Myka & James Stauffer and their children aka content

Publicado el 1 jun 2020
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  • TIME STAMPS: 0:00 - 0:51 - Intro 0:51 - 6:07 - What happened/who is Myka Stauffer 6:07 - 14:29 - Warning signs 14:29 - 18:49 - Commodification & Savior complex 18:49 - 20:38 - Conclusion

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    • Finally someone is saying what I'm thinking. I think they picked him because he was a cute kid and she could virtue signal. He'd look good on camera.

    • @tubester4567 GROW UP.

    • Josephine Bray OMG l can't _believe_ this!!!! Awful!!!! Also, l hate that they named the poor baby "Huxley."

    • Neeka De Vita thank you for sharing this.

  • Non white people are like animals to certain groups of white people. Even with the best of intentions and resource it *never* ends well for the non white child or it's community. But with the White Jesus complex and thirst for inclusion *shrug(¬_¬)*...This...

  • I'm just glad this child is with a family that genuinely wants to give them a fruitful and loving home and life

  • They wanted an "exotic" child, which if he was a dog or a cat is gross, but as a *human* is completely abhorrent to say the least. Hopefully Huxley is now with a *real* family who will love him unconditionally, as all children should.

  • A cjild is not a damn dog, you cant bring one home and then give it away when your tired of playing with it and its not cute anymore.

  • How can somebody with the same name as the biggest piece of shit in red dead redemption 2 not be the villain?

  • If they would do anything for their children does that mean they never considered Huxley as their child?

  • Its crazy that her line was at autism, not even like a health risk or anything. She just cant handle an autistic child

  • We have enough kids in America needing a good home. No point doing international adoption.

  • Myka is a Thoroughly unlikeable person and she was before she grave her child away but that act just made it more obvious, James looks like he goes along with anything, he does what he is told to do are a thoroughly unlikeable pair!

  • You know, for Jesus...

  • Dr. Grande says that narcissism is on the rise and a serious problem. Yes, it is

  • "my child is not returnable" Me: 👀👀👀

  • "every wig is a rage wig" lol

  • Poor Huxley kinda dodged a bullet in a way-imagine dealing with all those disabilities WHILE being thrust into the harsh and unforgiving limelight of the internet, before you’re even fully old enough to understand wtf is going on. Also, if anyone is looking for a channel to support instead of Stauffer Garage, the husband’s channel, I highly recommend The Detail Geek. He’s awesome to watch, informative, and does a really thorough job on the cars that come into his shop.

  • Absolutely agree. They were after that $

  • I'm so dumb I should have figured you use wig, I was just like "dang this girl goes through alot of hair styles how does she do it"

  • Getting strong "Will is not a coat you hang up in the closet when you don't need him" vibes

  • Glad Huxley has a new home hope he’s thriving.

  • two simple words, *virtue signaling*

  • Special needs is offensive now? LOL! I'll just start saying retarded again this is getting ridiculous.

  • Also you mention the interesting treatment of Huxley and his thumb sucking vs their daughters thumb sucking. The mother made a post with a pic of herdaughter sucking her thumb and expressed hoping she would not ever stop that behavior bc it was cute and so on, i dont want to misquote her but this is my remembering of this. Also putting Huxley to bed at 730 and having that extra hour or 2 with other children getting to spendtime in their room watching a movie etc... im not sorry but i do not find that acceptable. At all. Taking alone time individually with each child weekly or monthly is great from what i gather. But separating that special needs child bc you spend so much attention on him daily is sad. I would accept them maybe doing that once in a while. But not by separating by puttingto bed early for that reason. Maybe hiring a sitter once a month or having him go to a group center that specialised with special needs children. But that was disturbing and sad to me. Esp seeing him call her momma. Very sad. He does deserve a better family

  • 10:28 fake as fk.

  • Commodifying a child's personhood is the epitome of the White Savior complex. Loving your videos.

  • Yeah, they would do anything for their Biological children, I'm sure. But they would do the bare minimum for Hux, ie switch to the 70$/mo speech therapist & not learn his origin language. I'm sure he could communicate, but not in English. He was born & raised (until he was 2) in CHINA. They didn't bother to learn his language. These 'Parents' are truly horrible & should NEVER be able to adopt again!!!

  • 1st strike calling a baby Huxley, strike 2 being a influencer, 3rd strike rehoming a baby like a dog. Imprison these people for life.

  • I see stuff like this in the Mennonites a lot. They adopt kids because it gives them higher status in their church. Makes me wanna barf. And often the adopted children are treated different than the bio children. Especially if the child is from another race because Mennonites are very racist. Not something a lot of people know I'm sure but some of the comments I've heard make me cringe. In fact when my aunt and uncle started to adopt she said they wouldn't adopt African American children because she saw how her husband's family openly mocked several other African Americans in the family and she did not want to bring a child into that kind of situation. It's sad but I see her point in not wanting to intentionally bring a child into a harmful or dangerous environment. Please let me clarify: not ALL Mennonites are racist. It just seems to be a cultural tendency there.

  • As someone with multiple disabilities starting in my childhood her attitude towards special needs is absolutely disgusting! It's a major part of some people's lives and can be a lot of hard work for the family so to just shrug it off and start salivating at the thought of how different it'd make you from all the other adoptive parents is hugely irresponsible. Not to mention, making it seem like it's only a matter of 'love' is also troubling, if my parents sometimes struggle to tend to my financial and physical needs it's not bc they started loving me less, its bc disability can sometimes be a harsh and trying reality, it's not all inspiration insta pics and admiring glancing from the other parents ok. And plenty of ppl can be mature enough to analyze the situation rationally and responsibly and come to the decision that they can't provide for all the needs that may arise, that doesn't make them horrible ppl who can't possibly care for a special needs child, in fact it means they respect the child and believe they should get the proper care they deserve, honestly this whole situation is appalling, these idiots seem to impulsive and thoughtless to even raise one child, let alone adopt a third boy who also has special needs

  • They are horrible people. Huxley is such a sweet heart. He does deserve a better family. I can't imagine the heartache he has to go through to lose the family that he had for 2 1/2 years.

  • BTW, I know a family vlogger channel that is actually a great channel: fathering autism ☺️ if you're skeptical about that, PLEASE check them out; I'd love your opinion on them!

  • Off topic but, I'm loving your reptar t-shirt LoL 😂

  • RE-HOMED???

  • I didn't follow this story, but I'd love to know how she makes herself look so perfect. I homeschool my 4 kids (no family channel since I value my kids' privacy), and I barely have time to put my hair in a ponytail every morning.

  • To be honest. I don’t understand why people watch folks like that family. But I guess others love through them or something.

  • Them adopting him is actually a good thing since he atlest went straight to a better family

  • Wow she's a regular Mother Teresa. Clearly she feels as though she should be idolized. I think this bitch is so fake. Poor Huxley. He's probably fine.

  • If it were for the child's sake (as in they didn't feel they would be good parents for him) it'd be one thing but it was 100% because they didn't wanna look bad for having a kid with somewhat severe mental problems. They probably would've given their birth kids away too if they were autistic because they wanna save their reputation...which they failed at anyways.

  • "My child is not returnable" *proceeds to return child*

  • i don’t think you need to be a psychiatrist to see what was going on here the whole thing is super obvious , adopting a child from a poorer country for the views . i can’t believe people are actually fooled by this stuff , and believe she’s some sort of mother theresa. my god

  • If a child is just content then prison is just a building

  • "Our child isnt reternable" "We rehomed our child" Hes not a dog or an object

  • As a problem kid (I had bad cptsd by 7) that was raised by Gramma this enrages me. If my Gramma with a chronic illness of her own and on a pension could raise me as a single adult... Then just how the hell can 2 rich and healthy adults not handle one kid? Yeah it isn't easy and just puttin a kid in a stable home doesn't cure everything. Even in my teens when I started to display my growing mental illness, she didn't give me up or say "its too much". She got me in therapy and she made a point to watch me closer when I became violent towards myself. She was old, sick and poor. If she could do it, why can't they? Kids aren't accessories, we are life long commitments.

  • Its really easy to say all of this when uve never been or gone through an adoption process. Especislly in the US especially with a special needs child. Especially when they had other children. You have to remember most people do not spend a lot of time with special needs children or people. The kids u may see in a couple of ypur classes at school etc those kids have mild cases. I truly believe she wanted this boy and I think they both thought they could really handle it, but some times you just can't. So they took responsibility by going out and finding him a family. Truthfully thsts a lot more rhen a lot of other people would have done. Also the special focus thing is probably because the longer kids live in orphanages the worse they get because they are getting way less support then they need. As someone who adopted children who were litterally labeled "unadoptable", you dont know how hard it is until you are litterally doing it. My family had multiple doctors watch the foster child and say she isn't okay this is not safe she needs to be on medication and taken away. We obviously didn't do that, but most people probably woupd have. Most people when they adopt from an orphanage they see the child a couple of times for a couple of hours and then its up here u go. They didn't have enough real experience or time to figure out how bad it would really be until it was too late and it caused an awful awful event for their entire family. Not just the baby but all of them.

  • For people defending her saying she couldn't "handle it" she should have known that this child could have any disability and any problems when you adopt you dont give them back shes just so fake

  • How has no one talked about the fact that James has his OWN channel. Stauffers garage.

  • The clips where she was talking just make me really annoyed for some reason, like omfg she is so straight, why is she like that.

  • I'm not sure if I'm thinking too much into this but for the post about what special need is easy to manage which many people think is difficult, I can't help but wonder if she was wanting a child with a special need that she could make a big deal about (eg "oh look at how well we're managing this child") even though it's not actually something that is difficult to manage.

  • So.. if one of their biological babies was born like this... would they give them up for adoption?

  • When I met my dog as a puppy I noticed that something was wrong with his left eye. I was afraid that he might go blind in the future so I talked with a veterinarian specialized in ophthalmology, NOT with random people online, even before the adoption because I wanted to know if I would be able to support an operation needed or what I would have to face if he indeed went blind. So I don’t get how they were misinformed about his condition and how they felt it was too expensive for them. This lady had a 6k $ bracelet if I’m not mistaken.

  • OMG loooove your top

  • Yeah I think with lawyers and the hush hush, and not going thru the foster system, I think "hand selecting a family for him to go to" translates to they put him in a home.

  • I think that the true implications of adopting a severely autistic child were not understood by these two. I am not sticking up for them at all. For people who live their lives online, they could have found out a lot more. I worked nights with autistic children for 5 years and loved it, but I got to go home and sleep after nights of them not sleeping, self harming, waking the other children, sometimes attacking the other children, sometimes attacking me, pooing, smearing the entire room with faeces (night after night) urinating, lots of other repetitive behaviours, rising early, demanding things, needing very precise routines that are hard to follow when you have other children. I know many parents were devastated to leave their children with us, but the other children at home were sometimes terrified of their autistic sibling. I think it is easy to judge because they gained money for doing this which I think is appalling, but I can see why this may have happened. Just saying....

  • I wouldn’t be surprised If they thought they were going to get a big ol pity party instead of backlash

  • the emotional 180 that comes with the color/background/lighting change between r2g and the mommy blogger’s clips? it’s exquisite

  • I’m adopted. This is ALL WRONG.

  • This case is like that episode of The Office where Michael asks Pam to do research on adoption, then when she says Chinese babies are expensive he asks her to find a cheaper baby and then that he may not want a baby in a year...

  • Also medical professionals would never tell someone to give up their child. I hate how they were blaming everything on Huxley. Also I hope they’re never able to be able to adopt again.

    • Oh yes they do the drs told my mother to put my brother in a institution,she didn't he was mentally challenged and had physical disabilities,,,so yes it happens

  • They never cared about him, all they cared about was money. They’re disgusting human beings

  • Frankly, the fact that the first thing she did was change his name - which was literally _the only thing he owned_ - upon committing to adopting him was a massive red flag, & it happened right at the very beginning. Needing to rename him, + subsequently strip him of any existing identity he felt, indicates a level of control + casual, unexamined sense of ownership that should have warned everyone of what was to follow.

  • Honestly what the heck, this is disgusting. They definitely adopted him for clout, poor Huxley deserves so much better.

  • This is honestly sad, if you are not cut out to take care of a misbehaving/sick/disabled/needy child you are not cut out to take care of any child, get in fucking line

  • I feel so bad for poor little Huxley Like i hope hes doing so much better now :((

  • There is a video where she is being interviewed and she said she looked at the stats on other channels. She found that adoption got massive views. Bingo. Money. I think they chose him because with the brain tumor they thought he wouldn't live long and they would be granted sainthood after he passed. Turns out he isn't going to die and they didn't want to take care of him for the rest of his life. So, they got rid of him. Medical professionals don't tell you to get rid of your child!

  • And she has still all the videos with him on her page and making money off him! This money or at least some percentage should go to him. Not her super bug house.

  • when dogs are rehomed they can develop anxiety and behavior issues so I can only imagine what this situation does to a child :(

  • Only reason they felt they could do this was because he was an Asian male.

  • I’m not sure how old Huxley is, but I hope he’s not old enough to really remember what it felt like to be given up by the people who adopted you. I also feel like they went through a private adoption agency to help not mess up any chances they have to adopt again...

  • I hope this will not be traumatic for him later in his life

  • Live abuse free channel has the best analysis of myka EVER!!

  • As an autistic person, I feel that this family wanted a disabled child to be able to say that they had a disabled child. To me it looks like they wanted that baby (And he was a baby because he was 2) for the image it would give them as being these amazing supportive parents who took in a disabled child. The same way some people get dogs for the aesthetic. They didn't think it through and they didn't make sure that they knew what they were getting themselves into at all

  • I took the whole thing she did personally because of my own trauma with the foster care system and adoption.. it's so traumatic for kids to be in several homes at young and older ages.. I can't even

  • I have autism and sensory processing disorder just like Huxley and the situation breaks my heart. I was lucky enough to have the best parents ever and a safe place within my family. It's horrible to think not everyone is as lucky as I have been :'''''''''(

  • They couldn't handle a special needs kid and they wanted the attention and when they couldn't handle it they just give the Child away thats wrong and makes me so sick

  • My older brother is autistic, and my cousin has intellectual disability (formerly known as mental retardation). I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a disabled child in a home that is foreign to them, just to take it away once they are comfortable. I can understand that a child with needs that are your beyond your reach, may require you to place the child in a more suitable home. (I'd rather see that happen then potential neglect or abuse). However, if you weren't aware of the child's needs prior to adopting them, maybe you should've taken legal action, just fostered him instead, or don't bite off more then you can chew. Three children is hard enough, maybe take it step by step if you are wanting a fourth. I can understand why they did this, but I don't believe that they went about it the right way. I especially don't think that expliciting your child to the internet before you even have them in your home, isn't right. (I personally think that no child under the age of thirteen should be shown on ESmain, but whatever). Myka and James seem like total airheads.

  • "Baby #4" when he was their 5th child... daughter from previous relationship isn't one of their real kids I guess.

  • As an adult adoptee can I just say I wish I could bitch slap both of them and shut down their accounts. She forces him to look at her when she knows he's autistic.

  • she returned him like a shirt ... so gross

  • To me, it sounds like they’re not necessarily doing it for the social media views, but maybe they’re judgement is clouded subconsciously because they have that mindset of being overly self-aware and showy

  • Well yeah, when you steal a child from another country, they’re going to have behavioral issues.

  • I feel bad about Huxley:(

  • I've watched you for a while now and just now was made aware that your hair is wigs... Those some damn good wigs queen

  • the poor kid probably has trust issues :(

  • This makes me SICK as an adopted child. Being adopted sucks because people already make jokes about how ”your parents don’t love you”. Being abandoned is even worse. All my love and support goes out to the child. I hope they’re alright ❤️

  • I read that as “Abortion For Content” Jesus Christ. I need sleep.

  • As an adopted person this is disgusting. My mom raised me a single mom, working 2 jobs and we had a boat load of animals. At 7 I started having mental health problems I was eventually diagnosed as adhd, then in my teens as bipolar. I also had severe ptsd and a mystery thing no one figured out as an adult I was diagnosed as Autistic. I was a violent kid til I was 15 it was not easy, not only did my mom not “rehome me” she stuck with me and still does til this day, the autism diagnosis is VERY recent, this year recent and I’ve never learned how to communicate well or not blow up, I’m not violent but I still have outbursts. I now have severe ptsd with seizures as well. I’m not an easy person. My moms 75 and should be focusing on her golden years but she’s still semi taking care of me. This is wrong. You telling me with 2 parents you couldn’t come up with a way to handle this. I’m happy for Huxley though because he’s away from these psychos. I hope one day he understands it’s THEM not him.

  • Ah yes, a daily reminder of why I hate humanity.

  • The word "rehome" in relation to a precious child that they adopted makes me sick to my stomach. They SPECIFICALLY said they are good with a special child. Whether biological or adoptive you never know what issues or needs a child will have. You don't "rehome" them.

  • She even said in one video that if he was in a wheelchair or needed care and needed to live with them his whole life that they were prepared for that.

  • As somebody who has had autism my entire life the idea of being used for monetization and then thrown away because my parrents didnt feel like dealing with my issues is disgusting

  • Im an adoptee..i was almost 6 and was horrifically sexually and physically abused. For over 4 yrs. I had issues. My parents got me help not, return me. Fuck these ppl. Children are a big business.

    • Lena Wittmer I’m so sorry that happened to you.

  • as a disabled person, the way she talks is sickening

  • I rarely use this term, because I think that there is a story behind every story, and everyone deserves a chance to explain or redeem themselves, but in all honesty i think that these two are pieces of human garbage. They took a child from their home, gave him a sense of love and stability, and basically got bored of him and threw him out, all under the guise of being "good wholesome christians". If you are going to take on a whole ass human being, you you need to be willing to accept whatever comes with them , whether or not that's convenient for you . He was a prop for them, and I pray that he finds a new family who will actually love him and care for him.

  • I have a child on the spectrum and this made me fucking sick.. kids with autism do NOT do well with change and that poor child has been through way too much change at such a young age. Those people are NOT Christians, they just use the label for likes and views, its disgusting 🤢

  • I honestly think that they were really disappointed that Huxley didn’t have a brain tumor because most likely they were expecting that he would die and that sounds mean but I don’t know that’s my opinion

    • It was either that or they thought it would be benign and not a problem, but they could still mention it often so people would think "wow theyre so nice and loving for adopting a child with special needs" but have no real obstacles. When they found out he actually WOULD require more care and attention, they were out.

  • I remember watching her videos cause I was interested in their new home/interior decor then I saw them adopting and just thought “oh cute how nice” and remember when they adopted him, starting noticing developmental problems, and eventually learning Huxley was in fact autistic and they cried and were mad about how the Chinese adoption agency failed to inform them he was autistic which they basically wouldn’t of wanted an autistic child. I think they had good intention with adoption but a special needs was too much so they found him annoying

  • This is amazing. Its like people want to be the next reality show parents of awesomeness or something.

  • Curls AND braids like a viking on a hunting trip.. very concerning!

  • in my opinion if you are not willing or ready to take care of a child no matter their disabilities, you are not ready to have or adopt a child

  • “You’re not buying a fucking tea pot” hahahaha true tho

  • If you are going to adopt a child with ANY type of special needs, you need to do reaserch. When I got diagnoses with ADD my mom learned a lot about it to understand it and same when my sister was diagnoses with Childhood Apraxia. When I was diagnosed with Depression and Raynauds my mom did all she could to learn. Adopting children with ANY type of special needs is going to bring lots of challenges. Research and then decide if you believe you are up too it