examinated? How does one examinate soil? That made me smile.

  • I hope they're still alive. T.T

  • This case is fairly close to home for me, Rexburg is just a 20-30 minute drive away, thank you for using your platform in a respectful way to spread information about this case

  • I'm glad the kids were found and I'm glad he was caught.

  • Completely unrelated... but this is one of my favorite wigs on you!! 😊 Gorgeous as always!!!

  • This entire case has been horrifying. So much death and sadness around this family. Heinous crimes. R.I.Paradise Tylee and JJ

  • Dude could have went for tacos after he buried his niece? Wow.

  • Ready to stare is on ESmain ripping off your name

  • There’s a girl ripping off your name on Facebook calling herself “ready to stare”

  • Even if my kid turned into a LEGIT zombie... I would still love them with all my heart and I would try everything I could to help them. I wouldn’t just be like “well, they can’t be saved, guess I gotta kill them” like whaaaattt?!?!?!

  • This whole situation makes me sick to my stomach. I think of those poor children, and the efforts they probably went to in order to "prove" they weren't "zombies." The dread and fear they must have lived with, thinking any day would be the day a family member was going to murder them (in order to "save their soul" no less). It's sickening. No child should experience what they went through.

  • This case was extremely sad. We all knew the children were probably deceased. Though we all secretly prayed that we were wrong. I am hoping these people are found guilty and thrown in prison.

  • Melanie Gibb is also related to Charles Vallow. So she can’t be trusted either. This family is involved with organized crime.

  • They don’t mean literal zombies. That’s for the media. They’re referring to stealing identities of the deceased and living as them. Lori and Chad are being framed. My mind can not be changed

    • When has the media not exaggerated things? You don't know these people. I don't care how much they bend the truth, even at base level it's f***ed up. I wouldn't be surprised if they were charged with murder. Saying that they're being framed is so blind. Sorry if I'm being salty, I'm just all over the place rn

  • Has anyone heard about the situation with brady szuhaj? He came out with a video called [we need to talk], where he "apologized" and talked about how he had inappropriate relationships with minors during his time in a band.

  • I just wonder how these people, a family surrounded in cultish ideas and deaths, got to go to hawaii

  • Guaranteed that Chad and Lori are going claim that the murders were exclusively the fault of Lori's brother and they had notjong3 to do with it.

  • The hail Satan sounds like a frustrated joke to me, like a refusal of conforming to what she wants. I think it’s very possible he said it as a joke and she took it seriously

  • I live in Idaho and of course we get the alert about these children. As days went by it got more and more bleak and just completely sad. Other relatives also lied about being in contact with the children. Many people surrounding them have also died mysterious deaths. It is a horribly tragic thing. Sad it happened so close to home too. Idaho rarely has something this serious. Thank you for covering the case so more people are aware of it.

  • I would wonder what kind of thing Lori and chad was holding over Alex in order to control him. Sounds like Alex was the zombie!

  • Wasn't Tyler dismembered??? Maybe he burned her limbs... Or her,before burying her remains.... That's what I think and he was just telling her in code what had happened.

  • Hi, you should look into racist/supremacist doxxing forums like The one that posts information of people in interracial relationships & labels them as traitors. There’s several websites along these lines, I found another one that was basically just doxxing shaming Black people for meeting black stereotypes

  • I’ve been glued to this case like crazy, it’s interesting to watch you unfold all the information 😊

  • i was wondering if you could talk about the fancam situation topic, even though many people have already made videos about it i just want to hear your opinion on it

  • I'm with you on JJ already being dead when Alex Cox brought him back to the apartment. It sounds incredible stupid to carry a dead kid through a apartment with witnesses but none of these people seem that smart, just cruel and selfish and greedy. And I can't even begin to imagine what Taylee's last moments might have been. That poor girl! This case is just heartbreaking. I hope Daybell and Vallow rot in prison for the rest of their miserable lives!

  • I'm kinda convinced they actually genuinely beleive this zombie stuff not that it justifys anything I'm just saying I don't think it's a crazy excuse but rather a crazy beleif

  • Giulia, you HIGHLY INTELLIGENT , EXOTIC BOMBSHELL, GIRL ! I have waited with baited breath for you to do this case ! 😘 You DO NOT disappoint, as ALWAYS ! I hope you are doing well luv. You honestly are enchanting with your beauty, and your mind never ceases to amaze and impress me ! Your are amazing luv ! I hope you know this, and NEVER forget it ! 💖💓💕💞 😘🤗❤🤗😘 Sending you Love Blessings and Shalom ❤🙏🕊

  • I think Lori is more of the Charles Manson of the trio. She may have never fired a shot or anything,but she had others do her dirty work. Also, the death of Lori's older sister in 1998 is being looked into as suspicious. Whoever is in her orbit, death seems to befall them.

  • Tylee waas dead by that time.. she used that 'tylee wont babysit unless i pay her' excuse,yet hired a babysitter and paid her instead? Makes no sense!..the womans a psycho. Period. So she wil very much lie & lie & lie....

  • This is such a difficult case to hear about. Those poor children 😭

  • You’re so beautiful and well spoken.

  • "All those moments that we lost in time." 🎶

  • I’m terribly confused. Werent Tammy and Chad still married at the time of her death in October 2019? Why was Alex Cox and Lori or the kids on Chads property in September 2019?

  • Thanks for covering this, Gulia. This case needs as much mainstream attention as possible, even though it’s already big. You were the person I found out about this though

  • Sounds to me like a cryptic way of saying I have dispatched cremated and buried tylee to lori as a update but encrypted on code word.

  • So...I wonder if Alex made any visits to Daybell in December 🤔 (He died 12/12)

  • The children were zombies and possessed by a dark spirit. Their actual "good" spirit is in limbo. The only way to free these children's spirit is to kill them. So my theory is Chad Daybell killed them burned the bodies and burred them in his backyard. Alex Cox appears to be the one who took the children from their mother's home. I'm guessing he probably drugged them. Chad shot Tylee. This method proved to be too loud so they did something different with JJ. They probably drugged then smothered him or just drugged him. This all stems from Chad Daybell & his teachings. I took a look at his books and there's a lot of tin foil in his hat. Yikes!! 😢

  • Rest in peace Tylee and JJ ❤️❤️❤️ I am so deeply sorry

  • Nothing to do with the video but you look absolutely gorgeous today ❤️

  • I feel like chad just wanted the kids outta the way. Once he knew how much power he had over Lori, he knew she’d do ANYTHING HE SAID. people who use religion to hurt others is disgusting.

  • This video didn’t pop up on my subscription or homepage. I had no idea you had a new video until I saw something on Twitter.

  • "If people believe in absurdities, atrocities are inevitable," - Voltaire

  • Teenagers entering puberty, acting out,,zombie,,wtf these people are dangerous idiots..

  • when you read non-adult remains (or something similar, I have a bad memory, I know) I imagined it and it made me sad

  • This whole thing seems set up for an insanity plea.what

  • Super off-topic: how many lace-fronts do you have and how on earth do you find the time to take care of all of them

  • You can walk in to any psychiatric hospital and even the most decompensated patients wouldn't buy into this zombie theory, nor would they have the wherewithal to conduct such a covertly planned operation. The planning, execution and subsequent cover up proves INTENT. That alone destroys any chances of a defence by reason of legal insanity.

  • Just *wow*

  • Does your hair change color on its own? Is it like a temperature thing, or does it only change when you get it wet?

  • Also, why would someone randomly shoot a raccoon? I would be PISSED if my husband text me that he shot ANY animal. I hate these people 😤🙄

  • Maybe the zombie thing would be interesting in a fantasy novel but its stupid!!! A teen being a teen is not them being possessed!!! God this grosses me out

  • If they really believed the kids were possessed or w/e and them being crazy religious, why not take them to a church or etc for like a exorcism. But no they just got rid of them, going far beyond covering up the deaths and lied where kids were, so then knowing it was wrong. Tried all they could to hide this crime. If she really were crazy (but did he share these weird delusions) believing kids were like evil or possessed and killed them for it. Wouldn't the mother be sad and grieving for the loss of her kids? But no she quickly started a new life, put all the kids stuff in a storage, went to Hawaii and got married. Told people lies like she had no kids. His wife died mysteriously that police are now looking to see what the cause of her death is. I think his wife died 2 or so weeks before getting with this evil monster of a mother.

  • Chad and Lori had apparently went thru more than 40 burner phones to communicate 🥴

  • Your video is so detailed it should be showed in court

  • One thing about this is Gibb and her boyfriend David was there at Lori's Rexburg home she saw JJ before Alex was called by Lori to come and get.JJ because he was acting like a zombie according to lori. Alex took JJ , the last time JJ was seen alive. So Gibb was there when JJ was murdered. And Gibb knew that if one is deemed a zombie they die. Lori kept saying that about JJ. Why didn't Gibb get the hint ? JJ could of been saved. I question this non action. Chad needed an alibi so he left a text trail. And I wonder how much Chads kids really 🤔 know I'm sure they aren't nieve. They worked in tandem to each other Alex did whatever lori told him to do. And Chad the mastermind. I wouldn't doubt that Lori helped Alex with Tylee and JJ.

  • I really hope there’s some sort of lawsuit with the police department Charles dealt with. He went to the police a few times concerned for his kids and concerned for his life and they brushed him off.

  • This whole case is just insane. Literally like something out of a horror movie.

  • Thankyou for making a follow up video on this case, most of the channel that i watch wouldnt do that which i think was so unsatisfying 😂 im sorry for the broken english i hope you get what i mean 😂

  • Everything in that text “I’m burning debris and also shot a raccoon” is just a clear sign of trying to create an alibi