More terrible pick up artist "advice"

Publicado el 24 ago 2020
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  • Maybe I'm a scumbag, but some of this actually makes sense to me. i mean... I would never do this. But some of the concepts make sense from a really selfish hedonistic perspective

  • These are definitely the type of dudes who think lesbians need a dude to join so they (women) can get off

  • Do they not know how first impressions work?

  • i would much rather be single for the entirety of my life than even have a conversation with this manchild. he's so gross. i'm glad my bf is the literal opposite of him

  • i love your nails

  • I feel guilty but I totally did this to a guy this week end. He's very nice and kinda cute but he asked me out on a date. I said im not ready for a date. He said how about a beer at the saloon. I said sure. But I live in a small town. My husband of 5 years and I divorced a year ago with a few trial runs of us trying to be together and it not working in between now and then. As of now we still talk and I still see him alot at the saloon but know as much as we love each other we're too different. I didnt want to go to the bar with some new guy looking like he was my date because I thought it would hurt my exs feelings. HOWEVER I was also reluctant to lay all of that information on this new suitors lap. So I chickened out and flaked... how high on the dick scale does that put me?

  • When you talked about the importance of communication, it hit me right in the feelings because I have autism, so picking up on subtle hints and social cues does NOT work for me. If someone flakes on me, I immediately assume they're not interested and it causes me to lose interest. Naturally, I just have a more black and white, logical way of thinking. Once I'm emotionally invested in a relationship, that's a different story. My relationships tend to develop from friendships too. It seems like the most logical way to approach a relationship. There's a gradual bond that forms over time and it's worth WAY more to me than a hookup. Anyway, I''m just kinda ranting now, but my overall point is that these dumb "techniques" would NEVER work on a rational person. The man writing the article is kinda assuming all women act on their feelings and don't think in a logical way.

  • There need to be gay pickup artists...

  • DJs are not supposed to injure themselves!!

  • "I don't understand why it wouldn't just be easier to be straight up with someone." Most of the guys who get involved in this "pickup artist" garbage are insecure and haven't had a lot of success with women. That's why they buy into all of these goofy tactics in the first place. They get into the mindset that that the only way they're able to achieve their goals with women, whether it's sex or a relationship, is by trying to manipulate women into doing what they want. It's pretty gross. It also just doesn't work. They're using the successes with these tactics as proof of their efficacy and ignoring the 99 failures between each success. It's confirmation bias. I feel like most women would agree that they already know whether or not they'd sleep with a guy 5 minutes after meeting us. If we're attractive enough, don't have an unbearable personality and you're open to casual sex then we might get laid. If not, then not. None of these ridiculous Jedi mind tricks are going to make you find us attractive if you don't. It's like these "pickup artist" wankers don't comprehend that women are actual human beings who might just feel like hooking up. Who knew women are people? Weird concept.

  • Argh i currently have that awful the game book sitting in my house. Contaminating my space. Someone left it here while reading it, why they are reading it i dont know. But it does not sit well with me. And keeping it "safe" sits even worse. Wish i could throw it out tbh. Not looking at that POS. Ignoring its existence and then sending it on its way.. far, far away.

  • It's not that they become attracted more when this crap is pulled, it's that they've found a way to make the other person feel more insecure about themselves and feel that they need to prove their worth. That can completely change the outcome of their interactions all together from what they usually do, and I find that to be disgusting and exploitative.

  • #2. Is soooo off. I dont feel the need to please a man like that especially if he has already flaked. He is immediately friend zoned. Lol

  • Sometimes with my anxiety i dont want to go out with ppl.. i feel forced to. This quarintine hasn't helped lol. Being home has made me too comfortable.

  • "How did this work? I thought," I thought. Dumb all around haha

  • Best tactic to get a woman into bed: be fucking genuine and not manipulative, that turns girls on sooo much

  • I agree that it’s all really dumb , but from my own life experiences the women I dated dig me the bigger dick I became , it was mind blowing , but I am from the 80’s and 90’s hopefully shit has changed but not holding my breath

  • Yeah, this is why I don't date anymore. Ugh.

  • Scariest thing is that this is actually purchased

  • Everyone knows that us bisexuals cant have friends

  • this is all true, all women are like this if/when they find a man they really respect and want for rest of their life. women are different person inside a GOOD relationship, they are girly, talk with higher pich voice, are more submissive (yeah in bedroom too). i have experienced this with multiple girlfriends, ofc to their friends they still tell that they are strong independent feminists and i sit there with small smile looking at her, cathing her lying and letting her to do it coz i know how important social apporance is to women. then after this we go to home and have great adult stuff and have happy relationship and automaticly and naturally working hierarchy and both know their job in relationship, which i think is important, that two person in relationship are very different. masculine woman cant be in relationship with masculine man, the guy will leave and if shes with a femine guy, she will leave or be unhappy. two different compliment each others, you need both femine and masculine person in a relationship, doesnt rly matter the gender but in heterosexual relationships 90% the time women fit better to the submissive role and they would be more happy in it. sometimes my girlfriend have admitted to her friend about some little things she does for me and they go rage mode and shame her for being a ''bad woman'' for doing someting good for me. doesnt matter that all i do is do her life better and make her happy. sorry bad english, im finnish.

  • So, spending time with him is like winning the Kentucky Derby? Got it! Bye!

  • "their judgement is... Mmmmm erowick"

  • If someone flaked I would ghost them I love revenge it's my guilty pleasure 😃😃

  • why do stupid tactics always work?,.... that shouldn't work. bruising someone's ego doesn't "show you are equal or above them". sigh,... whatever.

  • Fun fact: in the original pickup artist bible “The Game” which followed the life of OG pickup guru (ominously named “Mystery”) and his little cult, ended with him 5150’d in an institution for a complete identity crisis/nervous breakdown... J/S....

  • This will work with people who have low self esteem and have undeveloped characters, the manipulation, games and the push and poll, sadly for a lot of people this is what make them feel worthy and loved because of fucked up mentally.

  • Oh come on, the only thing wrong with this article is the title - it’s meant to say ‘PROJECTION DUE TO REJECTION’.

  • It always blows my mind that there are actual human Quagmire's out there

  • Damn guys this is straight up emotional manipulation

  • I've only ever rescheduled due to mental health issues - which I always feel awful about anyways.

  • Came from the first video, head is already probably dead from the stupidity of the website and the authors. Wish me luck, will edit after the actual second vid. Edit: The content of the website is infuriatingly stupid and childish, like it's just some fucking game and nothing more. Ew.

  • As a dude, I can say flaking is the WORST thing you can do. If a woman thinks you have other options 9/10 she's not gonna want to deal with you.

  • I think these men are incells. I also think this thing of men and women not being able to be friends is a very new thing in the last seventy years. They sound like the kind of men who do not understand the meaning of the word no.

  • If you like this your childish and idiotic like everyone has fetishes but if you like this you for sure have issues.

  • Scared to lose you....🤔 A relationship, a husband, a bf...sure A 1st date? Nah. Never scared to lose someone I barely know, or am not yet attached to

  • I used to be really insecure about dating and such, mainly because I'm autistic and it was really difficult for me to gauge people's feelings and also express my own feelings towards them, so I used to read articles like this and never really act on the "advice" they gave me. Until I started to learn about corporal language and how feelings work, how to socialize better and be more confident in general. Then I started to talk with an old friend of school that I really loved, even though I didn't know it at the time, and I was just direct, didn't do these bullshit things and it worked out and now we're boyfriend and girlfriend, so, what I advise people is to just be direct, don't play mind games and don't think that you can't be happy by your own, that's the most important advice, learn to love yourself and be happy regardless of your situation, be it romantically or financially or whatever and good things will happen because, even if you get rejected, you'll still be fine.

  • If someone flaked on me on any date I will not text them back and deffently not going to shag them al all.

  • That's what I never understood lol I'm bisexual but I was only allowed to have female friends lol like what? If you're worried about guys why not worry about the girls too?

  • WOW the PUA community is STILL around? You mean some men have not found a way to understand and be with women without sleazy tactics and passive-aggressive nonsense? Christ, I remember reading about these guys in the 80s/90s. Men that "Flake" or "Neg" should be taken off the table IMMEDIATELY. Don't ever, ever chase guys like this. I HOPE women know this.

  • This sounds like the prequel to "How to Groom Your Wife" (an actual, real article)

  • “You want her to be compliant-“ yep, that’s an abuser!

  • I'm not against men at all, I think men are great, but wow I can't believe that article got published😅. If I was the girl who got flaked, I wouldn't even reconsider going on a date with that guy again. That article defines the stereotypical guy and it pains me to see that some men think like this. I bet chase is as useful as a maxed out credit card.

  • Men 💔

  • a lil off topic but you look SO GOOD

  • next up, flake on your job interview to let them know you're the shit

  • I'm kinda shook that your first language is Italian and you're just out here, riffing en anglais (French, I know). Great vid.

  • i used to have a crush on friend and as soon as they said they didnt like girls, instant turn off and my little crush was lifted (im a lesbian btw)

  • These are some red pilled Chads. Also, feminists are way worse

  • I agree with you hundred percent the mind games is fkn stupid, why😭

  • I wish there were more people like you. You speak the truth, lady.

  • Was this articile written by an incel for incels??

  • bruh i have had to deal with these mindgames all my life and they are so easy to pic out but it still hurts every time someone does it. this is so toxic and i feel bad for the people that had to deal with these guys

  • If someone told me they forgot about our date I would literally not talk to them anymore

  • You have a very idealized view of dating. Most guys have few options for decent women so we have to play it like what it is, a numbers game. 90% of the women on dating apps only date the best looking, most wealthy dudes, the top 10% and with bullshit lockdowns and the dating apps, in person meeting is less and less. Thank god I'm not just into women or I would never get any action of any kind.

  • that's just is emotionally manipulation XD

  • Ok but can we talk about how on point this bitches hair is like tf how

  • A guy cancelled one me one day before the date that was planned for 2 weeks... his excuse was "I have some stress with my ex" He was kicked out of my life as fast as he entered

  • Well... For a little insight: I've never been successful with women. I'm 24, have never been on a date, and have never had sex. I think that when you've had trouble finding success for so long, people eventually try strategies that may seem (and probably are) kind of cruel, but at some point "you have to do what you have to do"? I remember trying to meet up with an old female friend and happened to be back in town. I had zero romantic/sexual intentions with her. I just happen to find out she'd also be in the area and asked. She sounded positive at first. Cool! But in my heart, for no real substantial reason, I figured she was going to flake. I made other plans. Come to find out, yeah, she clearly wasn't actually interested in meeting up. I'm not supposed to be extremely pissed about someone leading me on and wasting my time? Look... My face is on my ESmain channel, it is what it is, I'm pretty ugly and extremely introverted and shy, so every failure with women is just another knife to the heart, you know what I mean? I'm interested in a relationship, although I'm not going to lie, at least having the option to hook up would be nice, even if it's not my goal. But that feels even further away and practically impossible. "Just go on Tinder and say you're only interested in hook ups." Problem is, for someone like me, that's not an option. Same for average guys. The stats are out there, average guys simply don't get swipes on Tinder. I tried. Not a one. I hate to be "that guy", but you need to check your female privilege on this one. Now I want to be very clear, I don't engage in the pickup artist bullshit, but I think you see a lot of guys like me getting into that kind of thing, simply because other things they've tried have failed. And it's like "Well, if I'm not generally attractive to women and can maximize my chances of success, why the hell shouldn't I try to do that?" The world is a cruel, fucked up place. When the odds seem stacked against you, some people are going to manipulate "the game" any way they can to at least have a fighting chance. And frankly, I don't think it's my (or your) place to crucify them for that.

  • “That's why you have a functioning mouth " Lmfaoo 😂

  • My deep rooted abandonment issues means I'd ghost a guy if he did this to me. Like bye boy I'll mention you in therapy then move on with my life

  • Isn't it mindblowing that men think they know how a woman thinks and feel?? Maybe the tips are working for men dating men..... From Holland 🇳🇱

  • When I was young, I read articles like these and believed them. So I followed the instructions and now, I regret it and feel really bad for treating them like that.

  • AHA, they basically WANT to find a woman who has low self-esteem and issues with insecurity to control her. I don't give a single shit that they said to act warm if a woman is insecure around them; this whole thing is NEGGING on another level. DISGUSTANG

  • Maybe it’s because I’m older. I’m 45, but back when I was in the dating cesspool I would never have fallen for that ploy. Guys would try it occasionally, with me, or some of my friends, but they learned quickly that it didn’t work on us. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, men and women are still using this tactic?! 🙄😂

  • Gotta have straight-forward communication, especially with someone like me who's socially awkward and doesn't react to mind games the way most people do. If you play hard to get, I'm just going to assume you're not into me. Other than that, I think this shit is hilarious. Him: "I'm gonna flake and make her want me even more." Me: "Honey, you ain't that important! Have a good reason, and maybe you get a second chance. Other than that, bye!"

  • They’re called pick up artists for a reason: all they do is “pick people up” and get “good” at it, but can never keep a man/women.

  • If someone physically flaked on me id be pissed! With my bf, I was always extremely forward with what I wanted and now we’re together! Always be upfront with the person you’re interested in, real men/women don’t want to play games!

  • incel?

  • So glad u said what u did about the games being stupid, I've always thought the same thing. I used to watch Steve Harvey and cringe as he'd give ppl the advice to "not show their crazy" or not crack jokes or to play the games. I feel better to show some of ur "crazy" and find someone who accepts/likes it rather than let that stuff come out 3-6 months later & have them leave, thus wasting those months.

  • This is so unrealistic and so childish! As if this guy really had sex! Please I doubt it! He sounds like a 15 year old who has only watched weird movies from the 80's! I just can't believe that there are many "men" out there that really think like this!!!! How stupid and strange this is! Why not put all this energy into planning a really great date instead of all this stupid stuff!!! I mean wow!!!! This guy never gets the girl !!! I'm sure of it!

  • "her woman card would be revoked" that is so hilarious to me

  • This is narcissistic pattern. I know this from first hand experience. So, if u feel someone has these qualities RUN THE OTHER WAY BITCH, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. LITERALLY

  • I blame feminism. Feminism and being treated like a toilet seems to come hand in hand. So if you want to pick up and bang a bunch of feminist women, this is one way to do it - treat them like they want to be treated - garbage. If.

  • The only concept that they have regarding women is always internal. Every good whore knows that.

  • Bruh the way they talk about these "tips" reminds me of my father when he is fixing & buying cars and testing different things

  • I've never been flaked on or flaked on anyone else. If someone were to do it to me, I'd give them another chance if they apologized and had a decent excuse, otherwise naw...your loss. This article is trying so hard to sound intellectual and logical 🤣. It fails miserably. Anyone who follows this advice and believes in it is a special incel nugget dipped in niceguy sauce. Was this written in mommy's Doritos-and-BO scented basement while waiting for his pizza rolls to be ready?

  • Wow that's just stupid. I mean if the sex happens it happens. This is very much childish

  • Where’d you get the wig 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  • If someone takes an hour to text you back, you do have to take an hour to text back, maybe not 2 But I know from first hand experience; some females will cut you off if text back at all

    • why do you have to wait? just makes the conversation really boring/stale in my experience

  • This completely reminds me of back when I was dating. The area I live in is supposedly "progressive". Yet guys always told me I was too bold and "aggressive". Because I'd approach them or ask them out. I was even told by one guy that he'd call me. When I called him he flipped out. That I was to wait for him to eventually days later possibly get back to me. Wtf is wrong with people? I'm so happy I found my husband and he's happy I can be so forward and for who I am.

  • Straight and forward is not the smartest way of playing the game lol actually it gets you no play lol it's boring to girls. Good guys turned bad because they want/need some too.... without paying out of pocket to street walkers(just a nice way of saying prostitute) I'm sad again I hate my mom and other girls too

    • @hazy rays I've been pretty ballsy my whole life dont have a problem with saying it. It's just women are more into games yo they want to hint around the point of wanted to "hook-up" directly indirect which I'm horrible at reverse reverse psychology

    • yea the problem is that you are trying to play some game in the first place. if u just want a hookup, then just say it rather than waste someone's time. plenty of women want hookups instead of relationships too. obviously if you don't disclose that, then you will be rejected by anyone that is looking for a serious relationship. please get some help seriously

  • When you dont think like a girl your life sucks.... why am I a grown up male but girls and gay men try to treat me like a girl(with manipulation tatics)....??? I mean I'm not overly aggressive but still I went to jail for longer than i wanted for tapping that ass. I just have patience now. Sidenote* every time I think about relations with girls I get mad depressed

  • Thank god I'm attracted to all types of people, so if the times come, I can just remove men altogether from my dating life. Also, yup, (outside this pandemic times) I have to work, study, meet friends, if someone "flakes" on me, the line keeps walking, next.

  • The time I got flaked for no valid reason I just got upset and felt unworthy. But I also blocked the douchebag and never wanted to hear from him again. I don't see that "tactic" working on anyone, honestly.

  • I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half, we literally just talk, we've had disagreements but no real arguments, we're super chill, best friends who are in love you could say. Literally an hour ago we were talking about who we'd bang and rating p*rn sites. Men that make these pointless articles have probably been hurt by women in the past, internalised it and now hate women but are still attracted to women so they play mind games with women, manipulate women and hurt as many women's mental states as possible... Disgusting. Not all women are the same, not all men are the same.

  • Why fight over something scarce? Save energy and mental stability and go after something that has less competition (and someone who actually cares about your feelings.)

  • Guys guys guys c'mon I promissssseeee, show a woman she's not a priority at all to you and she'll love you... promise ;)

  • "You know’ve felt it every time a woman flakes on you" you want to _intentionally_ inflict that feeling on another person? (Even though, it’s an imaginary feeling that he’s projecting onto these women he’s flaking on but still, he _didn’t like_ the way it felt. And the fact that he purposely wants to make another person feel like that is just...idk, spiteful? It seems like he’s trying to "get back" at the women who flaked on him or something.). Edit: you said that later in the video. This is why I should watch the whole video _before_ I comment 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • These guys are so predatory it's unbelievable

  • Not gonna lie, the whole "she get's more attracted" thing is very true. But not (usually) about women. I dated this boy who I wasn't super interested in, which I now feel really bad about, but it was my first time ever actually dating someone. I was, and still am, a very unbothered person, and i didn't mind telling him when I didn't feel like hanging out with him and his mom and little sister at the mall. I was honestly mean to him (I have no idea why. I feel so bad now lol) and spent more time with his family than I did with him. I honestly thought he would break up with me, but he never did. If anything, me not being super into him seemed to make him like me even more. My grandma was convinced he was a masochist. He definitely liked me more than I liked him.

  • Next time a man flakes or reschedules I'm going to keep going on dates with him without sex in case he's doing this bullshit. That way he learns that this is NOT the way to handle shit..

  • This feels like an Always Sunny episode.

  • Abt what u said w Bi women: I had an argument w my family abt how gender barriers are so stupid and adults need to let kids be friends instead of shoving their gross and incorrect mentality down their throats. She disagreed and said that guys always want more (ugh) I posted a meme abt how Bi ppl wouldn’t have any friends at all if this mentality were actually true, and she responded “oh I didn’t think of it like that” Also incels like this: women are attracted to men who pretend not to care abt them, and who are AlPhA Me: adores short, sweet, polite guys

  • Do they understand the concept of asexuals- Or- What-

  • I HATE this whole culture, as for the sleeping with someone too soon nonsense iv done it twice. They both came back one guy became my long term partner(happy) and the other i married(i was young andd sadly he became abusive but not til after a year and after we married).

  • Any men here in the comments that disagree with Colt and the other incel? Like/comment

  • you’re really good at relationship advice! you should make videos for these kinds of dudes and put some sense into their heads.

  • A buddy of mine named Chase was always giving me social pointers as a kid (I'm high-functioning autistic, what was formerly called Asperger's). His were way better than this Chase's, and he was thirteen at the time.

  • I always support real genuine you tubers like you that have a rational eye for the toxicity of social media! Good job!