Nathan Larson got caught

Publicado el 23 dic 2020
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  • IT SHOULDVE NEVER TAKEN THIS LONG! This is the epitome of the police’s bullshit line “We can’t do anything until something physically happens.” They should be ashamed.

  • "i'm a survivor", the parents are to blame, and it's a two-way street, if the abused doesn't cooperate with the abuser, then the abuser will move on to seek another potential victim

  • The justice system enables victimization. They always tell victims/potential victims that nothing can be done until its too late yet have arrested and imprisoned so many marginalized people with minimal evidence. This country’s system focuses on who the victim and defendant are (i.e. if the perpetrator is a white male its often overlooked, if the victim is a child of color or a woman of color it’s especially overlooked, if the “perpetrator” is a poc the system does everything possible to convict, etc) rather than actual justice.


  • wowwww as a virginian this pains me even more

  • Jeeeeesus

  • The authorities are waiting him to have more victims. Just frustrating

  • Why he gotta be from my state though 🤢🤢

  • Julia, ur a great advocate for childrenn. Thank u

  • I also wonder: what about the times he wasn't caught?

  • Eletric chair

  • White and class privilege is why he was free in the first place to kidnap that 12 year old girl.

    • period!

  • Adios Nathan Larson!!!!! 👋

  • i hope the girl is okay and that nothing like this happens to her again :(

  • Our legal system really protects pedos it blows my mind!!!!

  • im from Fresno ..... holy shit why have I not heard of this ?

  • I'd say death penalty the moment they create or use a website like that. I barely know any women that HAVEN'T been raped, and many of them started happening as a child. Get rid of them. Save the girls they'll violate next

  • I'm opening up. I was on Rapey. Me and a couple of other people who were victims of Nathan are working with Belle to get info on a couple of suspects. If you would like info on what we have so far. I'm willing to share

    • why tf would y'all go on those pages? y'all ain't foolin me

  • All the comments on the wigs & I cannot agree more. If possible, can you please link the wig you’re wearing in each video?! I’m just overly obsessed & need some of these top shelf wigs you wear effortlessly 🖤

  • These videos exposing pedo vampires help people to be aware of the dangers to watch out for. I hope every one of this guys neighbors see this! TY!

  • Fresno PD? SERIOUSLY LMAOOO the way things come full circle in this channel loll

  • he should have stayed in prison in the first place ...

  • Legalizing consensual child marriage in certain cases makes more sense than this self-indulgent hate fest.

    • Children can't fucking consent.

  • what the hell... did NOT know this was going on in my own state 😳

  • Two people in love, leave them alone.

  • Why are you calling it a kidnapping when it appears she went with him willingly? I mean, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. But you're just stating it like it was a fact. Because you don't like the man's previous statements. It's obvious that feminism has soured relations between men and women. And now, on top of it, we have this manufactured pandemic. Which is all about creating a total surveillance society.

  • Thank god he was stupid enough to try to take her on an airplane....🙄

  • They should be allowed to marry.

    • @whisper They're calling it a kidnapping, but it appears no force was used. And no violence or threat was used. So, in the strictest sense, not really a kidnapping. I mean, I don't know. I don't really know the situation. But the media and law enforcement talking heads don't really seem honest.

    • @Nat White the fact you responded to this...damn you're a're that one memer kid who can't absolutely take anything seriously. Also you're VERY annoying. You're the embodiment of the troll face

    • @whisper I am absolutely not. Anyway, I already said my piece.

    • Ur a fucking troll. Shut up

    • no wtf

  • Thousands of children are sex trafficked in the US through air travel. I have heard they are teaching Flight Atendants to recognize it easier. It’s a scary world and I taught my daughter the only “boogey men” are real people 😞

  • The part of all this that makes me really sick is that he got 1,600 votes. At least we know who the pedophiles in Virginia are

  • We need to start believing people when they show us their true colors.

  • I’m a Mother if 2 daughters (ages 2 and 10.5 ) and thinking of either of My Babies - especially my Sweet Older Daughter - who’s nearly the same age as the Girl who was Stolen in this News-article - literally shakes me to my core. I’m such an Empath - and cannot halt myself from “Putting Myself In Another Persons’ ’ Shoes” ESP another Parent’s shoes .... I can not prevent myself from Imagining the What-Ifs and Personalizing Them and Internalizing The Details and whatnot .... and I am just so beyond horrified. Fml. So Grim.

  • I am a virginian. This man has been trouble for decades. Girls have tried to come forward. But as we know most assault cases go nowhere sadly

  • The neo-nazi alt-right boys sure are getting bold these days

  • oh my god i live in fresno this hit really close to home this monster needs to be put UNDER the prison

  • Does anyone know where she gets her wigs??

  • His site went on the deep web, hopefully that shit gets taken down as well.

  • While I think this is information people should know this should not be monetized. Something doesn’t sit right with me about making money on this sort of subject. But great work as always.

  • I know freedom of speech is a thing but who the fuck let him run for anything

  • I love that wig.

  • I feel bad, she's so upset her hands are constantly shaking during the whole video :(

  • Ofc he's from Virginia. The racism in specifically Virginia Beach is infuriating, not sure about the rest of the state.

  • I would assume they would have needed more proof of it happening before any warrants would be issue instead of suspicion.

  • People like Larson are subhuman to me and don't deserve rights

  • How does someone even feel ok publicly announcing the horrible things he says?

    • Pedophiles are narcissistic and manipulate others. They have absolutely no idea how to fit in with normal people because they are so disgusting themselves

  • you are a wise and beautiful person

  • If she sent him images... what are TY he chances that he sent them to other paedophiles? Potentially her images could be in the hands of many... and all over the dark Web. Her family would die the state. This had done untold amounts of damages

  • He wasnt just on rapey. He made this site


  • i live in fresno and this haunts my dreams. i never thought that i would hear guilia talk about my hometown, but i guess there’s a first time for everything. people like him are so horrible and i hope they get what they deserve.

  • They put a conservatory ship prior, or even institutionalized. Or both.

  • He was the creator and admin of Rapey, openly discussed plans to assault children, openly defended cp, etc. Why wasn’t he arrested earlier? I’m happy that nothing happened to the girl but that can cause serious trauma.

    • Unfortunately that would be a violation of the 1st amendment. I’m not American but if he can get arrested for threatening to kill the president then he should be arrested for continuously, without fail, talking about child abuse and supporting it like that.

  • I don't think the police could've done anything about it. They're not allowed to arrest people just cause they say shady stuff. And they can't get a search warrant without solid proof of a crime. Being a pedophile is not a crime so it didn't matter that he was flaunting it all over the place. If anything it's the law's fault, not the police's

  • Sounds like MAP Twitter.

  • how is it that you wear a wig in every single video, yet it's always off-center?

  • i recently got an Amber Alert, on my phone. the kid wasn't even 1 & a half yrs old. (Madison Heights, Michigan) .. i aint got no clue what the child's name is tho....

  • i agree, that's what i commented on Belle's video. he should be on a watchlist since forever, idk how he boarded a plane by himself or with someone that looks underage. it's like a joke.


  • I love your hair but I can't legit tell if its real or a wig. Like how can you switch colors on it so quickly without it falling out? I know people that change their hair color a lot but like, they keep it for a good month or so before they change it to the next color. And again, I'm not being mean, like I said, I love you hair, I'm just legit curious.

  • happy holidays queen

  • Yes there would have been a way to get a search warrant after he threated to kill a president.

  • Hey man. People get arrested and prison time for a little weed or sending their kids to a school in another zip area. But the authorities see a man advocate for CP and child r*pe and threaten to kill a president and decide to mind their own business???

  • Imagine thinking you are immune to getting caught and arrested for wanting to kidnap a 12 year old but also talking about other disturbing stuff regarding kids and women, just imagine thinking you're immune to that shit knowing well that society deems things like this disturbing and disgusting and a threat to all women and children. This guy is an idiot and creep, may he rot in prison or wherever he is right now, i wish nothing but suffering for him and the people who support him.

  • thats my airport 😬

  • I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Hulu show “a teacher,” because I feel like ive seen people on TikTok advocating for that relationship to work out...

  • tbh we should arrest people for advocating for this type of sh1t.

  • I think it’s crazy that everyone’s give Belle credit for spreading awareness when her videos are the reason so many children where on the website in the first place the websites name shouldn’t never been publicized in that way 👎

  • It's all due to laziness. From the Feds to local law enforcement. Dropping the ball at every stage.

  • You can't blame law officials.. Their hands are tied until a judge signs a warrant.. People always criticize the police, but they have superiors and the number of do nothing or crooked judges will astound you.

  • The law enforcement failed in this situation. Period.

  • you put his mugshot on screen and i could not stop myself from blurting out “YO WHY TF HE BUILT LIKE THAT?!”

  • Maybe the "victim" wasn't so innocent after all 🤔

  • Maybe the girl shouldn't go back with her family if they let her go with that fucked up guy.

  • Hi Ready to Glare! Is there a way I can suggest a video for you to cover? I found a disturbing video of a guy playing with a puppy’s deceased body. It’s pretty disturbing and it only had 1k views

    • @LJ * oh well I guess the best you can do is just stay away from it then

    • @Cow Lupin I was looking for a song called “Dead Puppies” (morbid name I know) when I came across a video. It was I think 8 years old, it’s not relevant now but I’m shocked I found something so awful on this site

    • Where did you find it? If it happened near you please report it

  • Look at all these ppl talking about sex criminals. You know any? I'm not proud to say I do, but I do. One is convicted and the other...pretty sure it's only a matter of time. So let me ask you.... You think the rehabilitation worked? You think it would work on the other one that is playing with fire? I have my opinion on the subject, but let's just say that the one that got caught thanked God himself that he got in trouble before he had a chance to escalate. The other? He will likely never change and that exact same system will not look into the man because... you'd be surprised what isn't considered cp. You would be surprised just how hard it is to get someone the help they need, and how my children are not going to be protected should the piece of crap decide to come back and fight me. The system is broken. It all depends on the circumstances and for those who believe in rehabilitation 🤔. I feel you. You're most likely good people or at least try to be. However the world isn't populated with nothing but good, well meaning individuals and somewhere along the way a line MUST be drawn. Those who seek to harm, or may someday unwillingly harm the innocent must be dealt with in a swift and heavy-handed manner. Maybe put more focus on helping victims so they don't become unwilling perpetrators in the future. Shit. I need to dip out. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Anyone that disagrees I'm all about respectful differences and conversation. Otherwise...👋

  • Just wait for the insanity defense, they always try that.

  • This man is such a danger his late EX wife before dying made sure he has no contact with their daughter.

  • hey Jesus loves y’all & so do i !! ❤️

  • belle is amazing she does such good work, check out surving life too

  • I wish he had been put on a watch list. The authorities where I live have the ability to place known dangers to society on a watchlist and they SHOULD have done that.

  • So happy he got arrested

  • It just blows my mind how somebody who was obviously mentally ill was never committed to some sort of hospital. The dude tried to end his own life, death threats, now this? I don’t think people like him should be harmed, just put in a place where they can’t harm themselves or others.

  • wow this man is just Thriving casually on his privilege

  • I am shook of what is possible in this world.

  • This dude threatened to kill at least two presidents, a danger to children, was an administrative on rape site, succeeded in abducting a twelve year old child...Like lock his ass up forever already!!!


  • Generally speaking with laws in any country: It isn’t focused on PREVENTING a crime from happening. But rather stop it from repeating itself after it has happened once. Due to needing evidence etc Then I honestly believe that quite a lot of parents believes Internet is “safer” nowadays. Which is true in a way but there’s so many ways to hide your real identity, intentions etc. Like we’ve all heard the saying “Don’t talk to strangers”. For me that wasn’t so, my parents taught me: DONT follow with someone you don’t know. If anyone’s acting creepy, asking for your name, age, pictures or anything that scares you online: Come get us, if we’re in the store: Take a picture/film what’s being said then call us. If someone does the same in real life, tell them no and if they continue scream out for help and call us when you can. Already when I was 4 years old I got an old ass Nokia simply to contact my parents because I often went to a friends place across the neighborhood (which is 1 km away from my home at that time).

  • god I love those earrings

  • Huh, what, who...dis guy a piece of sh*t garbage. For reals. Nothin' 2 add.

  • He thought he was some kind of Messiah or something...

  • We the title has extremly disturbing in quotes? have they red the title themselves? it IS extremly disturbing does not need quotes... like for some one is disturbing but for other it isn't... oh whait... it's 2020... never mind...

  • That explains why I don't see comments from him anymore...

  • side note I like your earrings

  • When he ran for office, I was disgusted by him. I knew he was evil and now he's proven it to the world.

  • Ok I love your content so much but you always cover such heavy crimes.. sometimes I just want to hear you talk about less horrible crimes, like maybe some tricksters or scammers it would make me cry less

  • I love her earrings.

  • A man who has a website like that, is so public about his fucked-up beliefs, how the hell was he NOT investigated for possession of child pornography? It's beyond me honestly. But glad he's behind bars now.

  • Thank fuck

  • I seriously got an ad of Gabi Hannah wtf And Fuck Larson

  • Nathan Larson for the electric chair 2020