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Publicado el 31 jul 2020
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  • Just FYI Tiktok was formerly known as Musically (sp?) and it was only popular among very young kids for the most part. I remember warning my cousin to not let her children get it after seeing a ton of peds targeting kids on there reported on the news. The police were using it to undercover catch some of them. But the things the peds were sending children was so disgusting. Then not much later after musically having a trash reputation, they rebranded and reposted the app under the new name. This was marketed more broadly and not targeted to just young kids' flossing videos. But personally I was shocked so many people were just all of a sudden ok with the company by a simple name change. So yeah the fact that these people are still targeting kids with it is no shock to me.

  • 6:40 Yes! Actually, it has a name : a Schrodinger's douchebag

  • Please fix your audio

  • I'm not wearing glasses and couldn't read the text so thank you for explaining it

  • Lol @ the tiktok ad before this video...

  • There's a documentary on ESmain about children and teens who sexually assaulted very young children. I don't remember the name, but I can look for it and add in here when I do. This phenomenon is called Child on Child Sexual Assault (COCSA). I had this happen to me when I was 8 and my 10 year old cousin molested me. This is very troubling. Tiktok just keeps accumulating more and more abhorrent content. "Offensive" is not an appropriate term here. It's repulsive and nauseating. That people would continuously come up with things like the Tiktok in the beginning, is mind boggling. I honestly didn't understand what was going on until it was explained. This is not even close to being okay. This is people trying to normalize child abuse. It absolutely is disgusting!

  • I wish you would get a microphone

  • Why does every guy on TikTok look the same?

  • Have y’all heard of Tony Lopez? He’s like a really ‘famous’ tiktoker. And he’s really problematic. Idk everything he’s done but I do know that he’s talked to minors before.

  • So.. Looking at a different angle, hear me out before you judge. When you are a parent, your kid does just walk in wherever looking for you. Sometimes in the "heat of the moment" you forget to lock the door or thought you did. If you do forget to lock the door, you have to make up an excuse.. In example :"We are doing laundry" and instead of continuing after your kid shows up you have to follow through with your excuse by then actually doing laundry. Just my thoughts. That maybe what he was going for(?) Making a situation a joke because it does happen.

  • my friend has a girl he's dating; she's 11 turning 12, he's 14 turning 15. it really makes me uncomfortable?? the age difference?? it's a 3 year age difference, sure, but e l e v e n years old. ELEVEN. she acts way older than her age, which she shouldn't, she should enjoy childhood, but it still is weird how he dates a girl 3 years younger than him. his age range should be 14-15.

  • I got a tiktok ad before this video lmao

  • I remember when my coworker in his early twenties had a girlfriend that was 17 and they have been together since she was 15-16 yo. I was really put off and he saw that and said to me that "What can you do, we both fell in love and she was really persistent. She was the one that came onto me, not the other way around", like, bruh, I don't care if a 15 yo girl jumps on you in public, you, as someone over the age of 18, should know fucking better and wait if you want her so bad. She was so childish as well, while he was on another plane altogether. The difference in age wasn't that big, but I was against their relationship (but kept it to myself and some other work friends), but everyone was congratulating him and telling me how age is just a number and how they have 10 years difference with their spouse..... Okay, so what is the point? That a high-school girl that only dreams of rainbows and has their parents pay her bus fare should get together with a dude older than her, that is constantly working, has a car and multiple back and leg problems because of his football training and heavy lifting at work? What I mean. There is obvious mental differences between them. She was a minor. He was not. And even their lives experiences were a hurdle, when you think of someone kept by their parents and that makes friendship bracelets and a dude that goes partying with guys closer to their 30's than 20's...

  • You've probably already heard of this person. I legit quit using tiktok when I seen what they allow to be posted. His name "tag" whatever it is.. is Uncle Ron.. he has a shit ton of alter accounts but just type uncle Ron and I'm sure you will have no problem finding him. He actually has Merch and a following, his big thing is Uncle Ron's basement kids. Uncleronlover_69 is his latest I believe. So many people say it's just dark humor, but it's out right DISGUSTING! From Pedophilia to beastiality and whatever else.

  • Personally I find the first one to be very very very weird and possibly extremely concerning, but I wouldn't want to jump to the conclusion of necessarily labeling this person as a pedophile. Although I will admit his weird ass nonchalant response does push me a bit into that direction though. IMO, it could just be a shock humor joke that didn't land and just comes off as weird. The second one, again, I can't really make an assumption about what to think of it. I agree it comes off as being a we have no right to judge someone as being a degenerate, horrible, godless heathen who needs to "get therapy" just for artistically expressing themselves in a dark and twisted way. If Tarantino, Billie Eillish, and Anthony Hopkins can use ultraviolence in a way that is either scary, funny, or just for the gross spectactle of it, then this person on TikTok should be allowed to express himself as well. Who are we to whip out some judgmental, puritan-esque condemnation of someone as being a "degenerate" and "sick" when they could just be expressing themselves in a macabre way? What's the difference between this TikTok and a dark, scary painting? Not a knock on the channel - I love it a lot, but just a different position to consider.

  • I'm almost 15, the youngest friend ive ever had just turned 13 and i would NEVER even DREAM of sexualising or dating him. what is wrong with people.

  • Im 15 and I have a friend who's just turned 13, she has a boyfriend who's also 15 and I'm honestly seriously questioning why tf he would want to date her, like to me that's a very weird thought and I couldn't imagine being attracted to someone that young. Not that she's not pretty or anything she's very cute but she's also just turned 13 and that's just, there's so many red flags with this- And before anyone asks if I've talked to my friend abt it I've expressed my concerns but you know these types of ppl manipulate their partners into believing only them so im not sure she took it to heart and since I don't personally know the guy (nor my friend irl) there isn't much I can do.

  • Your sound quality is better in your closet. Maybe present videos in there from now on?

  • Strange how these “trans-age” people never identify as an elderly person. It’s always as a child. Nope, not buying it.

  • 11 and 15 year olds should not date an 11 year old is to young to date and a 15 year old should know better then to try and do something like that and the first video was purely disgusting to me as a person that went through something similar to that it should have no been made a all and also the murder one gives very bad vibes and it’s really not cool at all

  • Now, there's this three - year rule, in Europe. This only APPLIES to MINORS, if there's an adult involed it's absolutely impossible. And absolutely does not work. Adults don't have the right to date minors for various reasons. The rule : if your partner /crush is 3 years or more older then you, you can't date. Two year difference is okay. Or one. Again, if it's someone above 18 or 18 it's an absolute NO-NO. Adults can date adults from every age tho.

  • The murder scene one...who would trash their house, stain their couch for the sake of a brief joke? I guess maybe it doesn’t have to be a murder scene. Maybe there was a fight between pets or...I don’t know...

  • I cant get a castify case bc of m y old ass iphone 6s :((( t he y look so good though

  • Why would you mess your house up like that for a tik Tok video omg what’s wrong with ppl

  • Everyone knows tiktok is a pedo hub

  • I actually think that murder scene is real, and I don't have a hard time believing someone can be narcissistic enough to film it for clout.

  • Err..this is the problem, taking down shit should just be step 1 without step 2, I.e. taking down the PEOPLE who think its OK Its nothing. Tranz Age? So GID plus AGd identity dysphoria? Please give me a break.... Predators WILL change their entire lives to gain access to prey. This is not new.... When u find shady content. I think screenshots then direct to law enforcement do not report to the platform. They might take it down but they don't give AF . It also makes it harder for law enforcement to see the evidence.

  • ew

  • Yup. Figures.

  • The guy at the beginning was just making a tiktok based on agere/cgl which is ddlg/mdlb kink. It’s not pedophilia, but it could be. Just don’t judge straight away

  • You are a breath of fresh air. Just confronting the insanity with logic and reason. Thank you for just calling out the bullshit.

  • I am 17, I have friends who are 11/12 (if you wonder, I met them cause I was giving after class lessons and we befriended and I consider myself as their big sister) and I am seriously concerned because one of them is dating a 18yo guy. It is creepy as fuck, I have met him and my heart went 🤮 (I am trying to find a solution to get her put of this toxic situation)

  • Homie sounds like dollar store earbuds today

  • i keep hearing static

  • this is great and all but can we talk about how incredible you look with jet black hair?

  • As someone who was abused from 9 to 13 by someone 4 years older than me it is pedophilia

  • Kik is the reason why I lost my innocence. Luckily my mom found out about the app before anything worst happened. I was 10 when I got kik.

  • The murder community on tik tok is so bad it makes me wanna commit murder, especially the people that romanticize serial killers 🐸🔫

  • i hate how i laughed at the case joke

  • dont put them on blast because what if they dont reailize that its not a good idea, not everyone is sexual in a relationship

  • This is the kind of stuff that makes me sort of glad Trump banned this app

  • Kik is still a thing but they changed it a lot it’s not as easy for predators on it anymore

  • My stomach hurts after the first one.

  • Those phone cases! I’m heading there ASAP!

  • At this point I want a refund or an exchange for 2020 thanks.

  • I mean, firstly as a person who loves anthropology (the study of humans) and has seen a bullet shot, knows what real blood looks like as well I can deduce that is fake blood. Also, in my state it is illegal to set up a fake crime seen.

  • Im kinda new to the channel (one of the only good recommendations ESmain made for me so far) and I was wondering if the red marks on her hand and side of the arm are tattoos?? It freaked me out a lil bit at first because if look like puncture wounds!

  • Wtf is the "dissolving fish" and "fly syringe" tiktok that people keep talking about in the comments?

  • People are really sick aren't they?

  • You should report them.

  • 4:46 thanks for the blood warning💙🦋i really appreciate that.. not a lot of people put warnings before showing content with blood..

  • tw ed may not see this and also these types of accounts are finally being taken down but the rise of pro ana (pro anorexia) is alarming. one account has already made a girl relapse and her account was taken down but actively trying to make new accounts. also just the normalization of eating disorders like i’ve seen comment sections like “i haven’t eaten in 3 days” and just many pro ana stuff maybe you have already made a video on this and i didn’t see or forgot but yeah

  • There’s a theory that the blood scenes are from a deleted crime scene clean up account that use to post like legit videos of left over stains bodies leave on beds when they sit for a while, etc. I’m not sure if it’s true but i tell myself that everytime I come across one 🥴

  • Unrelated to the vid topic, that sponsor is cool but the prices are ridiculous. I would never pay that much for a phone case, especially since phones have such a short life, if you want to keep up with technological updates, and the new phone will be a different size, so then you’ll have a useless expensive phone case. Also I get the sponsor deals help ESmainrs and I don’t think badly of you or any ESmainr that does it, but it’s pretty odd that someone can put an add in their vid to buy expensive, unnecessary items, in a time where COVID has so many people still out of work, and unable to even pay rent. ESmainrs are almost as out of touch as celebs. Related to the topic, Tik Tok is gross, I really only watch it for gay content and cute animals. It’s also pretty racist if you care to check that out

  • On the subject of the possibly pedophilic 15yo, in the DSM 5 pedophilia cannot be diagnosed until age 16th. Additionally the attraction has to be directed at Individuals at least five years younger. Despite the official diagnosis, most individuals with this disorders begin to experience abnormal attraction by 13yo. To top it all off, the attraction towards prepubescent children has to be stronger than that towards age appropriate individuals. A 15yo being interested in a 11yo is disturbing but not necessarily based in mental illness

  • Hopefully TikTok has yee'd it's last haw, I think Trump is axing it

  • So like I'm probably wrong, but with the video I didn't think of it as him asking her to join into the sexual acts I literally had a totally different thought process with it. Personally been there doing laundry or dishes start fooling around with your partner and then your kiddo wakes up from a nap or thinking you have enough time for some private time then they're looking for you, I know to cover my ass I've asked them to help me with the dishes and turn a awkward moment into something they can remember as them literally just doing the dishes with mom. Not sure if that's how this person meant that, just didn't seem to come off in a pedo way for me personally. I don't think it's appropriate to be on tiktok tho.

  • I responded to this video with my opinion.

  • I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 16 literally about to be 17 and I felt weird when I found out his age after we'd been dating for a month.

  • I can’t wait for tik tok to be banned.

  • What’s crazy about that murder scene is my brother in law actually walked in on his mom slayed to death with a gruesome scene as an 8 year old boy. the lack of self awareness that people have actually been through serious shit is disgusting. What’s wrong with these kids?

  • Tiktok is the new tumblr

  • The anime side of tiktok also constantly fetishizes and romanticizes Killing Stalking, a rlly gross ass story that has made many members of th LGBT, especially gay men, super uncomfortable

  • 1/2 your age plus 8 has always been reasonable especially for teens - 20s

  • Despicable is a great one too

  • I get shadowbanned on TikTok THREE TIMES for cosplaying a completely SFW character, and yet pedos are allowed to roam free big brain

  • they’re killing small insects and think it’s ok because “they can’t feel pain”, then they’ll move on to small animals once it gets boring. and the rest is history.

  • I love your videos and your channel so very much you are an amazing ESmain content creator!! 🖤💗 🌟 I just wanted to say that pink isn't a "girly color" I don't think colors really have to be gender-specific I just wanted to point that out 🖤🖤 anyone can like any color. Liking pink doesn't make you girly, liking blue doesn't make you boyish, etcetera. 🌟

  • It’s gonna be banned soon hopefully

  • Can you do a video on romaarmy on tiktok?

  • girl ma sensitive ears, fix your mic

  • Or it could be a example of a “crime seen” but they may not be

  • no calm until the sickos are deleted from our real material world and/or society that they're threatening with their harmful inclinations

  • 8:27. I actually have had something like this happen to my sister. She was 12 and she was “dating”, and I use that term very loosely, a 16 year old. He was your basic 16 year old fuck boy who thought he was above everyone else you know the usual. But it went a step further when she broke up with him for obvious reasons, it just so happened my other sisters were there playing soccer at the park with the neighbor kids. I wasn’t there because I’m extremely anti social and I’m glad I wasn’t because he threatened to murder those kids with knives. They were ages 6-10. Luckily he and his friends, who were enabling his behavior, were all taken to juvie because apparently he robbed a Casey’s (basically a 7/11) because threatening to murder kids because your girlfriend broke up with you wasn’t enough to get him in there in the first place. And the next day at school we had a drill where we walked to the safe place (which was the local ymca) in case someone broke into the school.

  • You and blaire White should collab. Would absolutely love to see it🤩💖

  • Murder is also illegal and I don't why people try to fetishize it.

  • Being attracted to minors isn't a joke. It's disgusting.

  • ugh we stan stra!ght tic tok 🤩🤩🤩

  • I’m 25 but i swear I’ve always felt older. Like I’m 50 even when I was younger only differences is It’s Never been anything sexual like i don’t go for people that much older then me (2-3 years max) . I’ve always just felt like i was born in the wrong generation 😂😂 does that count as “trans age “ ?

  • Mk yeah I'm just gonna hop back on over to lesbian witchtok

  • even though i’m an equalist... i’d prefer seeing tictoks of men calling women dishwashers (🤮) than the pedo, incest, animal abuse and homophobia tictoks that somehow end up on the for you page

  • You should think about a microphone 💕

  • I saw a Tiktok POV about this dude "pouring acid after the murder" on the viewer of the video.. I said it's not cool, he reasoned out that there's a lot of videos out there with the same "theme", I said it doesn't make it right just because there's a lot of sick videos out there

  • To anyone who speaks french, i recommend watching Le Roi des Rats' video on tiktok where he shows just how many pedos are using the app and how dangerous it can be

  • Maybe that snake in the floor in the murder video was real and they killed the snake 🐍 Nah I went to see the video theirs a tag on it

  • I’ve reported many videos like these on Tiktok or self harm tiktoks. I always get a message back from tiktok saying that they looked at the video and didn’t report it or do anything.

  • The number of pedos posting shit to the internet and getting away with it is too damn high.

  • Donald Trump wanting to ban tiktok made me question my sanity, because I actually agreed with him!! Maybe it’s a glitch in the matrix.

  • It's so hard to pay attention when the audio is this bad, maybe do a voice over instead with your phone mic

  • his account isnt deleted and one of his tiktoks he has his thing out and is holding it, its censored but you can cleary see what is going there

  • The first guy - there is a lot of this in porn. There are amateurs ageplay accounts on Pornhub for example, there's one guy who talks to the camera as though he is "daddy" and there are various scenarios (I won't suggest them as I don't want to upset anyone). This is a peak interest for me, I'm doing a PhD in the link between sexual fantasy and sexual behaviour, whether having these fantasies/watching this kind of porn inhibits or encourages the sexual behaviour. Just wanted to share that these kind of fantasies (age play, daddy/little girl, r**e fantasies) are common xx Love your videos and your critical analysis =) xx

  • i started watching you a few months ago and immediately became obsessed!! you’re so mature and i feel like we have the same opinions/ views/ interests and if LOVE to discuss this stuff with you!! anytime i bring up the weird, crazy shit to people i know they don’t wanna talk about it cause it makes them uncomfortable. BUT the only way to start fixing the problem is to speak on it! sorry for the long comment, i just think the way you carry yourself and speak on issues is very interesting and genuine!

  • Geeezus !! I can’t believe the shit that ppl think is okay

  • I personally think the crime scenetiktok might be real. I've seen a few of them posted by the Cleaners that come in after the investigation is done. Explaining what happened and what they have to do in order to clean the messes up.

  • After seeing too many videos I had no business looking at, I can safely say that, yes, people really will and do record murder and all things related. I’m not sure if it got to Tiktok but people are fucked up that’s all I’m saying

  • id recommend reporting the 15 year old because this could escalate into something worse, better to report this before something happens rather than after it happens

  • When you say that the video is fake and use as an argument that no one would be filming a murder scene, I can only think about a recent case about a guy that stabbed his girlfriend and mother and filmed the whole thing and sent it to his friend. I really hope it's fake but idk.

  • i feel really bad for asking but ive noticed for a while now that she has like weird bruises on her hands. hope shes okay but does anyone have an idea where she got them from?

  • The internet and social media have seriously become deranged in so many ways. I'm so glad there are those like you that are calling these things out!

  • “for the love of god, please jesus lord- i cannot go forward if that is where we’re at truly. this is-no-shoot me off to fvcking mars (please).” -gc, 2020